Bookstores in Eastern United States


Last change: 
19 Nov 2017

The Boston-Cambridge list, 
the New York City (Manhattan) list, 
the New York State (other than Manhattan) list, 
the New England area list,
the Western Massachusetts area list,
and the Washington DC list are also in separate files.  
The Washington DC list includes several suburbs which are actually 
in Maryland and Virginia as well.  


Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include: 
NJ (New Jersey) 
Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton PA 
Philadelphia PA 
Harrisburg/Lancaster PA 
State College PA 
Pittsburgh PA 
PA (Pennsylvania) (other)
DE (Delaware) 
Baltimore MD 
Charleston WV (and other WV) 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1:  This list includes cities along the eastern seaboard of the United 
States.  There are separate lists for Boston-Cambridge, 
New York City (Manhattan), New York State (other than Manhattan), 
New England area, Western Massachusetts area, and Washington DC.  
The Washington DC list includes several suburbs which are actually 
in Maryland and Virginia as well.  

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 


NJ (New Jersey): 

[Now arranged north-to-south.  The "AAA" notes are map co-ordinates 
that I find useful.]

Barnes & Noble (Route 17, Paramus).  Has a used book section.  

Little City Books (100 Bloomfield at 1st St, Hoboken).  General 
	interest nnew books.  5,000 titles, along with stationery, 
	cards, journals, reading-related children's toys and 
	reading glasses.  [05/15]
Montclair Book Center (215-221 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, 07042, 
	Used literature, mysteries, SF, and local history.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  {AAA-O09} 
Watchung Booksellers (Watchung Plaza Sq, 973-744-717,7 Montclair).  
	New books, cards, etc.  Has "staff picks" and newsletters, 
	as well as a discount program.  {AAA-O09} [01/10]
Brier Rose Books (450 Cedar Ln, Teaneck, 07666, 201-836-5500,  Used Americana, military, New York City, 
	and general stock.  Open Tue-Wed, Fri 12N-6PM, Thu 12N-8PM, 
	Sat-Sun 12N-5PM.  {AAA-Q09} 
Old Book Shop (4 John, Morristown, 07960, 973-538-1210).  Used 
	books, specializing in Americana, New Jersey, scholarly, and 
	ephemera.  Driving directions: from I-287 take Ridgedale Road 
	west, then turn right onto John St.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  
	{AAA-M10}   [06/16]
Chatham Bookseller (8 Green Village Rd, Madison, 07940, 973-822-1361, 
	FAX 973-822-9112,  
	General quality used books.  Some mass-market paperbacks, 
	mostly literature or mysteries, but primarily hardbacks and 
	trade paperbacks.  Fairly small, but worth dropping into if 
	you're in the area.  [The Chatham Playhouse is about three 
	miles down Route 124.)  Driving directions: from Route 24 W 
	exit at the Chatham exit of 124 West, then about three miles 
	and left onto Green Village Road.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-5:30PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  {AAA-M10} [11/04]
Town Book Store (255 E Broad, Westfield, 908-233-3535).  New books.  
	{AAA-N11} [01/10]
The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. (33 Terminal Ave, Clark, 07066, 
	732-382-1800 or 800-422-6686,  
	Used and reprint law and legal history.  Open Mon-Fri 
	9AM-5PM.  {AAA-N12} 
Book Trader (494 Inman, Colonia, 732-381-2665).  Used books, almost 
	entirely mass-market paperbacks.  Some trade paperbacks and 
	hardbacks in classics, cookbooks, etc.  I'm not sure how the 
	pricing works, and since they didn't have air conditioning 
	and it was 106 outside, I didn't stop to ask.  Previously on 
	St. George's Ave in Rahway.  Open Mon-Thu 10AM-5PM, 
	Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  {AAA-N12} [07/10]
O P Metuchen Books (465 Main, Metuchen).  Used books.  [07/16]
Act 2 Books (20 Turntable Jct, Flemington, 08822, 973-374-5649,  Used and rare books.  
	Specializes in history and has the largest selection in New 
	Jersey.  Open Tue-Thu 11AM-7PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-8PM, 
	Sun 10AM-5PM.  [07/16]
People of the Book (311 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, 732-745-7080).  
	Used Judaica.  Open Sun 10:30AM-2PM; Mon, Wed 11:30AM-6PM; 
	Tue 11:30AM-3PM, Fri 11:30AM-2PM.  {AAA-M13} [01/10]
Book Swap (514 Georges, North Brunswick, 732-828-0123).  Used 
	paperbacks.  Open Tue-Sat 10AM-4PM, Sun 10AM-2PM.  
	{AAA-M13} [05/03]
Panoply Books, (48(?) N Union, 08530, 609-397-1145,  Used books, also art and 
	textiles.  Smaller than Phoenix.  Open Mon-Thu 11AM-5PM, 
	Fri-Sun 11AM-5:30PM.  {AAA-J14} [05/12]
Dharma Bum (45 W Broad, Hopewell, 08525).  Antiquarian and used; Beat 
	authors and first editions.  Open Wed-Sat 11AM-7PM, 
	Sun 12N-6PM.  {AAA-K14}  [03/12)
On Military Matters (31 W Broad, Hopewell, 08525, 609-466-2329,  Military history, 
	especially 16th through 19th centuries.  Good selection for 
	the serious historian, but not a shop for bargain hunters.  
	It's down a driveway, not visible from the street.  Also some 
	gaming materials.  Open Thu-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, or by 
	appointment.  (Hopewell Valley Inn, down the street, has good 
	Hungarian food.)  {AAA-K14} [05/02]
River Road Bookstore (759 River Rd, Fair Haven, 732-747-9455). 
	"Great people but having a hard time struggling against 
	big book stores competition."  {AAA-P14} [12/05]
Amazing Stories (55 White Road, Shrewsbury, 07702, 732-747-8686, 
	Comics, some manga, related articles.  Open Mon-Tue 3PM-7PM, 
	Wed-Sat 11PM-7PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  {AAA-P15} [11/04]   
Old Book Shop (200 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, 08505, 609-324-9909,  Used and antiquarian 
	bookshop.  Open Tue-Thu, Sat-Sun 11AM-5PM, Fri 11AM-8PM.  
	{AAA-K17} [06/16]
Book Garden (868 Route 537, Cream Ridge, 08514, 609-758-7770, FAX 
	609-758-7528,  50,000 used books.  Strong 
	in children's books (especially older series) and older 
	fiction, but has something of everything.  Alphabetization is 
	minimal, though (e.g. all the "A"s in fiction are together, 
	but within them everything is shelved randomly.)  A few miles 
	west of Six Flags Amusement Park.  Open Mon 9AM-3PM, Tue-Fri 
	9AM-6PM, Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM.  Closed the week before the Fourth 
	of July.  {AAA-M17} [02/04]
Book Shop and Annex (704 Bridgeboro, Riverside, 08075, 856-461-3416).  
	Used hardbacks and paperbacks.  Open Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 
	10AM-6PM; Sat 10AM-5PM.  {AAA-I18} 
Bookends (Ridgewood).  New books.  {AAA-O18} [01/10]
EarthSpirit (W Front near Broad, Red Bank).  Wiccan and New Age books 
	and materials.  Also has a selection of gay/lesbian/bisexual 
	books.  {AAA-H19} 
Rare and Used Classic Books (4 W Lafayette, Trenton 08608, 
	609-394-8400,  Used 
	books; also scrabble clubs, knitting clubs, open mic nights, 
	author book signings and more. [06/15]
Foley's Idle Hour (162 S Broadway, Pitman, 08071, 856-582-0510,  Used books.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM, 6PM-8PM, 
	Sat-Sun 12N-4PM.  {AAA-H21} 
Book Store (7901 Long Beach Boulevard, Beach Haven Crest, Long Beach 
	Island, 609-494-1224).  Used books.  Mostly "beach reading" 
	though I have gotten such books as Bertrand Russell's 
	MYSTICISM AND LOGIC here.  Books are 3/$4.75 (Harlequin 
	romances 3/$2.00) (as of 2002), inclusive of tax.  Open June 
	to September only--I think they usually have a close-out sale 
	some time in September.  {AAA-O22} [08/02]
Book Trader of Hamilton (2402 Nottingham Way, Route 33 east of I-295, 
	Hamilton, 08619, phone/FAX 609-890-1455,  
	Paperback historic romances, SF, mysteries, and Westerns.  
	Open Sat 9AM-4PM, Sun 11AM-4PM.  {AAA-K24} 
Second Time Books (114 Creek Road, Mount Laurel, 08054, 856-234-9335,  Used books.  
	A must-go-to store for fans of science fiction--there is an 
	entire room the size of a big living room filled with 
	shelves of science fiction and fantasy.  A special feature 
	is the bundles of sets (e.g., all the books in the "Rama" 
	series tied together and sold as a set).  Also has good 
	selections of history and other categories.  Prices are 
	extremely reasonable and the books are in excellent 
	condition, with the hardbacks having plastic sleeves for 
	the dust jackets,  etc.  A worthy replacement for me for 
	the Cranbury Bookworm--I just wish it weren't so far from 
	me (over an hour's drive).   Open Tue-Fri 10AM-6PM, 
	Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-4PM.  [11/16]
Books-A-Million (Cherry Hill Mall, Cherry Hill).  Chain.  {AAA-I19} 
Sanctuary Fine Books & Music (22 N Haddon Ave, 856-383-0542)
	A small bookstore, but tightly packed (more than four 
	customers at a time would be unmanageable!).  Books 
	double-shelved, but are in excellent condition,  Good 
	collections on cinema and the Civil War, though of 
	necessity relatively small.  (Art and other areas are 
	also good, but we noticed these in particular.)  Open 
	Tue-Thu, Sat-Sun 12N-6PM, Fri 12N-9PM.  [11/17]
Bogart's Book Exchange (210 N High, Millville, 08332, 856-327-3714).  
	Over 125,000 used paperbacks and hardbacks.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-5PM.  {AAA-H25} 
Princeton Antiques Bookshop (2917 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, 08401, 
	609-344-1943, FAX 609-344-1944,  
	*Not* in Princeton!  Over 200,000 used books, specializing in 
	military, sea, art, film, and children's books.  Also has 
	thousands of photos of Atlantic City.  Open Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5PM, 
	Sat 8AM-1PM, but call first.  {AAA-N25} [01/07]
Cape Atlantic Books (421 Washington, Cape May).  Mostly new books; a few 
	(mostly empty) shelves of used books.
Hooked on Books (3405 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, 08260, 609-729-1132,  Used books--lots of them.  
	Huge selection of paperback fiction (oddly sorted into "male authors" and 
	"female" authors, as well as "classics", "sci-fi", and the usual 
	categories).  Also an excellent selection of philosophy (Aristotle, 
	not self-help books), history, and other more serious works.
	They are a bit pricier than a lot of used bookstores (slightly above 
	half price for the books we bought), but this is the Jersey Shore, 
	where everything is overpriced--including parking.  Given that the 
	meters are $2/hour and take only quarters (7.5 minutes each), you 
	have to hope you can get one of the two spaces right in front, which 
	will let you run out to feed the meter if necessary.  Of course, if 
	you've parked somewhere for the day, you only have to walk there in 
	the heat, and then back, lugging your books with you...  Open 
	June-August seven days 10AM-9PM; shorter hours May and September; 
	closed October through April.  [06/16]

There are also several Barnes & Noble superstores.


Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton PA: 


Walter Amos, Bookseller (5 Main, Box 2846, Morgantown 19543, 610-286-0510,  Used books.  


Lehigh University Bookstore (Maginnes Hall, Lehigh U).  Haphazard 
	selection between semester starts but you just might find that 
	book on Hegel you've been looking for for so long, or that 
	funky edition of the I Ching.  
Moravian Bookstore (428 Main, 18018, 610-866-5481, 888-661-2888,  This is the oldest existing 
	bookstore in the United States, having being operating since 
	November 1745!  (Some claim it is the oldest in the world, 
	but world, but Nagata Bunshoudo (Kyoto, Japan) was 
	established in the Keichou Epoch, around 1600.)  "Serious 
	women's section.  Small but interesting kids' section.  
	Staff helpful.  Half the store is devoted to PA Dutch 
	knicknacks for tourists."  If you are expecting a 
	wonderfully quaint, old-style bookstore, you will be 
	disappointed; this is a modern (small) independent 
	bookstore.  Reasonable selection is achieved by having 
	only single copies of books.  Open Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat 
	10AM-6PM; Thu-Fri 10AM-8PM; Sun 12N-5PM.  [12/12]


Quadrant Book Mart (20 N Third, 610-252-1188).  Used.  "A three-story 
	building which is chock full of hardbound and paperbacks--
	apparently picked up from estate sales, etc.  You're not going 
	to happen on any autographed books or other great finds cheap, 
	[but] if you are looking for some oddball out-of-print or a 
	bagful of paperbacks to while away the winter--you'd do 
	okay."  But another poster said, "Whenever I can't find a 
	book, I find it here. My sister found a complete Burton's 
	ARABIAN NIGHTS here for a pittance, and a complete Frazer's 
	GOLDEN BOUGH for another pittance."  [Current exchange rate as 
	of 09/07 is five pittances to a sesterce.]  My experience is 
	more with the first poster.  The books are categorized but 
	mostly unalphabetized, the lighting is poor (bring a 
	flashlight), and there was a damp smell that some might find 
	worrisome.  Also has a coffeshop/deli restaurant.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM, Sat 8AM-6PM, Sun shorter hours (summer); 
	winter hours probably shorter.  [09/07]

New Hope: 

Farley's Bookstore (44 S Main, 215-862-2452, FAX 215-862-5568).  "While 
	no competition for the big chains, packs lots of books in a 
	small space, and though one can often find interesting stuff 
	there, you have to enjoy digging.  It's pretty disorganized."  
	Well, not really--the sections are clearly marked, though the 
	floor plan is anything but straightforward.  The selection is 
	amazing for a store like this in a small--if popular--town.  


Hackman's Bible Book Store, Inc. (1341 Mickley Road, Whitehall PA 18052, 
	215-264-8600, 800-345-1341, FAX 215-264-1411).  "I could spend 
	hours and hours looking through all of their books and things.  
	They are now computerized so that they can look things up 
	faster and or also they can order it by using their computer 
	database.  This store is a 20,000 square foot facility!  Quite 
	large for a Christian Bookstore."  They carry a wide assortment 
	of related items (music, choir gowns, communion supplies, 
	etc.) as well.  They ship worldwide.  


Philadelphia PA: 

AIA Bookstore (17th and Sansom, 215-569-3188).  Run by the American 
	Institute of Architects, this store has (not surprisingly) 
	books on architecture, interior design, etc.  
The Book Trader (N Second at Market, 215-925-0280).  The biggest used 
	book store in Philadelphia.  Also used records/CDs store, along 
	with an art gallery, all in one.  Extensive SF paperback 
	section, along with other good sections.  In a new, even bigger 
	location since fall 2004.  Still has cats, but is cleaner.  
	Open daily 10AM-10PM.  [01/05]   
Bookhaven (2202 Fairmount Ave, 215-235-3226).  "Specializing in 
	literature and history."  Pleasant, small used book store.  
Books-A-Million (901 E Market).  [11/10]
Brickbat Books (709 S 4th, 215-592-1207).  Used.  [06/08]  
Dolbey's Health Science Bookstore (3724 Spruce, 215-222-6020).  Has 
	medical books and is of intermediate size.  [12/03]  
Famulus Books (244 S 22nd, 215-732-9509).  Used.  [06/08]
Friends of the Free Library Used Book Store (311 N 20th, 
	215-567-0527).  A huge collection of cheap used books, in 
	interesting variety.  They have warehouse sales a few times a 
	year.  Discount to Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia.  
Garland of Letters (527 South, 215-923-5946).  New Age, yoga, 
	spirituality--a large selection.  Also sells crystals and 
	incense and so forth.  [12/03]  
House of Our Own (3920 Spruce, 215-222-1576).  Book store near the 
	University of Pennsylvania's campus.  They have literature, 
	non-fiction, etc.  It has stacks of books--a very cozy 
	atmosphere.  "Also, it is very heavy on radical politics, 
	literary criticism, feminism, third world history.  Not for 
	DWM fans.  Outside of explicit pro-communist bookstores, this 
	is the only place I've seen pro-Pol Pot literature. (And 
	unlike the others, they will also carry anti-Pol Pot 
	literature.)"  [12/03]  
Joseph Fox (1724 Sansom, 215-563-4184,  
	Small but choice selection of fiction and non-fiction.  
Philadelphia Rare Book & Manuscript (215-744-6734,  
	Open Sat 12N-4PM (call to verify).  [08/12]
Philly AIDS Thrift & Giovanni's Room (345 S 12th at Pine, 215-923-2960,  Gay/lesbian/bisexual 
	bookstore.  Started in 1973, it's one of the oldest in the 
	country.  3500 square feet, stocking 20,000 titles.  [08/14]  
Thomas Jefferson University Bookstore (224 S 11th, 215-955-7922) has a 
	small selection of medical books, plus lots of Jeff 
University of Pennsylvania Bookstore (3729 Locust, 215-898-7595).  
	Over 60,000 titles.  Strong in linguistics, anthropology, 
	psychology, and sociology.  "The Middle East section may be 
	the only place in town to by a book of Kurdish grammar."  
W. J. Bookstore (1017 Arch, 19107, 215-592-9666).  Chinese books and 

There are four Barnes & Noble stores in the suburbs: Broomall (1901 
	Sproul Rd, 215-353-3255), Jenkintown (835 Old York Rd, 
	215886-5366), Bryn Mawr (720 Lancaster Ave, 215-520-0355), and 
	in the Fairless Hills complex (near Sesame Place and Oxford 
	Valley mall off I-95 N of Philadelphia).  

Bucks County: 

Barnes & Noble (Route 611 just north of Jenkintown, 215-886-5366).  Huge, 
	coffeebar, reading tables--nice.  
Doylestown Bookshop (just south of the main crossroads in Doylestown, 
	Bucks County seat, 215-230-7610).  Under new management; 
	SF section is much smaller.  

Chester County: 

While in the area, look for Baldwin's Book Barn (865 Lenape Rd/Highway 
100, West Chester, 19382, 610-696-0816, FAX 610-696-0672,, a converted barn.  It is possibly the 
largest used bookstore in the Philadelphia area, and it is glorious.  
Exton (the next town over) has Chester Valley Old Books, east of Exton 
on Route 30 between the 202/30 intersection and the 352/30 intersection.  
Smaller than the Book Barn, but good.  Right next to the Burger King 
next to campus is a little old ladies' little old books' bookstore.  
Not much of a selection, but I always buy a few from them when I'm in 
the area.

There is also a Barnes & Noble on Pottstown Pike in Exton just noth of 
the Route 30 bypass.

Indian Path Books on Route 23 outside of Pottstown has a used bookstore 
with a decent selection of SF.

There is also yet another used book store in Paoli, the Book Exchange, 
which is on Route 30 just west of the Paoli train station.  (This is 
about 15 minutes east of Exton).  Rather ordinary paperbacks upstairs 
but a lot of good books downstairs.  Also numerous cats.  They have 
"25 cent" paperbacks in boxes outside the front door, and they leave 
them out overnight, so if you're desperate for something to read at 
3 AM, you can go get one and drop a quarter through the mail slot :-) 
They know both their books and their customers very well.  

And in Willow Grove is the Business and Computer Bookstore.  "When 
you're in the Philadelphia area, you as might as well also check out 
U Penn and Drexel U bookstores for used science books.  If 'technical' 
includes architecture, there's furthermore a specialty store for just 
that in Center City."


Harrisburg/Lancaster PA: 

Harrisburg/East Shore: 

The Midtown Scholar Bookstore (1519 N Third, 17102, 717-236-1680,  Used books in all academic 
	fields.  Open Mon-Fri 12N-7PM, Sat 11AM-7PM, Sun 1PM-7PM.  
Paperback Exchange (Walnut, Route 22, just west of I-83).  [06/04]  

Carlisle PA: 

Pomfret Street Books (21 E Pomfret, Carlisle, 717-258-8104).  Small and 
	cozy, nice literature collection.  

Gettysburg PA: 

Gettysburg National Military Park: 

The Visitors Center has the largest selection of Civil War books of any 
of the Civil War battlefields we've visited (which is most of them).  
Also Presidential stuff (it is also the Visitors Center for the 
Eisenhower farm).  

Harrisburg/West Shore: 

Barnes & Noble (Camp Hill Shopping Mall, along the Camp Hill Bypass off 
	Rte 11 & 15).  25,000 sq ft store with large inventory of books 
	along with wide-ranging music department and a Starbucks coffee 
	store.  "Pricey, and lousy parking/traffic flow but very inviting 
	setting and selection.  Closest superstore to downtown Harrisburg 
	and state capitol.
Windsor Books.  "A small independent that carries a wide assortment of new 
	and older/used books as well as a huge inventory of magazines and 
	numerous out-of-town newspapers.  It also offers highly personalized 
	service including special orders."  

Lancaster PA: 

Barnes & Noble (1700 H Fruitville Pike, 717-290-8171).  Modern, well-stocked 
	store with vast selection of book and music offering in pleasant 
	surroundings.  Starbucks Cafe.  
Book Haven (146 N Prince, 717-393-0920).  A quirky place with a relatively 
	old but large stock.  
Books-A-Million (Park City Center).  [11/10]


State College PA: 

The Comic Swap (106 S Fraser).  
Barnes & Noble.  The usual.  
Penn State Bookstore.  "Just acquired by Barnes & Noble and terribly 
Webster's Bookstore (W Aaron Dr).


Pittsburgh PA: 

Barnes and Noble (Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill).  
Barnes and Noble (Smithfield Street in the old Gimbels building).  The 
	store has a espresso bar and a Software Etc. in it.  
Bryn Mawr Book Store (Winthrop east of Craig).  Used.  "Smallish, low 
	prices, benefits Bryn Mawr scholarships."  
Caliban Book Shop (410 South Craig St, Pitsburgh, 15213, 412-681-9111, 
	FAX 412-681-9113).  Deals in rare and scholarly books and is quite 
	decent.  It's clean and well-laid-out, though crowded.  It's about 
	a block from the Carnegie Museums near Pitt.  
Duncan Comics (1047 Perry Highway, 412-635-0886).  Used.  "Mostly, comics 
	aside, SF; also horror.  Not big, but has an interesting selection, 
	rapid turnover, and an owner who knows the books.  Certainly worth 
	a side trip from a McKnight run."  I would say that while the store 
	is small, the selection, at least in SF, is fairly big.  Also has 
Eide's Entertainment (1111 Penn Avenue, 412-261-0900).  Used to have a lot 
	of SF, but now only a couple of shelves, all new.  
Half Price Books (4932 McKnight Rd, 412-369-0860).  Remainders and used.  "A 
	lot of glossy soul-sucking books, but that's remainders for you, and 
	the place is big enough that there's good stuff to find.  Spotty 
	organization: stacks of NOVELTY trade paperbacks displayed overa 
	romances, FEAR AND LOATHING filed in Misc Ref?" 
Mystery Lovers Bookstore (514 Allegheny River Boulevard in Oakmont).  A very 
	nice mystery book store.  They have a good selection.  They also 
	have a number of book related events at the store.  
Pinsker's Bookstore (2028 Murray Avenue, 800-JUDAISM [800-583-2476], 
	800-776-9545 [in Canada], or 412-421-3033, FAX 412-421-6103,  Will ship worldwide from its very extensive 
	stock of Judaic books.  Closed Saturday and Sunday.  
Townsend's (Henry east of Craig).  Used and rare.  "Medium-sized; general, 
	particularly literature, sociology, and local history."  
University of Pittsburgh Bookstore.  Pretty good.  
Yesterdays Books (3967 William Penn Highway, Murrysville, 724-325-2354).  
	Used.  "Some of everything -- it's a big house with bookshelves 
	installed even into halls and closets; they say 200K books -- but 
	their forte is genre fiction.  Lots of SF, westerns, and mystery, 
	and what has got to be a world-class collection of romances.  Some 
	unlikely hardcovers: Wilson Tucker, Schmitz, Lindholm, Ormondroyd.  
	Yes they do have hardcover general fiction, in a separate building."  

There are several more (St. Elmo's probably merits addition as well).  The 
CMU-SCS-student's Guide to Living In Pittsburgh gives a long descriptions of 
the various kinds of bookstores in the area, but it's probably more 
information than you want.  (It would take up a whole posting by itself, and 
the bookstore pickings in Pittsburgh are a good deal slimmer than NYC or the 
Bay Area.)  

One area possibly worth mentioning is Craig Street in Oakland between Forbes 
and Fifth.  While no one store stands out, there are three used bookstores 
(Caliban's, Bryn Mawr, and Townsend) either on or just off this two-block 
stretch; plus a comic shop (Phantom of the Attic) and a used-CD store (CD 
Trader).  So it can be a pleasant place for a book-browser to spend an 

Other "super-stores" are due to open in the Pittsburgh area soon; for 
instance, Barnes and Noble is putting one up near the Waterworks mall.  

(Most of this section was contributed by John Ockerbloom and Laurie Mann.)  


PA (Pennsylvania) (other): 

Authors Books & Music (227 Liberty, Warren, 16365, 814-688-3009,  Used books, LPs, and CDs.  
	Open Mon-Thu 10AM-5:30PM, Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  [09/12]


DE (Delaware): 

Bookateria (70 East Cleveland Ave, Newark, 19711, 302-737-4933).  Used 
	books.  They are strong in genre fiction, literature, history, 
	political science, and general fiction.  Parking is limited.  
	Open Mon-Wed, Fri 11AM-6PM (?).

Lambda Rising (39 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth Beach, 302-227-6969,  Gay, lesbian, and bisexual 
	bookstore; part of the East Coast chain.  Cosy and friendly, 
	with outdoor patio.  Good stock of "summer reads" for this 
	resort town, plus magazines, newspapers, videos, music, 
	etc.  Community bulletin board, free map guides.  Open all 
	year; summer hours are 10AM to 12M seven days a week; winter 
	hours are slightly shorter.  [04/04]

Hockessin Bookshelf (7179 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, 19707, 
	302-235-7665).  Used books.  It is strong in classics/
	non-fiction and children's books, but also has good 
	selections of genre fiction, and sells review copies of 
	recent books.  "It is always meticulously clean, well-lit, 
	and there is adequate space to move around in."  Open 
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-4PM.


Baltimore MD: 

Barnes and Noble (basement of Gilman Hall on JHU Homewood campus at 34th and 
	Charles).  Has a wide selection of "serious" books.  
Drusilla's Books (859 North Howard, 410-225-0277, FAX 410-225-9920,  Used bookstore specializing in 
	children's books.  Open Wed-Sat 12N-5PM.  [10/03]
John Gach Books (10514 Marriotsville Rd, 410-465-9023).  
Kelmscott Bookshop (32 W 25th between Charles and Maryland, 21218, 
	410-235-6810,  High-quality 
	used bookstore.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [10/03]
Mystery Loves Company (202 S Morris, Oxford, 21654, 410-226-0010,  Mysteries, local authors, 
	children's books, and books on the Chesapeake.  Open Sun-Tue 
	10AM-4PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [01/08]
Normal's Books and Records (425 E 31st, Hampden, 410-243-6888).  Used.  
	"I think they have a better selection of paperback literature than 
	the remodeled Second Story."  
Royal Books (32 W 25th between Charles and Maryland, 21218,
	410-366-7329,  High-quality (ABAA)
	used bookstore.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [03/06]

"Just [west southwest] of Baltimore is a town called Elicott City, which is 
an old 18th/19th century mill town.  Lots of very neat architecture and a 
great train museum, and chock full of antiques stores many of which 
have nice selections of books.  Worth your while to rent a car for the 
day, drive out and spend the afternoon browsing.  There is also a huge 
antiques gallery (over a hundred vendors I believe, with many featuring 
good selections of books as part or all of their inventory) in a town a 
little further south called Savage (coincidentally another old mill 

Gramp's Attic Books (8304 Main, Ellicott City MD 21043, 410-750-9235,  Used books, with an emphasis on 
	medical and maritime history.  Open 11AM-6PM daily.  [10/03]


Charleston WV (and other WV): 

Harpers Ferry Books (175 High, Harpers Ferry VA 25425, 304-535-1862,  Used books.  Open seven 
	days 11AM-7PM.  [10/03]  
Trans-Allegheny Books (725 Green, Parkersburg, 304-422-4499).  "A used 
	bookstore that is especially good that I've found here in West 
	Virginia."  General stock of used books (half a million).  Largest 
	selection of Appalachian regional books in "one" place.  New stock, 
	special order, book search service, mail order.  "I've been told 
	that there are several such stores in Morgantown near WVU, but I 
	haven't been there."  The store is housed in a Carnegie Library 
	and is on the national registry.  "You get to wander up 
	wrought-iron spiral staircases and over glass block floors from 
	'poetry' to 'mysticism' ...  definitely worth a stop if you're 
	going through."  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  

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