Bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco and north)

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17 Jan 2018


San Francisco 
   North Beach 
   Fisherman's Wharf 
   Civic Center 
   Lower Haight 
   Upper Haight 
   Mission (and Noe Valley) 
   Pacific Heights 
   Hayes Valley 
   Glen Park 
North of San Francisco 
South Bay 
Central Coast 
East Bay 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1: This list contains stores in San Francisco and the North Bay.
Berkeley, Oakland, and East Bay listings can be found in the Berkeley/Oakland
Peninsula listings can be found in the Peninsula list.

Los Angeles listings can be found in the Los Angeles area list.  
San Diego and Hawai`i listings can be found in the San Diego area list.  
Sacramento and other California listings (outside of southern California) 
can be found in the Northwestern US list.  ]

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 


San Francisco: 

(Thanks to Joseph Brenner, this is arranged geographically, roughly east to 
west, or starting "Downtown" and moving outwards.  If something is grossly 
misplaced, please let me know, but it's difficult to order linearly a 
two-dimensional map!  The streets in the downtown area, running east to west 
are Sansome, Montgomery, Kearney, Grant, Stockton, Powell, Mason, Taylor, 
Jones, Leavenworth, Hyde, Larkin, Polk, and Van Ness.  Running south to 
north are Market, Turk, Eddy, Ellis, O'Farrell, Geary, Post, Sutter, Bush, 
Pine, and California.  Okay, Market is diagonal, but I had to start 

Unknown area:
	Christopher's Books (1400 18th).  "Small shop, nice selection, 
		interesting variety of kids books (including a lot in 
		Spanish for a store of its size)."  [10/13]
	Chronicle Books (680 Second, 94107, 415-537-4200).  Open 
		Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  [02/09]
	Chronicle Books (Sony Metreon Gateway, 101 Fourth, 94103, 
		415-369-6271).  Open Mon-Thu 9AM-9PM, 
		Fri-Sun 9AM-10PM.  [02/09]
	The Green Arcade (1680 Market, 415-431-6800,  Books about 
		sustainability and green living. 
	Omnivore Books (3885a César Chavez, 415-282-4712,  Food-related books.  
	"UCSF Medical Center/School also has a bookstore, mainly with 
	medical texts, but also some books on general health and even 
	some medically-themed novels.  They probably have more medical 
	texts than any other SF bookstore."

North Beach: 
	Beat Museum (540 Broadway, 94133,  
		Sells books by and about the Beat Generation.  [07/15]
	City Lights (261 Broadway and Columbus, 415-362-8193,  The best place for general 
		literature.  Famous beat era shop.  Go downstairs.  [12/10]
	Eastwind Books (1435 Stockton, 415-772-5888).  Eastern thought, 
		Buddhism, etc. 

Fisherman's Wharf: 
	Builder's Booksource (Ghiradelli Square, 415-440-5773).  Architecture, 
		construction, landscape architecture, engineering, interior 
		design, etc.  From coffee-table books all the way to the AISC 
		Steel Manual....  Also has a larger store in Berkeley.  
	Maritime Book Store (Hyde Street Pier near Fisherman's Wharf).  A 
		very good selection of new maritime books.  While there, 
		must visit the Balclutha, one of the few remaining 
		square-rigged Cape Horn sailing ships.  

	Louie Bros Book Store (754 Washington near Grant).  Chinese 
		language.  Noted a Lotus 1-2-3 manual in the window.  

	[Yes, there are several bookstores on the second floor of 49 Geary.  
		All of them are fairly antiquarian oriented.] 
	Brick Row Books (49 Geary, Suite 235, 94108-5705, 415-398-0414,  
	Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books (49 Geary, Suite 244, 94108-5705, 
		415-981-4100,  Open 
		Mon-Fri 10AM-5:30PM, Sat by chance or appointment.  
	Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books (486 Geary).  Open Mon, Wed-Sat 
	Robert Dagg, Rare Books (49 Geary, 94108-5705, 415-989-6811).  
	871 Fine Arts (49 Geary, Suite 513, 94108-5705).  Art and artists' 
	San Francisco Museum of Modern Art bookstore (151 Third St between 
		Mission and Howard, 415-357-4035).  Its museum store is 
		greatly expanded, and has the best selection of new art and 
		art-related books in SF; also some interesting children's 
	U. S. Government Bookstore (Marathon Plaza, Room 141-S, 303 Second 
		at Folsom, 415-512-2770, FAX 415-512-2776).  
	Henry Hollander, Bookseller (55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 317, 
		third floor of the Sharon Building, 415-882-4541,  Specializing in Judaica 
		and books on Africa.  Has a search service.  Open 
		Tue-Fri 12N-5PM.  
	William K. Stout Architectural Books (804 Montgomery, 
		415-391-6757).  This is a beautiful bookstore on all facets 
		of architecture, including furniture.  The books are stored 
		in a seemingly chaotic fashion, but the staff is helpful 
		and knowledgeable.  "Excellent selection, but expensive as 
		architecture books tend to be.  I'd say they are a bit over 
		market price on many items." Closed Sunday, open late 
	Alexander Book Co. (south of Market on Second Street downtown, 
		415-495-2992).  Pleasant to hang out in, and carries a more 
		interesting selection of everything than many larger places.  
		Mon-Fri 8:30AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  
	Rizzoli Bookstore (117 Post, 415-984-0225).  Branch of the Italian 
		Chain. Their specialty is art and photography, found on the 
		third floor.
	Cafe de la Presse (352 Grant).  A branch of European Books.  Mostly 
		a restaurant with a small section of books and magazines.  
	Tillman Place Bookshop (8 Tillman Place off Grant between Post and 
		Sutter, 415-392-4668).  Was previously called Charlotte 
		Newbegin's Bookshop.  Contrary to previous reports, they do 
		*not* specialize in Russian books (can someone help me out 
		on what bookstore the person might have been thinking of?) 
		and does not carry used books.  
	Argonaut Book Shop (786 Sutter at the corner of Jones, 415-474-9067,  Used.  
	The Bookstall (570 Sutter btwn Powell and Mason, 415-362-6353).  
		Used.  "High-priced antiquarian and used dealer, no bargains 
		here, though a good selection."  Also a reasonable selection 
		of children's and old scientific books.   
	McDonalds (48 Turk, 415-673-2235).  Used.  "You gotta see this place: 
		rickety shelves stacked to the rafters with old books and 
		magazines.  The next quake is going to wipe this place out.  
		In a very seedy area, but you are probably safe during the 
		day."  "Heavily advertised, but greatly overated.  I do not 
		see how they could possibly have over one million 
		books/magazines/records, as they claim, and their material 
		seemed badly disorganized.  In addition, Turk St. is an 
		alarming place to someone not familiar with that area (not 
		someplace to go after dark)."  Another reader says "there 
		may be good stuff in there somewhere, but it's impossible 
		to find it.  ...  They have vast amounts of junk [and the] 
		near-total lack of organization makes it impossible to 
		search quickly even if you know exactly what you're looking 
		for, and browsing is tedious and unrewarding."  Another 
		reader responds: "Contrary to one of the comments you list, 
		McDonald's is rigorously 'organized' but it is not 
		alphabetized, which are two different things.  The books 
		are extremely neatly arranged in about 200 categories, but 
		books within categories are not alphabetized.  Nonetheless, 
		the prices are excellent and you can bargain here.  There 
		is a lot of junk.  Also, the neighborhood is fine during 
		the day, especially if approached from Market rather than 
		from the Tenderloin." One important conclusion: if you are 
		allergic or sensitive to dust, you probably should skip 
		this one.  Open Mon, Tue, Thu 10AM-6PM, Wed, Fri, Sat 
		10:30 AM-6:45PM.  
	Foley Books (345 California, Plaza Level, 415-391-0622).  "I've 
		bought quite a few books from Foley Books over the years at 
		its various locations. It is an outstanding bookstore with 
		discount prices!  Although it is smaller than it used to be, 
		you can order books and still get the 20% discount."  
		Open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM.  

Civic Center: 
	European Books (925 Larkin, 415-474-0626,  
		THE place to go for European-language books.  Mostly 
		French, German, and Spanish, but other languages as 
		well.  Open Mon 11AM-4PM,  Thu-Sat 11AM-5PM.  
	The Magazine (920 Larkin, 415-441-7737).  A used magazine store.  
		It carries both mainline and pornographic magazines, including 
		physique magazines from the 1950s, and is very classy with its 
		wood paneling.  
	Kayo Books (814 Post, 94109, 415-749-0554,  
		Pulp magazines, vintage paperbacks, etc.  "Staffed by 
		two very knowledgeable owners and the friendliest dog 
		west of the Sierras."  "Hours and hours of fascinating 
		browsing."  Focuses on "old pulp stuff, detective, 
		romance, and "I was a teenage delinquent", etc.  Also 
		reported to be the only bookstore with any appreciable 
		amount of Westerns.  Open Wed-Sun 11AM-6PM.  
	Books Inc. at Opera Plaza (610 Van Ness Ave between Golden Gate 
		and Turk, 415-776-1111).  A good general selection of books, 
		and a helpful staff.  Open Sun-Thu 10AM-11PM, Fri-Sat 
		10AM-12M.  [12/06]
	San Francisco Opera Shop (2nd floor of the War Memorial Opera House, 
		Van Ness at Grove, 415-565-6414).  Open every night an opera 
		is given; features opera-related items which are sometimes 
		hard to find elsewhere.  
	Books & Company (1323 Polk near Bush, 415-441-2929).  [Currently 
		[03/99] closed due to water damage from a fire in the hotel 
		above it.]  "This is a cramped, low-ceilinged place, painted 
		blood-red throughout, with books overflowing every imaginable 
		horizontal surface.  Classical music wafts through the air, 
		as does the faintest aroma of the Bookstore Cat's ... uh ...  
		facilities.  There are oriental rugs on the floor, the better 
		to cushion the fall of all those precariously-perched books, 
		and a rather curmudgeonly appearing proprietor, who becomes an 
		absolute sweetheart with the slightest provocation.  If you 
		peek behind the piles of current titles, you'll find all kinds 
		of used treasures on the shelves.  And new titles are 
		*heavily* discounted--at least 40% off the list price!  Its 
		hours are rather eccentric--something like Wednesday thru 
		Saturday, afternoons only, but don't quote me.  [Sorry, too 
		late!] Anyway, the place is a bibliophile's paradise...."  
	Around the World Books (1346 Polk, 415-474-5568).  *Not* a travel 
		bookstore, but art and children's books, used.  (May be some 
		new books as well; I'm working from the phone book listing.)  
	Fields Bookstore (1419 Polk, across from Acorn Books, 415-673-2027).  
		"One of the best esoterica/New Age selections I've seen."  
	Richard Hilkert, Bookseller (333 Hayes, near the Performing Arts 
		Center, 415-863-3339).  Has a large number of books on 
		architecture, as well as a large collection of books, new 
		and used, on design, the arts, collecting, gardening, 
		cooking, travel....  Carries new and used books, and has 
		book signings from time to time.  
	Babylon Falling (1017 Bush at Jones).

	Kinokuniya (shopping center at 1581 Webster, 94115, 
		415-567-7625).  The largest Japanese-language bookstore 
		in San Francisco.  They also have books in English on 
		Japan, translations into English, Japanese language 
		textbooks, many periodicals, etc.  They have a branch 
		in San Jose (408-252-1300) and elsewhere on the West Coast.
		Sun-Sat 10:30AM-7PM.  
	Marcus Books (1712 Filmore between Post and Sutter, a few doors down 
		from the Kabuki Theatre complex).  African and Black history 
		and issues since 1960.  

Lower Haight: 
	Comix Experience (305 Divisidero, 415-863-9258).  A basic comic book 
		store, with a bit more open space than usual, for live 
		appearences by authors and artists.  
	American Buddhist Bookstore (1710 Octavia, 415-776-7877).  Buddhist 
		books, one assumes.  

Upper Haight: 
	Bound Together, the Anarchist Collective Bookstore (1369 Haight near 
		Masonic, 415-431-8355).  An odd collection of new and 
		used books, plus small press stuff.  It has some strange 
		left-wing anarchist literature, but it also carries quite 
		a bit of other, which might loosely be classified as "weird": 
		lesbian poets, Tesla Coils, early issues of "REsearch," and 
		so on.  One reader wrote at length of his dissatisfaction, 
		especially concerning the staff, and summarized as, "Rude 
		staff possibly inclined toward petty, knee-jerk 
		self-gratification."  (Someone else comments, "I think the 
		complaint about the rude staff at Bound Together is also 
		pretty funny.  If you were a left-wing anarchist, would you 
		be in a good mood?")  [12/10]
	The Booksmith (1644 Haight between Clayton and Cole, 800-493-7323, 
		415-863-8688, FAX 415-863-2540,  
		Has a quirky and always interesting sale table, 
		excellent science fiction and music sections, 
		magazines, poetry, kids books and lots of great 
		fiction--both new releases and backlist.  Lots of 
		counter culture titles.  Has been producing a set of 
		"author trading cards" with a photo on one side and 
		information about his or her current release and 
		Booksmith appearances on the other.  Open Mon-Sat 
		10AM-9PM, Sun 10AM-6PM.  

Mission (and Noe Valley): 
	Bernal Books (401 Cortland Ave at Bennington, 94110, 415-550-0293).  
		New books.  
	Borderlands Books (866 Valencia at 19th, 94110, 888-893-4008 or 
		New and used SF.  You need the hyphen in the URL, or 
		you get a completely different bookstore!  
		"Specialists in new and used SF, a well laid-out, 
		spacious and pleasant bookshop  great for browsing, a 
		lovely place to spend an afternoon (all they need is a 
		coffee stall).  Since moving to this new location they 
		still plenty more books stashed away, not yet on the 
		shelves, but can search for you. They have a dedicated 
		H. P. Lovecraft section, plenty of local fanzines and 
		small press publications, and quite a few SF rarities 
		(appropriately priced), plus regular readings from 
		authors (all details on their website)."   Open 
		Tue-Sat 12N-8PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [02/15]
	Dog Eared Books (900 Valencia at 20th, 415-282-1901,  Medium-sized, 
		general-purpose used bookstore; mostly paperbacks.  
		Open Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [12/10]
	Laissez-Faire Books (Howard Street, 415-541-9780).  Some general 
		philosophy, but strong classical liberal flavor.  
	Lodestar (313 Noe at Market).  
	Limelight Film & Theatre Bookstore (1803 Market, San Francisco CA 
		94103, 415-864-2265).
	Aardvark (237 Church at Market, 415-552-6733).  Used to have 
		separate new and used stores; now the Church Street location 
		carries both new and used books.  
	Forest Books (3080 16th St at Valencia, 415-863-2755).  Largely used 
		books.  Spacious, fluorescently lit place with subdued 
		classical music.  Hours: 11 AM to 9 PM.  
	Adobe Book Shop (3130 24th, 415-864-3936).  A used-book store.  "It 
		doesn't look as nice as some of the other stores, but it has 
		a reasonable selection."  
        China Books & Periodicals, Inc. (2929 24th, 415-282-2994, FAX 
	San Francisco Mystery Bookstore (4175 24th between Diamond and 
		Castro, Noe Valley, 415-282-7444).  "Around since 1976.  
		It's one of the oldest mystery specialty stores and is 
		owned by an icon in the mystery world, Bruce Taylor.  It 
		has mystery reference, new and used, signed collectibles."  
		Wed-Sun 11:30AM-5:30PM.  
	Phoenix Books & Records (3850 24th at Vicksburg--Noe Valley, 
		415-821-3477).  Good general used books store.  Has some 
		nifty chairs.  
	Cover to Cover Booksellers. (24th at Sanchez--Noe Valley, 
		415-282-8080).  Smallish general bookstore.  A neighborhood 
		place.  Lots of kids books.  
	La Latina (2548 Mission between 21st and 22nd, 415-824-0327).  
		Spanish-language books.  
	Bolerium Books (2141 Mission between 17th and 18th, third 
		floor, 415-863-6353,  
		Antiquarian.  Specializes in social and radical 
		movements, such as labor, women's rights, gay and 
		lesbian issues, and African-American materials.  [12/10]
	Libros Latinos (2141 Mission between 17th and 18th, 
		Suite 301, 800-645-4276,  
		Spanish language books.  [12/10]
	Meyer Boswell Books, Inc. (2141 Mission between 17th and 18th, 
		third floor, 415-255-6400, FAX 415-255-6499,  "The only bookshop in the 
		English-speaking world specializing in antiquarian rare 
		and scholarly law exclusively.  Its stock contains 
		somewhat over 6,000 works."  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  
	La Moderna Poesia (2122 Mission, 415-861-6775).  
		Spanish-language books.  

	Green Apple Books (506 Clement and nearby, 415-387-2272,  New and used.  
		"Remotely situated in the Richmond district under 
		perpetual fog and surrounded by a maelstrom of Russian 
		tearooms, Vietnamese restaurants and greengrocers, the Holy 
		City Zoo, Tevye's, and the greatest Armenian delicatessen--
		Haig's--I've ever smelled."  Go upstairs for used books.  
		There are a few other used bookstores within a block or two 
		of there.  "The place is HUGE, and if it is not the largest 
		used bookstore in the Bay Area, it has to be in the running.  
		The new books section is relatively small, but complete with 
		all the latest releases, often with discounts.  The used 
		section is incredible."  One reader writes, however, "used 
		books are *really* overpriced, and they seem to especially 
		have a problem realizing that the worse condition a book is 
		in, the lower the price should be."  Has two store fronts, 
		one for new and one for used--the second is a few doors down 
		from the first.
	Thidwick Books (first block of Clement Street).   "Extremely 
		enthusiastic, helpful proprietor, interesting selection of 
		new books with a delightful children's section.  She seems to 
		be doing well, too; it's nice to see an independent bookstore 
		owner making good these days."  
	Znanije (5237 Geary, 415-752-7555).  A Russian bookstore.  ("It's 
		down towards Golden Gate park, not towards downtown.  I 
		think the cross street is 16th.") 

	Books Inc. (2251 Chestnut, 94123, 415-931-3633,  
	Charlotte's Web (2278 Union, 415-441-4700).  Children's bookstore.  
		Excellent selection of children's books along with tapes, 
		cards, art supplies and other good stuffcards, that children 
		and parents will enjoy.  The staff is friendly, 
		knowledgeable, and helpful.  Will do special orders for 
		items not in stock.  Special features: monthly talks and 
		presentations by local authors and illustrators, story 
		hours, newsletter, and Joe the Dog.  
	Chronicle Books (1846 Union, 94123, 415-345-8435). Open 
		Sun-Wed 11AM-7PM, Thu-Sat 11AM-8PM.  [02/09]
	Russian Hill Bookstore (2234 Polk, 94109, 415-929-0997,  Used 
		bookstore, specializing in religion, philosophy, 
		history, art and sports; also general subjects.  Known 
		for their large selection of note cards.  Open daily 
		10AM-10PM.  [08/08]

	Amazing Fantasy (650 Irving).  Comic books.  [07/15]
	Comics & Comix (700 Lombard).  More entries in the chain (smaller 
		than Palo Alto's).   [07/15]
	Great Overland Book Company (345 Judah at 9th Ave, 415-664-0126).  
		"Two-story shop packed with used books of all genres; the 
		biggest sections are probably fiction, history and biography.  
		They also have some vintage newspapers for sale."  Open 
		daily 11AM-7PM.  [09/09]
	Green Apple Books on the Park (1231 9th bewteen Lu=incoln and Turner)  New and used.  

Pacific Heights: 
	Books Inc. (3515 California, 94118, 415-221-3666,  

Hayes Valley: 
	Bibliohead Bookstore (334 Gough at Hayes, 94102, 415-621-6772,  Mostly used, with some 
		new and remaindered.  Open Sun-Tues 12N-8PM, 
		Wed-Sat 11AM-9PM.  [02/08]

Glen Park:
	Bird & Beckett Books & Records (2788 Diamond [at Chenery], 
	94131, 415-586-373,  "Tiny 
	space, new and used books, crammed to the rafters.  Jazz every 
	Friday, plus poetry readings/open mic on the first and third 
	Mondays of the month."  [09/07]

North of San Francisco: 

El Cerrito:
	Other Change of Hobbit (1600 Kearny, 510-848-0413,  One of the classic 
		SF specialty shops, in business since 1977, although this is 
		at least its third location.  Open Mon-Fri 4PM-7PM, Sat and 
		Sun by appt (though you should probably double-check before 
		going).  [04/13]
	Armchair Sailor Bookstore (42 Caledonia, 415-332-7505 or 
		800-332-3347).  This is a specialty bookstore for maritime 
		books, mostly for sailboats.  New and used books.  Selection 
		is good, with travel books, cruise guides, boat design 
		books, and novels.  Videos can be rented ($3/day), including 
		by mail.  Charts are available.  Imported yachting 
		magazines.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
	Overland Books (Caledonia St)  Used books.  "Nice place--small, but 
		they have a great fiction section with some fun rare and out 
		of print stuff.  Sometimes the LitCrit section is pretty 
		good too.  Nice section in the back for children's books."  

Corte Madera: 
	Book Passage (51 Tamal Vista Blvd, 415-927-0960; San Francisco Ferry 
		Over 9000 sq. ft. of books, including a 3200-sq.ft. 
		section devoted to mystery and SF and a rare and 
		used book department.  "Book Passage's great strength 
		is its travel section.  It was the only place in the 
		Bay Area where I was able to locate a guide to 
		freighter travel."  The store also carries titles in 
		French, Spanish, and German, and has a cafe in the 
		back.  They have a used section of our store with 
		proceeds benefiting Hospice of Marin.  They also now 
		have "Book Passage University," a series of writing and 
		language classes.  In the 3 May 1997 issue of PUBLISHERS 
		WEEKLY (page 44), they were named "Bookseller of the Year."  
	Dan F. Webb Books (1535 San Pablo, 510-444-4572).  Mostly military 
		and aviation titles, some general stock.  Be sure to haggle 
		over the prices.  Open Tue, Thu, Sat 11AM-4PM.  

Mill Valley: 
	Books (10 Locust, 415-389-6612).  Small, friendly, interesting 
	The Depot (87 Throckmorton Ave, 94941, 415-383-2665,  New books.  Open daily 

San Rafael: 
	Bailey's Books (1541 4th, San Rafael, 94901, 415-482-0550).  
		"I have found a few charming books here.  They are 
		small but have a wide breadth of selection."  [08/06]
	Lifeways Books & Gifts (Lootens Place).  New Age and occult.  
	Open Secret (C Street, 415-457-4191).  Mainly eastern religion.  
	West Wind Books (1006 Tamalpais Ave., 415-456-6322).  Used books.  
		A wonderful little bookshop with an excellent 
		general-purpose stock.  Fine nautical section.  Charming 
		proprietress.  Good prices.  

	BookBeat (28 Bolinas Rd, near Sir Francis Drake Rd and San Anselmo, 
		94930, 415-256-9060).  Mostly used and some new books and CDs, 
		with a cafe.  Open Sun-Thu 7AM-10PM, Fr-Sa 7AM-11PM.  

San Anselmo: 
	Booksmith, Inc. (615 San Anselmo Ave, 94960, 415-459-7323).  
		New and used.  
	Heldford Book Gallery (310 San Anselmo Avenue, 415-456-8194,  Mostly out-of-print and rare.  
		"Delightful little pillowed alcove at the narrow end for 
		perusing (building narrows between two converging streets).  
		I only looked at the one case of children's books, which 
		were high-priced collectibles."  
        Jeremy Norman & Co, Books (POB 2566, 94979-2566, 800-544-9359 or 
		415-456-6507, FAX 415-456-6511,  
		"Manuscripts & Prints from the 15th through the 20th centuries 
		in the History of Science & Medicine, Technology, Natural 
		History, Economics" (By appointment until the new building is 
	Michael Good (35 San Anselmo Avenue, 415-459-6092).  Second floor 
		over doctor's office.  Out-of-print and rare.  "This place 
		resembles what I supposed rare bookstores would be like, 
		before I had ever visited any.  Creaky floors, a feeling of 
		time and of Rembrandtian brownness, and a proprietor 
		frequently engrossed in his merchandise."  
	Oliver's (645 San Anselmo Ave, 415-454-4421).  Largest of the three 
		places.  "I wasn't there long enough to get the flavor of 
		it.  I know they carry used and rare, but didn't even bother 
		to notice if they carry new."  

(All of these places are on the same street.  By bus, take Golden Gate 
Transit route 20 or 23 to San Anselmo.  At the bus stop, go down the 
little stairway between the two bus shelters, and you are on the 
high-numbered end of the street.)  

	Odyssey Bookshop (828 Grant Ave, 94945, 415-897-8755).  "Used 
		bookstore with a nice selection, and bargains can 
		sometimes be found, though prices in general are 
		slightly higher than the other bookstores in the 
		area."  [10/03]

	Copperfields (Bel Aire Plaze, 707-252-8002).  Chain based in Santa 
		Rosa.   [11/12]
	Volume One Used Books (1405 Second Ave, 707-252-1466).  Small used 
		bookstore.  "Aside from a small offering of collectibles, 
		what is most on display is paperbacks.  There's a nice 
		espresso cafe across the street.  A possible stop for those 
		otherwise exploring the wine country."  Another reader 
		reports that they have a very nice selection of children's 
		used books.  

	Copperfields (140 Kentucky 94952, 707-762-0563).  Chain based in 
		Santa Rosa.  
	Discoveries (627 E Washington, 707-778-3898).  A mixture of used 
		books and new and used CDs and vinyl LPs.  They didn't 
		seem to have a general fiction section, but there was a 
		fairly decent SF section, and a small room of children's 
		books.  Kind of a small place.  Accessibility: a step up, 
		but otherwise mostly accessible.  

	Chanticleer Books (526 Broadway, 707-996-5364).  A used book store 
		with some antiquarian stuff.  "This 'bouquiniste' had a good 
		selection in most categories, with reasonable prices, and we 
		went away, happy, with some books."  A step up, and 
		otherwise mostly accessible.  
	Plaza Books (40 West Spain, 707-996-8474).  More of the Antiquarian 
		(as opposed to "used") variety.  Worth the visit, just in 
		case that treasure you were looking for is hiding there.  
		"The stock is definitely on the antiquarian side, and 
		bargains were not to be found."  Not very accessible, 
		because of narrow aisles, and tables placed in front of 

	Four-Eyed Frog Books (Cypress Village, 39138 Ocean Dr, 95445, 
		707-884-1333, FAX 707-884-1331,
		New Books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  [12/09]

	Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle's Children's Books, Inc.  (PO Box 270, 
		Main & Kasten, 95460, 707-937-2665 (707-937-BOOK) or 
		707-937-2215, FAX 707-937-3737,  Adult and children's books 
		in one store with two large rooms.  Has an out-of-print search 
Santa Rosa: 
	Barnes and Noble (4th St).  [02/06]
	Books Inc. (in the Coddingtown Mall).  "They have a *huge* 
		collection of books, no used books, and the best selection 
		of SF books of anybody in the area."  
	Copperfields (775 Village Ct).  Flagship store of the chain.  
	L & L Books (530 McConnell Ave off Mendocino Ave, 707-579-5554).  
		Used books, and also some college textbooks for the nearby 
		Junior College.  
	Sawyer's News (733 4th).  Newstand.  Has a better selection of 
		magazines than Barnes and Noble.  
	Treehorn Books (625 4th, 95404, 707-525-1782).  Probably the besta 
		store in the area, a large bookstore with mostly used stock, 
		with some remainders and new books.  Reasonable prices, with 
		some antiquarian stock, but mostly older and recent used 
		books.  "Excellent selection of used books with a good 
		history section with some pretty good prices on a lot of 
		them, too).  Most of the books are in excellent shape.  They 
		don't have a very good selection of new books, but that's 
		not their main business.  The staff is real friendly and 
		helpful, and they have books that collectors would be 
		interested in ...  had a small cache of collectible Philip 
		K. Dick books, for instance, they have a real nice selection 
		of used SF books.  Accessibility is fine, though you may 
		have to navigate around some ladders.  
	Twice Told Books (14045 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville 95446, 
		707-869-1479,  Used books.  

	Pages on the Green (920 McClelland Dr, Windsor, 95492, 
		707-837-8665).  New books, small selection of CDs and 
		gifts.  ndependent bookstore with quality fiction, 
		cook books and travel books.  [05/07]



There are also Book Hunter Press's USED BOOK LOVER'S GUIDE TO [various 
regions], seven regional guides to over 7,900 used, out-of-print, and 
antiquarian book dealers in the United States and Canada.  The complete 
database is online and can be searched by location, dealer name, specialty, 
and type of dealer. Access to the database is available on a two tier basis: 
partial access is free, full access is by subscription.The web page also 
includes free access to regional and city maps showing locations with used 
bookstores. For more information or a free catalog, check their web page at

Anecdote from a reader (circa 1995): 

"Had an interesting experience last night:  I was having dinner at a 
friend's house when he asked me if I had access to internet.  This was 
curious, indeed, as he is probably the most neo-Luddite younger person I 
know, resistant to computer technology to the point of keeping business 
records on scraps of paper beneath found paperweights and doing business 
correspondence via penciled letters.  

It turns out that the reason for this sudden interest is that someone 
came into his store [which shall remain nameless here] in San Francisco, 
and made a stunning $50.00 purchase on the basis of some recommended 
bookstore list that you produced and posted on rec.arts.books.  A captain 
of industry he's not, so fifty big ones made about as big an impression 
on him as a major bus wreck ("Don't mention the money," he says of this 
message, "it sounds so crass.").  Suddenly, this computer thing had 
reality to him.  He produced a scrap of paper with your net address on 
it and requested that I thank you.  

I just thought you might get as big a giggle out of this as I did."  

Of all the messages people have sent me over the years, this one is 
still my favorite.  

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