Bookstores in Europe (various)

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05 Nov 2008

There are separate listings for Benelux (BE, NL, and LU), France, Germany,
the Nordic countries (DK, NO, SE, FI, IS, and GL), Northern Ireland,
Scotland, England, and Wales.

Bookstores for the Republic of Ireland are here.

Bookstores for Turkey are here.

Bookstores for Israel are in the Asia listings.

Cities include (listed basically west to east, north to south by country,
alphabetically within country, but associated areas and language groups are
listed together; if anyone has a better ordering, let me know):

Cork, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Galway, Ireland
Limerick, Ireland
Ireland (Other)
Coimbra, Portugal
Lisboa/Lisbon, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Vatican City
Roma/Rome, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Venezia/Venice, Italy
Basel, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
Budapest, Hungary
Vilnius, Lithuania
Riga, Latvia
Tallinn, Estonia
Moscow, Russia
Athens, Greece
Istanbul (and other), Turkey
other geographic areas

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.]

[Note 3: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right

[Note 4: The telephone numbers may not be expressed entirely correctly.]


Cork, Ireland:

The country code for Ireland is 353; from outside, drop the initial 0 of
the area code.

Connolly's.  Secondhand, good bargains.
Eason's (113/115 Patrick, Cork, 021-270477, FAX: 021-272681).
Waterstones.  Large bookstore, good.
Waterstones UCC.  Branch at University College Cork, academic books.


Dublin, Ireland:

The country code for Ireland is 353; from outside, drop the initial 0 of
the area code.

APCK (St. Anne's Church, Dawson St).  Small religious bookshop concentrating
	on Anglican material and academic works.
Bestseller (Dawson).  Religious bookshop.
Books Upstairs (36 Dame St opposite the Bank of Ireland and the front entrance
	to Trinity College).  New books.  Leftish.  Smallish store, but good
	selections of poetry, drama, gender studies, psychology, modern and
	Irish literature.
Cathach (10 Duke between Grafton and Dawson). "They're the place to go to for 
	original editions and rare volumes (and I mean first editions of 
Cathedral Books (Sackville Pl.). Religious bookshop, good spirituality
	section.  Large number of American publications.
Chapter's (Middle Abbey St & Henry St).  Mostly second-hand.  "Ground floor is
	all remainders with some new mixed in.  Basement is all second hand.
	Good selection of literature, biography, kids' books, Irish-related.
	Second floor is all used CDs.  Third floor is used videotapes."
Connolly Bookshop (Essex St).  Communist Party of Ireland bookshop.  
	Socialist, wide range of material, though one reader writes, 
	"It doesn't have such a wide selection since the USSR as was and 
	China as is stopped printing cheap editions of Marxist classics."  
Dandelion Books (80 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, 01-478-4759).  Used books.
	"The largest stockist of SF/Fantasy/Horror second-hand books in
	Ireland.  They offer discounts to members of the ISFA (Irish
	Science Fiction Association)."
Dublin Bookshop (Grafton).  "Two (small) stories, fiction, poetry, and drama 
	on the ground floor, non-fiction (and 'mind-body-spirit' nonsense) 
	in the basement. A reasonable variety of books. (no second-hand)."
Dubray Books (36 Grafton, Dublin 2, 01-6775568, FAX 01-6791829; 
	Swan Shopping Centre, Unit 12,  Rathmines, Dublin 6, 01-4979722, 
	FAX 01-4979752; 14 The Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Stillorgan, 
	Co. Dublin, 01-2886341, FAX 01-2833268; Dun Laoghaire Shopping 
	Centre, Unit 311, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. 01-2809917, 
	FAX 01-2844863; Blackrock Shopping Centre, Units 7/10, 
	Blackrock, Co. Dublin, 01-2832193, FAX 01-2782796; 10 Main St, 
	Bray, Co. Wicklow, 01-2869370, FAX 01-2869886;  New books.  "Quite a good 
	selection."  [08/06]
Eason's (West One Unit 155/241, Blanchardstown Town Centre, Dublin,
	01-8221117, FAX: 01-8221153; Units 1/2 Ilac Centre, Mary, Dublin 1,
	01-8721322, FAX: 01-8721269; Irish Life Centre, Talbot, Dublin 1,
	01-8727010, FAX: 01-8745487; 40 Lower O'Connell, Dublin 1, 01-8733811,
	FAX: 01-8733545; Dawson & Nassau opposite side entrance to Trinity;
	5 Upper George's, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, 01-2805528,
	FAX: 01-2842728).  The big one for new books.
EuroBooks (30 St. Paul's Rd, Dublin 2,
	Over 200,000 books (in English only) on all subjects.
Forbidden Planet (Crampton Quay).  Has a ground floor and a basement.  Ground
	floor is SF only, some esoteric stuff.  Basement is comic-related
	books, graphic albums, as well as comics and SF magazines.
Fred Hanna's (Nassau St).  University bookshop with books of general
	interest.  Now part of Eason's.  Has a coffee shop.
Hodges Figgis (Dawson St, directly across from Waterstone's).  Also big,
	with an eclectic selection.  Good Irish-interest section.
International Books (18 South Frederick, off Nassau).  "Language 
	learning books and tapes, with a few (mainly Spanish) books in 
	other languages."  [03/08]
Modern Languages Ltd (39 Westland Row).  "Language learning books and 
	tapes, with a few (mainly French) books in other languages."  
	Open Mon-Fri 0830-1730, Sat 0930-1730.  [03/08]
Provisional Sinn Fein's Shop (Parnell Square)
Rathmines Bookshop (Lower Rathmines Rd).  Big second-hand bookshop.
Reads (24-25 Nassau).  General new books/magazines/stationery.  Deep 
	discounts on bestsellers.  [03/08]
Sub City (2 Exchequer St, Dublin 2).  They sell comics, trading cards, and
	SF memorabilia and a small selection of SF books and graphic novels.
Veritas (Lower Abbey St).  Large religious bookshop, mainly Catholic
	material.  Expensive.
Walton's (just off Parnell Square).  The best sheet music shop.
Waterstone's (Dawson St).  New books.  Big, with an eclectic selection
The Winding Stair (Lower Ormond Quay near the north end of the Halfpenny
	Bridge).  Second-hand.   "A good selection of remaindered
	Irish-interest books on the ground floor, along with a small,
	high-quality selection of fiction hardbacks -- reasonably priced,
	too.  The two floors above is a two-story cafe (great for cheap soups
	and whole-grain sandwiches), with old, dusty, and overpriced
	second-hand books used as decoration.  I don't think the stock
	upstairs has ever been replenished since the bookshop became a cafe a
	few years ago.  Ground floor is well worth a visit for the hardback
	fiction and Irish-interest books.  Upstairs is where you go for a
? (Blackrock Market, Blackrock).  Large single room with a varied
	selection of second-hand books at reasonable prices.
? (Blackrock, across from the public library).  Mostly hardbacks--good on
	Irish interest, older fiction, history, biography, religious.  Some 
	softbacks, mostly nonfiction.
? (Dundrum, up the alley on the main street).  Good selection of softbacks--
	fiction, SF, Irish interest, popular novels, kids books.
? in Walkinstown, Ashleaf Shopping Centre. Typical small suburban
bookshop, mainly bestsellers and remainders.


Galway, Ireland:

The country code for Ireland is 353; from outside, drop the initial 0 of
the area code.

Charlie Byrnes.  Secondhand.  Large selection including text books, good
	prices (including one-pound bargain shelves).
Dubray Books (4 Shop, 091-569070,  
	"General bookstore with the best SF selection in Galway."  
Eason's (33 Shop, Galway, 091-562284, FAX: 091-561450).
Kennys.  Famous bookshop.  Bookbinding, mail order.  Vast selection.
	Antique, Irish language, arts.
Kennys (warehouse). Vast collection of old textbooks secondhand.
Sub City (Eyre Square Centre).


Kilkenny, Ireland:

Dubray Books (6 The Square, Market Cross Shopping Centre, High Street, 
	05677-52800, FAX 05677-52847,  

Limerick, Ireland:

The country code for Ireland is 353; from outside, drop the initial 0 of
the area code.

Celtic Bookstore (across from the Hunt Museum and down the street from
	St. Mary's).  It is small and interesting, but not radical.
Eason's (9 O'Connell, Limerick, 061-419588, FAX: 061-419932).


Ireland (other):

The country code for Ireland is 353; from outside, drop the initial 0 of
the area code.

Eason's (Golden Island Shopping Centre, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, 0902-72350
	FAX: 0902-78765 ).
Eason's (130 Tullow, Carlow, 0503-34338, FAX: 0503-34346).
Eason's (19/20 Gladstone, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 052-21943, FAX: 052-27832).
Eason's (Unit 45/46, Liffey Valley S.C, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, 01-6261040,
	FAX: 01-6261083).
Eason's (The Square, Tallaght Town Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24, 01-4524855,
	FAX: 01-4525590).
Eason's (10 The Mall, Tralee, Co. Kerry, 066-26163, FAX: 066-26767).


Coimbra, Portugal:

Livaria 115 (praca 8 de Maio, 29 - 3000 Coimbra, 039-22887,
	FAX 039-32343).  This is the place to find (some) technical books in
	town both in English and Portuguese.
Livraria Bertrand (Largo da Portagem 19 - 3000 Coimbra, 23014 (voice))
Livraria NovaAlmedina (Rua Ferreia Borges 121 - 3000 Coimbra, 039-26199).
	One of the largest.  The stuff are friendly but not very skilful.
Livraria Quarteto (Av. Calouste Gulbenkian lote 7, loja 17 - 3000 Coimbra, 
	039-483783 (voice/fax).  The best place to find SF. 
Livraria Sirius (Centro Comercial Avenida, loja 201 - 3000 Coimbra,
	039-22391, FAX 039-703416,  Nice books, both
	new and old, for bargain prices. They accept orders of any book in
	print or out of print (also from outside Portugal).  Also have a 
	CD-ROM section with multimedia software.  The staff speaks English.


Lisboa/Lisbon, Portugal:

Alfarrabios (Calcada do Carmo No. 50).  Used books.
Alfarrabista (R. do Alecrim No. 44).  Used books.
Antunes (R. da Voz do Operario No.7-B).  Used books.
Barata (Av. de Roma 11-A, 1000 Lisboa, 848 16 31,
	fax: 80 33 44).  (ALso has another store at Amoreiras Shopping at
	Torres das Amoreiras.)  New books.  Probably the best general
	bookstore in the city.
Barateira Lda. (R. Nova da Trindade No. 16-C).  Used books.
Bertrand (Av. Roma 13-B, 1000 Lisboa,
	796 92 71, 793 63 56; R. Garrett 73, Chiado, 1200 Lisboa,
	346 86 46, 346 76 29; R. da Anchieta No. 15).  (Also has a store at
	Shopping Amoreiras.)  New books.
Britanica (R. Luis Fernando 14/8).  New books.
Buchholz  (R. Duque de Palmela 4, 1200 Lisboa, 315 73 58, fax:
	352 26 34).  New books.  The best for foreign books in Lisbon.
Camoes (Misericordia 137/41).  Used books.
Castil (C.C. Alvalade, lj 15, C.C. Fonte Nova, lj 63).  New books.
Escolar Editora (relocating to Campo Grande near the Universidade de
	Lisboa campus).  Probably the best for scientific books.
Europa-America (Av. Marques de Tomar 1-B).  New books.
Historica e Ultramarina - Travessa Queimada No.28, 1).  Used books.
Olisipo (Largo Trindade Coelho No.7).  Used books.
Manuscrito historico (Calcada do Sacramento No. 50).  Used books.
Mundo do Livro (Largo da Trindade 11/3).  Used books.
Portugal (R. do Carmo No. 70).  New books.
Rui Alberto (Largo do Carmo).  Used books.
Sociedade Biblica (R. Jose Estevao 4-B).  Christian literature.

Other bookstores in the Chiado/Baixa area: Portugal, Bertrand, Sa da
Costa, etc.

There is anlso an annual book fair in Eduardo VII park every May/June
where you can find a stand for every major editor and bookstore and get
some nice discounts too.

Someone initially had said:
"This place is a book desert.  Apart from an antiquarian shop up on the
hillside above Restauradores I've seen nowhere I was even tempted to go
into, and this is the only major city I've been to where I've never bought a
book.  Somebody tell me there's something somewhere."

To which Antonio Leal replied: "We keep our bookstores carefully 
hidden, so that only the cognoscenti can find them.  Innocent tourists 
only get to see airport shops ;-)" (but then sent some of the above list).

Someone also sent a long list (included above) and said: "Well, I really 
don't have much time to complete the list (I'm at work here), but if you 
didn't buy a book when you were in Lisbon it's because you really didn't 


Porto, Portugal:

(country code is 351, city code is 2)

Candelabro (R.Conceicao, 9; 4000 Porto, 200-2449).  Used books and
Casa do Livro (Galeria de Paris, 85; 4000 Porto, 208-6028, FAX 208-6112). 
	"New bookshop, vary nice design, many interesting books, fiction, 
	biography, literature, history, legal, cooking, travel, academic, 
	computer science, art, etc...  We can access a book database in one
	of two terminals in the shop.  Also have a children's area."
Leitura - Arte (Atlantico Com. Center lj-7, R.Jose Falcao; 4000 Porto,
	200-4576).  Very interesting, many art books.
Lello & Irmao, Lda. (R.Carmelitas, 144; 4000 Porto, 200-2037, FAX 318511). 
	One of the oldest bookstores and editorial.
Livraria Academica (R.Martires da Liberdade, 10; 4000 Porto, 200-5988).
	"The best in old books, many old volumes in this bookstore, and
	Mario Soares, Portugal's Presidente, when in Porto always buys here
	some old books."
Livraria Almedina (R.Ceuta, 79; 4000 Porto, 319783).  Sells books about 
	economics and law.  Also has a technical department.
Livraria Aviz (R.Aviz, 10; 4000 Porto, 200-6540).  New books.
Livraria Bertrand (R.Boavista, 794; 4000 Porto, 600-4190; Pc.Mouzinho
	Albuquerque, 113 lj-55; 4100 Porto, 699018). New books and
Livraria Britanica (R.Jose Falcao, 189; 4000 Porto, 323930).  New English
Livraria Cientifica-Medica do Porto (R.Carmo, 14; 4000 Porto, 200-4076).  
	Scientific/medical books.
Livraria Classica (Clerigos Shop. lj-10, Pc Lisboa; 4000 Porto, 202-6529). 
	Many technical books, most in English; also Portuguese books.
Livraria do Estado (Pc Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, 84; 4000 Porto, 319166).  
	Governmental bookstore: books, collectable coins, legal papers.
Livraria Europa-America (R.31 Janeiro, 221; 4000 Porto, 315656).  Many new
Livraria Sao Paulo (R.Cedofeita, 355; 4000 Porto, 314956).  Religious and
	Catholic books.
Maestro (9, avenue du nouveau-Conservatoire, parc de la vilette opposite
	the Conservatoire superieur and a hop, skip, and jump from the Cite
	de la Musique)  Classical music bookstore.
Porto Editora (R.Fabrica, 90; 4000 Porto, 200-7669; Pc.D.Filipa Lencastre,
	42; 4000 Porto, 200-7681).  New books, many study books for all ages
	and geographical/military maps.
Sousa & Almeida, Lda.  (R.Fabrica, 40/42; 4000 Porto, 310073).  
	Ethnographic books from Portugal and Spain, particularly Galizia.

[This part contributed by Nelson Silva.]


Barcelona, Spain:

Casa del Libro (Rda. Sant Pere, 3; 08007, Tel. 318.51.46).  Spanish books on
	science and art, and Catalonian books.
Casa del Libro (C/Passeig de Grecia 62,, 
	Metro: Passeig de Grecia).  Very good selection of Spanish and 
	English books.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-2130.  [07/03]
Crisol (Rbla. Catalunya, 81; Tel. 215.27.20).  An excellent bookstore on
	literature, art, travel, etc.  Open on Sunday.
FNAC (El Triangle, Plaša Catalunya 4, at the top of La Rambla, other 
	side of the square from El Corte Ingles,, 
	Metro: Placa Catalunya).  "It's like other FNACs with good 
	selection of books and mags in Spanish, French and English.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-2200.  [07/03]
Liberia Bosch (Rda. Universitat, 11; 08007, Tel. 317.53.08).  Spanish books
	on a important variety of themes: science, legal, education....
Libreria Herder (C/ Balmes 26; 08007, Tel. 317.05.78).  This has a good
	technical section with books in English, German, etc.

[This part contributed by Gloria Soriano.]


Madrid, Spain:

Booksellers S.A. (Jose Abascal 48, 28003).  New books in English.  English
	as a Second Language materials.
Casa del Libro (Gran Via, 29).  Mostly new Spanish books, with an English
FNAC (at Preciados, 28, just around the corner from Casa del Libro).  
	"I would stick to La Casa del Libro, unless you are looking 
	for French books."
J&J Books and Coffee (C/Espiritu Santo 47, Metro: Noviciado,  Secondhand English 
	bookstore; over 20,000 English books "plus lots of activities 
	for tourist or residents.'  [08/08]
Turner English Books (Genova 3, 28004).  New books in Spanish, English, and
	French.  Also has a video rental collection, including many British

Also check out the bookstalls on Claudio Moyano, between the Prado, Atocha
station, and Retiro Park (more precisely, it's the street that runs between
the southern edge of the Botanical Gardens and the Agriculture Ministry; but
no one knows where those are; it's west of the southern end of Retiro Park).
Spanish books, new and used, old volumes often very reasonably priced.


Vatican City:

Libreria Editrice Vaticana (00120 Citta del Vaticano, 06-6983345 or
	06-6985326, FAX 06-6984716).  "It is part of the the Library there,
	and does a great line in excellent books--if you're into the
	subjects they cover....  They'll send a pocket-book-sized catalogue
	upon request and do mail-orders.  I don't think they take credit
	cards."  [I asked how they do mail orders if they don't take credit
	cards.  Apparently if you are a seminary they invoice you; if you
	are a "peasant" they invoice you but hold the items until you send
	a money order or whatever.  At least according to Rhonda Wood
	who says she's never been a seminary....]


Roma/Rome, Italy:

Fahrenheit 451 (Campo dei Fiori).  Nice alternative small bookshop.  New
Feltrinelli (Via del Babbuino; Largo Argentina & other places).  New books
	in every field, also English.
The Lion Bookshop (Via del Babbuino).  English bookshop.
Mels Books.  A national chain.

There are a lot of used bookstalls along the Via della Terme de 
Dioclezione, in the Piazza della Republica (both right by the bus and 
train stations), along the Tiber in front of the Castello Sant' 
Angelo, and probably other places I did not happen to visit.  [10/10]


Firenze/Florence, Italy:

Libreria della Spada.  Used and remaindered books (and some new).  
	When I was there, a large number of remaindered (?) art books 
	were 70% off cover price.  [11/10]
Mels Books.  A national chain.

There are many American and other international colleges in Florence, 
so there are also a lot of bookstores, and bookstores with English 
books.  I just couldn't find them in three days without skipping all 
the stuff I really went to see.  :-)  [11/10]


Pisa, Italy:

Libreria Fogola (Corso Italia, 82 - 56100 Pisa).  "Nice and very
convenient small bookshop.  New books in every field, discount 20%."


Venezia/Venice, Italy:

Cafoscarina 1 & 2 (near Ca' Foscari university).  University bookstore with
	wide range of fiction in German Eglish, French, Spanish, many books
	on Eastern fiction.
Libreria Acqua Alte.  Used books.  Claims to be the "Most Beautiful 
	Bookstore in the World", but it is not clear what standard they 
	are using.  It is certainly quirky: books are displayed in old 
	gondolas and other boats as well as on shelves.  They have some 
	books in English, and a very large collection of science 
	fiction and fantasy translated from English into Italian 
	(triple-shelved!) for 3 euros each.  However, the climate of 
	Venice is not kind to books and they all felt a bit damp and 
	clammy.  (They did not, however, appear to be damaged by 
	this.)  [11/10]
Old World Books (at the Ponte del Gheto Vecchio in the Jewish Ghetto).  
	Used and antiquarian books.  Open Mon-Fri 10h-13h, 16h-19h.  
Patagonia (Dorsoduro 3490B, tel 041-5285333).  Best bookshop in town,
	specialized in contemporary stuff, not many classics.  Good range
	of continental fiction, Italian and foreign; of English books; of
	cinema, theatre, multimedia.  Staff (Vittorio & Gigi) are nice and
Solaris 1 & 2 (Campo S. Margherita).  Comics of every kind, role games, SF.
Toletta (Rio della Toletta).  New books at half price; especially
	interesting art books.

Addresses in Venice are next to useless, as they consist of the 
district followed by a house number within that district, but no 
street name.  Even with a street name, you have to find a map 
that labels that particular street.  Your best bet is to get close and ask 
directions.  (I have no idea if a GPS would help!)


Basel, Switzerland:

Bergli Books (address unknown,  "The newest 
	bookshop in Basel, it stocks exclusively English books."  
Bider & Tanner (Aeschenvorstadt 2, 4010 Basel, 061-206-99-99 ,  "A general bookseller covering a 
	wide range, but especially good for travel books and also a good 
	English section."  [01/08]
Karger Libri AG International Booksellers (Petersgraben 31, CH-4051 Basel, 
	+41-61-306-15-15, FAX +41-61-306-15-16,  
	Specializing in scientific literature, medicine, economy, law, IT 
	and library supply.  Also runs International Subscription Agency
	(Allschwilerstrasse 10, CH-4009 Basel, +41-61-306-15-00, 
	FAX +41-61-306-12-34,
Thalia (Freie Str. 32, CH-4001 Basel,  
	"The largest bookshop in Basel with a correspondingly wide range.  
	Also good for English books, plus a department for software and 
	another for DVDs."  [01/08]


Geneva, Switzerland:

Bookworm (5 rue Sismondi).  Used English-language books.  High turnover, 
	reasonable prices.  Good SF selection.  A quick walk from the train 
	station.  Tea, coffee, and a helpful staff make this a lovely oasis 
	for anglophones in Geneva.  Open Tue-Sat 10h-19h, Sun 10h-17h.  
Bouquinerie La Grotte aux Fees (Rue des Grottes 13, 1201 Geneva,
	022/733.49.14).  SF specialty shop.


Zurich, Switzerland:

Buchandlung Zum Rennwegtor (Oetenbachgasse 11, 8001  Zurich,
	+41 (0)1-221-39-19).  German book shop but a good selection of
	English novels on the first floor (second floor to Yanks).  Near the
	train station.
Filmbuchhandel Rohr (Oberdorfstrasse).  Good selection of books about film.
Orell Fuessli (Fuesllistrasse 4, +41 (0)1-221-1060,
	Largest bookstore in the city.  Large general selection, excellent
	collection of German-language paperback novels, travel guides for
	all over the world, maps, coffee-table travel picture books.  Decent
	selection of English-language books.
Payot (Bahnhofstrasse).  Good French- and English-language bookstore.
	General selection, good collection of art books.  English-language
	books are generally British editions.
Romanica (Limmatquai).  Good French-, Italian-, Spanish-, and
	Portuguese-language bookshop.  (compared to Payot: better for
	French literature, smaller selection for art books etc).  Competent
Staheli Internationale Buchhandlung / International Booksellers and
	Subscription agents (Bahanhofstrasse 70, 8021 Zurich 1,
	+41 (0)1-201-33-02, FAX +41 (0)1-202-55-52).  Only English books at
	this site. Mainly recreational books, classics, biographies, and a
	small techincal section.  Near the train station.
Travel Bookstore (Rindmarkt).  Excellent collection of travel guides and
	maps.  English-language guides available.


Czech Republic:

Cerna Planeta (Jezuitska 3, 602 00 Brno).  SF specialty shop.
DDD-Knikupectvi a antikvariat (Ruska 85, 402 87 Chomutov, 0396 3608).  SF
	specialty shop.
Fancentrum (was at Na prikopech 24, 110 00 Prague 1, but has moved somewhere
	else).  SF specialty shop.
Fan Centrum (Najada, Krizikova 115, 180 00 Prague 8, +42-2-231-4647).  SF
	specialty shop.
Gandalf (Brezova nad Svitou 47, 569 02).  SF specialty shop.
Geralt (drive Mirako) (Stodolni 11, 701 00 Ostrava, 069-23-11-07/1.17(?)).
	SF specialty shop.
The Globe Bookstore and Coffeehouse (Pstrossova 6, 110 00 Prague 1,
	TEL/FAX: 00420/2-24916264,  
	A bookstore/coffeehouse.  New and used books, with a specialization in 
	Central European fiction and better quality titles.  The biggest stock 
	of used books in English in town and probably all of Central Europe.  
	Open 0930-2400.  [01/08]
Magnet Press (Jungmannova 24, 110 00 Praha 1).  SF specialty shop.
Moskevska 2716/40 (Tabor 390 01).  SF specialty shop.
	shop.  Czech only (no English).
Netopejr (Dolni nam 26, 772 00 Olomouc).  SF specialty shop.
SF Khihikupectvi a Antikvariat (Caslavska 15, 130 00 Prague 3).  SF
	specialty shop.
Sheakspeare (Klubska 5/1, 415 01 Teplice, 0417-239-72).  SF specialty shop.
Skippy (Edvarda Benese 1414, 500 12 Hradec Kralove, 049 402 87).  SF
	specialty shop.
Svety Fantazie (Stetkova 20, 140 00 Prague 4).  SF specialty shop.
U Jednorozce (Staromestske nam.17, 117 06 Prague 1, +42-2-242-10606).  SF
	specialty shop and other things.  "Has a good tourist set of material,
	but the SF is Czech."
Mustang (Otylie Beniskove 6, 301 12 Plzen, 019-22-04-70).  SF specialty
Wales (Taborska 42, 140 00 Praha 4 - Nusle).  SF specialty shop.

[My apologies for not splitting these by city or giving better telephone
information, but this is all I have.  It's hard to believe there are this
many SF specialty shops, but again, that's what I was told.]



Atlantida  (Hlavna 40, Kosice, 095-763-209).  SF specialty shop.
Laser Bratislava  (Kozia 11, 811 03 Bratislava, +42-07-31-22-64).  SF
	specialty shop.


Vienna, Austria:

(country code is 43, city code is 0222)

American Discount (Wienzeile 5 near Karlsplatz, 587-5772; also listed as
	Neubaug 39, 523-3707).  Somewhat seedy store, but good selection of
	new paperbacks, also comics and movie-related books.  Wide selection
	of foreign magazines.  Sell almost exclusively English-language
	stuff (except for the comics).  Good SF selection, comparable to
	Frick or British Bookshop.
British Book Shop (Blackwell & Hadwiger) (Weihburggasse 24-26, 512-1945-0,
	FAX 512-1026).  Regular book store with lots of English stuff and
	staff.  Nice people.  They offer a wide variety of mostly British
Buchhandlung Schaden (Sonnenfelsgasse 4).  Used and antiquarian 
	(claim to have 120,000 books in stock and say they are the 
	largest antiquarian bookstore in city).  They have a large 
	general stock, including a big selection of military books.  
	"The store is a little hard to find being in a blind cul de 
	sac near Stephansplatz."  [04/08]
Frick Wilhelm Buchhandlung (Graben 27, 533-9914-0, 533-0958-0, 533-6105-0).
	Mainly German, but has a nice department of foreign (French and
	English) books.  Perhaps not quite the size of the one at the
	British Bookshop.  SF selection is good.  The main difference is
	that they have more U.S. editions, while the British Book Shop has
	more, though by no means exclusively, British ones.
Judith Ortner Buchhandlung (Baeckerstr. 16, A-1010 Vienna, 512-40-94,
	FAX: 512-99-00).  Specialized "art"-shop, does not sell mainstream
	literature, very small and closed from 12 to 14h30, but has a good
	collection about photography, design, textiles, advertising, etc.
	(German, English & few French books).  "It is in a parallel street
	to Wollzeile, near the rear entrance to "Morawa," so even it is
	very small, it doesn't hurt to take a look if you are nearby."
Morawa (Wollzeile 11, 51562-0).  Mainly German, but also has a small
	department of foreign books, mostly English.  Best known for
	magazines (domestic and lots of foreign) because they are one of
	the biggest importers (and resellers) of foreign magazines in
	Austria.  Very good selection of newspapers and of German and
	English-language travel-guides.
Shakespeare & Company (Sterngasse 2 near Pickwicks, 535-5053-0, 532-1532,
	FAX 535-5054).  Regular book store, lots of English stuff.
Stoehr Buchhandlung (Lerchenfelder Str. 78-80).  "Best military/naval/
	aviation bookstore in Vienna."  Also publishes books on 
	Austro-Hungarian military/naval history.  Open Mon-Fri 
	0900-1800, Sat 0900-1200.  [04/08]
Treehugger Dan's Bookstore/Discover Vienna/The Travel Shack 
	(MariahilferGurtel 21, 1150 Vienna Austria, +43-699-188-20156,  Just 2 minutes walk from the 
	Westbahnhof.  Second-hand English paperbacks in all cetegories 
	and extensive travel guide section.  Also WiFi, coffeeshop, 
	and events.  Free English language magazine exchange (1-for-1).  
	Smoke-free.  [08/08]
Bookstore/gift shop at the military museum (Heeresgeschichtliches 
	Museum) often has some interesting military publications, 
	particularly by members of their staff.  [04/08]

"There are several good general new (as opposed to used) bookstores 
around Stephansplatz as well."

In general Wollzeile and the surrounding areas has many bookshops.

All of these are in the 1.Bezirk (the City), and are within easy walking
distance from Stephansplatz.


Budapest, Hungary:

Pendragon (Pozsonyi ˙t 21-23, (district XIII), 340-4426,  "A huge selection of books, all 
	types - much more interesting than the chain bookstores found 
	throughout Budapest.  I found the store from a listing in 
	Lonely Planet."
Treehugger Dan's Bookstore-Cafe (Csengery u. 48 (first door down on the 
	corner of Andrassy Ut.) VI. District, 36-1-322-0774,  "Wide selection of quality second-hand 
	English paperbacks at reasonable prices."  Smoke-free.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 1000-1900, Sat 1000-1700.  [01/08]
Treehugger Dan's Bookstore and Lounge/Yellow Zebra (Lazar u. 16, 1065 
	Budapest, 36-1-269-3843,  Used books, 
	Internet cafe, tours, and bike rentals.  Open summer seven days 
	0900-2000; winter 1000-1800.  [08/08]
Treehugger Dan's Bookstore & Lounge/Discover Hungary (Lazar u. 16. VI. 
	District, at the back end of the Opera House on M1 (Yellow 
	Metro Line), 36-1-269-3843,  Open summer seven days 0930-2000; 
	winter Mon-Fri 0930-1830, Sat-Sun 1000-1600.  [08/08]


Vilnius, Lithuania:

Penki Kontinentai (Five Continents) (Vilniaus gatve 39).  Supposedly the
	largest "foreign-language bookshop" in Vilnius, but the selection
	is not so great: one shelf of novels in English and some textbooks
	and technical books in English, and similar or less in other foreign
	languages.  It's several blocks off Gedimino prospektas and not
	worth the walk unless you actually *need* something in English.
Vaga Bookstore (Gedimino 50).  Similar to Vilnius (below).
Vilnius Bookstore (Gedimino and Vilniaus gatve).  A more complete bookstore,
	but basically all the books are in Lithuanian or Russian.  A lot of
	SF, especially in Russian.
? (Pilies gatve 10).  This one had a Sherlock Holmes book (in Lithuanian)
	which I hadn't seen in any of the other stores, for whatever that's
? (Pilies gatve 22).

The layout of bookstores in general seems to be several "stands" which
form one long row against the back (and possibly side) wall(s).  A
table in front of the stand has a copy of each of the books it
carries.  You can look at those, but when you want to buy, you tell (or
point to or show) the clerk behind the counter what you want and she
retrieves it from the shelves along the wall.  You pay separately at
each stand for the books you buy there.  There is no overlap that I
could detect in the books carried by the various stands, but from one
bookstore to the next there wasn't much variation.  I suspect the
average B. Dalton or Waldenbooks in a mall in the United States has a
wider selection.  [5/94]


Riga, Latvia:

Central Bookstore (24 Aspazijas bulvaris, across from the Hotel Riga).  Big
	selection, all in Latvian.  Also has postcards.  Open Mon-Fri 10-14,
	15-19; Sat 10-17.
Globuss (26 Aspazijas).  Supposedly has foreign-language books.

The road over to the Central Market is lined with booksellers of Russian
books, including a lot of (bootleg) SF and other American authors such
as James Fenimore Cooper and Stephen King.  There are also several dozen
booksellers with tables opposite the train station--again, almost entirely
in Russian.

The layout of bookstores in general seems to be several "stands" which
form one long row against the back (and possibly side) wall(s).  A
table in front of the stand has a copy of each of the books it
carries.  You can look at those, but when you want to buy, you tell (or
point to or show) the clerk behind the counter what you want and she
retrieves it from the shelves along the wall.  You pay separately at
each stand for the books you buy there.  There is no overlap that I
could detect in the books carried by the various stands, but from one
bookstore to the next there wasn't much variation.  I suspect the
average B. Dalton or Waldenbooks in a mall in the United States has a
wider selection.  [5/94]


Tallinn, Estonia:

Apollo Raamatumaja (Viru 23,
Rahva Raamat (Parnu mnt. 10).  Had Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne,
	Arthur Conan Doyle, Keith Laumer, and Doris Pischeria in Estonian.
? (Harju str 1)

The layout of bookstores in general seems to be several "stands" which
form one long row against the back (and possibly side) wall(s).  A
table in front of the stand has a copy of each of the books it
carries.  You can look at those, but when you want to buy, you tell (or
point to or show) the clerk behind the counter what you want and she
retrieves it from the shelves along the wall.  You pay separately at
each stand for the books you buy there.  There is no overlap that I
could detect in the books carried by the various stands, but from one
bookstore to the next there wasn't much variation.  I suspect the
average B. Dalton or Waldenbooks in a mall in the United States has a
wider selection.  [5/94]


Moscow, Russia:

Stozhary (Varshavskoye Shosse 10).  SF specialty shop.


Athens, Greece:

Bookstop International Bookstore (Academias 69 & Mavrokordatou 2, 
	Athens 106 78, +30-210-380-1146,
	Specializes in books for learning a foreign language (English, 
	German, French, etc.) but also fiction, travel guides & maps, 
	etc.  The main languages they carry are English, German, 
	French, and Spanish but there is also some books in Russian, 
	Albanian, etc.  [08/08]
Bookworms (Vouliagmenis Leof. 85, Glyfada, 963-3636).  "Specialist English 
	Bookshop.  Children's Best and Adult Selection."
Christian Bookstore (Averof 13, Athens, 823-1328).
Deutsche Buchhandlung (Omiron 4, Athens, 322-5294).  German books, I assume.
Law and Economy - N.P. Sakkoulas (Panepistimiou 49, Athens, 325-6000).
	"Legal and Economic Publications & Professional English Language .
	Business and Law titles from major foreign publishers."
Libro (Patriarchae Ioakim 8, Athens, 724-7116).  Greek and English Books.


Istanbul (and other), Turkey:

There are two areas to look at.  One is the bookseller's market at Beyazit;
this is mind-bogglingly chaotic, particularly the second-hand shops, and
mainly good for Turkish-language material.  The other is in the
Pera/Beyoglu area from the Tunel to Taksim Square; there are a few places
here that sell foreign-language books, and one small shop in a square near
the Tunel has the only second-hand shop in town that sells English and
French language stuff (the square it's in will make any cat lover go all
wobbly, there are dozens of lovely fluffy moggies outside).  There are also
bookshops attached to publishers all over the city (though predominantly in
Sultanahmet as that's where the publishers themselves congregate).  But for
general tourist guides and informative material about Turkey in any language
you probably can't beat the shop beside the Blue Mosque.

The Owl Bookshop (Old Quarter).  "Absolutely fantastic.  It sells 
	secondhand books, mostly novels, and relies mostly on 
	travellers to exchange theirs for something different.  The 
	proprietor is a real eccentric and always wants to engage 
	visitors in philosophical discussions about writers, whether 
	it be Camus or the latest Ian McEwan.  But forget about 
	finding a Jackie Collins here."  [03/04]

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