Bookstores in Japan

Western Japan (west of Kobe)

Last Change: 11 Feb 2018 ============================================================================ Note: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] format; no date means latest visit was before April 2006. ============================================================================ Cities listed in this file: Himeji Okayama Tamano Kurashiki Kure Hiroshima Tottori Yonago Matsue Kisuki Nagato-shi Tokushima Takamatsu Matsuyama Kochi Sakawa Kita-Kyushu Fukuoka   Fukuoka Hakata (JR Hakata Station)   Fukuoka Tenjin Kurume Saga Sasebo Nagasaki Kumamoto Oita Miyazaki Kagoshima -------------- Stores with Mail/Fax/Online services Bookstores in other cities of Japan Bookstores in other cities of the world ============================================================================ General notes on address, phone conventions, hours, etc. in Japan Looking for bargains? Buying books in Japan Insights of the trade: Publishing books in Japan Other sources and reference material on bookstores in Japan Glossary of Japanese publishing terms Acknowledgements ============================================================================ Himeji NTT long-distance area code: Himeji 0792. Junkudo Himeji (222 Tofu-machi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo-ken 670_0914; 2F PLiE Himeji, JR Himeji Station Mall. 21-8280, Fax 21-8281; HQ Kobe) "Large general bookstore. Relocated Dec. '08. Some foreign books." Open 10-20. [01/13] Shinko Shoten closed. ============================================================================ Okayama All stores in Kita-ku, Okayama-shi. NTT long-distance area code: Okayama 086. Maruzen Okayama Symphony Bldg. (1-5-1 Omote-cho 700_0822; Streetcar Shiroshita. Follow underground passage from platform to Symphony Bldg. 233-4640, Fax 233-4610; HQ Tokyo) "Foreign books 1F. Many books on Japan. Very few imported science or technology books. Some French, German and Chinese titles. Has most foreign books in Okayama." [01/13] Open 10-20. Kinokuniya Cred Okayama (1-8-45 Nakasange 700_0821; Near Central Post Office, Okayama-ken Gov't Hall and Near Tenma-ya Bus Terminal. Streetcar Yubinkyoku-mae. 212-2551, Fax 212-2550; HQ Tokyo) "One large floor. The other Kinokuniya closed '05. A few foreign books." Open 10-20. [01/13] Junkudo Okayama (in Vivre, former Kikuya) closed May '14. "There is a Sanseido in the Sun Station Terrace (station mall). No foreign books." [11/08] ============================================================================ Tamano NTT long-distance area code: Tamano 0863. Books 451 (1607-5 Miishi, Hachihama-cho, Tamano-shi, Okayama-ken 706_0222; Near Miishi bus stop on Okayama - Uno line. Building with "F451" logo visible from bus road. Entrance on opposite side. An hour by foot from Hachihama rail station. 51-2920;, "Small shop with interesting collection of mostly Japanese literature and illustrated books. Some foreign books: picture books, science fiction and works by Ray Bradbury, including namesake FAHRENHEIT 451." Open Noon-18 Sat, Sun, Hol and on appointment. [01/13] ============================================================================ Kurashiki NTT long-distance area code: Kurashiki 086. Miyawaki Shoten (1-1-1 Achi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 710_0055; JR Kurashiki Mall Le Blanc 4F; 435-2877; HQ Takamatsu) "Probably second largest in city. 1 shelf foreign books." Open -21. Closed Jan 1st and 3rd Tue of Sept. [2004] Kikuya Kurashiki (1 Mizue, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 710_8560; 2F Aeon Kurashiki Shopping Center, between JR tracks, Route 2 Bypass and Takahashi River. 430-5450) "Richer collection than Miyawaki Shoten above. About 2 shelves on pottery. Several shelves foreign books. Shopping center has large free parking lots. Shuttle bus runs to and from JR Kurashiki North Exit: 160 yen one way." Open 10-21. [2004] ============================================================================ Kure NTT long-distance area code: Kure 0823. Futaba Cresta (1-16 Takaramachi, Kure-shi, Hiroshima-ken 737_0029; In Station Mall, Cresta. 20-0911, Fax 25-8550) "Somewhat smaller than Sogo store. 1 rack foreign books." Open 9:30-22. [~2002] Sogo Book Center (1-1-1 Nishi-Chuo 737_0811; 7F Sogo, in front of Kure Station. 27-2715) "Large general bookstore. Small section of foreign books. Run by Kobunkan, Hiroshima." Open 10-21. [~2002] ============================================================================ Hiroshima NTT long-distance area code: Hiroshima-shi, Fuchu-cho 082. Eastern Suburbs: -------------- Futaba Tosho Tera Hiroshima Fuchu (3F Aeon Mall Hiroshima Fuchu 2-1-1-3022 Osu, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun 735_8588; 9 minutes by foot from JR Sanyo Line Tenjingawa Stn, to the north. 7 minutes from Geibi Line Yaga, to the east. Tenjingawa has more trains. Shuttle bus available from JR Hiroshima Shinkansen side exit: 100 yen, 3-4 runs per hour. Note that there is also a Fuchu City at the east edge of Hiroshima-ken, north of Fukuyama. To distinguish area around this mall is called "Aki-Fuchu". Phone 561-0770) "Opened 2004. Large store with 800,000 books in stock and sales of 7 million yen per day. Foreign books, intended as study material, in children's book section. The clerk in charge gives this advice: 'Rather than struggle through a tough book constantly looking up words in a dictionary, coast through several books that are less challenging.' Free parking: 4 hours on weekdays, 3 hours weekends." Open 9-23. [01/14] Northern Suburbs: -------------- Futaba Tosho Mega Nakasuji (4-11-7 Nakasuji, Asa-Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi 731_0122; On Gion-Shindo, between Astram Line Nakasuji Station and Sanyo Expressway Hiroshima I.C. 4 minutes to the north of station. 830-0600, Fax 830-0611) "First suburban drive and shop mega-bookstore in Japan. Claims 700,000 books in stock as of fall '01. (It was '300,000 titles, 500,000 books' the summer before.) Rich collection of Japanese art, science, computer and medical books. Nice collection of nautical and marine biology titles. Foreign selection rather small for a store this size: about 2 shelves. No emphasis on war-related titles. Annex sells used Japanese books." Open 10-midnight, -1AM Sat. [11/17] JR Hiroshima Terminal: -------------- Junkudo Hiroshima Eki-mae (9-1 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku 732_0822; 10F Fukuya Hiroshima-Ekimae. Across the street from JR Hiroshima South Exit. 568-3000, Fax 568-3666; HQ Kobe) "Smaller than Futaba Mega Nakasuji and Futaba Giga Fuchu but rich selection appeals to specialists. Probably this store has the most foreign books and magazines in city. 8 tall shelves paperback fiction and non-fiction. Some war-related titles, with emphasis on Hiroshima's A-bomb experience." Open 10-21. [11/17] Futaba Giga (2-22 Matsubara-cho; East of JR Hiroshima South Exit. 568-4770, Fax 568-4670) "Opened '01. Claims a collection of 500,000 books. New books 1F (no foreign titles). Used books 3F, 4F." 1F open 9-22, 4F 10-22. [01/09] There is a medium-sized Kobunkan in Hiroshima Station Asse Station Mall. No foreign books. [01/14] Kamiyacho and Hondori: -------------- This is the downtown district of Hiroshima, near A-Bomb Dome and Memorial Park. Stores aligned north to south, west to east. Kamiyacho Streetcar stop was divided into two stops, Kamiyacho-Higashi (east) and Kamiyacho-Nishi (west) in 2001. There is little difference and most local maps do not make the distinction. All stores in Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken. Hiroshima Seifu Kankoubutsu Service Center (6-30 Kami-Hattchobori 730_0012; 1F Goudou-chousha (joint govt. offices) bldg. 2, east side of castle. Streetcar Kamiyacho. 222-6012, Fax 222-6013) "Periodicals, surveys, official reports from the Japanese government. This shop is state-run but known for its business-oriented mindset. Also sells maps, computer tutorials and popular business titles. Few if any foreign-language books." Open 9:30-17:30 Weekdays. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. [~2002] Kinokuniya Hiroshima (6-27 Motomachi 730_0011; 6F Hiroshima Center Bldg, which has Sogo Dept. Store. Above bus terminal. Streetcar Kamiyacho-Nishi. 225-3232, Fax 211-0223; HQ Tokyo) "Large store. Many foreign paperbacks, language texts and books on Japan. No imported science or computer books." Open 10-20. [11/17] [Hiroshima has another Kinokuniya. It is about as large as the downtown store, but does not sell foreign books.] Book Off Hiroshima Otemachi (2-7-6 Otemachi 730_0051; Faces former Bank of Japan branch. Streetcar Fukuro-machi. About 4 minutes from Kamiyacho Intersection by foot. 543-6216) "Used books. Largest Book Off branch in area. Two shelves foreign books." Open 10-22. [11/17] Outsider Global Lounge (2F Nakano Bldg. 1-5-17 Kamiyacho 730_0031; On block south of Iyo Bank and northwest of Kokusai Hotel. North side of block with a used book seller on northeast corner and Academy branch on west side. First floor is the entrance of a multi-level parking lot. 244-8145, Fax 244-8146; "Former 'Book Nook'. Renamed April '08. Multi-purpose meeting room of a language school. Used foreign books sold. Largest such store west of Kobe. Also internet access, food and drinks." Open Noon-21, -23 Fri & Sat. Closed Sun, Hol. [01/14] Academy Shoten Kinza-gai Main Store (1-7 Hondori; Kinza-gai, between Fukuya and Parco. Streetcar Hattchobori. Phone/Fax 247-3118) "Used books. Well organized. From their collection of first editions: 'Shirobamba' 4000 yen. 'Kirikirijin' 1000 yen. (Aug. 2000) Some foreign books: philosophy, history, paperbacks." Open 10-20 through year. [Branch in Kamiyacho: 1-5-11 Kamiyacho; 247-8333; A few foreign books.] [11/17] Kobunkan Kinza-gai Main Store (1-11 Hondori; Block north of Parco. South of Academy Shoten and streetcar Hattchobori. 249-1611, Fax 541-5391) "Head of chain with several stores in Hiroshima. One shelf foreign books, focused on Hiroshima, 1F. Better than nearby Maruzen for books tourists would want." [11/17] [Chain HQ: Phone 248-2391, Fax 248-2393] Maruzen Hiroshima (5-22 Ebisu-cho 730_0021; 7F&8F of building with LABI Yamada Denki at ground level. Streetcar Hattchobori. 504-6210, Fax 504-6230) "Opened October '10 as Junkudo & Maruzen. Maruzen from June '12. Largest bookstore in Hiroshima. Foreign section 7F, near elevators, rather bland for a Maruzen: only paperback fiction and non-fiction. Location is slightly north of the old Maruzen which closed '02." Open 10:30-22. [08/11] Sekizenkan closed Summer '03. Kinshodo closed January '11. Parco Book Center (Libro) closed October '11. Hiroshima University, Kasumi Campus: -------------- Inoue Shoten (1-4-10 Deshio, Minami-ku 734_0001; North side of street which leads to campus gates. 254-5257) "Mostly medical, some architecture. Imported medical books 2F." [2004] Hiroshima University, Higashi-Sendamachi Campus: -------------- Most of Hiroshima Univ. has moved from here to Higashi-Hiroshima. When visited in 2004, the owner of Kandori Shoten, then head of the local used booksellers' union, said no stores have followed. Kandori Shoten moved out of Hiroshima City to Kumano-cho shortly thereafter. Daigakudo (1-12-6 Senda-machi, Naka-ku 730_0052; West side of street near Kandori. 241-9491) "Used books. Academic. Very few foreign books." [2004] ============================================================================ Tottori NTT long-distance area code: Tottori 0857. Imai Shoten Yoshinari (310 Kanou, Tottori-shi, Tottori-ken 680_0874; South of city center and JR Tottori Stn. 51-7020, Fax 51-7025, HQ Yonago) "Largest bookstore in Tottori City. No foreign books but orders accepted." Open 10-22. [Not visited] Imai Shoten Tottori on Hon-dori near Wakasa-dori (Suehiro-Onsen-cho, former Fuji Shoten) closed July '13. ============================================================================ Yonago NTT long-distance area code: Yonago 0859. Imai Book Center (2-3-10 Shinkai, Yonago-shi, Tottori-ken 683_0801; On R.431 facing Sangyo Taikukan. 10 minutes from Fukuike 9 ku bus stop, Kaike Line. 31-5000, Fax 31-9230; "Advertised as largest bookstore in San-in area. Opened 1995. No foreign books, but orders should be accepted. Here is the famed Hon-no Gakkou (Buchschule) dedicated to the training of masters of the trade. Despite the location the store is a powerful leader in the publishing business. Often hosts symposiums. The premises has a museum, lecture rooms and libraries." Open 10-22. [08/14] [Chain HQ: 68 Odaka, Yonago-shi] ============================================================================ Matsue NTT long-distance area code: Matsue 0852. Imai Shoten Group Center (88 Tawayama-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken 690-0058; Southwest of city center, in a mall along expressway. Tawayama Bus Stop on Minami-Junkan (southern loop) Line. About 1km south of JR Nogi Stn: walk due south toward the expressway. 20-8811, Fax 20-8085, HQ Yonago) "Largest store in Matsue. Rich Japanese selection. Some English texts for study in language section, magazines TIME and Newsweek, but no imported books. Orders should be accepted." Open 10-midnight. [10/17] Darumadou (2-1 Horomachi Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken 690_0886; East of Karakoro Koubou (Art Studio) on street by on the north side of Horikawa moat. Near Horikawa pleasure boat Karakoro Hiroba Pier and Kyobashi Bus Stop. 8 minutes from JR Matsue by foot. 21-1074, Fax 21-1074, ) "Leading book seller of Matsue. Strong in regional studies. Very few foreign books. Worth a look if looking for Japanese material pertaining to Lafcadio Hearn who settled here. Very few foreign books. Does most business online." Open 10-18 Sat, Sun. Appointment strongly recommended. [10/17] ============================================================================ Kisuki NTT long-distance area code: Kisuki 0854. Eco College (876 Yumura, Kisuki-cho, Unnan-shi, Shimane-ken 699_1343; Kisuki Community Bus Kitahara Line Amagafuchi Bus Stop. Route 314. Look for sign featuring child Buddhist monk. Climb uphill along creek and you will see a large warehouse. Of all stores in the Japan listings most difficult to reach by public transportation (with the possible exception of Tamokaku, Tadami): check train and bus schedules if visiting. 48-0302; "Used academic books including hundreds of foreign titles. Just a warehouse. Books are tagged and placed on shelves as they arrive by mail. Shelves dimly lit and not classified. No prices on books. All this makes searches extremely difficult. One would rather order from their web-site." Open 9-17. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol and irr. Appointment necessary. [07/13] According to legend, Amagafuchi was the dwelling place of Yamata-no-orochi. ============================================================================ Nagato-shi NTT long-distance area code: Nagato-shi 0837. Kaneko Bun'ei-do (Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum) (1308 Nishi-Gion, Senzaki, Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi-ken 759_4106; 5 minutes north of JR Mine Line Senzaki Terminal. Very few trains come to this station. By bus it is 10 minutes from JR Nagato-shi (junction of San'in Line and Mine Line) to Senzaki. 26-5155, Fax 26-5166; "This is by far the most popular reconstructed bookstore in Japan. JR West runs a special train to this destination from Shimonoseki. (As of October 2017, this service is suspended awaiting renewal of coaches.) The front side is the bookstore where poet Misuzu Kaneko (1903-30) worked in in the 1920s. Behind are living quarters and a museum dedicated to her. Souvenir shop sells poem collections (highly recommended for students of Japanese), CDs and postcards. Museum admission fee: 350 yen." Open 9-17. Enter museum by 16:30. Closed last Fri each month, next day when Hol. [2007] ============================================================================ Tokushima NTT long-distance area code: Tokushima 088. Kinokuniya Tokushima (1-5 Terashima-honcho-nishi, Tokushima-shi 770_8511; 8F Sogo Tokushima, beside JR Tokushima Station. 602-1611, Fax 602-1605; HQ Shinjuku, Tokyo) "Largest bookstore in town. Very few foreign books." Open 10-19:30. Closed Jan 1. [01/10] ============================================================================ Takamatsu All stores in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken. NTT long-distance area code: Takamatsu 087. Miyawaki Shoten (10-2 Kon'ya-machi, Takamatsu-shi 760_0027; In Marugame-gai arcade, south of Mitsukoshi and Kinokuniya. 851-3733, Fax 822-4797; "General bookstore. Head of franchise chain; with more than 300 outlets nationwide Miyawaki has more bookstores than any other retailer. Most branches are small. Several shelves foreign books 6F annex. More foreign books than both Kinokuniya nearby and Miyawaki Culture Space, but they were all discounted by 50% and covers were fading when visited Jan 2015. The chain may be trying to divest of its foreign book stock." Open 9-22. [01/15] Miyawaki Culture Space (Sou-honten) (3-4 Asahi-shinmachi 760_0064; North of Kagawa-ken Budo-kan, near docks and warehouses. Take bus to Asahimachi, walk to wide avenue to the east, turn north and proceed to signal. Japanese web page has directions and link to bus timetable. 823-3152, Fax 823-2722) "Largest store of Miyawaki chain. 600,000 books. In addition to ordinary shelves grouped by topic, there are 34 booths where publishers promote their ware. Very few foreign-language books: a handful of language texts and on-Japan titles from Japanese publishers. Foreign publishers not present. On 3F is a collection of local publications from all over Japan. The president of Miyawaki initially wanted to make 'all books available' at one place. Now the place is advertised as Japan's first 'book theme park'. On the roof is an amusement park. When visiting, look for the Ferris wheel." Open 10-20. [01/10] Sanshuudou Shoten (2-1-9 Matsushima-cho 760_0068; Kotoden Railways Matsushima 2-chome. Walk west to police box and first railroad crossing, which leads to prison gates. Before crossing tracks, turn left. 4 minutes from station. 834-1533) "Used bookstore. Large collection from popular titles to serious literature and history. Regional studies on back end. One small disorganized shelf foreign books." Open 10-19:30 through year. [01/15] Kinokuniya Takamatsu closed May 2017. ============================================================================ Matsuyama All stores in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken. NTT long-distance area code: Matsuyama 089. JR Matsuyama Terminal: -------------- Book Off Matsuyama-ekimae (123-1 Miyata-cho 790_0066; Near JR Matsuyama Terminal. 915-1870) "Large discount bookstore. Few if any foreign books." Open 10-24. [01/10] Gintengai area: -------------- Stores aligned west to east. The west entrance of Gintengai faces Iyotetsu/Streetcar Matsuyama-shi Terminal, locally called 'Shi-eki. Junkudo Matsuyama (5-7-1 Chifunemachi 790_0011; Northwest of Shi-eki, on Chifunemachi-dori. 915-0075, Fax 915-0076; HQ Kobe) "Opened September 2009. 450,000 books on 6 floors. Largest bookstore in Matsuyama. Same place used to be Kinokuniya." Open 10-19. [Not visited] Bottchan Shobo (4-8-15 Minatomachi 790_0012; Gintengai. 931-3426) "Used bookstore. Vintage collection on display near entrance. Few if any foreign books." Open 10:30-20. Closed 2nd or 3rd Wed of month. [Not visited during business hours] Haruya Main Store (4-7-2 Minatomachi 790_8656; Gintengai. 941-4141, Fax 932-5411) "Headquarters of nationwide chain of about 70 stores, most in Ehime, Oita, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka. The old-fashioned book store. Serious, conservative selection. They hang paper banners with announcements and advertisements in neat calligraphy everywhere, making the place like a permanent Tanabata Festival. High morale of workers a nationwide model in the trade. Few foreign books. Good for books on Shikoku." Open 10-20. [01/10] Haruya Kosho-bu (used book store) closed '03. Kinokuniya Matsuyama closed July '09. A new branch opened in Iyotetsu Takashimaya March '10. Marusan Shoten closed November '09. "'Bottchan' by Souseki Natsume, probably the most famous modern Japanese novel, is about the adventures of a haughty Tokyo boy who becomes a math teacher in a town in western Japan. Local folks he meets there have their ways of doing things. The book is said to reflect the author's own experiences as a teacher in Matsuyama." ============================================================================ Kochi All stores in Kochi-shi Kochi-ken. NTT long-distance area code: Kochi-shi 088. Miyawaki Shoten Aeon Kochi (2F Aeon Mall Hada-Minamimachi, Kochi-shi, Kochi-ken 780_0026; Due north of JR Kochi. About 15 mintues by foot. Bus available. 826-7510; HQ Takamatsu) "Moderate-sized store. Only store in town which sells new foreign books but the amount is very small. Another Miyawaki Shoten, in Daimaru Dept. Store downtown is larger but has no foreign books." Open 10-22. [01/15] Book Off Kochi (2-1-10 Sakaeda-cho 780_0061; Beneath JR tracks, on west side of JR Kochi Station gates. 825-4900) "Used books. Some foreign books." Open 8-22. [01/15] Kinkodo (1-13-14 Obiya-machi 780_0841; Nakanohashi-dori, southeast of Daiei Shoppers. Streetcar Horizume. 822-0161) "Large general bookstore. No foreign books." Open 9:30-20. [01/15] Inoue Shoten (2-1-1 Obiya-machi; Across the street from Kinkodo, 2F of bldg. on south corner. 872-3921) "Small used bookstore. Strong in literature and regional studies. A handful foreign books." [01/15] Fuji Shobo closed June '13. ============================================================================ Sakawa NTT long-distance area code: Sakawa 0889. Rainbow Trading Co. (820-2 Kou, Sakawa-cho, Kochi-ken 789_1201; Sakawa, 30 minutes from Kochi by limited express. Near Yamada Denki. Phone/Fax 20-9990, "Books from North Korea. Also some books from South Korea and some Japanese books about Korea. A handful of English books. Tokyo Jimbocho store closed '10. Jimbocho store was fairly popular with Japanese people curious about the hermit country. Now does most business online. The amount of Japanese and South Korean books has increased, probably in response to popular demand and scarcity of direct imports from North Korea caused by a trade embargo." Open 9-18. Closed Sat, Sun, Hol. Make appointment before visiting. [Not visited] ============================================================================ Kita-Kyushu NTT long-distance area code: Kita-Kyushu 093. Downtown Kokura: -------------- Kikuya Kokura (3-1-1 Kyomachi, Kokura-Kita-ku, Kita-Kyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken 802_8508; 9F COLET/I'm, south side of JR Kokura. 514-1400) "Opened Oct '10. Very large. Foreign section largest in city, but of local interest only, for Fukuoka and Hiroshima have better stores. About 10 shelves foreign books: paperback novels, books on Japan, language study texts and a small amount of business and popular science titles." Open 10-20. Closed irr. [01/15] Book Center Quest (Culture Space) (1-4-7 Bashaku, Kokura-kita-ku 802_0077; 10 minutes from JR Kokura. West of first intersection south of monorail Heiwa-dori. 522-3912; HQ Fukuoka (Sekibunkan)) "As large as Kikuya Kokura. Casual selection. 1 shelf or so foreign books." Open 10-20. [07/13] [Branch in Kokura Station Mall. (1-1-1 Asano, Kokura-kita-ku; 513-5685, Fax 513-5686) No foreign books. Open 8-21.] Between Quest Kokura and monorail Tanga there are two used bookstores. One is a Book Off, which has two small shelves foreign books 2F. The other is a small shop named Kyouyoudo which has academic titles. [07/13] Kurosaki: -------------- Book Center Quest Kurosaki Izutsuya (1-1-1 Kurosaki, Yahata-Nishi-ku, Kita-Kyushu-shi 806_8511; 7F Kurosaki Izutsuya. 643-5530, Phone 643-6843) "Opened Nov. 2014 as a replacement of Izutsuya Annex store. 400,000 books." Open 10-19:30. Closed irr. [Not visited] Southern suburbs: -------------- Kita Kyushu Chugoku Shoten (4-2-19 Yukawa, Kokura-Minami-ku, Kita-Kyushu-shi 800_0257; Toward Abeyama-koen from JR Abeyama-koen Station. See map:, Phone/Fax 921-6570) "Chinese books imported from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Also East Asia studies in Japanese." Open 9-18. Closed Sun, Hol, 2nd Sat of each month, around the New Year and in mid Aug. [Not visited] Furuhon Bunkoyasan closed and reopened in Mihara, Hiroshima-ken. The storeowner and his autobiography got a lot of favorable media coverage, but those who have tried business with him do not have pleasant things to say. He set up a non-profit organization to run a bunko library. Kita-Kyushu City let this NPO use an old unused schoolhouse, but they just disappeared, leaving the books behind. (It seems the books are still there.) ============================================================================ Fukuoka NTT long-distance area code: Fukuoka-shi 092. Hakata District (JR Hakata Terminal): -------------- Maruzen Hakata (2-1 Hakata-eki-chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812_0012; 8F JR Hakata City above JR Hakata Station. 413-5401, Fax 413-5402; HQ Tokyo) "Opened March 2011. 600,000 books. Large foreign section has magazines, paperback fiction, current affairs, some popular science, books on Japan, maps, travel guides and study aids. Second best foreign section in Kyushu." Open 10-21. [10/17] Kinokuniya Fukuoka Main Store (2-1 Hakata-eki-chuo-gai; 6F Fukuoka Kotsu Center Bldg. above Hakata Station Bus Terminal. 434-3100, Fax 434-3104;; HQ Tokyo) "Third largest in Fukuoka. Foreign section smaller than those of Junkudo (Tenjin) and Maruzen (nearby). Some paperback fiction and non-fiction, books on Japan and language study aids." Open 10-21. [10/17] There is a Book Off to the southwest of JR Hakata on Sumiyoshi-dori. 2-3 shelves foreign books. [01/14] Also large is Aoi Shoten in Yodobashi Hakata: 500,000 books, few or no foreign. Gofukumachi: -------------- Chugoku Shoten (Zhonguo Shudian) (5-23 Naka-Gofukumachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812_0035; Subway Hakozaki Line Gofukumachi Exit 3. Proceed north and turn right at Eneos gas stand. On north side of second block east of wide street. 271-3767; "Chinese books and Japanese books about China, Asia. Since 1969." Open 9:30-18:30. -18 Sat. Closed Sun, Hol, 2nd,4th Sat of each month. [01/14] Tenjin District (Nishitetsu Fukuoka Terminal): -------------- This is the central commercial district of Fukuoka City. Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 810_0001. The official website of Tenjin Underground Mall has guide maps in four languages. Tsutaya Fukuoka Tenjin Ekimae Fukuoka Bldg. (2F&3F 1-11-17 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi 810_0001; In building opposing Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin terminal on the east side, near subway Tenjin Station. 717-6001, Fax 717-6002) "Used books. Large collection but few or no foreign books. Note that there is another Tsutaya branch in the vicinity, in Imaizumi, to the southwest of this store." Open 8-1AM. Closed Jan 1st. [10/17] Kinokuniya Fukuoka Tenjin IMS (4F IMS 1-7-11 Tenjin; 717-5871, Fax 717-5872) "In chic mall. Smaller than the Kinokuniya in Hakata. Modest foreign section has some paperbacks and life-style books." Open 10-20. Closed irr. [10/17] Junkudo Fukuoka (1-10-13 Tenjin; 1F-4F MMT Bldg. On adjacent block is Tsutaya Fukuoka Bldg, Tenjin Core and Vivre. From Tenjin Subway Station and underground shopping arcade take exit between between Organic food store Biople and traditional footwear store Itochu. 738-3322, Fax 738-3230; HQ Kobe) "Opened Nov '01. Largest bookstore in Kyushu. Foreign book section B1F, among best in Japan, has magazines, classic literature, philosophy, economics, history, law, sociology, math, science, psychology, etc. Some French and German books." Open 10-21. [10/17] Libro Tenjin (2-5-35 Tenjin; 7F Iwataya Dept. Store (not Z-Side). West side of Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Term, accessible via underground passage. 717-5180) "Opened Nov '11. Moderate-sized, stylish store. 1 shelf each foreign paperbacks, magazines. 2 shelves art books." Open 10-20. [07/13] Fukuoka Mandarake (2-9-5 Daimyou-cho, Chuo-ku 810_00401; Between subway Tenjin and Akasaka. 716-7774, Fax 716-7762; HQ Tokyo) "Large collection of used manga comics. Moved here April '11." Open Noon-20. [Not visited] Yaesu Book Center (in Mitsukoshi) and Yosho Hacknet are now closed. Aoyama Book Center opened Sept '05 and closed Aug '07. Maruzen Fukuoka Bldg. (Tenjin) closed June '10. Shosen Livre closed April '17. There is a large Book Off in North Tenjin (6F,7F). North of Fukuoka building, on block with post office. 2 shelves foreign books. [01/14] There is another Kinokuniya in Hakata You Me Town. Somewhat smaller than the Fukuoka Main Store. Few foreign books. Bus fare between Hakata and Tenjin is 100 yen on all routes. Subway fare is 200 yen. Through tickets are issued for Subway Nanakuma Line stations from Hakata, Fukuoka Airport, etc. with a foot link between Tenjin and Tenjin-Minami, about 500 meters through an underground mall. The tickets are machine-readable and carry time stamps. The City Transit Authority allows 120 minutes between the exit gates of one station and the entrance gates of the other, encouraging shopping and dining during the break. Hakozaki: -------------- Books Kubrick (1-5-14 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812_0053; On wide street on west side of JR Hakozaki, about 100 meters to the south of station gate. 645-0630, Fax 645-0631) "Small shop which also sells bread made from domestic ingredients. Notable cookbook shelf. No foreign books. Cafe and gallery 2F." Open 10:30-20. Closed Mon (when not Hol). [10/17] Jounan Ward: -------------- Uranai Hon Livre (8-6-37 Nanakuma, Jounan-ku, Fukuoka-shi; East of Subway Nanakuma Station, 5 minutes by foot. 797-5113, Fax 707-5114) "Opened May 2017, as a replacement of Shosai Livre in Tenjin. "Uranai" means fortune telling. Basically the shop offers soothsaying by professionals and sells power crystal stones and such; orders for new books are accepted alongside. Run by Kinbundo of Kurume, a bookstore with a proud history which appears unwilling to give up its presence in Fukuoka City." Open 10-19. Closed Sun. [Not visited] Dejima Shoten (5-2-37-2 Torikai, Jounan-ku, Fukuoka-shi 814_0103; North of Subway Befu Exit 3, north of Jounan Ward Health Center, on same block. 843-5100) "Used books. Small, but sole store in Kyushu which sells Korean books." [10/17] ============================================================================ Kurume NTT long-distance area code: Kurume 0942. Libro Kurume (1-1 Tenjin-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-ken 830_0033; East side of Nishitetsu Kurume. 4F Iwataya shin-kan. 0942-36-9860) "General. Very few foreign books." Open 10-19. [01/07] Book Quest Kurume, in Izutsuya, closed Feb. '09. The other Book Quest in the Nishitetsu Station Bldg. is still open and may have some foreign books. The former Kinbundo Building built in 1926 was a rare example of pre-war western-style architecture. When it opened the first and second floors were the booksop, the third floor was an exhibition space and the fourth floor was a tea room. Shoppers could read books purchased downstairs in the tea room which served ice cream, a fancy new treat in those days. Unfortunately the building was torn down in 2017. Kinbundo's current main store is in Mutsumon-machi. ============================================================================ Saga NTT long-distance area code: Saga-shi 0952. Kinokuniya Saga (2F You Me Town Saga, Hyougo-kita, Hyougo-cho, Saga-shi 849_0915; 15 minutes by bus from JR Saga, 36-8171, Fax 33-8534; HQ Tokyo) "Opened Dec. '06. 500,000 books. Largest store in Saga-ken." Open 10-22. [Not visited] Yogakudo Books (2-8-44 Shin'ei-Nishi, Saga-shi 840_0859; 4 km west of JR Saga and Saga-ken Gov't Hall. 22-0022, Fax 22-2133; "Antiquarian, scholarly publications. The store owner is a serious collector who is interested in Japan's contacts with the Occident. Some foreign books. Store owner recommends visits by car, or by taxi from JR Saga. Appointment recommended." [Not visited] ============================================================================ Sasebo NTT long-distance area code: Sasebo 0956. Kinmeido (803 Shimokyo-machi, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki-ken 857_0875; Near southeast entrance of Yonkacho Arcade. 22-4214, Fax 23-9026) "General selection of new books. Moderate size. About 2 shelves foreign books." Open 9:30-20:30. [Branch in Friesta Sasebo beside JR Sasebo 0956-42-0711 Fax 0956-42-070] [01/07] Hakubundo (6-25 Kamikyo-machi 857_0872; Beside Kentucky Fried Chicken on wide avenue (Route 35). Near Kyomachi Bus Stop. About 10 minutes from JR Sasebo by foot. 22-6311) "About as large as Kinmeido. Very few foreign books." [01/07] Kumazawa Shoten Sasebo (4-7 Motoshima-cho 857_0871; B1F Twinkle Nishizawa, Yonkacho Arcade. About 15 minutes from JR Sasebo by foot. Closer to Matsuura Railway (MR) Sasebo-chuo Station. 37-2895, Fax 37-2897) "Largest bookstore in Sasebo. 150,000 titles. This store has the most foreign books: magazines, paperback novels, on Japan, books for children and cookbooks." Open 10-19:30. [01/07] ============================================================================ Nagasaki NTT long-distance area code: Nagasaki-shi 095. Metro Shoten (1-1 Onoue-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 850_0058; 3F Amu Plaza Nagasaki, adjacent to JR Nagasaki Terminal. 821-5400, 0120-746468, Fax 821-) "General bookstore. 2 shelves foreign paperbacks and books on Japan." Open 10-21. [2005] Kinokuniya Nagasaki (10-1 Motofuna-machi 850_0035; 4F You Me Saito (pronounced "Yumay Site") near streetcar Ohato, route 1. 811-4919, Fax 811-4923; HQ Tokyo) "Largest bookstore in town. Large for a Kinokuniya, but the Fukuoka Main store is larger." Open 10-21. [2005] Douwakan (2-10 Minami-Yamate-machi 850_0931; On the slope toward Oura Cathedral. Streetcar route 5. 828-0716, Fax 828-0768) "Children's books. 10,000 titles. Upstairs is a picture book museum." Open 10-17:30. Closed Mon (following Tue if Mon is a Holiday) and around the New Year. [2005] A general store called Chugoku Boueki Koushi in Shinchi Chinatown has some Chinese books. (Streetcar Tsukimachi. 823-3222, Fax 822-9257; Open 10:30-21.) ============================================================================ Kumamoto NTT long-distance area code: Kumamoto-shi 096. Downtown Kumamoto: -------------- Streetcar Toricho-suji station is between entrances of Shimotori and Kamidori shopping arcades. Tsutaya Kumamoto Sannen-zaka (1-2 Ansei-machi, Kumamoto-shi 860_0801; 1F 2F Carino Shimotori, Sannen-zaka-dori. Enter street opposing Daiei. 212-9111, Fax 212-9890) "Vivid place, good for Japanese art, design and life-style books. A handful of foreign books in the English studies section." Open 10-1AM, -4AM next morn Fri, Sat. [01/14] Kinryudo Marubun Store (5-1 Kamidori-cho 860_0845; In the Kamidori shopping arcade. 356-4733, Fax 352-5665) "Large bookstore, head of local chain. Large section of books on Kumamoto and Kyushu. A handful of foreign books in the English studies section." Open 10-20. [01/14] Nagasaki Shoten (6-23 Kamidori-cho; North of Marubun on opposite side of street. 353-0555, Fax 322-2245) "Casual store with chic interior. Perhaps some imported art books." Open 10-21. [01/14] Kumamoto Parco has Village Vanguard on 8F (some imported art books) and Tower records on B1F (some magazines). Tiger Lily Bookstore closed '09. Kikuya Kumamoto closed May '14. Kinokuniya Kumamoto (in Shimotori) closed June '07. There is a Kinokuniya in Hikari-no-mori You-me Town, far from the city center. [2 minutes from JR Houhi Line Hikari-no-mori; 096-233-1700, Fax 233-1701; Open 10-22.] Kengun: -------------- Double Decker (1-43-8-1F Wakaba, Kumamoto-shi 862_0903; Southeast of Kengun-machi streetcar terminus, about 4 minutes by foot. For directions visit this Book-Crossing page: Inside English conversation school 'Britz'. 200-5693) "English-language educational material. Provides a book-exchange service. Owner leads Yahoo group Kumamoto Booklovers." [Not visited during business hours] The Book Off visible from streetcar Kengun-machi has a handful of English and Chinese books. [01/14] Kumamoto City International Center ( has a foreign library. Kumamoto YMCA Kamitori (Near Nagasaki Shoten; has a foreign book exchange facility. Yahoo group Kumamoto International ( : non-subscribers can view postings) has information. We thank Kirk Masden for his continuous work in this field. ============================================================================ Oita NTT long-distance area code: Oita-shi 097. Haruya Cent Porta Oita (2-5-25 Chuo-cho, Oita-shi 870_0035; 532-4343, Fax 532-4392; HQ Matsuyama) "Reopened April '03. Some foreign books 2F." [08/09] Junkudo Oita (7F/8F Oita Forus 1-2-7 Chuo-cho; 2nd block from station. 536-8181, Fax 533-7761; HQ Kobe) "Large store. 550,000 books. More foreign books than Haruya and Kinokuniya. Actually this place is better for foreign books than the Book Quest branches in Kita-Kyushu." Open 10-20. [08/09] Kinokuniya Oita (1-1-1 Akeno-Higashi 870_0161; In Akeno Acros Town. Far from JR Oita: 20 minutes by bus. HQ Tokyo) "Opened April '06. Large store in suburban mall. They used to have a modest foreign section but they cut it down. Now only some language texts and books on Japan in the language section." Open 10-21. [08/09] ============================================================================ Miyazaki NTT long-distance area code: Miyazaki-shi 0985. Tsutaya Miyazaki Takachiho-dori (4-8-1 Tachibana-dori-higashi 880_0805; Near post office on north side of wide street between JR station and Tachibana-dori (Miyazaki's main boulevard). 61-6711, Fax 61-6731) "Large store with many technical books. About 2 shelves foreign books (2F)." Open 10-midnight. [01/15] Hashimoto Koshoten (5-6-67 Tachibana-dori-nishi 880_0001; North of BonBelta. Near the pedestrian bridge over Tachibana-dori. About 12 minutes from JR Miyazaki by foot. 23-3075) "Used bookstore with tradition of 80 years." [Not visited] Asahiya Aeon Miyazaki (862-1-232 Shin-Beppu-cho-Eguchi 880_0834; 2F Aeon Shopping Center. Shuttle bus available from JR Miyazaki East Exit. 60-3881, Fax 60-3885; HQ Osaka) "Opened May 2005. They say it is largest in Miyazaki-ken. No foreign books." Open 10-22. [Not visited] ============================================================================ Kagoshima NTT long-distance area code: Kagoshima-shi 099. Kinokuniya Kagoshima (1-1-4F Chuo-cho, Kagoshima-shi 890_0053; JR Kagoshima-chuo Terminal Mall. 812-7000; HQ Tokyo) "Opened March '03. Was largest in town when it opened, but the new Junkudo is much larger. No foreign books but they should accept orders." Open 10-21. [01/15] Junkudo Kagoshima (6-5 Gofuku-machi 892_0826; 5F&6F Maruya Gardens. Streetcar Tenmonkan or Izuro-dori. 216-8838, Fax 216-8830; HQ Kobe) "Largest bookstore in southern Kyushu. About as large as Junkudo Fukuoka. Opened '10. Building used to be Mitsukoshi Department Store." Open 11-21. [Not visited during business hours] Maruzen Kagoshima Tenmonkan (3-15 Nakamachi 892_0827; Streetcar Tenmonkan. Turn north into Terukuni-dori at the corner with Maruya Gardens. 239-1221, Fax 239-1220; HQ Tokyo) "General collection housed in a triangular tower. No foreign books. This used to be Junkudo. The Junkudo listed above is newer and larger." Open 10-20. [Not visited during business hours] Ito Shoten (20-19 Higashi-Sengoku-cho 892_0842; Streetcar Tenmonkan. Turn right (north) at the koban beyond Junkudo Kagoshima Tenmonkan. Near Honganji. 223-5485) "Small used bookstore. Some foreign books." Open 9-18:30 [Not visited during business hours] Book Jungle closed Jan '08. Kagoshima English Books stopped selling books. Manyu Shoten main store closed May '10. Its zenith was in the late '90s when it owned large branches in Fukuoka, and a stock of used books so large that people said: "If you can't find it at Manyu, give up." Several stores retain the name 'Manyu', apparently independent stores run by former apprentices granted the right to use the trademark. It seems the main line is still in business by the name Hondafuru. ============================================================================ Copyright Notice Information contained in this FAQ is compiled from many sources. 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