Bookstores in Germany

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23 Aug 2015

Cities include (alphabetically within country; if anyone has a better
ordering, let me know):

Berlin, Germany
Braunschweig, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Dortmund, Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Hannover, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
Munich, Germany
other geographic areas

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.]

[Note 3: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right

[Note 4: The telephone numbers may not be expressed entirely correctly.]


Berlin, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

Another Country (Riemannstrasse 7, 1-961, +49-30-69401160,  Used books.  "Another 
	Country is an English Language Second Hand Bookshop, which is 
	mostly used as a library.  We have about 20,000 books that you 
	can buy or borrow.  You simply pay the price of a book, which 
	you get back, minus a 1,50 Euro charge, should you choose to 
	return it."  Also hosts readings, cultural events, social 
	evenings, film nights, etc.  Mon-Fri 1100-2000, Sat 1100-1600.
Dussmann (near the railway station Friedrichstrasse).  Has a fair 
	department of English books, mostly paperbacks, and a wide 
	range of literature and music (comparable to the former 
	Kiepert shop).  [03/07]
J.F.Lehmanns (D-10623 Berlin, Hardenbergstrasse 11, +49-30-617911-0, fax:
	orders via free phone (corresponding to US 800-numbers): 
	0130 4372).  (German "bestellung" translates to
	English "order").  Near the Technical University (former West 
	Berlin) around Ernst Reuter Platz, with three other (smaller) 
	outlets in Berlin in or near University Hospitals).  There 
	probably could be given the same comment as above for the shop 
	in Cologne ("Outlets also in other towns .... Still, not a 
	chain store").
Saint Georges English Bookshop (Woerther Str 27, 10405, +49-30-81798333,  Mainly used books.  
	Mon-Fri 1100-2000, Sat 1100-1900.  [11/07]

And besides these two big shops, there are many more (>10) small shops
in a range of few minutes walk by foot, part of them specialised in
certain kinds of books and literature, e.g., several shops for foreign
books (different shops for different languages/countries), one for
feminist books, some for Antiques, etc.

"Most German books are available via a distribution system that includes
almost all shops in Germany, so shop size is not relevant.  Ordered books
are usually available within the week."


Braunschweig, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

Antiquariat am Hopfengarten and Die Leseratte (both Hopfengarten).  These
	two belong together with the Antiquariat dealing in hardcovers and
	specialized subjects and Die Leseratte in paperbacks.  Good choice
	on most subjects.
Antiquarische Bacher (Petersilienstrasse 1-3).  Good choice on most subjects
	in hardcover and paperback.  Although slightly chaotic ordered: the
	owner knows his way, so enquire.
Buch und Kunst (Kasernenstrasse 12).  Very good selection on a wide range of
	subjects, mainly hardcovers.
Guten Morgen Buchladen (Bueltenweg 87, 38100 Braunschweig,  German alternative/leftist
	political and fiction books, general literature, and much more.
Antiquariat Rabenschwarz (Wendenstrasse 48).  Good choice, mainly


Cologne, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

City phone prefix is +49-221.

Buchhandlung Klaus Bittner (Albertus Strasse 6; across the street from
	Walther Koenig).  Modern German language literature.  Very helpful
	and knowledgeable as well.  Has also a very broad selection of books
	on opera, theatre and ballet.  Carries a small stock of English
	paperbacks.  Regular reading and lecture events with German language
	and international writers.  On Saturdays a meeting place of the
	Cologne writers and would-be writers.
Buchhandlung Walther Koenig (Breite Strasse 93).  A classic!  Specialized in
	fine arts,with an emphasis on contemporary art, design, museum
	catalogues, architecture, photography, film.  Two bookshops next to
	each other.  The one directly at the corner has bargain books; the
	store next to it has the current editions as well as journals.  "In
	my personal view among the best for these subject areas.  Good
	selection of English language publications.  The owner is a walking
	CD-rom and famous in the German art scene.  Equally helpful and
	knowledgeable staff."  English and French spoken.  Outlets also at
	the Museum Ludwig (Cologne's Museum of Contemporary Art close to the
	Cathedral), at the Bundeskunsthalle (Bonn), in Duesseldorf and
	Frankfurt am Main and may be at other places.  Still, not a chain
Versand- und Buchhandlung Literatur-Liedtke 
	(Huelchrather Str. 4, D-50670 Cologne, +731044, FAX +731016,  Mail-order-shop for almost thirty
	years.  Competent staff and outstanding service of literature, 
	especially human and social sciences, of Germany and foreign 
	(especially English-speaking) countries.  German, English, French, 
	Scandinavian languages spoken (and basic knowledge of Cologne 
	dialect).  Delivery of books and CD's of German publishers mostly 
	within twenty-four hours, foreign books within a short time.


Dortmund, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

(city phone prefix is +49-231)

Krueger (Westenhellweg).  Large bookshop with departments on a lot of
	topics, good computer science department, bad service.
Niehoerster (large shop downtown and some outside areas).  Usual topics
	available, chaotic service.
Shakespeare (Saarlandstrasse,  Nice small 
	shop, actual literature and used/antiquarian books.  Very good in 
	child books, criminal stories,
	art.  Qualified fast service.  Irregular events with writers.


Frankfurt am Main, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

British Bookshop (Boersenstrasse 17,  just off Hochstrasse near the
	to have a helpful staff.  I have only dealt with them by phone, but
	if I ever visit them in person, I will send you some more comments."
	big selection of mainstream English books on second floor. Overseas
	orders take an average 4 weeks).
The Little Taunus Bookshop (Strackgasse 18, 61440 Oberursel,  Mostly English books, some 
	French.  [12/08]
Muhlhausen Buchhandlung (near Hugendubel).  Large independent bookstore with
	90,000 to 100,000 books.
	books and a very large selection of US magazines.


Hamburg, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

(city phone prefix +49-40-)

Buchhandlung im Schanzenviertel (Schulterblatt 55, Schanzenviertel, 20357).
Colon, Esplanade (near Dammtor Bahnhof, Stephansplatz U-Bahn).  Good foreign
	language shop, belongs to Colon language institute
Dr. Goetze Land & Karte (Bleichenhof Shopping Mall and in Main
	Station/Hauptbahnhof).  Travel, maps, and geography books.
The English Bookshop (Stresemannstrasse 169, near S-Bahn-Station
	Holstenstrasse, 521-44-78).  Used English books.  Moved in 1995.
Frensche International (Landesbank Galerie, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz, along
	Moenkebergstrasse in the City).  Good foreign language shop.
Heinrich Heine Buchhandlung (at the University). Very good shop with
	different Departments (all very near to one another):
	- Psychology, Pedagogics, Health, Ecology, Philosophy, History.
	  Theology, Politics ...:
	  (Schlueterstrasse 1, 44-11-33-14)
	- Literature (Germantistik), Feminism, Arts, Culture:
	  (Grindelallee 26, 44-11-33-17)
	- Languages, Travel, Hobbies--very good contacts for orders from
	  other countries:
	  (Grindelallee/Froebelstrasse, 44-11-33-20)
	- Old Books (Antiquariat)
	  (Grindelallee 28, 44-11-33-19)
	- "Second Hand Books" (Modernes Antiquariat)--mostly not real second
	  hand, but newly out-of-prints, stained copies etc:
	  (Grindelallee 24: 44 11 33-16)
Heymann's (on "Eppendorfer Baum").  Good general purpose bookstore.
Mauke+ Soehne (Schlueterstrasse, next to UniBuch).  Computers, Maths, Law,
	Sciences, Statistics.
Otto Spatz (near the University Hospital Eppendorf (UKE) in NW Hamburg).
	Specializes in medical books.
Reuter+Kloeckner (Schlueterstrasse/Binderstrasse).  Languages, foreign
	language, Literature, Law, Economy, Philosophy, History: very good
	contacts for orders from other countries
Thalia Buchhaus (along Spitalerstrasse near Hauptbahnhof and on Grosse
	Bleichen near Jungfernstieg).  Good large general Bookshop.  Some
	English literature.
UniBuch (Schlueterstrasse).  Languages, Geography, Geology, Biology,
	Chemistry, Sciences, History, Phiplosophy
Zweitausendeins (Grindelallee 71, Univiertel, 20146).


Hannover, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

Schmorl u.v. Seefeld (near the main railway station, but nearer the Kropcke
	clock).  One of the oldest and largest bookstores in Hannover.  They
	have some separate branches in other buildings nearby specializing
	in paperbacks, CD music, newspapers, sales, childrens books, etc.
Weidemann (near "Steintor" place).  They specialize in scientific books and
	are the top address for all the students of the university.
"Internationalismus Buchladen" (on "Engelbosteler Damm").  "Definitely
	left-wing, may lack some funding in these post-cold-war days... :-)"

Buchhandlung an der Marktkirche (Hanns-Lilje-Platz 4/5, right next to, as
	the name indicates, the Marktkirche, one of Hannover's best known
	structures, +49-0511/12-41-435).  "A small but very attractive and
	intelligently run bookstore with a consistently interesting
	literature selection."


Heidelberg, Germany:

Bookstore Europa/Buchhandlung Europa (Bismarkplatz 12, +49-89-201-43-85  German and English books.  Mostly for 
	students, but also general books, including a large fiction section.


Munich, Germany:

See also (in German) for German
used books.

Anglia English Bookshop (Schellingstrasse 3, +49 89 28 36 42).  English
	books.  Reported hostile proprietor and "I also don't like the fact
	that most books at Anglia don't have a price sticker which pretty
	much forces you to ask (oh no!), or be at the mercy of whatever
	mark-up the bookstore decides is appropriate--prices for
	English-language paperbacks vary some from store to store."
Comic Company (Baaderstrasse 74, +49 89 201 43 85).  Comics, very good
	choice, but nearly everything in German.  If you are lucky, you may
	find French or English original versions of some new interesting
	titles (the shopkeeper sometimes doesn't want to wait until they get
	translated into German!).
Geobuch (Rosental  6,  80331 Munich, +49 89 265 030).  Travel guides, maps,
	etc., for all parts of the world, even including jet navigational
Fremde Welten (Muellerstrasse 43, 089-260-5916, FAX 089-260-5924).  "A
	bookshop run on a non-profit basis with proceeds going to aid,
	mainly I believe to causes in Bolivia and South America.  Can order
	any book, German, English, etc."
Hugendubel (several *big* shops in Munich) big general bookstores, which
	have almost everything (also comics, SF, ...), competent staff:
	- Marienplatz 22 (+49 89 23 89 - 1)
	  The oldest (and biggest) "Hugendubel", good choice of everything
	  in German, good choice of English books, some books in a few
	  other languages (French, Italian, Spanish, ...)
	- Karlsplatz (+49 89 552 25 30)
	  The newest, nicest (and second biggest) "Hugendubel", good choice
	  of everything in German.  The best choice for foreign languages.
	  Small (non-smoker) cafe in the first floor inside of the
	Other smaller "Hugendubel" :
	- Nymphenburgerstrasse 188 (+49 89 168 93 75)
	- shopping center "Olympiaeinkaufszentrum" (+49 89 149 10 10)
	- shopping center "P.E.P." (+49 89 637 17 66)
International Bookshop.  English-language shelf space a third the size of
	the Marienplatz's Hugendubel's, but they double shelve two rows of
	books on each shelf, which makes browsing easier.  "This is fast
	becoming my favorite Munich bookstore: the selection is pretty good
	(they stock up on the new paperbacks, and not just on bestsellers,
	either), it's baby-carriage accessible, it is open after 18h, and
	while the staff aren't exactly super-knowledgeable, at least they
	aren't deranged the way the proprietor of the Anglia store is."
Lachner University Bookshop (Theresienstrasse 43, 089-52-13-40).  "Although
	I haven't been I'm told this is a good source for English technical
	books in Munich."
Oehler University Bookshop (Schellingstrasse 18, 089-28-60-25).  This is
	also supposed to be a good source for English technical books in
Librairie Francaise (Schellingstrasse 3, +49 89 280 90 78).  French books,
	some French comics (very few).
Sussmann's Presse und Buch (in the central station "Hauptbahnhof," and in
	the east station "Ostbahnhof", +49 89 551 17 - 0; several small
	shops).  This is also an important address, since shops in Germany
	are not allowed to be open after certain hours and on certain days;
	some of the few exceptions are shops in stations (supposed to be
	only for travellers).  Here you can find quite a lot of nearly every
	kind of books (also a few in English, French, Italian, Spanish,
	etc..), seven days a week until 21:00.
2001 (Tuerkenstrasse 67, +49 89 272 42 78).  One of the most important
	places for books/music.  2001 prints books you can't find anywhere
	else (a lot of first printings in German, for instance, books from
	Douglas Adams, Boris Vian, Alfred Jary, etc...).  There are "2001"
	bookstores in many German cities, they are usually small; but you
	can order anything from their own catalogue.
The Used Bookshop (Westendstrasse 134 Near Donnersberger Bruecke (S-Bahn, 
	Bus 33 and 66, Tram 18 and 19 Stop Trappentreustrasse),  "Munich's first second-hand book 
	store.  Customers can buy second hand books for cash, or trade in 
	their own used books for credit against purchases in the store."  
	Open Thu-Fri 1600-2000, Sat 1400-1800.  [04/05]
Words' Worth (Schellingstr. 21A, 80799 Munich, +49 89 280 91 41--CAREFUL:
	this street alone has three postal codes :-/]--50 meters distance
	from Anglia Bookshop, in the immediate environs of the Ludwig
	Maximillian University).  British books; also accepts orders for
	British and American books.  "A nice, cosy store, with a very good
	selection, reasonable prices, and pretty helpful staff, too."

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