Bookstores in Tokyo

Western Tokyo Suburbs, Saitama, Kawasaki and Yokohama

Last Change: 19 Jan 2015 Note: the Tokyo area comes in four files: (1) Jimbocho and Hongo (2) Central Tokyo (inside Yamanote Line, excluding (1)) (3) Western Tokyo Suburbs, Saitama, Kawasaki and Yokohama (this file) (4) Eastern Tokyo Suburbs and Tsukuba A common subject index is on the end of the Central Tokyo file. ============================================================================ Note: Yohan, major distributor of foreign books and magazines went bankrupt July 31st '08. For stores last visited before this date, information on amount of foreign books and availability of foreign magazines may be inaccurate. Visit date appears at the end of each entry in [MM/YY] format; no date means latest visit was before April 2006. ============================================================================ The suburban listings follow railroad lines, the most convenient mode of transportation. It also reflects the base plan of Edo, laid out in the form of a snail's shell, to allow growth - forever. Railway service is reliable and efficient but bewildering even for local residents. Check train colors and express marks before leaving. Noting Japanese express level names is most certain for railroad authorities, maps and tourist guidebooks disagree upon translations. ============================================================================ Geographic Index:
Districts within JR Yamanote Line, counterclockwise:
Jimbocho, Iidabashi and Otemachi  Ochanomizu  Hongo and Hakusan
Yotsuya and Kojimachi  Aoyama (Omote-Sando)
Hiro-o and Minami-Azabu  Roppongi 

Districts along JR Yamanote Line, Tamachi to Osaki, counterclockwise:
Mita (JR Tamachi)  Hamamatsucho and Shimbashi  Hibiya  Ginza 
Marunouchi, Yaesu and Nihombashi (JR Tokyo Terminal)  Akihabara

Ikebukuro  Mejiro, Zoushigaya  Takadanobaba to Waseda
Shinjuku  Yoyogi  Shibuya  Ebisu, Shirokanedai, Gotanda, Osaki 

JR Sobu Line:
Tsudanuma  Chiba and Makuhari 

JR Joban Line:
Matsudo  Tsukuba 

JR Tohoku Line north of Tabata and Saikyo Line north of Ikebukuro:
Urawa  Saitama Shintoshin  Omiya 

Tobu Sky Tree Line, Isesaki Line:
Asakusa  Kiryu, Oizumi (Koizumi) 

Tobu Tojo Line:

Seibu Lines:
Tokorozawa  Higashi-Murayama 

JR Chuo Line, west of Shinjuku and branches:
Nakano  Koenji, Asagaya and Ogikubo  Kichijoji
Kokubunji  Kunitachi  Tachikawa  Akishima
Hachioji  Hachioji-Minamino  Takao 

Keio Line and Inokashira Line:
Komaba  Shimo-Kitazawa
Chofu  Fuchu  Seiseki Sakuragaoka
Tama Center 

Odakyu Line:
Machida and Sagamihara  Atsugi 

Tokyu Lines:
Jiyugaoka and Oyamadai  Yoga  Futako-Tamagawa and Mizonokuchi  Aobadai 

JR Tokaido Line and branches, south of Shinagawa:
Downtown Kawasaki
Yokohama Station  Minato Mirai 21 (Sakuragicho)
Isezaki-cho (Kannai)  Motomachi  Yamate
Kamakura  Yokosuka


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NTT long-distance area code: Saitama-shi 048.

Suharaya (2-3-20 Nakacho, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 330_0062;
	Couple blocks west of Ito-Yokado.  On Old Naka-sen-do, south of
	Urawa Royal Pines Hotel.  7 minutes from JR Urawa.  822-5321)  "4
	floors.  Clean and well organized.  Modest foreign section 2F."
	Open 10-20:30.  [12/10]

There is a Kinokuniya in Parco, on the east side of JR Urawa Station.  Few
foreign books.  

Saitama Shintoshin:

JR Saikyo Line Kita-Yono and JR Tohoku Line Saitama Shintoshin are within
walking distance of each other.  Saikyo Line rapids skip Kita-Yono.
Utsunomiya, Takasaki Line rapids skip Saitama Shintoshin.

Book Depot Syoraku (2-3-5 Kami-Ochiai, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi 338_0001;
	Adjacent to Kita-Yono Station.  852-6581)  "3 floors.  Largest
	bookstore in Saitama-ken.  800,000 books.  Foreign section (2F) has
	a small amount of paperbacks and material for students.  Foreign
	section was much larger when it opened."  Open 10-23.  [12/10]
Kinokuniya Saitama Shinotoshin (4-267-2 Kishiki-cho, Omiya-ku 330_9559;  1F
	Cocoon Shintoshin, east end.  East side of JR Saitama-Shintoshin.
	600-0830,  Fax 600-0833;  HQ Shinjuku)  "Opened Sept. '05.  Large
	store, but few foreign books.  Of local interest only."  Open 10-21.


NTT long-distance area code: Saitama-shi 048.

All stores in Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken.

Junkudo Omiya Takashimaya (1-32 Daimon-cho 330_0846;  Takashimaya Dept.
	Store, east side of station.  640-3111;  HQ Kobe)  "Largest
	bookstore in Omiya.  Replaces the store in Omiya Loft which closed
	April 2013."  Open 10-21.  Closed Jan 1.
Book Off Omiya-eki Higashi-guchi (2-1-1 Daimon-cho 330_0846;  On block
	behind Loft.  658-8115)  "Used books.  Two shelves foreign books
	2F."  Open 10-22.  [12/10]

Other stores around Omiya Station are Sanseido (in Sogo), Ikeda Shoten
(beneath Sofmap) and Oshida Kenbundo (north of Loft, other side of street).
Few or no foreign books. 


NTT long-distance area code: Kawagoe 049.

Book 1st Lumine Kawagoe (39-19 Wakita-Honcho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken
	350_1123;  4F Lumine Kawagoe, west side of Tobu/JR Kawagoe.
	240-6212)  "Now largest in Kawagoe.  2 shelves foreign books:
	paperbacks, translations of Japanese manga and books on Japan."
	Open 10-22.  Closed irr.  [01/12]

Kinokuniya (2F Maruhiro Department Store annex A) and Libro (4F PePe Seibu
Hon-Kawagoe Terminal Mall) are both large but have very few foreign books.

Asahiya Kawagoe Mine closed.


NTT long-distance area code: Tokorozawa 04.

Book Off Tokorozawa Prope-dori (12-1 Higashi-cho Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama-ken
	359_1116;  In the pedestrian mall on the northwest side of
	Tokorozawa Station.  Building faces Daiei.  2929-9591)  "Used books.
	Some foreign books."  Open 10-23.  [08/11]
Parco Book Center Shin-Tokorozawa (1-2-1 Midoricho 359_1111;  1 minute from
	Seibu-Shinjuku Line Shin-Tokorozawa Station West Exit.  2998-8175;
	HQ Shibuya)  "General bookstore.  Casual selection."  Open 10-20.

Athene in Daiei, facing Book Off has a small amount of foreign books.  The
large Horindo in Tokorozawa Marui closed '07.  The other Horindo in
Tokorozawa Station Mall is small and does not sell foreign books.  [08/11]


Kumegawa Station to Higashi-Murayama Junction is about 20 minutes by foot.

NTT long-distance area code: Higashi-Murayama 042.

Shimoigusa Shobo (4-3-3 Honcho, Higashi-Murayama-shi 189_0014;  Northwest of
	Seibu Shinjuku Line Kumegawa (not Shimoigusa), about 4 minutes by
	foot.  On north side of Shin-Ome-kaido, where a large bridge crosses
	Seibu tracks and a small river.  Nearby is Chinese restaurant
	Shanghai.  397-2069,  Fax 397-2047;  "Antiquarian books.  English,
	American, French and German literature.  Most books imported.  Home
	page has catalog, arranged in alphabetical order by author.
	American literature stored in separate room and not on display.
	Make an appointment before visiting and tell titles/authors of
	interest."  Open 10-18.  Closed Sun.



NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03.

Nakano Mandarake (5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164_0001;  Several shops
	in Broadway Building, on north end of Sun Mall, roofed shopping
	arcade visible from JR/Subway Nakano Station North Exit.  About 5
	minutes from station.  03-3228-0007,  Fax 3228-5787;  "The Department Store of Manga.  Used
	books.  Boasts stock of 1 million books.  Most popular titles
	available in main shop (3F).  Specialty stores in same mall sell
	lady's comics, rare editions, cellular frames and toys.  Purchase
	counter (3F) always busy.  On exhibition at gallery (4F) is a
	collection of drawings by famous cartoonists.  Mandarake is short
	for 'manga darake': "manga all over the place".  Branches in
	Sapporo, Utsunomiya, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Akihabara, Nagoya, Osaka
	Umeda & Shinsaibashi, Kokura and Fukuoka."  Open Noon-20.  [08/12]
Haruya Tokyo Main Store (367 5-52-15 Nakano;  In Broadway Building, next to
	main store of Mandarake.  3387-8451;  HQ Matsuyama)  "General
	selection.  One shelf translated Japanese manga."  [08/12]
Daiyogen (5-52-15 Nakano;  4F Broadway Bldg.  Phone/Fax same as Mandarake)
	"Used books.  Eastern religion, occult, prophecy, extraterrestrial
	life, etc.  Original owner quit; Mandarake took over in '08.  Very
	few foreign books."  Open noon-20.  13- Thu.  Closed Wed.  [08/12]
Aoi Shoten Nakano Main Store (4-3-1 Nakano;  Block north of Sun Plaza, west
	of Broadway Building.  3319-5161)  "Opened March '03.  Store is very
	large, about as half as large as Kinokuniya Shinjuku South, but
	never crowded.  Large Japanese selection.  Tiny foreign section (2F)
	has language texts and some translated Japanese manga.  Chain has 15
	stores in Tokyo alone."  Open 10-22.  [08/12]

Minazuki Shobo closed Nov '04.

"Broadway Building used to be the typical shopping center left back in a
past generation.  Mandarake moved in and expanded to meet its growing
business buying vacant rooms.  Specialty stores, their antique toys and
vintage telephone card collections followed.  A green tea vendor, a
fishmonger, old-fashioned grocers and cheap noodle shops continue with their
business under the same roof, attracting an odd blend of people from near
and from far."

Koenji, Asagaya and Ogikubo:

Chuo Line rapid (kaisoku - orange trains) do not serve Koenji, Asagaya and
Nishi-Ogikubo on weekends, holidays.  Some trains of Subway Tozai Line
provide through service to JR Mitaka.  This region is regarded Waseda turf.

Tomaru Shoten (3-1-16 Koenji-Kita, Suginami-ku 166_0002;  West side of JR
	Koenji Station North Exit.  Roof sign visible from platform.
	3337-3690,  Fax 3337-6610;)  "Used bookseller of social studies.
	Leftist inclination.  Well known for its economics collection.  Few
	if any books of recent financial theory.  Many books in English,
	also French, German and Russian."  Open 13-19.  Closed Sun, Tue,
Hotaka Shobo (1-3-16 Asagaya-Kita, Suginami-ku 166_0001;  Northeast of JR
	Asagaya.  Enter Shin Shin Kai, street parallel to tracks.  Entrance
	gate beside bank provides weather forecast.  Third block from gate,
	about 4 minutes from station.  3336-0062)  "Small store selling used
	books.  One of the extremely few bookstores in the world which sells
	nothing but books about mountains and the art of reaching their
	summits.  Very few foreign books.  Beware of paper avalanches for
	books are stacked roof high."   Open 13-19.  (Hours may vary.)
	Closed irr.  [05/13]
Nawa Prasad (3-13-3 Nishiogi-Minami, Suginami-ku 167_0053;  JR Nishi-Ogikubo
	South Exit.  Turn east at Mizuho Bank.  3F of bldg. which faces
	convenience store Daily Yamazaki.  3332-1187,  Fax 3331-3067;  "Small shop.  Eastern philosophy,
	spiritual care, ecology.  15% or so foreign.  Also in the building
	is a restaurant and a school that offers Yoga, Qi Gong lessons and
	such."  Open noon-20:30.  [08/07]
Taishindo (3-16-1 Nishiogi-Minami;  Shortly east of Nawa Prasad.  3333-5778,
	Fax 3333-6378)  "Christian books.  1 shelf foreign books.  Tai-shin
	= 'wait dawn'.  (Psalms 130:6)"  Open 10-19.  Closed Sun, Hol and
	1st, 3rd, 5th Mon.  Open Mon Nov and Dec. [07/09]
Nomad (3-12-10 Nishiogi-kita, Suginami-ku 167_0042;  On the street on the
	north side Nishi-Ogikubo Station, about 5 minutes by foot to the
	west.  This street, though narrow, has bus service and turns
	northward midway.  Same place used to be a stylish bookstore-cafe
	called Heartland.  Phone/Fax 5310-2627;  "Specialty bookstore of travel
	guides and travel-related literature, broadly defined.  Arranged by
	region with new and used books, domestic and foreign-language books
	placed together: rare in Japan.  Sells imported maps, but few
	foreign publications other than that.  A few used English LONELY
	PLANET guides appear.  (Orion Tachikawa has more.)  Run by Yumeya, a
	travel agent good at sending the adventurous off to exotic places.
	Moved from Kichijoji July '07."  Open Noon-22.  Closed Wed.  [07/09]

Book Off Ogikubo (north side of station) has some foreign books.

Sanchuudo (Korean books) moved to Jimbocho.
Onakasuita (cookbooks) moved to Naka-Ochiai, west of Mejiro.

Nishi-Ogikubo has many used bookstores.  Japanese pamphlet 'Onikichi Guide'
available at most stores.  The local favorite is Sukoburu-sha.  There are
two other stores in the vicinity of Nomad, with a small number of foreign
books.  Kachoufuugetsu (to the west of Nomad) has some children's books.
Otowa-kan (turn south at the corner before Nomad) has some illustrated
books.  Mugen (between station and Nomad, yellow awning in front) used to
have some paperbacks.  [07/09]

Kichijoji and Mitakadai:

Chuo Line special rapid (tokkai) trains do not serve Kichijoji.  Stores
aligned north to south.

All stores except B/Rabbits in Musashino-shi, Tokyo.
NTT long-distance area code: Musashino-shi 0422, Mitaka 0422.

Fujii Shoten (1-11-20 Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180_0004;  On
	Itsukaichi-kaido between Hachiman Shrine and Denny's.  22-5043,  Fax
	22-5041)  "Used books.  Wide selection.  Many illustrated volumes,
	some imported.  Small pile of foreign paperbacks at the staircase
	base."  Open 10-21.  Closed Tue.  [06/12]
Book Off Kichijoji Kita-guchi (1-13-2 Kichijoji-Honcho;  Near Yodobashi
	Camera.  South side of street.   23-8260)  "Used books.  Opened July
	2011.  Replaces the Kichijoji Minamiguchi store.  Four floors.
	Foreign section 4F."  Open 10-22.  [11/14]
Junkudo Kichijoji (1-11-5 Kichijoji-Honcho;  6F,7F Coppice Kichijoji.
	Former Isetan Department Store.  28-5333,  Fax 28-5322;  HQ Kobe)
	"Opened October 2010.  3600 square meters.  Largest in Kichijoji.
	Large foreign section (6F), better than Aoi Shoten Nakano,
	Kinokuniya Kichijoji, Kinokuniya Kokubunji and Orion Shobo
	Tachikawa.  Several shelves literature in paperback, one shelf books
	on Japan, some business and non-fiction, study material and
	translated manga.  Foreign books on music, art and interior design
	in respective Japanese sections."  Open 10-21.  [11/14]
Kinokuniya Kichijoji Tokyu (2-3-1 Kichijoji-Honcho;  8F Tokyu Dept. Store.
	21-1810,  Fax 21-7145;  HQ Shinjuku)  "General bookstore.  Few
	English books."  Open 10-20.  [08/07]
Parco Book Center Kichijoji (B2F Kichijoji Parco 1-5-1 Kichijoji-Honcho;
	North side of JR Station.  21-8122;  HQ Ikebukuro)  "Appeals to
	young people.  Many art volumes, imported magazines and children's
	books.  Quite large foreign section, but Junkudo is better, unless
	you are looking for art books."  [06/12]  Open 10-21.
Yomitaya (2-6-10 Kichijoji-Minamimachi 180_0003;  On north side of
	Inokashira-dori, a little to the east of Inokashira Line overpass
	and Tokyu Inn.  From Book Off turn left (east) at the second street.
	Phone/Fax 43-6550)  "General used bookstore.  Quite large.  Wide
	variety, from children's books to psychology.  Some foreign books:
	cookbooks, children's books, psychology, philosophy, religion,
	history, cinema.  Few foreign novels.  Bargain items are on the
	racks outside.  Foreign books are scattered and hard to seek."
B-Rabbits (1-31-19 Inokashira, Mitaka-shi 181_0001;  South side of
	Inokashira Line Mitakadai Station.  Turn left at the station exit,
	and left again at the immediate corner with florist and marine
	sports shop, into street with sides of pavement painted green.
	About 5 minutes from station.  Phone/Fax 76-2501)  "Books for
	children.  Used books.  Small store, but rich collection.  Some
	imported books, including DR. SEUSS, GOLDEN BOOKS and a handful from
	Germany, Czech and Hungary."  Open 11-19.  Closed Sun, 2&3 Wed.

Keibundo Kichijoji Marui closed July 15 '13.  Will reopen in new building
Spring 2014.

Nomad (travel books) moved from Kichijoji to Nishi-Ogikubo July '07.
Bondi Books Kichijoji closed Feb '08.  Online sales: 
Choujou Shoten (Changcheng Shudian) closed Apr '08.
Liburu Libero (under JR tracks) moved to Jimbocho Dec '08.  No foreign books
at the new location.


NTT long-distance area code: Kokubunji 042.

Kinokuniya Kokubunji (3-20-3 Minami-cho, Kokubunji-shi 185_0021;  8F Station
	Bldg, Above Marui.  325-3991,  Fax 325-3950;  HQ Shinjuku)
	"Renovated Sept. '03.  Though twice as large (with 300,000 books) as
	it used to be, the foreign section has not expanded in proportion.
	Very few foreign books.  Of local interest only."  Open 10-22.

Book Center Ito has one shelf foreign books.  From Kokubunji Stn. South
exit, proceed to pachinko parlor on the east side and take the street south
to the bottom of slope.

Book Off Hitotsubashi Gakuen (one stop from Kokubunji on the Seibu Tamako
Line) closed Aug. '09.


Chuo Line rapid (kaisoku) serve all stations west of Mitaka.  From westbound
special rapid (tokkai) trains transfer at Kokubunji.

All stores in Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo.
NTT long-distance area code: Kunitachi 042.

Stores aligned north to south.

Tozai Shoten (1-8 Naka 186_0004;  To right of JR Kunitachi Station South
	Exit.  575-5061)  "Renovated Dec. '01.  Now a bright and casual
	general bookstore.  No foreign books beyond study texts printed in
	Japan (3F)."  Open 10-23.  [12/14]
Masuda Shoten (1-9-1 Naka;  Daigaku-dori, between station and Ginnan Shobo.
	Phone/Fax 572-0224)  "Leading bookstore of Kunitachi.  Broad
	selection of academic books, strong in the social sciences and
	educational material.  Two shelves of English paperbacks and one
	small shelf of imported art books downstairs.  Branch on north side
	of JR Kunitachi does not sell foreign books."  Open 9-20, 10- Sun,
	Hol.  [12/14]
Ginnan Shobo (Ginnan Books) (1-16-37 Naka;  On right side of Daigaku-dori
	between Doutor and Kinokuniya Supermarket (no books), 2 minute walk
	south from station.  Phone/Fax 572-1091;  "Small store with great collection of
	illustrated books.  Many recent coffee-table books but also classics
	of artistic quality, either in graphics, printing or binding.  Also
	sells used foreign books of the social sciences, mostly modern
	economics but also cornerstone European classics dating from the
	17th century.  Some serious literature in English, French, German
	and books for children.  The astute old lady running the place has
	mastery knowledge about the books she's after.  How she manages all
	this with little English fluency is a mystery.  My friends
	associated with the publishing business agree that this is a
	striking place.  Takes long vacations."  Open 10-18.  Noon- Sat.
	Closed Sun, Hol, a week around the New Year, a week in early May and
	about 2 weeks in August.  [12/14]
Hitotsubashi University Coop Bookstore (Seikyou Shoten) (2-1 Naka;  West
	Campus.  South of clock tower.  575-4184)  "Strong in law, economics
	and business administration.  Very few foreign books.  Classics in
	the original (Adam Smith, Marx, Keynes, Samuelson, Galbraith) not in
	stock.  Not many Japanese translations of them either.  Coop members
	get a 10% discount."  Open 10-19.  Closed Sat, Sun, Hol.  [04/08]
Book Off Kunitachi-eki Minamiguchi (1-10-7 Naka;  Fujimi-dori, 3 minutes
	from station.  580-4822)  "Used books.  Small store.  1 shelf
	foreign books 2F."  Open 10-23.  [12/14]
Mon (2-21-41 Nishi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186_0005;  On an alley off
	Fujimi-dori on the south side.  Walk down toward Mt. Fuji to
	Kunitachi Music Univ. High School (Onkou) and turn in at the corner
	with public bath Matsunoyu.  505-5381)  "Used books.  Opened Nov.
	'09.  Some foreign picture books.  Also a shelf of Penguin classics,
	but they may not be for sale."  [11/14]

Momotaro (children's books) closed Nov '07.
Penguin House (children's books) closed Feb '08.
Kunitachi Gakki (music) closed Mar '14.
Nishi Shoten (social sciences) closed Nov '14.

"Kinokuniya Supermarket (no relation with bookstore) offers parking coupons
for total purchases above 3000 yen, good for 60 minutes at the Kunitachi
Parking Lot.  Enter the street on the south side of Masuda Shoten.  Avoid
Sundays, when there is a long wait for parking space and Ginnan Shobo is
closed."  [08/12]

"Asahi-dori used to have several used book merchants.  Now only one, the
dusty academic store Humanite, remains.  Some, but not many, foreign titles
appear.  Tanigawa closed Jan '14.  The two used bookstores near the station
are well organized and offers good bargains but have no foreign books."

"James Fallow picked up a book in one of the Kunitachi bookstores (either
Ginnan or Nishi) which led to his writing of a career-changing appraisal of
protective economic policy."

"Kunitachi is a posh academic suburb west of Tokyo with several
universities, the foremost being the National Hitotsubashi, which leads the
country in studies of economics and business administration.  The town is
also known for its art galleries and fancy restaurants.  Best visited during
early April when the cherry trees along Daigaku-dori (University Boulevard,
the main street) are in full bloom."

"From JR Nambu Line Yaho Station: keep walking north and the cherry trees of
Daigaku-dori will come in sight."


All stores in Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo.
NTT long-distance area code: Tachikawa 042.

Stores aligned north to south.

Orion Shobo Norte (2-92-43 Akebono-cho 190_0012;  Beside Takashimaya.  From
	JR Tachikawa North Exit follow pedestrian overpass beneath monorail
	station.  522-1231,  Fax 522-1233)  "Opened Jan '01.  Currently
	largest store in Chuo Line area west of Kichijoji.  500,000 books.
	Many Japanese history, science and computer books.  Intellectuals of
	the area say they are visiting Shinjuku Kinokuniya less frequently.
	Foreign books and magazines in section G-33 toward northeast end.
	Good stock of foreign paperbacks.  Books on Japanese culture and
	history, a set of classics, some business and world history titles,
	and a handful of popular science titles.  Translated Japanese manga
	in language section nearby.  In the same building are HMV and a
	multi-floor parking lot shared by the stores in the district."  Open
	10-21.  [08/14]
Orion Shobo Lumine (2-1-1 Akebono-cho;  8F Lumine, north mall of JR
	Tachikawa.  527-2311)  "Wide choice of Japanese books.  Some English
	books, but Norte store has more.  Moved upstairs Spring '07.
	Computer book store closed."  Open 10-22.  [11/14]  [Orion Shobo is
	a local chain with 6 stores in the Tachikawa area.  Only the Lumine
	and Norte shops sell foreign books.  The Tachikawa-Kitaguchi branch
	inside Daiichi Dept. Store had a notable collection of Japanese
	military and railroad books; it closed May 2012.]
Book Center Ito Tachikawa Hagoromo (2-49-9 Hagoromo-cho 190_0021;  East of
	JR Nambu Line Nishi-Kunitachi Station, along Tachikawa-Minami-dori.
	Big sign visible on roof.  523-7360)  "Used bookstore.  Large
	selection of manga and paperbacks; most popular titles available in
	new bookstores can be found.  One shelf foreign books 1F.  'Seven
	Years in Tibet' 1000 yen, 'Clear and Present Danger': 400 yen.  Most
	Japanese manga between 150-250 yen.  'Sazae-san': 200-250 yen.
	(prices Dec '06)  Regional chain with 16 outlets in western Tokyo
	and Kawasaki.  Main store in eastern Hachioji."  Open 10-24.
	[11/14]  [Branch in Nishisuna-cho (northwest of Haijima Line
	Seibu-Tachikawa on Itsukaichi-kaido) has very few foreign books.]

A large Book Off opened in former Modi Tachikawa August 30 '12.  [2-7-17
Akebonocho; Above Loft, beside Citibank.]  Foreign section is small compared
to other Book Off branches in this list.  [11/14]

American Pharmacy (Granduo, Tachikawa Stn. Mall) closed March '12.
Oasis Tachikawa (Christian) closed May '14.

Several small used bookstores near Seibu/monorail Tamagawa-Josui.  Shimizu
Shoten (6-2-1 Saiwai-cho 190_0002;  534-2443,  Fax 536-4095) has a handful
of old foreign books on poetry and music.

"The Tachikawa City Central Library (2-36-2 Akebono-cho; On block north of
Takashimaya, 6 minutes from JR Tachikawa; 528-6800) has 9,000 foreign books
including 3,000 foreign children's books.  Roughly half are English.  Also
Chinese, Korean, some French, German and Portuguese.  Good books on Japan
section.  Total collection: 350,000.  Closed Mon, 3rd Thu."

"Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library (6-3-1 Nishiki-cho; Turn south at
Tachikawagodochosha Intersection from Tachikawa-Minami-dori.  5 minutes from
JR Nishi-Kunitachi;  042-524-7186; is
strong in domestic magazines.  Total collection: over 600,000.  No
borrowing."  "Due to a budget crunch they stopped subscribing to regional
Japanese papers and foreign papers including THE NEW YORK TIMES spring '04."


NTT long-distance area code: Akishima 042.

Nakagami Shorin (1-7-2-115 Tamagawa-cho, Akishima-shi 196_0034;  West side
	of JR Higashi-Nakagami Station.  542-9721)  "Used bookstore.  Very
	few foreign books.  A small number of imported SF novels (about 20
	titles).  Also academic Japanese books and vintage audio records."
	Open 14-20.  Closed Sun.  [11/11]

There is a small Yaesu Book Center in Ito Yokado Akishima, near JR Haijima
and Yokota Air Base.  No foreign books on the shelves but orders accepted.
Books arrive within a couple days if a copy is in stock in the
Yaesu Main Store.


JR Hachioji Station and Keio Hachioji Terminal are several blocks apart.

All stores on north side of JR Hachioji Terminal.  Stores aligned west to
east, then south to north.

NTT long-distance area code: Hachioji 042.

Kumazawa Shoten Main Store (2-11 Asahi-cho, Hachioji-shi 192_0083;  On west
	side of JR Hachioji North Exit.  625-1201)  "5 stories.  2 shelves
	foreign books.  Kumazawa also runs the store in nearby Tokyu Square
	(which has no foreign books; used to be Book 1st.)  [Chain HQ: 1-11
	Youkamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192_0071;  Phone 621-5811]"  [01/09]
Matsuoka Shobo (11-8-101 Azuma-cho 192_0082;  On alley north of Tokyu
	Square.  646-7177)  "Regional chain selling used books.  A handful
	of foreign books but don't expect much.  Book Eight, the branch with
	most foreign books, closed May '02.  Large branch along Kita-Odori
	which replaced it closed August '12.  It seems most of their books
	are now in a warehouse."  Open 11-22.
Sato Shobo (12-16 Azuma-cho;  On street on east side of Tokyu Square.
	645-8411)  "Used bookstore with little space to move around.
	Interesting vintage manga collection.  Few foreign books.  Preserves
	the feel of a small business circa 1975.  Worth a look if visiting
	Hachioji."  [08/12]
Keibundo Keio Hachioji (9F 3-27-1 Myoujincho 192_0905;  Above Keio Terminal.
	656-7330)  "Fourth major bookstore in Hachioji.  200,000 books.  Few
	or no foreign books."  Open 10-21.  [01/09]

Kikuya Hachioji closed March '08.  It lasted only 10 months.

A large Yurindo opened in the Hachioji Station Building March '08.  It has a
foreign section.  Sogo Dept. Store which occupied the lower floors of the
same building closed Jan '12, but Yurindo remains open. 


Book Off Mio Minamino (2F Mio, 1-8-1 Minamino, Hachioji-shi 192_0916;  4
	minutes from Hachioji-Minamino Station, two stops south of Hachioji
	on the Yokohama Line.  632-8510)  "Opened October '11.  Used books.
	Probably the largest Book Off in the Tokyo area, but much of the
	floorspace is devoted to items such as audio-video media, clothes,
	toys and electrical appliances, all used.  Some foreign books."
	Open 10-21.  [11/11]  [Another Book Off, near Keio Hachioji
	Terminal, also has some foreign books.]


NTT long-distance area code: Hachioji 042.

Takao Bungado (1227-4 Hatsuzawa-cho, Hachioji-shi 193_0845;  1F Takao Park
	Heights (Daiei).  South (Keio) side of JR/Keio Takao Stn, 2 minutes
	from gates.  Phone/Fax 665-3944)  "Small shop selling used books.  A
	handful of foreign books, scattered through the shelves."  Open
	10-20.  Closed irr, 1 or 2 days per month. [12/13]



NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03.

Kono Shoten (1-31-6 Komaba, Meguro-ku 153_0041;  South side of Inokashira
	Line Komaba-Todai-mae.  Phone/Fax 3467-3071;  "Used bookstore nearby Tokyo
	University Campus.  Academic collection.  Most books in English,
	also some French and German.  Strong in classic philosophy, history,
	art and drama."  Open 10-20, -18 Sat, Sun, Hol.

Shimo-Kitazawa and Yoyogi-Uehara:

Don't even think of getting here by foot from Kami-Kitazawa, 4km away.

Village Vanguard (2-10-15A Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 155_0031;  1F Honda Gekijo,
	2 minutes from Odakyu/Keio Shimo-Kitazawa South Exit.  Walk
	northeast along Odakyu tracks and turn right at railroad crossing.
	3460-6145)  "Books, manga, calendars stacked among toys, sweets,
	underwear, lighters, incense, ...  Strong in manga and art.  Many
	odd titles yet searches come hard.  The most eccentric of all
	Village Vanguard outlets."
Dorama Shimokitazawa Part 5 (2-14-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 155_0031;
	Shimokitazawa South Exit.  Enter street on right side of McDonalds,
	pass two Dorama branches (CDs, DVDs, no books) and turn left at the
	corner between noodle shop and HVC.  4 minutes from station exit.
	3414-0049)  Very clean.  Must be the cleanest used book store in
	Japan.  Very few foreign books.  Open 10-1AM.  [08/12]
SO Books (Syoshi Ogasawara) (1-47-5 Uehara, Shibuya-ku151_0064;  From Odakyu
	Yoyogi-Hachiman proceed to exit of Subway Chiyoda Line Yoyogi-koen
	(Exit 1).  Enter short alley opposite of subway exit, turn right and
	use tunnel to cross Yamate-dori.  In the small shopping district on
	the west side of Yamate-dori viaduct, beside grocer.  Nearby is
	Tomigaya Library.  6416-8299;  "Art.
	Photography.  Small shop but fine selection."  Open Noon-20.  Closed
	Sun and irr.  Appointment recommended.  [07/12]

Heaven's Door, bar owned by an Englishman, has several shelves foreign
books.  4 books 1000 yen.  Mostly fiction.  [On block with Mister Donuts,
beyond the two audio/video Dorama branches and HVC.,]  [07/12]

"Localers insist that Shimo-Kitazawa is where things are really happening.
If you are looking for vintage record albums or amateur musicians, here is
the place to go.  The town is known for its theaters and cheap, eccentric
restaurants.  You have to find yourself through a wicked maze to get

Tokyo Camii Turkish Culture Center is one of the prominent Islamic Mosques
in Tokyo.  (Inokashira-dori on the north side of Yoyogi-Uehara Station.  Some English and Japanese books on Islam and
Turkey sold.  They also have a large library of books in Turkish. 


Furuhon Daigaku closed August 2010.


Seiwa Shoten showroom (psychology) closed October 2010.


NTT long-distance area code: Chofu 042.

Parco Book Center (1-38-1 Kojima-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182_0026;  Faces Keio
	Chofu Junction North Exit.  489-5351;  HQ Ikebukuro)  "Bookstore of
	stylish mall.  Large art and design section.  Some foreign
	paperbacks."  Open 10-20:30, -21 Fri.  [11/08]
Shinko Shoten (1-36-8 Fuda 182_0024;  North side of station.  Across the
	street is Seiyu.  487-2222,  Fax 489-1330)  "Computer/communication
	technology section better than nearby Parco's.  No foreign books."
	Open 10-22, -20:30 Sun, Hol.  [11/08]


NTT long-distance area code: Fuchu 042.

Keibundo Fuchu (1-3-6 Fuchu-machi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183_0055;  In Higashi
	(east) Mall beneath tracks, 2F of Fuchu Station.  366-3151)  "Large
	general selection.  About 1 shelf foreign paperbacks.  Government
	reports sold here.  Of local interest only.  Chain owned by Keio
	Railways."  Open 9:30-22:30, 10-22 Sun, Hol.  [08/11]
Yumeno-Ehondo (2-20-13-105 Fuchu-machi;  Southeast corner of Sakura-dori and
	Fuchu-koen-dori (both laced with cherry trees).  Near Central
	Library.  About 8 minutes from Keio Fuchu by foot.  358-0333)
	"Small, clean shop of used books.  About half devoted to books for
	children.  Front window displays some foreign picture books."
	Closed Wed.  [03/08]

Kinokuniya Fuchu closed August '06.

"Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku, TUFS) Library
is open to the general public.  (This is rare in Japan - university
libraries, including those of public institutions, are usually closed.)  Old
editions of TIME (from 1950) and DER SPIEGEL (from 1969) available along
with many books on Japan.  Have ready personal ID when visiting.  (3-11-1
Asahi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183_8534;  East side of Seibu Tama Station.
Transfer from JR at Musashi-Sakai, from Keio at Musashinodai.  330-5195
(library), Fax 330-5199 (library);  See map:  Campus
coop bookshop is small and has little foreign material beyond dictionaries
and language texts."

Nishigahara Shoten, near Seibu Tama Stn. closed May '10.

Seiseki Sakuragaoka:

NTT long-distance area code: Tama-shi 042.

Kumazawa Shoten Seiseki Sakuragaoka (1-11-1 Sekido, Tama-shi 206_0011;  7F
	Building A, Keio Seiseki Sakuragaoka Station Shopping Center.
	337-2531)  "General bookstore.  Several tall shelves foreign books,
	more than Fuchu Keibundo.  Used to have a number of imported
	magazines; now only TIME and NEWSWEEK."  Open 10-21.  Closed irr.
	Wed.  [11/11]
Book Off Seiseki Sakuragaoka (4-72 Sekido;  4F OPA, south side of Seiseki
	Sakuragaoka Station.  357-1855)  "Used books.  Opened Oct. 7 2011.
	Replaces Ichinomiya store, which closed Sept. 25.  Some foreign
	books."  Open 10-21.  [11/11]
Book Plaza Sigma Worldwide (1-2-2 Sakuragaoka, Tama-shi 206_0013;  Near Tama
	Sakuragaoka Post Office, halfway between Keio Seiseki Sakuragaoka
	and Keio/Odakyu Nagayama.  Bus Stop Sakuragaoka 4-chome.  357-3773,
	Fax 357-3774;  "Books on
	automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles.  Does most business
	through internet auctions."  Open 10-19.  Closed irr.  [12/06]

Aoi Shoten is large, but has no foreign books.  [The Square; 1-1-5 Sekido]
The Sekido Branch of Tama City Public Library in the same building has some
foreign books.

Niyuukan Shobo closed around '07.
The general bookstore in OPA (Kuroda Shoten, then Tokiwa Shobo) closed '08.
Furuhon Tamatsubaki closed Aug '13.  Online sales continue.
Book Center Ito Seiseki Sakuragaoka closed Feb '14.

Tama Center, Nagayama and southern Hachioji:

NTT long-distance area code: Tama-shi 042, Hachioji 042.

Keibundo Tama (1-10-1 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206_0033;  Beneath tracks,
	Keio Tama Center Station.  372-2288)  "Second largest bookstore in
	Tama Center.  This store used to sell some paperbacks, but now only
	bilingual books and language texts printed in Japan are available."
	Open 10-22:30, -22:00 Sun, Hol. [09/11]
Maruzen Tama Center (1-46-1 Ochiai 206_0033;  5F Cocolia Tama Center, above
	Mitsukoshi Department Store.  South side of station, a bit uphill.
	5 minutes from exit.  355-3220,  Fax 355-3066;  HQ Marunouchi)  "1.2
	million books.  Opened April '11.  The largest store in the western
	Tokyo area as of Spring '12.  The layout is more like a Junkudo than
	Maruzen, but unlike the typical Junkudo, only a small number of
	seats and no desks are provided.  Foreign section has fiction,
	non-fiction, language texts, books on Japan and translations of
	Japanese novels and manga.  Map section has imported maps and the
	LONELY PLANET series.  Though foreign stock is small for a Maruzen
	of this size, it is much better than those of other stores in Tama
	Center, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Chofu and Machida.  Not attractive to
	those close to Shinjuku, or on the Chuo Line, unless one is also
	visiting the following Book Off."  Open 10:30-21.  [06/12]
Book Off Tama Nagayama (6-29 Nagayama, Tama-shi 206_0025;  Free shuttle bus
	departs from Keio-Odakyu Nagayama Station.  2 runs per hour on
	weekdays, 3 on weekends.  Go down stairs on the left side of coffee
	shop and wait at the island with kinetic sculpture, beyond taxi
	pool.  Bus takes about 10 minutes to Book Off.  The additional
	weekend shuttle runs stop by at Tama Center Station.  357-2701)
	"Very large used bookstore.  Quite large foreign section: 4 high
	shelves.  Also sells videos, audio CDs, video games and toys.  (The
	Book Off in Tama Carillon near Tama Center Station is smaller, but
	has some foreign books.)"  Open 10-22.  [06/12]
Book Center Ito Higashi-Nakano Main Store (533 Higashi-Nakano, Hachioji-shi
	192_0351;  Near Chuo University campus.  About 15 minutes from
	Monorail Otsuka-Teikyodaigaku.  Shortly west of Amano bus stop on
	Yaen-kaido.  676-7376)  "Used books.  Many college textbooks as well
	as manga.  Very few foreign books: less than 1 shelf 2F.  Seiseki
	and Tachikawa Hagoromo branches have more foreign books."  Open
	10-24.  [09/11]

Kumazawa Shoten Tama Carillon closed Jan. '12.  Book Off moved into the


Machida and Sagamihara:

Odakyu-Sagamihara and JR Sagamihara are 5 miles apart.

NTT long-distance area codes: Machida 042, Sagamihara 042.

Kokopelli (1-18-16 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194_0021;  Northeast side
	of Odakyu Machida Station.  Follow street along north side of Odakyu
	tracks.  Adjacent to Circle K.  "Shop
	selling Native American jewelry.  Comprehensive collection of Native
	American books printed in Japan.  Some English books."  Open
	Noon-20.  Closed Wed.
Hisamido Main Store (6-11-10 Hara-Machida, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194_0013;
	East side of Odakyu Machida Station.  Near north end of platform and
	police box.  725-1330)  "General bookstore.  Regional chain.
	Established 1945.  Remains popular despite the tense competition.  A
	half shelf or so foreign books 3F."  (Not "Kumido".)  Open 10-20.
	Closed 2nd Wed monthly.  [Hisamido Odakyu Store (6-12-20
	Hara-Machida;  8F Odakyu Dept. Store above Odakyu Station.
	727-1111) Open 10-20.  Closed irr. Tue.]  [01/10]
Book Off Super Bazaar Machida Chuo-dori (4-4-8 Hara-Machida;  On Chuo-dori,
	east side of JR Machida Station, shortly north of Nakamise and south
	of Hisamido Main.  739-4580)  "Huge used bookstore.  2200 square
	meters.  Foreign books 2F: paperback novels, art, some cookbooks and
	computer books.  Probably most foreign books in area.  Opened Dec.
	'09."  Open 10-22.  [01/10]
Aoi Shoten Machida (6-2-6 Hara-Machida;  8F modi, adjacent to Odakyu station
	on the south side.  812-2773)  "350,000 books.  Rich stock of
	Japanese books.  Few foreign books."  Open 10-22:30.  [01/10]
Yurindo Lumine Machida (6-1-11 Hara-Machida;  7F Lumine, east side of JR
	tracks,  723-3018,  Fax 723-7046;  HQ Yokohama)  "Strong in
	technical, educational material.  Now no foreign books."  Open
	10-22.  [01/10]
Takahara Shoten Main Store (1-31-17 Morino, Machida-shi 194_0022;  Take
	first street beyond northeast end of Odakyu platform northwest about
	4 blocks, turn left beyond Machida City offices, a right at the end
	and a left at the first corner (yellow sign).  2 blocks west of
	Sundai.  725-7554,  Fax 721-2650;
	"Large used bookstore.  4 floors.  Relocated May '01.  Foreign books
	in several locations: children's books 1F, serious literature 2F,
	rail magazines 3F.  Not many foreign books.  Shinjuku branch (Kosho
	Center) now closed.  Once an untidy bargain store, but now the
	collection emphasizes quality, and the layout is clean, probably in
	response to Book Off's growth."  Open 10-20.  Closed 3rd Wed
	monthly.  [01/10]
Libro Machida (1-14-17 Morino;  7F Seiyu.  North side of Odakyu Machida West
	Exit.  726-0570;  HQ Ikebukuro)  "General bookstore, strong in art
	and culture.  A few foreign books: paperbacks and art volumes."
	Open 10-22.  [01/10]
Kumazawa Shoten Sagami-Ono (3-8-1 Sagami-Ono, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken
	228_0803;  6F Mylord, above Odakyu platform.  767-1285)  "General
	bookstore.  1 shelf foreign books."  Open 10-21.  
Kinokuniya Sagamihara Isetan (4-4-3 Sagami-Ono;  6F Isetan A-kan.  4 minutes
	from station.  745-2811,  Fax 745-0611;  HQ Shinjuku)  "Rather small
	store for Kinokuniya.  Small science section, more emphasis on
	hobby, culture and art.  (They should know that the Kinokuniya book
	cover gives status to the Odakyu passenger.)  About 1 shelf foreign
	books, not much more than the nearby rivals."  Open 10-19:30.

The English Resource (established 1991) merged with
Nellie's English Bookstore in '03.  Nellie's closed the Sagamihara branch
August '07.  The English Resource still exists as a web site that provides
classroom hints and hiring notices:

Grimm (children's books; Odakyu Higashi-Rinkan) closed Oct. '06.  They still
sell books online (  Office in Yokohama.

Machida City Central Library has a modest foreign section.  (3-2-9
Hara-Machida;  Several blocks southeast of Tokyu Machida, near first viaduct
over JR tracks.  042-728-8220)  Open 10-17, -20 Tue, Fri.  Closed Mon, 2nd
Thu monthly (next day when Hol), Dec 28 - Jan 4.


The city center is around Odakyu Hon-Atsugi.
JR/Odakyu Atsugi Junction is across the river, in Ebina-shi.

NTT long-distance area code: Atsugi 046.

Yurindo Atsugi (2-6 Nakacho, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa_ken 243_0018;  Near Odakyu
	Hon-Atsugi North Exit.  223-4111,  Fax 223-4110;  HQ Yokohama)
	"Largest store in region.  Foreign books 4F."  Open 10-21, -20:30
	Sun, Hol.


Jiyugaoka and Oyamadai:

First departure from Tokyu Shibuya always reaches Jiyugaoka Junction first.

NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03.

Nishimura Bunseido (2-11-8 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku 152_0035;  West side of
	Tokyu Jiyugaoka Station.  Southwest corner of block with
	Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank.  Phone/Fax 3717-6843;  "Used books.  Some foreign
	books: used paperbacks, children's books, hardcover academic books.
	Titles tend to be serious.  Also real and fake books for decorative
	purposes.  They also offer the service of filling shelves with such
	books.  (Photos of foreign books for sale and decoration work:"  Open 10-20.

Manantial moved to Shibuya and became InterSpain '03.  Moved (and changed
name) again in '07.  Now it is the bookstore in the Tokyo Cervantes

Lindbergh (automobile) closed shop November '11.  Collection moved to
Tsutaya Daikanyama T-Site.

Fiona Jiyugaoka (children's books) closed March '14.


NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03.

Kids' Books (702 City Court Yoga 1-2-6 Tamagawadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
	158-0096,  From Den'en Toshi Line Youga Stn. go southwest, beyond
	expressway.  Near route 246.  Building on east side of street;
	convenience store on opposite side.  Phone/Fax 6805-6216,  "Books for children and educational
	material.  Moved from Hiro-o to Shibuya '07, again to Yoga Feb.
	2014."  Open on appointment.

Futako-Tamagawa and Mizonokuchi:

NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03, Kawasaki 044.

Kinokuniya Tamagawa Takashimaya (3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
	158_0094;  5F Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center South Bldg.
	3709-2091,  Fax 3709-2080;  HQ Shinjuku)  "Larger than Bunkyodo
	beyond the river, richer variety of Japanese books.  Renovated and
	expanded Sept. '03.  300,000 books.  Foreign section puts much
	emphasis on picture books and language study texts; not many
	paperbacks."  Open 10-21.
Bunkyodo Main Store (3-1-28 Hisamoto, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
	213_0011;  South of JR/Tokyu (Musashi) Mizonokuchi Junction.  On
	east side of Nambu Line tracks.  3 minutes from station gate by
	foot.  812-0063)  "Main store of national chain.  Some foreign books
	2F.  Large manga selection 3F.  Another branch in Nocty nearby may
	also have foreign books.  Of local interest only."  Open 10-23.


NTT long-distance area code: Yokohama 045.

Book 1st Aobadai (2-1-1 Aobadai;  3F&4F Tokyu Square 1-annex, southwest side
	of Aobadai Station.  989-1781)  "Large general bookstore.  Good for
	both technical and art books.  Large foreign section (4F) has
	paperback fiction and non-fiction, books on Japan, translated
	Japanese literature, ELT and art books.  Some imported books in the
	Japanese architecture section.  Among stores on the Tokyu
	Den'en-toshi Line west of Shibuya this one has most foreign books."
	Open 10-22.  Closed irr. [11/06]

The Yurindo in Tama Plaza Terrace, above Tokyu Tama Plaza Stn. has some
foreign books.

Bunkyodo Aobadai closed Feb '09.



NTT long-distance area code: Tokyo 03.

Mekong Center (3F Kase Bldg. 3-6-3 Minami-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku 140_0004;
	East of Keikyu Aomono-Yokocho Station, on Geneve-Heiwa-dori, about 5
	minutes by foot.  Near post office.  20 minutes from JR/Tokyu
	Oimachi.  3471-0162;  "Vietnamese books.
	Largest such collection in Tokyo.  Very few books in Japanese or
	English.  Also sells videos, CDs, food.  (Moved from west side of
	Oimachi Stn. '07.)  No store at the address July 2012.  Phone line
	is still alive and listed by NTT, but nobody answers."

Yurindo in Oimachi Atre has very few foreign books.  [07/12]
Book Off near Omori Station has about one shelf foreign books.  [11/14]


Downtown Kawasaki:

All stores in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken.

NTT long-distance area code: Kawasaki 044.

Yurindo Atre Kawasaki (26-1-607 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki-ku 210_0007;  6F
	Atre Kawasaki, JR Station Mall.  200-6831,  Fax 211-5571;
	HQ Yokohama)  "Large general bookstore.  Good Japanese
	computer/electronics book section.  (Toshiba has factories in the
	region.)  One shelf foreign books."  Open 10-21.  [Popular Japanese
	titles in Azalea Underground Mall Branch (26-2 Ekimae-honcho;
	245-1231)  Open 10-22.]  [09/11]
Aoi Shoten Kawasaki (8 Ekimae-honcho;  4F Dice.  Near Keikyu Kawasaki.
	North end of Azalea Mall.  233-6518,  Fax 233-5619;  HQ Nakano)
	"Opened September '03.  600,000 books on one huge floor (3,300
	square meters).   Probably larger than Maruzen.  Casual selection.
	High, long shelves and wide alleys.  Foreign section toward north
	end: art, language texts, on Japan, paperbacks.  More foreign books
	than Yurindo."  Open 10-21.  [09/11]
Book Off Kawasaki More's (7 Ekimae-honcho 210_8504;  3F More's.  Across the
	street from JR Kawasaki East Exit.  221-6905)  "Used books.  About 3
	shelves foreign books."  Open 10-22.  [11/14]
Maruzen Lazona Kawasaki (1F Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 72-1 Horikawacho,
	Saiwai-ku 212_8576;  West side of JR Kawasaki Station.  Go down
	escalator on right side of JR Kawasaki West Exit.  520-1869,  Fax
	520-1870;  HQ Marunouchi)  "Opened Sept. '06.  Great Japanese
	technical selection.  Best in Kawasaki for books and magazines in
	English.  But no foreign technical books."  Open 10-21.  [11/14]

Kinokuniya Kawasaki closed Jan '08.
Progetto (art and design books) closed Dec '10.
Chinese grocery Shinka (Xinxua) stopped selling books (Fall '06).

Kawasaki City (Shiritsu) Library has a modest foreign section.  Books in
English, Korean and Chinese.  (12-1 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki;  2 minutes from
station, east side of JR Kawasaki, shortly to the north.  044-200-7011;

Kanagawa Prefectural (Kenritsu) Kawasaki Library is strong in industry and
technology.  Unique collection of corporate histories on 3F.  Not many
foreign books.  (East side of JR Kawasaki, beyond NTT.  About 15 minutes by


Downtown Yokohama:

NTT long-distance area code: Yokohama 045.

Yokohama Station:

Yurindo Lumine Yokohama (2-16-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220_0011;  6F
	Yokohama Station Mall, east side of tracks.  453-0811,  Fax
	441-5403)  "Strong in the humanities.  Of the Yurindo branches in
	the Yokohama area, this store has most foreign books - which is not
	much."  Open 10-22.  [12/09]  [Yurindo The Diamond Store/Toyo Store
	(1-4 B1 Minami-Saiwai 220_0004;  3 Yurindo branches in 'The Diamond'
	shopping center beneath bus terminal on west side of Yokohama
	Station.  Take escalator down and turn right between stairs B and D.
	General/business book section (The Diamond Store) on the left and
	bunko section on the right.  Turn left at end (toward bank ATMs) and
	behind the stationery shop is the manga/technical book section (Toyo
	Store).  Open 10-22.]
Maruzen Yokohama Porta (2-16-1-209 Takashima 220_0011,  Yokohama Porta,
	underground mall between east-side station gates and Sogo.
	453-6811)  "Small store.  Currently no foreign books."  Open 10-22.
Kinokuniya Yokohama (2-18-1 Takashima 220_8510;  7F Yokohama Sogo, east side
	of JR Yokohama.  450-5901,  Fax 450-5902;  HQ Shinjuku)  "Third
	largest Kinokuniya in Tokyo area.  Opened April '02.  600,000 books
	in stock.  Foreign literature, language texts, books on Japan, art
	volumes in section 6.  Far less foreign books than Kinokuniya
	Shinjuku South."  Open 10-20.
Book Off Yokohama Vivre (2-15-13 Minami-Saiwai, Nishi-ku 220_8577;  8F
	Vivre.  From JR Yokohama West Exit take street between Takashimaya
	and Bay Sheraton Hotel.  Just beyond bridge.  412-6010)  "Used
	books.  Large store.  8 shelves foreign books."  Open 11-21.
Aoi Shoten Yokohama (2-16-1 Minami-Saiwai;  4F-6F Daiei, adjacent to Vivre.
	349-8377;  HQ Nakano)  "Opened Oct. '06.  Originally three floors,
	but one has closed.  Floor plan resembles Junkudo's, but they
	haven't achieved their finesse of selection and layout.  The foreign
	section is small."  Open 10-23.  [08/13]

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 (Sakuragicho):

JR sky-blue trains (usually called "Keihin-Tohoku Line", but "Negishi Line"
is geographically precise) and Yokohama Subway trains serve Sakuragicho.

The Minato Mirai Line is an underground extension of the Tokyu Toyoko Line.
It is run by a rail company separate from both Tokyu and Yokohama Subway.
Through tickets are available at most Tokyu stations.

Kinokuniya Yokohama Minato Mirai (1-1-7 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama,
	Kanagawa-ken 231_8331;  5F Colette Mare, white building 1 minute
	from JR Sakuragicho South Exit.   640-3081)  "Opened March '10.  A
	store of modest size by today's standards.  Perhaps more foreign
	books than the Kinokuniya in downtown Yokohama."  Open 11-20.
Kumazawa Shoten Landmark Plaza (2-2-1 Minato-Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
	220_8172;  5F Landmark Tower Mall, near Minato Mirai 21 Station.  5
	minutes from JR Sakuragicho.  683-1021,  Fax 683-1040)  "Large
	store.  Used to be a major Yurindo branch, with most foreign books
	in the chain.  Yurindo moved out July '09.  Kumazawa reopened in the
	same place two months later.  Several shelves foreign books, mostly
	paperbacks.  Probably this store has most foreign books in the
	Yokohama area, but the former Yurindo had much more."  Open 11-20.

Book Off Yokohama Minato Mirai closed Sept. '10.  It lasted only 9 months.

"Honcho-dori, described in 'More Ever Wonder Why' by Douglas B.Smith and
'Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins' as the possible origin of the
expression "hunky-dori" is the road at the right of Sakuragicho Station West
Exit that crosses the bridge and heads toward Kanagawa-ken Government Hall.
Ask someone at the station or the post office for directions."

Yokohama Isezaki-cho (Kannai):

Seibundo (5-57 Minami-Nakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231_0006;  Right outside
	Minato Mirai Line Bashamichi Exit 5.  On block north is Kanagawa-ken
	History Museum.  Phone/Fax 663-9587)  "Used academic books.  Solid
	selection of social sciences and the humanities.  Good for Christian
	books and philosophy.  Some science books.  Small fraction foreign,
	scattered through shelves.  Proprietor well informed and helpful.
	Moved from Isezaki-cho."  Open 11-19 through year.  [04/06]
Yurindo Main Store (1-4-1 Isezaki-cho, Naka-ku 231_0045;  Isezaki Mall, on
	west side of JR Negishi Line Kannai Station.  261-1231,  Fax
	261-1248)  "Head of regional chain; fourth largest in total sales
	among Japanese booksellers.  Most stores in Kanagawa-ken, a few in
	Tokyo.  This store has a large medical section.  Some foreign books
	in basement.  Yurindo branches used to have better foreign sections
	than most other chains, but this changed at around the time the
	Landmark Plaza store closed (August '09).  'Yurin' means 'neighbor
	exists'. (Analects 4:25)"  Open 10-20.  [12/09]

Senseido moved out of Odeon Bldg. Summer '03 to street level, near Book Off.
An apprentice took over and changed store name to Isezaki Shorin.  Closed
December '11.

Tanabe Shoten (slightly north of Yurindo and Book Off) closed Dec '13.

There are several more used book sellers west of Odeon Bldg.  The first one
on the south side, Nagisa, has a small rack of paperbacks by the entrance.
Don't expect much at nearby Isezaki Shobo, which appears near top when you
ask Google for "Yokohama bookstores"; call beforehand to check whether they
have what you want.  There are a few more stores; the ratio of vulgar
magazines and videos rises as one proceeds west.

Yokohama Motomachi:

Takahashi Shoten (2-85 Motomachi, Naka-ku 231_0861;  Center of Motomachi
	shopping area, between JR Ishikawa-cho and Minato Mirai Line
	Motomachi-Chukagai.  664-7371)  "This store is small, but about one
	half of the selection is foreign: magazines, language texts, on
	Japan, fine art, food and English translations of Japanese
	literature and manga.  Also postcards and greeting cards.
	Established 1911, as an importer of books and stationery."  Open
	10:30-19, 11- Sun, Hol.  Closed Mon.  [04/06]



NTT long-distance area code: Yokohama 045.

Shizenrin (1-15 Yamatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 231_0862;  JR Negishi Line
	Yamate Station.  Turn right into shopping district south side of
	station.  About 5 minutes from station, beside Higashi-Nihon Bank.
	622-6071,  Fax 622-6071 )  "Used books.  Emphasis on nature.  About
	10% foreign books: paperback literature, dictionaries, on Japan.
	Also old postcards and tourist maps."  [08/13]



NTT long-distance area code: Kamakura 0467.

Shimamori Shoten (1-9-3 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 284_0006;  2
	minutes from JR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Stn.  On Wakamiya Blvd.
	There is another, smaller bookstore named Shorindo nearby, visible
	from the station exit.  22-0266,  Fax 23-0727)  "Medium-size general
	bookstore.  Fine collection of local publications.  Perhaps a book
	or two about Kamakura in English among them, but no other foreign
	books."  Open 10-21.  [11/11]

Community free paper THE SHONAN POST holds an annual fund-raising bazaar in
early winter, during the Kamakura International Festival.  Hundreds of
donated foreign-language books for sale.  THE SHONAN POST is distributed at
Shimamori, Fujisawa Station, Kamakura Station, Shonan area kohminkan
(community centers), etc.  [10/14]



NTT long-distance area code: Yokosuka 046.

Kumazawa Shoten Yokosuka (2-1-12 Honcho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken
	238_0041;  Shopper's Plaza Yokosuka, near Keikyu Shioiri.  821-2403)
	"Probably more foreign books than rival Hirasaka Shoten."  Open
Hirasaka Shobo (2-302-30 Wakamastu-cho, Yokosuka-shi 238_8533;  7F More's
	City, northern (hilly) side of Keikyu Yokosuka-Chuo.  822-2655)
	"Regional chain.  The store in More's is the largest bookstore on
	the peninsula and has most foreign books in the chain.  A few small
	shelves paperbacks and books on Japan."  Open 10-21.  [11/06]


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