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Last Change: 19 Feb 2014 ============================================================================ Districts listed in this file: Matsudo Tsukuba Mito Hitachi City Tsudanuma other East Tokyo, Chiba areas Central Tokyo Subject Index, Tokyo area -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ General notes on address, phone conventions, hours, etc. in Japan Looking for bargains? Buying books in Japan Insights of the trade: Publishing books in Japan Other sources and reference material on bookstores in Japan Glossary of Japanese publishing terms Acknowledgements ============================================================================ Matsudo NTT long-distance area code Matsudo: 0473. Horie Ryoubundo (1225 Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba-ken 271_0092; JR Matsudo East Exit. Accessible from pedestrian deck. 65-5121) "Probably second largest bookstore in Matsudo after Junkudo (see below.) Perhaps a few foreign books 5F; don't expect much." Open 10-22:30, -21:30 Sat, Sun, Hol. Junkudo Matsudo Isetan (1307-1 Matsudo; 8F Isetan Dept. Store. 308-5111; HQ Kobe) "Opened July 2013. Few or no foreign books. Replaces Kinokuniya Matsudo Isetan." Open 10-19, -21 Sept. 2013 and onward. ============================================================================ Tsukuba NTT long-distance area code Tsukuba: 029. Stores aligned north to south. Tsukuba University Univ. Hall Book Dept. (3-1-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305_0005; University Hall (Daigaku Kaikan) Annex 3F. Office in building with M logo across the street. 858-0409; "Run by Maruzen, Tokyo. Not a coop store. Foreign section good for a campus bookstore: magazines, paperbacks, Penguin classics, math, physics, economics, linguistics and some books on Japan. Best foreign collection in the region." Open 9:50-18:30, -17:30 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. Tsukuba Gakuen Bunko (3-21-3 Amakubo; North of baseball field. Phone/Fax 856-0322) "Neat place selling used books. Proprietor well informed. Sign outside reads 'Students of Tsukuba *Elementary* School: Put books back where they were or stay out of here.' Small paperback collection and some imported textbooks." Gakuentoshi Kosho Center (1-1 Amakubo; Amakubo Shopping Center. 851-1825) "Large collection of used books but disorganized compared to Imashiroya. Many computer books in Japanese. Foreign college textbooks here and there. Small paperback collection outside. This mall used to have two or three more used bookstores. One was Imashiroya." Yuuhoudou Main Store (3-8-6 Azuma 305_0031; Northeast of Expo Park. 852-3665) "Regional chain. Serious bookstore (manga section kept small) but no foreign books." Open 10-22 through year. Libro Tsukuba (1-7-1 Azuma; 5F Seibu Dept. Store, near Tsukuba Express Station and Bus Terminal. 863-1248; HQ Ikebukuro) "General bookstore. Some foreign books." Open 10-20. The ALIEN TIMES, a local publication, has some information on books: The book exchange in Tsukuba Christian Center is no longer active. [09/11] "Tsukuba Public Library has a foreign section. Books in English, Chinese, Korean, Russian. Only community library around Tokyo with a Russian section." (2-8 Azuma 305_0031; In Expo Center Park. 029-856-4311 Fax 856-6277) "Tsukuba, home of many a research institute, is an academic Brasilia, child of state plans to move institutes out of central Tokyo where land is dear. For some reason, neither the publishing houses nor the academic bookstores of Kanda-Jimbocho followed." ============================================================================ Mito NTT long-distance area code: Mito 029. Kawamata Shoten, on the street in Miya-machi near JR Mito closed May '11. The great earthquake of March 11 caused visible damage to the building but Kawamata says the decision was purely commercial. Kawamata Shoten has a large branch near the Ibaraki-ken Gov't Hall (Kencho) which sells foreign books. [978-25 Kasahara-cho; 029-301-1811; Open 10-22.] ============================================================================ Hitachi City NTT long-distance area codes: Hitachi-shi 0294; Tokai-mura 029. Sato Shoten Mymall Ginza (1-9-7 Benten-machi, Hitachi-shi 317_0072; Between Ito Yokado and Tadokoro Honjin, on right side of street, second block from JR Hitachi. 21-3168) "Used bookstore. Prefers older titles. Small collection of books about Ibaraki." Open throughout year. Tadokoro Shoten Main Store (1-12-9 Kashima, Hitachi-shi 317_0071; On left side of red brick street beyond road between Ito Yokado towers. About 7 minutes from JR Hitachi. 22-5537) "Used to be the largest bookstore in Hitachi City. Closed once around 2002 and reopened about a year later. Only one floor; the second floor which had technical books and foreign books closed. Books Tadokoro, the branch in Ito Yokado became Kita Shoten." Ohno Shoten (819-26 Funaishikawa, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki-ken 319_1111; About 5 minutes north of JR Tokai Station, on road on west side along tracks. 282-2098) "General bookstore large for a town this size. Many titles on nuclear technology. Books about the dangers of nuclear energy and reports of the JCO accident were piled and selling well when visited in December 1999." ============================================================================ Tsudanuma NTT long-distance area code Narashino: 047. Kumazawa Shoten Tsudanuma (1-1-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino-shi, Chiba-ken 275_0016; 4F&5F Hotel Mets, in building on south side of JR Tsudanuma. 475-8311, Fax 470-1004) "Foreign books on 5F: about 4 shelves." Open 9-23, 10- Sat, Sun, Hol. [05/06] Maruzen Tsudanuma (7-7-1 Yatsu, Narashino-shi 275_0026; Southeast side of JR Tsudanuma. 470-8311, Fax 470-8316; HQ Tokyo) "Large store. Good for Japanese technical books. Expanded July '11. Foreign section 2F. Has more foreign books than any store in Chiba." Open 10-21. ============================================================================ Other areas: Major bookstores in eastern Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki have smaller foreign sections compared to those in the western Tokyo suburbs, if at all. A mid-sized Kinokuniya opened in Toyosu LaLaport (2-4-9 Toyosu, Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo 135_0061; Subway Yurakucho Line and Yurikamome) Oct '06. Some foreign books. Open 10-21. A large Kinokuniya opened in Nagareyama Ohtakanomori (Junction of Tsukuba Express and Tobu Noda Line) Mar '07. Foreign section is quite large. Kinokuniya's Kashiwa branch is now closed. Maruzen Kita-Senju closed May '09. The Asahiya in Aeon Urawa-Misono (3710 Daimon, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi 336_8760; 048-812-2123) has a foreign section. Open 9-23. The Asahiya in Shin-Koshigaya is quite large but has few foreign books. Aeon Mall Makuhari-Shintoshin which opened Dec '13 has a large Tsutaya. Some foreign magazines. Open 9-22. The Maruzen in Maihama Ikspiari has some foreign books. Book Store Dan, Plena Makuhari (JR Keiyo Line Kaihin-Makuhari) has a foreign shelf. In Chiba City, Sanseido (in Sogo), Kiddy Land (in front of JR Chiba East Exit, underground) and Kaizosha (in Parco) have small foreign collections. Narita Airport has three bookstores. See Make sure to bring ID to get past security. ============================================================================ Copyright Notice Information contained in this FAQ is compiled from many sources. The compiler accepts no responsibility for the comments contained herein. 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