Bookstores in Tokyo

Central Tokyo (Inside Yamanote Line)

Last Change: 19 Jan 2015 Note: the Tokyo area comes in four files: (1) Jimbocho and Hongo (2) Central Tokyo (inside Yamanote Line, excluding (1)) (this file) (3) Western Tokyo Suburbs, Saitama, Kawasaki and Yokohama (4) Eastern Tokyo Suburbs and Tsukuba A common subject index is on the end of this file. ============================================================================ Note: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] format; no date means latest visit was before April 2006. ============================================================================ Geographic Index:
Districts within JR Yamanote Line, counterclockwise:
Jimbocho, Iidabashi and Otemachi  Ochanomizu  Hongo and Hakusan
Yotsuya and Kojimachi  Aoyama (Omote-Sando)
Hiro-o and Minami-Azabu  Roppongi 

Districts along JR Yamanote Line, Tamachi to Osaki, counterclockwise:
Mita (JR Tamachi)  Hamamatsucho and Shimbashi  Hibiya  Ginza 
Marunouchi, Yaesu and Nihombashi (JR Tokyo Terminal)  Akihabara

Ikebukuro  Mejiro, Zoushigaya  Takadanobaba to Waseda
Shinjuku  Yoyogi  Shibuya  Ebisu, Shirokanedai, Gotanda, Osaki 

JR Sobu Line:
Tsudanuma  Chiba and Makuhari 

JR Joban Line:
Matsudo  Tsukuba 

JR Tohoku Line north of Tabata and Saikyo Line north of Ikebukuro:
Urawa  Saitama Shintoshin  Omiya 

Tobu Sky Tree Line, Isesaki Line:
Asakusa  Kiryu, Oizumi (Koizumi) 

Tobu Tojo Line:

Seibu Lines:
Tokorozawa  Higashi-Murayama 

JR Chuo Line, west of Shinjuku and branches:
Nakano  Koenji, Asagaya and Ogikubo  Kichijoji
Kokubunji  Kunitachi  Tachikawa  Akishima
Hachioji  Hachioji-Minamino  Takao 

Keio Line and Inokashira Line:
Komaba  Shimo-Kitazawa
Chofu  Fuchu  Seiseki Sakuragaoka
Tama Center 

Odakyu Line:
Machida and Sagamihara  Atsugi 

Tokyu Lines:
Jiyugaoka and Oyamadai  Yoga  Futako-Tamagawa and Mizonokuchi  Aobadai 

JR Tokaido Line and branches, south of Shinagawa:
Downtown Kawasaki
Yokohama Station  Minato Mirai 21 (Sakuragicho)
Isezaki-cho (Kannai)  Motomachi  Yamate
Kamakura  Yokosuka


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Tokyo is a collection of hubs and satellite cities.  The traditional
downtown district is along the east side of the Yamanote Line from Asakusa
to Ginza.  Suburban railway terminals on the west side, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku
and Shibuya are the center of activity now.  Growing are the satellites:
Kichijoji, Machida and Makuhari to name a few.  Yokohama is another cluster
of satellites with its own local culture.

Tokyo's traditional educational district is Bunkyo-ku (Hongo, Yushima) and
northern Chiyoda-ku (Kanda-Jimbocho).  Here are shops with highly
specialized collections.  The next major cluster of academic bookstores is
around Waseda.  Not many used bookstores around Keio campuses.  Interesting
for foreign material is Kunitachi.

NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 23-ku (wards) 03.
From overseas dial (access code)-81-3-(eight digit local number).


Yotsuya and Kojimachi:

Bonjinsha (8F Hulic Hirakawa-cho Bldg. 1-3-13 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku
	102_0093;  3 minutes from Subway Hanzomon, Kojimachi.  13 minutes
	from JR Yotsuya.  Site has map.  3239-8673,  Fax 3238-9125;  "Specializes in Japanese language texts
	and studying aids.  Renovated Jan '03."
Cervantes Institute (Instituto Cervantes Tokio) (1F Cervantes Bldg. 2-9
	Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku 102_0085;  From Subway Kojimachi proceed
	toward JR Ichigaya on Nihon TV Ave.  Turn left (west) at the corner
	with gas stand.  Between Bancho Elementary school and post office.
	6424-4335,  Fax 3511-8498;  "Books in
	Spanish and books about Spanish Culture.  Opened September '07 in
	current location; store named 'InterSpain' moved in from Shibuya.
	Staff speaks Spanish.  Hours (including phone) are irregular; check
	website."  [07/12]
Happy Endings (7-14 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku,  From JR Yotsuya Stn. Kojimachi
	Exit walk along north side of Shinjuku-dori and turn left at small
	park: Nakayoshi-Koen.  1F of building beside large white building
	with Secom logo.  3261-2342;  "Small
	shop.  English books, magazines and coffee.  Some emphasis on
	life-style books."  Open Noon-18.  Closed Sat, Sun.  [07/12]
Enderle (2F Oonoya Bldg. 1-18 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku 160_0004;  3 minutes west
	from JR/Subway Yotsuya on Shinjuku-dori, near end of second block,
	on the left side.  3352-2481,  Fax 3357-4746;  "Small shop
	selling books of the Catholic faith.  Also some studies of Japanese
	religion and German language study aids.  The majority English but
	also some German and Japanese books."  Open 10-18, Sat 10-12 &
	13-17.  Closed Sun, Hol.  Closed Sat Jul-Sept.

Also on Shinjuku-dori between the bridge and Enderle are San Paulo and Don
Bosco, both Christian booksellers with fine traditions (few if any foreign

The Rising Sun Pub on Shinjuku-dori hosts a book exchange.  (1-9-3 Yotsuya;
Between station and Enderle;  The
number of books is small.  Open 17:30-midnight.  Closed Sun.

Nearby Yotsuya Station is Sophia (Jochi) University, the most important
cosmopolitan institution of education in Japan.  A small shop inside the
campus sells religious books, some foreign.

No large general bookstores in the area.

Kumazawa Shoten in Yotsuya Atre closed.

Tokyo Random Walk Akasaka closed April '07.

"On the left side of the National Guest House (Geihinkan) is Kinokunizaka,
the haunted slope which appears in Lafcadio Hearn's KWAIDAN.  In the
Tokugawa Era the premises of the current Guest House was the Edo Estate of
the Duke of Kii: thus 'Kii-no-kuni' (land of Kii).

Kii, present Wakayama-ken, has produced some notable merchants, most famous
being Kinokuniya-Bunzaemon (?-1734?).  Legend says he made a fortune by
successfully shipping a load of tangerines from Kii to Edo across a violent

Kinokuniya remains a name favored by merchants, mostly grocers and Japanese
confectioners, throughout the country to this day, though Bunzaemon was an
incomparable spendthrift who lost his fortune within his lifetime."

Aoyama (Omote-Sando):

Omote-Sando Intersection is within walking distance from JR Harajuku and JR
Shibuya.  Only Ginza Line serves Gaien-mae.

Aoyama Gakuin is a major Christian University.  The Aoyama, Harajuku,
Shibuya district is a fashion center.

Kinokuniya Supermarket is not related to Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Aoyama Book Center (B2 Cosmos Aoyama Garden Floor 5-53-67 Jingu-mae,
	Shibuya-ku 150_0001;  Enter pavement between United Nations
	University and car dealer showroom.  5485-5511;  "Went bankrupt and closed July '04.
	Reopened September 29 '04.  Many imported magazines but not many
	foreign books.  Unique collection of art, photography and design
	books.  Chain owner, Yohan Book Sellers failed in July '08, but
	stores remain open. "  Open 10-22. [11/09]
Crayon House Tokyo (3-8-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku 107_8630;  From Subway
	Omote-Sando Junction Exit B1, head north (toward Harajuku and Meiji
	Jingu), turn left at corner of Mori-Hanae Bldg.  About 3 minutes
	from station.  3406-6492,  Fax 3407-9568)  "Children's picture books
	and literature from around the world.  With 50,000 books, widely
	regarded as the best collection of its kind in Japan.  About 10,000
	imported books.  Children are welcome to roam around and read.  The
	organic food restaurants in the basement are rather expensive."
	Open 11-19.  [07/12]
Ms.Crayon House (3F Crayon House;  3406-6465,  Fax as above)  "Small
	collection of women's books: childbearing, family life and women at
	work.  Writings by leaders of the liberation movement and female
	psychologists.  No foreign books."  [07/12]
Shimada Yosho (A103 1F T-Place 5-5-25 Minami-Aoyama 107_0062;  From
	Omote-Sando Exit A5 walk south and turn right at immediate corner
	with Inari (fox shrine).  Furthest store in the two rows of red
	brick buildings.  3407-3863;  "This
	store started as a specialist of books about automobiles.  Now there
	are much more books on life-style, art, interior design and
	handicrafts."  Open 11-20 through year.  [12/06]
Lombardi (3-15-2 Minami-Aoyama;  From Omote-Sando Exit A4 walk south, pass
	the Inari and turn left at the first traffic light.  Proceed to
	Hotel Floracion Aoyama and turn left.  5785-3371,  Fax 5785-3395;  "Specialist of automobile books.  Opened
	May 2006."  Closed irr.
Cow Books Aoyama (3-13-14-2F Minami-Aoyama;  From Omote-Sando Exit A4, take
	Aoyama-dori west about 50 meters.  Turn right (south) at the corner
	with stationery store, and walk past a Japanese noodle shop.  In a
	white building on the left side of street, above Cabane de Zucca.
	3497-0807;  "Tiny store.  About 70%
	Japanese.  Imported books on 'freedom' from the U.S.  (See home-page
	for definition.)  Out-of-print books from the 1960s and '70s.  Main
	store in Naka-Meguro.  Active in promoting Book Crossing."  Open
Lilliput (Soft Town Aoyama 3-1-24 Jingu-mae;  West side of Gaien-nishi-dori
	('Killer Street') north of Bell Commons, near pedestrian overpass.
	Tiny store with white door at end of maroon atrium.  Phone/Fax
	3470-2020;  "Miniature books.
	Over 4,000 titles from 20 countries.  1 millimeter square micro-book
	OLD KING COLE on display."  Open 11-18.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol.
On Sundays (3-7-6 Jingu-mae;  Basement of Watari Museum.  Shortly north of
	Lilliput.  7 minutes from Gaien-mae Exit 1, 10 minutes from
	Omote-Sando.  15 minutes from JR Sendagaya (yellow trains).
	3470-1424)  "Art.  Much imported.  Large postcard collection 1F."
	Open 11-20.  Closed Mon.
Shelf (3-7-4 Jingu-mae;  Sign outside corner north of On Sundays.  Phone/Fax
	3405-7889)  "Photography.  Most volumes imported."  Open noon-20,
	-18 Sat, Sun.
Libro Aoyama (2-12-16 Kita-Aoyama 107_0061;  Corner of Gaien-mae
	Intersection.  3408-0701;  HQ Ikebukuro)  "Some foreign paperbacks.
	Many art books."  Open 10-23, -22 Sat, Sun, Hol.
Book Club Kai (2-7-30 Minami-Aoyama;  Subway Aoyama-Itchome Station Exit 5.
	Turn west (right) into first street south of Honda HQ.  Subway
	Gaien-mae Exit 4.  About 15 minutes from Omote-Sando by foot.
	Basement of building with big red triangle in front.  3403-6177,
	Fax 3403-9849)  "Leading New Age bookshop.  The specialist of books
	of the spiritual realm.  Foreign section (3 shelves) covers subjects
	such as Native American lore, aromatherapy, Karl Jung theory and
	channelling."  Open noon-20.  [11/13]
Goethe Book Dealers (1F Pearl Bldg. 2-5-9 Minami-Aoyama;  Subway
	Aoyama-Itchome Exit 5.  One block west of Honda HQ, on north side of
	first street south of Aoyama-dori.  Book Club Kai is on the south
	side of same street.   5771-6511,  Fax 5771-6512;  "German-language books.  Staff speaks
	English and German.  Moved here from Marunouchi Bldg."  Open
	9:30-19:00.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol.  [11/13]
Book 246 (1-2-6 Minami-Aoyama;  Lattice Aoyama, south side of Subway
	Aoyama-Itchome, one block south of twin towers.   5771-6899,  "Small, stylish store selling travel
	books.  Some imported maps.  Few foreign books."  [11/13]

Ballet shop Fairy  (5-50-10 Jingu-mae;  Shortly north of first corner east
of McDonald's near Aoyama Book Center.  3499-5541,  Fax 3499-5540) has a
tiny music sheet/book collection.

Blue Parrot moved to Takadanobaba early '04 and closed '12.
Nadiff Omote-Sando closed May '07 and reopened in Ebisu July '08.
Cine City went dormant August '02.
Intelligent Idiot moved to Nishi-Ogikubo '07, and then to rural Kanagawa-ken
around '09.  It seems books are no longer sold.
United Nations University Academic Bookstore closed around '13.

Hiro-o and Minami-Azabu:

National Supermarket (4-5-2 Minami-Azabu 106_0047;  In front of Arisugawa
	Park entrance, about 3 minutes from Subway Hiro-o Exit 1/2.
	3442-3181,  "On second floor of
	American-style supermarket popular among families of diplomats and
	foreign workers.  Moderate selection of English books and magazines.
	Has books on Japan corner.  Several shelves illustrated cookbooks
	and life-style books.  Ideal place for the homesick.  Supermarket
	reopened August 2012 after renovation."  Open 9:30-19.

Kids' Books moved to Shibuya March '07 and again to Yoga Feb '14.
Books Ryusui closed Sept '10.

"In the Arisugawa Memorial Park is Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
(Toritsu Chuo Toshokan)  (5-7-13 Minami-Azabu 106_8575; 03-3442-8451; with 110,000 foreign books scattered
through the shelves.  No borrowing.  Total collection: 1.6 million."


Stores in vicinity of Roppongi Intersection first.

Aoyama Book Center Roppongi (6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku 106_0032;  Subway
	Roppongi Exit 1a or 3,  3479-0479;  HQ Aoyama)  "Renovated and
	reopened June 8th 2006.  Chic interior.   Good for art, design and
	fashion books.  Foreign magazines, bestselling novels and books on
	Japan well stocked.  It appears that the Outlet Store, a separate
	room in the same building is now closed."  Open 10-23:30, -22 Sun.
Aoi Shoten (2F Lapiross Roppongi 6-1-24 Roppongi;  Subway Roppongi Exit 3.
	3403-0327,  HQ Nakano)  "General bookstore.  Small foreign book
	section."  Open 10-1 AM.  [07/06]
Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi (6-11-1 Roppongi 106_0032;  Roppongi Hills Front Gate
	Bldg, southeast of the cylindrical tower.  6 minutes from Subway
	Azabu-juban exit 7.  8 minutes from Subway Roppongi.  From Roppongi
	Intersection turn into the slope (Imoaraizaka), pass post office and
	Roppongi Hills will come into sight at the end.  5775-1515,  Fax
	5775-3715)  "Opened '06.  Books, magazines and music.  Many foreign
	books: design, life-style, cuisine, children's books, travel and on
	Japan.  Foreign books placed alongside Japanese books.  (Not all
	Tsutaya branches sell books.  Very few have foreign books.  Nearby
	branch in Lapiross beneath Aoi Shoten has no books.)"  "Here you're
	allowed to flip through the pages of recent glossy editions on
	display while sipping your double shot latte from Starbucks on the
	same floor."  Open 7-4AM next morning.  [07/06]
Bibliophile (5-17-1 Roppongi;  AXIS Building, 7 minutes toward Tokyo Tower
	from Roppongi Intersection.  10 minutes south of Subway
	Roppongi-Itchome and Ark Hills.  3582-2707,  "Foreign books, design.  No ordinary
	literature."  Open 11-19.
Maruzen Ark Hills (1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku 107_6003;  3F Ark Mori Bldg.
	Subway Roppongi Itchome.  3589-1772,  Fax 3589-2247;  HQ Marunouchi)
	"About 4 shelves foreign paperbacks and books on Japan."  Open
	10-19, -18 Sun, Hol.

Tokyo Random Walk Roppongi (Striped House) closed June '07.
The Maruzen in Tameike-Sanno subway station closed Jan. '12.

There used to be a bookstore in the American Club, Azabudai.  It was run by
Tuttle.  Tokyo American Club says they have no plan to open a new store.

Mita (JR Tamachi):

Shimizu Shoten, traditional used book seller of the region, closed.

"Unlike Waseda, there are not many bookstores in Mita.  One reason is that
Keio boys come from wealthy families and aren't interested in trading
second-hand texts."

Hamamatsucho, Shimbashi:

Bunkyodo Hamamatsucho (2-4-1 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku 105_6102;  2F World
	Trade Center Bldg.  JR Hamamatsucho or Subway Daimon.  3437-5540)
	"1 large floor.  Some foreign books.  Former Book Store Dan."  Open

"The Minato-ku Minato Library (3-2-25 Shiba-koen 105_0011;  In park north of
Prince Hotel, right outside Subway Onarimon Exit A1;  from JR Hamamatsucho
take wide street to Zoujouji and turn right.  3437-6621) has more foreign
books than the Mita Branch."

Junkudo Press Center (2-2-1 Uchisaiwaicho;  1F Nihon Press Center Bldg.
	Subway Uchisaiwaicho Exit A7, Kasumigaseki Exit C4.  Faces Hibiya
	Park.  3502-2600,  Fax 3502-2653;  HQ Kobe)  "Used to be run by
	Maruzen.  Junkudo took over May '02.  Now the store has high Junkudo
	bookshelves and a somewhat smaller foreign section (2 or 3 high
	shelves)."  Open 10-20.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol.
Seifu Kankoubutsu Service Center (1-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku 100_0013;
	Between Subway Kasumigaseki Exit A10 and Exit C1.  Block west of
	Hibiya Library.  3504-3885,  Fax 3504-3889)  "Government
	periodicals, statistics, reports.  Also sells maps and business
	titles.  Some imported directories and translated reports in tiny
	foreign section.  Somewhat larger than the Otemachi Center."

Imperial Hotel Bookstore closed March '03.  American Pharmacy closed and
reopened in Marunouchi Bldg.


Subway Ginza is a large junction that covers 20 blocks.  It's much easier to
find the listed exits underground than search buildings at street level.
Subway Hibiya, Ginza and Higashi-Ginza are connected underground.  Nearby is
JR Yurakucho.

All stores in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104_0061.

Stores listed south to north.

Yamaha Gakki Ginza (7-9-14 Ginza;  South of Ginza Core.  Subway Ginza A3/4.
	3572-3136,  Fax 3572-3794)  "Whole 3F of instrument store devoted to
	music theory, instruction books and sheet music.  Scores largely
	imported."  Open 10:45-19.  Closed one to several days each month
Book 1st Ginza (5-8-20 Ginza;  6F Ginza Core.  Subway Ginza A3/4.
	3573-8889)  "Opened July '03 after Kumazawa moved out.  Largest
	bookstore in Ginza.  Foreign section somewhat larger than Asahiya
	Ginza and Junkudo Press Center nearby.  Large art section."  Closed
	about 6 days per year (irr.)  Open 10-22.
KyoBunKwan (4-5-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104_0061;  Subway Ginza Exit A9.
	03-3561-8446,  3561-8449 (foreign books),  Fax ,  3563-0730
	(children's books);  Site has location guide:  "Large store strong in religious books,
	theology, philosophy.  Japanese Christian books 3F.  Foreign books
	on religion, philosophy 5F.  Mostly English and German, some French,
	also Greek and Latin classics.  Complete LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY in
	stock.  Old Testament studies in Hebrew.  The Bible in many
	languages.  Children's books 3F,6F.  Best collection of Christian
	literature, foreign or Japanese, in Japan."  5F open 10-20, closed
	Sun.  Hours vary by floor; call or visit website for details.

Jena closed Jan '02.  Kondo Shoten downstairs followed, after holding out
for another year.  Kondo Shoten Ginza was where the founder of Kinokuniya
spent a day as an apprentice.  (Other Kondo Shoten stores are still open.)

Asahiya Ginza closed Apr '08.
Magazine House World Magazine Gallery closed Jun '03.
Nishiyama Yosho Ginza store closed April '12.  Stores in Ikebukuro and Kobe
are still open.

The Sanseido near JR Yurakucho Stn has some foreign books.

[Thanks Annerose Matsushita for information on this area.]

Marunouchi, Yaesu and Nihombashi (JR Tokyo Terminal):

The west side of JR Tokyo Terminal is Marunouchi, HQ of Mitsubishi.
Nihombashi is the HQ of Mitsui.  Yaesu on the east side of Tokyo Terminal is
a shopping district.

Stores on the Marunouchi (west) side of JR Tokyo Terminal listed first.

Maruzen Marunouchi Main (1-6-4 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100_8203;
	1F-4F Marunouchi OAZO, block northwest of JR Tokyo Marunouchi North
	Exit.  Subway Otemachi B2c.  Stay underground until you find B2c.
	Metro Tozai Line closest; other lines are quite far.  With Metro
	Marunouchi Line, use Tokyo, not Otemachi.  03-5288-8881,  Fax
	5288-8892;  "Opened September 2004.  1.2
	million books.  High shelves and tight aisles for a Maruzen.
	Foreign collection on 4F one of largest in Japan.  Technical books,
	including math, physics, history, economics, law, linguistics, civil
	engineering finely classified.  Each epoch gets a separate shelf in
	the art section.  Some French and German books.  Has small reference
	library.  Maruzen started out as the nation's first joint-stock
	company, established under the encouragement of Yukichi Fukuzawa,
	founder of Keio University.  For decades it was the nation's leading
	bookstore chain, enjoying a lucrative businesses selling books to
	scholars with budgets to burn.  Fortunes took a turn in the late
	1990s. started sales in Japan.  While university
	enrollment grew, school budgets tightened and the newer generation
	of students showed little interest in imported texts.  Sales dropped
	30% in a decade and major branches (Sapporo, Kyoto (2005), Osaka,
	Kobe, Hiroshima) had to be closed.  Merged with Junkudo in 2010 but
	IR announcements state that regaining independence is a major
	objective.  The combined company opened several large stores in
	2010-11, some called 'Maruzen', others 'Junkudo', still others
	'Maruzen&Junkudo', the distinguishing criterion being an enigma."
	Open 9-21.
Aoyama Book Center Marunouchi Building (2-4-1 Marunouchi 100_6304;  4F
	Marunouchi Bldg, tower in front of JR Tokyo Marunouchi North Exit.
	On the west side is Subway Chiyoda Line Nijuubshi-mae.  Southwest of
	OAZO.  5221-8860)  "Small bookstore in a fashion mall.  Used to be a
	Maruzen.  Aoyama, a tenant more appropriate for this mall, took over
	Jan '07.  Graphic books and magazines not available at Maruzen
	nearby should be found."  Open 11-21, -20 Sun, Hol.
Yaesu Book Center (2-5-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104_8456;  Across the street
	and a bit to the south from JR Tokyo Yaesu South Exit.  Or head west
	toward JR Tokyo from Subway Kyobashi Exit 7.  03-3281-1811,
	3281-3606 (foreign books),  Fax 3281-7272,  Fax 3281-7781 (foreign
	books))  "Eight-storied tower selling Japanese and English books in
	general.  Opened in 1978 and started current nationwide trend toward
	larger and larger bookstores.  Founder Morinosuke Kashima (chairman
	of construction company, historian) wished to make all kinds of
	books available in one spot.  400,000 titles, 1,500,000 copies in
	stock.  Stocks fewer multiple copies than Sanseido or Kinokuniya and
	offers rich variety.  Very popular among businessmen visiting Tokyo.
	Broad collection of non-Japanese books on 8F, including great
	selection of English technical books: computer, math, finance, etc.
	Many books in French and German.  Much more foreign books than
	Maruzen Nihombashi."  Open 10-21, -19 Sat, Sun Hol.  Closed irr.
Maruzen Nihombashi (2-3-10 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku 103_8245;  Subway Nihombashi.
	Ginza Line convenient.  6214-2001,  Fax 6214-2002)  "Japanese and
	foreign books, stationery, optical aids and clocks.  The foreign
	book section has recent arrivals, Penguin classics, art, language,
	business and history books, but no science, computer or medical
	books.  The Marunouchi OAZO store is larger.  Reopened March '07.
	This was the flagship of Maruzen until the OAZO store opened."  Open
	9:30-20:30.  Closed Jan 1st. [03/07]
Blister (2-24-6 Nihombashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku 103_0007;  3 minutes from Subway
	Hamacho, 7 minutes from Subway Suitengu-mae.  Far from Subway
	Nihombashi.  Website has map.  5643-3446;
	"American hero comics.  One of the few stores in Japan that handle
	this genre.  Store opened in Harajuku in 2002, moved to Shibuya,
	then back to Harajuku, and finally to this place in March 2010."
	Open 17-20 Wed-Fri, 11-18 Sat.

Sanseido in Daimaru closed August '11.
Goethe Book Dealers moved to Aoyama.

"Nihombashi (Nihon Bridge) a little up north Maruzen is milestone zero of
all Japanese roads.  Nearby are Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi Department
Stores, which rival Harrod's, Knightsbridge, London in class."


Yurindo Akihabara (1-1 Kanda-Hanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku 101_0028;  7F Yodobashi
	Akiba, northeast side of JR Akihabara, near Showa-dori Exit.
	5298-7474,  Fax 5298-7475;  HQ Yokohama)  "Opened September '05.
	One large floor.  500,000 books.  Modest foreign corner has
	paperback fiction, language texts, art and 2 shelves computer books.
	Largest bookstore in Akihabara."  Open 9:30-22:00.  [08/06]
Book Off Akihabara (1-6-4 Kanda-Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku 101_0025;  Southeast
	of JR Akihabara, adjacent to Yamanote Line platform.  Big sign
	visible from platforms.  Central Exit is closest.  5207-6206)
	"Opened April '08.  One of the largest stores selling only used
	books in Tokyo.  6 floors.  Small foreign section 5F: paperback
	novels, business and economy, cookbooks, a few science and computer
	books."  Open 10-23.  [12/09]
Shosen Book Tower (1-11-1 Kanda-Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku,  About 1 minute
	south of JR Akihabara Showa-dori Exit.  North of Hibiya Line
	Akihabara Exit 5 and Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamotocho Exit A3.
	5296-0051,  Fax 5296-0059)  "8 floors.  Computer book section on 2F
	among best in Tokyo.  They quit selling imported computer books.
	Some foreign paperback novels on 6F.  Like Shosen Grande and
	Bookmart in Jimbocho, selection appeals to the dedicated
	enthusiasts."  Open 10-21. [08/06]

Blue Parrot Akihabara closed Dec. '05.  The Takadanobaba store closed '12.
Book 1st Akihabara closed Mar. '09.
Nellies English Bookstore moved to Iidabashi Sept. '11.

Laox Computer Tower (which had an entire floor dedicated to computer books)
closed '07.  The Laox retail chain was bought by foreign capital in '09.
Now their focus is on foreigners visiting Japan.  Perhaps some books for
tourists are sold beside electric appliances in their duty-free mart.


Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station is far from Tobu Asakusa, Ginza Line Asakusa
and Toei Subway Asakusa.

Infinity Books (1F Komagata Heights 1-2-4 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku 130_0001,
	Between Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa and Honjo-Azumabashi.  If using
	Ginza Line Asakusa, take exit at south end of station and walk south
	down wide avenue.  Cross Sumida River at Komagata Bridge and proceed
	to the corner with Mercedes-Benz showroom.  Go due east, somewhat
	toward Tokyo Sky Tree.  Seek sign on south side of street.  Phone:
	080-3412-2564;  "Used foreign
	books.  Both fiction and non-fiction titles.  Formerly Caravan
	Books, Ikebukuro, which closed '05."  Open 11-23, -18 Sat, Sun
	(extended when events are held).  Closed Mon.


All stores in Toshima-ku, vicinity of Ikebukuro Terminal.  Tobu is on the
west side, Seibu is on the east side of JR tracks.  Stores on west side

Postal codes:
Higashi-Ikebukuro 171_0013, Nishi-Ikebukuro 171_0021, Minami-Ikebukuro

Hasshohdo (5-2-10 Nishi-Ikebukuro;  On south side of wide street, beyond
	Marui.  7 minutes from JR Ikebukuro West Exit.  Subway Ikebukuro
	Exit C2.  3981-1870)  "Used books, CDs and records.  Large
	collection of academic volumes on 2F.  Very few foreign books: all
	art."  Open 10-19.  Closed Sun, Hol.  [05/13]
Asahiya Ikebukuro (1-1-25 Nishi-Ikebukuro;  7F Tobu Dept. Store Plaza-kan,
	toward the south end of building.  3986-0311,  Fax 3985-1493;
	HQ Osaka)  "Large general bookstore on one floor.  Smaller than
	Libro but offers rich variety.  Very few foreign books.  Renovated
	July '05."  Open 10-20.  Closed irr.  [05/13]
Nishiyama Yosho (1F West One 1-2-2 Nishi-Ikebukuro;  South of Metropolitan
	Exit.  Walk along tracks and turn right at corner with underpass.
	Beyond tracks here is Junkudo.  3981-6301,  Fax 3981-3889)
	"Imported books from the US and Europe about trains, planes, ships
	and cars.  Mostly illustrated volumes.  Rather disorderly but vast
	collection, largest of its kind in Japan.  Branch in Kobe.  Ginza
	store closed August '12."  Open 11-20, 10-19 Sat, Sun, Hol.  [11/13]
Libro Ikebukuro (1-28-1 Minami-Ikebukuro;  South end of Seibu Dept. Store
	complex.  Indoor passage B1F (but not 1F).  5949-2910)  "Second
	largest bookstore in Ikebukuro.  Modest foreign section 3F.  Large
	art collection 2F.  Popular among young shoppers.  Merged with
	Parco Book Center March '00.  Chain stores expanded their foreign
	sections in a renovation spree starting Summer '02, but this policy
	didn't last."  Open 10-22.  [05/13]
Junkudo Ikebukuro (2-15-5 Minami-Ikebukuro;  South of East Exit.  Along
	Meiji-dori, near entrance of Azuma Arcade.  5956-6111,  Fax
	5956-6100,  HQ Kobe)  "First Junkudo in Tokyo area.  Expanded March
	'01.  Largest bookstore in Japan, and one of the largest worldwide.
	1,500,000 volumes on 77,300 square feet.  Like the Kyoto and Kobe
	stores, targets serious specialists.  Most English and French books
	9F.  Excluding design, economics and business (9F), foreign
	specialties in respective Japanese sections: Bibles in 4F religion
	section, Greek & Latin classics, Japanese language texts in 8F
	language section.  Picture books 8F.  Math & physics 7F.  Computer
	books 6F.  Humanities 4F.  German books 8F.  Chinese and Korean
	books 9F.  The foreign section is good but never crowded.  All cash
	registers on 1F: one stop check-out system."  Open 10-23, -22 Sun,
	Hol.  Closed Jan 1.  [11/13]
Book Off Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 dori (1-22-10 Higashi-Ikebukuro;  On Sunshine
	60 Street near Tokyu Hands.  Enter the wide avenue which leads
	outward from JR Ikebukuro East Exit and turn into the first street,
	which is usually crowded with pedestrians.  Note that there is also
	a Sunshine Street.  5953-2325)  "Used books.  Chain has many stores
	throughout Japan but this branch is particularly large and has a
	notable foreign section on 2F.  (Not all Book Off branches sell
	foreign books.)"  Open 10-23.  [11/13]
Bunseido (Wen Sheng Tang) (1-25-2 Nishi-Ikebukuro;  Near Hotel Sun City
	visible from northeast corner of JR Ikebukuro Station.  Exit 20a.
	2F of bldg. opposite of Chinese grocery Youkoujou (Yang Guang
	Cheng).  3590-0688,  Fax 3590-0789,
	"Books, magazines and audio/video media from Mainland China.  Recent
	arrivals.  Took place of Chion (Zhi Yin) which closed early 2010.
	Somewhat larger than Kakyou Meisei (Huaqiang Mingcheng) of Okubo."
	Open 10-22.  [05/13]

Horindo closed Dec. '03.  Chain headquarters moved to Takadanobaba.

Caravan Books closed Spring '05 and became an online store named
Infinity Books.  Reopened near Asakusa Jan '14.

Wise Owl Books closed Sept. '06.

Logos, the bookstore in Parco closed Feb. '10.

Zoshigaya (Mejiro):

Ehon House (1-7-14 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171_0031;  From Subway
	Fukutoshin Line Zoshigaya Exit 3 cross street (Mejiro-dori) and then
	the bridge (over Meiji-dori).  3 minutes from subway station.
	Nearby is the Kishimojin Shrine and Streetcar Kishimojin Station.
	About 8 minutes from JR Yamanote Line Mejiro.  3985-3350;  "Books for children.  Most books in
	English, but also some in French, German, Korean, Chinese, Thai,
	Persian and Hungarian.  Also toys."   Open Noon-18, 11- Sat, Sun,
	Hol.  Will open early on appointment.  [12/10]
Onakasuita (2-25-6 Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku 161-0032;  3 minutes from Mejiro
	5 (go-chome) Toei Bus stop.  In residential area southeast of
	intersection of Mejiro-dori and Yamate-dori.  Website has
	directions.  3950-3803,  "Small shop
	selling used cookbooks.  Some foreign books.  Moved from Asagaya Dec
	'13."  Open 11-20, 10-17 Sun.  Closed Fri, Sat.

Takadanobaba to Waseda:

This area has many used bookstores and is sometimes called 'the second
Jimbocho'.  About 30 stores in total, most between Takadanobaba 2 and
Nishi-Waseda bus stops along Waseda-dori, about 10-20 minutes from JR/Seibu
Takadanobaba by foot.  To the north are streetcar Omokagebashi and Waseda.

Waseda University is strong in the social sciences.  Bookstores here
generally have serious history, politics, law and literature collections.

Stores aligned west to east.

Bunryu (703 Heiwa Sogo Bldg. 1-33-6 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku 169_0075;  2
	blocks south of Big Box on street along tracks.  A small Book Off on
	1F.  3208-5445,  Fax 3208-5863;  "Italian
	books.  Dictionaries, language texts, travel, children's books,
	cookbooks.  Smaller collection than Italia Shobo, Jimbocho but
	entirely Italian."  Open 9:30-17:30.  Closed Sun, Hol, around the
	New Year.
Horindo Takadanobaba (1-26-5 Takadanobaba;  Above UFJ Bank, in front of east
	side (which has Big Box) of JR/Seibu Takadanobaba.  Subway Exit A4.
	3208-0241,  Fax 3208-0245)  "Largest general bookstore of area.  Now
	head of chain.  'Biblos' now closed.  Now only one long low shelf of
	foreign books, paperbacks, ELT and magazines."  Open 10-22:30,
	-21:30 Sat, -21 Sun.  [05/13]
Kinokonokuniya (2-13-7 Takadanobaba;  Turn north into narrow street between
	Tsutaya and noodle shop from Waseda-dori.  3205-6164)  "Lively, busy
	bargain used bookstore.  No foreign books beyond a handful of art
	volumes.  Name, an obvious pun on Kinokuniya, means 'Country of
	Mushroom'."  [05/13]
Japana Esperanto-Institut (12-3 Waseda-machi 162_0042;  South side of
	Waseda-dori.  2 minutes from Subway Waseda Exit 1, to the east.  15
	minutes from Subway O-Edo Line Ushigome Yanagimachi.  3203-4581,
	Fax 3203-4582;  "Office of the
	Esperanto Institute.  Small section of books in Esperanto.  Orders
	accepted."  Open 10-18.  Closed Sun, Mon, Hol.

Near JR/Seibu Takadanobaba there are two Book Off branches.  Both are near
JR tracks on the east side.  One is toward the north (roof sign visible),
another is beneath Bunryu.  The north branch has more foreign books.

Asakawa Shoten, near Waseda-dori Post Office has a handful of foreign books.

Blue Parrot Bookstore closed around Jan '12.
Manganomori closed July '07.
Hakuodo, Hagiwara Shoten and Waseda Shinseido closed.

"Waseda University is the top private university in Japan along with Keio.
Waseda is favored by diligent, upward-motivated sons and daughters of the
commoners.  For budget meals, Takadanobaba is one place to go."


The skyscrapers of Shinjuku are on the west side of the JR Station and
Odakyu/Keio/Seibu Terminals. Most of the commercial activity is on the east
side, along 'Metro Promenade', subterranean corridor above Subway Marunouchi
Line between Shinjuku and Shinjuku-Sanchome.

Daiichi Kyoukasho (1-22-20 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku 169_0073;  West side of
	JR Okubo Station (Chuo Line yellow trains).  Store is visible from
	the platform, beside a humorous human spine mural of a chiropractic
	clinic.  3363-2764,  Fax 3365-2463;  "Specialist selling educational
	material.  Large stock of government-approved school textbooks."
	Open 9-18, -17 Sat.  Closed Sun, Hol and August Saturdays.  See
	website for details.  [10/09]
Kakyou Meisei Shoten (Huaqiang Mingcheng Shudian) (2-11-2 Hyakunin-cho,
	Between JR Shin-Okubo and JR Okubo (North Exit) on Okubo-dori.  3F
	of building, above convenience store Sunkus.  5338-1766;  "Recent arrivals from Mainland China.
	Magazines, novels, fiction, non-fiction, books for children and
	audio/video media.  Notable health-care section."  Open 10-21.
Korea Plaza (1-12-1 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku 169_0072;  North side of
	Shokuan-dori, between Seibu Shinjuku (North Exit) and Subway
	Higashi-Shinjuku (South Exit).  JR Shin-Okubo (South Exit) is also
	close.  JR Okubo is somewhat far.  3232-5511,  Fax 3232-5514)
	"Books from South Korea.  Wide selection includes magazines, poetry,
	language study texts, computer books, contemporary literature and
	non-fiction.  Most customers are Japanese women looking for Korean
	pop culture artifacts.  Large CD, video collection 1F."  Open 10-20.
Book 1st Shinjuku (1-6-2 Nishi-Shinjuku 160_0023;  B1F&B2F
	Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, about 4 minutes from JR/Odakyu/Keio
	Shinjuku West Exit, toward Tokyo Metropolitan Government Hall.
	5339-7611)  "Opened Nov. '08.  Largest bookstore in the west side
	vicinity of JR Shinjuku.  900,000 books.  It has a foreign section,
	but the two Kinokuniyas are much better for foreign books."  Open
	10-23, -22 Sat, Sun, Hol.
France Tosho (1-12-9 Nishi-Shinjuku;  On 3rd block west of wide street along
	Keio Dept. Store.  Enter street by Yodobashi-Camera, turn left at
	the pharmacy opposite of Shinjuku Post Office.  Cocoon Tower is
	visible to the north.  On 4F of the 3rd building on east side.  6
	minutes from JR gates.  3346-0396,  Fax 3346-9154;  "French-language books.  Strong in
	serious literature, history and philosophy.  Some cookbooks and
	travel guides.  Staff speaks French."  Open 10-19, 13- Sat.  Closed
	Sun, Hol.  [07/09]
Book Off Shinjuku Higashi-guchi (3-18-1 Shinjuku 163_8636;  Slightly west of
	Kinokuniya Main Store (closer to Shinjuku Stn.) on same side of
	street.  Metro Promenade Exit B9.  Enter ground-level store selling
	shirts and take escalator.  5312-1310)  "Large store selling used
	books.  Foreign books 5F.  Opened July 19 '12."    Open 10-21.
Kinokuniya Main Store (3-17-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163_8636;  Metro
	Promenade Exit B7.  East side of JR/Odakyu/Keio Shinjuku.
	03-3354-0131,  3354-0757 (foreign books),  Fax 3354-0275;  "Head store of leading nationwide
	chain, established here in 1927.  Kinokuniya used to be synonymous
	to 'huge crowded successful bookstore' but now vigorous rivals are
	everywhere.  Money is the foremost concern of Shinjuku.
	Kinokuniya's strategy is to cultivate desire for information and
	make people addicted.  They're good at it.  New arrivals are
	aggressively marketed but quality is not compromised.  They carry
	thick stocks of 'hot' publications: thus popular among students and
	busy professionals.  Though smaller than the following Shinjuku
	South Store's, the foreign section on 7F is now among the largest in
	Tokyo.  Academic selection goes beyond publications: also sold in
	this building are fossils, globes, theater tickets and eyeglasses.
	The basement restaurants are for hurried people."  Open 10-21.
	Closed about once a month, on Wed.
Kinokuniya Shinjuku South Store (Takashimaya Times Square, 5-24-2 Sendagaya,
	Shibuya-ku 151_0051;  Walk through Takashimaya.  JR Shinjuku
	Shin-Minami Exit or South Exit.  About 10 minutes from main store.
	03-5361-3301,  5361-3316 (foreign books),  Fax 5361-3300)  "Foreign
	books 6F.  Large collection of imported art and hobby books
	(photography, cinema, cooking, etc.)  Strong in the humanities,
	literature and language study aids.  But also good collection of
	science and computer books.  Large number of books about Japan.
	Significant French section.  Several shelves German.  Some Chinese,
	Spanish and Italian."  Open 10-20:30 Sat.  Closed about once a
	month, on Wed.  [06/13]
Tower Records Shinjuku (3-37-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 160_0022;  10F Flags.
	Just outside JR Shinjuku East-South Exit.  Faces Times Square.
	5360-7811;  HQ Shibuya)  "Used to sell imported music and art
	related books, but the book section shrank dramatically when the
	store renovated in April '12.  Some music and fashion magazines and
	scores for classics."  Open 11-23.  Closed irr.  [12/12]
Oasis Book Center (2-7-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku 151_0053;  Between Nishishinjuku
	1-chome Intersection (first corner west of viaduct) and Hotel
	Sunroute.  6F of bldg. with Rion, which faces McDonald's.  JR
	Shinjuku South Exit.  3370-9231,  Fax 5350-7952;  "Christian books.  One shelf Chinese books.
	Run by the Word of Life Press Ministries.  Many branches nationwide.
	Closely associated with CLC Books (HQ Ochanomizu)."  Open 10-20.
	Closed Sun.  [11/11]

Junkudo Shinjuku closed March '12.
Nellie's Shinjuku showroom closed Jan '06.
Try Soft (American Hero comics) closed '07.


"Yoyogi" used to mean "Communist Party" in political talk.  Today this area
is known for the large yobikou, institutions teaching the art of winning

Touhou Shoten (Dongfeng Shudian) (1-35-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151_0053;
	West side of JR Yoyogi, along tracks.  Subway exit A2 or A3.  3F
	Yoyogi Kaikan, above closed pachinko parlor.  To the north on same
	side of street is Oasis Book Center.  3370-6769)  "Floor packed with
	piles to the ceiling with books from Taiwan and Mainland China.
	Academic books.  No conversation guides for students; no recent
	best-sellers.  Building is mostly deserted except for this store; it
	appears that it is holding out against a landlord who wants to tear
	it down and build anew.  This is different from Toho Shoten,
	Jimbocho."  Open 10-18.  Closed Sun, Hol.  [11/11]
Miwa Shoten (4-25-6 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku 151_0051;  Meiji-dori, across the
	street from Communist Party HQ.  Between Chuo Line tracks and
	highway.  3402-4146)  "Small shop dedicated to communism and
	socialism.  Sells books on ecology, education, etc. besides party
	manifestoes.  Few or no English books.  No books in German, Russian
	or Chinese."  [11/11]


All stores in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Note that Tokyu has stores in the district.  Tokyu Plaza is across the
street on the west side, beyond the bus terminal.  Tokyu Main Store is about
10 minutes from the station. 

Kinokuniya Shibuya (5F Tokyu Plaza 1-2-2 Dogenzaka;  Across the bus terminal
	from JR Shibuya South Exit.  3463-3241,  Fax 3496-5908;
	HQ Shinjuku)  "General bookstore.  Has modest, well focused, English
	book corner."  Open 10-20.
Flying Books (1-6-3 Dogenzaka;  2F Shibuya Kosho Center.  On block between
	Tokyu Plaza and Mark City West.  Website has map.  3463-8151,  Fax
	3463-8152;  "Unique collection.
	Photography, graphic design, vintage magazines and picture books.
	Prices are high.  For connoisseurs.  (Shibuya Kosho Center
	downstairs has some foreign books at bargain prices.  Look for them
	at the shelves near the entrances.)"  Open Noon-20.  Closed Sun.  1F
	Open 11-20.  [01/08]
Tower Books (1-22-14 Jinnan;  North of JR Shibuya, beyond Taiseido and Marui
	Young-kan.  In Tower Records, about 4 minutes from Hachiko Exit.
	3496-3661;  "Owned by CD/record
	retailer.  Formerly one of the largest English collections in Tokyo
	but slimmed down with renovation November '12.  Books now on 2F,
	floor shared with cafe.  Many culture and hobby related titles, not
	just music: art, photography, food and life-style.  Not for serious
	non-fiction or books on Japan.  The other floors sell music in CD
	format.  Internet-based music download services may be growing but
	the store remains popular.  Tower Records Japan is an independent
	company with no capital ties to Tower Records (US).  Open 10-23.
	Closed irr, about 4 days per year.  [Also many music magazines on
	floors of Tower Records.] [02/13]
Parco Book Center (B1F Shibuya Parco Part 1, 15-1 Udagawa-cho 150_0042;
	Head north from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit, turn left at corner
	with Marui.  3477-8736)  "Large general bookstore popular among
	young shoppers.  Foreign books in Logos section.  The business
	philosophy of retail tycoon/novelist Seiji Tsutsumi, founder of
	Seibu Saison Parco Group, is to 'sell symbols'.  Merged with Libro
	March '00.  Also known as 'Libro Shibuya'."  Open 10-21 through
Logos (B1F Parco Part 1;  3496-7362)  "Section of Parco Book Center.  With
	50,000 books and magazines in stock, probably largest collection of
	imported art, design and photography volumes in Tokyo.  Also
	cookbooks, life-style books and a bit of paperback literature.
	Formerly 'Art Logos'.  Sometimes called 'Yosho Logos'.  Not to be
	confused with 'Logos Gallery'.  Parco creates and discards brand
	names frequently; even staff gets confused."  [11/13]
Shibuya Mandarake (B2F Shibuya BEAM 31-2 Udagawa-cho;  Inokashira-dori.
	Enter street beneath bridges between Seibu Dept. Store blocks, turn
	right at police box.  5 minutes from JR Shibuya Hachiko Exit.  Visit
	website: for map.  3477-0777,  Fax
	3462-2647;  Main Store: Nakano)  "Huge collection of used manga
	comics on one floor.  Well organized.  This store is famous for
	costume shows."
Book Off Shibuya Center Gai (32-13 Udagawa-cho;  North side of Center Gai,
	south of Shibuya BEAM.  If taking Inokashira-dori enter alley on
	left side of police box.  5428-4809)  "Used books.  Foreign section
	on 2F is probably the second largest among Book Off branches in
	Tokyo, after the Shirokanedai store."  Open 11-23.  [11/13]
Maruzen & Junkudo Shibuya (2-24-1 Dogenzaka 150_8019;  7F Tokyu Dept. Store
	Main.  Rather far from Shibuya Station.  See Bunkamura's website for
	map.  5456-2111)  "Largest in Shibuya with 1.3 million books.
	Opened September '10.  Quite large foreign section."  [07/12]
Tokyu Bunkamura Bookshop (2-24-1 Dogenzaka 150_8507;  B1F Tokyu Bunkamura,
	annex of Tokyu Dept. Store Main.  Bunkamura's website has map and
	step-by-step directions:;  3477-9134)
	"Renowned collection of fine art volumes.  Some art-related books
	but no ordinary novels.  Run by Nadiff."  Open 10-21. [07/07]
Shibuya Publishing Booksellers (17-3 Kamiyama-cho 150_0047;  On Kitayama
	Street between Tokyu Department Store and Odakyu Yoyogi-Hachiman
	Stn.  5465-0577;  "Very small shop.
	Many art books, a few imported.  Interesting concept: a
	workshop/store where editors and customers can see each other, as in
	some bakeries."  Open Noon-midnight, -22 Sun.  Closed around New
	Year, mid Aug. and irr. [07/12]
Tsutaya Daikanyama T-Site (17-5 Sarugaku-cho 150_0033;  North of Tokyu
	Daikanyama Stn on Kyu-Yamate-dori.  3770-2525;  "Large store in stylish neighborhood,
	an object of awesome praise and equally strong criticism.
	Innovative concept, chic interior.  Only Japanese store in
	Flavorwire's list of 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world.
	They have done a superb job showing people that books can be used to
	effect when decorating one's room.  Many imported magazines.
	Notable collection of imported automobile books, provided by
	Lindbergh.  Some foreign cookbooks, travel books and paperbacks.
	Tower Records has more cookbooks; Maruzen-Junkudo Shibuya is much
	better for paperback fiction and non-fiction.  Their policy
	regarding imported books and magazines may change."  Open 7AM-2AM.

There is a large Bunkyodo on the east side of JR Shibuya.  Some foreign

Book 1st Shibuya closed Oct '07.  Now there is a small store near the
entrance of Bunkamura-dori.  (Some imported magazines but no foreign books.
Subway Hanzomon Line Exit 3.)

Taiseido (main) closed Jun '05.  The Bunko Tower is still open.

InterSpain closed Sept '07.  A new store opened in the
Tokyo Cervantes Institute (east side of JR Yotsuya).

The Comix (Manganomori) closed May '06.  Online sales continued for a about
year and closed down completely Jul '07.

Arban (Orient Luxe; military) moved to Gotanda '04.  Moved back to Shibuya
'06 and closed around '08.

"For Jimbocho from the elevated tracks of Shibuya Terminal take the Ginza
Line one station to Omote-Sando."

Ebisu, Shirokanedai, Gotanda, Osaki:

Yurindo Ebisu (1-5-5 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku 150_0022;  5F Atre, above JR
	tracks.  5475-8384,  Fax 5475-8389;  HQ Yokohama)  "Large general
	bookstore.  Many foreign magazines.  Foreign section has 1 tall
	shelf each literature, language texts and books on Japan."  Open
	10-21:30.  [08/07]
Yaesu Book Center Ebisu (4-20-7 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku 105_0013;  Mitsukoshi
	Dept. Store 2F, Ebisu Garden Place.  5423-1203;  HQ Yaesu)  "General
	bookstore with some emphasis on books for children and women.
	Foreign section about as large as Yurindo's.  Many magazines."  Open
	11-20.  Closed irr.
Nadiff (1-18-4 Ebisu 150_0013;  East of Ebisu Business Tower.  3446-4977,
	Fax 3446-4978;  "Art.  Opened July 2008.
	Nadiff=New Art DIFFusion."  Open Noon-20.
Book Off Shirokanedai (4-3-19 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108_0071;  East
	of Subway Shirokanedai Exit 2.  20 minutes from JR Meguro by foot.
	5475-5696)  "Branch of Japan's leading used bookseller chain, with
	an exceptionally large foreign section: 40% of the store.  40,000
	books in foreign languages.  Foreign books from 200 yen."  Open
	10-22.  [12/12]
Good Day Books (3F Tokai Building, 2-4-2 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
	141_0031;  North of JR Gotanda West Exit.  Subway Exit A2.  On
	street running along Yamanote Line tracks on the west side.  Yellow
	logo on window visible from trains if you pay attention.  Entrance
	on the south side of building with shoe seller.  6303-9116,  Visit
	website for map and hours:  "English
	books, 80% used.  Wide selection includes books on Japan, history,
	science fiction.  About half of collection paperback novels.  The
	shelves are now completely filled and they do not always accept
	books brought in for resale.  They don't pay cash for your used
	books, instead they issue purchase vouchers valid for one year in
	this store only.  (Ask them for further details.)  Richest
	collection of used English books in Japan.  Moved Feb. 2012 from
	Ebisu to Gotanda."  Open 11-20, -18 Sun, Hol.  [07/12]
Tokyo Design Center (5-25-19 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku 141_0022;  North
	side of JR Gotanda East Exit.  Subway Exit A7.  Red sign visible
	from Yamanote Line platform.  3445-1341,  Fax 3445-1592;  "Architecture, interior
	design.  Small shop."  Open 11-19, 12-18 Sat, Sun.  Closed Hol.

Arban (Orient Luxe, military) closed.
Bunseido Osaki closed Dec. '11.

Mail/Fax/Online Services:

Phone numbers in this section start from long-distance code. Japan (  "Japanese books and foreign
	books.  Their arrival has been compared to the 'Black Ships' of
	Commodore Perry."  "They have usually the best prices in town.
	(Sometimes there's a wait, sometimes not).  Some English guidance on
	their site.  Postage free when you order for 1500 Yen or more."
	"It's worth comparing prices here with those of (U.S.)
	and (England).  They are separate entities and hold
	bargain sales independently."
Infinity Books (1-2-4 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130_0001;  080-3412-2564,  "Used books.  Large, diverse
	collection.  Former Caravan Books (Ikebukuro).  At least the
	shipping prices are reasonable for the stock resides in Japan.
	Opened store near Asakusa March '14."
Hoshio Bookshelf (1290 Hoshio, Nanmoku-mura, Kagura-gun, Gunma-ken 370_2816;
	0274-87-2385,  Fax 0274-87-3128;  "Agent that
	locates and imports foreign books on demand.  No catalog, no
	web-site.  Customers just phone or fax and describe what they want.
	The price may be a bit high but they have a reputation for prompt
Eco-College (529-1 Kawamoto, Kawamoto-machi, Ochi-gun, Shimane-ken 696_0001;
	0855-72-2760,  Fax 0855-72-2780;
	"Academic.  Handles both Japanese and foreign books.  Located in a
	small village in western Shimane-ken.  Does most business through
	mail and internet.  Most books stored in branch/warehouse in
	Kisuki-cho."  Open 9-17.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol, early May, etc.
	Appointment recommended.
Entaku Books (299 Kawaguchi, Fuji-Kawaguchiko-cho, Minami-Tsuru-gun,
	Yamanashi-ken 401_0304;  0555-20-4055,  Fax 0555-20-4055;  "Japanese and foreign books.
	English literature and academic books.  Online catalog available."
Gauss Shoten (2-41-44 Mutsukawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi 232_0066;
	045-730-4596,  Fax 045-730-4598;
	"Used books.  As the store name implies, specialist of math and
	science books.  Also some economics and business administration
	books.  Mail and internet order only."
Shihodo (1294-8 Arahata, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama-ken 359_1133;
	04-2922-3762;  "Math, science and
	engineering books.  Many foreign books.  Closed Jimbocho store in
	'93.  They do all sales online.  Web pages are entirely in
	Japanese."  [08/07]
Shinsei-do Books (7-1-26 Sakurayama, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa-ken 249_0005;
	South of Keikyu Shin-Zushi.  Phone/Fax 0468-70-6727;)  "Specialist
	of dictionaries and linguistic studies of languages from around the
	world.  Don't expect used Websters on bargain here.  Closed Jimbocho
	store in '01.  Now does most business through internet & catalog
	order.  Note: website down, phone number not listed in NTT online
	directory Jan '14."
Taiseido Shoten (1-2-4 Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180_0022;  North side of
	JR Chuo Line Musashi-Sakai Station.  0422-36-2555,  Fax
	0422-36-2555;  "Used books.
	Academic.  Strong in old medical books and the history of medical
	research.  Has online catalog.  Does most business through the
	internet."  Open 9:30-18.  Closed Sun, Hol.  Appointment
Kaifu Shoten (Haifeng Shudian) (86-1 Hazama, Tateyama-shi, Chiba-ken
	294_0307;  047-029-2191;
	"Chinese-language books from Taiwan.  Jimbocho store, called Koujudo
	(Guangrutang) at one point, closed August '09."
Bondi Books (Comoalta 301 3-28-10 Kami-Shakujii, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo 177_0044;
	090-6045-7418;  "First editions in
	photography, art and literature.  Started as a bargain
	used-bookstore in Kichijoji.  Moved to Jimbocho and changed focus in
	'08 but didn't last long there."  Open on appointment.
Lindbergh (Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo;
	"Largest collection in country of auto, motorcycle, truck books.
	Many imported volumes, finely divided by manufacturer.  Closed
	Oyamadai store in late '11.  Collection moved to Tsutaya Daikanyama
	T-Site, which it continues to manage."
Rakuda-sha (4-17-8 Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165_0027;  03-6479-4413)  "Books
	from Asia and Africa."
DFB Trading (2-1-13 Takanawa, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108_0074;  03-5789-2072,  Fax
	03-5789-2073;  "Cookbooks for
	professionals."  Open 10-18.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol.
Spain Shobo (Higashi-Matsushima-shi, Miyagi-ken;  Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American
Hangul no Mori (Kiyosu-shi, Aichi-ken;  052-433-4757;  Korean books.  Opened 2008.
Lingus (B Watanabe-so, 3-10-6 Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194_0022;
	Phone/Fax 042-726-1255;  "Used
	books.  Mostly magazines.  Had some imported science fiction in the
	past.  Most sales online.  Store in residential area northeast of
	JR/Odakyu Machida is hard to find and hours are irregular.
	Appointment recommended if visiting."
E. Mecklenburg (4-6-10 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164_0001;  03-5343-1638)
	"German-language books.  Hibiya store closed '92.  Fax title,
	author, publisher and ISBN (if available) to order.  No catalog
	available.  Books take from one month to one month and a half to
	arrive." according to the lady on the phone.

Skysoft closed Jan '06.
Connaught Books closed.
Akaikutsu closed Dec '12.

Most Japanese old book dealers issue catalogs once to several times

Major Foreign Collections Used Books Subject Index
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  • Mathematics
  • Medical
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  • Music
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  • Social Studies (law, economics)
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