Bookstores in Ontario


Last change: 
27 Jan 2015

Cities (listed geographically east-to-west) include: 
Ottawa ON 
Sudbury ON 
Toronto ON 
Hamilton ON (including Niagara peninsula) 
Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo ON 
Waterford ON 
London ON 
Windsor ON 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1:  This list includes cities in Ontario.  The list for western Canada 
and Alaska is here.  The list for eastern Canada is here.  
Lists for other geographic areas are in separate files.]

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 

[Note 5: My listings for "superstores" are minimal; those are easy to 
find, generally fairly standard, and not worth the time to keep 
updating them.]


Ottawa ON: 

Argosy Books (216 Dalhousie at Guigues (Market area), 613-230-1319).  Used 
	books.  Often treasures in the $1 bin outside.  Good collection of 
	Penguins.  Specializes in natural history, gardening, technology, 
	Arctica, and children's books.  A very comfortable shop with 
	friendly staff.  "The owner is friendly, knowledgeable and 
	widely-read; lots of stools around for you to sit and browse."  
The Astrolabe Gallery (71 Sparks, 613-234-2348).  Not strictly a book 
	store, but does carry some antiquarian books in addition to 
	its primary line of rare maps and prints.  
Bay Used Books (1181 B Richmond Road, 613-596-1966).  
Benjamin Books (St. Laurent and Orleans shopping malls).  New and 
	used (?) books.  Large selection.  The new books are primarily 
	standard literature texts on the University curricula.  There 
	is a wide selection of Canadiana, religion, and travel, and 
	scholarly and classical works generally.  The main store 
	burned down July 2007 but the branches still exist.  [08/07]
The Bibliothecary at Bentley's (145 Bentley Ave, Nepean, 613-225-5613).  
The Book Bazaar (417 Bank at 2nd Avenue (The Glebe), 613-233-4380).  
	Used books.  Well-known for its wheel barrow of books for $1 
	(or free).  Large fiction section (especially paperbacks).  
	The best selection of music books, especially scores, in 
	town.  Also covers Canadiana, art, literature, and 
	children's.  Their new location is spread over two floors.  
The Book Den (263 McLaren at Metcalfe (Downtown), 613-236-3142).  Used 
	books.  A small store on the first floor of an apartment 
	building (a block away from where Canada's current Prime 
	Minister lived).  Small selection, but fairly high quality.  
	General, literature, art, Canadiana, history, Catholica, 
	cookbooks and children's.  
The Book Mark I (163 Laurier Avenue East at King Edward (south of 
	Ottawa University), 613-563-8798).  Used books.  Intriguing 
	walk-down store specializing in Academic and alternative 
	books, philosophy, religion, and history.  Popular with the 
	University crowd.  
The Book Mark II (on Rideau just east of King Edward (next to the By-
	Towne Cinema)).  Used books.  The Book Mark has just recently 
	set up this satellite branch beside Ottawa's most popular and 
	trendy repertory theatre, and established long opening hours 
	seven-days-a-week.  To please the cinema-going crowd, the Book 
	Mark II specializes in history, occult, and fiction.  
The Book Market (374 Dalhousie between George and Rideau (Market area), 
	613-234-1753; branches at 1534 Merrivale Road in Nepean, the 
	Alta Bank Shopping Plaza, and 1675 Tenth Line Road).  Used 
	books.  Not an antiquarian store, but good if you're looking 
	for a particular recent title, because of their sheer volume.  
	Friendly staff does searches of their and other branches.  The 
	one on Dalhousie is two stories with a good SF selection and 
	does searches.  
David Ewen Books (P.O. Box 4808, Stn. E., Ottawa, K1S 5H9, 613-725-3103).  
	Used books.  Canadiana, Americana, as well as Canadian prints.  
Earthwise Books (216 Bank (Downtown), 613-238-8363).  New books on 
	environmental and planet-friendly themes.  
Globe Mags & Cigars (57 William (market area), 613-241-7274).  National 
	and international magazines and newspapers.  
The Hungry Eye (216 Dalhousie St, 613-789-7092).  Occult books and 
	supplies.  "The stock is not extensive, but it is of very high 
	quality.  Owners Lucie and Michael are very helpful and 
	knowledgeable about occult books and the general occult 
	community in Ottawa."  Not sure if this is still open.
Librarie de la Capitale (171 Rideau at Dalhousie (Market area), 
	613-236-7287).  New books.  French.  Large collection of French 
	literature, dictionaries, essays, etc.  
Librarie de la Soleil (321 Dalhousie at York (Market area), 613-236-2331).  
	New books.  French.  Large collection of French books, magazines 
	and newspapers.  (Formerly Librarie Trillium; also has new 
	owner.)  Not sure if this is still open.
Loisir des Usagers (321 Boulevard St-Joseph, Hull (across the river from 
	Ottawa), 819-778-0341).  Used books.  French.  Good selection of 
	paperback fiction.  Cheap, as French paperbacks go.  
Patrick McGahern Books Inc. (783 Bank at 3rd Avenue (The Glebe), 
	613-230-2275).  New and used books.  A good collection of 
	paperback fiction upstairs.  But downstairs the layout is that 
	of a true antiquarian book-store, with high shelves and tall 
	ladders.  Specializes in used and rare books, Canadiana, 
	Arctica, voyages and travels, medicine, and Irish history and 
	literature.  A very knowledgeable book-seller.  
Mags and Fags (286 Elgin, 613-233-9651).  National and international 
	magazines and newspapers.  [I hasten to note that in Canada, 
	"fags" are cigarettes.]
Maison de la presse internationale (100 Bank, 613-230-9774).  National 
	and international magazines and newspapers, with an emphasis on 
	publications in French.  
Octopus Books (798 Bank at 3rd Avenue (The Glebe), 613-236-2589).  New 
	books on socialist and internationalist themes.  Run on a 
	non-profit basis (intentionally!) by a socialist collective.  
	They often host socialist talks or films in the store in the 
Ottawa Women's Bookstore (272 Elgin Street, 613-230-1156).  
Prospero: The Book Company (128 Bank Street, 613-238-7683; Rideau 
	Centre, 613-789-3880; and others).  Excellent collection of 
	computer books (at Bank Street).  All locations are noted for 
	special orders.  
R.R. Knott, Bookseller (3 Roberta Cres., Nepean, Ontario, K2J 1G5, 
	613-825-0537).  Used books.  Rare and interesting books.  
	Canadian literature and modern firsts.  Ancient and medieval 
Renouf Books (61 Sparks at Elgin, 613-238-8995,  
	Good selection of new books.  Federal and Ontario government 
	publications, international reports and documents, topographic 
	maps.  General business and current affairs.
Richard Fitzpatrick Books (242 1/2 Dalhousie at St. Patrick (Market 
	area), 613-562-1088).  Used books.  Overflowing stock cramped 
	into what seems like a fairly tiny place.  Still, an eclectic 
	mix of used and rare books, Canadiana, religions, myths and 
	general stock.  Richard Fitzpatrick, with his near-waist-length 
	hair, can usually be seen transacting business on the steps 
	outside the store, where there is more room!  Not sure if this 
	is still open.
Sapre Aude Books (4th Ave at Bank (The Glebe)).  Native Studies, Eastern 
	religions, women's studies.  
Solo Books (324 Richmond Rd).  Used books.  "Purchases and sells only 
	paperbacks with a cover price of over $3.25 (this amount 
	changes on occasion) except for SF and Western where all 
	paperbacks are accepted.  Bernie Stewart, the owner, cleans 
	and sterilizes every book with ultraviolet light before 
	putting it on the shelf."  
Sunnyside Bookshop (113 Murray at Sussex (Market area), 613-236-0943).  
	Consciousness through holistic health, psychology, 
	spirituality, astrology, occult.  
Thorne and Co. (803 Bank at 3rd Ave (The Glebe), 613-232-6565).  
	Gardening books (exotic and practical), including gardening 
	books for children.  
Traveller's Tales Books (20 Powell Hill Avenue, Ottawa, K1S 2A1, 
	613-236-6650).  Used books.  By appointment or mail order.  
	Fine and interesting books in many fields, especially travel, 
	cookery, literature, Jane Austen, decorative arts, and 

The bookstores at the University of Ottawa and at Carleton University 
are obviously prime choices for academic books.  


Sudbury ON: 

Bay Used Books (124 Elm, P3C 1T6, 705-673-9311,  
	Inventory of 250,000 books including paperbacks (all genres, 
	Canadiana, and more), rare books, classics, reference books in 
	may fields. old comics, graphic novels, and children books.  
	Also has a small selection of new erotica books.  In business 
	for over 30 years.  Open Mon-Fri 9:30AM-8:30PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [08/08]
Bay Used Books (124 Elm, P3C 1T6, 705-673-9311,  Used books; 250,000 volumes.  
	All categories of books, also old comics and a small section 
	of new erotica by Ellora's Caves, Aphrodisia, and Red Sage.  
	Open Mon-Fri 9:30AM-8:30PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [08/08]


Toronto ON: 

In town: 

ABC Book Store (662 Yonge south of Bloor, 416-967-7654).  Large 
	selection of used books, including big science fiction 
	section.  Has large numbers of older (e.g., ten years' old) 
	science fiction in the dollar bin.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-11PM, 
	Sun 12N-10PM.  [09/05]
Abbey Books (89 Harbord west of Spadina, 416-960-9076).  Medium 
	selection of used books, especially literature.  Good prices 
	but unimpressive stock.  
Abelard Books (519 Queen W east of Spadina, M5V 2B4, 416-504-2665,  Large selection of used and 
	antiquarian books, especially art, scholarly, classics, 
	theology, and philosophy.  Open Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM, Sun 
	12N-5PM.  [10/03]
Acadia Books (232 Queen E near Sherbourne, M5A 1S3, 416-364-7638, 
	FAX 419-364-1446,  Medium 
	selection of used books, especially art books.  Non-art books 
	reasonably priced.  Open Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM, Sat 11AM-5PM.  
African Violet Florist (33 Roys Square south of Bloor).  Yes, they 
	sell used books, though a pretty mediocre selection.  [09/05]
Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books (104 Queen E, M5C 1S6, 
	416-364-2376, FAX 416-364-8909,  
	17th-19th Century illustrated books.  Open Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM, 
	Sat 11AM-5PM.  [10/03]
Another Story (164 Danforth, 416-462-1104).  Emphasis on social 
	justice, equity, and diversity.  Educator and other 
	discounts.  [10/04]
Annex Books (1083 Bathurst, M5R 3G8, 416-537-1852,  
	Used books.  Open Tue-Fri 11AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-6PM.  [09/05]  
Atticus Books (84 Harbord just west of Spadina, N5S 1G5, 416-922-6045, 
	FAX 416-926-9686,  Used books.  
	"Atticus is probably the finest used bookstore for scholarly 
	books in Toronto.  It has an excellent philosophy/social-
	sciences section, books are in excellent shape.  Two floors; 
	basement is softcover only.  Also good selection of art 
	books, some rare."  Open Mon-Fri 11:30AM-6PM, Sat 11:30-5PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [09/05]
BMV (10 Edward St next to WBB, 416-977-3087; 2289 Yonge, 
	416-482-6002).  Used books, magazines, and videos.  Open daily 
	10AM-11PM.  [09/05]
BMV (471 Bloor W).  "A huge two-storey remainder/used bookstore.  The 
	large SF section contains remainders, a lot of recent used books, 
	and a good selection of older paperbacks going back to at least 
	the '60s.  Prices are reasonable.  The older books appear to be 
	in their own alphabetical section but mostly the SF section can 
	be readily browsed."  [12/07]
Bakka Phoenix Books (697 Queen W, M6J 1E6, 416-963-9993,  The SF bookstore in 
	Toronto.  Very knowledgeable staff who seem to read everything 
	in print.  "This is *the* SF bookstore in Toronto, a 
	must-visit for any SF fan."  New and used.  (Moved to this 
	location March 2005, from Yonge Street.  But before that they 
	were at 282 Queen St W!)  Parking is a problem, as there is 
	no parking on Queen during rush hours.  Open Mon-Thu 11AM-7PM, 
	Fri 11AM-9PM, Sat 11AM-6PM, 12N-5PM.  [09/05]
Balfour Books (601 College, M6G 1B5, 416-531-9911,  General used and antiquarian 
	books, but with strong architecture, design, etc., sections.  
	Open seven days 12N-10PM.  [09/05]
Batta Book Store (not Bakka!) (710 The Queensway east of Royal York Rd 
	[which is nowhere near the Royal York Hotel!], 416-259-2618).  
	Quite far from downtown Toronto, rather chaotic store, medium 
	selection of used books, good prices.  
The Beguiling (601 Markham St, 416-533-9168).  "No bookstore list in 
	Toronto is complete without mentioning The Beguiling, *the* 
	source for underground and alternative literature and comix.  
	Voted #2 in a North America-wide survey of comix shops.  (They 
	de-emphasize superhero books and have an extremely large small 
	press and alternative comix selection."  
The Bob Miller Book Room (180 Bloor W west of Avenue Road, 
	416-922-3557).  A good selection, with an academic focus.  
Book City (Danforth Ave near Chester or Logan, 416-469-9997; 1950 Queen 
	E east of Woodbine, "Beaches" area, 416-698-1444; 1430 Yonge 
	at St.  Clair, 416-961-1228).  Good selection of small press as 
	well as everything else.  Good newstand.  No place to sit.  
	Helpful staff.  Cat-free, but famous people wander through: 
	Barbara Gowdy, Sheilagh Rogers, Ralph Benmergui, and more.  
	(Canuck alert: above named are Canadians, you might not have 
	heard of them.)  Mentioned by posters as one of Canada's best 
	bookstores.  "All hardcovers are sold with a discount (I think 
	10%) price."  Open till midnight.  [07/14]
Book Ends (North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge, Concourse Level, 
	416-395-5678 or 416-393-7131; Toronto Reference Library, 
	789 Yonge).  Primarily library discards, described as "10,000+ 
	books; 20% donated; 60% hardcover; sorted; paperbacks .50; 
	hardcovers $1; some specials.  Bookstore."  Open Thu-Sat 
	10AM-4PM.  [10/03]
Bookland (350 Queen E between Sherbourne and Parliament, 416-363-4820).  
	Small selection of used books, large selection of old 
Bryan's Books (1917 Queen E, east of Woodbine, in the "Beaches" area).  
	Medium selection of used books, generally below average 
	quality but very cheap.
Caversham Booksellers (98 Harbord, M5S 1G6, 416-944-0962 or 
	800-361-6120, FAX 416-944-0963,  Independent 
	bookseller specializing solely in mental health.  [10/07]
Chapters (various locations),  
	Excellent superstore.  Same company as Indigo, Coles, 
	Smithbooks, and WBB.  [09/05]
Coles (Metro Centre retail concourse, King west of University, 
	416-593-4599; Commerce Court retail concourse, Bay & King, 
	416-868-1782; Eaton Centre, Yonge & Dundas, 416-979-9348; and 
	many other locations in the city and suburbs).  It's a chain.  
Contact Editions (491 Davenport Rd, just east of Spadina, M4V 1B7, 
	416-322-0777, FAX 416-322-3226,  
	Modern first editions.  New location (again.)  No longer has 
	general used books.  Has a tiny (3-car) parking lot.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [09/05]
DEC Bookroom (836 Bloor W east of Ossington, 416-516-2966).  Radical 
DRB Motors Inc. (16 Elrose Ave near 400/401, M9M 2H6, 
	800-665-2665(BOOK) or 416-744-7675, FAX 416-744-7696,  "Books for that other 
	highway."  Approximately 10,000 automotive and 
	transportation-related publications from the mundane to the 
	esoteric, technical through to picture books, including a wide 
	selection of books for young readers.  Topics include 
	automotive, hobbies/models/toys, aviation/space, commercial 
	vehicles, military vehicles; marine, motorcycles, snowmobiles, 
	bicycles, tractors/stationary engines, etc.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-5PM, Sun (Nov and Dec) 12N-4PM.
Eliot's Book Store (584 Yonge, 416-925-0268).  Best selection of used 
	books on Yonge, including huge science fiction section.  Open 
	11AM-11PM.  [09/05]
Evans Bookstore (Irwin west of Yonge).  Accounting, taxation, and such.  
Glad Day (598-A Yonge north of Wellesley, 2nd floor, 416-961-4161).  
	Gay/lesbian/bisexual books.  It's on the second floor, but 
	there is a large pink neon sign at street level.  The store 
	has an excellent selection of gay/lesbian/bisexual literature 
	(fiction and non-fiction), AIDS information, and an 
	international assortment of magazines and journals.  
	Open Mon-Wed 10AM-7PM, Thu-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 
Goodwill Buy the Pound (50 Emblem Court near Midland Ave and Hwy. 401, 
	Scarborough, 416-362-4711 (?)).  Very cheap, 
	("a continuous flow of books priced from 25 cents to $1") and 
	apparently a popular haunt for book dealers.  [02/07]
Half Price Books (2042 Avenue Rd, south of Wilson, 416-544-1655).  
	Remaindered and used books.  
Hugh Anson-Cartwright Books (229 College, east of Spadina, 
	416-979-2441).  Small selection of antiquarian books, 
	especially Canadiana.  "Definitely worth searching out if 
	you're interested in the great Modernist writers."  
Indigo (Yonge Eglinton Centre, 2300 Yonge, 416-544-0049; Manulife 
	Centre, 55 Bloor W [but the store is actually almost a block 
	south of Bloor, off Bay], 416-925-3536; Eaton Centre on Yonge 
	north of Queen; Yorkdale Mall, Yorkdale Rd & Highway 401,  Superstore with cafe, music, and 
	computers.  Late evening hours, varies from store to store.  
Israel's Judaica (897 Eglinton Avenue W west of Bathurst, M6C 2C1, 
	416-256-2858, FAX 416-256-2750; 441 Clark Ave W east of 
	Bathurst, Thornhill, L4J 6W7, 905-881-1010; 800-449-5918,  Judaica 
	and Jewish books and gifts.  Open Mon-Wed 9AM-7PM, Thu 
	9AM-9PM, Fri 9AM-[sundown minus a couple of hours], Sun 
D. & E. Lake Ltd. (237 King E, west of Parliament, M5A 1J9, 
	416-863-9930,  Large selection of art 
	books, general antiquarian and rare books.  Expensive.  
	"Knowlegeable owner who unfortunately has little time for 
	those without 'real money.'"   Open Mon-Sat 9:30AM-6PM, 
	Sun 11AM-2:30PM.  [09/05]
MaryAnn's Book Shelf (1957 Avenue Rd, south of Wilson, 416-487-8440).  
Monkey's Paw Books (1229 Dundas W).  "An interesting, eclectic 
	collection.  Heavy on art and design and just plain oddities.  
	Limited selection of fiction."  [06/09]
Monster Records (664 Yonge, 416-975-1829).  Mostly used CDs, VHS, 
	laserdiscs, and DVDs, with a medium supply of used film 
	and television books.  
N.D.J. (504 Yonge, 416-925-2080).  Used books, some SF.  Small but 
	good erotica section.  [09/05]
Omega Centre Bookstore (Yorkville between Yonge and Bay,  New Age and related 
Open Air Books and Maps (25 Toronto Street, near Yonge and Adelaide, 
	downstairs, 416-363-0719).  Large selection of new books on 
	travel, some remainders (though they are stacked up in 
	user-unfriendly piles!).  Best selection of travel books and 
	guides in Toronto.  
Orion Book Store (544 Yonge south of Bloor, 416-923-5337).  Used 
	books.  The smallest of the used bookstores along Yonge.  
Pages (256 Queen W between University and Spadina, 416-598-1447).  
	"Has Toronto's best selection of new books on post-modern 
	deconstruction of neogender-based recontextualization and 
	that sort of thing."  Also has books for normal people.  
	Similar in approach to Shakespeare and Company in New York.  
	We spend more money faster there than any other Toronto new 
	book store.  Open Mon-Wed 9:30AM-10PM, Thu-Fri 9:30AM-11PM, 
	Sat 10AM-11PM, Sun 11AM-8PM.  
The Pleasant Bookstore (656 Eglinton E west of Bayview, 416-488-5998).  
	Used paperbacks at half price, a few used hardbacks (mostly 
	children's) and new.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 
Recycled Book Shop (162 McCaul, 416-351-0802).  The description in 
	"Now" indicates it is somewhat disordered, but cheap.  
Renouf Books (12 Adelaide W, 416-363-3171,  
	Good selection of new books.  Federal and Ontario government 
	publications, international reports and documents, topographic 
	maps.  General business and current affairs.
Seekers (509 Bloor W between Spadina and Bathurst, 416-925-1982).  
	Very big used book store.  
Sleuth of Baker Street (1600 Bayview Ave, below Eglinton, 
	416-483-3111).  "An excellent source for mystery as well as 
	spy and espionage books.  I never fail to find something of 
	interest there, especially older works that are hard to come 
	by elsewhere."  "A must-visit for mystery fans in the city, 
	full of Holmes memorabilia and a comprehensive collection of 
	current and out-of-print books."  Open Mon-Thu 10AM-6PM, 
	Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  [09/05]
Smithbooks (Royal Bank Plaza retail concourse, Bay & Wellington, 
	416-865-0900; Scotia Plaza retail concourse, King west of 
	Yonge, 416-365-7536; Eaton Centre, Yonge & Queen, 
	416-979-9376; College Park, Yonge & College, 416-598-3867; 
	Hudson Bay Centre, Yonge & Bloor, 416-967-7177; and many 
	other locations in the city and suburbs, including several at 
	the airport).  Chain.  
Steven Temple (489 Queen W, 2nd floor, 416-703-9908, FAX 416-703-8872,  General antiquarian 
	and out-of-print hardcovers.  Open Mon-Sat 12N-6PM.  [10/03]
Talking Book World Audiobooks (386 Sheppard Ave East, 416-222-9556; 
	3338 Dufferin, 416-781-5556; 2100 Hurontario, 905-281-2707; 
	8555 Woodbine Ave at Highway 7, 905-479-1777;  Audiobooks on CD for rental or 
	sale.  "Excellent for commuters, busy people, or vision-impaired 
	booklovers."  They also offer mail rentals.  [12/07]
Ten Editions Bookstore (698 Spadina Ave, just north of Harbord, 
	M5S 2J2, 416-964-3803).  Large selection of used books, rather 
	chaotic.  Emphasis on Candiana, children's books, and ephemera.  
	Open Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  
Theatre Books (11 St. Thomas, west of Bay and south of Bloor, M5S 2B7, 
	800-361-3414 or 416-922-7175, FAX 416-922-0739,  Drama, cinema,  opera, and 
	ballet.  Not as big a selection as (say) the Drama Bookstore 
	in New York, but good nonetheless, with a similar emphasis on 
	books for people in the industry.  Lots of British books.  Not 
	surprisingly, an emphasis on Canadians (e.g., a lot on 
	Cronenberg, but nothing on Murnau).  Extremely convenient to 
	the main Toronto International Film Festival venues.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [09/05]
University of Toronto Bookstore (214 College at St. George, east of 
	Spadina, 416-978-7900).  Full range of textbooks with lots of 
	books on related topics.  Largest selection of computer books 
	in the city, and a good selection of remainders.  Formerly the 
	city's public library.  
Village Book Store (239 Queen W between University and Spadina, 
	M5V 1Z4, 416-598-4097).  Medium selection of general used 
	books, reasonable prices.  (Not listed in 2003 Toronto 
	antiquarian pamphlet.)  Open Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [10/03]


Old Favorites Bookshop Ltd. (132 Highway 7, Green River, (mailing address 
	RR #1, Locust Hill, L0H 1J0), tel/FAX 905-294-3865,  Used and antiquarian, specializing in 
	Canadiana and equestrian.  Open Tue-Sun 11AM-5PM.  
R & R Books (1515 Rebecca, Hopedale Mall, Oakville, 905-847-2828, 
	http://www.randrbooks,ca).  A general used bookstore with some 
	new books and publisher remainders.  Specializes in fiction 
	catergories.  [08/08]

[Thanks for a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous for his extensive 
and continuous updating of this section.]


Hamilton ON (and Niagara peninsula): 

Barone's Books (1925 King E, L8K 1B9, 905-544-4240).  "Used books for 
	people of all ages.  At least that's what it says in the Yellow 
	Pages."  Another poster says, "Nice store, owner.  About a thousand 
	SF, lots of others.  [01/05]
Book Villa (185 King E, 905-525-2637).  Great selection of current 
	magazines and newspapers from around the world as well as a fairly 
	small amount of new books.  
Chapman Books (11 Cross, Dundas, 905-627-5007).  Okay selection of new 
	books and magazines.  Has great special ordering from around the 
	world.  They will take your orders over the phone.  
Hamilton Book Comic & Magazine Centre (456 King E, 905-529-4368).  The 
	name says it all.  
McMaster University Bookstore (1280 Main W, 905-525-9149).  
Mike's World of Books (150 James S,  L8P 3A2 , 905-523-5107).  "Very good 
	selection of used books, all kinds of interests are covered.  The 
	store is woefully small for its large selection. Be prepared to 
	search for what you want as some books are stacked in front of 
	others.  "Small store with many hardbacks as well as paperbacks.  
	Has a small selection of SF but many are older paperbacks as well 
	as many 'Star Trek' trade paperbacks and hardbacks."  
The Occult Shop (331 Main W, 905-523-8433).  Metaphysical and occult books 
	as well as herbs, oils, incence, tarot cards etc.  
Silver Snail (211 King E, 905-522-9366).  For comic book lovers only.  
The Westdale Bookworm (852 King W, L8S 1K3, 905-523-4345).  Says "28,000 
	books ... including literature, children's books and the largest 
	Sci-Fi collection in the area." Has another store in Brantford 
	(331 Brant Ave, 519-759-6921).  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, 
	Sat 10AM-5PM.  [08/05]

Niagara Peninsula:

Bridgeburg Bookstore (16 Jarvis, Fort Erie, L2A 2S1, 905-871-8484, 
	FAX 905-871-9857,  Used and antiquarian, 
	specializing in sensational fiction and early fantasy.  (Was William 
	Matthews, Bookseller).  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  [10/03]
Hannelore Headley Books (71 Queen, St. Catharines, L2R 5G9, 
	905-684-6145; 285 St. Paul, St. Catherines, 905-684-8426).  
	Used and antiquarian Canadiana, English, and American literary 
	first editions.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-5PM (Queen St); 
	Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30PM (St. Paul).  [10/03]


Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge ON: 

Air Support Military Books (269 Frederick, Kitchener. 519-578-6134).  
Augsburg Fortress Canada (500 Trillium Dr, Kitchener, 519-748-2200).  New 
	books.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  [10/04]
The Book Shelf (41 Quebec St, Guelph).  A diverse selection of 
	magazines and books for all interests.  "Some of my friends in 
	Toronto said The Book Shelf rivals some of the better 
	bookstores in Toronto.  They deal in new books and their 
	magazine selection is better than some good newsstands in 
	Canada.  Anything you cannot find on their shelves can be 
	ordered through them.  This is their 20th year and according 
	to a local newspaper, they are currently computerizing their 
	shop.  However, the uniqueness of the Book Shelf is not only 
	in their books, but they also have (1) a cafe, (2) a cinema 
	(for foreign films) and (3) a patio (summer only, this is 
	Canada after all!) all under the same roof."  This place is 
	highly recommended.  [10/04]
Bookshop at Pandora Press (33 Kent, Kitchener. 519-745-1650).  [10/04]
The Bookmill (8 Spring St., St. Jacobs. 519-664-1995).  Used books.  
The Bookworm (65 University E, Waterloo. 519-885-0472).  Used books.  
The Cambridge Book Nook (107 Westminster Dr, in the Preston section of
	Cambridge).  "Just off the main drag, close to the CIBC and the
	Fox and something pub, has changed hands and is undergoing 
	reorganization.  A shift away from the paperback exchange aspect of 
	the business will be welcome."  [06/06] 
Carry On Comics & Books (32 King N, Waterloo, 519-886-4267).  [10/04]
The Carpenter Shop (110 King S, Waterloo, 519-885-4500).  Religious 
	(Christian) books.  Open Mon-Wed 9:30AM-5:45PM, Thu-Fri 
	9:30AM-9PM, Sat 9:30AM-5:30PM.  [10/04]
Casablanca Bookshop (146 King W. Kitchener 519-576-0026).  Used 
	books.  Good selection.  Open 0AM-6PM, Tue-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 
	10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [10/04]
Coles (various malls).  National chain.  [10/04]
Goodwill Thrift Shop (1348 Weber E, Waterloo, 519-746-3770,).  Used 
	books.  Open Mon-Thu 9:30AM-5:30PM, Fri 9:30AM-9PM, Sat 
	9:30AM-5:30PM.  [10/04]
The Hidden Treasure (22 Main, Cambridge. N1R 1V4, 519-653-0214).  Christian 
	literature.  [09/08]
Hollyoak (24 Regina N, Waterloo, 519-725-2681).  Open Tue-Fri 
	9:30AM-5:30PM, Sat 9:30AM-5PM.  [10/04]
K W Book Store & Exchange (306 King W, Kitchener, 519-742-1261).  Good 
	selection of used books, new & used magazines, interesting 
	historical selection of erotica, multi-lingual.  Open Mon-Sat 
	9AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-4PM.  [10/04]
Macondo Books (18 Wilson, Guelph. 519-836-0430).  Used books.  [10/04]
Mitchell R G Family Books (1601 River E, 519-894-9900). Religious 
	(Christian).  Open Mon-Tue 9:30AM-6PM, Wed-Fri 9:30AM-9PM, Sat 
	9:30AM-6PM.  [10/04]
Moody Blues Book Cafe (68 Regina N, Waterloo. 519-747-1277).  [10/04]
Now & Then Books (90 Queen S, Kitchener, 519-744-5571).  New books.  
Old Goat Books (99 King N, Waterloo. 519-880-9595).  Used books.  
Paperbacks Unlimited (36 Dickson, Cambridge, N1R 1T4, 519-740-7880,
	FAX 519-740-7882,  
	General used bookstore with 25,000 books, most in paperback, 
	some hardcover.  Partial inventory online.  Open Mon-Wed 
	9:30AM-6PM, Thu-Fri 9:30AM-8PM, Sat 9:30AM-5PM.   [08/06]
Salvation Army Thrift Shop 1436 Victoria N. Kitchener, 519-886-3020).  
	Used books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  [10/04]
Second Look Bookshop (33 Queen S. Kitchener, 519-744-2274).  Good 
	selection of used books.  Open Mon-Thu 11AM-6PM, Fri 
	11AM-10PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  [10/04]
Sunrise Books (399 Speedvale E, Guelph, 519-763-6610}.  Used books.  
University of Waterloo Bookstore (South Campus Hall, Waterloo, 
	519-888-4567 x2902,  Open Mon-Fri 
	8:30AM-5PM, Sat 12N-4PM (except July and August).  [10/04]
University of Waterloo Used Bookstore (Campus Centre, Waterloo).  Buy 
	and sell textbooks on consignment.  Try the English section 
	for recreational reading.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM,  [10/04]
Value Village (120 Ottawa N, Kitchener. 519-576-4403).  Used books.  
Waterloo Computer Books (1 King N, Waterloo, 519-746-6042).  Good selection 
	of computer books, including Unix and technical books.  
	Open Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Waterloo Generations (50 Bridgeport E, Kitchener. 519-886-6226).  
	Thrift shop with fair selection of used books.  [10/04]
Wilfred Laurier University Bookstore (75 University W, Waterloo,
	519-884-1970 x3237).  Open Mon-Thu 8:45AM-5PM, Fri 
	8:45AM-4:30PM.  [10/04]
Words Worth Books (100 King S, Waterloo, 519-884-2665).  New books.  
    "High-brow" selection.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM, Sat 9AM-6PM,
    Sun 12N-5PM.  [10/04]


Waterford ON: 

Old Town Hall Bookstore (Main Street (north basement), Waterford).  
	"Thousands of surprisingly good titles donated by a very 
	generous community.  Proceeds support the operation of the Old 
	Town Hall (  General used books, 
	sorted into categories."  Paperbacks (inc. trade) $1, 
	hardcovers $2, children's $.50.  Open Sat 10AM-4PM.  [02/07]


London ON: 

Attic Books (240 Dundas, London, N6A 1H3, 519-432-7277,  Used general, Canadiana, and 
	technical and medical.  Open Mon-Thu, Sat 10AM-5:30PM; 
	Fri 10AM-9PM (May-Dec), 10AM-5:30PM (Jan-Apr).  [11/07]


Windsor ON: 

Starting from the south and working north towards the river: 

Bookmark Book Exchange (537 Ouelette, 519-253-8231).  New and used 
	paperbacks.  It's a small store but absolutely crammed with books.  
	This place also carries Dover editions including children's books 
	and coloring books.  
Borderline Books (39 Park W, 519-256-9042).  Eclectic selection of art 
	books, political science, psychology, and literature.  
Coles (255 Ouelette, 519-253-8144).  This is a chain store with the usual 
	selection of best sellers, paperbacks, how-to books, and the like.  
South Shore Books (164 Pitt W, 519-253-9102).  Literature, history, 
	children's books.  It's not huge, but it's a pleasant place to 
University of Windsor Bookstore (just off the bridge).  It has some great 
	little things.  

[Most of this section contributed by Sandra Loosemore.]



You can also try for French used books.

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