Bookstores in the Nordic Countries

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 3 Jul 2006

This includes bookstores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and
would include Iceland and Greenland if I had any listings for there.

Cities include (listed basically west to east, north to south by country,
alphabetically within country, but associated areas and language groups are
listed together; if anyone has a better ordering, let me know):

Copenhagen, Denmark
Bergen, Norway
Oslo, Norway
G&oring;teberg, Sweden
Lund, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Uppsala, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
other geographic areas

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.]

[Note 3: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right

[Note 4: The telephone numbers may not be expressed entirely correctly.]


Copenhagen, Denmark:

Athenaeum (Noerregade 6).  Medicine, psychology, paedagogics, and
	English-language and literature.
Boghallen (Raadhuspladsen 37, DK-1550 Cop. V, +45 3311 8511).  A good
	place to buy books in English in Copenhagen.
Brdr. Stolpe (Lille Triangel, the corner of Oesterbrogade/Farimagsgade and
	Oester Soegade).  They specialize in anything paranormal, UFO's,
	healing, occult, etc.
Dickens--The Bookshop (Sankt Pedersstraede 30, +45 3393 0123).  Complete
	line of Penguin books.
Fantask (Sankt Pedersstraede 18, +45 3311 8538).  Comics and SF.
Munksgaard A/S (Noerre Soegade 35 DK-1370 Cop. K, +45 3312 8570;
	FAX +45 3315 3419).  Used to be Ejnar Munksgaard.
New Era Publications International ApS (Kongensgade 55).
Polyteknisk Boghandel (Anker Engelundsvej 1, +45 4288 1488).  Technical
	books.  (This is the main building of the Technical University of
	Denmark, and the bookstore is right across the corridor from
	Danmarks Tekniske Bibliotek, the country's main library for
	technical books and periodicals.)
Koesters Motorbook Store (Randers, Jutland). "If it's got wheels he has the

In general, Noerregade and Fiolstraede (next to the Noerreport Station) are
the places to go shopping for books.  A few large shops on Stroeget as


Bergen, Norway:

Avalon Bergen (Fortunen 4; tel. 22 33 33 08, then press 2;  First floor and basement, SF and fantasy 
	books, comics and role-playing and board games.  Branch of the Oslo 
	store.  Open Mon-Wed, Fri 1000-1800; Thu 1000-2000, Sat 1000-1600.  
Erasmus Montanus (Torgalmenningen 6, in the center of town, Galleriet)).
	Mainly English-language books. Good selection of SF.
F. Beyer (Strandgaten 4, just off Torgalmenningen).  Has both Norwegian and
	English books. A few French, German, Spanish books.  Good selection
	of SF.
Studia (Students Centre, Parkveien 1).  University bookstore.  Has large
	selection of literature about many subjects, also paperbacks.  Has
	several sub-departments at five other places in town (law, economy,
	medicine, etc.)  (Reduced opening hours in the summertime.)

The various Narvesen kiosks have a varying amount of English-language books,
mainly best-sellers and SF, and also some foreign magazines in various
languages.  Try the ones at the railway station and in Olav Kyrres gate (by
the Music Pavillion).  The used-books stores have usually a small number of
English books.  Bergen is one of the four university towns of Norway (the
other are Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsoe.

[This part contributed by Frank H. Flaesland.]

Oslo, Norway:

Akademika (on the Blindern university campus, pb.84 Blindern;
	tel. 22 85 30 30).  University bookstore, fairly large selection in
	most subjects.  Penguin Classics and Penguin Modern Classics.
	Slightly more expensive than most.  Law department in the centre
	building of the old university campus on Karl Johans gate.  [04/05]
Damms Antikvariat (between Karl Johan and the Akershus fortress, Tollbugt.
	25, tel. 22 41 04 02).  Used, for first editions, professional
	collectors place.
J W Cappelens antikvariat (between Norli & Norlis antikvariat,
	Universitetsgt 20, tel. 22 42 15 70).  Used, like Damms, and
	publishes regular catalogue.  Auctions.
Majorstuen antikvariat, (off Bogstadveien, Vibesgt. 15, tel. 22 60 06 48).
	Used, well-stocked.
Norli (just off Karl Johan by the old University campus, Universitetsg. 24;
	tel. 22 42 91 35).  Very good selection of books (fiction,
	philosophy) in all Scandinavian languages, in addition to a fairly
	well-stocked section of contemporary English-language novels, etc.
	Good periodicals section, and language-learning sections.  Very
	competent service.
Norlis antikvariat (further up the road from Norli, Universitetsgt 18,
	tel. 22 20 01 40).  Used, well-stocked.
Oslo Nye Antikvariat (off Bogstadveien, Majorstuvn. 15, tel. 22 46 67 38).
	Used, very good for all sorts of non-fiction.  English fiction
	(classics) down the stairs.
Outland (Two stores: Ostbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1, tel. 22 17 70 10, 
	and Karl Johans Gate 37-43, tel. 22 33 04 10,  Located respectively in a shopping mall 
	*inside* Oslo Central Station and the Paleet shopping center by 
	Karl Johan street.  A chain with the original store in Trondheim 
	and branches in Stavanger and Kristiansand.  "Originally a 
	video/DVD store and comics specialist, that have gotten quite good 
	at books as well. They are good at getting new stuff and stocking 
	all volumes of series, if possible, etc."   Also has a branch 
	in Bergen.  Open (Ostbanehallen) Mon-Wed, Fri 0900-2100; 
	Thu 0900-2200; Sat 0900-1900; Sun 1200-2000, (Paleet) Mon-Fri 
	1000-2000, Sat 1000-1800, Sun closed.  [04/06]
Quist (to the left of the Royal Palace, Drammensvn. 16, tel. 22 44 52 69).
	Slightly eccentric, "Your English-Language Bookshop."
Scanalka (on the East side of the Akerselva river, in Grunerloekka, Thorvald
	Meyers gt. 42, tel. 22 35 36 40).  Occult, new age, health stuff.
Tanum (on Karl Johan, nr. 37/41, tel. 22 41 11 00).  Largest bookshop in
	Oslo, plenty of English-language paperbacks, a very good art
Travellers Shop (Uranienborgvn. 4?, tel. 22 56 25 30).  For travellers.
Tronsmo (Kr. Aug. gt. 19, tel. 22 20 25 09).  A very political, left-wing
	bookshop with lots of theory and radical magazines - and a large
	comics section in the cellar.  Very competent service.

For SF, Outland is the specialty store.

(Norwegian for bookshop is "bokhandel"; some will have stationary too--
"bok-og papirhandel"; for second hand books, try "antikvariat."  Few of the
second-hand shops deal very much in English-language books for some reason--
they especially avoid paperbacks; but the ones listed have some.  None have
any sort of expertise on contemporary international fiction.  The Oslo
students' SF club has auctions twice a year (and also at conventions), very
reasonable prices for exciting books.)


Gøteberg, Sweden:

SF-Bokhandeln (Østra Larmgatan 16, +46-31-13-06-70,  Branch of the store in Stockholm (see 
	longer description below).  It is owned by fans and has a huge 
	selection of SF, anime, and games.


Lund, Sweden:

Pocket! The Bookstore (Skomakaregatan 9, +46-46-134172).  "Silly [name], I
	know, but many Swedish stores sound more American than MacDonalds!"
	They specialize in pocket (paperback) books, with something like a
	50-50 percent split between Swedish-language and English-language.
	They carry paperbacks from the British and US SF and fantasy
	markets, some thrillers and horror, comics and a bit of gaming
	related stuff.  The staff is generally nice and helpful, and you can
	order any book in print you want from the aforementioned markets.
	This is especially useful since the stock-in-store is sometimes
	meager.  Oh, they also carry university course books *on* the
	English language, with special discounts for students of that


Stockholm, Sweden:

Akademibokhandeln (Regeringsgatan at Mäster Samuelsgatan, +46-613-61-00).
	New books.  This is a virtual book supermarket.  They've got
	everything, including a decent SF department.
Alfa Antikvariat (Drottninggatan 71A, +46-21-42-75).  Used books; some SF.
Alvglans (Folkungagatan 84, +46-642-69-98).  Founded by an SF fan, Ingvar
	Jensen.  Alvglans has a decent collection of comics and a book
	department with SF.
Aspingtons (Vasterlånggatan 54 (in the Old Town), +46-20-11-00,
	FAX +46-20-52-00).  Used books; some SF.
Bok & Bild (Drottninggatan (close to the parliament)).  Remainder books.
Bokpalatset  (Normalmstorg, +46-678-10-20, FAX +46-678-10-30).  New books.
Bokskotten (Gamla Brogatan 13 and Regeringsgatan 55).  Remainder books.
Bokslussen (in the Slussen Subway station, 640-96-15).  Used books;
	some SF.
Centralantikvariatet (Drottninggatan 73B, +46-411-91-36,
	FAX +46-20-93-08).  Used books; some SF.
Deckarantikvariat (Tegnergatan 4).  Mysteries, but not listed in the
	latest phone book, so it may not still be there.
Fantasikompaniet (Rörstrandsgatan 18).  Role-playing games.  Not listed
	in the latest telephone book.
Fritzes (Regeringsgatan 12, +46-690-90-90, FAX +46-21-99-03).  New books.
	Has a special department for computer books and CD-ROM.
Hedengrens Bookstore (Stureplan 4).  New books.  It is quite big, and has
	recently started a CD-ROM-department.
Hobbybokhandeln (Pipersgatan 25, +46-654-84-55, FAX +46-739-04-90).
	Model kits and books on war, airplanes etc; they even used to have
	a small SF and mystery department.
Hofmans (Högbergsgatan 37, +46-642-24-62).  Used books; some SF.
Jones Antikvariat (Nortullsgatan 3, Blå Tornet on Drottninggatan 85,
	+46-30-76-97).  Used books; some SF.
Katarina Antikvariat (Katarina Bangata 31, +46-640-78-68).  Used books;
	some SF.
Nya Antikvariatet (Renstiernas Gata 28, +46-644-31-43).  Used, but the
	owner hates SF.
Rönells Antikvariat (Birger Jarlsgatan 32, +46-679-75-50,
	FAX +46-611-41-62).  Used books; some SF.
SF-Bokhandeln (Västerlånggatan 48 in Gamla Stan, Box 2300,
	103 17 Stockholm, +46-8-215052, FAX +46-8-247730,  "The main shop for book-reading SF fans 
	is SF Bokhandeln.  This bookstore is owned by fans and has existed on 
	four addresses.  It was started by the Scandinavian SF Association in 
	1977 on	Pontonjargatan in the west part of Stockholm.  In the 
	beginning of the 80's the shop closed for a short period and reopened 
	as a division of Horst Schroder's Metropolis (on Roslagsgatan?), and 
	then it broke free and moved to Atlasgatan where it existed for some 
	ten years.  A few years ago they moved to Old Town, and then moved to 
	a new location there.  The shop is quite big (probably very expensive 
	in rent) and has a very good collection.  SF Bokhandeln	has all new 
	American or British paperbacks of any interest, probably all Swedish 
	language science fiction published, a small game department, shelves 
	for comics, film books, SF non-fiction (if you	may call it that), 
	several shelves of video cassettes, a special fantasy book department 
	and a used book department.  I've been visiting specialised SF 
	bookshops in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Birmingham, 
	Edinburgh and probably a couple of other cities, and the SF Bookstore 
	in Stockholm is as good as any of them."  [Ahrvid Engholm]  I would 
	add that I've been in all the major SF shops in New York, San 
	Francisco, and the Los Angeles area, and the SF Bookstore in Stockholm 
	is as good as any of *them*!  The only thing the others win on is 
	price--books in Sweden are very expensive.  Open Mon-Fri 10h-19h, 
	Sat 10h-17h, Sun 12h-16h.  [07/06]
Serieboden (Västerlånggatan 26-28, +46-20-12-81).  Comics.
Seriebörsen (Bellmansgatan 26, +46-644-01-75, FAX +46-702-17-66).  Comics.
Serier & CD (Stora Nygatan 26, +46-20-25-16).  Comics.
Spel & Sånt (Torsgatan 31, +46-32-35-11, FAX +46-32-35-99).  Role-playing
Sweden Bookshop (Slottsbacken 10, Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm, 
	+46-84-53-78-00, FAX +46-8-20-72-48 (this looks like a digit 
	was dropped),  
	Bookshop of the Svenska Institutet.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM.  
Tradition (Sturegallerian (by Stureplan), +46-611-45-35, FAX +46-611-45-42).
	Role-playing games; they have a decent book department.

[This part contributed primarily by Ahrvid Engholm.]


Uppsala, Sweden:

Uppsala English Bookshop (+46-18-100510,
	Specializes in SF, fantasy, and other genre paperbacks in English.


Helsinki, Finland:

Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (Akademiska Bokhandeln in Swedish -- the other
	official language there) (across the street from (and legally a part
	of) the large Stockmann department store on Keskuskatu
	(Centralgatan) at the corner of Pohjoisesplanaadi (Norra
	Esplanaden #39), +358-(0)9-12-141, FAX +358-(0)9-1214-441).  Despite
	the name (literally: "Academic Bookstore"), Akateeminen carries a
	large selection of modern fiction as well.  Books are in Finnish,
	Swedish, and English, and to a lesser extent German, French, and
	Russian.  "The Academic Bookstore is very good at stocking brand 
	new books not only from Finnish publishers, but major publishers 
	in the US, UK, and France.  New titles are often available the same 
	week the book is published abroad.  On the other hand, the Academic 
	Bookstore does not stock enough older books.  They often won't have 
	a book that is just a few years old even if the book sold very many 
	copies."  This used to be the largest bookstore in the world, with
	some 250,000 titles.  (Akateeminen is actually a chain, and their
	shops are found in or near most Stockmann locations, but the one in
	Helsinki is the largest and best.  It is also the oldest,
	celebrating its 100th anniversary in 1993.  It has a cafe and was 
	designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.  "The Academic 
	Bookstore is really more than a bookstore.  It's a Finnish cultural 
	institution and sees itself as having more than a commercial 
	purpose. It has some sort of civilizing mission.  The Academic 
	Bookstore prints softbound scholarly books in many fields."  Special 
	orders are possible, but expensive and take a long time.  (There 
	was an article about it in the 27 Sep 1993 issue of PUBLISHERS 
American Bookshop (Museokatu 3,
	Self-proclaimed "Finland's largest English-language bookstore,"
	selection computer-oriented .
Ateneum (Kaivokatu 2).  Museum bookshop with good selection, but the usual
	astonishingly high prices.
Hiltunen Seppo Ky (Sofiankatu 6 C, close to Senate Square).  Second-hand
	bookstore.  Some English paperbacks.
Kampintorin Antikvariaatti (Fredrikinkatu 63).  Second-hand bookstore.  Some
	paperbacks in English, one third detective stories, one third SF.
Kiasma, (Mannerheiminaukio 2,  Store of the
	Museum of Contemporary Art.  Art books.  Open Tue 9h-17h,
	Wed-Sun 10h-22h.
Lasten Kirjakauppa (Fredrikinkatu 61).  Children's bookstore, has section in 
	foreign languages containing mainly translations of Finnish books
Meteori Books & Cafe (Mannerh.t. 2224).
Museum of Art and Design (Korkeavuorenkatu 23,  Books on design.  Open
	Tue, Thu-Sun 11h-18h, Wed 11h-20h.
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (Finska Bookhandeln in Swedish: Finnish Bookstore,
	Aleksanterinkatu #23, +358-(0)9-651-855, FAX +358-(0)9-176-985).
	Another chain, but the main store is about one hundred meters from
	Akateeminen and also opposite of Stockmann but on the side of
	Aleksanterinkatu (Aleksandersgatan).  Carries foreign-language books, 
	but their English-language SF is very limited.  
Yliopistokirjakauppa (Vuorikatu 5 A, Yliopistonkatu 3,  Literally universitybookstore,
	caters to students, course books in variety of subjects .

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