Bookstores in Japan

Central Japan (between Tokyo & Yokohama and Kyoto)

Last Change: 19 Feb 2014 ============================================================================ Note: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] format; no date means latest visit was before April 2006. ============================================================================ Cities listed in this file: Niigata Kashiwazaki Toyama Takaoka Kanazawa Fukui Kofu Nagano Ueda Matsumoto Suwa and Okaya Takato Iida Numazu Shizuoka Hamamatsu Toyohashi Toyota City Nagoya Gifu Yokkaichi -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ General notes on address, phone conventions, hours, etc. in Japan Looking for bargains? Buying books in Japan Insights of the trade: Publishing books in Japan Other sources and reference material on bookstores in Japan Glossary of Japanese publishing terms Acknowledgements ============================================================================ Niigata NTT long-distance area code: Niigata-shi 025. Junkudo Niigata (1-1 Sasaguchi, Niigata-shi 950_0917; 1F&B1F Plaka 1, south side of JR Niigata Terminal. 374-4411, Fax 242-0003) "Total one million books. No store in Niigata, Nagano, Kanazawa or Toyama comes close. Great for technical books. Few copies per title. Very large foreign section: many paperbacks and art books. Not busy in spite of its size. It is far from the city center, on the underdeveloped side of Niigata Station." Open 10-21. [01/08] Kinokuniya Niigata (1-5-1 Bandai, Niigata-shi 950_0088; From JR Niigata Terminal take wide avenue north toward Bandai-bashi (bridge). 6F Lovela Bandai, near Niigata Bus Terminal. 241-5281, Fax 245-2747; HQ Tokyo) "Second largest store in Niigata-ken. Modest foreign section. Relocated March '07." Open 10-20. Closed about once a month, on Wed. [01/08] Banshodo (958 Furumachi-dori 6-bancho 951_8063; In roofed arcade. Turn south from main street at corner with Hokkosha Bookstore (which has no foreign books). 229-2221, Fax 229-4331) "Large general bookstore. Head of local chain. A few foreign books 3F." [01/08] Koukodo (563 Furumachi-dori 4-bancho 951_8063; 229-4058, Fax 224-8654) "Used books, youkyoku and medical books. Established 1911. A few foreign books. Also a publisher of books on local lore, and books about Buddhist monk Ryoukan." Open 9:30-18:30, 10-18 Sun, Hol. Closed Dec 31-Jan 4. Sakuma Shoten closed store Nov. '07. They still have a warehouse full of books and a phone line is still alive. ============================================================================ Kashiwazaki NTT long-distance area code: Kashiwazaki 0257. Komeri Shoten Kashiwazaki (10-18 Yanagibashi-cho, Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata-ken 945_0831; South side of JR Kashiwazaki Station. Roof sign visible from platform. 20-1230) "Largest store in Kashiwazaki. One shelf foreign books." [01/08] "Kashiwazaki is home of the nation's largest nuclear power plant, owned by TEPCO. Some of the plant engineers were foreigners; presumably they bought books from Komeri Shoten. All TEPCO nuclear power plants stopped operation after the Fukushima disaster." [08/12] ============================================================================ Toyama NTT long-distance area code: Toyama-shi 076. Seimeido (3-2-24 Sogawa, Toyama-shi 930_0083; In Sogawa arcade, 4 minutes to the west of streetcar Nishicho Station. 424-4166) "Head of local chain. Some foreign books 2F." [01/08] Kinokuniya Toyama (3-8-6 Sogawa, Toyama-shi 930_0083; In Sogawa arcade, near Seimeido. 7F Sogawa Ferio. 491-7031, Fax 491-7081; HQ Tokyo) "One large floor. Most foreign books in Toyama. Opened Sept '07." Open 10-20. [01/08] Books Nakada Main Store (180-1 Kakeo-machi, Toyama-shi 939_8212; Shortly east of Kakeo Intersection. From streetcar Minami-Toyama (terminus) take narrow street about 300 meters southwest, turn right (west) at wide road and proceed about 500 meters. About 12 minutes from streetcar Minami-Toyama. Kakeo Bus Stop is to the south of Kakeo Intersection. 492-1192, Fax 492-1195) "Head of regional chain. Three buildings in this location, one for popular books and recent arrivals, another for comics, and a third for technical books. Some shelves foreign books, but not enough to make a bus/tram ride from downtown worthy. Parking space available." Open 10-23. [01/08] ============================================================================ Takaoka NTT long-distance area code: Takaoka 0766. Bun'endo Eki-mae Store (40 Suehiro-machi, Takaoka-shi, Toyama-ken 933_0023; About 4 minutes from JR Takaoka, on the north side along streetcar line. 21-0333) "Foreign books 3F. 1 shelf paperbacks and 1 shelf Japanese language texts. Good for Japanese technical books. 15 stores in area. This store is well known among manga enthusiasts as the one frequented by young Fujiko-F.Fujio, author of DORAEMON." 1F open 10-20; other floors 10-19. [A big new store opened in Fukuda, near Takaoka Expressway Interchange. Chain head moved there.] [01/08] There is a large Meibundo in Imizu between Toyama and Takaoka. ============================================================================ Kanazawa NTT long-distance area code: Kanazawa 076. Kohrinbo District: Kinokuniya Kanazawa Daiwa (1-1-1 Kohrinbo 920_8550; 7F Kohrinbo Daiwa Dept. Store, 220-1288, Fax 220-1263; HQ Tokyo) "Used to be 'either this store or Utsunomiya', but now dwarfed by newcomers. No foreign books." Open 10-19. Closed irr. Wed. [01/08] Utsunomiya Kakinokibatake Main Store (1-1-30 Hirosaka 920_8722; Turn east into narrow street just south of Kohrinbo Intersection. 234-8111, Fax 234-8131) "Large general bookstore. Conservative, but some say it is too stiff. Good for Japanese technical books and local publications. Foreign books 2F. Head of regional chain." [01/08] Books Nakada Kohrinbo (in Kohrinbo 109) closed September '10. Libro Kanazawa (in Rifare Kanazawa) closed July '09. These organizations are in Rifare Kanazawa: Kanazawa International Exchange Foundation (KIEF, 2F; see map) Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE, 3F) IFIE International Library (3F; well stocked) Other districts: Katsuki Shoten Kabos Ohkuwa (22 Ohkuwa-ni 921_8046; Southern end of city. Take bus from JR Kanazawa to Ohkuwa-danchi. 226-1170, Fax 226-1502) "3,000 square meters. Several shelves foreign books: magazines, paperbacks, art and hobby. Opened Nov '05 as Imagine Ohkuwa. Katsuki Shoten of Fukui took over June '07. Enjoys a favorable location along the outer loop road, but not too crowded. Imagine Co. was good at attracting people by staging events. We don't know what advantages the new owner has over the old." Open 10-23. [01/08] Yokono Shoten (2-16 Juuichiya-machi 921_8106; In temple district of the south side of city. Near Juuichiya-machi Elementary School. 241-2207) "Old, small shop selling Buddhist books. Also some used books. Sutra woodblocks from the Meiji era are on display and for sale." Open 10-18. [01/08] Bun'endo Shimeno (80-1 Shimeno-machi 920_0059; Beside Aeon Shimeno Shopping Center on Route 8. From JR Kanazawa, take bus for Shimo-Yasuhara via Naka-Shimeno. (About once per hour). 267-7007, Fax 267-7031) "Opened Aug '06. Very large store. 3,000 square meters, 400,000 books. The place resembles a library. Great for technical books. 2 shelves foreign books. Chain based in Takaoka; this is their largest store." Open 10-Midnight. [01/08] Meibundo Kanazawa Beans (5-158 Kuratsuki 920_8203; A few blocks, about 10 minutes by foot, to the north of Ishikawa-ken Government Hall (Ishikawa Kencho), beyond Mr. Donuts, on the other side of the so-called "50 meter road". Not far from Route 8. About 2 km from Bun'endo Shimeno, to the northeast. 239-4400) "Opened Jun '07. With 4,200 square meters this is the store with most floorspace in Kanazawa. Unique bean-shaped building. Bright interior. Their ads proclaim that this place is 'one of the nation's top establishments dedicated to books'. Boasts a total collection of 800,000 books. However, the ratio of casual publications is high and there are multiple copies of popular titles. Foreign paperbacks 2F, foreign picture books 3F. The children's section is notable but the total number of foreign books is very small for a store of this size." Open 9-Midnight. [01/08] "Three suburban stores listed above occupy more space than some stores of nationwide renown: Maruzen Nihombashi (2,000 square meters) and Asahiya Osaka Main (Umeda; 2,500 sm). Powell's of Portland Oregon, largest in North America, is 6,000 sm. Suburban mega-stores are increasing nationwide. Everybody agrees that Kanazawa has too many of them. Some observers say that the tense competition going on here today will soon be seen in other cities as well. Though Kanazawa is famous for cultural sophistication, and visited by millions each year, the city's large bookstores are not mentioned in tourist guidebooks. These suburban stores have relatively small imported book sections. One factor is limited demand. Another reason is that stores do not have staff who understand the merchandise." ============================================================================ Fukui NTT long-distance area code: Fukui-shi 0776. Katsuki Shoten (1-4-18 Chuo, Fukui-shi 910_0006; Opposing Darumaya-Seibu. Between streetcar tracks and bus terminals. 4 minutes from JR Fukui Station. 24-0428, Fax 24-0575) "Head of chain. Japanese selection as large as Kinokuniya's." Open 10-19:30. Kinokuniya Fukui (1-9-20 Chuo 910_8582; 5F Darumaya-Seibu Loft Tower. On street with streetcar terminal. 28-9851, Fax 28-9855; HQ Tokyo) "1 large floor. Some foreign books." Open 10-19:30. ============================================================================ Kofu NTT long-distance area code: Kofu 055. Kaizosha (1-1-8-406 Marunouchi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken 400_0031; On 4F of JR Kofu station mall. 224-2681) "General bookstore. 1 rack foreign paperbacks." Junkudo Okajima Kofu (1-21-15 Marunouchi 400_8660; South side of station, near City Hall. 231-0606, Fax 236-5560; HQ Kobe) "Opened October 2011. Largest in town, but not many foreign books. About 1/2 shelf foreign paperbacks in stock, intended as texts for Japanese students. Orion Shobo Tachikawa has more foreign books." Open 10-19. [01/12] Rougetsudo Main Store (13-6 Kugawa-honcho 400_0048; Southwest of station, near Kofu-Showa Expressway Exit. From JR Kofu take any bus from platform 6 to Kami-Ishidacho and walk about 15 minutes south on Nansei-dori. From Route 20 Bypass turn north into first avenue east of the highway exit. 228-7356, Fax 232-2209) "Was largest bookstore in Kofu until the Junkudo in Okajima opened. Large parking lots. About 1/2 shelf foreign paperbacks." Open 9:30-22:00. [01/12] Jouhoku Shobo closed. ============================================================================ Nagano NTT long-distance area code: Nagano-shi 026. Heiando Shin-Nagano (1355-5 Suehiro-cho, Nagano-shi 380_0825; Faces JR Nagano Terminal Zenkoji Exit. 228-8462) "Largest bookstore in Nagano City. Quite large foreign section 3F: paperback fiction and non-fiction, books for children and magazines. Strong in education-related material. Established 1927. 63 outlets nationwide including franchise stores as of '12." Open 10-20. Closed 12 days per year (irr.) [01/12] ============================================================================ Ueda NTT long-distance area code: Ueda 0268. Book Cafe Kotobaya (3-2-21 Chuo, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken 386_0012; Several blocks north up on wide avenue north of JR/Shinano Railways Ueda Station a bit north of Chuo 2 intersection, on block with Nagano Bank on corner. About 10 minutes by foot from station. Bus Hara-machi. 75-2388; "Small used book store. Some emphasis on children's books and education-related material. A handful foreign books. Also serves hot drinks." Open 10-18 [01/12] Saito Shoten (3-2-19 Chuo; Slightly north of Book Cafe Kotobaya, on same block. 22-2617) "Used bookstore. Large general collection neatly laid out. Many regional publications. Very few foreign books." [01/12] The largest bookstore of the city is Heiando in the Shiodano Shopping Center, west of Ueda Dentetsu Terashita Station. ============================================================================ Matsumoto All stores on east side of JR Matsumoto Terminal. Convenient from station to Ote district and Shinshu University is the bus, Asama Line. NTT long-distance area code: Matsumoto 0263. Kaizosha (1-1-1 Fukashi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken 390_0812; Matsumoto Station Mall. Same level as station gates. 36-3777) "General bookstore. Large mountaineering selection. Regional publications near entrance. No foreign books." [01/14] Maruzen Matsumoto (1-3-11 Fukashi; From JR Matsumoto cross wide street and enter street south of bus terminal and Ito Yokado. Adjacent to Inoue Dept. Store on south side of street. 31-8171, Fax 31-8177; HQ Tokyo) "Opened Dec. 2011. 1 million books. Largest bookstore in Matsumoto. Foreign books basement: paperback fiction and non-fiction, books on Japan, translated Japanese literature and English learning texts. Imported maps 1F. No foreign magazines." Open 10-20. [01/14] Parco Book Center (2-2-28 Chuo 390_0811; B1F Matsumoto Parco, between Koen-dori and Isemachi-dori. 4 minutes from JR Matsumoto East Exit: enter street on left side of McDonald's. Nearest bus stop: Honmachi. 32-5733, HQ Tokyo) "General selection of Japanese books. Foreign books and art books in 'Art Logos': some paperbacks, art volumes and a handful of magazines." Open 10-20. [01/14] Seikando (3-5-13 Ote; The mock castle between real castle and large Hachijuni (82nd) Bank. West side of street. Phone/Fax 32-2333) "Used bookstore of academic books. The owner worked frantically during the last months of WW2 to save books by moving them to Matsumoto, which was spared from air raids by grace of surrounding mountains. It seems many of the books, including some wahon, collected back then are still here. 1 shelf antiquated foreign books." Open 10-18. [01/14] Meirindo (2-10-10 Asahi 390_0802; Asahi-machi Intersection, near Shinshu Univ. Hospital. 35-4312, Fax 35-1757) "Medical books." Kakurindo closed February '07. Books Rokusan closed. "To the north of Matsumoto Castle is Kaichi Gakkou, an old primary school. Take the street between the shrine and souvenir shop north and turn left at the present Kaichi Elementary School, and another right at the end of wide street, formerly the outer moat. Old school textbooks on display." ============================================================================ Suwa and Okaya NTT long-distance area code: Suwa 0266, Okaya 0266. Heiando Suwa (2326-1 Shiga-Iijima, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken 392_0012; On Iijima Intersection, one road northwest of expressway entrance. Halfway between JR Kami-Suwa and Chino. 53-4545, Fax 53-4538; HQ Nagano) "Largest bookstore in Suwa. Regional publications in center. No foreign books. Also sells used books, CDs and video tapes." [01/14] Tsutaya Suwa Nakasu (5762-1 Nakasu, Suwa-shi 392_0015; Northwest of Iijima intersection and Heiando. South side of rather wide river, near Shin-Rokutobashi. Far from Kami-Suwa rail station. 57-5100) "Large store. Also sells stationery, rents audio and video CDs and DVDs. No foreign books." [01/14] Kasahara Shoten (2-1-15 Tsukamacho, Okaya-shi, Nagano-ken 394_0026; Near Apita, on the south side. 18 minutes from JR Okaya Stn. by foot. 23-5070) "Largest bookstore in Okaya. Casual selection. No foreign books." [01/14] ============================================================================ Takato, Ina City Used bookstore Hon-no Ie quit regular sales late '10. The owner visited Hay-on-Wye, Wales, and decided to make a "book tourism destination" in Japan. Both the basic concept and the annual Takato Book Festival received a lot of media attention, but the store was too small to generate a constant flow of tourists. Those who came experienced spending most of their money and time on transportation and dining. The store was open during weekends and on holidays September - October '11, under a scheme named "Book Apartment". They asked used book owners to send books for sale, offering shelves for lease at a flat rate of 10,000 yen each. After this event it seems the original members left Takato and Hon-no Ie closed for good. Local community members decided to keep the concept alive. The Takato Book Festival was held in September '12 and again in '13. In addition a small used book market is open on the third Sat and Sun of each month. Takato is best visited during April when the cherries are in full bloom. ============================================================================ Iida NTT long-distance area code: Iida 0265. Heiando Iida (660-1 Kanae-Nagokuma, Iida-shi, Nagano-ken 395_0804; Near Saty on south side of Apple Road (Route 153) between Chuo Expressway exit and Ina-Hachiman. South of JR Iida Line Kanae Station. 24-4545, Fax 53-3223) "Largest store in Iida City. Sometimes called the Heiando Shin (=New) Iida Store. Though chain HQ is now in Nagano City Heiando started in Iida in 1927. Some foreign books. Maruzen of Matsumoto and Toyohashi Seibunkan are larger." Open 10-22. ============================================================================ Numazu NTT long-distance area code: Numazu 055. Marusan Shoten Numazu Nakamise (5-3-3 Ote, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 410_0801; South of McDonalds in Nakamise arcade. Southwest side of JR Numazu. 963-0350, Fax 963-6090) "Head store of local chain. Some foreign books." Open 10-20. -19 Sun, Hol. [08/13] ============================================================================ Shizuoka NTT long-distance area code: Shizuoka-shi 054. All stores in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken. Toda Shoten Shizuoka Main Store (17-1 Kon'yamachi 420_0852; In Aoi Tower, north side of JR Shizuoka. 205-6111) "Moved and reopened from nearby location April 1st 2010. 3 floors. Foreign books 2F. Chain has 60 branches, mostly in Shizuoka-ken. Head of chain in Shimizu." Open 10-21. [01/13] Ezaki Shoten (2-6-8 Gofuku-cho 420_0031; About 8 minutes from station, beyond Toda Shoten and Shizuoka Bank. 254-4481, Fax 254-4674) "Popular bookstore in Shizuoka. Large selection but no foreign books. Many branches in the area." Open 10-20:30. Closed Jan 1st. [Also large is Parche branch (in the Shizuoka Station shopping center). 255-8598; No English books.] Shizuoka Yajimaya (2-5-5 Gofuku-cho; On block north of Ezaki Shoten, same side of Gofukucho-dori. About 10 minutes from station. 254-1301, Fax 254-8500) "3rd largest bookstore in Shizuoka City. Fine technical selection. Few foreign books." Open 10-20. [01/13] Maruzen & Junkudo Shin-Shizuoka (1-1-1 Takajou 420_8508; 5F Shin-Shizuoka Cenova, Shin-Shizuoka Terminal Mall, 275-2777, Fax 275-2700) "Opened October 2011. Toda Shoten has more floor space but this store has more titles. Most foreign books in city." Open 10-21. [01/13] The Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange (SAME) has a small foreign book collection. (2F Denden Bldg; Southwest corner of Egawa-cho Intersection, between Shin-Shizuoka Terminal and Gofukucho Intersection. ============================================================================ Hamamatsu NTT long-distance area code: Hamamatsu 053. All stores in Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken. Yajimaya Main Store (May One) (6-1 Sunayama-cho 430_0926; 8F May One, Hamamatsu Station Mall, north side of tracks. 457-4165, Fax 450-1521; "Head of regional chain, with most stores in Shizuoka-ken. 420,000 books. This store has most foreign books in Hamamatsu." Open 10-20. Closed Jan 1. [01/13] Yajimaya Renjaku Store (309-1 Renjaku-cho, Naka-ku 430_0939; From JR Hamamatsu Station head toward Castle and City Hall: Turn left at first wide street and turn right at UFJ Bank. On left side of street, about 10 minutes from station. 453-9121, Fax 456-4414) "Large general bookstore. Was main store of the chain until '09. Some foreign books, but the May One store above has more." Open 9:30-21, 3F -20. Closed Jan 1st. [Hamamatsu Shitoro-cho Aeon is also large: 400,000 books.] Servitu Presentes Express (323-5 Sunayama-cho 430_0926; On street south of Shinkansen tracks and Yahata Bridge. 458-8577; "Ethnic grocery. A handful of books from Brazil. No new arrivals for import agent is now out of business." Closed Jan 1st. [01/13] Elephant closed February '09. "The public libraries of Hamamatsu have many foreign books. The majority of the Chuo-kan (Central) Library's foreign selection is English, but there are also books of many other languages, including Thai and Tagalog. Most books in Portuguese are in the Kita (North) Library." "Yajimaya has a large foreign language text selection. Well stocked are study aids of Asian languages, including Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, reflecting the region's growing international economic ties. Portuguese gets about as much space as Spanish. This is much more than bookstores elsewhere in Japan." ============================================================================ Toyohashi NTT long-distance area code: Toyohashi 0532. Seibunkan (1-6 Hirokoji, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken 440_0881; In front of JR Toyohashi. Near Hirokoji entrance, slightly north of streetcar terminal. 54-2345) "Largest bookstore in region. Plastic dividers in the shelves make search easy. Especially large are the law and education sections. Many computer books. Large art section. Foreign books. Railroad, military, model-craft books 4F. Probably only bookstore in Toyohashi selling foreign books." Open 10-20. [01/13] ============================================================================ Toyota City NTT long-distance area code: Toyota 0565. Stores aligned north to south. The Amigos (141-103 Homi-danchi 5-1 Homigaoka, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken 470_0353; Center of Homi-danchi, near post office. One bus per hour from Toyota-shi Stn. West Exit. 43-1443) "Ethnic grocery. Perhaps some books and magazines from Brazil. (As noted in the entry for Cervitu, Hamamatsu the import agent is no longer in business.)" Loja Bolao (2-37 Aizuma-cho 471_0052; 250 meters north of Seibunkan Toyota West on route 155. Near Ibohara-danchi bus stop on route between Toyota-shi Stn. and Homi-danchi. 32-4777) "Perhaps some books from Brazil in Portuguese." Miraiya (1-57-1 Wakamiya-cho 471_0026; Matsuzakaya Toyota. 36-2260) "Casual selection. No books on industrial engineering. Some foreign books." Kumazawa Shoten (1-40 Kita-machi 471_0027; 3F Gaza, east side of Meitetsu Toyota-shi Stn. 37-8035, Fax 34-0271) "Larger than Miraiya. No technical books. Some foreign books." Seibunkan Shin-Toyota (6-60 Shimoichiba-cho 471_0875; About 3km north of Toyota Motor Co. HQ along route 248. Aeon mall on other side of street. Southeast of Toyota-shi Stn. 33-3322; Main store Toyohashi) "Largest in Toyota City, and best technical selection. Relocated to current location Dec 2011. Toyohashi Seibunkan is about twice as large. [Two more branches in city: Toyota Nishi (West) store on route 155 (see above); another tiny one in Toyota-shi Stn.]" Open 10-24. Takahara Bookstore (1-2710 Akaike, Nisshin-shi, Aichi-ken 470_0125; South side of Subway/Meitetsu Akaike Station. Akaike is about 15 minutes from Umetsubo by Meitetsu Toyota Line, 25 minutes from downtown Nagoya by Subway Tsurumai Line. From station exit proceed to McDonald's, turn right, and turn right again at street; proceed about 3 minutes to yellow-tan building. 804-1605, Fax 805-0576) "A typical small-city bookstore which has in addition to the ordinary fare, a large stock of automobile books. Domestic and foreign car books, periodicals, manuals and catalogs." Open 10:30-23. Open through year. [08/07] The Sanyodo near Aikan-Umetsubo Station has no foreign books. [08/07] ============================================================================ Nagoya NTT long-distance area code: Nagoya 052. Nagoya Station: -------------- JR/Kintetsu/Meitetsu Nagoya Station and the surrounding region is locally known as 'Meieki'. Sanseido Nagoya Takashimaya (1-1-4 Meieki 450_6004; 11F JR Nagoya Takashimaya. 566-8877, Fax 586-5717, HQ Tokyo) "Total 400,000 books. Large foreign section includes art, math, physics, economics, linguistics and psychology. Sanseido plans to open a larger store in a nearby building, with 1 million books around 2016." Open 10-20. Closed irr. Junkudo Nagoya (23-25-9 Meieki; 1F Horiuchi Bldg. on Sakura-dori, third block east of station. From underground Unimall use exit 6. 589-6321, Fax 589-6322; HQ Kobe) "Opened fall '03. Large, but somewhat small for a Junkudo. Smaller than the Loft store. (See below.)" Open 10-21. Sanseido Nagoya Termina closed '10. Sakae and Ohsu: -------------- The city center Sakae is two stations from Nagoya Station by Subway Higashiyama Line. Book Off Super Bazaar Sakae Skyle (3-4-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460_0008; 8F Sakae Skyle. Building connected with Maruei and adjacent to Mitsukoshi. From Subway Sakae Stn. take underground corridor southwest to entrance near Sakae-chika Crystal Square. Use underground entrance after 8PM. 238-3361) "Used books. Largest used books store in central Nagoya. Foreign section small: about 1 small shelf." Open 10-21. [01/13] Maruzen Nagoya Sakae (6F&7F Maruei Dept. Store 3-3-1 Sakae 460_8674; Subway Sakae. Accessible from underground corridor, entrance west of Crystal Square. 261-2251, Fax 238-3150; HQ Tokyo) "Large store. Good for technical books. Quite large foreign section has most new titles in Nagoya: magazines, fiction and non-fiction, classics, books on Japan, picture books, life-style and art. Also some French and German books. Opened Sept '12 as a replacement of old Maruzen Sakae store on adjacent block on the west. Unlike the old store, no imported math, science or computer books." Open 10-19. [01/13] Junkudo Loft Nagoya (B1F&7F Nadia Park, 3-18-1 Sakae; Three blocks south of Maruei, west of Matsuzakaya. Inside Nadia Park use the elevators in the Loft section. 249-5592, Fax 249-5593; HQ Kobe) "Opened 2009. 2000 square meters, 560,000 books. Larger than the Junkudo near the station. Science section has imported math and science titles. Other foreign books (contemporary novels, non-fiction, classics, books on Japan, ELT) basement." Open 10:30-20. Closed around the New Year. [01/10] Nagoya Parco Libro & Yosho Logos (3-29-1 Sakae; 4F Nagoya Parco east tower. East of Nadia Park. 264-8526; HQ Tokyo) "Bookstore in stylish mall. Many imported art volumes and some life-style books in the 'Yosho Logos' section. Ordinary literature in the general 'Libro' section, near the dictionaries: only one small shelf." Open 10-21. [01/10] Mondo Books (2-4-6 Kamimaezu, Naka-ku 460_0013; On Ohsu-dori, west of Kamimaezu Station Exit 3. 2nd floor of building beside Nagoya Bank. Walking distance from Sakae: from Parco go south on the street outside the west exit. Visit website for map. Phone/Fax 331-3799; "Used foreign books. Mostly paperback fiction. Also has books on Japan, non-fiction, computer books. Some Spanish books and perhaps books in some other languages. Opened August '09. Moved to current location and expanded March '11. Staff speaks English, French and Spanish." Open 11-20. Closed Tue. [01/13] Kinokuniya Loft Nagoya closed Sept. '06. Another branch which opened in Meitetsu Dept. Store March '07 closed March '11. Sakae Book Sellers (Mana House) closed Fall '08. Asahiya Nagoya (Lachic) closed Jan. '12. Other Areas: -------------- Book Off Super Bazaar in Minato-ku (Port District, near Aonami Line Inaei) has the most used books in Nagoya. It also sells new titles in a section run by subsidiary Ryusui Books. Few foreign books. [01/10] Book Rack of Hikiyama (used foreign books) closed '03. The Maruzen in Central Japan International Airport closed March '10. "Nagoya is the central city of the greatest industrial region in Japan. The Zero Fighter was born here. All effort goes into production. Life here is considered Spartan by even Japanese standards. The two million strong inhabitants of the city have a strong agrarian collective mentality. Nagoya is described as 'The Grand Rural Settling'. Consumption is generally frowned upon. But on the other hand, the people of Aichi are known for their rare, intense, uncontrollable spending sprees. In the extreme case literature is considered a potential contaminant to the work ethos. The Aichi Board of Education is notorious for its determined efforts to keep undesirable literature out of school libraries. If you want to understand the mentality of the people here, open the pages of 'Doctor Slump Arare-chan' by Akira Toriyama, a manga comic about a handyman of a bucolic village who tries to invent his own household maid but instead gets a violent kid robot who throws cars over the moon." "If you come to Nagoya, set a day for visiting Meiji-Mura, the Japanese equivalent of Greenfield Village, Detroit. The former residences of Souseki Natsume, Ougai Mori, Takuboku Ishikawa are on display here." ============================================================================ Gifu Meitetsu-Gifu Terminal is 1 minute north of JR Gifu Station. All stores except Garakuta Shobo on street which goes north from Meitetsu-Gifu Terminal. Stores aligned south to north. NTT long-distance area code: Gifu-shi 058. Garakuta Shobo (5-7-3 Kanda-machi 500_8833; Tetsumeicho Intersection. Turn east at Melsa. 265-3055) "Used books. Very few foreign." Open 10-22. Closed Thu. Book World Okamoto (5-4 Kanda-machi; Opposing Melsa. 16 Bank cash dispensers on 1F. About 10 minutes from Meitetsu-Gifu Terminal. Phone/Fax 262-5378) "Used books. Good academic collection. Some foreign books." Jiyuu Shobo (4-9 Kanda-machi; 2 minutes north of Okamoto, same side of street. 265-4301) "Largest bookstore in downtown Gifu. Several shelves foreign books on street side of 2F." ============================================================================ Yokkaichi NTT long-distance area code: Yokkaichi 0593. Miyawaki Shoten (1-3-31 Yasujima, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie-ken 510_0075; 4F LaLasquare Yokkaichi, above Apita, west side of Kintetsu Yokkaichi. HQ Takamatsu) "One large floor. Wide selection but few foreign books." Open 10-21. [01/13] Hakuyo Shosekikan (1-10-3 Shibata, Yokkaichi-shi 510_0822; Several blocks west of LaLasquare, beyond Cultural Hall. About 15 minutes from Kintetsu Yokkaichi by foot. 54-0171, Fax 53-5937) "Good technical section 2F. Few foreign books. (The large store in Suwa-Sakae-cho arcade closed Summer 2005.) Regional chain with several stores in Mie-ken. But no designated section for regional publications in this store." Open 10-midnight. [01/13] Merry-Go-Round (3-9-6 Matsumoto, Yokkaichi-shi 510_0836; 1 minute from Kintetsu Yunoyama Line Ise-Matsumoto Stn. Building with T-shaped chimney visible from station platform. 351-8226, Fax 351-3472; "Picture books, books for young readers and books on education for parents. A handful of imported picture books. Also toys and hot drinks." Open 10-19. Closed Tue. [01/13] ============================================================================ Copyright Notice Information contained in this FAQ is compiled from many sources. The compiler accepts no responsibility for the comments contained herein. The comments are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided within them. 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