Bookstores in Japan

Northern Japan (north of Tokyo)

Last Change: 11 Feb 2018 ============================================================================ Note 1: The earthquake and tsunami of March 11 2011, and subsequent fuel and electricity shortages caused disruptions in the Tohoku region. According to websites, all stores listed were back to normal business by November. Junkudo Sendai Main reopened in November '11, but closed for good October '14. Note 2: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] or [YYYY] format. [~2002] means latest visit was before December 2002. ============================================================================ Cities listed in this file: Kitami Kushiro Obihiro Asahikawa Sapporo Otaru Chitose Hakodate Aomori Hirosaki Morioka Kitakami Ichinoseki Sendai Akita Yamagata Iwaki Fukushima Koriyama Tadami Utsunomiya Maebashi, Takasaki, Kiryu and Oizumi Note: Hitachi City and Mito are in the Tsukuba/Eastern Tokyo file. -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ General notes on address, phone conventions, hours, etc. in Japan Looking for bargains? Buying books in Japan Insights of the trade: Publishing books in Japan Other sources and reference material on bookstores in Japan Glossary of Japanese publishing terms Acknowledgements ============================================================================ Kitami NTT long-distance area code: Kitami 0157. Fukumura Shoten, largest bookstore in region, went out of business June '11. Coach & Four opened a large store October '11. [521 Namiki-cho, Kitami; On route 39.] ============================================================================ Kushiro NTT long-distance area code: Kushiro 0154. Houbundo (8-1 Kita-Odori, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido 085_0015; South side of station, east side of wide street. Phone/Fax 31-4880, 22-4465 (main store)) "Used books. Regional industries (mining, fishing railroad), wildlife, art. Jazz and classic records. Great place for books on Takuboku. Very few foreign books. Well organized." [2004] Coach & Four Kushiro (7-1-24 Harutori 096_0813; Near Harutori Park & Ice Arena. 46-7777; "500,000 books. Orders, including foreign books, accepted through e-mail." [Not visited] Yamashita Shoten closed Aug. '07. ============================================================================ Obihiro NTT long-distance area code: Obihiro 0155. Miyawaki Shoten (2 W8S17 Obihiro-shi 080_0018; Walk down Koen-dori about 15 minutes south of JR Obihiro and turn right. Building with high ceiling; used to be a bowling alley. 20-6211; HQ Takamatsu) "Was largest bookstore in region until Kikuya opened. One shelf foreign books." [2006] Open 10-22. Kikuya Nagasakiya Obihiro (W4S12 Obihiro-shi 080_0014; Inside Nagasaki-ya, south side of station. 21-7782) "Opened '07. Largest in region. 500,000 books." Open 10-21. [Not visited] Shun'youdo closed shop July '09 and moved to Otofuke. Continues sales online. ============================================================================ Asahikawa Central Asahikawa is based on a lattice plan and lies between Ishikari River and the JR tracks. The central axis is Heiwa-dori-kaimono-koen (shopping park): Japan's first permanent pedestrian-only avenue. NTT long-distance area code: Asahikawa 0166. Coach & Four Asahikawa (2-4-1 Miyamae 1-jo Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido 078_8391; In Kitasaito Asahikawa, 10 minutes from Asahikawa Station by foot, to the west. 76-4000; "Opened September 2010. Very large store." [Not visited] Junkudo Asahikawa (8-108 1-jo-dori 070_0031, 1F-5F Feeal Asahikawa. 26-1120, Fax 26-1180; HQ Kobe) "Opened June '11. Largest in Asahikawa. Few or no foreign books." Open 10-19:30. Closed Jan 1. [Not visited] Fukido Main Store closed '08. Fukido Mega (which opened in '96) closed Jan. '11. Book Big Box closed Sept. '10. Sanseido Asahikawa closed Sept. '16. ============================================================================ Sapporo Sapporo, final destination of Japanese pioneers, is laid out under an organized plan like most Hokkaido cities. In the center is Odori (Grand Boulevard), a park that serves as a fire belt. Avenues running E-W are called Jo and numbered from Odori, headed with either Kita (for North) or Minami (South). N-S avenues are usually called Chome-dori. Chome numbers are headed with either Higashi (East) or Nishi (West) counting from Sosei-gawa-dori. The N/S - E/W convention often used in foreign correspondence is followed here. Major intersections have signs with addresses translated into English but visitors are recommended to learn the Japanese. NTT long-distance area code: Sapporo 011. Hokkaido University JR Sapporo Terminal Odori District Naebo Shiroishi-ku Toyohira-ku Hokkaido University: -------------- Stores in Hokkaido University vicinity aligned from north to south. Hokutendo Kita-Juhachijo (N18W3 Kita-ku 001_0018; 1 minute from Subway Kita-Juhachijo (N18) Station. On north side of street heading east from intersection with subway exit. 716-5113) "Used bookstore with good collection in a variety of fields from science readings to aircraft magazines. Strong in literature. Histories of Hokkaido communities along the back end. No foreign books." Open 11-19. Closed Wed. [~2002] Konando (N12W4 Kita-ku 001_0012; On Hokudai-dori, one street west of avenue above Subway Kita-Junijo (N12) Station. Near Hokkaido University gates. 716-9429, Fax 716-1410;, "Impressive collection of serious academic titles, all used. Mostly college textbooks and cornerstone studies that have become classics. Law, history, science and literature are among the fields well represented. Also has collection of Hokkaido town and village histories. Few if any foreign books." [~2002] Kitajunijo Shoten (N12W4 Kita-ku 001_0012; On Hokudai-dori, a bit south of Konando. 717-7779, "A discount used book store. Collection not much different from a modest general bookstore. Mostly recent titles. Lots of literature. Maybe some foreign books." Open 10-22. [~2002] "Hokkaido University's Faculty of Literature leads studies of poet Takuboku Ishikawa. Students started with a calendar and worked to fill in the events of each day of his life." "'Boys be ambitious!' - parting words of Professor William Clark (1826-86), who came from Massachusetts to teach in the Sapporo School of Agriculture, is one of the few lines most Japanese learn by heart and understand in English. Clark was first at a lost: He could not speak Japanese, nor could his students understand much English. Somehow, they managed to get a school in order and Clark succeeded in leaving a lasting impression in Japanese education although his stay was less than a year. Unfortunately the used bookstores around Hokkaido University, which grew out of Sapporo School of Agriculture, do not display any noticeable amounts of imported textbooks." JR Sapporo Terminal: -------------- JR Sapporo Terminal covers blocks N6W2 to N6W4. Two subway stations, several department stores and an underground mall are connected by a rather complicated network of corridors. Kinokuniya Sapporo Main (7 N5W5 Chuo-ku 060_0005; Sapporo 55, west side of Daimaru. 231-2131, Fax 241-0526; HQ Tokyo) "Opened April 8 '05. With 4300 square meters, this is the second largest store in the chain and the second largest bookstore in Hokkaido. The foreign section is the second best in Sapporo, with paperbacks, books on Japan, Japanese literature in English, cookbooks, etc." Open 10-21. [01/12] Sapporo Koeido Chikatetsu (Subway) Store closed '08. There is a Koeido branch in Paseo. Sanseido Sapporo closed Aug. '16. Sapporo Odori District: -------------- Three subway lines merge in Odori Station. A large network of underground passages connect the junction with adjacent subway stations, a bus terminal, several department stores and two subterranean malls: the E-W Aurora Town and N-S Pole Town. The Odori district is about 1000 meters south of JR Sapporo Station, about 10 minutes by foot. All stores in Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido. Stores aligned east to west, north to south. Maruzen & Junkudo Sapporo (1-8-2 S1W1 060_0061; Marui-Imai Dept. Store minami (=south) tower B2F-4F. 223-1911, Fax 223-1900; HQ Kobe) "Opened Dec. '08 as first Junkudo in Hokkaido. Later changed to Maruzen & Junkudo. Largest bookstore in Hokkaido. 5900 square meters. Foreign books 2F. Many technical books: politics, economics, history, psychology, math, physics, etc. Best selection of foreign books in any city north of Tokyo." Open 10-21. [01/12] [There is a smaller Maruzen a few blocks north of this store. N1W3 Phone 232-0222. No foreign books. 01/12] Livre Naniwa (B1&B2F Hinode Bldg. S1W4 060_0061; On corner. Across the street is Mitsukoshi. 221-3800, Fax 251-8531) "Popular bookstore in downtown Sapporo. The selection is small but has strong character." Open 9-21. [2006] [The 'Naniwa Shobo' branch in front of Grand Hotel (N1W3 Chuo-ku 060_0001; 221-4433, Fax 221-4434) is also busy and has a small Hokkaido book selection on the first floor. No foreign books.] Tower Books (8F Pivot; Above the main bookstore. 241-3851) "Division of Tower Records. Sells more magazines than books and very little literature. Most titles imported. About half the magazines are devoted to music. Unique selection: sells exactly the books that Maruzen and Kinokuniya don't handle. Largest Tower Records in Tokyo." Open 10-20. Closed 2nd, 3rd Tue each month (irr.) [2004] Hokkaido Kampo Hanbai-jo (Odori Park Bldg. 4-23 Odori W11 060_0042; Near S1W12 Intersection west of Subway Tozai Line Nishi-Juichi-chome (W11) Station Esco Bldg. Exit. 231-0975, Fax 271-0904) Sells government statistics and periodical reports. [~2002] Asahiya moved into JR Station Mall and then closed '09. Parco Book Center closed '03. New Day Books closed around '06. Maruzen Sapporo Minami-Ichijo closed '05. Maruzen Sapporo Pivot closed Jan. '09. Maruzen Shin-Sapporo Duo closed Oct. '11. Naebo -------------- Maruzen Sapporo Ario (2-20 N7E9 Higashi-ku 065_8518; 3F Ario Sapporo. 7 minutes from JR Naebo by foot. 15 minutes from Subway Higashi Kuyakushomae. 733-6226, Fax 733-6229; HQ Tokyo) "Opened in '06 after Minami-Ichijo store closed. Japanese and foreign books. Total 300,000 volumes." Open 10-21. [Not visited] Shiroishi-ku: -------------- Bunkyodo (8-N1-5 Nango-dori, Shiroishi-ku 003_0023; Subway Tozai Line Nango 7. North of subway exit 3, east side of street. Nearby is a Lawson's. 1 minute from station. 864-5550, Fax 864-3139) "Used books, records, CDs. Good for regional studies and music-related titles. 1 small shelf foreign books near entrance. Mostly Penguin classics. Order by mail, fax or e-mail: with limited staff they 'can't cope with phone inquiries.' Directions on their homepage start from Shin Chitose Airport. Those who come from outside Hokkaido are probably attracted by the record collection." Open 10-22, -21 Nov-Mar. Closed 2nd and 3rd Mon of each month. [2004] Book House Little One (6-S2-1 Hongo-dori, Shiroishi-ku 003_0024; North of Subway Nango 7 exit 1. Adjacent to Shiroishi Jr. High School on Hongo-dori. Phone/Fax 860-1325) "Books for children. Very few foreign titles. The owner participates in children's literature activities in Kenbuchi." Open 10-19. Closed Wed (open when Hol.) [2004] Toyohira-ku: -------------- Coach & Four Muenchen Ohashi (1-13-1-1 Nakanoshima, Toyohira-ku 062_0921; From Subway Sumikawa west exit go south and turn west at the intersection with Hokuyo Bank and walk about 10 minutes. On the north side of the street, near bridge. 817-4000, "Largest branch of the recently expanding Coach & Four chain which sells books, games and videos. 4,000 square meters. Several shelves foreign books. Orders, including foreign titles, accepted through e-mail. Apparently maintained by a small staff, the shelves are not tidy. The Coach & Four / Reliable Books chain is part of the Tsutaya / Top Culture group." Open 9-23. [01/12] [Another Coach & Four branch in 1-5 Utsukushigaoka, Kiyota-ku 004_0811. Phone 889-2000.] ============================================================================ Otaru NTT long-distance area code: Otaru 0134. Kinokuniya Otaru (2F Ekimae Daiichi Bldg. 2-22-8 Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047_0032; East side of JR Otaru, by bus terminal. 33-1381, Fax 34-2529; HQ Tokyo) "General bookstore. Some foreign-language study aids but no imported literature." Open 10-19:30. [01/12] Kikuya Otaru (11 Chikko, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047_0008; 2F Zone 5 Wing Bay Otaru, connected to JR Otaru-Chikko Station. 31-7077) "Now largest in Otaru. Several shelves foreign books." Open 10-21. [01/12] Marubun closed May 2009. Iroha Shobo closed Sept. 2010. "Hokkaido does about a half of its trade with Russia. Many freighters arrive in Otaru and sailors come to the shopping area." ============================================================================ Chitose Nandalow Books (1-6-22 Yamato-cho, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido 066_0660;, "Used books. Opened 2016. See website for directions. Call before visiting for website indicates shop is open only on weekends." [Not visited] ============================================================================ Hakodate NTT long-distance area code: Hakodate: 0138. Bunkyodo Hakodate TO (10-25 Yanagawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 040_0015; TO ("Teioh") Dept. Store 4F, couple blocks west of streetcar Goryoukaku. 35-5181) "Largest bookstore in Hakodate until Tsutaya opened. A few foreign books." Open 10-21. [01/11] Kumazawa Shoten Hakodate (17-12 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi 040_0063; Department store Boni Moriya Annex 5F. Across street from JR Hakodate Terminal. 24-5721, Fax 24-8005) "General. Very few foreign books." [01/11] A large Tsutaya modeled after the store in Daikanyama opened Dec '13. (On Hakodate-Shindo between Goryoukaku and Kikyou. 30 minutes by foot from Kikyou Stn. 10 minutes by foot from Showa bus stop. Sanseido (4-18 Kawahara-cho Hakodate 041_0844) has some foreign books. Mori Bunkado closed 2004. Libro in Seibu Hakodate also closed. ============================================================================ Aomori NTT long-distance area code: Aomori-shi 017. Narita Honten (1-13-4 Shinmachi, Aomori 030_8588; 4 minutes from JR Aomori. 723-2431, Fax 777-2272) "Largest store in Aomori-shi. 1 shelf foreign books 2F. Established 1907." Open 10-20. [01/11] Miyawaki Shoten Aomori (1-2-3 Yanakawa, Aomori 038_0012; 4F&5F Lavina, mall adjacent to JR Aomori Terminal. 721-1080; HQ Takamatsu) "General bookstore. Some foreign books." [01/11] Note that the above reports are based on visits in January 2011, when business in the area was enjoying a boom accompanying the Shinkansen extension to Shin-Aomori. No bookstores around Shin-Aomori Shinkansen Station. ============================================================================ Hirosaki NTT long-distance area code: Hirosaki 0172. Oyama Koshoten (3-6-7 Ekimae-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori-ken 036_8003; About 8 minutes beyond Ito-Yokado. 32-6030) "Used books. Academic. Has long been the leader of the region, but sadly, now in disarray. Very few foreign books." [~2002] Kinokuniya Hirosaki (126-1 Dotemachi 036_8182; 1F Park Hotel. About 15 minutes from JR Hirosaki by foot. 36-4511, Fax 36-6186; HQ Tokyo) "Second largest bookstore in Hirosaki. Probably few foreign books." Open 10-19. [2005] Junkudo Hirosaki Nakasan (49-1 Dotemachi, Hirosaki-shi; 6F,7F Nakasan Dept Store, central Hirosaki, closer to castle than Kinokuniya. 34-3131, Fax 80-2002; HQ Kobe) "Opened May 3 2012. 800,000 books. Largest in Aomori-ken. Few foreign books: only reading practice material for Japanese students." Open 10-19. [Not visited] Viva Narita Shoten (24-1 Dotemachi; Near Nakasan Dept. store, on corner toward castle. Phone/Fax 34-8836) "Used Japanese books, manga comics for rent, snacks and drinks. 1 shelf foreign paperbacks. Japanese academic books in main store uphill, near castle. (18-3 Oyakata-machi)" [2005] ============================================================================ Morioka NTT long-distance area code: Morioka 019. Junkudo Morioka (3F/4F MOSS Building 2-8-14 Odori, Morioka-shi, Iwate-ken 020_0022; From JR Morioka North Exit cross bridge (Kaiun-bashi), pass Hotel Higashi-Nihon and proceed on the street with roofs over the sidewalks. Turn right (south) at the corner with Lawson's and Tohoku Bank. 601-6161, Fax 629-2444; HQ Kobe) "Opened December 2006. Now largest in Morioka. Large foreign section." Open 10-21. [01/11] Sawaya Shoten Main Store (2-2-15 Odori, Morioka-shi, Iwate-ken 020_0022; In Odori Arcade between MOSS Building and shrine. 653-4411, Fax 623-1882) "General bookstore. Serious academic selection on 2F. Bright and tidy place; hand-written suggestions here and there. Store manager Mr. Kiyohiko Itoh likes to work miracles. He orders in quantity titles no other bookstore in Japan shows interest in. He proves his vision by selling a few hundred copies (in a city of 283,000). On occasion a title is saved from oblivion. Few foreign books. No books the manager dislikes: rare in Japan." Open 9-20. [01/11] Tosando Main Store (1-5-23 Nakanohashi-dori 020_0871; From Sawaya proceed east along arcade, pass shrine and cross bridge. Enter old roofed arcade. 623-7121, Fax 654-1614) "General bookstore." Open 9:30-20, 10-19 Sun, Hol. [~2002] Maruzen Morioka Kawatoku closed Feb '13. ============================================================================ Kitakami NTT long-distance area code: Kitakami 0197. Books American (32-42 Kita-Oniyanagi, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken 024_0072; Beneath the Ferris Wheel, about 15 minutes from Kitakami Station by foot. Near Route 4 and Waga-Ohashi. 63-7600, Fax 63-5433; "Large bookstore in shopping center & 'America in the good old days' theme park. Most books Japanese. Store name reflects the theme rather than the amount of foreign books." Open 10-22. [Not visited] ============================================================================ Ichinoseki NTT long-distance area code: Ichinoseki 0191. Kitakami Shobo (1-24 Omachi, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate-ken 021_0881; From JR Ichinoseki Station take wide street west. Turn right at McDonald's. On right side of street. 23-4088, Fax 23-8603) "General bookstore. Conservative selection. Books on Hiraizumi near entrance. No foreign books." [01/11] Kenjuu Shoten (5-23-1F Omachi; North of Kitakami Shobo on same street. 21-1803) "Used bookstore selling a bit of everything from serious literature, art museum guides to aircraft magazines. Few or no foreign books." Open 10-20:30, -20 Sun. Closed Wed, most Tue. [01/11] ============================================================================ Sendai NTT long-distance area code: Sendai 022. All stores in Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken. JR Sendai Terminal: -------------- Animate Sendai (2F Shin-Sendai-ekimae Building 3-8-5 Chuo; On right (north) side of Ame-yoko market behind E-Beans. 264-0437) "Specialist store of manga comics. Various pamphlets stocked near the entrance. Much space devoted to manic collectibles such as posters, figures and stationery engraved with cartoon characters ordinary people never hear about." Open 10-19. [~2002] Maruzen Sendai Aer (1F Aer 1-3-1 Chuo 980_6104; North end of pedestrian bridges on west side of JR Sendai. 264-0151, Fax 264-0112; HQ Tokyo) "Large store opened fall '02. Replaces Maruzen Sendai Ichibancho. Best for foreign books in Tohoku area. Many language texts but not many foreign technical books. Total 500,000 books." Open 10-21, -20 Sun, Hol. [01/12] Book Off Sendai Sakurano (1-9-33 Chuo 980_0021; 7F Sakurano Sendai, building beside Loft. 716-7015) "Used books. Perhaps largest Book Off in Sendai. 2 shelves foreign books." Open 10-22. [01/12] Junkudo Sendai Main (in EbeanS) closed October '14. Junkudo Sendai Loft closed August '14. Sendai TR Bldg. store is still open: few or no foreign books. Kikuya replaces Junkudo in EbeanS; it sells mostly comics. Ichibancho: -------------- The Ichibancho Arcade is about 15 minutes from JR Sendai, 10 minutes from JR Aoba-dori. Sendai Chizu Center (2-7-1 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku 980_0811; Near Kinkodo, opposite side of street. Phone/Fax 222-9322) "Domestic maps, travel guides and government publications." [~2002] Kinkodo (2-3-26 Ichibancho; Near south end of Ichibancho arcade. 225-6521, Fax 267-6506) "Traditional bookstore of Sendai. Regional publications on staircase. Probably no foreign books." Open 9:15-19. [~2002] Shobundo (1-5-8 Ichibancho; On west side of street beyond south end of Ichibancho Arcade. Near Tohoku University campus. 223-0526, Fax 266-1534) "Most serious academic selection and only one with foreign books among the three used bookstores on the block." Open 10-19. [~2002] Sendai suburbs: -------------- Kinokuniya Sendai (7-20-3 Nagamachi, Taihaku-ku 982_0011; 3F The Mall Sendai Nagamachi, near Subway Nagamachi-Minami. About 10 minutes from JR Nagamachi by foot. 308-9211, Fax 308-9230; HQ Tokyo) "3rd biggest in Sendai. Foreign books and magazines near cashier B. Emphasis on language texts. Maruzen has more foreign books. Mall has large parking lot. Closed for a while after the great earthquake; resumed April 28 '11." Open 10-21. [01/11] Manyou-do (Kagitori-Honcho, Taihaku-ku 982_0805; Bus Kagitori. 245-0511, Fax 245-0566) "Large used bookstore. 200,000 books. Some foreign-language titles in the foreign literature section 1F. Basement has imported academic books. It is questionable whether it is worth the 20 minute bus ride from JR Sendai just for the foreign books." [2006] Biblionia (12-10 Sanjo-cho, Aoba-ku 981_0935; Kitayama 3 bus stop on Kitayama-Shiheicho Loop. Faces Seven-Eleven. Between Senzan Line Kitayama and Sanjo Junior High. Near Tohoku-Fukushi Univ. 275-6464) "Used bookstore. Academic. Little space to move around but proprietor knows where things are. Very few foreign books." Closed Sun. [~2002] ============================================================================ Akita NTT long-distance area code: Akita 0188. Junkudo Akita (4-2 Senshuu-Kubota-machi, Akita-shi 010_0874; 6F,7F Forus, right outside JR Akita. 884-1370, Fax 884-1370; HQ Kobe) "Was by far the largest in Akita until '11. Several shelves foreign books." Open 10-20. [01/11] Matsuzaka Koshoten Ushijima (5-4-16 Naka-dori, Akita-shi 010_0001; Near Gochome-bashi and river. 090-2988-5372) "An interesting used bookstore with a wide, diverse collection. Discounts as well as regional studies. One shelf foreign books." Open 10-18:30. Closed Wed. [01/11] Miyawaki Shoten opened April '11 in Fonte Akita. It is larger than the Junkudo. Open 9:30-20. Probably Junkudo is better for foreign books. ============================================================================ Yamagata NTT long-distance area code: Yamagata 023. Hachimonjiya Main Store (2-4-11 Honcho, Yamagata-shi 990_0043; In front of Honcho Bus Stop. Shinai-junkan (downtown loop) service convenient. North of Castle Hotel and Central Post Office. 622-2150, Fax 622-6736) "Largest bookstore in Yamagata. Foreign books near back end, foreign children's books 2F. Dynamic interior: huge red lantern above phone booth next by mid-floor staircase, big wooden plaque with store name in powerful calligraphy. Over 300 years old. The owner's ancestors, in the business of carrying safflower by ship to Kyoto, decided to carry popular publications on their trips back north around 1700 AD." Open 10-20. [~2002] ============================================================================ Iwaki NTT long-distance area code: Iwaki 0246. This city was devastated on March 11 2011, but business has recovered. Yamani Shoten (2-7 Taira, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima-ken 970_8026; From JR Iwaki take Taira-odori to third traffic light, turn right into Honcho-dori Swing Road. On second block, about 5 minutes from station. 23-3481) Broad selection shows fine attention. Strong in science and technology books. Very few foreign books." [01/11] Kashima Book Center (Kashimacho 18-8 Aza Ogamiyama, Hashirikuma, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima-ken 971_8141; Near Kashima Shopping Center. 28-2222, Fax 28-6311) "Largest bookstore in Iwaki city. More foreign books than Yamani Shoten, but given the distance from JR Iwaki Station (400 yen, 20 minutes by bus), of local interest only." Open 10-22. [01/11] ============================================================================ Fukushima All bookstores listed here are on the east side of JR Fukushima Station. Stores aligned west to east. NTT long-distance area code: Fukushima-shi 024. Iwase Shoten Nakago (5-1 Sakae-machi, Fukushima-shi 960_8031; Nakago Dept. Store 2-bankan (east tower). South side of Ekimae-dori. 521-3022, Fax 521-1177) "Largest bookstore of city. Newly furnished but conservative selection. Favorite bookstore of intellectuals of area. Medical books and computer books well stocked. Modest foreign book section. Branch in Richmond, British Columbia (near Vancouver) closed '11." Open 10-19. [01/08] Nishizawa Shoten Omachi (7-20 Omachi 960_8041; Between Renga-dori (beyond Ekimae-dori) and Heiwa-dori. About 7 minutes from station. 2 blocks east on Heiwa-dori is Fukushima-ken Government Hall. 522-0161, Fax 522-4139) "General bookstore. Local business consisting of this store and a branch in northern Fukushima City. It is hard to believe that in the pre-war period it was a major national chain. Conservative selection. Has corner of books about Fukushima. Government periodicals available. The north branch has foreign books, but this store doesn't." [01/08] Hakkodo closed July '10. Kikuya Manga-kan closed. ============================================================================ Koriyama NTT long-distance area code: Koriyama 024. Junkudo Koriyama Usui (13-1 Nakamachi 963_8004; Usui Dept. Store. 5 minutes from JR Koriyama. 927-0440, Fax 927-0440; HQ Kobe) "Largest bookstore downtown. 650,000 books. Opened October '10, in place of Yaesu Book Center." Open 10-19. [Not visited] Humikura (10-6 Nakamachi; Ekimae-dori, west of View Hotel. 939-2210, Fax 952-6680) "Small shop of used books. Has collection of regional publications. Very few foreign titles, all in the children's books section." Open 10-20. [~2002] Iwase Shoten (36-1 Fukuyama-machi Yatsuyamada Ohmori-shinden 965_8051; On Route 4, about 2.5 km north of JR Koriyama. 936-2220, Fax 936-2221; HQ Fukushima-shi) "Either this or Junkudo is the largest store in Fukushima-ken." Open 10-23. [Not visited] Tohoku Shoten closed June '07. ============================================================================ Tadami NTT long-distance area code: Tadami 0241. Tamokaku Hon-no-mori (61 Narato-Tsubaki, Tadami-cho, Minami-Aizu-gun, Fukushima-ken 968_0431; From JR Tadami cross bridge. Follow river south (not toward Tagokura Dam), upstream for about 20 minutes. Phone/Fax 82-2946) "Deep in the mountains a unique business model. Bring your used books, receive in return a stake of forest land. They get much media attention and tons of books have arrived, mostly via mail. Several storage houses and old rail box wagons hold the books, but much waits classification. Some foreign illustrated volumes, children's books and paperback novels. To enter the warehouses one buys a ticket for 500 yen, an amount later deducted from the purchase. They have a Japanese catalog available online, but it doesn't seem someone's around to reply to inquiries about foreign titles. Branch in Ikebukuro closed '05." Open 9-18. Closed Dec 31 & Jan 1. [~2002] "Here are huge hydraulic power plants which send energy to the cities, but beside this, there is little industry. Spectacular scenery. Miss a train and you're stranded 3+ hours. The Tadami Line is closed east of Tadami Stn. since Aug. '11. Substitute buses are available. The line may never reopen." ============================================================================ Utsunomiya NTT long-distance area code: Utsunomiya 028. Kinokuniya Utsunomiya (3-1-1 Baba-dori, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 320_8566; 8F Parco. About 20 minutes from JR Utsunomiya, 10 minutes from Tobu Utsunomiya. 611-2050, Fax 611-2055; HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "300,000 books. Quite large foreign section toward west end." Open 10-20:30. [2009] Kikuya Utsunomiya (5F&6F Nagasaki-ya, 2-3-12 Baba-dori, Utsunomiya-shi 320_0026; West of Parco, across the wide street. South of Utsunomiya Futarasan Shrine. 614-5222) "Large general bookstore. Some foreign books." Open 10-21. [2009] ============================================================================ Maebashi, Takasaki, Kiryu and Oizumi NTT long-distance area codes: Maebashi 027, Takasaki 027, Kiryu 0277, Oizumi 0276. Kankodo (1-2-13 Honmachi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma-ken 371_0023; From JR Maebashi North Exit proceed along wide avenue to large pedestrian bridge with Tokyu Inn visible on the corner. Turn northwest toward Gunma-ken Government Hall. About 15 minutes from station by foot. 1 minute west of Honmachi Bus Stop. 235-8111) "Leading bookstore of region. Above entrance are these words: "QVOD PETIS HIC EST MCMLIV LIBRSRIVIS" Foreign books 3F. Music scores and instruments on 4F. Established 1868." Open 10-21, -20 Sun, Hol. [08/07] Kinokuniya Maebashi (2-1-1 Bunkyo-cho, Maebashi-shi 371_0801; 1F Keyaki Walk, southeast of JR Maebashi Station, 7 minutes by foot. 220-1830, HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "Opened March '07. One of the larger stores of the Kinokuniya chain. 3200 square meters. Foreign section is proportionately well stocked with magazines, books on Japan, travel guides, translated Japanese comics, art and even some computer books. Also sells stationery and audio, video media. About twice as large as Toda Shoten Takasaki." Open 10-22. [08/07] Kaizosha (222 Yashima-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken 370_0849; 5F Takasaki Station Mall Montre. West side of tracks. 325-4223) "Popular bookstore with wide selection. Some foreign paperbacks." Open 10-20. [08/07] Tenkado (31 Yoriai-cho, Takasaki-shi 370_0822; In Chuo-Ginza-gai roofed arcade. From JR Takasaki West Exit walk 2 blocks north to Takashimaya, walk west several blocks and turn north at tower with observation dome. 325-2311) "Conservative bookstore. Locally-owned business stays alive in spite of the competition from national chains." [~2002] Toda Shoten Takasaki (438-1 Shimokotori-machi, Takasaki-shi 370_0074; Near intersection of Mikuni-Kaido (Pref. Route 25) and Takasaki Kanjo (Loop) road. Bus Kotorimachi-Yotsukado. Near Shinkansen tracks and National Route 17. About 1km west of JR Takasaki-Tonyamachi Station. 363-5110, Fax 363-5119) "Large suburban store. 400,000 books in stock. Rich collection of Japanese technical books. Modest foreign section near back end has paperbacks, translated Japanese literature and language texts." Open 10-23. [08/07] Shirokiya (5-40 Honcho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma-ken 376_0031; About 4 minutes east of JR Kiryu. North side of tracks. 45-1101, Fax 47-1234) "Small foreign section 2F. No books in Portuguese." Open 10-21. [~2002] Quitandinha Plaza (1-26-4 Nishi-Koizumi, Oizumi-cho, Gunma-ken 370_0517; 2F Brazilian Plaza, to the east of Tobu Nishi-Koizumi Station, about 5 minutes by foot. 62-7910; ) "Ethnic grocery store. Had some publications, CD records and videos from Brazil when visited Aug '07. May have quit selling books and magazines. See website. [Oct '17]." Beyond the north end of Takasaki Chuo-Ginza-gai arcade is ethnic grocery Heiwa Korean Market. Some magazines from Korea. (027-325-6776) [08/07] Junkudo Takasaki closed Jun '13. ============================================================================ Copyright Notice Information contained in this FAQ is compiled from many sources. The compiler accepts no responsibility for the comments contained herein. The comments are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided within them. 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