Bookstores in Northwestern United States


Last change: 
17 Jan 2018

There are separate files for lists for the West, the San Francisco Bay Area 
(San Francisco and north), the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, Oakland, and 
East Bay), and the San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula and south).  


Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include: 
Seattle/Tacoma WA (and other WA) 
Portland OR (and other OR) 
California (other than San Francisco Bay and S. California areas) 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1: This list includes cities in Washington, Oregon, and California.  
Lists for the San Francisco Bay area, the Western United States, and other 
geographic areas are in separate files.  

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 


Seattle/Tacoma WA (and other WA): 


The Armchair Sailor (2110 Westlake N).  New nautical books, charts, & 
Arundel Books (across from the Seattle Art Museum).  Fine art books.  
	"Lots o'books, but somehow they don't jell. Fiction, art, lots 
	of fiddly little non-fiction subjects."
B. Brown & Assoc. (3534 Stone Way N, 206-634-1481, FAX 206-634-1484,  New and used SF, horror, 
	supernatural, mystery, and historical fiction.  Some 
	paperbacks, but mostly quality hardcover.
BLMF Books (Pike Place Market, 206-621-7894).  Used books.  I was 
	impressed with their selection--they had five different Borges 
	titles, and not the most common ones either! [04/07]
Beyond the Closet Bookstore (518 E Pike, 98122, 206-322-4609, 
	FAX 206-322-6302,  
	Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender bookstore.  New and used 
	books, magazines, newspapers, cards, jewelry, gifts and 
	novelty items.  It has 2000 square feet and 15,000 titles, and 
	is located at Belmont Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, 
	3 blocks west of Broadway.  Operating since 1988.  Open 
	Sun-Sat 10AM-11PM.
Blackbird Books (3130 E Madison).  Has a good selection of books for 
	the African-American community, including toys, posters, 
	children's books, and music.
Chameleon Books (510 15th Ave E, (Capitol Hill).  Used.  Strong 
	fiction (hardcover), art and archtecture books.  Extensive 
	Northwest and ethnic studies section.
Discount Books.  Has some of the lowest prices, but their selection is 
	usually limited.
Elliott Bay Books (1521 Tenth Ave, 98122, 206-624-6600 or 800-962-5311, 
	FAX 206-343-9558,  
	Booklover's paradise.  150,000 titles in stock.  Open Mon-Thu 
	10AM-10PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-11PM, Sun 11AM-7PM.  [05/10]
Flora and Fauna Books (3121 W Government Way, near Discovery Park).  
	Best nature/outdoors bookstore in town, with both new and 
	selected used/rare titles.  [03/08]
Fremont Place Book Co (621 N 35th, 206-547-5970).  New books, has a 
	book club.  [03/07]
Gemini Book Exchange (9614 16th SW, White Center).  Typical 
	neighborhood used bookstore.
The Globe Bookstore (5220-B University Way).  Used.  "Seems to 
	specialize in books on Shakespeare and vintage racing cars."
Green Leaf Books (3422 Stone Way N, 98103-8922, 206-545-7465,  Used cookbooks and 
	botanical books.  Open Tue-Sun 10AM-5PM.  [11/05]
Gregor Books (197a Second, Langley, Whidbey Island, 98260,  Literary First Editions.  
	Open Wed-Sun 11AM-5PM.  [08/04]
Horizon Books (425 15th East--Capitol Hill by the Group Health 
	Hospital).  Just your typical old house full of books.  
	Including the bathroom.  SF, alternative religion, and life 
	styles.  "It is also possessed of a truly amazing cat.  Most 
	bookstore cats are extremely aloof or indifferent. This 
	weighty beast sets to purring directly you touch it." (Also 
	other branches.)
Kinokuniya (2nd floor of Uwajimaya, 525 S Weller, 98104, near the 
	Amtrak Station, 206-587-2477).  Japanese books, DVDs, and 
	CDs.  [09/08]
Lambda Books.  The best place for gay/lesbian/bisexual titles and 
Lamplight Used Books (Pike Place Market, 206-652-5554).  [04/07]
Left Bank Books (92 Pike, by the large sign for the Pike Market, next 
	to the flower shop, 206-622-0195,  
	"Smallish, very left-leaning bookstore (collective-run).  New 
	and used.  Concentrates on 'radical and independent' stuff; 
	lots of books on politics (esp. labor, and histories of 
	movements), media, etc.  Despite the fact that these topics 
	aren't my usual bag I rarely manage to leave the store without 
	buying something.  Some SF, comics, magazines (a decent 
	selection of local zines), literature, etc. as well."  [04/07]
Leisure Books (4537 California Ave SW, just up the block from 
	Pegasus).  [03/08]
Louis Collins Books (1211 East Denny Way, 98122, 206-323-3999, 
	FAX 206-323-8233,  
	Out-of-print books in all fields, especially anthropology.
	By appointment only.  [03/16]
Magus Bookstore (1408 NE 42 St near University Way).  Run-of-the-mill 
	university used bookstore.
Peter Miller (1930 First Ave, 206-441-4114).  Architectural and design 
	books.  Excellent selection, many things I'd never seen or 
	heard of before.  Architectural theory, architectural history, 
	urban planning, landscape, model kits for the Leaning Tower of 
	Pisa, fine pens, and so forth.  Catalog.
An Odd Volume, Ltd. (1309 NE Ravenna Blvd, entrance in alley).  Used 
	books, lots of fiction, not much SF.
Open Books: A Poem Emporium (Wallingford).  "Great poetry selection."  
	Well, I should hope so; the store is, according to PUBLISHERS 
	WEEKLY (18 Sept 95), "devoted entirely to poetry and 
	poetry-related titles."  Five hundred square feet in "the 
	lower floor of a bungalow, which Open Books shares with a wine 
Pegasus Book Exchange (4553 California Way, West Seattle Junction).  
	Typical neighborhood used bookstore.
Raverbooks (1205 E Pike, 206-328-7922).  Rave-related books.
Phinney Books (7216 Greenwood Avenue North, 98103, 206-297-2665,  New books.  New management for 
	Santoro's Books, previously at this location.  Open 
	Mon-Wed 10AM-7PM, Thu-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Seattle Book Center (3530 Stone Way N, 206-547-7870).  This is next 
	door to the old location for Archie McPhee's, which has moved 
	to Ballard, near the Secret Garden.
Secret Garden Children's Bookshop (Ballard).  A wonderful selection.  
	Up the street from Archie McPhee's, which is also recommended.
Totem Books (Totem Lake Mall East, Kirkland 98034, 425-821-4343).  New 
	books.  "Very knowledgeable about SF and fantasy, they've got 
	quite a good selection, and they'll happily order anything 
	they don't have--books ordered usually only take a couple of 
	days."  Frequent author signings.
Toys in Babeland (707 E Pike St;  "Primarily 
	a sex-toy store but has a wallful of books (sex (how to); sex 
	(about); erotica).
Twice Sold Tales (905 East John on Capitol Hill, 206-324-2421; 
	3504 Fremont Ave N; 1309 NE 45th;  
	Has incredibly good used fiction at good prices.  High 
	turnover of used books (all areas).  All books 25% off midnight 
	to 8AM Friday night/Saturday morning.  Great place to hang out 
	in the middle of a Friday night, great atmosphere, colorful 
	personalities, lots of cats.  Open Sat-Thu 10AM-2AM, Fri all 
University Bookstore (4326 University Way, 206-634-3400; also Bellevue 
	and Tacoma;  
	Simply massive, with good people to find the book you want, 
	and an extensive children's section.  20-25% off on 
	best-sellers that they choose, so can often get discounts on 
	books that aren't on regular best-seller list (e.g., Kroll's 
	"The Whole Internet" is almost always 20% off).  Extra 10% 
	rebate for UW students, staff, and alumni association 
	members.  "Better than any University bookstore I know 
	(including Harvard Coop) for general books."  "The University 
	Book Store is by any measure one of the best all-round 
	independent bookstores in the country, and certainly one of 
	the absolute top independents when it comes to supporting 
	SF.  I've long suspected that the reason Seattle has never 
	supported a full-fledged science fiction store like Other 
	Change of Hobbit or the Science Fiction Shop is that the 
	University Book Store does such a good job.  Way back in 1982 
	when I lived in the apartment house across the alley (the 
	Malloy), the U Bookstore was devoting an entire shelf unit to 
	hardcover science fiction alone, to say nothing of the 
	paperbacks.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, support 
	these guys."  And someone else adds, "The University Bookstore 
	is even better than the FAQ's comments suggest.  I could easily 
	have spent $500 in there without moving from the architecture 
	section, the Italian history was at least two whole shelves 
	(most stores give it three books, if that), and the SF is 
	everything that it's cracked up to be."  There is also a 
	branch downtown of just technical books.  Book rate shipping 
	is free.

There are also others on or near University Way and several north of 
the University bookstore about a mile.

"Browsing in Seattle has become more frustrating.  Powells comes in a 
couple of times a year and sets up a buying shop.  And 
is bottomfeeding away the scruffier tomes by buying(?) out the 
overstock at the local thrift stores.  In both cases, books end up out 
of town.  And real estate is taking it's toll, too."

Culpepper Books (2521 North Proctor, 98406, 253-761-9000,  Used and rare, specializing in 
	in Civil War, Western Americana and Northwest History.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM. Say 10AM-5PM.  [09/07]
Kings Books (St Helens Ave, Tacoma).
Lady Jayne's Comics & Books (5969 6th Ave, Tacoma 98406, 206-564-6168,  Just 
	off Hwy 16 (Bremerton link from I-5); take the 6th Ave exit 
	and go behind Blockbuster Video in the next block.  New and 
	used SF and fantasy.
Steep & Story: Books and Tea (1936 Pacific Ave, Tacoma WA 98402, 
	253-274-0090, .  
	General selection.  Specialty modern literature.
Tacoma Book Center (324 E 26th, one block from Tacoma Dome-take the 
	Tacoma Dome exit from I5, corner of 26th and D, 206-572-8248).  
	Very good selection of used and collectible books at good 
	prices.  Worth the stop if you're traveling through.

South Suburbs: 
Comstock's Bindery and Bookshop (257 E Main, Auburn--formerly on 
	Ranier Ave S in Seattle, 206-939-8770).  Good selection of 
	used SF, history, military.  "As a book binder primarily he 
	has interest in antiquarian books.  He gets a lot of books 
	donated from local libraries that he then binds up and 
	resells.  The most tenacious man at finding an out-of-print 
	book I have ever found, especially rare and unusual SF.  Has 
	reading rooms, two store cats and one store dog (Bouvier de 
	Flanders) often mistaken for large rug.  Very knowlegeable on 
	many subjects, and will without hesitation send you to a 
	competitor if they have the volume you need.  Used to be 
	located in Seattle, moved down to Auburn for cheaper rents, 
	keeps expanding, and may soon have the entire block of 
	buildings as a bookstore.  He and his wife will help you find 
	anything you want or need, and will spend time to make sure 
	you get what you want in many subjects, including assessing 
	the value of an older book.  2-for-1 trade-ins for SF and 
	others; will outright buy rare titles.  Will give you a 
	better price than other antiquarians in Seattle area."
Page 2 Book Exchange (15706 1st Ave S, the Five Corners neighborhood 
	of Burien).


Barnes & Noble (626 106th NE).  This is the new kid on the block. It 
	is in a converted bowling alley.  This sounds fairly tacky, 
	but the bowling alley was built with an arched roof that does 
	not have any internal support columns.  The result is that the 
	bookstore has an unusually light, open, and airy feel to it.  
	It's a quite pleasant place to browse.  There's a Starbucks 
	espresso shop in the corner (this is de rigueur for the 
	Seattle area).  There is a large children's book section.  
	It's quite popular with the local residents and is very 
	difficult to find a parking space out front (but there is a 
	lot of parking nearby).
Barnes & Noble (Crossroads Mall).
City News (10116 NE 8th).  This is a news/magazine shop located in a 
	grocery store across the street from the University Book 
	Store.  They have a small trade paperback section.  The 
	selection of newpapers, magazines, and books is not very 
	impressive.  However, across the hall is an espresso shop 
	(remember espresso is a staple of life in the Pacific 
	Northwest).  The area between the news stand and the espresso 
	shop seems to be a popular hangout on Saturday morning.
Eastside Daily Planet (Crossroads Mall).  An okay newstand.  The 
	newspaper selection is not too remarkable.  The magazine 
	selection is okay.  It's also close to Starbucks.
Half Price Books (Crossroads Mall).  "I'm not a big used bookstore 
	fan, but I have occasionally found some interesting stuff 
	here.  The store is right next to (surprise, surprise) a 
	Starbucks espresso stand."
Software Etc (Bellevue Sqaure Mall).  Has a decent selection of 
	computer books.
University Book Store (990 102nd Ave NE).  This is a branch of the 
	bookstore that serves the University of Washington.  They 
	don't stock textbooks, however.  "It also has a light, open 
	feel to it.  I enjoy browsing it.  The selection of books 
	seems better than you find in the typical chain bookstore.  
	In response to Barnes and Noble coming to town, they expanded 
	into an adjacent storefront and opened a children's book 
	section.  They also have a small office/art supply section and 
	sell University of Washington memorabilia.  No espresso (the 
	campus branch has espresso)."  They offer a 10% discount card 
	to educators.

"Crossroads is a quite interesting mall.  A few years ago, it was a 
second-rate mall that was on the verge of collapse.  To revive it, the 
developers attempted to convert it into a suburban Pike Place Market.  
This strategy failed, but there were some interesting side effects.  
During the farmer's market phase, several ethnic food stands opened 
up.  These proved to be quite popular, and are going great guns right 
now.  For example, there are Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, and 
Mediterranean food stands.  You can pick up a nice meal for $5 to 
$10.  It is much nicer than the typical mall food court.  The mall 
also started offering free evening concerts on Fridays and Saturdays.  
So it's become a fairly popular place."


R. R. Henderson (112 Grand Ave, 360-734-6855).  "This is one of the 
	more amazing used emporia I've been in.  Very deep stock in 
	everything I was interested in, which included art history, 
	art, architectural theory and urban planning, historical 
	novels, mysteries, and SF.  As my husband noted, the truly 
	astonishing thing about the place--outside the incredible 
	breadth of its holdings--was the degree of organization, which 
	was almost perfect."
Michael's Books (109 Grand Ave, 360-733-6272,
Old London Bookstore (111 Central Ave, 360-733-7273).  A 
	seventeen-room historical mansion in the dead center of town.  
	Entire rooms on everything you can imagine, SF, mysteries, 
	philosophy, archeology, "the classics", you name it.  Every 
	room in the house except the bathroom is floor-to-ceiling, 
	wall-to-wall used hardcover books.  There are chairs and lamps 
	scattered about for customers to use to do a little reading, 
	and the owners frequently serve finger foods and tea/coffee.  	
	The store is also the owner's home (you have to walk around 
	the bed to view the shelves of books in the bedroom) so it 
	isn't just a walk-in type place.  Someone is home most times, 
	but you'll need to call ahead to make sure it's okay to come 
	by.  You've got to see this place to believe it.
Village Books (historic Fairhaven District, 1210 11th, 360-671-2626,


Duvall Books (15635 Main NE, no phone).  Used books.  40,000 volumes 
	in this store dating back to the 1970s.  Open Mon-Fri 
	10AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-9PM.  Unsure about Sunday hours.


Aeolian Books (1403 8th, Marysville, just north of Everett, 360-659-8553,  Used books upstairs in an old house.  "Their 
	selection of modern poetry & literature are excellent but they 
	have books in many other subject areas as well."  Irregular hours.
Half Price Books (on Everett Mall Way, across from the mall).  Used books.  
Pilchuck Books (2821 Wetmore Ave).  Used books.
Secondhand Prose.  (Used books.  "All the books are old, and not in a good 

Lake Forest Park: 

Third Place Books.  200,000 new and used books, six ethnic restaurants, 
	a stage, a kitchen (for demonstrations), and a cafe.  

Long Beach: 

Sandpiper Books (110 & 112 South Pacific Hwy, 98631, 360-642-4969,  Both new and used books with a large 
	section of SF and mystery (featuring a large Sherlockian collection) 
	with titles in both hardback and paper.  Has a warehouse off-site as 
	well if your book isn't on the shelf.  

Mt. Vernon: 

B & M Books (take the George Hopper exit).  "This is about a 90-minute drive 
	from Seattle.  For anyone who likes used bookstores, this is worth 
	the drive up, at least once.  The bookstore is run out of a 
	converted warehouse almost solely by this old dude.  There are more 
	books in this place than in any store I've ever been in, including 
	the Tattered Cover.  The books are vaguely ordered by first letter 
	of authors last name, and subject.  All books are *very* cheap, but 
	you may get a bit frustrated when trying to find a specific book.  
	There are, of course, cats running around which you may run into 
	randomly while lost in the labyrinth, and there's a huge fireplace 
	they fire up on cold days."  [NOTE: As of 3/98, this had a sign up, 
	saying "Closed Until Spring."  There is some possibility it may not 
	re-open as the "old dude" has died.] 
Easton's Books (307 Main, 360-336-2066,  
	Used books.  Particularly strong in books on the Pacific Northwest, 
	but covers all categories.
Scott's Bookstore.  


Barnes & Noble (1530 Black Lake Blvd SW).  "Typical example of this 
	chain store, with all the good and bad that that implies.  
	Extremely large selection, and pleasant enough to browse, but 
	it can't escape that synthetic feeling lurking in the 
	background.  If you want the latest SciFi Blockbuster, they'll 
	have it, but their stock is mile wide and an inch deep.  Heavy 
	on the TV/movie tie-ins.  This is out on the Westside."  
Browsers' Bookshop (107 N. Capitol Way).  "Another store in downtown 
	Olympia.  Basically a heavily compacted version of Orca, 
	without the politics.  SF section exists, but is skimpy."  
Orca Books (509 E 4th).  "Orca is a large store in downtown Olympia 
	that sells (and buys) both new and used books.  Often holds 
	author readings.  You can special-order new books there, but 
	they aren't as well-connected as some of the big chains; if 
	you're trying to obtain something from a small press outfit, 
	you'll probably be out of luck.  While politics are not 
	exactly the store's main focus, the place is still totally 
	left-wing; if a visitor is a conservative, he'll probably find 
	it annoying.  The used SF section is acceptable but nothing 
	spectacular.  A really fun place in which to simply browse and 
	people-watch; you never know who or what'll turn up on the 
	shelves."  [12/03]  
Paperback Exchange (400 Cooper Point Rd SW; 909 Sleater-Kinney Rd, 
	Lacey).  "Two branches of a store that are exactly what they 
	say: a no-frills place to bring in your old paperbacks and 
	swap them for 'new' ones.  (Or you can of course pay cash.)  
	The SF section(s) here are actually quite impressive; if 
	you're looking for a used paperback copy of any moderately 
	well-known science fiction novel, there's a good chance that 
	one branch or the other will have it.  (And even if they 
	don't have exactly what you are looking for, you can probably 
	find *something* of interest.)  The Olympia store is on the 
	city's 'Westside', a large commerical sprawl in that direction 
	away from the downtown.  Lacey is a city to Olympia's east; 
	the two towns are mashed together cheek-and-jowl, so you could 
	easily visit both of these stores in one day, if you were so 
	inclined.  There is a third branch of the store in Centralia, 
	a small city about 30 minutes further down I-5 to the south."  
Whodunit? Books (301 4th Ave).  Also downtown.  Deals exclusively in 
	mysteries.  [12/03]  

"There are other bookstores in town, but none will be of much interest 
to SciFi fans."


Auntie's Bookstore (402 W Main, 888-802-6657,  
	Used books.  Collectibles section upstairs.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, 
	Sun 11AM-6PM.

"There are no truly outstanding bookstores in Bellevue; however, the 
number of bookstores per capita is astounding; no one can figure out 
how so many bookstores can make a go of it."  


Portland OR (and other OR): 

The Book Bin (450 Court NE, Salem, 97301, 503-361-1235,  Used books.  Open Mon-Sat 
	9:30AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-6PM.  [08/05]
Broadway Books (1714 NE Broadway, 503-284-1726).  "It's a small shop 
	with owners who are very helpful.  I've been impressed with 
	their biography section and shop there when I'm looking for a 
	nice gift book (their selection seems to fit my relatives' 
	tastes).  They have a 'buy-12-get-one-free' program, a 
	newsletter, and they sponsor occasional readings.  They seem 
	to be holding on nicely even though a big Barnes & Noble 
	opened just down the street."  [04/07]
Cameron's Books & Magazines (336 SW Third Ave, 503-228-2391).  Claims 
	to be the oldest used bookstore in Portland.  Narrow pathways 
	filled with books and and more than 50,000 magazines.  [04/07]
Captain's Nautical Supplies (138 NW 10th Ave, 503-227-1648).  "They had 
	the best supply of maps I have ever seen outside of the USGS 
	office in VA.  Worth checking out."  Almost exclusively maps.  
	[Not listed in 2007 phone book]  [04/07]
David Morrison Books (630 NW 12th, 503-295-6882).  Specializes in 
	photography, decorative arts, architecture, general 
	antiquarian, and Americana.  [Not listed in 2007 phone book]  
Future Dreams (1847 E Burnside, 503-231-8311; also 10508 NE Halsey, 
	503-255-5245).  Fantasy and SF, new and used.  Information on 
	the Portland Science Fiction Society is available here.  
	Appears to be in a warehouse-type building.  [NE Halsey store 
	not listed in 2007 phone book]  [04/07]
The Great Northwest Bookstore (3314 SW 1st Ave, 503-223-8098, FAX 
	503-223-9474).  Very neat, alphabetized, rare books room, good 
	paperback genre collections (mystery, SF), first editions.  
	Reasonable prices.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM, Sat 11AM-7PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [04/07]
Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts (1221 SW 10th Ave, 503-231-1441).  
	Good quality used books.  [04/07]
Hawthorne Boulevard Books (3129 SE Hawthorne Blvd).  "This is a little 
	white house, stuffed full of books in many different subject 
	areas.  No paperbacks, just all hardbacks of various 
	vintages.  Not much in genre fiction, but good selection of 
	nonfiction of all types."  [10/07]
Kinokuniya (10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, 97005, 
	503-641-6240).  Japanese books, DVDs, and CDs.  [09/08]
Norwest Textbook (2800 Pringle Rd off I-5, Salem, OR 97302,  Open Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM.  [09/04]
Periodicals & Books Paradise  (3315 SE Hawthorne, 503-234-6003).  More 
	paperbacks and magazine back issues than you can imagine.  
	They buy, sell and will trade.  [04/07]
Paper Moon (4704 SE Belmont, 503-239-8848).  General second-hand 
	books.  [04/17]
Powell's City of Books (main store) (1005 W Burnside, 800-878-7323 or 
	503-228-4651, FAX 503-228-4631,  
	Truly a national treasure, one of the wonders of Portland.  
	Powell's has new and used books by the millions (over one 
	milllion at their main store).  Its depth and coverage exceeds 
	most large-city libraries.  There is a coffee shop in the store 
	for more serious browsing.  This store is an easy walk from the 
	Amtrak station; one reader reports returning to the train with 
	an additional piece of carry-on luggage after her four-hour 
	layover.  Will ship worldwide.  Does searches for out-of-print 
	books.  Someone asked on the Net, "How do people find good books to 
	read?"  Marcy Thompson's response was: 
	1. Read rab [rec.arts.books].  
	2. Save all postings which mention interesting-looking books to a 
	3. Every six weeks, do: 
	   i. edit down saved file to just include title and author of 
	      interesting-looking books 
	   ii. print edited file 
	   iii. get in car and drive to Portland OR (if it's summer, this 
		means going through customs at some whacko hour like 
		midnight to avoid the lines, so plan carefully) 
	   iv. sleep at a cheap motel. get up in the morning and go to 
	   v. wander the store for several hours, list in hand 
	   vi. pay attention to the "Highly Recommended" cards on the 
	   vii. when your basket gets full, retreat to the benches by the 
		drinking fountains 
	   viii. winnow the basket's contents down and reshelve the ones you 
		 decide not to buy 
	   ix. add up the prices of the books that are left.  
	   x. if it's not too much, repeat substeps v thru ix 
	   xi. drive back to Canada, stopping to attempt unsuccessfully to 
	       convince the customs inspector that you intend to read all 
	       those books, really 
	Easy, eh?
	According to one poster, Powell's isn't the largest bookstore 
	in the world--Dom Knig in Moscow is--but Powell's is the 
	largest in the US.  The only problem is parking.  Powell's has 
	its own garage, which is almost always full (but worth 
	checking out--it's on the west side of the building, which is 
	one-way heading *towards* Burnside).  We had no problem 
	getting in late one Sunday afternoon.  Well, what I mean is 
	that there were lots of free spaces.  But the in/out ramp has 
	the tightest turns I can remember--it took me a three-point 
	turn going and a *five*-point one going down to make the turn.
	Metered parking probably would not allow you enough time 
	(assuming you could find a space), and lots are not cheap,  
	Your best times may be weekends, when parking can be found for 
	$3 all day.  Or use public transportation.  Open 9AM-11PM 
	365 days a year.  Scheduled to undergo renovation during 2014, 
	but will remain open.  [09/13]
Powell's at Cedar Hills Crossing (3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd).  Open 
	Mon-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 10AM-9PM.  [04/07]
Powell's at PDX (Portland International Airport, 503-249-1950).  Opem 
	Sun-Fri 6AM-10PM, Sat 5AM-8PM.  [04/07]
Powell's Books for Home & Garden (3747 SE Hawthorne, 503-235-3802).  
	Formerly Powell's Books for Cooks.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 
	9AM-8PM.  [04/07]
Powell's Books in Beaverton (Cascade Plaza, 8775 SW Cascade Ave, Beaverton, 
	503-643-3131).  Although a mere shadow of Powell's main store in 
	Portland, this branch is still a very large and very well-organized 
	used bookstore, with used and publisher's overstock in all 
	categories.  There is a children's section in a separate store next 
	to it.  
Powell's Books for Kids (Cascade Plaza, 8775 SW Cascade Ave, Beaverton, 
Powell's Books on Hawthorne (3723 SE Hawthorne, 503-235-3802).  A new 
	branch of the main store.  Good mystery and SF selection.  
	Open Mon-Thu 9AM-10PM, Fri-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 9AM-9PM.  [04/07]
Powell's Technical Bookstore (NW 10th Ave & Couch, 800-225-6911 or 
	503-228-3906).  The largest technical bookstore in the Portland 
	area.  Open Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-7PM.  [01/11]
Scribner's Bookstore (Pioneer Place, 503-222-2822).  On the bottom floor 
	of the mall, off the food court.  Classy.  [Not listed in 2007 
	phone book]  [04/07]
Second Story (3325A SE Hawthorne).  Literary used books.  [Not listed 
	in 2007 phone book]  [04/07]
Title Wave (216 NE Knott, 503-988-5021).  The cutout bin for Multnomah 
	County Library.  This is not a once-in-awhile-Friends-of type 
	sale--they are open Mon-Sat 10AM-4PM, selling discards.  
? (across the street from Hawthorne Boulevard Books)  Mystery 
	bookshop.  "They specialize in new books but do have some used,  
	Among the new books, they have some titles imported from 
	Great Britain and some from smaller reprint presses that are 
	not easily available in other bookstores."  [10/07]

"There are also the Stone Ave bookstores in the Fremont neighborhood of 
Seattle.  There's actually three stores in a row: B. Brown & Assocs, 
with a wide range of fine first editions and rare collectibles in 
science fiction and horror; SeaOcean Books, which specializes in 
nautical books both fiction and nonfiction; and Seattle Book Center, 
which has hardcovers in all fields, lots of firsts and older books.  
These three are all in the 3500 block of Stone."  [10/07]

"I've only listed stores I'm personally familiar with.  In truth, after 
Powell's, nothing else can compare for sheer browsability."  [Britt Klein]

"I should tell you that if I really want to find something I generally head 
to Powells.  How can one not?  The chances of finding a used copy of even 
recent stuff are pretty good and there are acres of consolation prizes if I 
end up deciding to look for something else.  I even like Big John's, the 
infamous parking garage; 1 free hour with validation (but I have a small 
car with good power steering).  A trip to Portland without a trip to Powells 
... well, I can't imagine it. Sort of like making the trip to Mecca and then 
not bothering with the pilgrimage."  [Karen Anderson]

[I found a lot more bookstores in the Portland Yellow Pages than are 
listed here, but I know nothing about them]


Godfather's Books (1108 Commercial, 503-325-8143).  New and some 
	used.  Used varies from cheap mass market paperbacks to 
	multi-volume antiquarian George Eliot set for $275.  Also has 
	an espresso bar.  [04/07]
Lucy's Books (348 12th, 503-325-4210).  New books downstairs, used 
	books upstairs on the small balcony.  Considerably smaller than 
	Godfather's, but more in some categories (e.g. children's).  
	Open Mon-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM.  [04/07]


Paperback Exchange.  A lot of wonderful used books.  

Depoe Bay:

Oregon Books.  Books by and about Oregonians.  9000 titles.  (Some 
	Oregonians stocked include Robert Sheckley, Peg Bracken, and 
	Gus Van Sant.)  


Avocet (614 SW 3rd).  Small, pretty well-ordered,diverse selection.  Good 
	philosophy, no theology.  Very good prices.  


The Bookloft (107 E Main, 97828, 541-426-3351).  "For anyone heading to 
	Eastern Oregon, this is a must-see.  Eclectic collection, great 
	coffee and pastries, local art, friendly owner."  Open Mon-Fri 
	9:30AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  


Smith Family Bookstore (768 E 13th, one block west of the University of 
	Oregon, 503-345-1651).  The largest used bookstore in a city with 
	many bookstores.  This store mainly serves the university community, 
	and has large sections on technical, historical, science, etc., 
	hardcover books, although it also has many paperbacks.  Two floors 
	of books.  There is a smaller branch just north of downtown on 
	525 Willamette.  

Klamath Falls:

Basin Book Trader (4846 S 6th, 97603, 541-8844-0197).  Big store, 
	well-labeled, with signs hanging from the ceiling.  The 
	mystery section was also marked off with crime scene tape.  
	The pricing is complicated: Unmarked books are half cover 
	plus 25 cents, marked books are the marked price plus 25 
	cents, and non-tradable books are half-price or the marked 
	price with no surcharge.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  [08/11]


CA (other than San Francisco Bay and S. California areas): 


Books Inc. (Carmel Plaza, Carmel-by-the-Sea, 93921, 831-625-0440,  New, many remainders.  
Old Capitol Books (639A Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, 93940, 831-375-2665).  
	Used books.  


Great Basin Books (540 Main St, Cedarville CA 96104, 530-279-2337,  Used and new, all subjects, huge 
	inventory.  Field guides and maps (topological & BLM), wildlife, 
	geology & botany of Nevada, Warner Mountains, and the Sierras.  All 
	new stock and new management as of July 1999.  


Books & Beyond (140 Main, 96020, 530-258-2150,  Also dry cleaning (!).  Open 
	summer Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  [08/11]


Bogey's Books (223 E Davis, 916-757-6127).  Mixes used and new.  As this is 
	a college town, there are often interesting used titles which had 
	probably been used in an interesting course.  "We're a Berkeley- 
	quality new and used bookstore" says their ad.  
Coffee and Classics (132 E St, 916-758-7358).  Mixes used books and small 
	coffeeshop.  Interesting collection for same reasons as Bogey's.  
	Sometimes it seems like the staff is more concerned with the 
	espresso and the croissants than the books, which are pricy used, 
	but there are treasures to be found here.  

Grass Valley: 

Ames Bookstore (916-273-9261).  "Stuffed to the rafters with 
	tens of thousands of used books, and comes equipped with a proper 
	bookstore cat, as well.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
The Book Seller (107 Mill, 916-272-2131).  New books.  
The Booksmith (10221-C Wolf Road and Hwy 49 btwn Auburn & Grass Valley, 
	916-268-1793).  Small store with new and some used books.  
	Closed Sundays.  
Brigadoon Books (421 Broad, Nevada City 95959, 916-265-3450).  Used general 
	stock, specialty Scottish and the British Isles.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  
Broad St. Books & Espresso Cafe (426 Broad, Nevada City 95959, 916-265-4204).  
	New and used books.  Open 7 days.  
Carol's Recycled Paperbacks (1237 E Main, 916-274-9837).  Used paperbacks.  
	Open Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  
Frontier 101 Books (916-274-8006).  Used, out-of-print hardcover books on the 
	West, California, Native Americans, Civil War and general stock.  By 
Harmony Books (231 Broad, Nevada City 95959, 916-265-9565). Open Sun-Thu 
	10AM-6PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-9PM.  
Joan D. Henry (11455 Penn View Lane, Penn Valley 95946, 916-432-1372).  
	Used books and bookbinding.  By appointment only.  
Lost Horse Books (916-265-3441).  Used  and antiquarian, fiction and 
	non-fiction, equine, women's literature, photography and children's.  
	Open Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM by appointment only.  
Main Street Antiques and Books (214 1/2 Main, Nevada City 95959, 
	916-265-3108).  Out of print regional California, Old West, mining, 
	illustrated children's books, 1900s postcards/photos/paper.  
	Open Thu-Mon 11AM-4PM or by appointment (916-272-7949).  
Carl Mautz (244B Commercial, Nevada City 95959, 916-478-1610,  Vintage photographs & books on photography.  
	By appointment.  
Mountain House Books (418 Broad, Nevada City 95959, 916-265-0241).  Out of 
	print and rare.  Antiquarian.  Specialty California and the West.  
	Open Thu-Sat 12N-5PM and by appointment.  
Mt. Eden Books and Bindery (Cedar Ridge, 916-274-2665,  Out 
	of print earth science, geology, mining, mineraloy, paleontology, oil, 
	water, earthquakes, geography, maps and atlases.  
Odyssey Books (11989 Sutton Way, 916-477-2856).  New general bookstore.  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 10AM-5PM.  
Tomes (916-265-3002,  Used general stock.  Religion, 
	philosophy, history, fiction and children's books.  

Sacramento unless otherwise noted: 

Almost Perfect Books (1911 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, 916-781-7935).  "Very 
	crowded store, mostly paperbacks but a good sprinkling of more 
	collectible books and hardcovers.  Much better selection than 
	the Elk Grove store."  [10/07]
Almost Perfect (Elk Grove).  
Almost Perfect Books (8459 Elk Grove Blvd, Walmart Shopping Center, 
	Elk Grove).  Focus is on paperbacks.  [10/07]
Avid Reader (1003 L St, across from the State Capitol).  "A good small
	store, new books, general selection, good sections on politics 
	& children's classics, extensive section on California, 
	professional staff."  They have (also?) opened a larger new 
	store in the former Tower Books at Broadway and 16th St (near 
	the Tower Theater).  [10/07]
Ballou (124 Riverside, Roseville).  
Beers (915 S, 916-443-5165).  "Definitely worth a visit.  Forced to 
	move twice by 'urban redevelopment' they now own their own 
	building.  Excellent general selection, some collectibles, 
	reasonable prices.  New location also has a very attractive 
	cafe/coffee bar in the store.  [10/07]
Book-Chek (2800 Marconi Ave, in Taylor Square).  Used, many romances.  He 
	gives discounts to teachers, for things like National Geographics.  
	It's hard to figure what he'll take, unlike Trent's Bookworm.  
The Book Collector (1014 24th between J and K, 916-442-9295).  No 
	longer a co-op, but a small, well-stocked eclectic store, especially 
	strong in poetry.  [10/07]
The Book Den (Belvedere Ave, east of Power Inn Rd).  Run by the 
	Friends of the Sacramento Public Library.  "Mostly donated 
	stock; the ex-library copies are usually for uncommon or 
	interesting books.  Includes a large section of 'collectibles' 
	which ranges from just old to genuinely uncommon.  Also 
	shelves of bargain books ($1).  Arranged topically; fiction 
	and literature are arranged by author.  Open Saturday.  [10/07]
Books of Paradise (6141 Skyway, Paradise, 916-877-8741).  A real 
	old-fashioned *used* bookstore.  50,000+ stock, no remainders, just 
	good old and rare books in a comfortably unkempt atmosphere.  Cozy 
	chairs.  Sierra foothill community. Open Mon-Sat.  
The Bookstore (118 Main, Chico 95928, 916-345-7441).  "Book dealers from 
	Sacramento-area used bookstores often come *here* for stock.  
	Largest northern California used bookstore outside of the Bay Area.  
	Remainders, too.  Easy to browse; chairs, but not so comfy.  In the 
	heart of this college town's espresso district.  Open Sun-Sat 
Booktrader (9219 Folsom Bvd).  
Bookworm (2310 Montgomery, Oroville, 916-534-1974).  Smallish store, 
	well-organized.  High-quality used books, reasonably priced.  Open 
	7 days.  
Cassidy's Books (801 Grand Ave #3, San Marcos, 92078, 760-761-4910). 
	 Housed in a small older house, interesting specialty stock.  
City Books (3609 Bradshaw Rd).  
J. Crawford's Books (5011 Freeport Blvd, 916-731-8001).  "A good 
	neighborhood store, run by a husband-and-wife team who are 
	enthusiastic about books.  Books are almost all in much better 
	than average conditions, lots of paperbacks, but also an 
	interesting selection of hardcovers in many different areas, 
	including some 'collectibles'.  Worth a visit."  [10/07]
Jack London (14300 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen).  
Jan's Paperback Exchange (5409 Palm Ave, 916-334-1192).  Almost entirely 
Richard L Fine Press: Fine and Scholarly Books on the Arts (1727-1/2 I, 
	916-447-3413).  [10/07]
Time Tested (1114 21st).  Good selections.  Well worth the visit.  Wide 
	selection of used books, no bargains on the prices, book search, 
	and a proper cat.  
Trent's Bookworm (8550 Madison, Fair Oaks, 916-961-0542; 11050 Coloma Rd, 
	#5, Rancho Cordova, 916-852-8525; 8121 F-4 Madison Avenue, Fair 
	Oaks, 916-967-1247; and 4132 Manzanita Ave, ste 900, Carmichael, 
	916-485-1284).  Takes anything.  Which means, of course, they *have* 
	anything.  If you are there that day.  You can use the credit for 
	half off used books.  "Management insists on separating mysteries by 
	male and female authors (and get it wrong as often as not).  If they 
	must split, 'cozy' vs. 'hard-boiled' would make more sense."  

South Lake Tahoe:

Keynote Used Books (2660 South Lake Tahoe Blvd, 96151,  Used books and records.  


Margie's Book Nook (722 Main, 96130, 530-257-2392,   Mostly used, some new.  
	Books piled on the floor and generally disordered.  Large SF 
	selection.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  




Bargain Books.  "Mostly junk, but some good stuff."  
Boise Books (Rainbow).  Used.  
Rediscovered Bookshop.  [12/07]
Vista Book Gallery (890 Vista Ave).  New books.  Boise's last independent 
	since the closing of The Book Shop.  
? (Broadway).  Used paperbacks and some hardbacks.  

Hyde Park: 

The Book Store (State St).  New with used stock in the back, not a lot.  


Yesteryear.  Used and vintage.  



For Seattle, try 

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