(a film retrospective by Mark R. Leeper)

George Pal made an indelible contribution to the early science fiction and fantasy films. His DESTINATION MOON really was the first of the 1950s science fiction films. Then he produced WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, a spectacular science fiction film with scenes of worldwide destruction. Subsequently he produced two films based on the novels of first the classics of science fiction literature: WAR OF THE WORLDS and THE TIME MACHINE. Those were the highlights of his career. Sadly, though he produced several more science fiction films and fantasy with very different styles none got the attention it really deserved. One such failed experiment that just failed to click was the film 7 FACES OF DR. LAO, based on THE CIRCUS OF DR LAO by Charles G. Finney. Each of the faces is portrayed by Tony Randall from before his "Odd Couple" days.

7 FACES OF DR. LAO is the centerpiece of Turner Classic Movies' celebration on August 26 of the 101st anniversary of Tony Randall's birth.

					Mark R. Leeper
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