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CAPSULE: In the autumn of 1977 five people who were close a decade earlier get together for a reunion and to look for a cache of missing proceeds from Prohibition days. Not surprisingly, bad memories and a fortune of illegal money changes the relationship of the people. Twists become foreseeable and the conflicts are mostly what was predictable. Directed by David McCracken; written by David McCracken. Rating: low +1 on the -4 to +4 scale or 5/10.

With all the bad press that bachelor parties get in movies, it is amazing that these celebrations can still get anybody at all to attend. In this case the soon-to-be-married Gordie has a party that is still relatively tame. At least it starts that way.

The party gets rolling with GOH Gordie's celebration just ramping up. So far all that has happened is that Gordie has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car. Gordie is freed and ends up standing in the middle of a street wearing only his skivvies. Is this the fun part? Well, at least this is some of the more peaceful time. Things will soon start happening and the fun of the pranks will be over. The theme of the party will become a hunt for a stash of prohibition cash. That makes things seem more serious. Old friends might be pals, but money will always be money. Illegal money is the universal solvent to even close bonds of friendship.

The year is 1977 and the location is Bullitt County, Kentucky. Our central character is Gordie but there are four guys and one girl working out their problems with each other some using a gun. The style begins comic, but drifts into a crime thriller territory. The repartee at times is vaguely cute, but does not do anything really substantial for the story.

The plot has several twists, but they do not improve the plot. They just have some twist with little story payoff.

Director David McCracken tries some artistic effects that seem out of place for a simple low-budget crime thriller. He will flood the frame with a sepia or blue wash. He will divide up a frame into multiple frames. Flashbacks are represented as a staccato of very short visual cuts.

There some spots where the story twists, they do not payoff with an overall clever story. I rate the film a low +1 on the -4 to +4 scale or 5/10.

Minor spoiler: It must be hard to tell a story where people are old friends and are still not really who they are assumed to be.

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