Bookstores in New England


Last change: 
25 Jul 2018


States and areas include: 
New Hampshire 
Western Massachusetts 
Rhode Island 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1:  This list includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and 
Connecticut.  There are separate files for the Cambridge/Boston/Cape 
Cod area and for western Massachusetts.  
Go to the bookshop index file for details.  

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)  Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 

[Note 5: Thanks to Nichael Cramer, who maintained these lists for many 

[Note 6: Bookstores in the smaller towns of New England, especially in 
"tourist" areas such as the Maine coast often have very limited hours 
off-season.  If you are traveling in the winter, call ahead!  



Betts Bookstore (584 Hammond, Bangor, 04401, 207-947-7052, FAX 207-947-6615,  Specializing in 
	Stephen King, also some new and used aviation and automotive.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM, Sat 9AM-3PM (possible longer in summer).
Big Chicken Barn (1768 Bucksport Rd (Route 1), Ellsworth, 207-667-7308, FAX 
	"Well, if you don't mind it being a wee-bit messy, often chilly, kind 
	of out of the way, and the fact that the building was a former 
	slaughter house, you might want to give the "Big Chicken Barn" a 
	try.  They have an enormous stock (I believe they bill themselves as 
	the largest used dealer in NE), with a pretty good turnover from 
	what I can tell.  The people are nice, and the prices seem fine 
	to me, and I don't mind mulling through the stacks while the 
	floorboards creak.  Some people might get turned off if they are 
	expecting cafes and finely finished book shelves."  The books are in 
	the upstairs, which reminds me of a sort of poor man's version of the 
	Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin.  Open seven days 9AM-5PM.  
The Book Shelf (14 State, Ellsworth, 04605, 207-667-1120). 
	General used books, about 20,000 volumes.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Camelot (40 N Main, Wolfeboro, 603-569-1771).  "A very small number of 
	books in a gift shop."  [04/07]
Country Bookseller (23 N Main, Wolfeboro,  603-569-6030)
	"Nice store with coffee shop, free wifi.  Good selection of
	new books."  [04/07]
Dave's Book Shop (270 Main, Old Town, 04468, 207-827-4510,  
	New and used.  New books discounted $1 each; used half cover.  Open 
	Mon-Wed 10:30AM-5:30PM, Thu 10:30AM-8PM, Fri-Sat 10:30PM-6:30PM.
Eyes Of The Owl Books.Com (59 B Glendon, Wolfeboro, 
	603-569-4040).  Used, rare & out-of-print books.  "Friendly, 
	garage-based store.  Small SF collection."  [04/07]
Innisfree Bookshop (312 Daniel Webster Hwy (US 3), Meredith, 
	603-279-3905).  A large store with a small selection (mostly 
	gifts).  [04/07]
Mary Robertson Books (146 Daniel Webster Hwy (US 3) S, Meredith, 
	603-279-8750).  "Books are kept in a barn and many are the 
	worse for it.  Children's books may be better kept."  [04/07]
Mystery Cove Bookshop (Bar Harbor Book Shop, Inc.)  (1 Dewey, Hulls Cove 
	(Bar Harbor), 04644, 207-288-4665,  New and used, with an 
	emphasis on mystery and regional books.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-5PM.  [05/12]
Pro Libris (12 Third, Bangor, 207-942-3019).  "A very nice slightly 
	funky bookstore.  They carry both hardcover and paperback 
	fiction.  Open "most days" 9AM-6PM.  [07/03]
Twice-Sold Tales (155 Main, Farmington, 04938, 207-778-4411).  Over 
	25,000 used volumes "ranging from antiquarian items to collectibles 
	to hard-to-find items and everything in between."  
Used Books-Chester Van Why, Bookseller (333 W Main, Searsport, 04974, 


New Hampshire: 

Bearly Used Books (414 US Route 4, Enfield, 03748, 603-632-9871).
Dartmouth Bookstore (3 South Main, Hanover, 603-643-3616).  "Not owned by  
	Dartmouth College, in spite of the name, and in spite of the fact 
	that it is the primary source for textbooks at the school.  Claims to 
	be the largest independently-owned bookstore north of Boston, and it 
	certainly is large: it occupies three floors of a landmark building 
	just south of the Dartmouth campus (as well as one floor of two ugly 
	modern buildings out back.)  Particularly strong selections of 
	fiction, literary criticism, travel books, children's literature, and 
	business-management-type stuff. Good but slightly pricy selection of 
	CDs and tapes, as well as extensive office-supply and stuffed-anaimal 
Eyes of the Owl (Wolfeboro,  "Over 10,000 
	used books, specializing in children's illustrated, 
	transportation, how-to, New England and New Hampshire, and 
	foreign language.  Most paperbacks priced between $1 and $3, 
	while hardcovers are generally $5 to $15."  Located in a 
	barn.  Open by appointment or chance May to October.  [11/05]
Jumpgate Science Fiction and Fantasy (Portsmouth; 78 Market St, Somersworth, 
	802-659-7696).  The Somersworth store is open Tue-Sat 11AM-7PM, 
	Sun 11AM-6PM.  No further info on the Portsmouth store, which was 
	the first.
Northwood Old Books (Northwood).  Antiquarian.  One poster writes, "We 
	suspect NOB is constructed inside a tesseract, as it appears 
	to be much larger inside than it is outside.  It's also owned 
	by the same people as the Old Number Six Book Depot in 
	Henniker, NH, which is nothing short of amazing.  My wife and 
	I have been doing a lot of bookstore hopping in the last 
	half-year or so, and these three stores [Northwood, Old Number 
	Six, and Epsom] are probably our favorite places to go.  Well, 
	except for The Big Chicken Barn in Ellsworth, Maine."  [09/08]
Old Forge Books (18 Goboro Rd, Epsom, 03234, 603-736-4597).  Used books.  
	Two-story building with 35,000 volumes.  
The Second Page (Epsom).  Used books.  One poster writes, "There's one 
	store my wife and I like that, remarkably enough, is pretty 
	even on most genres.  Along one whole wall is the Romance 
	section.  Opposite that, with just about as many bookcases, is 
	the Mainstream section.  Next aisle over, the Horror section 
	takes up a couple of bookcases, while the rest of the 
	bookcases down that side is Mysteries.  Opposite that, the the 
	entire length, is SF.  Next aisle after that, on one side of 
	the aisle, half of its length is Adventure/Thriller, the other 
	half is mostly Historical Fiction, with some Westerns.  On the 
	other side of that aisle, half the length is kids books, the 
	other half is non-fiction."  [09/08]
Titles and Tales (138 Guider Ln, Bethleham, 03574, 603-444-1345).  Used 
	books, 40,000 mostly hardcover.  The owner also has a small "mostly 
	paperback" store in Littleton.
Wheelock Books (two blocks from the Dartmouth campus, Hanover, NH, 
	603-643-6567).  Buys and sells used textbooks.  [06/09]




Baker's (87 Main, 802-223-3345).  Primary an office-supply store, Baker's has 
	a very good magazine selection.  Nothing terribly exotic, but a 
	fairly large selection.  
Book Cellar (1290 Main, 802-254-6026,  Nice, 
	largish "main-street" Vermont bookstore.  Best bet for Vermont books.   
Brattleboro Books (34 Eliot, 802-257-7777).  Nice, densely packed used 
	bookstore.  "I just discovered Brattleboro Books, on Elliott St, 
	Brattleboro, Vermont. It has a very large stock (several good-sized 
	rooms), is clean and well-organized, offers comfy chairs & sofas for 
	browsers, and you can get a mint hardback for a couple of bucks and 
	up! It is also close to excellent cafes and restaurants, in a rather 
	scenic town."  
Collected Works (29 High, 802-258-4900).  Breezy, open full-service store.  
	Good childrens's selection.  Some magazines.  The stores holds a lot 
	of readings, so check the local paper.  Cafe Beyond, a pleasant 
	deserts-and-coffee cafe is in the back.  
Everyone's Books (23 Elliot, 802-254-8160).  Books, tapes, t-shirts, buttons, 
	bumper-stickers, cards, some magazines.  "Being a smaller town (i.e. 
	smaller than, say, Cambridge or Boston) Brattleboro needs to be more 
	'compact.'  In short Brattleboro's  Radical/Lesbian/Gay/Eco/
	Alternative/Techno/Social-Justice store."  
Whispering Hope (Putney Rd (just past the West River), 802-254-3889).  
	Standard, small-town "Christian Bookstore."  

In Brattleboro most of the stores are downtown.  Park in the municipal 
parking lot downtown, behind the buildings bordered by Main, Elliot 
and High streets.  This will put you within about half a block of five 
of the bookstores.  


Codex Books (near Church and Cherry).  Used. Specializes in rare and 
	out-of-print books.  Very reasonable prices."  
Crow Bookshop (14 Church, 802-862-0848).  "Used, remainders, imports, 
	out of print, comics.  Scholarly emphasis, heaviest on 
	literature and social sciences."  Open 7 days.  [07/03]  
Kids Ink (Masonic Temple, head of Church Street).  Specializes in children's 
	books, and usually has public readings by well-known authors once or 
	twice a month."


Annie's Book Stop (170 South Main Street, Rutland, 802-775-6993).  
	Across from the fairgrounds, co-located with a Ben & Jerry's.  
	"Great if you're with someone who doesn't like bookstores as 
	much as you do.  Good mix of new and used.  Good SF 
	selection."  [04/07]
Arch Bridge Bookshop (14 Village Sq, Bellows Falls, 05101, 802-463-2098).  
	General used books.  The owner also sells his more expensive books 
	from home on a by-appointment basis, 
Bulwagga Books & Gallery (3 S Main, Whiting, 05778, 802- 623-6800).  
	"Located in a 19th century former general store, the store offers 
	an interesting assortment of about 10,000 used books, aimed mostly 
	at general readers.  What makes the store different, though, is 
	that it also functions as an art gallery for local artists, sells 
	crafts and other gift items, has a snack bar and tables, and hosts 
	literary events."  Wheelchair accessible.  
Chapman's Pharmacy (Main (US 5), Fairlee, 802-333-9709).  "Actually, 
	this picturesque little store is everything but a pharmacy.  
	The back room is devoted to a densely packed selection of used 
	books.  This is mostly the usual stuff gleaned from the 
	bookshelves of the surrounding farmhouses and summer cottages 
	(i.e., lots of old travel books, hardcover fiction from the 
	1940s through early 1980s, books on animals, etc.) but for 
	some reason there is an unusually large proportion of 
	interesting politcial books, largely right-wing but lots of 
	mainstream and some left-wing items as well."  [04/06]
Hermit Hill Books (95 Main, Poultney, 05764, 802-287-5757,  Used books.  Open Tue-Sat 10AM-5PM; 
	Sun 11AM-4PM.  [04/07]
Seasoned Books (30 Main, Rochester, 05767,  "Specializing in books on 
	sustainability, wilderness adventure and rural enterprise."  


Rhode Island: 

Book & Tackle Shop (7 Bay, Watch Hill, 02891; 166 Main, Westerly, 
	phone/FAX 401-596-0700,  
	150,000 used science, scholarly, cookbooks, and general 
	rare books.  Open summer daily 9AM-9PM (Bay St only); 
	(all year) daily 10AM-5PM (Main St).  [09/10]
Brown University Bookstore (Thayer and Angell, Providence).  "Although a poor 
	relative to the University bookstores of schools of similar caliber, 
	it does have a decent academic selection (especially in the textbooks 
	area) not otherwise found in the area."  
Cellar Stories (190 Mathewson, Providence, 02903, 401-521-2665, 
	FAX 401-454-7143,  
	"Good selection of just about everything.  Recently doubled 
	its space.  Contrary to its name, it's on a second floor 
	downtown, just off of Weybosset. Can usually be spotted by a 
	banner hanging from the upstairs window."  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM (winter only).  [04/12]
Allison B. Goodsell, Rare Books (2528 Kingstown Rd, Kingstown, 02881, 
	401-792-8662, FAX 401-789-9923,  20,000 used books 
	in an old country store.  Open 10AM-5PM, later in summer; 
	closed Tue-Wed in winter.  [04/12]
Myopic Books (5 S Angell, Providence, 02906, 401-521-5533).  Used books.  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [04/12]
Newport Book Store (116 Bellevue Ave, Newport, 02840, 401-847-3400,  Used Americana, military, and 
	local. Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [09/06]
Tyson's Old & Rare Books (178 Taunton Ave, East Providence, 02914, 
	401-431-2111, FAX 401-421-3939,  
	30,000 general antiquarian books, specializing in Americana.  
	Open Mon-Fri 11AM-5PM, Sat 11AM-4PM, closed Sat Jul-Aug.  [04/12]



New Haven: 

Arethusa Book Shop (87 Audubon off Whitney Ave, 06511, 860-624-1848, Used and antiquarian.  
	Ancient history, art, philosophy, cookbooks, children's.  Open 
	most Mon-Sat afternoons.  
Atticus (1082 Chapel).  New books, strong in fiction.  Open late (a rarity 
	in this area) and has a cafe on the premises.  
Barnes & Noble (470 Universal Dr (in the strip mall city at I-91 exit 9), 
	North Haven).  Typical B&N superstore with a cafe.  The selection 
	of books is large but kind of bland, as if catering to 
	suburbanites who are too timid to venture into downtown New Haven 
	to patronize the Yale Co-op.  
Black Cat Mysteries (77 Whitney).  A reasonably okay selection of mysteries 
	(better than the Yale Coop).  Mostly new books, except for a small 
	rack of collectible paperbacks.  
Book Haven (290 York).  Stocks a lot of literary criticism and generic 
	humanities books.  
Book Trader (Chapel St).  Used, from old paperbacks to first editions, with 
	a cafe.
Bryn Mawr Book Shop (56 1/2 Whitney).  Cheap used books. Good for picking up 
	some light reading (most paperbacks are $.25 apiece). Open limited 
Foundry Book Store (33 Whitney).  New books. Has the best selection of 
	children's books in town, as well as literature and nature books for 
Yale Center for British Art (1080 Chapel).  The museum shop carries books on 
	British art and architecture. Also has some British children's books 
	and related toys.  
Yale Bookstore (77 Broadway).  New books, large full-service bookstore. run 
	by Barnes & Noble. Strong in academia, literature, and history, and 
	"monstruously good" in foreign languages.  They also have one 
	corner set aside for used scholarly books.  
Yale University Art Gallery (1111 Chapel).  A more generic selection of art 

Hartford/West Hartford: 

Barnes & Noble (on Farmington line, West Hartford).  
Brick Walk Bookshop (966 Farmington Ave, 06107, 860-233-1730, 
	West Hartford,  Literary firsts, poetry, etc.  
	Open Tue-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  
Jumping Frog (56 Arbor, Suite 107, Hartford, 06106, 860-523-1622,  Used books, general stock.  
	More a warehouse and less a store than their old location.  
	Open Thu-Sun 11AM-4PM.  [08/09]

Barbara Farsnworth, Bookseller (407 Route 128, West Cornwall, 06796, 
	860-672-6571, FAX 860-672-3099,  
	45,000 used books.  Open Sat 9AM-5PM but call first.  [02/08]
Barely Used Books (5 Roosevelt Ave (Rte 1), Mystic, 06355, 860-572-0003).  
	General used stock.  Not listed in 2008 Connecticut Antiquarian 
	Booksellers Directory.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, 
	Sun 11AM-5PM.  [02/08]
Barnett Books (20 North Plains Industrial Road, Wallingford (off Route 
	68 just west of Route 5; I-91 exit 15), 203-265-2013,  Warehouse-style 
	remainders dealer, open to the public on weekend afternoons.  
	They have sales several times a year where everything in the 
	store is an additional 30% off.  Open Feb-Dec Fri 11AM-4PM, 
	10AM-4PM, 12N-4PM.  [12/06]
Book Barn (41 W Main, Route 156, Niantic, 06357, 860-739-5715),  350,000 used books.  
	(including a former outhouse), seven cats, two dogs, a sheep 
	and a goat.  Great prices."  Open Sun-Mon 11AM-6PM, Tue-Sat 
	11AM-9PM; summer seven days a week 9AM-9PM.  [02/08]
Book Barn Downtown (269 Main, Niantic, 06357, 860-691-8078).  Smaller 
	(15,000 volumes) branch of the main store above.  Same hours.  
Bookloft of Clinton (59 W Main (Rte 1), Clinton, 06413, 860-664-1699,  Used books specializing in history, 
	religion, art, children's classics, and fiction.  Open Wed-Sun 
	12N-5PM (fall/winter), Tue-Sun 11AM-5PM (spring/summer).  
Books and Music (311 East St, Sno-White Plaza, Route 10. Plainville, 
	860-747-0770,  Used 
	books. Large, well-organized sections of mysteries, SF, best-sellers, 
	literature, etc; also a few new books.  It doesn't look very large 
	from the outside, but goes back a fair ways; they have 30,000+ 
	volumes. They also sell used records, tapes, CDs, and DVDs.  
	You won't find any big bargains here, though; prices start at 
	slightly higher than half cover.  As of 01/09, the back room 
	was being re-built, and more stuff was crowded in the front 
	part.  (Driving directions: take Route 10 west/north from 
	I-84; it's on the left in a tiny strip mall.)  Open Mon-Fri 
	10:30AM-5:30PM,  Sat, 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  [01/09]
Books by the Falls (253 Roosevelt Dr (Route 34), Derby, 06418, 
	860-734-6112).  Used books.  Affiliated with Kaye's Books by 
	the Falls shop in New Haven.  This one is considerably larger 
	but just as disorganized.  They probably have some good things, 
	but who knows where to find them?  (Driving directions: from 
	Highway 8, follow route 34 west of the downtown area; the book 
	shop is on the right in an old brick mill building.)  Open 
	(theoretically) Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, but calling first is 
	strongly recommended.  [02/08]
Centerbridge Books (33D Deep River Rd, Rte 154, Centerbrook, 06409, 
	860-757-8943,  Art, modern firsts,
	and general used books.  Open Wed-Sun 11AM-5PM.
Colebrook Book Barn (657 Colebrook Rd (route 183), Colebrook, 06021, 
	860-379-3185,  Americana, first 
	editions.  Open daily 11AM-4PM, but calling ahead is advised.  
Collected Stories Bookstore (12 Daniel, Milford, 06460, 203-874-0115,  Used books.  
	General stock, regional history, first editions, etc.  Open 
	daily 10AM-7PM.  [06/08]	
Collected Stories Bookstore of Walnut Beach  (16 Broadway, 
	Milford/Walnut Beach, 06460, 203-874-0115;  Used books.  
	New England, nature, and nautical.  Open Tue-Sat 
	10AM-5PM.  [06/08]
Elm Street Books (New Canaan).  New books.  [01/10]
John Bale Book Company & Cafe (158 Grand, Waterbury, 06702, 
	203-757-2279,  Americana, 
	religion, and music used books.  The better (antiquarian) 
	books are on the second floor; the main floor is primarily an 
	eclectic selection of reading copies, categorized and *lightly* 
	alphabetized.  No bargains to be found here.  Metered street 
	parking only (and apparently strictly enforced).  Open Mon-Fri 
	7:30AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  [05/08]
Johnnycake Books (12 Academy, Salisbury, 06068, 860-435-6677, 
	FAX 860-435-6688,  
	Used books.  Open Thu-Mon 11AM-5PM.
Joie de Livres (7 Academy, Salisbury, 06068, 860-435-2332,  Used books.  Specializes in 
	wome's literature, photography, signed contemporary.  Also an 
	art gallery.  Open Thu-Sun 10AM-5PM (summer); Sat-Sun 12N-5PM 
	(fall).  [06/08]
Lavender Path Antiques & Books (50 South Rd, Harwinton, 06791,, 860-689-8081).  
	15,000 titles in cookbooks, gardening, biographies, children's 
	series books, and the occult, as well as other categories.  
	Open Wed-Sun 11AM-5PM.  [02/08]
Leaves and Pages (59 W Main, New Britain, 06051, 860-224-4414,  Used books about King Arthur and British 
	Isles.  Open Mon-Fri 6:30AM-3:30PM, Sat 8AM-12PM.  [02/08]
Nutmeg Books (354 New Litchfield, Route 202, Torrington, 06790, 
	860-482-9696, FAX 860-482-7970,  
	Used and rare, mostly non-fiction.  Open Fri 12N-4PM, Sat-Sun 
	11AM-5PM, holiday Mon.  [02/08]
R. J. Julia Booksellers (Madison).  [01/10]
Ye Olde Book & Tea Shoppe (167 Main, Seymour, 06483, 203-888-9910,  Used books, specializing in Irish and show 
	business, with some general stock.  Open Thu-Fri 11AM-2PM, 
	Sat 10AM-4PM.  
On the Road Bookshop (163 Albany Turnpike, Route 44, Canton, 06019, 
	860-693-6029,  Literary 
	first editions, cookbooks, art, and general used books.  Thu-Sat 11AM-6PM, 
	11AM-5PM.  [02/08]
R. J. Julia Book Sellers (768 Boston Post Rd, Route 1, Madison, 06443).  "One 
	of the best new bookstores in CT. It specializes in all types of 
	literature--not just beach fiction."  
Reid & Wright Books, Maps & Prints (287 New Milford Turnpike, Route 202, 
	New Preston, 06777, 860-868-7706, FAX 860-868-1212,  Twenty-five dealers in 
	used books in antiques, art, architecture, and maps and 
	prints.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  [02/08]
Traveler Restaurant Book Celler (1257 Buckley Hwy, I-84 at the MA/CT border: 
	Exit 74 [visible from the Interstate], Union, 06076, 860-684-9042 
	for the bookstore, 860-684-4920 for the restaurant,  
	The upstairs is a restaurant with a gimmick "a free book with 
	every meal," though the books here are the sort one finds at the 
	end of the day at a rummage sale and the food undistinguished.  
	The walls are covered with autographed fan mail from famous 
	authors.  The basement is a serious used bookstore.  It's out in 
	the middle of nowhere, but definitely worth a visit if you're 
	passing by on your way between NYC and Boston, for example.  The 
	restaurant is open seven days a week, 7AM-9PM; the bookstore hours 
	are Sun-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 9AM-8PM.  
Whitlock Farm (20 Sperry Rd, Bethany, 06524, 860-393-1240,  The upper barn contains a 
	general selection of used books at very reasonable prices (all under 
	$5).  The lower barn has pricier collector's items, sets, and first 
	editions--everything $5 or more.  (Driving directions: take highway 
	69 to Morris Rd (four miles north of the Wilbur Cross Parkway; 
	there's a small sign at the intersection).  Morris ends at 
	Sperry; turn right and then right again into a gravel 
	driveway.)  Open Tue-Sun 9AM-5PM.  [02/09]
William and Lois Pickney Antiquarian Books (240 N Granby Rd, Granby, 06035, 
	Open Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  [02/08]

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