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Last Change: 2 Nov 2011 Note: the Tokyo area comes in four files: (1) Jimbocho and Hongo (this file) (2) Central Tokyo (inside Yamanote Line, excluding (1)) (3) Western Tokyo Suburbs, Saitama, Kawasaki and Yokohama (4) Eastern Tokyo Suburbs and Tsukuba A common subject index is on the end of the Central Tokyo file. ============================================================================ Districts in this file: Jimbocho, Iidabashi and Otemachi Ochanomizu Hongo and Hakusan -------------- Other Tokyo districts Subject Index, Tokyo area -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ General notes on address, phone conventions, hours, etc. in Japan Looking for bargains? Buying books in Japan Insights of the trade: Publishing books in Japan Other sources and reference material on bookstores in Japan Glossary of Japanese publishing terms Acknowledgements ============================================================================ Jimbocho, Iidabashi and Otemachi: -------------- Jimbocho (pronounced "Jimbouchoh") to books is Akihabara to electronic gizmos. Truly a bookworm's paradise. Located in the heart of Tokyo's traditional educational district, it is the largest book market in the world. Many publishers have editorial offices in this area. Suburban exodus of major universities, greater availability of new books and land inflation have claimed many used book sellers. Although new market fields are being pioneered, many a determined merchant that has survived the waves confesses that his is going to be the last generation to hold onto the business. Transportation to Jimbocho: -------------- Most bookstores of the area are on the south side of Yasukuni-dori around Subway Jimbocho, a three-line junction in the middle of the subway map. Jimbocho Exits A1 & A2 are near Sendaimae Intersection, A3-A7 circle Jimbocho Intersection. 6 or so stations in the vicinity are within walking distance. Subway Kudanshita: Walk east (beyond the highway) 6 minutes from Exit 6 to Bookseller Row. Subway Ogawamachi, Shin-Ochanomizu, Awajicho: These three stations are linked underground. Walk west (toward Victoria) along Yasukuni-dori from Exit B5 or B7 at Ogawamachi Intersection. 6 minutes to Bookseller Row once above ground. JR Suidobashi (yellow trains only): Directly north of Jimbocho. The street in front of the West Exit leads to Sendaimae Intersection. Hakusan-dori, by the East Exit, leads to Jimbocho Intersection (and has more bookstores). 10 minutes by foot either way. Few take the subway beneath Hakusan-dori. JR Ochanomizu (rapid stop/junction): The wide avenue in front of the West Exit, Meidai-dori leads south to Surugadai-shita Intersection. 10 minutes by foot. JR Kanda: Far from Jimbocho. At least 20 minutes by foot. Transfer from JR to Subway Shinjuku Line is convenient at Ichigaya. Coming from south, transfer from JR to Subway Mita Line is convenient at Mita Junction, across the street from JR Tamachi Station. Several bus routes serve Yasukuni-dori east of Surugadai-shita but almost everybody uses the Subway Shinjuku Line beneath. Drivers avoid this congested artery whenever possible. -------------- All stores in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03. -------------- Vicinity of Ichigaya Station: -------------- Roppon-Ashi Entomological Books (Sanbancho MY building, 24-3 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, 102_0075; From JR Ichigaya take Yasukuni-dori east, pass post office and turn right (south) at corner with coffee shop. Nearby is Otsuma Women's Univ. From Jimbocho take Yasukuni-dori west and proceed to end of Yasukuni Shrine. Fax: 5213-1600, "Deals exclusively in books about insects and equipment for studying insects. Some foreign books." Open 13-17:30, -17 Wed. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Stores in vicinity of JR Iidabashi and Suidobashi Stations: -------------- Nellie's English Bookstore (1F Kenkyusha Fujimi Bldg. 2-11-3 Fujimi 102_0071; From JR Iidabashi West Exit go south on Waseda-dori. About 5 minutes. Subway Tozai Line Exit A4, other subway lines Exit B2a. Website has map:, Phone/Fax 5275-6766) "English-language teaching material. Moved from Asakusabashi Sept. '11." Open 10-18. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Omeisha, Librairie d'Expression Francaise (2-3-4 Fujimi 102_0071; From JR Iidabashi West Exit, go south (left), turn left at the 2nd intersection (toward shrine), another left at the next intersection. 3262-7276, Fax 3230-2517; "French literature and language texts & guides, newspapers and magazines. With books on Japan & Japanese literature in French, cookbooks, cinema and travel guides, has more variety than France Tosho, Shinjuku." Open 9:30-17:50, -16:30 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. (Pronounced "Oumeisha".) [Branches in Institut F-J (Nichi-Futsu Gakuin) (Librairie Rive Gauche 3267-1280) and Athene Francais (tiny. 3291-5044)] Koma Shorin (3-4-8 Misaki-cho 101_0061; 40 meters south (toward Sendaimae Intersection) of JR Suidobashi West Exit. Corner of block, Seven-Eleven on the other side of street. 3262-6801, Fax 3262-6878; "Korean-language books. Strong in history, language, almanacs and statistics. Some pop culture and books for children. Some Japanese literature in Korean. Website has list of public libraries in Japan which lend Korean books." Open: 9-18, -15 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. Nagatoya Shobo, specialist of almanacs, trade journals & directories closed around 2010. Asahiya Suidobashi closed June '08. Kinka-dori, 2 streets or so east of Hakusan-dori, N-S: -------------- Nauka (1-34 Kanda-Jimbocho; Behind clock store between post office and Sanchuudo. Moved '02. 3219-0155, Fax 3219-0158; "Medium shop, specialist of Russian books. From dictionaries, literature, Marxist theory, state statistics to math and physics. Went bankrupt Jul '06, reopened Feb '07. Also has a stock of English-language academic books." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Sanchuudo (1-22-9 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3F NT Bldg. On west side of corner with street leading uphill toward elementary school. 3294-1331, Fax 3294-1332) "Korean-language books and books about Korea in Japanese. Staff Korean. Moved here from Asagaya, Suginami-ku." Open 11-19. Closed Sun, Hol, around the New Year. [02/10] Between Ogawamachi Intersection and Surugadai-shita Intersection, E-W: Postal code for Kanda-Ogawamachi: 101_0052 -------------- Genkido Shoten (3-1 Kanda-Ogawamachi; Halfway between Ogawamachi and Surugadai-shita. 3291-5081, Fax 3291-4155) "Used bookstore selling imported art volumes. Also known as 'Book Brother Genkido.'" Open 10:30-19. Closed Sun. Subun-so Bookstore (3-3 Kanda-Ogawamachi; Near Surugadai-shita Intersection. 3292-7877, Fax 3292-7878; "Foreign books on 2 floors. Classics in social studies and English literature. Strong in economics but no recent titles. Philosophy selection includes Greek & Latin classics. Large stock of complete works by author." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Book Brother Takeuchi Shoten closed Apr '05. South of Surugadai-shita Intersection, Chiyoda-dori N-S: Postal code for Kanda-Jimbocho: 101_0051 -------------- Nanyodo (1-21 Kanda-Jimbocho; West side of Chiyoda-dori. 3291-1338, Fax 3291-1340; "Architecture. Many imported titles." Open 10-19. Closed Sun, Hol. Kokusai Shobo (3-5 Kanda-Ogawamachi; East side of Chiyoda-dori. 3292-4951, Fax 3291-1171; "Small shop selling law books from US, UK, France, Germany and China." Open 10-Noon, 13-17. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Hakusan-dori N-S and street north of Yasukuni-dori E-W: -------------- Okuno Karuta (2-26 Kanda-Jimbocho; Shortly north of Yu-ai on west side of Hakusan-dori. 3264-8031, Fax 3230-1512; "Toy store selling shogi, chess boards and playing cards, 'karuta' being the traditional Japanese reading of Spanish 'carta'. Interesting are the traditional Japanese card games. Tiny book section has a few books on go, etc. Small museum 2F: free admission." Open 11-18, Noon-17 Sun, Hol. Closed 2nd, 3rd Sun monthly. [02/10] Yu-Ai Shobo (1-44 Kanda-Jimbocho; East side of Hakusan-dori. Slightly south of Okuno Karuta, other side of street. 5 minutes from Jimbocho Exit A5. 3291-6327, Fax 3296-0405) "Christian books. About 1/4 English. As a general rule, does not ship overseas, unless the money transaction can be conducted in Japan." Open 10-18, -20 Wed. Closed Sun, 1st Mon & Tue monthly. Akashiya Shoten (1-8 Kanda-Jimbocho; From Jimbocho Intersection, go north on Hakusan-dori a bit and turn east at second street: a long westbound one-way. Jimbocho Exit A5. Phone 3219-4755, Fax 3219-4758) "Best collection in Tokyo of used go and shogi books. Some used chess books. A typical shogi tactic book costs 1500 yen here. English chess books are even more expensive. Nakano (Nogata) store closed. Open 11-20, -19 Sun, Hol. Tsushido Books (2-2 Kanda-Jimbocho; Street north of Yasukuni-dori. West of Jimbocho Intersection. Around the corner on the same block is following Chuka Shoten. 3512-5637, Fax 3512-5638) "Academic. Small shop. Specialist of Asian history. Most books about China, some from Mainland China." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol. [02/10] Chuka Shoten (Zhonghua Shudian) (2-2-31 Kanda-Jimbocho; From Subway Jimbocho Exit A3, walk west along north side of Yasukuni-dori and turn right at Chinese restaurant with willow tree in front. 3515-6662, Fax 3515-6669; "Chinese books. Academic selection, strong in history, literature. Also sells calligraphy goods. Moved out of J-C Friendship Center, Iidabashi Aug '01. Moved again to current location Sept '11." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol, Mid Aug, Dec 29 to Jan 4. Ryogen Shoten (1-12 Kanda-Jimbocho; On north side of street on block south of Senshu Univ. West of Tsushido. 6272-6145, Fax 6272-6146) "Chinese books and books about China in Japanese. History, literature, philosophy. Strong in traditional medicine." Open 10-18. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol, around the Western New Year. Kaifu Shoten (Koujudo) closed store. Now does online sales from Tateyama, Chiba. Between Surugadai-shita Intersection and Jimbocho Intersection, E-W: -------------- Tokyo Random Walk (former Charles E. Tuttle) closed Feb. '06. Random Walk Roppongi and Akasaka closed during '07. Shosen Bookmart (1-21-6 Kanda-Jimbocho; On the corner of Surugadai-shita Intersection. 3294-0011) "Less serious titles than Shosen Grande. No English books. Large collection of doujinhsi (minor manga publications)." Oshima Book Store (1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho; East end of block with Sanseido. Phone/Fax 3291-3559) "Small shop, 3/4 foreign books, mostly English, but also some German. Relocated April '01. One of the larger used paperback collections in Tokyo. Penguin classics and recent thrillers 200-450 yen. Books may not be in good condition but the low prices are without match in Jimbocho. Also history, cultural studies and a handful of math & science books." Open 10:30-18:30. Closed Sun, Hol. [02/10] Sanseido Jimbocho Main Store (1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho; On corner of Surugadai-shita Intersection. About 4 minutes from Jimbocho Exit A5/7; 10 minutes from JR Ochanomizu. 3233-3312, 3293-8119 (foreign books), Fax 3291-3033) "With 1,200,000 books, largest bookstore in Jimbocho. Bright, well organized and neatly stocks books of every field. Particularly well represented are the major, prestigious publishers. Promotional fairs frequently held. Also a publisher of dictionaries and educational material. Corner on 6F selling official textbooks in use in Japanese schools is well known. Has foreign book corner on 5F, which has a bit of everything but small in scale compared to those of Junkudo Ikebukuro, Kinokuniya Shinjuku South, Maruzen Marunouchi Main, or Yaesu Book Center. Linguistics is a strong point (3F). Head of nationwide chain. About 30 stores around Japan. US branches: Costa Mesa CA, Torrance CA, San Diego, Chicago and Edgewater NJ. 'San-Sei' means 'three (daily) self-reflections' (Analects 1:4) " Open 10-20. Ohya Shobo (1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3291-0062, Fax 3295-2334; "Old and rare books, maps and ukiyoe prints from the Edo Period. Established 1882." Open 10-18. Closed on Sun & irr. Hol (please call). Shosen Grande (1-3-2 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3rd block east from Jimbocho Intersection. 3295-0011, Fax 3295-0019) "Giant of Jimbocho. More vigorous and rather untidy compared to Sanseido. By far the most manic of the major bookstores in Japan. The collection has incredible depth and many books from smaller publishers appear. Few or no foreign books. Particularly interesting is the railway floor (6F), where periodicals of enthusiast clubs around Japan can be found. Probably the only store in the world which maintains a monthly bestselling railway book list." Open 10-20, -19 Sun, Hol. Closed irr. Mon. Tamura Shoten (1-7 Kanda-Jimbocho; 5577-4226, Fax 3259-0039; "Used bookstore. Foreign books on 2F. Known for its collection of French and German literature. Some imported cookbooks. The place is in disarray and it is hard to distinguish books for sale from those not for sale. Visit website for hours." Sugamura Shoten (1-7 Kanda-Jimbocho; South side of Yasukuni-dori, in white bldg. between Ganshodo and Games Workshop. Books not visible from the sidewalk. Look for colorful electronic sign. Phone/Fax 5281-2877; "Transportation. Automobiles, trains, ships and airplanes. Many foreign books." Open 11-19, Noon-18 Sun, Hol. Closed Tue. [02/10] The Isseido Booksellers (1-7 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3292-0071, Fax 3292-0095; "Foreign books section on 2F is a unique collection of old studies of Japan, Asia, Buddhism, titles on fine arts and travel dialogues. Interesting mountaineering selection." Open 10-18:30, 10:30-18 Hol. Closed Sun. Meirinkan (1-9 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3294-0446, Fax 3294-0447; "Used bookstore known as best in Jimbocho for science books. Many math and physics books in English. Inquiries by fax and e-mail accepted." Open 10:30-18:30, 11:30-18 Hol. Closed Sun. [02/10] Takaoka Shoten (1-9 Kanda-Jimbocho; On first block east of Jimbocho Intersection. Jimbocho Exit A7.) Manga comics. Matsumura & Co. (art) closed around '06. Between Jimbocho Intersection and Sendai-mae Intersection, E-W: -------------- Iwanami Book Service Center (2-3 Kanda-Jimbocho; Jimbocho Exit A6. 3263-6601) "Books from the prominent publisher of academic books. Famous are the humanity titles." Miwa Shobo (2-3 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101_0051; 5F Kanda Kosho Center, Phone/Fax 3261-2348; "Children's books. Some foreign picture books." Open 10-18:30, 11-17:30 Sun, Hol. Closed 1st, 3rd Sun monthly, every Sun Aug. [02/10] Hara Shobo (2-3 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3261-7444, 5212-7801 (Ukiyoe), Fax 3230-1158; "Eastern fortune-telling 1F. Ukiyoe collection on 2F. See website for hours." Bunkado (2-3-12 Kanda-Jimbocho; Turn south at corner with barber's post. Phone/Fax 3262-0422) "Specialist of military studies. Most books about campaigns since Sino-Japanese War (1894-95). Some foreign volumes." Open 10-18:30, 10:30-17 Hol. Closed Sun. Koga Shoten (2-5 Kanda-Jimbocho; Phone/Fax 3261-1239) "Used books about music and scores." Open 10:30-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Kitazawa Bookstore (2-5 Kanda-Jimbocho; On south side of Yasukuni-dori, 3rd block west from Jimbocho Intersection. To the east (right) of Jimbocho Exit A1. 2F of building with pillars, above Book House Jimbocho. 3263-0011, Fax 3263-0015; "Established 1902. Used to be the biggest bookstore specializing in foreign books in Japan, but now, due to retrenching, much smaller than the former self. 1F sells Japanese books. Foreign books 2F. Strong in literature, philosophy and social studies, especially history, anthropology and international relations. Now sells imported picture books. Staff helpful and well informed." Open 11-18:30, Noon-17:30 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. [10/09] Ogawa Tosho (2-7 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3262-0908, Fax 3264-0734; "Antiquarian bookstore. English literature and philology, Japanology. About half of collection English. Also vintage foreign magazines, sold in independent shop named 'Dante' till Jan '01." [03/09] Yamamoto Shoten (2-7 Kanda-Jimbocho; Next by Jimbocho Exit A1. 3261-0847, Fax 3261-6276) "Studies on China and imported Chinese classics. Best place in Jimbocho for original texts from the Imperial ages. Also sells Chinese classics printed in Japan, known as Wakoku-kanseki." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Bondi Books closed around Nov '11. Online sales: Suzuran-dori and Sakura-dori, a couple streets south of Yasukuni-dori, E-W: -------------- Tokyodo (1-17 Kanda-Jimbocho; On Suzuran-dori. On block south of Shosen Grande. 3291-5181) "Large general bookstore but smaller than Shosen Grande. Favorite of bibliophiles: rich selection, competent clerks, 'not too crowded'. Strong in literature. 4F now closed. No foreign book section." Open 10-19. Closed Thu during Aug, Sep, Oct. Toho Shoten (Dongfang Shudian) (1-3 Kanda-Jimbocho; Faces Tokyodo. 3294-1001, Fax 3294-1003; "20,000 Books in Chinese and 15,000 books about China in Japanese. Most imports from Mainland China. Run by renowned publisher of language texts, dictionaries and cultural studies of China. They also handle Japanese editions of PEOPLE'S CHINA and CHINA PICTORIAL." Open 10-19, 12-18 Sun. Usually closed Hol. Hotaka Book Co. (1-15 Kanda-Jimbocho; Turn south at corner east of Uchiyama Shoten. 4F of building with 'Interior Sugahara'. 3233-0331, Fax 3233-0332; "Agent that imports books and magazines from niche regions others miss: the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, smaller European countries and Africa. Deals mostly with colleges and libraries, but prices are reasonable. The store is an office with several metal shelves holding dictionaries, picture books, art books, etc." Uchiyama Shoten (Neishan Shudian) (1-15 Kanda-Jimbocho; On Suzuran-dori, somewhat west of Tokyodo. 3294-0671, Fax 3294-0417; "Chinese-language books and books about China in Japanese. Everything from travel guides, Mao biographies, language texts, history, philosophy, poetry, world literature in Chinese, calligraphy to movie magazines. Also sells CD records, videos and software. Founder Kanzo Uchiyama had a store in Shanghai (see Asia file) and was close to Chinese novelist Lu Xun (Japanese Ro Jin)." Open 10-19, Noon-18 Sun, Hol. Asia Bunko (1-15 Kanda-Jimbocho; 3F Uchiyama Shoten Bldg. 3294-0671, Fax 3294-0417; "Books about Korea, Southeast Asia and India. About 80% Japanese. Some English, Tagalog, Indonesian and Thai. Merged and became a division of Uchiyama Shoten '10." Open 10-19, Noon-18 Sun, Hol. Closed around the New Year. Italia Shobo (2-23 Kanda-Jimbocho; On corner of Kijibashi-dori and Sakura-dori, 3rd block south of Sendaimae Intersection. 2-3 minutes from Jimbocho Exit A1. 3262-1656, Fax 3234-6469;) "Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Central & South American books." Open 10-18. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Shoshi Access closed Nov '07. Second street south of Suzuran-dori, E-W: (This street is an eastbound one-way.) -------------- Youtou Shobo (1-25 Kanda-Jimbocho; On north side of street two blocks south of Tokyodo. Faces coffee shop. Phone/Fax 3518-2950) "SF, fantasy, mystery. Some imported books." Open 11-19, -18 Sun. Closed Tue. Biblio (1-25 Kanda-Jimbocho; West of Youtou Shobo, on corner of block. Phone/Fax 3295-6088; "Sports. Some imported books." [A 1995 map lists a "Yosho Biblio", importer of books from Asia and Africa, in Misaki-cho. Apparently no relation.] Open 11-19. Closed Sun. [02/10] Rainbow Trading Co. closed shop and moved to Kochi '10. Does most of its business online. Nishikicho and Otemachi: -------------- Ato Shoten (Yadong Shudian) (1-4 Kanda-Nishikicho 101_0054; Between Tokyo Denki Univ. campus and Mitoshirocho Intersection. 5 minutes from Subway Ogawamachi Exit B7. 10 minutes from JR Kanda North Exit. Phone/Fax 3291-9731; "Books from Mainland China. Great variety, well organized." Open 10:30-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Seifu Kankoubutsu Service Center (1-3-6 Otemachi 100_0004; 1 minute from Subway Takebashi Exit 4; 5 minutes west of Subway Otemachi C2. Be sure to use listed exits. 12 minutes by foot from Sanseido, to the south. 3211-7786, Fax 3211-7788) "Periodicals, surveys, official reports from the Japanese government. Probably all in Japanese. (Relocated, now on west side of block.)" Open 9:30-17:30. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol, around the New Year. Maruzen Marunouchi Main (1-6-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku 100_0005; 1F-4F Marunouchi OAZO. No subway course is perfect between Jimbocho and Marunouchi. 5288-8881, Fax 5288-8892; See entry in Marunouchi, Yaesu and Nihombashi, central Tokyo file. Ryusui Bookstore in Palaceside Bldg. (Takebashi) closed '11. "Restaurants in Jimbocho may be untidy but generally serve good cheap food. In the early 1900s, the area had dormitories for students from China. A cook from Shanghai opened Kanyourou (Han Yang Lou) restaurant in 1911. Among the patrons was Zhou En Lai (Japanese Shuu On Rai)." "A bookstore owner who observed students becoming more and more interested in leisure rather than study turned his store into a sporting good shop. Many other dealers followed suit." "Up the slope of Kudan is the Yasukuni Shrine. The black torii gates are visible from Sendaimae Intersection. Inside is a war museum." ============================================================================ Ochanomizu: -------------- CLC Books (2-1 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101_0062; On west side of wide street (Meidai-dori), 1 minute from JR Ochanomizu West Exit. OCC Bldg, Above McDonald's. 3294-0776, Fax 3294-0338; "Tokyo bridgehead of the Christian Literature Crusade ( Japanese books 2F, foreign books 3F: mostly English but also some Spanish, Greek and Latin; the Bible in several languages." Open 10-19, -18 Hol. Closed Sun. Maruzen Ochanomizu (2-8 Kanda-Surugadai; 1 street south of JR Ochanomizu. East Exit convenient. 3295-5581, Fax 3295-6036) "Large general bookstore. Modest foreign collection. Only of local interest for Maruzen Marunouchi Main is only two stops from here by JR Chuo Line." Open 10-20, -19 Sun, Hol. ============================================================================ Hongo: -------------- Most stores lie on the west side of Hongo-dori between Subway Hongo-Sanchome and Todai-mae. Tokyo University gates are about 10 minutes from Mita Line Kasuga, Chiyoda Line Yushima; 15 minutes from JR Ochanomizu, Okachimachi. The discourse in the books here tends to be vastly elevated. Stores aligned north to south along Hongo-dori, then west to east along Kasuga-dori. All stores in Bunkyo-ku. Postal codes: Hongo 113_0033, Yushima 113_0034. Kimura Shoten (5-30-14 Hongo; 2 minutes west on street beside Hongo (Main) Post Office. 3811-3069, Fax 3811-3590) "Old science books, much foreign. Biology, medical science and history of science. Small shop." Ikubundo (5-30-21 Hongo; Building with large pillars on block south of Hongo Post Office. 3814-5571, Fax 3814-5576; "Publisher of textbooks and dictionaries. Office on 1F, showroom on 2F. German-language books." Yurinsha (5-28-1 Hongo; Near red gates of Tokyo University Hongo Campus. Sign outside building. 050-5526-0893, Fax 03-3814-1156; "One of the very few bookstores in the world that sells only math books. The selection is fantastic, but the prices are extremely high. No books in Japanese." Hara Shoten (5-28-1 Hongo; 3811-6091, Fax 3811-6090) "Social studies. Small collection, all books imported." Taizando Shoten (5-26-6 Hongo; Hongo-dori. 3811-5903, Fax 3811-5916; "Philosophy. Some foreign books." Open 10-19. Closed Sun. Arcadia Shobo (5-23-3 Hongo; On a side street, a bit west of Hongo-dori, south of Taizando. Phone/Fax 3812-3292) "Small shop. Literature and art criticism. Some imported titles." Rinrokaku (7-2-4 Hongo; Kasuga-dori, between large intersection and fire station. 3811-6555, Fax 3818-2803; "Academic studies of China. About a half imported. Some studies in English, probably best place in Tokyo for such books. I bought an English translation of THE HOUSE OF CONFUCIUS by Kong De Mao here. Not the place for conversation texts or cookbooks. Established 1875." Open 9:30-18:30. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Mathematica (4-1-22 Yushima; South of Tokyo University Hongo Campus. Turn north at police station from Kasuga-dori. 3816-3724, Fax 3816-3717; "Another specialist of imported math books. The selection is fantastic, but the prices are extremely high." Open 9:30-17:30. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Wadatsumi-kai Memorial Hall exhibits letters, diary entries and artifacts of conscripted Japanese (and some Korean) students who died in WW2. It is run by a pacifist organization dedicated to preserving earnest voices, as opposed to those produced by state indoctrination. The English-language version of their book LISTEN TO THE VOICES OF THE SEA should be available here. (1F Akamon Abitashion, 5-29-13 Hongo 113_0033; Two blocks south of Hongo Post Office, in a building off the main street. Phone/Fax 03-3815-8071. Check map and hours before visiting.) "Close by is Yushima Tenjin Shrine, believed to improve one's learning capacities. Many Japanese students pay tribute to a local Tenjin-sama of the nationwide Tenmangu Shrine network before the important examinations that divide life's winners and losers. The champions are those accepted into Tokyo University." "The scholars of Tokyo University have a reputation for spending huge amounts of public funds for books they hoard. This explains the high prices." Hakusan: -------------- Korea Book Center (4-33-14 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku 112_8603; 3 minutes from Subway Hakusan Exit A1. West side of Hakusan-dori. Also walking distance from Subway Hon-Komagome (ask for directions for Hakusan). 6820-0111, Fax 3813-7522; "Korean books. Handles books from both North and South Korea. About 1/4 Japanese books about Korea. Some CDs and videos." Open 13-17. 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