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CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY takes a medieval setting and populates it with modern people. Well, that is not quite fair. But while the attitudes of most of the people around Birdy are (mostly) accurate to the period, Birdy's own attitudes an actions are modern, and the language everyone speaks is definitely modern. (They're not using slang like "hashtag" or "women's lib", but there are no "thee"s or "thou"s, no "Yield, you varlet!") And the director went for color-blind casting, which makes it look more modern or urban or something. The whole idea is that the screenwriter uses the film to draw a connection between our modern life and the medieval life in the castle. The only problem is that the attitudes of some of the people are modernized in order to produce the desired ending. Still, it's amusing enough for its comedic elements.

Released 23 September 2022. Rating: +2 (-4 to +4) or 7/10

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