Bookstores in Osaka and Kobe

Last Change: 11 Feb 2018 ============================================================================ Cities of the Kansai region have distinct characters. Kyoto is artistic, Osaka, commercial and Kobe, cosmopolitan. ============================================================================ Note: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] format; no date means latest visit was before April 2006. ============================================================================ Districts listed in this file: Takatsuki Suita Osaka Awaji Umeda (JR Osaka Station) and Dojima Honmachi Temmabashi Shinsaibashi Namba and Minatomachi Tsuruhashi and Imazato Tennoji (Abenobashi) Nishinomiya Kobe Rokko Island Shin Kobe Sannomiya Motomachi and Kobe Karato Nara Wakayama -------------- Kyoto (independent file) Northern Kyoto Kyoto University and Doshisha University Marutamachi, northern Teramachi and Nijo Higashiyama (Heian Jingu and Kyoto Municipal Museum) Keihan Sanjo Station Shijo-Kawaramachi (Downtown Kyoto) Teramachi Arcade Gojo JR Kyoto Station Himeji (West Japan file) -------------- Subject Index, Kansai area -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ Takatsuki: -------------- NTT long-distance area code: Takatsuki 0726. Roman Koshoten (11-1 Kitasono-cho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka-fu 569_0802; North side of Hankyu Takatsuki-shi Station. Behind Mizuho Bank. 85-1048, Fax 71-9101, "Used books in very good condition. Some foreign books: literature, history. This store does not purchase books for the owner is unsure how long he can stay in business." Open only on Sat afternoon. Takes long vacations. Appointment recommended. The large bookstore in CAP Takatsuki has no foreign books. ============================================================================ Suita: -------------- NTT long-distance area code: Suita 06. Stores aligned north to south. Tengyu Shoten (5-14-7 Esaka, Suita-shi, Osaka-fu 564_0063; East of Iwaibashi which crosses Shin-Midosuji and Kita-Osaka-Kyuko Line between Esaka and Ryokuchi-Koen. East side of block with McDonald's on the corner. Parking space available. 20 minutes from Ryokuchi-Koen by foot. 6337-0687, Fax 6330-7879; "Leading used book dealer of Kansai. Solid Japanese collection. Rare items as well as discounts. Neat display. Total 100,000 books. Many foreign books: serious literature, history. Some foreign books in discount corner 2F. Branch in Tenjimbashi." Open 11-20. Closed only around the New Year. [08/11] Izumiya Shoten (3-16-17 Tarumi-cho, Suita-shi 564_0062; From Midosuji Line Esaka walk east to Hiroshiba-koen. Turn north, pass fire station, turn right at Royal Industry Co. 6384-4861, Fax 6384-4851; "Used and new foreign books. Academic collection: humanities, education." Open 9:30-17. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Appointment recommended. Crayon House Osaka (3-34-24 Tarumi-cho; Leave Esaka Exit 1 to east, walk through Daido Seimei Bldg and cross Esaka-koen. 5 minutes from station. 6330-8071, Fax 6330-8075) "Children's books, women's books and organic food. Some imported children's books in the original. Much smaller than the main store in Tokyo Aoyama. Relocated from other side of station Nov '01." Open 11-19. [08/11] ============================================================================ Awaji: -------------- NTT long-distance area code: Osaka-shi 06. Hon-no-mori (5-2-17 Awaji, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku 533_0032; Hankyu/Subway Awaji Junction West Exit. About 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka by foot; ask for directions to Awaji.) "Used bookstore, fund-raising effort for the Asian Library. Currently operating in a small store beside the library. 10,000 books. Few or no foreign books. Library members get a 10% discount." Open 11-20. Closed Mon, Hol. [01/14] "The Asian Library is run by volunteers. Asia, developing countries, modern Japanese history, language. 204,500 Japanese-language books, 23,500 foreign-language books as of June '05. They lend books overseas. 2000 yen initial fee, 3000 yen annual membership fee. Non-member visitor's fee: 500 yen per day. Donations welcome. Moved June '08. (5-2-17 Awaji, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 533_0032; 06-6321-1839, Fax 6323-1126; Umeda (JR Osaka Station), Nakatsu and Dojima: -------------- Central Osaka is laid out in a lattice shape. The addresses are in the ordinary Japanese format. Streets called 'suji' run N/S. JR Osaka and Hankyu/Hanshin Umeda are virtually the same location. Also connected through underground passages are Subway Higashi-Umeda and Nishi-Umeda Stations. JR Tozai Line Kita-Shinchi Station is within walking distance. Occasionally someone from out of town will hail a taxi in front of JR Osaka and order "To Umeda!" All stores in Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu. NTT long-distance area code: Osaka-shi 06. Nellie's Osaka Office (1-18-18 Nakatsu 531_0071; 4802-4655, Fax 6376-8044;, HQ Tokyo) "Osaka office of supplier of English language education material. Office only; not a retail store." Kinokuniya Umeda (Hankyu Sanbangai 1-1-3 Shibata 530_0012; Beneath Hankyu Umeda Terminal on the north side of JR Osaka Station. 6372-5821, Fax 6375-2385; HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "Largest Kinokuniya in Osaka. One big floor beneath tracks. 600,000 books. Store with largest sales in chain. Always crowded. Foreign books in section A. (Use side door on west side to avoid the crowd.) Foreign selection strong in new paperbacks, history, social studies. Many books on Japan and language texts. Some French, some German, a bit Spanish and a bit Italian books. The business is so good here that Kinokuniya reportedly accepted a steep rent hike by landlord Hankyu and spent 300 million yen on renovation Oct '10, 2 months before the opening of Maruzen & Junkudo Umeda (Chaska Chayamachi) nearby." Open 10-22. Closed about once a month, usually 3rd Wed. [01/15] [Kinokuniya has several small shops nearby. The outlet store in Kosho-no-machi sells foreign books.] Librairie Arcade (Hankyu Kosho-no-machi 1-6-2 Shibata; 2 streets north of Kinokuniya, beneath tracks. See Kosho-no-machi's website. 6374-2524) "Only store in this used bookstore mall specializing in foreign books. Art albums." All stores in this mall open 11-20. Closed Wed. Ohta Shoten (Hankyu Kosho-no-machi 1-6-2 Shibata; 6374-2336, Fax 6374-2336) "Academic. A handful imported science and technology titles." [08/11] [Main Store 2-17-11 Ishibashi, Ikdeda-shi, Osaka 563_0032; Phone 072-762-2648, Fax 072-762-6115; Open Noon-20. Closed Sun, Wed] Kinokuniya Grand Front Osaka (6F South Tower Grand Front Osaka, 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku 530_0011; From JR Osaka Station platform take stairs up. Visible from exit on the north side. Hankyu Terminal (which has the larger Kinokuniya) is on the other side of Yodobashi Camera. 7730-8451; HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "Smaller than the Umeda Terminal store, but less crowded and very stylish. Store concept: 'a comfortable space with books'. Only foreign books are the visual books (art & life-style), in section A near windows." Open 10-21. [08/14] Umeda Mandarake (9-28 Doyama-cho 530_0027; In Hankyu Higashi-dori arcade, behind Tokyu Inn. 15 minutes from JR Osaka, to the east of the large pedestrian overpass. If underground look for Whity East Mall Exit M6 by the fountain. Visit website: for map. 6363-7777, Fax 6363-7776; HQ Nakano, Tokyo) "Discount seller of used manga comics. Huge stock. Branch in Namba." Open 12-20 through year. Junkudo Umeda Hilton Plaza (1-8-6 Umeda 530_0001; 5F Hilton Plaza East Tower. On corner, across street along south side of JR Osaka Station. 6343-8444, Fax 6343-8448) "Rather small for a Junkudo; following Chayamachi Store and following Dojima Store are both much larger. One floor closed July '11 after opening of Junkudo-Maruzen Umeda (Chayamachi) leaving only one floor. 5 shelves foreign books, magazines and newspapers and 2 shelves language texts." Open 11-22. [08/14] Junkudo Osaka Main (Dojima) Store (1-3F Dojima Avanza, 1-6-20 Dojima 530_0003; From JR Osaka Station cross street, go south on street with Osaka Hilton: Yotsubashi-suji. In huge building on the left, 3 blocks south of JR Tozai Line Kita-Shinchi Station. Connected to underground passage south of Subway Nishi-Umeda Station. 4799-1090, Fax 4799-1091; HQ Sannomiya, Kobe) "One of the largest bookstores in Japan. Stocks 800,000 books. Very low copy per title ratio. Excellent classification and display. Their strategy, to sell expensive books for specialists where profit per shelf space is high, is obviously working well. Large comic section on 1F. Foreign section 3F is modest compared to that of the following Maruzen & Junkudo Umeda (Chayamachi). Many paperbacks, some French and German books. Encourages browsers to pick up books and read; comfortable chairs and tables are provided along the windows. A shopper's paradise." Open 10-21. [08/14] Maruzen & Junkudo Umeda (Chaska Chayamachi, 7-20 Chayamachi 530_0013; Northeast of Hankyu Umeda Terminal between Chayamachi Exit and elevated expressway. From JR Osaka leave from an exit on the north side, walk toward Ferris wheel and turn north into the street along the expressway. 6292-7383, Fax 6292-7385) "Opened December 2010. Largest bookstore in Japan with 2 million books, including 70,000 foreign books. 8 floors. 40% larger than Junkudo Dojima Avanza. Foreign books and magazines 6F. Foreign section probably second largest in Japan, after Kinokuniya Shinjuku South and many times larger than Kinokuniya Umeda (above). Many shelves imported business and economy titles. Also math & physics and medical books. Some French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean books. Set of Loeb classics available. Housed in building with distinct exterior designed by Tadao Ando." Open 10-22. [01/15] Asahiya Main Store closed Dec 2011. They gave up reopening at the original site. Largest Asahiya in Osaka is now the Namba City Store. No foreign books in Sanseido on 9F of building visible from JR Osaka platforms. Book 1st Umeda closed Feb 2014. "Dojima is in the financial center of Osaka, which was known as 'The Kitchen of Japan' during the Tokugawa period for its markets of foodstuffs, especially rice, the salary of the samurai. The world's first futures market settled here in 1731, more than a century before the first forward trade was recorded in Chicago." Honmachi: -------------- Kinokuniya Honmachi (1F Osaka Kokusai Bldg. 2-3-13 Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku 541_0052; Honmachi-dori, near Subway Sakaishuji-Honmachi. 7 minutes from Subway Honmachi Exit 7. 4705-4556, Fax 4705-4592; HQ Tokyo) "Located in the middle of business district. Leisurely layout, not crowded. No foreign books as of Jan. '18. Of local interest only." Open 10-21, -19 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. [01/18] Temmabashi: -------------- All stores in Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu. Junkudo Temmabashi (1-1 Temmabashi-Kyomachi 540_0032; 7F Keihan City Mall, above Keihan Terminal. Former Matsuzakaya. 6920-3730, Fax 6920-2828; HQ Kobe) "300,000 books. Modest foreign section. Some foreign titles in architecture, ecology sections. Some imported children's books. No computer books in English. Great view from their coffee corner." Open 10-21. Seifu Kankoubutsu Service Center (1-5-63 Otemae 540_0008; Take stairs up just outside Subway Temmabashi Exit 3. 1F Goudou-chousha 3 (joint government offices). 6942-1681, Fax 6942-1683) "Government periodicals. Few or no material in foreign languages." Shinsaibashi: -------------- Subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station is convenient to this location. All stores are in Shinsaibashi-suji and aligned from north to south. Book Off Osaka Shinsaibashi (3-6-21 Minami-Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542_0081; Shinsaibashi arcade, on east side, 100m north of Nagahori-dori. 4704-3530) "Used books. Quite large. Some foreign books." Open 10-22. [08/14] Nakao Shoten (1-2-14 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542_0085; Directly south of Parco. Phone/Fax 6271-3535) "Renowned old book merchant of Osaka. Small but excellent selection, including the very few foreign titles. Branch in Hankyu-kosho-no-machi, Umeda." Athens Shinsaibashi (1-6-10 Shinsaibashi-suji; On corner of Shinsaibashi-suji and Suomachi-street, south of Nakao. To the west is Citibank. 6253-0185, 6253-0189 (Children's books)) "Foreign books on 4F. Mostly illustrated books of fine art, photography, cooking, design and other arts and hobbies. Also imported fashion magazines. Unique collection. Books for children in annex 'Ardour' on west side. Their branch in America-mura also has foreign books, but this place has more." Open 10-22. [08/11] There used to be a major Maruzen in Shinsaibashi. The company sold the real estate and moved into Sogo in Sept '05. The new store didn't last two years. Sanseido took over, and ran the place until Sogo Department Store itself closed Aug '09. Daimaru Department Store took Sogo's place and invited Futaba (HQ Kyoto) to run the bookstore on 12F. Random Walk Osaka closed Dec '07. It was also short-lived. It lasted only 20 months. Namba and Minatomachi: -------------- Junkudo Namba (3F Maruito Namba Bldg. 1-2-3 Minatomachi, Namihaya-ku, Osaka 556_0017; Sennichi-mae dori between JR Namba and Subway Yotsubashi Line Namba. From anywhere underground follow arrows to Namba OCAT or JR Namba and emerge from Zone A Exit 30 near west end of east-west corridor. 4396-4771, Fax 4396-4781; HQ Kobe) "Opened July 2009. This store is newer and larger than the Sennichimae Store (listed below), but the Dojima Main Store and Chayamachi Store have more foreign books. Most foreign books 3F. Foreign collection includes French and German books, classics and popular science titles. English editions of Japanese manga B1F." Open 10-21. [01/10] Asahiya Namba City (B2F Namba CITY 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku 542_0076; Beneath Nankai Railway Terminal. 6644-2551, Fax 6634-2524;) "Large general bookstore. No foreign books. Favorite of Japanese railroad fans: the railroad book collection is best in the Osaka area." Open 10-21. Closed 3rd Thu of each month and Jan 1st. [01/13] Book Off Plus Namba Ebisubashi (Osaka B&V Bldg. 1-5-16 Namba, Chuo-ku 542_0076; Namba Walk exit 14. Enter alley beside Family Mart and proceed 50 meters to the east. 6214-2080) "Used books. Large branch for a Book Off. Some foreign books 3F." Open 10-23 (2F), -21 (3F). [08/14] Namiya Shoten (2-11-13 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku 542_0074; North side of Nankai-dori. 6641-5561, Fax 6633-6066) "Well known for cookbook collection. A handful of Japanese cuisine cookbooks in English." Open 9:30-21:45. [08/11] Junkudo Sennichimae (YES Namba Bldg. 12-7 Namba-Sennichimae, Chuo-ku 542_0075; From north side of Takashimaya Dept. Store & Nankai Terminal enter Nankai-dori on the east. Turn right at first corner. About 4 minutes from station. From Namba Walk take escalator by fountain (exit 21) and head south. 6635-5330, Fax 6635-5331, HQ Kobe) "Smaller in scale than the branches in Umeda but nevertheless a magnificent collection. Foreign books 3F. This store won fame with the ad: 'Please do not stand in the aisle and read; instead we'll offer a seat.' Renamed July 2009 with the opening of second, larger Junkudo branch in Namba. (See above.)" Open 10-21. [08/11] Hirata Shoten Namba (1-2-17 Nippombashi-Nishi, Naniwa-ku 556_0004; Travel south down street on east edge of Nankai Terminal. South of Ninomiya. 10 minutes from station exit. 6647-7345) "Used bookstore. Notable collection of classic Japanese cookbooks and railroad material. Very few foreign books." Open 10-19. Chuubun Shoten (Zhongwen Shudian) (2-7-5 Nipponbashi, Chuo-ku, 3F Shanghai Shintenchi (Shanghai Xintiandi), several blocks south of Kintetsu/Subway Nipponbashi. 6646-1388, Fax 6646-1398, "Magazines imported from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Chinese-language novels, cookbooks, life-style books, travel guides, books for children, Japanese language study guides, etc. Video DVDs and audio CDs from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Building has Chinese restaurants, store selling imported groceries, etc." Open 10-21. [08/11] Kansai Book Center closed '03. Maruzen Namba OCAT closed Sept. '09. "The Namba Doutombori district is known for its restaurants. Here in the city of 'kuidaore' one keeps eating and eating till he falls penniless." "Directly south of Junkudo Sennichimae is the Douguya-suji: the shopping center for restaurant owners. Everything one encounters in a Japanese restaurant, coffee shop, yatai or naito kurabu is available here: spoons and forks, takoyaki irons, plastic showcase food, noren door curtains and oh yes, red lanterns of every size." Tsuruhashi and Imazato: -------------- Seoul Shorin (Room 203 15-39 Funabashi-cho, Tennoji-ku 543_0024; Northwest of JR/Kintetsu Tsuruhashi. Subway Tsuruhashi Exit 2. From JR/Kintetsu station proceed to Shimo-Ajihara intersection (which has subway exits) and walk north along the east side of Tamatsukuri-suji. North end of block with Toyoko Inn. 6761-8920, Fax 6761-8930; "New and used Korean books and magazines. Good for academic titles. Also some books in Japanese about Korea. Relocated around 2008 and again around 2017." Open 10-18. Closed Sat. [08/11] Kosho Rakutokan (1-48 Tojo-cho; Along west side of JR tracks, south of station. Phone/Fax 6774-0741) "Used books. Many books about Korea and China. Some books in Korean." Open 10-22. [07/13] Hinode Shobo Imazato Main Store (4-10-10 Shin-Imazato, Ikuno-ku 544-0001; South of Kintetsu Imazato. Walk down main street of shopping arcade and turn east at corner with Seven-Eleven. Subway Imazato is far. 6758-0506, Fax 6758-6631, "Of the two shops on the same street, the one on the east is the main store. Used books. Mostly academic titles. Many books in Korean and many books about Korea in Japanese. Now head of chain. Minami Tatsumi Store closed October '13." Open 11-21. Closed Thu. [12/13] Tennoji (Abenobashi): -------------- JR Tennoji and Kintetsu Abenobashi are virtually the same location. Asahiya Tennoji Mio (10-39 Hidein-cho, Tennoji-ku 543_0055; 9F Mio, above JR Tennoji Terminal. 6773-0107, Fax 6773-0108; HQ Umeda) "Large general selection. Namba City store is probably larger. Few foreign books. Has a 'Living Design' section with books (mostly domestic) on architecture, interior design, art, photography, fashion, etc." Open 11-21. Closed 3rd Tue and Jan 1st. [12/08] Kikuya Abeno (2F Apollo Bldg. 1-5-31 Abeno-suji, Abeno-ku 545_0052; JR Tennoji South Exit. West end of subway corridor. 6634-8606, Fax 6634-8616) "Large general bookstore. Expanded March '02. More foreign books than Asahiya Tennoji Mio." Open 10-21. Suzuya Shoten (2-10-13 Ebisu-Higashi, Naniwa-ku 556_0002; West side of Sakai-suji between JR/Nankai Shin-Imamiya and Hankai Ebisu-cho (streetcar terminal). Subway Doubutsuen-mae. 6641-1688) "Tiny used bookstore notable for collection of imported military magazines." Kaede Shoten, Tanimachi closed around Jan '02. ============================================================================ Nishinomiya: -------------- NTT long-distance area code: Nishinomiya 0798. Junkudo Nishinomiya (1-1 Kitaguchi-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken 663_8035; 4F Acta west tower, northeast side of Hankyu Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi. 68-6300, Fax 68-6301; HQ Kobe) "Another huge Junkudo. Several shelves foreign books." Open 10-21. Asahiya LaLaport Koshien (1-100 Koshien Hachibancho 663_8178; 2F LaLaport Koshien. 5 minutes from Hanshin Koshien Station by foot, to the southeast, beyond Koshien Stadium. JR and Hankyu are quite far. 81-6790, Fax 81-6793; HQ Umeda) "Large bookstore in new mall. No foreign books." Open 10-21. Closed irr. [01/13] ============================================================================ Kobe: Kobe lies on a thin strip of land between the Rokko-Maya Mountains and Osaka Bay. Not easy to get lost here. Hankyu, JR and Hanshin run parallel here. NTT long-distance area code: Kobe 078. All stores in Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken. Rokko Island: -------------- Foreign Buyers' Club (5-15 Koyochonaka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658_0032; Rokko Liner Rokko Island Center Station. 3F Market Scene Central Tower, the building north of the one with Tully's Coffee on ground level. Click "The Kobe Shop" on their home page for map and directions for the entrance to 3F is difficult to find. 857-9001, Fax 857-9005; "Importer of groceries and books. Books largely language texts for children. Also some books on Japan." Open 10-18. Closed Sun. [08/11] Shin-Kobe: -------------- Wantage Books (used books) closed end of 2017. Sannomiya: -------------- All Sannomiya, Motomachi stores in Chuo-ku, Kobe. Stores north of JR tracks first. St. Paul Kobe (4-10-24 Kano-cho 650_0001; North of Sannomiya Station on Flower Road. 393-7755, Fax 393-7756) "Catholic books. Very few foreign books." Open 10:30-19. 12-17 Sun, Hol. Closed Fri. Covenanter Shoten (1-25-2 Nakayamate-dori 650_0004; Proceed uphill from St. Paul, cross large pedestrian overpass, take wide street a couple blocks west. North side of street. Phone/Fax 242-7003; "Reformed Presbyterian bookstore. About 1/3 foreign. Probably largest collection of non-Japanese Christian literature in Kansai." Open 10-18. Closed Sun, Hol. Junkudo Sannomiya Eki-mae (6-1-15 Kumoi-dori; 7F Sun City Bldg. to the left of JR Sannomiya South Exit. Green sign visible from station platform. 252-0777, Fax 252-0616) "Large collection but following Kobe Sannomiya store is larger and has more foreign books." Open 10-21. Kinokuniya Kobe (8-1-8 Onoe-dori, Chuo-ku 651_0088; 5F Sogo, south side of JR Sannomiya. 265-1607; HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "Smaller than Junkudo Kobe Sannomiya but has good foreign section." Open 10-20. Junkudo Kobe Sannomiya (New Center 1-6-18 Sannomiya-cho 650_0021; South side of Sannomiya Center Street. 392-1001, Fax 392-1024) "Headquarters of nationwide chain which is emerging as the leading supplier of technical and foreign books. Total sales more than tripled in a decade. This store expanded and moved upstairs to 2-4F in May '00, shortly after the Shinshindo failure. Now largest in Kobe. Like Junkudo Kyoto, a general bookstore with an emphasis on serious academic titles. Lots of Japanese law books, good math selection. Expanded again in March '07. Foreign section has paperback fiction and non-fiction, books on Japan, language texts and imported magazines. The Osaka Dojima Store is somewhat larger. Started direct imports of foreign books after wholesale agent Yohan's failure in August '08. Merged with Japan's largest printing house in '09, and shortly thereafter the group absorbed Maruzen. Large branches have been springing up all over Japan ever since. Both bookstore brands coexist though their characters are converging; the name does not serve as an indication of store size or availability of foreign books. To add to the confusion some stores go by the joint brand 'Maruzen & Junkudo'." Open 10-21. Closed Jan 1st. [01/18] [Nearby Junkudo branches in Nishinomiya, Sumiyoshi, Ashiya, Maiko and Akashi.] Nishiyama Yosho (2-11-1 Sannomiya-cho; 3F of Center Plaza Nishi-kan, across street from Junkudo Sannomiya. Occupies back end of model shop 'Accel Work'. Phone/Fax 332-3596; HQ Ikebukuro, Tokyo) "Tiny collection of imported railway, airplane, automobile books." Open 11-20. Closed Jan 1st. Gotoh Shoten closed Jan '08. Random Walk Kobe closed Jan '09. Motomachi and Kobe: -------------- >From Sannomiya Center-gai keep walking west under arcade, turn left at street with VEGA and Daimaru will come in sight. About 7 minutes from Junkudo Sannomiya to JR Motomachi. Kobe Christian Book Store (2F Sanyo Bldg. 3-9-18 Sannomiya-cho; On street along tracks, east of hamburger shop 'First Kitchen' visible from JR Motomachi East Exit. 331-7569) "Christian books from children's books, theology to scores of church organ music. Very few imported books, mostly Bibles." Open 10-18. Tsunobue (3-14-7 Motomachi-dori; 100m to west of JR Motomachi. South side of tracks on wide avenue. 2F of building. 391-1988) "Small Christian used bookseller. Few foreign books: Bibles, a handful theology, 1 stack pagan literature piled on entrance staircase." Open noon-18. Closed Sun. Guild (2F Fukuei Bldg. 2-8-2 Sakae-machi-dori 650_0023; South of JR Motomachi. See website for map. 326-7505, Fax 391-1210; "Imported toys and American hero comics. Relocated Feb. '16." Open 11-20. Closed Wed, next Thu when Hol. [08/11] Maruzen Kobe Motomachi closed June 2003. "Stores in Kobe compete among themselves as well as those in Umeda. JR Osaka is just 19 minutes away from Sannomiya." "South of Motomachi-dori is Nankingai, Kobe's Chinatown." Karato: -------------- Shintetsu Rokko is on the north side of Rokko Mountain. Hankyu Rokko is on the south side. Karato Shobo (1635 Karato, Arinocho, Kita-ku, Kobe 651_1331; About 10 minutes from Kobe Electric Railway (Shintetsu) Rokko Station. Cross tracks, walk up slope and turn east at first wide street. Cross bridge over ravine (but not the second one above the road.) On the north side of the street, beside a karaoke parlor. Of all stores in this list, by far the most difficult to find. Phone/Fax 907-6652; "Small shop specializing in books on China and books imported from China. A few English books." Open from 9AM. Closed irr. Appointment recommended. [08/11] ============================================================================ Nara NTT long-distance area code: Nara-shi 0742. Keirindo Nara (1-1 Nishi-Mikado-cho 630_8225; Near north entrance of arcade, on east side of Kintetsu Nara (exit 4). About 15 minutes from JR Nara. 20-8001) "Head of local chain, largest bookstore in central Nara. Some English books 2F. Good for tourists seeking books about Nara and its history." Open 9-21. Closed Jan 1,2. [01/17] Keirindo Nara Vivre closed Jan 2013. A large Junkudo opened in Nara Family, north of Yamato-Saidaiji Station, in 2016. It is run by Keirindo. No foreign books according to the official website. ============================================================================ Wakayama NTT long-distance area code: Wakayama-shi 073. Tsutaya Way Garden Park Wakayama (1469-1 Matsue Mukai-Unoshima, Wakayama-shi 640-8421; In shopping center Garden Park, beyond bridge over wide river on the west side of JR Wakayama Station. Bus Dounyuubashi. 480-5900, Fax 480-5959) "Largest bookstore in Wakayama. Some foreign books." Open 24 hours. [01/13] Also large in central Wakayama is Miyawaki Shoten Roynet Wakayama. Few if any foreign books. (26-1 Shichibancho; North side of castle on Keyaki-Odori.) Miyai Heiando main store closed June 2010. Last branch in Wakayama City closed Jan 2011. ============================================================================ Copyright Notice Information contained in this FAQ is compiled from many sources. The compiler accepts no responsibility for the comments contained herein. The comments are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided within them. 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