Bookstores in New York City (Manhattan)


Last change: 
03 May 2018

If you are downloading this, note that Brooklyn, Queens, and 
Staten Island are in another file.

Uptown Manhattan (60th to 207th Streets) 
Midtown Manhattan (24th to 59th Streets) 
Downtown Manhattan (Battery to 23rd Streets) 
The Bronx 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1: Boroughs other than Manhattan are listed, but are in a 
separate file.  Further listings are welcome.  Note that my indication 
of cross-streets may be off by a street or two--some I did from maps 
and the numbers are hard to read.]  

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I 
personally have no knowledge of many of these places and take no 
responsibility if you buy a book you don't enjoy.  :-)  Phone numbers 
and precise addresses can be gotten by calling directory assistance at 
212-555-1212 for Manhattan, or 718-555-1212 for the Bronx, Queens, 
Brooklyn, and Staten Island--assuming anyone ever reports any 
bookstores in Staten Island (or should it be *on* Staten Island?).  
Call ahead for precise hours, as even when I list them they are 
subject to change.]  

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be 

[Note 5: The following were listed but are now closed: Dover Books; 
Dog Lovers Bookshop (Internet only); the Science Fiction Shop; Science 
Fiction, Mysteries & More; Photographer's Place; Coliseum.  Also, 
Forbidden Planet is still around but carries hardly any books (though 
they do carry graphic novels.  I list these here because people keep 
asking about them.]


Working south through Manhattan: 
Uptown Manhattan (60th to 207th Streets): 

Libreria Moria (628 W 207, 212-304-2197) 
	Spanish-language books.  

Word Up (2113 Amsterdam at 165th,

Sisters Uptown (1942 Amsterdam Ave btwn 156th & 157th, 212-862-3680).  
	African-American literature.  Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-7PM.  

Hue-Man Books (2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd, 10027, 212-665-7400, 
	FAX 212-665-1071,
	Carries over 5000 African American titles and known for weekly 
	celebrity signings.  [12/07]

Teachers College Bookstore (1224 Amsterdam at 120th, 212-678-3992, 
	Children's books (first phone number) and classroom materials 
	and teachers' books (second phone number).  

Columbia Univ. Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) (2980 Broadway at 115th, 
	The usual Barnes & Noble selection as well as textbooks for 
	courses at Columbia.  Higher prices than many other stores, 
	but a very large selection, even for B&N.  The downtown 
	store has some textbooks used at NYU.  Mon-Thu 9AM-6:45PM, 
	Fri 9AM-4:45PM, Sat 11AM-4:45PM, Sun 12N-4:45PM (hours 
	change due to school being in/out of session) 

Book Culture (212-865-1588; 2915 Broadway at 114th, 646-403-3000;
	A scholarly bookstore.   Mon-Fri 9AM-11PM, Sat 10AM-11PM, 
	Sun 10AM-10PM.  [05/12]

Book Culture (536 W 112th btw Amsterdam and Broadway, 
	A scholarly bookstore.  Mon-Fri 9AM-10PM, Sat 10AM-8PM, 
	Sun 11AM-7PM.  [05/12]

Bank Street College Bookstore (610 W 112th at Broadway, 212-678-1654, 
	FAX 212-316-7026, 
	Education and academic; also children's books.  "Equal to the 
	West Side Barnes & Noble on hardcover picture books, better on 
	softcover; probably smaller stock on chapter books, almost no 
	series."  Mon-Thu 10AM-8PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  

Funny Business (656 Amsterdam btwn 92nd & 93rd, 212-799-9477) 
	Comic books.  Smallish.  Mon-Fri 1PM-6PM, Sat-Sun 12N-5PM.  

Kitchen Arts & Letters, Inc. (1435 Lexington Ave at 93rd, 212-876-5550) 
	Quoting from their brochure: "the country's largest store 
	devoted completely to books on food and wine.  With well over 
	10,000 cooking titles and access to thousands of out-of-print 
	titles through our free search service..."  Mon 1PM-6PM, 
	Tue-Fri 10AM-6:30PM, Sat 11AM-6PM.  Closed Saturdays in July 
	and August and for two weeks around Labor Day.  Call ahead to 
	be on the safe side.  

The Corner Bookstore (1313 Madison Ave at 93rd, 212-831-3554) 
	They specialize in children's books and travel books, but they 
	also have a film connection: not only is this the bookstore 
	where Nick Nolte found the "Renata Halpern" children's book in 
	THE PRINCE OF TIDES, it's also just one block south of the red 
	brick fortress/castle facade featured in THE FISHER KING.  

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Shop (1071 5th Ave btwn 88th & 89th, 
	Modern art.  

West Side Judaica (2412 Broadway btwn 88th & 89th, 212-362-7846) 
	From a quick perusal, a store of substance, but also one with a 
	sense of humor as their seasonal menorah display in the window 
	includes one that has Claymation-like dreidels playing jazz.  
	Mon-Thu 10:30AM-7:30PM, Fri 10:30AM-2PM, Sun 10:30AM-6PM.  

Barnes & Noble Books (150 E 86th at Lexington, 212-369-2180) 
	Super-store.  "A huge bookstore with a lovely decor, desks for 
	reading, a knowledgeable staff, and a well-stocked (and 
	well-laid-out) selection, this store is an absolute pleasure.  
	Kudos to B&N on this one."  Discounts NYT best sellers and most 
	hardcovers.  [05/12]

East West Books (568 Columbus north of 86th, 212-787-7552) 
	Stocks books on Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Indian Religions; also New 
	Age, self-improvement, health and healing.  Cards, jewelry, audio 
	tapes, incense.  Good-sized stock.  (Also has a downtown store.)  

Logos (1575 York Ave btwn 83rd and 84th, 
	35-40% religious (Christian).  

Crawford Doyle Booksellers (1082 Madison Ave, 212-288-6300).  "They 
	specialize in literature, but offer a lot of everything else. 
	Beautiful, quiet, independent, no coffee.  The way a store should 
	be.  Check out the wonderful collection of first editions (from the 
	likes of Nabokov)."  

Barnes & Noble Books (2289 Broadway at 82nd, 212-362-8835) 
	A superstore with cafe.  One of the first in Manhattan, it was 
	probably responsible for the demise of Eeyore.  Seven days 9AM-10PM.  

Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum Store (5th Ave & 82nd, 212-570-3726) 
	They have neat art books, posters, engagement calendars, videos, 

Book Store of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute (247 E 82nd btwn 3rd & 
	2nd Ave, 212-772-8282) 

Westside Books (2246 Broadway btwn 80th & 81st, 212-362-0706) 
	They have a nice selection of used books, and will do active 
	searches.  Enormous literature and history sections.  Has charm.  
	The recently expanded new store is on Broadway and is new and shiny; 
	the old store used to be around the corner (at 246 W 80th off 
	Broadway) but is apparently closed now.  The Gryphon is probably one 
	of the world centers for Wizard of Oz books.  "This place was 
	crammed with books, but there were so many people crammed in there 
	too (not to mention the German shepherd tied to the staircase) that 
	I didn't feel encouraged to stick around and browse."  "OK, but too 
	expensive."  (They do have frequent sales.)  They also have LPs.  
	Sun-Sat 10AM-12M.  [07/05]  

American Museum of Natural History Book Store (in the Museum; Central 
	Park West at 79th, 212-769-5531) 
	No guarantees, but they used to have an interesting selection of 
	books on nature and natural history.  The Hayden Planetarium 
	(adjacent to the Museum) has its own bookstore, specializing in 
	astronomical and space science stuff.  

Storyland (1369 3rd Ave at 78th, 212-517-6951) 
	A comparatively well-stocked toddler's and children's bookstore.  
	Notable for helpful staff, good young reference, science, fiction, 
	and classical books.  It is quite clean.  

Ursus Books Ltd. (981 Madison btwn 76th & 77th, 212-772-8787, 
	New and out-of-print art books and catalogues.  "A repository of the 
	truly fine and the outrageously hard-to-find in books on the work of 
	artists (corpus).  There are some few brilliant elucidations on 
	approaching the materia with which art is forged.  The collection on 
	personae and period has real depth and breadth--evermore an 
	accomplishment for such a select vineyard, but the champagne-like 
	elan everywhere dripping is as rarified in its occurance as it is in 
	its expense."  [This apparently means their art books are book art, 
	and their selection is a collection.]  (Also has a downtown 

Whitney Museum of American Art Bookstore (945 Madison Ave btwn 74th & 
	75th, 212-794-0611) 

The Judaica Experience (208-10 W 72nd, phone/FAX 212-724-2424) 
	A very good collection of Judaica and good children's books and 
	tapes.  They sell primarily gifts, books, and tapes.  The owners are 
	very helpful and attentive.  Their prices seemed to match or was 
	cheaper (for gifts) than West Side Judaica, and they will wrap and 
	ship via UPS.  Weird hours (in one person's opinion) so call ahead.  

Asia Store (Asia Society Book Shop) (725 Park Ave near 72nd, 212-327-9217, 
	FAX 212-517-8315, 
	Asian history and literature.  

Courtly Music (2067 Broadway btwn 71st and 72nd, suite 27 (on the second 
	floor--not well-labeled on the door), 800-2-RICHIE) 
	"The focus is on early music, and they have books, instruments, 
	tapes (I don't recall if they have LPs or CDs), instruction tapes 
	and books, and give lessons.  I saw someone behind the desk wrapping 
	something, so it looks like they will do mail order.  The staff 
	seemed knowledgeable, and xeroxed off a sheet for my friend of local 
	branches of the American Recorder Society for him to contact.  All 
	in all a nice shop."  Tue-Sat 9:45AM-5:45PM.  

Ex Libris (160A E 70th btwn Lexington & 3rd Aves, 212-249-2618) 
	Out of print and rare 20th Century art books.  Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, 
	Sat 12N-5PM.  

Shakespeare & Co. (939 Lexington between 68th and 69th, 212-570-0201, FAX 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 10AM-5PM.  

The Magazine Store (Broadway & 63rd, 212-247-4766) 
	Carries foreign-language periodicals.  

Mary S. Rosenberg Bookstore (1841 Broadway, room 907, really on 60th a 
	couple of doors west of Broadway, 212-307-7733) 
	German-language books.  Many used and new hardcover titles in 
	literature, philosophy.  Books stacked all over, but navigable once 
	you figure out the basic layout.  Supposedly a large stock in a 
	warehouse available on request, but not much stock on hand.  

Midtown Manhattan (24th to 59th Streets): 

? (2nd Ave bwtn 59th & 60th at the Manhattan terminal of the aerial 
	tramway to Roosevelt Island) 
	A small, good weather outdoors stall.  There are similar 
        displays at the NW corner of 5th Ave and 60th (near Central 
        Park entrance).  The actual booksellers can change with time.  

Morton Book Parlor (989 3rd Ave at 59th, 212-421-9025) 
	Large selection of books on architecture and design.  

Argosy (116 E 59th btwn Park & Lexington Aves, 212-753-4455,
	They are very strong in used hardcover fiction, particularly older 
	things from say circa 1920, like James Branch Cabell.  They also 
	sell old prints, Americana, antique and used books, maps, and 
	prints.  People have noted that the owners are knowledgeable about 
	the value of their books and you'll have to hunt for bargains.  
	(Someone says the best place is in the 	basement.)  It is about 
	five stories high and is one of those books-stacked-up-the-walls-to-
	the-ceiling places; dim, musty, dense, mysterious.  "The fifth floor 
	has the best Americana section in new York."  You get the feeling 
	that you could find anything at all there if you only looked long 
	enough.  "Argosy Books was the highlight of my trip.  They had a 
	nice selection of Science Fiction books on hand.  The category was 
	not huge by any means but what they had was quality stock and priced 
	only a little above average.  I bought a handful of books from them.  
	The store owner was pleasant and answered all my questions even 
	though I was most likely not her biggest spender of the day."  
	Mon-Sat Oct-May, Mon-Fri Jun-Sep.  [02/06]

J. N. Bartfield Fine Books (30 W 57th (3rd floor) btwn 5th & 6th Aves, 
	This is a gallery-like place, with books ranging in price from 
	$50 to $1 million (so it's not for the budget-constrained), with a 
	mean of about $250 to $1250.  The main room displays sets of 
	classic literature which were bound by hand between 1850-1920; 
	the rest are in the stacks and consist of first editions, 
	colorplate books, great books by American statesmen, and other 
	books in a variety of fields.  (Because of the nature of the books 
	and the fact that the books' value is based on condition, you must 
	ask to have a book shown to you.)  

University Bookshop (600 Madison Ave [not sure of cross-street]) 

Barnes & Noble (54th & 3rd Ave)
	Includes a cafe.

Frank Music Co. (250 W 54th, 212-582-1999) 
	"Very well stocked, but not a place to browse.  There's a counter 
	and storage behind the counter, and you must go there knowing what 
	you want.  They will usually have it. (There is also a Frank Music 
	Corp at 39 W 54th; I don't know whether this is the same company, 
	but my guess is that it isn't.)" 

Museum of Modern Art Bookstore (in the Museum, 11 W 53rd btwn 5th & 6th 
	Aves, 212-708-9874) 
	Good selection of books on art, and art books; great poster 
	section; however, you *do* have to pay $20 admission to get 
	in.  "There is another store across the street from MoMA where 
	anyone can go to free of charge.  The stock seemed identical 
	between the two stores, though the outside one seems to have 
	more stuff (mugs, keychains, scarves, posters, etc.)"  [09/08]

Quest Book Shop (240 E 53rd btwn 3rd & 2nd Aves, 212-758-5521, 
	Theosophy, mysticism, healing, tarot, astrology, etc.  [04/06]

Rand McNally  (150 E 52nd btwn Lexington & 3rd Aves, 212-758-5521) 
	Lots of national and international maps, guide books, globes.  

Discount Bookshop (897 1st Ave btwn 50th & 51st, 212-751-3839) 

United Nations Bookshop (General Assembly Building, E 45 & First Ave, 
	212-963-7680, 800-553-3210, FAX 212-963-4910, Has international affairs books, and UN 
	publications.  "The most underappreciated specialty bookstore 
	in NYC.  Perhaps it is vastly ignored because one needs to 
	enter into the UN to greet its bevy of bounty.  This means that 
	one must wait, often, en queue for the same security check that 
	is administered to all who arrive to visit the more politically 
	sensitive areas of the building.  Even though this line becomes 
	visibly long, it does go rather quickly--especially at 
	mid-morning and earlyish mid-afternoon.  This is truly a 
	one-of-a-kind resource in international affairs of all sorts, 
	not only those that are UN-sponsored.  High quality works dealing 
	with complex international policies, economic systems, and fine 
	basic references are present alongside hard-to-find reports, 
	surveys and studies performed by the United Nations and any of 
	its statutory affiliates.  There are some surprises, too."  

Hagstrom Map & Travel Center (57 W 43rd btwn Fifth Ave and Ave of the 
	Americas, 212-398-1222) 
	Travel books (of course).  

New York Public Library Bookshop (5th Ave and 42nd, 212-930-0869) 
	Gift books.  

Book-Off (49 W 45th btwn 5th & 6th, 212-685-1410,  
	New and used.  Discount used book chain expanding rapidly in Japan.  
	"Used bookstore that specializes in Japanese-language material,
	especially manga (comics).  Upstairs is a cluttered but diverse 
	English used-books section; computer books, political science, 
	philosophy, Far East, art/photography (esp. Japanese photobooks), 
	genre fiction, business management.  Almost no SF or English 
	translations of manga, though.  They also have a huge stock of CDs 
	(mostly Japanese artists, although there's a good supply of Western 
	music) and used VHS video, almost all of which is Japanese editions 
	of Western movies or Japanese films (albeit with no English).  
	English-speaking staff is very friendly and helpful.  They both buy 
	and sell."  

Drama Book Shop (250 W 40th, 212-944-0595, FAX 212-730-8739, 
	Theater, film, and performing arts.  One of the most complete 
	collection of plays I've seen, including British imports.  Includes 
	both playscripts a la French's and books of plays, as well as 
	everything about drama et al.  The one "gap" seemed to be in Yiddish 
	plays (in translation).  Now in a new location southeast of the Port 
	Authority.  Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10:30AM-8:30PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  

Midtown Comics (200 W 40th at 7th Ave, 2nd Floor, 212-302-8192,
	"A good store with a good selection and friendly staff.  They 
	encompass two floors, the first being dedicated to comics and 
	the second for toys (as well as the adult section).  The New 
	Releases section leaves a lot to be desired in terms of 
	organization.  Titles are organized by publisher, but I 
	haven't found any order beyond that.  Trying to find anything 
	older than one week (and thus not on the "this week's 
	releases" shelf) is a task.  The rest of the store (back 
	issues and graphic novels) follows an alphabetical approach.  
	The store's biggest asset is its account system.  Open an 
	account at the store, and receive $20 credit for every $100 
	spent on "books" (comic books, graphic novels, magazines, and 
	hardcover/paperback books)."  Mon-Sat 11AM-9PM, Sun 12N-7PM.  

Kinokuniya Bookstore (1073 Avenue of the Americas btwn 40th & 41st, 
	10018, 212-869-1700,
	Japanese books, origami paper, etc.  Very large and usually very 
	busy.  Japanese tour buses stop here because of its proximity to 
	Rockefeller Center.  A bit expensive but much better than any other 
	Japanese bookstore in New York.  Sun-Sat 10AM-7:30PM.  [04/08]

Polish American Bookstore (333 W 38th, 10018, 212-594-2386, FAX 212-594-2383) 

New York Astrology Center (545 8th Ave btwn 38th & 39th, 212-947-3609) 
	A veridical association bookstore, as it is owned and managed by the 
	A.F.A (American Federation of Astrologers).  

Goldberg's Marine (12 W 37th, 10018, 212-594-6065)
	Boating and marine.  

Pathfinder Bookstore (307 W 36th, 10th floor, 212-736-2540).
	"Features books on the Cuban revolution, South Africa, union 
	struggles, Black history, women's liberation, Russia and Eastern 
	Europe.   Books by Marx & Engels, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Che 
	Guevara, Rosa Luxemberg, Mother Jones, Lenin, Castro and many 
	others."   They also send out catalogs.  [02/11]

Pierpont Morgan Library Book Shop (225 Madison btwn 35th and 36th, 212-685-0008) 
	Museum shop.  Access to both the Library (regular adult 
	admission $12) and the bookstore is at the Library entrance.  
	Tue-Thu 10:30AM-5PM, Fri 10:30AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, 
	Sun 11AM-6PM.  [09/08]

Jewish Book Center of the Workmen's Circle (45 E 33rd btwn Park & Madison 
	Aves, 212-889-6800 x285 or 800-922-2558)
	Judaica and Jewish books in English and Yiddish.  

The Compleat Strategist (11 E 33rd btwn 5th & Madison Ave, 10016, 
	"Best gaming store in the city.  The front half of the 
	cavernous space is dedicated to rulebooks, supplements, and 
	adventure modules for practically every game on the market 
	today (and some older stuff to boot).  The books are organized 
	by publisher/system (White Wolf, Palladium, d20, Steve Jackson 
	Games, etc.) and if you have trouble locating something, the 
	staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  They also 
	carry gaming magazines, tie-in novels (Battletech, Forgotten 
	Realms) and what appeared to be military reference books 
	(presumably for war gamers)."  (Also has locations in Falls 
	Church, VA; Boston Mass; and King of Prussia, PA).  Mon-Wed, 
	Fri-Sat 10:30AM-6PM, Thu 10:30AM-9PM.  [08/03]

Jim Hanley's Universe (4 W 33rd, btwn 5th and 6th Aves, 10001-3302, 
	Comics.  "For the most part they organize things 
	alphabetically, but some of the more popular writers (Alan 
	Moore, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, etc.) will have their work 
	shelved together, either under their last name or the title of 
	their most popular work  (i.e. "M" for Moore, or "S" for 
	Gaiman's Sandman).  The customer service is also excellent.  
	The staff is extremely helpful and puts a lot of effort into 
	finding what you need, whether you're a tourist who just 
	wandered in off the street or an obsessed fan who comes in 
	every week to get their fix.  I shop there every week, and 
	yet, when I asked for the first volume of Megatokyo and it 
	was nowhere to be found, three managers were tearing their 
	hair out searching for it, apologizing profusely when the 
	search was unsuccessful.  Service like that has certainly 
	made me loyal."  Mon-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 10AM-9PM.  [08/03]

Potterton Books (200 Lexington Ave (4th floor) btwn 32nd & 33rd, 
	New York Design Centre, 212-644-2292) 
	New books.  Architecture & interior design.

Potala Publications (241 E 32nd, 212-213-5011) 
	In Tibet House.  Has a large selection of books on Buddhism and 
	Tibet.  Mon-Fri.  

Asian American Writers' Workshop Bookstore (16 W 32nd, Tenth Floor, 
	Over 2000 titles written by, about, and for Asian Americans.  
	Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM, Sat 12N-7PM.  

Koryo Books and Hanyang Books and Music (E 32nd btwn Broadway and 5th Ave) 
	"Korean bookstores (I assume Korean).  I can't tell you anymore-- 
	everything was in a language I couldn't read (do you have any idea 
	how frustrating this can be to a book reader?)."  

J. Levine Jewish Books and Judaica (5 W 30th btwn 5th & 6th Aves, 
	212-695-6888, FAX 212-643-1044, 
	"World's largest Judaica selection," mail orders, etc.  Over a 
	hundred years old, making it one of the oldest bookstores in New 
	York.  Sun 10AM-5PM (except July), Mon-Wed 9AM-6PM, 
	Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-2PM, closed Sat.  

NYU Health Sciences Bookstore (333 E 29th, 10016, 212-998-9990, 
	FAX 212-725-9296,
	"Largest selection of medical, dental, nursing, and health titles 
	in the tri-state area."  Probably also has paraphenalia that med 
	students need (stethoscopes, reflex hammers, the little flashlight 
	gizmos for looking in ears and noses, that sort of stuff--at least 
	it did in its old location."  [Someone reports that the "little 
	flashlight gizmos for looking in ears and noses" is called an 

Gozlan's Sefer Israel Inc. (28 W 27th, Suite 402, 212-725-5890, 
	FAX 212-689-6534,  
	Jewish books and Judaica.  "Importers of Israeli Books and Judaica.  
	I have had good experience with this importer, and have ordered the 
	*excellent* Rav Milon Hebrew-English dictionary from them at a good 
	price, with prompt service.  They have a list of about 29 texts, 
	tapes, videos on Hebrew language instruction graded at six different 
	levels of instruction.  This seems like a good place to look for 
	serious Hebrew educational materials."  

Arnold Joseph (1140 Broadway btwn 26th & 27th, 212-532-0019) 

Samuel French Bookstore and Reading Room (45 W 25th btwn Broadway & 6th 
	Ave, 212-206-8990, FAX 212-206-1429,  
	Their ad says "1000's of play titles; out-of-print archives for 
	Samuel French plays; bookstore and reading room open to the public".  
	Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  

Lushena Books (15 W 24th, 212-989-0080) 
	African-American, Caribbean, and African books, audiocassettes 
	and videotapes.  

Downtown Manhattan (Battery to 23rd Streets): 

There are a variety of sidewalk booksellers in the Chelsea, Washington 
Square, and other areas in lower Manhattan; these are not individually 

Shakespeare & Co. (137 E 23rd at Lexington, 212-505-2021, FAX 212-220-5199, 
	Seven days 10AM-8PM.

Cosmic Comics (10 E 23rd, 10010, 212-460-5322)
	"They carry a good selection of popular titles, but their 
	smaller size means that a lot of the more obscure stuff will 
	have to be found elsewhere.  The store itself is airy and 
	clean, and the staff is well-mannered.  They offer credit to 
	customers who sign up for an account (same deal as Midtown - 
	$20 credit for every $100 spent).  The comments on the new 
	releases and staff recommendations are also highly amusing 
	and worth a look."

Sign of the Times Bookstore (131 W 23rd btwn 6th & 7th Aves, 
	Books about sign language, etc.  I assume they have a TT number, 
	but they don't list it in their Yellow Pages ad.

Manhattan Comics & Cards (228 W 23rd btwn 7th & 8th Aves, 212-243-9349) 

Architecture Books (48 W 22th btwn 5th & 6th Aves, 212-463-0750) 
	Architecture, I assume.  

Russian Bookstore No.21 (174 Fifth Av (betw 22 & 23 St, 212-924-5477,
	"Only Russian bookstore in Manhattan" (according to them).  
	Warning: It is *impossible* to get off their mailing list once 
	you've been added.  [06/12]

United Synagogue Book Service (155 Fifth Ave, 212-533-7800 x2003, 
	FAX 212-353-9439) 
	"In addition to books published by United Synagogue, the 
	Rabbinical Assembly, and the Jewish Theological Seminary, they 
	also carry a small selection of books from other publishers, 
	including the Steinsaltz Talmud and the JPS Torah Commentaries.  
	Nice catalog, and includes lots of good Hebrew story books 
	geared towards children with 250-word vocabularies.  These are 
	among the least expensive childrens Hebrew story books I have 

Ursus Books Ltd. (132 W 21, 10011, 212-627-5370, FAX 212-627-5375,
	New and out-of-print art books and catalogues, as well as some 
	collectible first edition fiction.  (Used to be on W Broadway.  
	Also has an uptown location.)

Other Books (224 W 20th, 10011, 877-THE-OTHER,
	Psychology publisher.  I don't know if they carry other 
	publisher's books as well.  

Revolution Books (9 W 19th, 10011, 212-691-3345, 
	Huge Marxist and otherwise left-wing inventory; also other 
	international books.  Apparently moved from their E 19th Street 
	location.  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 12N-5PM.

Idlewild Books (12 W 19th, 10011, 212-414-8888,
	Travel, foreign language, and world literature.  Also has a 
	Brooklyn store.  Mon-Thu 12N-7:30PM, Fri-Sun 12N-6PM.  [06/12]

Books of Wonder (18 W 18th, 212-989-3270, 
	Heavenly gift to adults who like children's books.  Everything 
	from first editions to the latest paperbacks.  They do readings 
	periodically.  Periodic newsletter they'll send to customers 
	announcing new books.  "On Sunday mornings at eleven-thirty, 
	Tim Hall, the assistant manager, reads stories to neighborhood 
	kids.  Publications include a monthly newsletter, an Oz 
	newsletter, and a catalogue for collectors.  Books of Wonder 
	is a Barney-free zone, with limited parking for strollers." 
	[-New Yorker]  Assumed to be the inspiration for the bookstore 
	in YOU HAVE MAIL.  Has a cafe.  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 11AM-6PM.  

Barnes & Noble (E 17th on Union Square) 
	Yet another superstore, about eight blocks north of the Cooper 
	Union one.  Has a seating area for author appearances, etc.  

Posman Books (75 9th Ave, Chelsea Market, btwn 15th and 16th, 10011, 
	Also has a store in Rockefeller Center.  Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, 
	Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 11AM-7PM.  [01/15]

Richard Stoddard Performing Arts Books (18 E 16th at 5th Ave, Room 305, 
	10003, 212-645-9576,  
	Rare books in the field of drama.  Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat 11AM-6PM.  

Viewpoint, Inc. (111 E 14th, Suite 125, 212-242-5478) 
	Reliable and competent at book searching.  

East West Books (78 5th Ave btwn 13th & 14th, 212-243-5994) 
	Stocks books on Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Indian Religions 
	also New Age, self-improvement, health and healing.  Cards, 
	jewelry, audio tapes, incense.  Good-sized stock.  (Also has 
	an uptown store.)  

Drougas Books (34 Carmine btwn Bleecker & Bedford, 212-229-0078) 
	"Non-imperialist unoppressive bargain books."  Remaindered 
	books, good selection.  Mon-Sat 12N-8PM.  

All Comics (44 Carmine btwn Bleecker & Bedford, 212-924-4905) 
	A nice small comics shop.  

Biography Bookshop (266 Bleecker at 12th, 212-807-8655) 
	One poster says, "Nice store, but try the Strand first--this 
	place is way overpriced."  (Editorial note: this probably just 
	means that new books are in general over-priced.)  [06/11]

Alabaster Bookshop (122 4th Ave at 12th, 212-982-3550) 
	Fair selection of literary fiction, some science fiction.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 11AM-6PM.  [05/07]

Salvation Army (110 4th Ave btwn 11th and 12th and other locations) 
	"Always a crapshoot, ultra-cheap (hardcovers $1.49, paperbacks 
	79 cents, if you buy 10 or more they're 99 cents and 49 cents.)" 
	[My one visit did not give any indication of it being worthwhile, 
	but de gustibus and all that.]  [05/06]

Strand Books (828 Broadway at 12th, 212-473-1452 or 800-366-3664,
	This place is huge.  (The sign used to say "8 Miles of Books".  
	It has been upgraded to "18 miles of books".)  They specialize 
	in reviewers' copies for half-price, used books, and the out 
	of print.  "The Strand is one of the world's largest 
	bookstores, and yet the employees there, unlike those in many 
	smaller bookstores, really do know what is on the shelves and 
	can tell you immediately whether or not they have what you are 
	looking for: 
	    'Do you have "The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration," 
	    'By Heck.  No, sorry; we don't.'  
	is a much better answer than : 
	    'Uh, gee, I dunno...look around on the shelves.'" 
	And one more thing that makes the Strand unique--they have 
	restrooms!   The Rare Book Room is now accessible simply by
	taking the elevator.  This store has a good selection of 
	original editions and valuable books.  They have installed an 
	elevator for access to the basement and second floor, where 
	the new art book department is.  The third floor has higher 
	quality stock than their main floor (at least in SF).  It is 
	now definitely air-conditioned in the summer, and has much 
	larger restrooms.  Founded in 1927 by the Bass family, which 
	still owns it,  Mon-Sat 9:30AM-10:30PM, Sun 11AM-10:30PM.  
	Buys books non-holiday Mon-Sat only.  [05/12]

Luftmensch Books (a table on 2nd Ave btwn 11th and 12th, 212-505-6893)
	(Deals primarily by mail, but has this table as well.  The 
	phone is presumably *not* at the table.)

Nikos Smoke and Magazine Shop (462 6th Ave at 11th, 212-255-9175)
	"Very small, and not necessarily friendly, but they use every 
	inch and are stocked full of literary, academic, scholarly 
	journals: politics, philosophy, poetry, literature, marxism, 
	theory, art, etc, as well as the usual magazines.  Hard to 
	leave without buying something."  [08/03]

Russica Book and Art Shop (799 Broadway at 11th (third floor), 212-473-7480) 
	Russia and Russian art (in both English and Russian).  

Fred Wilson Chess Books (80 E 11th btwn University Place & Broadway, 
	Chess books, chess sets, etc.  There are, amazingly, at least 
	two other stores in the area devoted to chess, both on 
	Thompson between Bleecker and W 3rd.  

Three Lives Book Store (154 W 10th east of 7th Ave, 212-741-2069, 
	A wide variety of subject matter, but seeming to concentrate 
	on women authors, reissues of 1920s and 1930s books.  Very 
	interesting place to browse.  

Creative Visions (548 Hudson, 212-645-7573 or 800-434-7136, 
	Gay/lesbian/bisexual bookstore.  Over 5000 G/L/B book titles 
	plus a large selection of main stream exercise, wellness, 
	health, psychology, philosophy, theology, and spirituality 
	titles.  Also videos, greeting cards, posters, etc.  
	Discounts for members/contributors to G/L/B, women's, or AIDS 
	organizations. 	Sun-Thu 12N-10PM, Fri-Sat 12N-11PM.

May Day Books: Theater for the New City (155 First Ave btwn 9th and 
	10th, 10003, 212-254-1109, FAX 212-979-6570)
	Open Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM; Sat-Sun 12N-7PM (not sure on these)  

Bluestockings Books (172 Allen, 10002, 212-777-6028)
	Open seven days 1PM-10PM.  [01/05]

Ottendorfer Library Book Sale (2nd Ave at 9th, upstairs on balcony) 
	"Ultra-ultra cheap books (10 cents-$1.00).  What's there is 
	random...  but occasionally great."  

St. Marks Comics (11 St. Mark's Place (8th) btwn 2nd & 3rd Aves, 

East Village Books & Records (101 St. Mark's btwn 1st and A, 212-477-8647) 
	Used.  "Dusty, musty, and cheap.  You can find some real gems 
	if you look hard enough."  

Hudson News (753 Broadway south of 8th, 212-674-6655) 
	Carries foreign-language periodicals.  

See Hear (59 E 7th, 10003, 212-505-9781)
	"A tiny shop dedicated to selling 'zines.  Their selection was 
	somewhat limited and really dated in some cases, but it's 
	unlikely you'll find a larger collection of 'zines anywhere 
	else.  They also sell some books and a few of the more popular-
	but-not-quite-mainstream publications."  Seven days 11AM-7PM.  [08/06]

Harris Books (2nd Ave btwn 4th & 5th; 212-353-1119) 
	Far and away the best book table in the East Village.  Has 
	many new and used books at excellent discounts, and is 
	distributor for various small presses, notably including 
	Loompanics.  He also has a store upstairs in the building next 
	to the table--follow the signs.  Sun, Tue-Thu 2PM-10PM, 
	Fri-Sat 2PM-12M.  

Left Bank Books (17 8th Ave, 212-924-5638) 
	Small store, used books.  Specializes in modern first editions.  
	Moved from its previous location.  Sun-Thu 11AM-8PM, Fri-Sat 11AM-10PM.  [05/10]

Shakespeare & Co. (716 Broadway just north of 4th, 212-529-1330, 
	A good, large selection, they're good about getting in the new 
	stuff quickly.  Sun-Thu 10AM-11PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-12M.  [05/06]

Zona (Greene) 
	Has home design and style items, as well as books.  

New York University Book Center (Main Store) (726 Broadway, 10003-6637,
	212-998-4667, FAX 212-995-4118, 
	General and textbooks.  

New York University Computer Store (242 Greene at Washington Place, 10003-6676, 
	212-998-4659, FAX 212-995-3779, 
	General interest and some technical books.  Software and 
	hardware generally restricted to full-time NYU University 

New York University Professional Bookstore (530 LaGuardia Pl btwn Bleeker & 
	3rd, 10012-1469, 212-998-4680, 
	Law/Business/Public Administration School texts and related 
	paraphernalia.  (Replaced Law School book store.)  

Mercer Street Books (Mercer & Bleeker) 
	Piles of used books, and (for a change) strong sections in 
	math and science (although one poster says this section has 
	diminished lately).  Small but choice selections in science 
	fiction, mystery, and other sections.  They also have loads 
	of used textbooks.  (They used to be called the Art of 
	Reading.)  Mon-Thu 10Am-10PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-12M, Sun 11AM-10PM.  

Village Chess Shop (230 Thompson btwn Bleecker & 3rd, 10012, 

Chess Forum (219 Thompson btwn Bleecker & 3rd, 212-475-2369, 
	Yes, these really are two different shops.  

Bilingual Publications (270 Lafayette near Houston, 212-431-3500) 

Center for Book Arts (626 Broadway (fifth floor) btwn Houston & Bleeker, 
	Limited edition art books, fine printing, sketch books and 
	journals, small publishers, bookbinders, fine printers.  

Kolwyck-Jones Books (588 Broadway btwn Prince & Houston, Suite 905, 
	Art reference, out-of-print and rare, concentrating on the 
	20th Century.  

Housing Works Used Book Cafe (126 Crosby btwn Houston & Prince, 212-334-3324, 
	"Humanities, art books, coffee bar.  Excellent prices."  ( All 
	proceeds go to Housing Works, a nonprofit organization that 
	assists homeless people with H.I.V. and AIDS.)

Sufi Books (227 West Broadway at White) 
	(For out-of-towners, note that West Broadway is an entirely separate 
	street from Broadway, running parallel to it and about four blocks 

Witkin Gallery (415 West Broadway btwn Spring & Prince, 212-925-5510) 
	Large selection of art and photography books.  (For out-of-towners, 
	note that West Broadway is an entirely separate street from 
	Broadway, running parallel to it and about four blocks west.)    

McNally Jackson Bookstore (52 Prince & Lafayette, 10012, 212-274-1160,
	Independent bookstore.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 10AM-9PM.  

The Mill Store at Dieu Donne Papermill (433 Broome btwn Broadway & Crosby, 
	212-226-0573, FAX 212-226-6088, DDPAPER@YORICK.NY.CYBERNEX.NET ) 
	Books on papermaking by hand, paper conservation, alternative 
	photography on handmade paper, and bookmaking.  Tues-Sat 10AM-6PM.  

Oriental Culture Enterprises Co, Inc (13-17 Elizabeth, second floor, 
	10013, 212-226-8461, FAX 212-431-6695) 
	"I got my five-volume SELECTIONS FROM MAO ZEDONG there.  (They 
	have it in English, too, by the way, along with Lenin, Marx, and 
	others.  But finding the books in English is not easy, particularly 
	if you don't speak Chinese.)  A great selection of books, most of 
	which are in Chinese.  They also sell things needed for Chinese 
	calligraphy, Chinese musical instruments, recordings of Chinese 
	music, Chinese-language periodicals, and many other things Chinese.  
	An attached art gallery sells paintings.  While browsing through the 
	books, sit down and enjoy a cup of tea free of charge.  Well worth a 
	visit.  Two complaints: it's more expensive than it should be, and 
	too many of the books are damaged (by careless customers, or by 
	thoughtless staff?).  Unquestionably the best bookstore in all of 
	Chinatown."  Fri-Wed 10AM-7PM.  

Manhattan Books (150 Chambers, 212-385-7395) 
	New and used NYU texts.  

The Mysterious Bookshop (58 Warren, 212-587-1011, 
	Mystery books and so on.  It also has its own publishing company 
	so they also have the latest copies of their own line of 
	mysteries.  Book-signings by authors.  Used to be in mid-town.  
	Seven days 11AM-7PM.  

New York Nautical Instrument and Service Corporation (140 West Broadway near 
	Worth, 212-962-4522) 
	I had said "Boating and marine."  Someone wrote, "The description 
	doesn't do it justice.  It's like saying F.A.O. Schwartz is a toy 
	store, or that Zabar's is a deli.  You go to New York Nautical when 
	you want serious books and publications (they also have a good 
	selection of popular "boating and marine" books).  By serious, I 
	mean official government charts for the whole world, textbooks 
	explaining how to load a container ship to maximize stability, 
	almanacs, tide tables, etc, etc.  Most of their trade is to the 
	commercial shipping industry (or what's left of it)."  

Civil Service Book Shop (89 Worth at Broadway, 212-226-9506) 
	Civil service test preparation.  

National Museum of the American Indian Shop (next to Battery Park, 
	Bowling Green subway stop, 212-283-2420)
	The museum is located in the old Customs House.  [09/06]


Also, there are lots of specialty bookstores, usually around each of 
the colleges and universities in the area (Columbia, NYU, St. Johns, 
CUNY, and so on).  

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