Bookstores in Midwestern United States


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12 Jul 2018

Bookstores in Chicago are in the Chicago file, and 
Minneapolis/St. Paul are in the Central US file.  


Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include: 
northeast OH 
Cleveland OH 
Akron OH 
Bowling Green OH 
Columbus OH 
Dayton OH 
Cincinnati OH 
Toledo OH 
Detroit MI (including Ann Arbor and other MI) 
Indianapolis IN (and other Indiana) 
Chicago IL (and other Illinois) (separate file)
Madison WI 
Milwaukee WI 
WI (other) 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1:  This list includes cities in the midwestern United States (OH, KY, 
MI, IN, and WI).  Chicago is in its own file.  Several other lists 
for other geographic regions are in separate files.  In particular, 
Minneapolis/St. Paul are in their own file.] 

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 


northeast OH: 

Book Nook (Warren Plaza, 2103 Elm Rd, Warren 44483, 330-372-3367.  
	The only large independent bookstore in northeast Ohio.  "Very 
	fine bookstore."  


Cleveland OH: 

Barnes & Noble Bookstore (Mayfield Road a bit west of I-271, 
	216-473-1040; Richmond Town Mall, 691 Richmond Rd, Richmond 
	Heights).  Your standard B&N superstores.  
Body Language Bookstore (3291 W 115th, 216-251-3330).  Gay/lesbian/
Bookstore on West 25th (six steps down from the West Side Market).  
	Used and new.  The kind of place where the best finds are in 
	the stacks lying on the floor waiting to be shelved.  Best 
	theatre section of any non-chain bookstore in the area.  Good 
	lesbian/gay/bisexual section too.  
Brentano's Bookstore (The Galleria, 216-621-7544).  Typical Brentano's 
	Bookstore, but the only one in Cleveland.  
City Books Inc. (1854 Coventry Rd, 44118, 216-321-0800).  
Delphic Books (1793 Coventry Rd, 44118, 216-321-8106).  
Cleveland State University Bookstore (2400 Euclid Avenue at CSU).  A 
	B&N bookstore.  They have a lot of textbooks you wouldn't find 
	at the B&N superstores, but their selection of non-textbooks 
	is a pale imitation of what you'll find at those stores.  
Doubleday Book Shop (The Avenue, 216-621-6880).  Typical Doubleday 
	Book Shop, but the only one in Cleveland.  
The Flying Lemur (13743 Madison, Lakewood, 216-221-2535).  
	Self-described as "Strange and unusual books ... Cleveland's 
	most unusual bookstore.  It had to happen, finally a cool 
	place to hang out in Cleveland.  The Lemur promises to have 
	the most unique selection of books in Cleveland ... and 
	possibly the U.S.  Want to know how to take over your own 
	country?  How to make a living donating yourself to science?  
	... and a giant flying lemur.  Poetry, sex, violence, drugs, 
	we got it all.  Come check out our new fun-fur chairs.  And 
	... in-store piercing by body piercer Scott Patterson, with 
	over 5 years experience and just an all around great guy.  
	Clean, safe, professional,  We would settle for nothing less.  
	Come in and see his portfollio and he'll be glad to answer any 
	questions you may have.  He also be just as eager to discuss 
	the meaning of life and the existence of God.  So come in and 
	check us out.  Have a sojo soda or some Sioux City sarsparilla 
	from the cow fridge.  (Sorry no Big-K ...  yet.)"  [I hope 
	someone locally can give me a more coherent description.] 
Half Price Books (Warrensville and Van Aken Boulevards).  Chain of 
	half-price new and used books is a godsend.  "Not your average 
	superstore outlet but really great finds at unbeatable prices, 
	even at half price, I can't help but spend $50 each time I 
	go.  The favorite bookstore of all my college-age friends who 
	can't afford splurges at ... Booksellers."  
John Wallace Skinner's Americana (Caxton Bldg., downtown).  Not too 
	impressive in the way of vintage books, but a neat collection 
	of art, posters, and stuff that this very interesting man has 
	collected over a lifetime.  You may be the only person in his 
	little emporium all day.  Go just for the conversation.  
John Zubal (2969 W 25th, 44113, 216-241-7640,  
	"A warehouse of rare and collectible books.  Pricey, but what 
	do you expect?"  [06/07]
Joseph Beth Bookseller (Shaker Square, Cleveland Heights).  New in 2001.  
	An enormous store with an associated kid's store ("Joseph Beth 
	Kids") and a cafe.  Staff is very knowledgable about books.  
K&M Books (Shaker Towne Centre, 16969 Chagrin Blvd, Shaker Hts., 44120, 
	216-283-1647).  New books.   
Macs Backs Paperbacks (1820 Coventry Rd).  It has a few new books and 
	a lot of used paperbacks (and a few used hardbacks).  All 
	genres of fiction.  Occasional events such as poetry readings 
	are held there, and a lot are advertised there.  
Old Erie Street Bookstore.  
Six Steps Down.  
Three Ninety-Seven Bookshop (1127 Euclid Ave, 216-781-1666).  Used 
	hardbacks, all $3.97.  Open Mon-Fri 10:30AM-3PM.  

Oberlin OH: 

Miranda Books (19 S Main, Oberlin, OH 44074, 216-775-1296).  
	Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 10AM-6PM; Tue, Thu 10AM-8PM; Sun 1PM-5PM.  


Akron OH: 

The Bookseller, Inc. (39 Westgate Cir, 44313, 330-865-5831, FAX 
	330-865-5851,  Used and 
	rare book store which has been in Akron since 1948.  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  [09/07]
Barnes & Noble  (4015 Medina Road, close to Rt. 77).  "A two-story 
	store with a cafe; the staff that I have met are very 
Snowball Bookshop (564 W Tuscarawas Ave, Barberton, 44203, 330-745-9292,  "General Stock of 100,000+ 
	hardcover and paperback books."  Open Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM, Thu-Fri 
	10AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  [09/07]

The complete list of dealer members of the Northern Ohio Bibliophilic 
Society (located in many states) may be viewed at


Bowling Green OH: 

Grounds for Thought (174 South Main, 419-354-3266).  Coffee shop (they roast 
	their own!) and used bookshop.  They specialize in used paperbacks 
	and their strong sections (titles) are Sf, mysteries, social 
	sciences, and psychology.  Some first editions are available.  They 
	welcome inquiries and they offer their stock of new titles at 
	typically 15% off cover price and will do book orders.  The general 
	manager, Louie Staeble, is an avid bibliophile and a great joy to 
	chat with.  
Pauper's Books (206 North Main, 419-352-2163).  Leo Schifferli, the owner, 
	has amassed a huge collection of used paperback and hardcover books 
	that literally fills every available space in the shop.  He has a 
	vast selection in just about every category imaginable and welcomes 
	inquiries.  Leo offers a 10% discount on most new books and orders 
	and special orders are always welcome.  Pauper's is also the place 
	for "strange change" as Leo is in the habit of making change on 
	customer's purchases with $2 bills and Susan B. Anthony $1 coins.  

Of course, Bowling Green also has a branch of SBX (Student Book 
Exchange), Bee Gee Bookstore (no it isn't a bookstore dedicated to 
the Brothers Gibb) and the BGSU Campus Bookstore.  SBX and Bee Gee 
Bookstore are primarily new and used textbooks.  


Columbus OH: 

Acorn Bookshop (1464 West Fifth Ave, 614-486-1860).  Stuart Wheeler has a 
	good-sized clean collection of used books.  Very fairly priced and 
	there is no junk there at all.  The shop is low-key and friendly.  
	All subjects.  
Barnes & Noble (3280 Tremont Rd, 614-459-0920; 3685 W Dublin-Granville Rd, 
	Dublin, 614-798-0077; 5160 E. Main, Whitehall, 614-863-3050) 
Beechwold Books (19 Westwood Rd, 614-268-4004).  Used books.  
Book Harbor (32 W. College Ave, Westerville  614-895-3788).  Used books.  
Book Loft of German Village (631 S Third, 614-464-1774).  A 500,000+ volume 
	new book store.  Open Sun-Sat 10AM-10PM or longer.  
The Book Rack (5346 North High, 614-846-0036).  Used paperbacks.  
Book Stops Here (3760 Snouffer Rd, Worthington 614-789-9495).  Used books.  
Bookphil Out & Print & Signed (3987 Main, Hilliard  614-876-0442).  Used 
Books On High (3510 N High, 614-267-7774).  "Former site of Roy Willis 
	Bookseller, now a joint operation run as a sort of satellite site for 
	several booksellers, which I believe includes Roy Willis.  Books on 
	books, good SF selection, prices a little higher than I would like."  
The Bookworm (?) (on Woodruff, right off N High).  "Located in the basement 
	of a church, this place is open only two days a week, Wednesdays and 
	Thursdays from 10-2, I think.  Small place--small selection of 
	stuff--usually the same stuff--but they have the books arranged in 
	neat subjects like "Dog Stories" and "Occult."  Plus, older women 
	sit and run the place and it's interesting to hear them converse 
	with each other.  I have found some very good books here that cost 
	only 25 or 50 cents."  
The British Papermill (5891 Scarborough Mall, Brice Road and I-70, 
	614-577-0220, 614-491-1128).  Collector cards (especially SF), 
	comics, used magazines of SF nature.  Lots of (non-sport) collector 
	cards.  Will take toy soldiers in trade.  SF odds and ends (e.g., 
	Daleks are next to ALF trading cards).  
Chabad Torah Center (between Gould and Broadleigh on the north side of 
	Broad) Jewish and Judaica.  It carries a fair amount of children's 
	books and a small selection of sforim.  
Chene's Bookstore (1272 Hunter Ave,, 614-299-2440).  
	Jewish and Judaica.  Phone orders or hours by appointment.  
Cover to Cover (3560 North High, 614-263-1324).  "Children's books.  
Discount Paperback Center (1646 N High).  A very small place in the bottom 
	of a building.  "There's nothing really great about this place, but 
	one will find always find what they are looking for in the oddest 
	of places. This place has old books, comic books, and some new 
	books. The type of store to check out every six months or so...."  
Fireside Book Company, 503 City Park Ave, 614-621-1928,  General stock used and antiquarian books 
	with an emphasis on modern literature, travel/adventure narratives, 
	cookery, general history and poetry.  Also in-print and out-of-print 
	sheet music, vintage postcards and prints, antique book ends, a 
	search service and "darn good free coffee" (according to them).  The 
	stock is 14,000+ volumes and growing, with a quick turnover.  "We 
	are most willing to check our stacks for folks who contact us via 
	email."  Will mail a map of Columbus used and antiquarian books 
	dealers if you send them an SASE.  Open Tue-Sat 11AM-9PM, Sun 
Fly-By-Night (2275 North High, 614-299-7930).  New books.  
Foul Play Mystery Book Store (27 E College Ave, Westerville, 614-818-2583).  
	Mysteries, obviously.  
Gentle Wind (4695 Morse Rd, Gahanna, 614-471-2281).  New books.  
Half-Price Books-Records-Magazines (1375 W Lane Ave, 614-486-8765; Carriage 
	Place, Bethal Rd & Sawmill Rd, 614-457-6333; Brice Park, Brice Rd & 
	Tussing, 614-755-4110).  "Personally, I think that this chain is the 
	best idea anyone ever came up with.  I love this book store over all.  
	There are thousands of used paperbacks, all in good or better 
	condition, sorted alphabetically by author.  All sell for half of the 
	cover price.  This means that you can sometimes find several editions 
	of the same book, with cover prices ranging from $2.95 up to $5.99! 
	(I wisely purchase the same book with the lower cover price...)" 
Hoffman's Book Shop (211 Arcadia Ave, 614-267-0203,  Used books.  "Specializes 
	in Ohioana, stock is not alphabetized (or fiction separated by 
	genre?  Not positive on this point, it's been a while since I've 
	been in there, but that's been a problem in past.)  Fun if you 
	enjoy the hunt."  
The Laughing Ogre (4258 N High near Cooke, 43214-3048, 614-267-6473).  
	Mostly comic-related material but quite a few anime and comic-related 
	paperbacks and trade paperbacks.   They also have some action 
	figures and nonsport gum cards.  "A very cooperative and friendly 
	shop with many alternative comic books."  
Leyshon's (614-262-6120).  Used railroading books.  
Little Professor Book Co. (1657 W Lane Ave, 614-486-5238; Worthington 
	Mall, 614-846-4319).  General stock, excellent magazine selection.  
Long's Book Store (1836 N High).  "This store is mainly visited by the 
	freshmen crowd.  Somewhere between the textbooks and the OSU 
	t-shirts, there apparently are some regular books.  As a personal 
	rule, I avoid this place, probably because I don't like putting my 
	bookbag in their little lockers."  
The Map Store (5821 Karric Sq, Dublin, 614-792-6277).  Travel books.  
Monkey's Retreat (1190 North High, 614-294-9511.  "Their ads describe their 
	stock as 'comix, mags, martial arts, art, beat lit, erotica, health, 
	occult' - a weird and wonderful assortment of things.  If you're 
	looking for something unusual, this is the place.."  
An Open Book (761 N High, 43215-1425).  Gay/lesbian/bisexual literature, 
	cards, etc.  "The largest gay/lesbian/bisexual bookstore in central 
Paperback Exchange (4866 W Broad, 614-878-1307).  "Exactly what it sounds 
	like.  Reading copies only, occasional fun finds."  
Pearls of Wisdom (3522 North High, 614-262-0146). Metaphysical.  
Phoenix Books Ltd. (3110 North High, 614-268-3100,  New books.  
Rainbow Bookstore (772 N High, Suite 103, 614-297-1500.  Gay/lesbian/bisexual 
SBX (1805 N High).  "In addition to textbooks, they also have "regular" 
	books.  A while ago, they used to have a lot of these regular books, 
	but then someone determined they were losing money that way so they 
	got rid of many of them.  Still, they have new releases and an okay 
	selection of stuff - but their stock decreases every second."  
The ShadowRealm (3347 North High, 614-262-1175).  New books.  
Thurber Country (77 Jefferson Ave, 614-464-1082).  "Housed in James 
	Thurber's boyhood home (now a museum) amid a circle of historical 
	buildings.  Primarily Thurber's works (obviously), although 
	selections from many other authors, including past and current 
Wexner Center Bookstore (in the Wexner Center).  A large assortment of 
	new art books, including contemporary art books from outside the 
Karen Wickliff Books (2579 N High).  "Many used books--most look like 
	they've 	been sitting there for quite a while."  
Zodiac Bookstore (1565 Alum Creek Dr, 614-252-0281).  An adult bookstore.  

Newark, OH:

The Book Nook.
Cindamar Books (Granville St).
Readers' Garden (E Broadway, Granville).


Dayton OH: 

Blue Jacket Books (60 S Detroit, Xenia, 45385, 937-376-3522,  Mostly used, some new gift and 
	local interest books.  Open Tue-Thu, Sat 10AM-6PM, Fri 10AM-7PM.
Books & Co. (350 E Stroop Rd, in the Town and Country Shopping Center in 
	the center of Kettering, 513-298-6540, 800-777-4881, 
	FAX 513-298-7895).  "Wide selection of books, very large 
	children's section, business and computer book rooms, obscure 
	titles and authors, workers' recommendation shelves in several 
	topical areas, an in-store cafe serving desserts and gourmet 
	coffees, childrens reading hours on weekends, average of eight 
	acoustic music shows a month, special readings by guest authors, 
	special events like cooking, magic, kid's summer reading program, 
	couple's night, several book signing events with talks by the 
	authors each month,art exhibits, seminars.  All in all an 
	excellent place to spend an entire day, days even!  Sorry to run 
	on, but this is a *great* bookstore with one of the most competent 
	staffs I have seen in many years."  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, 
	Sun 9AM-6PM.  
Dark Star Books (Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs, 937-767-9400).  "A tremendous 
	selection of SF with very knowledgeable staff, plus comics and 
	good general stock."  


Cincinnati OH: 

Acres of Books (owner is presently looking for a new location).  Mostly 
	humanities, social science.  Some nice 19th Century stuff (when 
	Cincinnati was a major publishing town).  Slightly pricey.  
Aquarius Bookshop (831 Main, 513-721-5193).  Native American.  
Armchair Adventures (1545 1/2 Scott, Covington KY, 606-261-6345).  Used and 
	antiquarian.  Open Wed and Sat 2PM-6PM; other hours by chance or 
Barnes & Noble (7727 Kenwood Road, across from Kenwood Town Centre, 
	513-984-9599; Hyde Park Plaza).  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 
Blue Marble (3054 Madison Rd, Oakley, on the square, 513-731-2665).  
	Children's books.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  
Book Inn (4011 Allston, Oakley Sq, 513-631-4079).  Used and antiquarian.  
	Open Mon and Wed 12N-5PM, Tue, Thu, and Sat 1PM-9:30PM, Sun 1PM-6PM.  
Books & Co. (Town & Country Shopping Center, 350 E. Stroop Rd at Far Hills, 
	513-298-6540 or 800-7770-4881).  Ten thousand titles (not books!), 
	lots of everything.  Call to place order (no charge).  Mon-Sat 
	9AM-9PM daily (until 11PM Fri & Sat during the summer), Sun 9AM-6PM.  
	(Take 75 north to 675 north.  Exit 4B (Rt48 north) then north on 48 
	(Far Hills) about four miles to the Town & Country Shopping Center 
	(on right).  Exit 4 is a double exit, the first one puts you on Alex 
	Bell (St Rt 725), the second on northbound 48.  725 connects to 48, 
	so if you take the wrong one it's no big deal.)  
Brentano's Bookstore (Tower Place, 513-723-9656).  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-9PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [04/06]  
Children's Bookery (1175 Smiley Ave, Forest Park, 513-742-8822).  Open 
	Mon-Sat 10AM-8:30PM, SUn 12N-5PM.  
Contemporary Arts Center Bookstore (115 East Fifth Street, 513-241-4428).  
	Art books, unusual gifts, prints, and craft items.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10:30AM-5:30PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  
DuBois Book Store (321 Calhoun, Clifton, 513-281-4120).  New and used 
Dust Jacket (3200 Lindwood Ave, 513-871-4224).  Used and antiquarian.  Open 
	Mon and Sat 12N-5PM, Wed and Thu 1PM-8PM,Fri 10AM-3PM.  
Duttenhofer's Books and News (214 W McMillan, Clifton 45219, 513-381-1340).  
	Used books and antiquarian.  Large SF and mystery sections 
	When I was there, it had the best selection of used books in French 
	I had ever seen (though they said this was unusual).  This and 
	Kaldi's are "must-visit"s for book lovers.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, 
	Sat-Sun 8:30AM-7PM.  
For the Love of Books (4331 Winston Ave in Latonia Center, Covington KY 
	41015, 606-261-5515).  Used books.  Large SF, horror, and mystery 
Half Price Books (8118 Montgomery Road, Kenwood; 11389 Princeton Road, 
	Springdale, 513-772-1511).  Used and remainders, good prices.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 11AM-7PM.  
Joseph-Beth Bookstore (Rookwood Plaza at Madison and Edwards, Norwood,  A family-owned mega-store 
	that started in Lexington KY.  
Kaldi's Bookstore and Coffeeshop (1204 Main Street, 513-241-3070).  Used 
	books, coffee, sandwiches in the up-and-coming Main Street Art 
	District.  Good paperback SF and mystery sections.  Entertainment on 
	weekend evenings.  This and Duttenhofer's are "must-visit"s for book 
	lovers.  Open Mon 10AM-2:30PM, Tue-Thu 10AM-1AM, Fri-Sat 10AM-2AM, 
	Sun 10AM-12M.  
Little Professor Bookstore (Forest Fair Mall [NW side of the city, on 
	outerbelt], 513-671-9797; Montgomery Square Mall [where I-71 crosses 
	Montgomery Rd]).  Worth mentioning due to their sheer size and 
	because they sell used library books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 
McMicken Street Book Store (454 W McMicken, 513-621-4865).  An incredible 
	used bookstore.  Four stories of books in an old row house.  Low 
	prices, homey atmosphere, interesting owner (have him give you a 
	brief tour of the layout your first time), relaxing music, easy to 
	have the afternoon slip by.  Don't let the neighborhood scare you.  
	Open Thu 4PM-6PM, Sat 1PM-6PM, Sun 12N-4PM (but always call for 
	current hours--they change frequently).  
Milford Emporium (200 Main, Milford, 513-248-1864).  Used and antiquarian.  
	Open Mon, Tue, Thu-Sat 11AM-5PM (closed Wed and Sat).  
New World Bookshop (336 Ludlow Avenue, Clifton, 513-861-6100).  
	Specializing in small press, new age, fiction, poetry, and art.  
	Also sells Birkenstocks, cards, and cassette tapes. Open Mon-Thu 
	10AM-9PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  
Ohio Book Store, Inc. (726 Main, 513-821-5142).  Five floors of used books.  
	Great history section.  They also do book binding.  A good store to 
	browse in.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-4:45PM.  
Phantasy Emporium (117 Calhoun, Clifton, 513-281-0606).  New and used 
	SF and comics.  
Queen City Books (39 E 7th, 513-721-2116).  Small, but surprisingly 
	literary selection.  
Seven Hills Books (49 Central, 513-851-6030).  
Significant Books & Stamps (3053 Madison Rd, Oakley Sq, 513-321-7567).  Used 
	and antiquarian.  Open Tue and Thur 12N-9PM, Mon, Fri, and Sat 
T & S Books (1545 Scott, Covington KY, 606-261-6435).  Used and antiquarian.  
	Open Tue and Sat 10AM-5PM, Wed and Fri 10AM-8PM, Thu 10AM-6PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM (closed Mon).  
Willisonian Institute (1609 Chase Ave, 513-542-5231).  Used and antiquarian.  
	Open Wed-Fri 1PM-6PM.  

Brentano's in Tower Place, the Contemporary Arts Center Bookstore, Kaldi's, 
the Ohio Book Store, and Queen City Books, are within walking distance of 
the convention center.  




All Booked Up (1555 Bardstown Rd south of Eastern Parkway, 
	502-459-6348).  "Almost entirely hardbacks.  There is a $1 
	table outside that often has some finds.  Open Tue-Sat 
	10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [06/03]
Book & Music Exchange (1616 Bardstown Rd south of Eastern Parkway, 
	502-454-3328; also other locations).  Seems to have a lot of 
	books, but doesn't really, and the SF is divided between SF 
	and best sellers--at opposite ends of the store!  Still, if 
	you're in the area, it's worth a stop.  Open Mon-Thu 10AM-10PM, 
	Fri-sat 10AM-12M, Sun 12N-8PM.  [06/03]
A Reader's Corner (115 Wiltshire Ave, St. Matthews suburb, 40207, 502-897-5578,  Used books.  Open Mon-Sat 
Second Story Books.  Used books.
Thousand and One Paperbacks (7405 Fegenbush Ln, off of Outer Loop, 
	502-239-7224).  Used paperbacks.  More than a thousand and 
	one, but after you discount the romance novels, there's not a 
	big selection.  Prices reasonable, though.  Open Mon-Fri 
	10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  [06/03]

The main concentration of used bookstores (and good ethnic 
restaurants) seems to be on Bardstown Road south of Eastern Parkway.  
There are also a few used music shops, etc., in that area.

Other KY: 

Hallmark Store (Lincoln Trail, Radcliffe).  "Has a really excellent set of 
	offerings in the area of military history (Radcliffe is just outside 
	Fort Knox). It is almost as good as Sidney Kramer in this area, 
	which of course is the highest level of praise I can render to a 
	commercial non-fiction store.  It doesn't come up to the Pentagon 
	Book Store, but does give the Armor School Bookstore (in the "little 
	PX" back of Boudinot Hall) a run for its money."  
Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Lexington Green Mall, 3319 Nicholasville Road, 
	Lexington KY, 606-273-3911, in KY 800-248-6849,  "Kentucky's largest bookstore, 
	Joseph-Beth stocks in excess of 130,000 titles.  In addition, they 
	incorporate a travel agency office in their travel books section and 
	a cafe next to their cookbook section.  They also boast a fairly 
	large classical music on CD section.  Special services include mail 
	order and frequent autographings."  Featured in an article in 

(See also Cincinnati OH listings for stores in Covington KY.)  


Toledo OH: 

Frogtown Books (2131 N Reynolds, 43615, 419-531-8101, FAX 419-531-8139,  Used books.  "Frogtown is a 
	bibliophile's paradise.  Huge selection of both inexpensive 
	paperbacks and good quality hardcovers, incredible 
	collectibles (with a speciality in Edgar Rice Burroughs) 
	including prints, autographs and other ephemera, extremely 
	knowledgeable staff."  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM.  [06/07]  
Thackeray's Books (in Westgate Village Shopping Center, at the corner of 
	Central and Secor, 419-537-9259).  "A quite nice bookstore in one 
	of the outer parts of Toledo, Thackeray's has a pretty good 
	selection of all book categories, and will do special orders.  Their 
	computer and travel sections are excellent; the store even carries 
	some shareware.  Thackeray's offers a 30% discount on books on the 
	New York Times bestsellers list, and usually has some rather good 
	discount deals on books in the front of the store.  Also has a 
	decent magazine section and carries some out-of-state newspapers 
	(NYT, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune).  Their ad says "Toledo's 
	most complete bookstore", and they do their best to live up to 


Detroit MI (including Ann Arbor and other MI): 

Barnes & Noble (NE corner of Rochester Rd and Auburn, Rochester).  
	The first "super-store."  
The "Big Book Store" (5911 Cass Ave, 48202, 313-831-8511).  Brankch of 
	John K. King.  On the campus of Wayne State University.  
	Comics, magazines, paperbacks.  Open Tue-Sat 9:30AM-5:30PM.  
John K. King Books (901 W Lafayette @ Lodge Fwy, 48226, 313-961-0622,  
	The largest bookstore in Michigan sells only used books.  A 
	four-story warehouse with a million books.  "A 
	bibliophile's wet dream come true.  [Inexpensive] hardcovers.  
	Also has many large collections of matching sets 
	(encyclopedias, DIY collections, classics, etc.)  Magazines 
	and records too.  (In fact, they even have a room with some 
	antique collectibles.)  If you're in town for a conference, 
	this is the place to go when you decide to skip the keynote 
	address.  Walking distance (although a bit long) from Cobo 
	Convention Center.  Free parking.  Open Mon-Sat 9:30AM-5:30PM.  
John K. King Books North, 22524 Woodward Ave, 2-1/2 blocks south of 
	9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, 48220, 248-548-9050).  Branch store with 
	60,000 books.  "This store seems to carry lots of hardcover 
	classics that would appeal to the more timid suburbanites who 
	have forgotten their flak jackets and don't want to go to 
	Detroit.  (But the *big* store is worth the trip.)"  Open 
	Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.

Ann Arbor MI: 

Barnes & Noble (3245 Washtenaw at Huron Parkway, 734-677-6475).  
Books in General (322 South State, 734-769-1250).  The best store in 
	town for used technical books.  It's a second floor space with 
	a very small sign.  
Crazy Wisdom (114 S Main, btwn Huron & Washington, 734-665-2757,  Specializing in New Age and 
	religious books.  
David's Books (516-B E William, 48104, 734-665-8017).  Used books.  
Dawn Treader (514 E Liberty, 734-995-1008,  Used books.  They have 
	75,000 books, including 10,000 SF and fantasy books, ranging 
	from mass market to first editions.  Also have strong 
	collections in travel and exploration, humanities, math and 
	science, and early printing.  (When I last checked, they had a 
	fourteenth century manuscript of Aristotle, a fifteenth 
	century edition of the history of Alexander the Great, and an 
	uncorrected proof of Mick Farren's new Vampire novel.)  "An 
	absolutely fabulous shop, with something for everyone..."  
	Open Mon-Thu 11AM-8PM, Fri-Sat 11AM-9PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [06/07]
Mail Order Mysteries (1313 Henry, 48104-4405, 734-665-5813, 
	FAX 734-665-7775).  Used mysteries.  
Nicola's Books (Stadium and Maple in Westgate shopping center).  "A 
	Little Professor Book Store."  Yet another superstore.  One of 
	the two best newsstands in town.  Has armchairs and a fireplace 
	in the back of the store.  
West Side Book Shop (113 W Liberty, 734-995-1891).  Used and rare 
	books, maps.  

Grand Rapids MI:

Literary Life Bookstore & More, Inc. (758 Wealthy SE, 49503, 
	616-458-8418, FAX 616-458-8815,  Open Tue-Sat 
	10AM-6PM.  [12/09]

Hillsdale MI:

Volume I Books (517-437-398-6717,  Used 
	bookstore in historic downtown Hillsdale.  "Paperback exchange 
	to antiquarian items; emphasis on non-fiction, politics from 
	left to right and ephemera, including old maps, menus, and 
	photographs."  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [08/08]

Niles MI: 

Andrews & Rose Booksellers (105 East Main, 616-683-4251).  General 
	used and out-of-print.  Mon-Sat 12N-6PM.  
Casperson Books (1303 Niles-Buchanan Rd, 616-683-2888).  General 
	stock.  Wed, Sat, Sun 9AM-7PM and by appt.  

Also, Windsor, Ontario, is right across the border from Detroit, and 
bookstores in Canada carry British editions of books that are 
unavailable in the US.  You can get to Windsor from downtown Detroit by 
taking the tunnel bus, which runs every half hour and costs $1.50 [as of 
some unspecified date].  You have to pass through customs so be sure to 
bring some ID.  All of these bookstores are within easy walking distance 
of the bus stop at the tunnel exit.  See the "Bookstores in Eastern Canada 
Cities" list for details.  


Indianapolis IN (and other Indiana): 

The Abstract (4850 W Mooresville Rd, 317-856-3710).  General stock.  
	Tue 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-4PM and by appt.  
Books, Antiques & More (1048 Virginia Ave, 317-636-1595).  Books, postcards, 
	prints.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Broad Ripple Book Store (6407 Ferguson, 317-259-1980).  Americana, art, 
	Indiana, natural history, philosophy.  Tue-Fri 11AM-6PM, 
	Sat 11AM-5PM.  
Circle City Antiquarian Books (45 South Franklin Rd, 46210, 317-898-1724).  
	Antiquarian books.  Open Mon, Tue, Thu-Sat 11AM-6PM.  
Half-Price Books (8316 Castleton Corner Dr, not far off I-465, and two other 
	locations).  Used and remaindered.  "I've not bought any books on 
	criticism there, but I have picked up some copies of Greek classics, 
	contemporary American and British fiction, etc.  It's worth a look."  
Murder and Mayhem (6412 Carrollton Ave, 317-254-8273).  Mysteries, one 
Odds & Eads Booksellers (1127 Prospect, 317-635-2583).  General stock.  
	Sat 10AM-5PM and by appt.  
Van Buskirk Books (5432 University Ave).  Used books.  

Bloomington IN: 

Barnes & Noble 
Caveat Emptor Books (112 N Walnut, 812-332-9995).  [Not a name *I* would 
	pick for a store!]  Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  

Hobart IN:

A Latte Books & Music (206 Main, 46342).  Used books.

South Bend, IN: 

Erasmus Books (1027 East Wayne, 219-232-8444).  General used stock.  
	Tue-Sun 12N-6PM.  
The Griffon Bookstore (121 E Colfax, 219-287-5533).  New and used books, 
	SF, mysteries, philosophy and theology.  Also military and 
	role-playing games, cards, and gifts.  

Fort Wayne IN: 

Hyde Brothers Booksellers (1428 N Wells, 260-424-0197).  General stock.  
Village Books (6204 St. Joe Center Rd, 46835, 260-485-35724; 
	623 Dupont Rd, 260-338-1392; Village Books/Novel Coffeehouse, 
	Northcrest Shopping Center, 260-471-3572).  General stock 
	used books.  [02/07]
Michigan City IN:

The Bookstore (Lighthouse Place mall).  New books.

Madison WI: 

Avol's Bookstore (240 West Gilman, 53703, 608-255-4730).  Used and 
	out-of-print books.  Over 150,000 titles. emphasizing scholarly 
	books, publishers' specials, European imports, review copies, and 
	books on tape.  Acquired the stock of More Books! on State Street 
	when it closed in 10/03.  Mon, Thu-Fr 10AM-9PM; Tue-Wed, Sat 
	10AM-7PM; Sun 12N-5PM.  [02/09]
Mystery to me (1863 Monroe).  [09/13]
Bookworks (109 State, 608-255-4848).  Used, out-of-print, and rare books.  
	Mon-Sat 11AM-2PM and 3PM-6PM.  
Canterbury (341 State at Gorham, 608-258-9911).  Good selection of new books 
	with coffee shop, dimly lit, music, very aesthetic.  
Medler's Books (449-D State, 608-284-0744).  Used, rare, and out-of-print 
	books in all subject areas.  Pricey.  Open daily, often late.  
More Books! on State Street (310 State, 608-258-8084).  New and used, gift 
	books, art, cookbooks, poetry, children, humor, mystery, women's 
	studies, SF, philosophy, history, religion, Wisconsin, etc.  
	Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Paul's Book Store (670 State, 608-257-2968).  Large general stock of used 
	and out-of-print books, somewhat worn.  Open daily.  
Penny Lane (521 State, 608-255-3229).  Used tapes and records, very small 
	philosophy, but some good material.  
A Room of One's Own.  "A feminist bookstore/coffeehouse, with a large 
	selection of women's fiction (the best selection of short story 
	collections I've ever seen), general feminist nonfiction books and 
	a small but interesting section of CDs and cassettes."  [02/09]
Shakespeare's Books (18 North Carroll, 608-255-5521).  Madison's 
	largest used and rare bookstore, with 250,000 volumes.  
	Eclectic, general stock with special displays of first 
	editions, autographed copies, and antiquarian works.  As of 
	07/07, most of the books had already been moved to their new 
	location at 668 State, 2nd floor.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, 
	Sun 10AM-5PM.  [07/07]
Stony Hill Antiques (2140 Regent, 608-231-1247).  General antiquarian 
	books, specializing in Wisconsin and Midwest Americana, fine 
	bindings and first editions.  Tue-Sat 10AM-5:15PM.  
20th Century Books (108 King, 608-251-6226).  New and used books 
	specializing in popular culture such as SF, mystery, and 
	comics.  Mon-Thu 9:30AM-5:30PM, Fri 9:30AM-7PM, 
	Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-5:30PM.  
University Book Store (711 State,, 
	608-257-3784).  A private organization "serving the UW and 
	Madison community since 1894."  100,000 titles in the General 
	Book Department, an extensive Medical and Technical Reference 
	area, plus remainders, half-price books, foreign-language 
	books, a coffee cart, UW clothing and gifts, etc.  Special 
	orders and out of print searches.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-5:30PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.


Milwaukee WI: 

Barnes & Noble (4935 S 76th, 5900 N Port Washington Rd, 16220 W Bluemound Rd).  
	"Do you need a description?  A Big Mac in Milwaukee tastes just like 
	a Big Mac anywhere else."  
Bay View Books (2261 S Howell Ave at the corner of Lincoln, Kinnickinnic 
	[or call it "KK" and sound like a native Milwaukean], and Howell, 
	53207, 414-744-0742).  "Another big messy place--which must run ina 
	the family, because it's owned by the brother of the owner of 
	Renaissance.  None of the books are priced, but George won't gouge 
	you (no warranties expressed or implied)."  Open Mon-Sat 12N-6PM.  
The Booksmith (Delafield).  "A great store which sells only used books, and 
	is a treasure trove for those of us who collect vintage girls' books 
	from the 50s and 60s.  Prices are significantly steeper than what 
	you'd pay for these books at yard sales and thrift shops (the only 
	other places where they can occasionally be found these days), but 
	the books are mostly in good condition and, considering how 
	difficult these books are to find elsewhere, fairly priced for what 
	you get."  
Constant Reader (1627 E Irving).  "Perhaps the best used bookstore in the 
	city--particularly if you're looking for literature, literary 
	criticism, philosophy, or theology.  Not a fancy place, 
	but good books at reasonable prices."  
Cultural Connection Bookstore.  African-American focused.  
Downtown Books (327 E Wisconsin Ave).  One peson says, "Not very good 
	quality or selection--probably almost nothing of academic 
	quality," but another disputes this.  [10/03]
Half-Price Bookstore (6814 W Brown Deer Rd, 5032 S 74th, and 
	16750G W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield).  "Remainders and general-stock 
Just Books (845 N Marshall, in the basement of a posh old apartment 
	building, 414-278-8478).  "Very small, but high quality and nearly 
	all academic.  Not always open, so call ahead.  If you go, be 
	prepared for conversation, and maybe a cup of tea."  
Mystery One (2109 North Prospect Ave, 414-347-4077 or 800-207-0084,  "A small but well run mystery specialty 
	store--mail order, monthly newsletter, frequent author 
	appearances--with both new and used books.  The owner, Richard Katz, 
	is quite knowledgeable.  
Renaissance Book Shop (834 N Plankington).  "Four floors, ill-kept, trashy, 
	somewhat better upstairs, but with lots of books.  Some old 
	philosophy, bound Thomist journals."  "Gigantic, so that the jewels 
	among the dross add up to a lot of jewels."  
Renaissance Book Shop (Mitchell International Airport).  "Fairly small, 
	but generally good quality; this is where you'll find the 
	glass-case stuff.  You'll have to use airport parking, of course, 
	but if you spend $20 (or is it $10?), they validate."  Reports 
	are that prices have risen recently [10/00].  Someone else reports 
	that the downtown store has "glass-case stuff," just not in glass 
Schobers (Greenfield Ave, West Allis).  "Mostly vintage paperbacks, and a 
	particularly strong young adult fiction secion.  Heavy on popular 
	fiction, stuff from the 50s and 60s, but an eclectic selection that 
	is worth a look if you're seeking something you haven't been able 
	to locate anywhere else."  


WI (other): 

Driftless Books and Music (Viroqua).  Used books and music.  8000 
	titles in-store; another 100,000 warehoused.  [02/09]

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