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Every year seems to bring a Scandinavian film about some sort of disaster or danger at sea or from the sea or underground (e.g., THE WAVE, THE QUAKE, A HIJACKING) and every one of them has been fairly realistic and fairly enjoyable, so I was looking forward to seeing THE BURNING SEA this year. But while the script has some new ideas I have not seen in disaster films before it does have a familiar plot. Part of an oil platform sinks and is flooded, and a robot is sent in to search for survivors. Then the rest of the platform explodes. It takes a quite a while before we find out what the actual disaster is that is causing this, and it turns out to be bigger than we thought. [-mrl/ecl]

Released theatrically 22 February 2022. Rating: high +2 (-4 to +4) or 8/10

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