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AI LOVE YOU (2022): AI LOVE YOU is a United States/Thai science fiction film which predates the current A.I. craze by about a year. It has elements of HER, but the basic premise is not that of a robot imitating a human, but that of an AI somehow downloading itself *into* a human. This film is set in a city where AI controls all the buildings, and one AI falls in love with a human and manages to download itself into a human AI tech so that he can try to win her. Most of the humor is the AI trying to learn how to be a human; one can see influences of Data from "Star Trek" (and even Mr. Spock). Interesting more as showing a world in which AI is ubiquitous and for the humor than as a look at a relationship between a human and an AI.

(One should distinguish between a relationship between a human and a disembodied AI, and one between a human and a robot or android AI. HER is the former; EX MACHINA is the latter.)

Released streaming on Netflix 22 February 2022. Rating: low +2 (-4 to +4), or 7/10.

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