Bookstores in Southern United States


Last change: 
17 Jan 2018


Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include: 
Richmond VA (and other Virginia) 
Nashville TN 
Raleigh/Durham NC (and other North Carolina) 
SC (South Carolina)
Atlanta GA (and other Georgia) 
Miami FL (and other Florida) 
New Orleans LA 
San Juan PR: 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1:  This list includes cities in the "southern" United States, which 
is basically the Confederacy minus Texas (which is in the Southwest list).  
For the benefit of those not familiar with "The Civil War," "The War of 
Northern Agression," or whatever your term of choice is, this includes 
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, 
Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  Missouri is in the 
central United States list and Kentucky is in the Midwest United States 
list.  Those parts of Virginia that are suburbs of Washington DC are in 
the Washington DC list.  

This also includes off-shore islands.  Don't tell me Bermuda isn't 
United States or the Confederacy--I have no better place to put it.]

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes were frequently changed in the 1990s and 2000s so 
these may be wrong.] 

[Note 5: My listings for "superstores" are minimal; those are easy to 
find, generally fairly standard, and not worth the time to keep 
updating them.]


Richmond VA (and other Virginia): 

Black Swan Books (2601 W Main, 804-353-9476).  "Distinguished by a broad 
	selection of non-fiction books; juveniles, especially juvenile 
	series; and a larger-than-usual selection of Modern Libraries.  
	The fiction selection is adequate, but dated."  Also modern 
	literature.  Tue-Sun 11AM-6PM.  [06/10]  
Book Exchange (13198 Midlothian Pike, Midlothian, 804-379-2642).  When 
	the proprietors have recently organized their stock, this is 
	one of the best used bookstores in the Richmond area, but they 
	sometimes let their material get disordered.  Large selections 
	of many genres of popular fiction, mainly paperback.  Mon-Fri 
	10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [06/10]
Book People (536 Granite Ave, 804-288-4346).  An eclectic shop in a 
	house just off Patterson Ave, with a nice selection of new 
	books, a hodgepodge of old, and usually a good bargain table.  
	 Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM; Sat 9AM-7PM; Sun 1PM-5PM.  
Books Plus (9131 Staples Mill Rd, 804-756-7441).  [06/10]
Carytown Bookstore (4021 Macarthur Ave, 804-261-7710).  "A small and eclectic 
	bookstore, specializing in non-fiction new books.  The 
	bookmarks alone are worth the visit."  No longer in Carytown 
	even though it retains the name.  Also has used books.  
	11AM-6PM seven days.  [06/10]
Chop Suey Tuey Books (2913 W Cary, 23221, 804-422-8066,  Mostly used, some new.  
	Used books very reasonably priced.  "Funky bookstore with 
	emphasis on arts, beats, counter-culture, with everything from 
	cheap paperbacks to rare books.  More books and an art gallery 
	upstairs (which is only somewhat air-conditioned).  [06/10]
Collectors' Old Book Shop (15 S 5th, 804-644-2097).  "The selection is 
	small--the bookstore is confined to one large room in the center--
	and not especially appealing.  It appears to be a collection."  
	Mon-Fri 11AM-5PM; Sat 11AM-3PM.  [06/10]
Ex-libris Books (6921 Lakeside, 804-262-9217).  Childrens' books, 
	discounted computer books, African-American literature.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM; Sun 2PM-5PM.  [06/10]
Fountain Book Store (1312 E Cary, Shockoes Slip, 804-788-1594).  
	Business books, civil war, Richmond guidebooks--located in 
	tourist district.  Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM; Sat 11AM-9PM; Sun 
Narnia Childrens Books (3100 Kensington Ave, 804-353-5675).  
	Long-established, well-stocked little shop at the corner of 
	Belmont and Kensington in the Museum District.  Mon-Fri 
	9:30AM-6PM; Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  [06/10]
Owens & Ramsey Books (2728 Tinsley Dr, 804-272-8888,  
	"The best place in town for Civil War and WW II books."  Tues-Fri 
	10AM-5PM; Sat 10AM-4PM.  [06/10]
Richmond Book Shop (808 W Broad, Richmond, 804-644-9970).  Mixed used 
	and new.  Mon-Sat 2PM-6:30PM, but call ahead to be sure if are 
	coming a long way.  [06/10].

Charlottesville VA: 

Blue Whale Books (115 W Main, 22902, 434-296-4646).  Used and rare, 
	higher-end stock than Read It Again, Sam.  Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [06/14]
The Book Room (440 Shoppers World Ct, 22901, 434-973-1525).  Large 
	science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance selections.  
	Paperbacks are half cover price.  [06/14]
Daedalus Books (123 4th NE, 22902, 434-293-7595).  Large, reasonably priced, 
	mixed stock of books on three floors.  Good biography, fiction, 
	military, local interest.  Mon-Sun 10AM-6PM.
Franklin Gilliam (218 South, 22902, 434-979-2512).  The store is in a 
	private house, a few blocks west of the other downtown stores.  
	Rare and expensive books in the field of literature, fine 
	printing, bibliography.  Mon-Sat 12N-6PM.  
Heartwood Used/Antiquarian Books (9 Elliewood Ave, 22903, 804-295-7083).  
	Books in the field of literature, Americana, Virginia and others.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.
Read It Again, Sam (214 E Main, 22902, 434-977-9844).  Used, with an 
	emphasis on popular fiction; exceptionally large stock of 
	paperback mystery, scinece fiction, and fantasy.  Mon-Tue 
	10AM-5PM, Wed-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 11AM-5PM; reduced hours in 
	winter.  [06/14]

Bookstores have a brochure "Antiquarian Bookhunting in Charlottesville" 
that lists other dealers as well.  The main drawback to the downtown 
stores for non-residents is that the parking is garage/lot only and runs 
about $2.50 per hour

Fredericksburg VA: 

Beck's Antiques and Books (708 Caroline, next door to the tourist 
	office, 540-371-1766).  Antiques in the front of the store 
	and books in the back.  Small but good stock of used books, 
	particularly strong on Civil War and Virginia.  Mon-Sat 
	10:30AM-5PM, Sun 12:30PM-5PM.  
Riverby Books (805 Caroline, 540-373-6148;  Used.  Also has a branch 
	in Washington DC.  [06/10]

Many of the stores along Caroline Street sell new and used civil war 
books.  The prices for used Civil War books (and for antiques) range 
from high to outrageous.  The Fredericksburg Battlefield Site Visitor 
Center Bookstore (about two miles out on Business Route 1) has a good 
stock of new civil war books.  The Chancellorsville Battlefield Site 
Visitor Center (about 12 miles west on Route 3) also has some new civil 
war books.  

Hampton VA:

Barnes & Noble (1800 W Mercury Blvd, outside Colliseum Mall, 23666).  
Harrisonburg VA: 

Downtown Books (49 W Water, Suite B).  New and used books and used comics, 
	VHS tapes, and records.  The used books are very disorganized and 
	very cheap (there is an entire wall of ten-cent books!).  I think 
	the unpriced books are new, but it is hard to tell.  This also 
	seems to be where old VHS tapes go to die, with hundreds,(or 
	thousands) of them.  The store is down the alley from West Water 
	St that runs alongside the parking garage.  (Unlike 
	Charlottesville, the parking garage here is free, as is the street 
	parking.)  [06/14]

"There is a book fair held at the Green Valley Auction Barn; it is not 
strictly a bookstore as such, more like a giant remainder sale.  This 
has been going on for over a decade and should not be confused with 
those gypsy stores that set up in unused stores.  They have a lot of 
new books at low prices.  It is nice to see all the people that will 
drive a couple of hundred miles to buy books."  URL is  

Leesburg VA: 

About 35-40 miles West of Washington, DC.  Follow Route 7 from Tyson's 
Corner.  Pretty little town with lots of Civil War connections--Mosby 
hung out here and Ball's Bluff battlefield is in the Leesburg suburbs.  
Store opening hours (bookstores and antique stores) are, frankly, 
casual so call ahead if you are making a special journey.  

Clio's History Bookshop (P.O. Box 168, 103 Loudon St SW, Leesburg VA 
	22075, 703-777-1815).  He is usually but not always open at the 
	weekend.  Opposite the Museum and an ugly but convenient parking 
	garage (free at weekends, 3 hours free during the week.)  Owner 
	Jason Duberman is a history buff and has assembled a fine stock 
	of history books.  He says 70% of his sales are Civil War and 
	WWII but he has stock in many other fields.  His favorite area is 
	slavery and the antebellum South, where he has many good books 
	but you will also find books covering most periods and most areas 
	of the world.  Books are a mix of new and used.  

Staunton, VA:

Black Swan Books and Music (1 E Beverley, 540-712-0123).  Spacious 
	used book and vinyl store; large history section 
	(especially Civil War) relative to its size.  Books are in 
	excellent condiqtion, but reasonably priced.  [06/14]

Tidewater, VA (also Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Chesapeake): 

Barnes & Noble (Virginia Beach Blvd in Pembroke Area, Virginia Beach, 
	804-671-2331).  Only bookstore in area with out-of-town 
	papers.  Parking a problem nights and weekends.  Mon-Sun 
Lambda Rising (322 W 21st, Norfolk, 23517, 757-626-0969,  Gay, lesbian, and bisexual 
	bookstore; part of the East Coast chain.  Large stock includes 
	new and out-of-print; search service.  Also magazines, 
	newspapers, videos, music, etc.  Cafe.  Community bulletin 
	board.  10AM-10PM seven days a week.  [04/04]

Williamsburg VA: 

Book Exchange of Williamsburg (117 Colony Square Shopping Ctr, 1303 Jamestown 
	Road, just SE of Rt. 199, 757-220-3778).  The best used paperback 
	store in Williamsburg (which, unfortunately, is not saying much for 
	this historic college town), specializing in popular paperbacks.  
	Pretty good selections in mystery, SF/fantasy, espionage/action, 
	general fiction.  

Winchester VA:

Blue Plate Books (2257 Valley Ave, 540-662-6657,  Large used bookstore, 
	clean and well-organized, with books in very good condition.  
	Sun-Sat 11AM-7PM.  [06/14]


Nashville TN: 

Bookman Rare and Used Books (1724 21st Ave S, 615-383-6555).  Focuses 
	on modern first editions with about 10,000 SF and fantasy and about 
	10,000 mysteries (as well as all the other usual categories).  
	Science fiction is the largest area of the store.  Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM; 
	Sun 10AM-3PM.  
Elder's (2115 Elliston Place, at 22nd and Church, by Baptist Hospital and 
	near Vanderbilt University, 615-327-1867).  The only used book store 
	within reach of the downtown area.  A fairly large bookstore with an 
	excellent stock of books in the field of the South, including 
	literature and history, particularly Tennessee (including local 
	history, Andrew Jackson), Civil War and religion.  Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, 
	Sat 9AM-2PM.  


Raleigh/Durham NC (and other North Carolina): 

Books Do Furnish a Room (1809 W Markham Ave, Durham, 919-286-1076).  Used 
	paperbacks, comics, and CDs.  Small but not a bad selection.  (They 
	are set back from the street fifty yards or so, so it's easy to 
	drive right past them and not spot the building.)  
Book Exchange (107 W Chapel Hill, Durham, 919-682-4662).  Huge used 
	bookstore.  General stock.  Also lots of textbooks, especially 
	medical and legal (which would make sense as it is near Duke U.).  
	Has the severe drawback that they shelve most books by publisher.  
	Browsing there is, well, a very different experience.  Mon-Sat 
Books on Ninth (716a Ninth, 27705, 919-286-3170, FAX 919-286-2896,  Used books.  
Bookstar (301 Crossroads Blvd, Cary, 919-859-9933).  Lots of books, but 
	impersonal (it's a "superstore," after all).  
Foundation's Edge (2526 Hillsborough, 919-832-0044).  New and old comics.  
	There's a closet-like room for roleplaying games, and the rest is 
	about five shelves of paperback SF.  
Lucy's Book Exchange (6911 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, 27616, 919-878-0625).  
	Over 750,000 books, new and used, paperback and hardback.  "The store 
	features a wide selection of SF and fantasy.  There is also a lot of 
	romance, which seems to be in just about every used bookstore I've 
	ever seen.  The collection of general fiction, men's adventure, 
	etc., is pretty good, but the SF/fantasy is their largest.  It is 
	also the largest selection of used SF/fantasy I've seen without 
	going all the way over the Chapel Hill."  (From Raleigh, take US 1 
	(Capital Blvd) north past the unlabelled Interstate sized 
	intersection under construction (probably for I-540); store is 
	visible on the left in the next block, but pass it, turn left on 
	Gresham Lake Road, then left again on the US 1 access road.)  
Quail Ridge Books (3522 Wade Ave, 919-828-1588).  Independent bookstore 
	known for their knowledgeable staff.  
Reader's Corner (3201 Hillsborough, 919-828-7024).  Great stock of used 
	books, excellent for collectors of old SF hardbacks.  Also has lots 
	of used vinyl LPs.  Very laid-back and friendly place.  If you need 
	a late-night book fix, they have several shelves of books 
	outside--25 cents apiece, on the honor system, all money goes to a 
	local classical radio station.  "Probably the best general-purpose 
	used bookstore in Raleigh, but that doesn't say much."  Mon-Fri 
	10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-6PM.  
Regulator Bookshop (720 9th, Durham, 27705, 919-286-2700,  "Interesting selection of new 
	magazines."  Also new books.   Open Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  
Wentworth & Leggett (Brightleaf Square shopping center, 905 W Main, Durham, 
	919-688-5311).  A very small store.  Their stock is more upscale, 
	e.g., old and rare, "fine bindings," etc.  They also sell old maps, 
	railway timetables, and things of that sort.  Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM.  
Asheville NC: 
Captain's Bookshelf (31 Page Ave, 28801, 828-253-6631,  "The highest level in 
	Asheville."  [07/13]
Downtown Books and News (67 N Lexington Ave, 28801, 828-348-7615,  Used paperbacks and hardbacks 
	in all categories, some quality first editions, and signed and 
	antiquarian books.  Open Sun-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri-Sat 9AM-9PM.  [07/13]

There are also various paperback trade places that specialize in 
romances and westerns.
Boone NC: 

C. Clayton Thompson, Bookseller (584 Briarwood Ln, 28607, 
	Specializes in Civil War and military, but has other books as 
	well.  [08/08]

Carrboro NC: 

Nice Price Books (100 Boyd, 919-929-6222).  Medium-sized used bookstore.  
	General stock, tending towards mass-market stuff as opposed to old 
	and rare.  Also sell used LPs and CDs.  Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 
	12N-10PM.  (Buying hours 12N-8PM only.)  

Charlotte NC: 

Barnes & Noble (Hwy 74; Hwy 51).  
Bedford Falls Books & Toys (614217 Park Rd, 28209, 704-527-1921).  
	"19,000 titles, 8000 toys, 300 audiobooks, 300 videotapes, 
	and 70 CD-ROMs."
Book Buyers (1711 Central Ave at Plaza, 704-344-8611).  "The proprietor, 
	Richard, is a pleasant fellow who has a good general knowledge of 
	books.  He offers cash or trade for paperbacks in good condition, 
	good cash for good hardcovers. The selection is limited but 
	well-represented.  Not adverse to friendly dickering."  
The Book Lady, at Sweet Union Flea Market (US 74 East towards Monroe--Flea 
	Market on left, 704-753-1001).  Offers a decent selection, and the 
	prices are generally low.  Used books only.  Readable copies mostly, 
	some nice.  I like the selections of SF and Real (tm) literature, 
	but there are also significant amounts of history, mystery, 
	religion, children's books, etc.  The lady who owns the store are 
	very helpful.  Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM.  
The Book Rack (8326 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Pineville, 704-544-8006).  
	"Technically in Pineville, it is the best place for folks in 
	Charlotte to get paperbacks for trade.  Large selection in used 
	paperbacks, some very nice hardcovers available.  They take trade-ins, 
	not as picky as some as to condition.  Usually a nice lady with small 
	children in charge."  
The Rainbow Path (1412-G East Blvd, 704-332-3404).  Metaphysical, self-Help, 
	New Age, health, and cookbooks.  "They do take books in trade, for 
	store credit sometimes as well as other books.  Small, select range 
	of titles, interesting subjects.  Nice People.  Nice books."  

Fearrington Village NC:

McIntyre's Fine Books (Farrington Village Shops, Village Way and 
	Route 15/501, 919-542-3030).  "General bookstore.   Gardening and 
	cooking are particularly good.  A very active schedule of author 
	events.  Classy interior--dark wood, brass fittings, etc."  Not 
	visible from the street.  Open daily 10AM-5:30PM.  [11/05]

Marshville NC: 

John Rayley Books (101 W Main, 28103, 704-624-BOOK ot 704-624-2665).  "Claims 
	to have 30,000 books in the store, though that seems a little high.  
	Prices reasonable, selection fair, including older books and real 
	literature."  Thu-Sat 11AM-6PM or by appointment.  

Sanford NC: 

The Book Exchange Warehouse (2300 Watson Alley (behind 121 E Main), 
	27330, 919‑775‑3113).  Used paperback fiction.  Tue-Fri 10AM-1PM, 
	2PM-5PM; Sat 10AM-3PM.  [10/04]



Here Be Books (4650 Ladson Road, Suite I, Summerville, 29485-8535, 
	843-695-1498,  Over 30,000 used and 
	antiquarian books.  Books in all categories, but they claim to have 
	the best SF selection in the entire Charleston area.  Has a few big 
	chairs.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [07/13] 

There is one antiquarian store on Church Street in Charleston, 
somewhat poorly lit and organized.  The other few stores seem to be 
paperback and exchange type stores. 



Bermuda Adventist Center (41 King Street, Hamilton, 441-292-4111, FAX 
Bermuda Book Store (Baxter) Ltd. (3 Queen, Hamilton, 441-295-3698,  
The Book Cellar (Water, St. George's, 441-297-0448).  
The Children's Bookshop (Ground Floor, International Centre, 26 Bermudiana 
	Rd, Hamilton, 441-292-9078).  
The Christian Book Store (10 Burnaby, Hamilton, 441-292-3257, FAX 
Metaphysical Book Shop (near corner of Angle & Brunswick, Hamilton, 
	441-295-5683, FAX 441-292-9459).  
Ships Inn Book Gallery (Clocktower Mall, Somerset, 441-234-2807).  


Atlanta GA (and other Georgia): 

A Capella (Little Five Points).  Quality used books, reasonably priced.  
Architectural Book Center (231 Peachtree NE Suite B04, 404-222-9920).  
Atlanta Vintage Books.  "A great general purpose used book store.  Lots 
	of historical military and some excellent novels.  Check the 
	basement for the good deals."  [07/03]
Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech (48 5th NW, 404-894-2515).  Georgia 
	Tech's bookstore operated by B&N.  [10/03]
Book Nook (3073 N Druid Hills Rd, 404-633-1328).  Lots to choose from, 
	and well-organized in their new location.  Both new and used 
	books, records/CDs/tapes, comics.  Books on tape. Sell and 
	trade.  Has an excellent selection of art and cooking books.  
Book Warehouse (Buckhead, 404-352-8000).  250,000 new books.  All profits go 
	to the Emory University cancer research center.  
Books and Cases (800 Miami Circle NE, 404-231-9107 or 800-788-9107).  Sell, 
	rent, restore and repair fine books and art.  They also restore and 
	build bookcases.  
Chapter 11 (down to one store in the metro area,  Discounted new books.  
	They used to have several stores, but all except one have 
	closed.  [05/07]
Charis Books and More (1189 Euclid Ave, Little Five Points).  Feminist 
	books and lesbian/gay studies.  
Civilized Traveler (Phipps Plaza, 404-264-1252).  Guides, maps, videos and 
	travel accessories.  
C. Dickens (56 East Andrews Dr,  "If you're 
	looking for a rare first edition this is the place to go.  
	When you walk in, three desks of staff are on the phone to 
	people talking about expensive books.  They do some very 
	interesting SF items, but mostly history and beautiful 
	editions of old novels."  [07/03]
Engineer's Bookstore (748 Marietta NW, 404-221-1669,  "Amazing selection of 
	technical books.  Located near Georgia Tech.  Largest 
	inventory of technical books in the South."  [10/03]
Medu Bookstore (Greenbriar Mall, 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy, 404-346-3263).  
	"African bookstore."  (I suspect this includes African-American 
	as well.)  [10/03]
Memorable Books (5380 Manor Dr, Stone Mountain Village, 770-469-5911).  Used 
	and rare.  Run by George Hoak for decades.  "A little of everything, 
	on shelves that run up 15 feet--there is a ladder."  
Mysterious Island (4880 Lower Roswell Rd NE, Marietta, 770-509-7600).  
	Hard-to-find SF and mysteries.  Signed and limited editions.  Also 
	has new and back-issue comics.  
Old New York Book Shop (1069 Juniper St NE, 404-881-1285). Scholarly and 
	rare books.  They make housecalls.  Most purchases are from estate 

Athens GA: 

Athens Bible Bookstore (2445 Jefferson Rd, 706-548-2444) 
Barnett's Newsstand (147 College Ave, 706-353-0530).  Mostly magazines, 
	though there is a decent selection of "classics," Cliff Notes, SF, 
	mystery, and romance. Not a terrific amount of depth, but the 
	breadth is good,  and there's always Budwine in the back cooler.  
Baxter Street Bookstore (360 Baxter, 706-549-3081).  Textbooks for 
	comparison shoppers.  
Bizarro Wuxtry (197 East Clayton, upstairs, no phone).  Comics, zines, and 
	records.  Devlin runs a shop with a whole lot of personality and 
	lots of stuff, too.  Not much in the way of books (except books of 
	comic, of course), but it's well worth a stop.  
Blue Moon Books (143 Jackson, 706-549-0993; 282 East Clayton, 706-353-8877).  
	The Jackson Street location is cozy and pleasant.  The sales help 
	knows the selections and are willing to help.  The E Clayton 
	location (around the corner, and the former Book Center) leans more 
	to current books.  "I haven't been in there lately, but walking past 
	it seems that the ambience of the store has improved."  Not a huge 
	selection, but big for Athens.  
Bookland (Georgia Square Mall, 706-549-6182).  
	A chain bookstore based in Birmingham.  A lot of magazines and 
	collectible stuff for a chain store.  
Book Peddlers (Beechwood Shopping Center, 706-546-7427).  
	Formerly known as Book Warehouse, and that's what it is.  Lots of 
	discount books.  Good for browsing.  
The Carpenter's Shop (756 North Chase, 706-546-7375).  Christian bookstore.  
Chapter 11 Books (124 Alps Road 353-6493).  New(ish) in Athens.  Not quite 
	as large as Book Warehouse, and the same style of bookstore.  
Comics and Music Unlimited (50 Gaines School Road 548-8045).  "New and used: 
	bargains & odd genres" says the Flagpole Guide.  
Doorkeeper Bookstore (2301 College Station Road 548-8045).  Christian books 
	and merchandise.  
Follett Textbook Exchange (FTX) (723 Baxter, 706-369-7399).  Textbooks for 
	comparison shoppers.  
Homeplace Gifts (1676 South Lumpkin, 706-549-0829).  Mostly gifts, but with 
	a selection of children's books.  
Jackson Street Books (260 North Jackson, 706-546-0245).  An absolutely 
	terrific used bookstore.  Chairs and couches for reading, good music 
	playing, and a wonderful selection and atmosphere. Some first 
	editions and both hardback and paperback, prints and photos.  [07/06] 
Killian's Books and More (895 West Broad, 706-549-1533).  Christian books.  
Lemstone Book Branch (Georgia Square Mall 354-4484).  Christian books.  
Normal News and Tobacco (1294 Prince Ave, 706-543-3045).  Not as many 
	paperbacks as Barnett's, but just as many magazines. The tobacco 
	part of the store is much more prevalent than in Barnett's.  
Off-Campus Book Store (696 Baxter, 706-548-9376; 1054 South Lumpkin, 
	706-548-2747).  Textbooks for comparison shoppers.  
	Fraternity/Sorority merchandise at South Lumpkin location.  
The Oracle (228 East Clayton, no phone).  "A performance art piece 
	masquerading as a bookstore.  Everything's old, everything's 
	interesting.  Emphasis on the 60s 70s and large television sets.  
Stovepipe (243 West Washington, through Jittery Joe's, 706-369-0202).  
	Connected to Jittery Joe's coffeehouse, Stovepipe is determinedly 
	underground, with zines and a limited books selection.  Been closed 
	for a while, but is back in business, apparently.  
The University of Georgia Bookstore (UGA Campus, Tate Plaza, 706-542-3171).  
	Huge Huge Huge.  All the UGA textbooks upstairs.  Downstairs is 40% 
	UGA apparel/gifts, 20% new books (the local/UGA authors section is 
	the most interesting, but there is a decent selection of SF), 20% 
	computer store (hardware and software for sale to UGA faculty, 
	students and staff only) and 20% Art/School supplies.  A one-stop 
	shopping paradise.  Avoid at all costs on football Saturdays.  Not 
	for the comparison shopper.  
University of Georgia Press (330 Research Dr, between College Station 
	and Barnett Shoals, 706-369-6163).  UGA Press is prodigious, and 
	here you can buy books published.  Keep an eye out for the 
	occasional "damaged book" sales.  

(Most of this section was contributed by David Hill [].) 

Clarkston GA:

Dekalb Bookstore (448 N Indian Creek Dr, 404-294-8635).  "Small 
	bookstore near Georgia Perimeter College and Dekalb Tech 
	specializing in selling used textbooks and school supplies.  
	Selection is fairly poor, books usually in pretty bad 
	condition compared to used books at other bookstores and the 
	price they charge.  Used scientific calculators can be a good 
	deal here.  They also stock some moderately hard to find 
	things like Georgia building codes, law enforcement books, 
	etc."  [10/03]

Columbus GA (including Phenix City AL):

A-1 Bookmart (4130 St. Mary's Rd, 706-682-2899).  Used, mostly paperback.
The Book House (4508 Armour Rd, 706-596-9905,  "College textbooks, sell and 
	trade paperbacks, new and used books, special orders."
Columbus Book Exchange (6440 W Hamilton Park Dr, 706-324-2559).  "Used 
	paperbacks.  Nice store."
The Covenant, Inc. (3304 W Hwy 80, Phenix City, AL,  205-298-0455).  
	"Christian bookstore and giftshop."
The Mustard Seed, (5300 Sidney Simons Blvd, 706-324-3809).  "Christian 
	bookstore.  Books, bibles, music, cards, gifts, videos."
Thaddeus P Toad Book Merchant (1033 Broadway, 706 323-5588).  "Variety, 
	atmosphere, nice proprietor."

Decatur, GA:

Books Again (225 N McDonough, 404-377-1444,  "Nice bookstore, 
	sells first editions.  The owner and his cat are both very 
	friendly and helpful (the owner is more helpful and the cat is 
	more friendly.. ;-)"  [10/03]
North Decatur Books & Bites (2520 N Decatur Rd, 404-636-5872).  
	"Small, quiet bookstore with a limited selection of used 
	books."  [10/03]

Woodstock GA: 

The Overlook Connection (PO Box 526, Woodstock, GA 30188,, 404-926-1762, FAX 404-926-8621).  Specializes in 
	Stephen King, horror, SF, fantasy, and mystery in books, magazines, 
	audio, and video.  Monthly catalogs available for US$30 for 12 
	issues or free to continuing purchasers, featuring excerpts, 
	fiction, and articles each issue.  Call Mon-Fri 12N-6PM; FAX 

(Other) GA:

Memorable Books (Stone Mountain).  Used.
Ralph Waldo's Vintage Books (off I-985, Gainesville).  Used.
Wimsey's (Tucker).  Used.


Miami FL (and other Florida): 

Alpha Libreria (2710 SW 8th, 305-642-0654).  Spanish-language New Age 
Barnes & Noble (7710 N Kendall).  Superstore.  
Books & Books (296 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, 305-442-4408; "the back 
	of the Sterling Building" Miami Beach, 305-532-3222; 
	Bal Harbour; Grand Cayman;  
	Largest independent in the area.  Coral Gables location has 
	floor-to-ceiling bookcases in a 5000-square-foot store with a 
	fine book art gallery.  It and the Miami Beach store both have 
	restaurants.  Specializes in art, architecture, and regional 
	literature,  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [03/09]
Books of Paige's (North Miami).  "Best used book store."  
Bookworks II (6935 Red Rd, Coral Gables, 305-661-5080).  New books, maps, 
	magazines, and cards.  
A-Book-a-Brac Shop (6760 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-865-0092).  Mon-Sat 
Downtown Book Center (247 SE 1st, 305-377-9939; 215 NE 2nd Ave, 
	305-377-9938).  The 1st Street store specializes in technical and 
	reference titles and foreign-language books (particularly 
	Spanish--what a surprise :-) ).  The 2nd Avenue store sells used 
	books and textbooks.  There is also a new store in Key Biscayne.  
Grove Bookworm (3025 Fuller, Coconut Grove, 305-443-6411).  Also sells 
	magazines, local crafts, and cards.  
Hurricane Books (366 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, 850-932-6254).  Has a 
	cat.  (I know nothing else about this store, but some people care 
	about this sort of thing.)  
The Kendall Bookshelf (9601 S Dixie Hwy, 33156, 305-668-0005; 
	12558 N Kendall Dr, 33186. 305-596-5353;  The first location is 
	described by one poster as, "This secondhand bookstore is 
	well worth checking out.  Large premises, adequate parking, 
	free coffee while you browse, helpful and knowledgeable staff 
	that don't hide in the backroom (esp. Steve Elliott, the 
	proprietor).  Covering all variety of subject matter (both 
	hard and paperback), they have a reassuringly large SF 
	section."  But another found them "mediocre."  The books are 
	marked in pencil or sticker with the original list price, and 
	they then charge half of that.  Mon-Thu 10AM-7PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-9PM, 
	Sun 10AM-5PM (both stores).  [04/04]
A Kid's Book Shoppe (1849 NE Miami Gardens Dr, North Miami Beach, 
	305-937-2665).  Children's books.  Has 10,000 titles as well as 
	related toys, cassettes, and videos.  
Lambda Passages (7545 Biscayne Blvd, 305-754-6900).  Gay/lesbian/bisexual 
	bookstore, featuring books, music, videos, newspapers, cards, and 
Liberties Fine Books & Music (309 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, 407-368-1300).  
	Largest independent bookstore in South Florida, with 13,000 square 
	feet and 100,000 titles, sheet music, CDs and cassettes, newspapers 
	and magazines, a capuccino bar, and various readings and signings.  
Libreria Distruidora Universal (3090 SW 8th, 305-642-3234).  Spanish- 
	language bookstore which specializes in books by and about Cubans 
	and Cuba.  They also publish a line of books.  
A Likely Story (5740 Sunset Dr, South Miami).  Children's books, etc.  In 
	the same location for fifteen years.  
Rex Artist Supplies (2263 SW 37 Ave, 33145, 800-REX-ART2 or 305-445-1413, 
	FAX 305-445-1412,  Carries over 3,000 titles 
	in the fine and graphic art fields, crafts, photography and the like.  

Fort Lauderdale: 

BookStop (5975 N Federal, Ft Lauderdale, 305-491-2446; 801 S University Dr, 
	Plantation, 305-370-2456; 8903 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, 407-479-2114).  
	Discount superstores.  
Robert A Hittel Bookseller (3020 N Federal, Ft Lauderdale, 305-563-1752).  
	Archetypical dusty used and rare book shop, books stacked floor to 

Jacksonville FL: 

Chamblin Bookmine (4551 Roosevelt Blvd, 904-384-1685).  Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 
	10AM-6PM, Wed 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  
The Old Book Shop (3142 Beach Blvd, 904-398-6163).  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
San Marco Bookstore (1971 San Marco Blvd, 904-396-7597).  Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  

Lauderhill FL:

Read Ink Books (4476 N University Dr, 33351, 954-747-7888,  Used books.  Two floors 
	of more than 40,000 books.  Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [04/05]

Melbourne, FL:

Books A Plenty (1878 N Wickham Rd, Northgate Shopping Center, Melbourne, 
	32935, 321-242-8461).  New, used, trade.  
Chapter 1 Bookstore (658 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, 32935, 321-242-7752,  Mon, Tue, Sat 10AM-5PM, 
	Wed-Fri 10AM-6PM. 
Health Hut Antiquarian Bookshop (1916 Waverly Pl, Melbourne, 407-724-1212).  
	Mon-Fri 10AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  

Sarasota FL: 

Book Bazaar (1488 Main St, 813-366-1373).  Mon-Thu 10AM-6PM, Fri-Sat 
Christine's Books (1502 Main St, 813-365-0586).  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM.  
Classic Books (107 Crossroads Shopping Plaza, 813-954-0077).  Mon-Sat 
	9AM-6PM, SUn 11AM-4PM.  
Main Bookshop (813-366-7653).  Their advertisments say that they are the 
	second largest publisher's outlet store in the nation, with about 
	two floors of books.  Open until about 10 PM most nights.  
A Parker's Books (1488 Main, 813-366-2898).  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  

Other cities: 

Ageles Book Shoppe (1090 Florida Ave, Panama City, 904-763-5264).  Mon-Fri 
	10AM-5PM, Sat 9AM-12N.  
Attic Bookshop, 6601 First Avenue South, St. Petersburg, 813-344-2398).  
	Mon-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM.  
Avenue Books and Gallery (172 1/2 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine, 
	904-829-9744).  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Barnes & Noble (645 University Dr, Coral Springs, 305-753-6650).
A Blue Moon Books (1415 Cleveland, Clearwater, 813-443-7444). Mon-Sat 
Book Corner (La Viva Plaza, 728 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, 813-684-1133).  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  
Book Gallery West (4121 NW 16th Blvd, Gainesville, 904-371-1234).  Mon-Sat 
	9AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-7PM.  
Bookland #678 (1944 State Road 44, New Smyrna Beach, 32168, 904-423-1678 ).
Books Inc., 505 NW 13th, Gainesville, 904-374-4241).  Mon-Tue 10AM-10PM, 
	Wed-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Books to the Ceiling (15126 Municipal Dr, Madeira Beach, 813-392-3070).  
	Mon-Sat 9AM-7PM, Sun 10:30AM-5PM.  
Book Worm, Etc. (4111 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, 561-965-1900).  Used.  
	"Mostly lowbrow pb, ergo sizeable SF section: ten shelf feet of 
	Poul Anderson, four copies of THE INTERIOR LIFE, some nifty finds.  
	Non-fiction is either dismal or has some real period pieces, 
	depending on how you look at it."  
Brandywine Books, 114 S Park Ave, Suite E, Winter Park, 407-644-1711).  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  
Brant's Used Books (3913 Brown Ave, Sarasota, 813-365-3658).  Mon-Sat 
Brasser's Books (8701 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, 813-393-6707).  Mon-Fri 
	9AM-4PM, Sat 12N-4PM.  Closed Thu in summer and all September.  
Brocket Books Inc. (Frontenanc Fle Mkt, C 20, US #1 near Cocoa, 
	407-568-2050).  Fri-Sun 9AM-4PM.  
Cover to Cover Booksellers (16450-7 South Tamiami Tr, South Fort Myers, 
	813-481-4647).  Mon, Wed, Fri 10AM-5PM, Tue, Thu 10AM-8PM, 
	Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Downtown Bookshop (16 South Magnolia, Ocala, 904-620-9344).  Mon-Sat 
Family Book Shop Inc., 1301 N. Woodland Blvd, Deland, 904-736-6501). 
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  
Farley's Old and Rare Books (5955 Tippin Ave, Pensacola, 904-477-8282).  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Harbar Book Exchange (916 E Semoran Blvd (Rt. 436), Casselberry, 
	407-834-0153).  Mon, Wed-Sat 12N-5PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  
Haslam's Book Store (2025 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, 813-822-8616).  
	Mon-Sat 9AM-5:30PM, Fri 9AM-9PM.  
Highland Crossroads Bookshop (812 Shirley Ave, Mt Dora, 904-383-8127 or 
	800-472-0665).  Mon-Wed 9AM-5PM, Fri 11AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  Closed Jul and Aug.  
Historical Bookshelf (104 E 7th Ave, Havana, 904-539-5040).  Mon-Sat 
J & B Books (600 West Main, Leesburg, 904-787-7574).  Tue, Thu-Sat 
	10AM-5PM, Wed 10AM-6:30PM.  
Lighthouse Books (1735 First Ave North, St. Petersburg, 813-822-3278).  
	Tue-Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Mandala (204 International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, 904-255-6728).  
	Mon-Sat 9:30AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-6PM.  
Old Book Store 9112 W Pinckney, Madison, 904-973-6833).  Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.  
Omni Books (99 SW 34th, Gainesville, 904-375-3755).  
Raintree Books (432 N Eustis, Eustis, 904-357-7145 or 800-742-3485).  
	Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM.  
Seville Bookstore (660 E Government, Pensacola, 904-434-0439).  Tue-Sat 
Tampa Antiquarian Books and Collectibles (6306 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, 
	813-871-3919).  Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  
Tappin Book Mine (705 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach, 904-246-1388).  
	Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Two on a Shelf (2521 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, 407-582-0067).  Tue-Thu 
	10AM-5:30PM, Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Vivian Shelton (Tri-City Antique Mall, Booth #3, Pinellas Park, 
	813-876-0370).  Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 1AM-5PM.  
Wilhite Collectibles (425 Cleveland, Clearwater, 813-447-5722). Mon-Sat 
	10AM-9PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  
Wolf's Head Books (48-50 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine, 904-824-9357).  
	Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM, Sat 11AM-5PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  

The people at Crescent City Books gave me a copy of the Florida 
Antiquarian Booksellers Association Members Directory.  You can get a 
copy from Michael Tennaro, The Book Corner, 728 W. Lumsden Rd, 




The Alabama Booksmith (2626 19th Pl S, 35209,, 205-870-4242).  New and 
	used books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [07/13]
Little Professor Book Center (2717 S 18th, Homewood,205-870-7461).  
	"Wonderfully delicious cafe and one of the largest selections 
	of magazines in Birmingham!"  [07/13]
Lodestar Books (2020B 11th Ave. S, or 2827 Highland Ave S [I've been 
	told both], 35205, 205-939-3356, FAX 205-933-1595).  
	Feminist bookstore.  [07/03]
Jim Reed Books (2021 3rd Ave N, 205-326-4460,  Used books.  [08/13]


The Booklegger (4001-C Holmes Ave NW, Huntsville, corner of Jordan, 
	205-895-0082).  Sells and trades used books. Good SF paperback 
The Book Shelf (Whitesburg Shopping Center, Whitesburg and Airport Rds, 
	256-881-5040; Madison Plaza, across from Madison Sq. Mall, 
	256-830-4424).  New and used.  
The Deep Collectibles (3322 Memorial Pkwy SW, 256-883-7327).  Used; more 
	figurines than books.
Expansion Books (4550 Meridian N, suite B, 256-457-3980).  
	African-American bookstore.  The name comes from their motto: 
	"Expanding minds, one book at a time."  [08/08]
Lifeway Christian Stores (1810 University Dr NW, 256-533-0660).  New.  
Off Campus Book Store (1020 Henderson Rd NW, 256-837-9529).  New textbooks, 
	study aids, Cliff notes, test prep, etc.
Rose of Sharon (3158 University Dr NW, 256-532-4121).  New.  
Schoolcraft (717 Church NW, 256-533-7070).  New children's books.  
Shaver's Bookstore (2362 Whitesburg Dr S, Whitesburg at Bob Wallace, 
	256-536-1604).  New and used, first editions, and rare.  
	Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM, Sat 9:30AM-5PM.

Also in Huntsville: Bookstar, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble, 
which are all standard chain-type stuff.  

Other AL:

Anders Book Store - 1360 Haley Ctr, Auburn).  [07/03]
Apple Tree Book Co. (3320 Henry Rd, Anniston).  [07/03]
Auburn University Bookstore (1360 Haley Ctr, Auburn, 800-880-0392).  
Bienville Books (109 Dauphin, Mobile, 36602, 251-438-2904).  [07/03]
Black Classics Books & Gifts (2206-D Airport Blvd, Westwood Sq, 
	Mobile, 36606, 251-476-1060).  [07/03]
Book Mart (7587 Highway 72 W, Madison, 256-830-0460).  Used.  
Illusions (523 Queen City Ave, Tuscaloosa).  [07/03]
Lodowick Adams, Bookseller (2021 8th, Tuscaloosa).  New and used 
	books.  [07/03]
Mahogany Books & Gifts (37 Western Hills Mall, Fairfield).  [07/03]
Page & Palette (32 S Section, Fairhope).  [07/03]
Priceville Bookmark Discount Books  (650 Hwy 67 S (one mile east of 
	I-65 exit 334), Decatur, 35603, 256-350-0929).   Used books; 
	also some new at 30% off cover.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.   
West Station Antiques (112 Main, Madison, 256-772-0373).  Used.



Lemuria Books (Jackson,  "A great store 
	for browsing."  [07/03]
Pass Christian Books (  "Re-opened 
	and moved after the storm."  [Whoever sent me this didn't 
	bother to say where, though.)  [12/09]
Spanish Trail Books (Vieux Marche, Biloxi, 228-435-1144).
Square Books (Oxford,  



That Bookstore in Blytheville (316 W Main, Blytheville,  New books.  "The owner is famous in 
	bookselling circles for being able to spot talent and grow 
	sales of emerging authors."  [04/04]


New Orleans LA: 

[CAVEAT: I have no idea what the status of many of these stores is after 
Hurricane Katrina, so you should call before making a special trip.  Even 
the stores that have re-opened may have different hours than before.  If 
anyone can send me updates, I would appreciate it!]

In the Quarter (or Downtown as the locals say): 

Arcadian Books and Art Prints (714 Orleans, 504-523-4138).  Nice little 
	store, though the space between the shelves is a bit cramped and the 
	books are in a bit of a mess but good stock of literature, 
	particularly local interest, New Orleans and Louisana stuff.  
	Mon-Sat 10:30AM-6:30PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Beckham's Book Store (228 Decatur, 504-522-9875).  "On the three occasions I 
	have visited this store in the last ten years, I have always had the 
	impression that the stock has barely changed.  It is a large store 
	with a good general stock but everything seems slightly out of date 
	(not necessarily a disadvantage!)."  Open after Katrina.  
	10AM-6PM daily.  [11/05]
Bookstar (Jax Brewery).  The best bookstore in town, though it lacks the 
	personal touch of the other independents.  "It was, alas, the only 
	place I found that had a decent new title selection."  
Crescent City Books (204 Chartres, 504-524-4997).  "The owner came up from 
	Sarasota, FL (where he still has an interest in a couple of 
	bookstores) and has created a first-class used bookstore.  I found a 
	very varied stock, big on local material, very good stock of 
	non-academic world history, good stock of literature, travel, 
	biography, etc.  Prices are not cheap but reasonable.  Well worth a 
	visit."  Mon-Wed 10AM-7PM, Thu-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  
Dauphine Street Books (410 Dauphine, 504-529-2333).  Small but excellent 
	stock, big on literature, particularly local interest (lots of 
	Faulkner stuff) as well as local history and travel, music, etc.  
	Reasonably priced.  Open after Katrina.  Thu-Mon 11AM-7PM.  [11/05]
DeVille Books (344 Carondelet, Shell Square).  An okay small independent.  
Encore Books (N Peters).  Good general new books store, with lots of 
	discounted books and the big advantage of staying open till midnight 
	every night.  
Faulkner House (624 Pirate's Alley,, 
	504-524-2940).  Where Faulkner wrote "Soldier's Pay."  Small 
	but interesting stock, primarily literature, big on local 
	interest.  Will re-open 5 Dec 2005.  10AM-6PM.  [11/05]
Kaboom Books (901 Barracks, 504-529-5780).  Don't be put off by the name or 
	the fact that it is at the outer edge of the Quarter.  Nothing 
	spectacular but good solid general stock at very reasonable prices.  
	Thu-Mon 11AM-7PM.  
Librairie Books (823 Chartres, 504-525-4837).  Don't be put off by the 
	name--it's not a French bookstore.  General stock, nothing out of 
	the ordinary but if you are staying in the Quarter you are bound to 
	keep passing it.  Open 10AM-8PM.  
Little Professor (S Carrollton).  

The Music Factory (on N Peters) is a record store that stocks books on music, 
particularly New Orleans type music.

Outside the Quarter: 

Magazine Street: 

Magazine is what Decatur becomes the other side of Canal.  If you 
drive, there are some interesting antique stores at around the 2000 
block as well as near these two bookstores.  By bus take the Magazine 
Street (#11) bus.  It comes down Canal and makes a right onto 
Magazine.  The stop is on Canal just before the turn.  

Beaucoup Books (Magazine near Jefferson).  An okay small independent.  
George Herget (3109 Magazine, 504-891-5595).  Good general used bookstore.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  

Garden District (take St. Charles streetcar to get to these stores): 

Garden District Bookshop (2727 Prytania (in the Rink), 504-895-2266).  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-4PM.  Definitely open for business.  
Great Acquisitions Book Service (8200 Hampson, #311, 504-861-8707).  
	Mon-Fri 9:30AM-3PM.


Bayou Books (1005 Monroe, Gretna, across the river from New Orleans).  
New Orleans Museum of Art (City Park,  New art 
Octavia Books (513 Octavia at Laurel, 504-899-READ,  New books.  Has author 
	signings.  "Also open for business, according to Popppy Brite--
	"came through the storm undamaged".  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [11/05]

The Antiquarian and Second Hand Bookshops of New Orleans put out a 
helpful, free leaflet on the antiquarian and second hand bookstores in 
their city, with a map of the French Quarter showing the location of 
those in the Quarter and directions to those not in the Quarter.  You 
can get it from many of these stores.  

There are some interesting second-hand and specialty book stores, mostly in 
the Vieux Carre.  Beckhams, Crescent City, George Herget, and Librairie (all 
except Herget in the Vieux Carre) are among the larger and better used book 
places.  There are also used paperback stores on Metairie Road, Airline Hwy, 
W Esplanade in Kenner, and a couple on the West Bank.  

"New Orleans is a city of eaters, drinkers, partyers, and dreamers, not 
readers!  I would venture to guess--and I'm a former New Orleanian and still 
a property owner there--that New Orleans has fewer bookstores per capita 
than any other city in the Western world."  

But another reader writes, "I must disagree with the comments of the reader 
about New Orleans not being a city of readers.  For a city that gave birth 
to Lafcadio Hearn, Truman Capote and John Kennedy Toole and which long 
sheltered Faulkner, Tennessee Williams and Walker Percy, this is unjust.  
It's also inaccurate."  


San Juan PR: 

[Addresses in Puerto Rico seem to be given in "mainland" style 
(number followed by street) and "island" style (street followed by 
number) indiscriminately.  Deal with it.]

Liberia Tertulia Viejo San Juan (251 Calle de la Cruz).  Local 
	independent bookstore in Old San Juan near the Plaza de las 
	Armas.  [07/17]
Libros AC (Avenida Ponce De Leon 1510, near the Museo de Arte).  
	Small compared to mainland stores, but described by a local 
	as "good place for local works, popular, sci-fi, comics, 
	etc)."  [07/17]
Poet's Passage (203 Calle de la Cruz).  Described as "beloved indie 
	store, art, coffee, books, poetry," but the book selection 
	seems limited to only a couple of dozen poetry books.  In Old 
	San Juan near the Plaza de las Armas.  [07/17]

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