Bookstores in Southwest United States


Last change: 
01 Oct 2018

[The Texas lists, and particularly the Houston list, is primarily from 
before Harvey.  Any store in the Houston list in particular without a date 
at the end of the description, or a date before 08/17, should be verified 
before you make a long trip there.  Any updates are welcome.]

Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include: 
Dallas/Ft. Worth TX 
Houston TX 
Austin TX 
San Antonio TX 
Other Texas 
Santa Fe NM (includes northern NM) 
Albuquerque NM (includes middle NM) 
El Paso TX (includes southern NM) 
Tucson AZ 
Phoenix AZ 
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1: This list includes cities in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and 
Arizona.  Lists for other geographic areas are in separate files.]

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY 

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 



Norman OK:

Atomik Pop (was Planet Comics & Science Fiction) (918 W Main, 73069, 
	405-329-9695,  No books per se, but a big 
	selection of graphic novels.  [06/03]
Ball's Books (920 W Main, 405-364-4803).  Used books.  Tue-Sat 11AM-7PM, 
	Sun 1PM-5PM.  [06/03]
The Book Stall (300 W Gray, 405-329-6787).  Mostly used paperbacks, Not 
	much SF.  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 1PM-7PM.  
Crazy Ladies Book Shop (1221 W Lindsey, 405-364-2665).  Seems to be 
	listed in the phone book as "Belle's Book Shop."  Don't let the 
	covered windows put you off--it's not an adult book store, but 
	just one with a southern exposure.  [06/03]

Oklahoma City OK:

Aladdin Book Shoppe (5040 N May, 942-2665).  Used books, mostly 
	hardback, divided into categories, but without any labels on 
	the shelves!  Big religion section.  Prices nothing special.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM.  [06/03]
The Book Shop (Greenway Plaza Center, 11809 S. Western, 73170).  New 
	and used hardbacks, paperbacks and book-related articles.  
	Gives up to 20% off on new hardbacks, and 15% off on new 
	paperbacks.  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM.  
Inspirational Surplus (Crossroads Mall, I-240 and I-44 (I think)).  I 
	haven't been inside, but their billboard advertises Bibles and 
	other inspirational books and supplies at up to 90% off.  

Pryor OK:

The Book Exchange & Bible Bookstore (3 N Adair, 74361, 918-825-6015, 
	http://www.  [11/04]

Tulsa OK:

Barnes & Noble (several).
A Book Affair (810 N Sheridan).  Used books. 
The Book Place (24 E Dewey).  Used books. 
The Book Rack (11327 E 31st).  Used books. 
Bookland (2208 E 61st).  Used books. 
Fine Books (3323 E 51st).  Used books. 
First Edition (1502 E 15th,1502 E 15, 74120, 918-582-1967 or 
	800-539-1967, FAX 918-583-9538,  Used books, mostly hardbacks, 
	mostly non-fiction.  Some books over-priced (particularly 
	science fiction book club editions), but others reasonable.  
	Mon-Sat 9AM-4PM.  [06/03]
Gardner's Used Books, Music, Videos & Collectibles Inc. (4421 S Mingo 
	Rd, 74146, 918-627-7323,  
	Claims to have over two million used books, including 95,000 
	science fiction and 67,000 mystery.  Certainly a big selection, 
	including older books.  Most books half-price, with a minimum 
	of $2.95 in the mystery and science fiction sections.  Going 
	the cafes one better, they have an attached Mexican 
	restaurant.  Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  
	Closed Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.  [06/03]
Novel Idea Bookstore (3356 E 51st, Tulsa, 74135, 918-747-6711; 
	7104 S Sheridan Rd, 74133, 918-492-0335).  "Novel Idea Bookstore has 
	two locations, they are an independent store(s), with a large 
	selection.  The store on Sheridan Rd has a nice cafe with a good 
Oak Tree Books (2812 E 15st).  Used books.  A bit pricy (e.g., $3.50 
	for a recent paperback of MOBY DICK with a cover price of 
	$3.99, and $20 for a book club edition of THE FOUNDATION 
	TRILOGY).  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  [06/03]
Peace of Mind (1401 E 15st).  New and used New Age books and 
	materials.  [06/03]
Quicksilver Books (7800 E 49st).  Used books. 
Readers Choice (4729 S Memorial).  Used books.  

Also Tulsa has several Barnes & Noble stores.


Books 'N Tees (4615 SE 29th, Del City, OK).  
Realms of Fantasy (1742 S 4th #250, Chickasha, OK 73018-5901, 405-222-4557).  
	New and used SF. 


Dallas/Ft. Worth TX: 

Dallas unless otherwise specified:

Aldredge (2909 Maple Ave just north of the Crescent, 214-827-4307).   Tends 
	somewhat toward the pricier wares of an "antiquarian" book dealer, 
	but *also* has a good selection of not-as-expensive used books.   
Barnes & Noble (several).  Superstore.	[02/11]
Big D Books (1516 Centerville Rd).  "*Classic* used book store.  It looks 
	like a condemned building, and the inside is a maze of shelves.  
	Almost no space to walk between the shelves.  There are a lot of 
	books, especially SF, and the owner is very knowledgeable!  This is 
	my idea of the *best used bookstore* in Dallas."  "I couldn't 
	disagree more with the previous assessment.  It's not much bigger 
	than a 7-11, the owner is a surly jerk and the book selection isn't 
	very good."  
Half-Price Books (5803 E Northwest Hwy, 214-379-8000; 13388 Preston Rd, 
	972-701-8055).  The biggest chain of used and discounted books in 
	Texas.  "I find their selection of fiction sadly lacking (especially 
	SF).  For SF go to Big D Books!"  But another person says, "My 
	favorite bookstore.  I love surprises and you never know what amazing 
	things might turn up here."  Someone else describes it as "mined 
	out."  (I suspect it may be all these things, though perhaps not 
	simultaneously.)  [07/13]
Lone Star Comics (five locations,  [07/13]
Lucky Dog Books (10801 Garland Rd, 214-827-4860).  "Best independent 
	bookstore in Dallas.  Huge selection, lots of reading chairs, low 
	prices, trade-in or credit policy, knowledgable owners, 20 years in 
	business...."  Used to be Paperbacks Plus.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, 
	Sun 12N-7PM.  [07/13]
Majors Scientific (2317 Butler just off Harry Hines, 214-631-4478).  The 
	best source in Dallas for technical books in biological and medical 
	sciences.  [07/13]
University of Dallas Bookstore.  "Has lots of University press books 
	(intellectual history, etc.) which you won't find anywhere else in 
	the area.  This is not large enough to be worth going to for any one 
	specific title, but worth browsing.  The prices on their overflow 
	table are typically dirt cheap ($1 a book or so), and I've found 
	some amazing bargains there."  


Recycled Books (200 N Locust, near the town square, 866-651-5688 or 
	940-566-5688,  A huge used bookstore 
	with well-managed stock *and* generally very reasonable prices.  
	They also have an active used-CD section, and a strong 
	specialty section in collectible SF.  "Terrific store with 
	a good science fiction stock and great employees.  Worth s 
	seeking out."  "Despite being a 45-minute drive away, this is 
	still the best bookstore in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by a long 
	shot.  If you can only visit one bookstore in the area, this is it.  
	The only downside is that they do know what they have, so it's hard 
	to find really good stuff cheap."  Open seven days 9AM-9PM.


Houston TX: 

[This will be updated as the effects of Hurricane Harvey become known.  
Any store without a date at the end of the description, or a date before 
08/17, should be verified before you make a long trip there.  Any updates 
are welcome.]

Barnes & Noble (several). Superstore.  [02/11]
Becker's Books (7405 Westview, 77055, 713-957-8088,, Used books.  3500 square feet.  
	Open 11AM-6PM or by appointment.  
Book Collector (2347 University Blvd at Morningside, 713-661-2665).  Not 
	checked out yet, but from the outside it appears to be in the nature 
	of Detering or Brazos, with a Brit-lit orientation.  Reported to be 
	higher priced and not as friendly as other stores. 
Brazos Bookstore (2421 Bissonnet at Morningside, 713-523-0701).  Eclectic, 
	but known as a literary place, with readings.  "The Brazos Bookstore 
	is *the* bookstore in Houston for the hip crowd, the literati, the 
	artsy people from Montrose, etc.  Philip Lopate used to hang out 
	there, and I think he even mentions the place in one of his essays.  
	It's small, attractive, unassuming, and quietly excellent.  
	Especially in the areas of new and avant-garde fiction and 
	non-fiction, lit crit, poetry, and art.  I bought a Man Ray T-shirt 
	there once: the famous photo with dewdrops on eyelashes.  It's the 
	only T-shirt I ever saw them sell.  A class act, all 'round.  This 
	store is very much a *Houston* store.  It epitomizes the 
	cosmopolitan, New-York-without-the-hassles feeling of the city."   
	As of 08/31/17, it has re-opened.  [08/17]
Brown Book Shop (1517 San Jacinto at Bell, 713-652-3937,  Good for science and technical stuff.  
	Founded in 1946.  One reader writes, "When I was a boy, this was the 
	premier Houston general book store--back when Ted Brown was around.  
	Larry McMurtry speaks of Ted Brown & his store in his new book WALTER 
	BENJAMIN AT THE DAIRY QUEEN.  Brown Book Shop has been under the 
	ownership of Mr. Pat Ginther for quite a while now.  They are a big 
	'business and technical' bookstore, with an online service for 
	customers who can't come in to downtown Houston."  
Half-Price Books.  Chain.
Lucia's Garden (2942 Virginia, 713-523-6494).  Specializes in mythology, 
	psychology, gender studies, herb lore and gardening.  
Major's Scientific Books (7205 Fannin, 713-799-9922 or 800-221-9697).  Good 
	for computer books and science texts, *especially* medical tomes.  
Menil Collection Bookstore (1520 Sul Ross, 713-521-9148).  Art books.  Park 
	in the big parking lot on the 1500 block of West Alabama and there 
	is a walkway to the museum that takes you directly to the bookstore.  
Murder By the Book (2342 Bissonnet at Morningside, 713-524-8597 or 
	888-424-2842,  The Houston source for 
	mysteries, especially new stuff.  Author signings almost every week.  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  As of 08/31/17, it has 
	re-opened.  [08/17]
Museum of Fine Arts (1001 Bissonnet at S Main, 713-639-7365).  Lots and lots 
	of art-related books.  
Nan's Games (2011 SW Fwy at S Shepherd, 713-520-8700).  A game and comic 
	shop, but it has a rack of new SF, though heavily infested with 
	official D&D pablum.  
Out-of-Print Book Shop (2450 Times Blvd, 713-526-8616).  "Self-explanatory."  
River Oaks Bookstore (3270 Westheimer at River Oaks Blvd, 713-520-0061).  
	New books in front, used in back.  "Warm, good people."  
Texas Art Supply (2001 Montrose at Welch, 713-526-5221).  Art-related books.  
Third Planet (2718 SW Freeway near Kirby, the ugly blue building next to the 
	Holiday Inn, 713-528-1067).  A comic and game shop, but they do 
	maintain a very large rack of new and old SF books.  The new 
	location on the freeway makes them more accessible to those 
	traveling from elsewhere in Houston, but has displaced them from the 
	Bissonnet-Rice Village bookstore circuit.  Discounts available only 
	to comic subscribers.  
University of Houston Cougar Bookstore (UH campus).  A large campus 
	bookstore, usually cheaper than the Rice store.  
Univeristy of St. Thomas Bookstore (UST campus).  Reputedly good for 
University of Texas Health Science Center Books (6431 Fannin at University, 
	713-794-1207). Medical and health books.  

There are also lots of African-American, Spanish-language, Vietnamese, 
Korean, and religious bookstores, for which I have no listsings (yet).  


Austin TX: 

Austin Books & Comics (5002 N Lamar Blvd, 512-454-4197, .  Mostly games and comics, but still 
	with a considerable, albeit cramped, SF section.    [07/13]
Barnes & Noble (several).  Superstore.  [02/11]
The Book Cellar  (3 W Central, Temple TX [north of Austin], 254-773-7545).  
	Called The Cellar because it's in one, this store has 3000 sq ft of 
	used paperback and hardback books.  Some collectibles (mostly Texana) 
	are not out for display, ask the manager/owner.  They don't trade 
	books but will pay cash for books they can use (generally 15-20% on 
	paperbacks).  Paperbacks are all half the original cover price.  
Book Exchange (7411 Burnet Rd, 512-454-6139).  "Used paperbacks.  Buy or 
	trade.  Several rooms of mostly genre fiction.  Categories include 
	general fiction, mysteries, SF, romance, historical romance, Regency 
	romance, Western romance, Westerns, spy, thrillers, and 
	action/war novels."  
Book People (603 N Lamar, 512-472-5050,  
	A large book store.  Used to specialize in New Age (holistic 
	health, "metaphysics," philosophy, psychology, and related 
	areas), though it has reportedly recently announced a more 
	mainstream policy.  Has a large gay/lesbian/bisexual section.  
	"I frequently find things here that I can't find at the other 
	big stores, because of their policy of hanging on to backlist 
	for long periods of time.  I'm constantly discovering writers, 
	wanting to get what they wrote a few years back, and not 
	finding any because no one will keep backlist around.  
	BookPeople solves that problem for me. It has a good fiction 
	section, an interesting set of shelves featuring historical 
	novels, and history I've not seen elsewhere.  Great kids' 
	section."    Open daily 9AM-11PM.
Book Woman (918 W 12th, 78731, 512-472-2785).  Specializes in women's issues 
	and feminist writings.  "Women-owned and operated."  
Half Price Books (5555 N Lamar at Koenig, 512-451-4463; 2929 S Lamar, 
	512-443-3138; 2500 W Parmer Ln, 512-454-3664).  "The best used book 
	store in town, but only by default.  This flagship Austin store is 
	now in a converted supermarket, with 80,000 square feet, a rare book 
	alcove of a couple thousand feet or more (containing some of the old 
	Detering stock from Houston).  Loads of parking.  The staff will not 
	search for titles, so if you're looking for something, you must stop 
	in and hope to find it."
University Co-op (2246 Guadalupe, 512-476-7211).  They sell only textbooks.  
Whole Earth Provision Co. (2410 San Antonio, 512-478-1577; 1014 N Lamar 
	Blvd, 512-444-9974).  Primarily an outdoor sporting goods store, but 
	has the best selection of books on outdoor sports and environmental 
	issues.  Look here for trail guides, field guides, books on the 
	environment and natural history, and topographical maps.  


San Antonio TX: 

Antiquarian Book Mart (3217 Broadway, 210-828-4885).  "This store is 
	immediately adjacent to Half Price Books.  They have a mix of paper 
	and hardbacks.  They also have an 'annex' behind the main store, 
	which has more restricted hours than the main store and I think 
	sells more rare books."  Reportedly badly organized and not very 
	high quality.  
Cheever Books (3613 Broadway, 210-824-2665).  A fairly large store.  Mostly 
	hardcovers.  "More 'rare' than 'used,' at least compared to other 
	places I've been in San Antonio."  New location.  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM, 
	Sun 12N-8PM.  [04/04]
Half Price Books (3207 Broadway, 210-822-4597; 125 NW Loop 410, 210-349-1429; 
	20821 US 281 N, 210-545-3836).  The main store is immediately 
	adjacent to Antiquarian Book Mart.  They sell new and used books, 
	also records, magazines, etc.  It feels more like a new 
	bookstore--large and well-lit.  "One of the better remainder houses 
	I've run across with an excellent SF section.  Well organized, 
	clean, and better-than-average stock."   Mon-Sat 9:30AM-9PM, 
	Sun 12N-8PM.  


Other Texas: 

Booked Up (Archer City, 940-574-2511,  "I keep 
	hearing about this place but have never been there.  The famous author
	Larry McMurtry has reportedly opened what the biggest used 
	bookstore anywhere in Archer City, Texas."  [This had been four 
	buildings, but was shrunk to two holding about 150,000 books after 
	a big sale in 08/12.]  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  [12/12]
The Bookworm (3014 Hwy. 35 N, Suite B, Rockport TX 78382, 512-790-8399).  
	Rockport is a fishing & resort town on the windy Texas Coastal 
	Bend, just north of Corpus Christi.  The Bookworm specializes in 
	new, local interest books & used Texana.  


Santa Fe NM (includes northern NM): 

Alla Spanish Language Books & Records (102 W San Francisco, 505-988-5416).  
The Ark (133 Romero, 505-988-3709).  Psychology, spirituality, health, 
	astrology, ecology.  Mon-Fri 9:30-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5.  
Blue Moon Books & Vintage Video (329 Garfield at Guadalupe, 505-982-3035).  
	Used.  Metaphysical, philosophy, women's studies, audio and video 
Book Mountain Used Paperback Exchange (2101 Cerrillos Rd, 505-471-2625).  
	Paperbacks, hardbacks, new Southwest, comics, newspapers.  Mon 12-6, 
	Tue-Fri 11-8, Sat 9-6, Sun 10-4.  
Book Warehouse (8380 Cerrillos Rd, Cerrillos Outlet Mall, 505-473-5508).  
	Miscellaneous remainders.  
Books & More Books (1341 Cerrillos Rd, 505-983-5438).  Used.  General stock, 
	art, crafts, literature, poetry, Southwest.  Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-5.  
Bruce's Comics (College Plaza South on Cerrillos Rd, 505-474-0494).  
Classic Additions (430 W Manhattan, 505-983-2222).  Used.  
The Collected Works Books Shop (208B W San Francisco, 505-988-4226).  
	General stock, Southwest, history, travel, art.  Relocating 
	05/09; new address unknown.  Open seven days.
College of Santa Fe Bookstore (College of Santa Fe, 505-473-0812).  
Curiouser & Curiouser Children's Old Books (102 W San Francisco, 
	505-988-5840).  Used.  
Downtown Subscription (376 Garcia, 505-983-3085).  Magazines, newspapers, 
	coffee bar.  
La Fonda Newsstand (La Fonda Hotel, 505-988-1404).  Southwest, newspapers, 
	magazines.  Daily 7-9.  
Footsteps Across New Mexico (211 Old Santa Fe Trail, 505-982-9297).  
Garcia Street Books (376 Garcia, 505-986-0151).  General stock.  
Hastings (2414 Cerrillos Rd, de Vargas Mall, 505-473-5837).  Books, music, 
	video.  Not particularly great, but at least 10% off everything, 
	including special orders, and lots of remainders.  
Horizons (328 S Guadalupe, 505-983-1554).  Natural history, science, travel, 
Margolis & Moss (129 W San Francisco, 505-982-1028).  Rare books, prints, 
Nicholas Potter, Bookseller (211 E Palace Ave., 505-983-5434).  General 
	stock used and rare, classical and jazz LPs.  Mon-Sat 10-5.  
The Observatory (229 E Marcy, 505-986-1758).  Used.  General stock, Alaska, 
	Arctic.  Mon-Sat 1-5.  
Parker Books of the West (142 W Palace Ave., 505-988-1076).  New, used and 
	rare Southwest, West.  Mon-Sat 10-5:30.  
Photo-Eye (376 Garcia, 505-988-5152).  Out-of-print books and exhibition 
	catalogs on photography.  
The Q-Rosity Shop (418 Cerrillos Rd, 505-984-9971).  Used.  
Reader's Harvest Books (St. Michael's Village West, 1610 St. Michael's Dr, 
	505-438-0574).  General stock, new, used and collectible.  Mon-Sat 
	10:30-7, Sun 11-5.  
Reed Books (228 Old Santa Fe Trail at Alameda, 505-988-9688).  Used and rare.  
	Mostly history, biography, literature, western books.  Friendly 
	staff.  Closed Tuesdays.  
St. John's College Book Store (1160 Camino de Cruz Blanca, 505-982-3691 
	ext. 223).  General stock, classics, academic.  Mon-Fri 9-4.  
Santa Fe Bookseller (203 W San Francisco, 505-983-5278).  New and used art, 
	Southwest.  Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30.  
Santa Fe House of Books (P. O. Box 503, 505-473-5161).  Southwest.  
Santa Fe Public Library (main building, 145 Washington Ave, 505-984-6780).  
	"Friends of the Library" room where volunteers sell donated books 
	very cheaply.  Closed Sundays.  Larger booksale twice a year.  
Travelbug (Montezuma and S Guadalupe, 505-992-0418, 
	http://www.mapsofnewmexico. com).  Travel books, guide books, 
	maps, videos, USGS maps.  Associated with Garcia St. Books.  

Surrounding area (see also Albuquerque NM): 

The Bookcase (2530 San Juan Blvd, Farmington, 505-327-4647).  Used 
	paperbacks.  Mon-Sat 9-5:30.  
Books Etc. (S Santa Fe Rd, Taos, 505-758-0447).  
G. Robinson Old Prints and Maps (124 Bent, Taos, 505-758-2278).  
La Galeria de los Artesanos Books (220 N Plaza, Las Vegas (NM), 
	505-425-8331).  New and used western Americana.  
Iddy Biddy Viddy (1910 N Dustin Ave, Farmington, 505-326-0880).  Used.  
McBook Exchange (3459 Hwy 47, Los Lunas, 505-866-0234).  Used.  
Ojo de Dios Book Store (Mari-mac Village, 755 Central Ave, Los Alamos, 
	505-662-9589).  General stock, technical, Southwest, children.  
	Daily 9-7, Th 9-8, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4.  
R Books (1715 Iris St at 15th & Central, Los Alamos, 505-662-7257).  General 
	stock, technical, SF, magazines, newspapers.  Open seven days, 
	seasonal hours.  
Taos Book Shop (122-D Kit Carson Rd, Taos, 505-758-3733).  General stock, 
	new and used Southwest.  Daily.  
Ten Directions Books (228-C Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, 505-758-2725).  
Tome on the Range (158 Bridge, Las Vegas (NM), 505-454-9944,  New books.  [10/13]

"There's a store on the northeast corner of the Plaza in Taos whose name 
I've lost; it looks from outside like a newsstand but has a good 
Southwestern selection much of which is shelved covers out for easy 

"Best of Santa Fe: For new and used Southwest titles try Parker Books 
of the West.  Nicholas Potter for general used books and records.  Book 
Mountain for paperbacks.  For new titles try Los Llanos Bookstore and 
Collected Works."  


Albuquerque NM (includes middle NM): 

Acequia Booksellers (4019 4th NW, 87107, 505-890-5365i, 
	http://www.  Used and antiquarian books.  
	About 25,000 titles.  Open Tue-Sat 10:30-4:30PM.  [10/13]
Addicted to Comics & Hobbies (2935 Monte Vista Blvd. NE, 505-255-3234).  
	Comics.  Mon-Sat 10:30AM-7PM.  
Adobe Gallery (413 Romero Rd NW, 505-243-8485 or 1-800-821-5221).  Indian 
	and Southwest subjects only.  
Aframerican Bookstore (1005-B Broadway Blvd SE, 505-247-2059).  Black 
	history, politics, and children's issues 
Alameda Book Exchange (1111 Alameda Blvd. NW, 505-898-1298).  Used 
	paperbacks, discounted new paperbacks.  Tue-Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Albuquerque Collectors World  (2740-5 Wyoming NE, 505-293-2486).  Comics.  
	Mon-Th 11AM-7PM; Fri and Sun 11AM-5PM.  
All Indian Nations Book Store Etc. (1212 Rio Grande Blvd NW, 505-246-8372).  
	Books on/by American Indians 
Antique Specialty Mall (4516 Central SE, 505-268-8080 or 265505--4077).  
	Used.  Several vendors sell books.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Arcadia Books (301 San Pedro NE, 505-256-9274).  Used.  General stock, 
	psychology.  Mon-Sat 10:30AM-4:30PM.  
Arts in Transition (525 Central Ave NE, 505-842-5265).  
Barbara's Book Store (9800 Montgomery Blvd NE, 505-275-1582).  Used.  
Barnes & Noble (Coronado mall on Louisiana).  Superstore.  [02/11]
Begin Again Books (5906 Lomas Blvd NE, 505-255-3757).  Used books and 
Blue Eagle Book & Metaphysical Center (4807 Central Ave NE, 505-268-3682).  
	"Largest selection of used metaphysical books in NM."  
The Book Garden (1502 Wyoming NE, 505-292-6005).  New and used.  General 
	stock, book search.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
The Book Mark (1004 Main SW, Los Lunas, 505-866-0598).  
The Book Rack (2506 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 505-292-0397).  New and used romance, 
	mystery, and SF.  Tue-Sat 10:30AM-5PM.  
The Book Source (Old Hwy 66, Edgewood, 505-281-3381).  New and used, 
The Bookcase (109 Mesa SE, 505-247-3102).  Used.  General stock, SF, 
	cookbooks.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Books and Coffee Inc (1800 Central SE 505-842-0624).  Used college texts.  
Bookworks (4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, 505-344-8139).  New and used art, 
	Southwest.  Mon-Sat 9AM-7PM, Sun 9AM-5PM.  
Cantwell's Books & Fine Papers (8236 Menaul Blvd NE, 505-294-4454).  
Casa di Libri (135 Harvard Drive SE, 505-268-0268).  
Cedar Crest Book Exchange (12022 N Hwy 14, Tijeras, 505-281-2234).  Used.  
Charrah's Another Story (328 San Felipe NW, 505-243-9588).  
Classic Century Square Merchants  (4616 Central SE, 505-255-1850).  Used.  
	Several vendors sell books.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  
Comic Warehouse (9617 Menaul NE, 505-293-3065).  Comics.  Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  
Comic Warehouse (2116 Central SE, 505-242-6170).  Comics.  
Cottrell's Hallmark (6300 San Mateo Blvd NE, 505-821-6774).  Children's 
Tom Davies Book Shop (808 Park Ave SW, 505-247-2072).  Used and rare 
Discovery Book Store (1540 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, 505-293-2959).  Self-discovery 
	and personal growth books.  
Don's Paperback Book Exchange (1013 San Mateo SE, 505-268-0520).  Used.  
	Paperbacks, SF, new and collector comics.  Tue-Sat 9AM-6PM.  
Earthwalk (41 Romero NW, 505-242-3217).  Personal and planetary 
	growth, native American and southwestern books 
Footsteps Across New Mexico (303 Romero Rd NW, 505-243-4656).  Books on New 
	Mexico and its history.  
Front Page News Stand (3301 Coors Rd NW, 505-831-5026).  Mostly paperback 
	books and magazines.  
Front Row Seat (6300 San Mateo Blvd NE, 505-828-2777).  
Full Circle Books (2205 Silver SE, 505-266-0022).  Specializes in books by 
	and for women.  
Hastings Books Music & Video (several stores; 505-296-6107, 505-898-9227, 
	505-266-1363, 892-3837).  
Harris Newsstand (5319 Menaul Blvd NE, 505-880-8696).  Used.  Paperbacks, 
Holman's Inc. (6201 Jefferson NE, 505-343-0007).  New.  Electronics, 
	computers, engineering, codes, aviation, maps.  Mon-Fri 8AM-5:30PM, 
	Sat 10AM-3PM.  
Hyleana Fine Books (505-345-9310).  Used.  
Jan's Exchange (3719 4th NW, 505-345-2182).  Used.  Paperbacks, magazines, 
	comics, records.  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Ned Ludd Books (1034 Homestead Rd, Bernalillo, 505-867-0878).  Books on 
	conservation and nature.  
MDC-New Age Books (505-265-6557).  
Menaul Book Exchange (9409 Menaul NE, 505-299-7503).  Used.  Paperbacks, 
	discounted new paperbacks.  Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  
Motorhead Mart (209 San Pedro Drive NE, 505-268-6768).  Auto, truck, and 
	motorcycle books, magazines, and videos.  
Mountain Books (505-823-1122).  Used.  
Mountain Light Books (12478 N. Hwy 14, Sandia Park, 505-281-6738).  
Murder Unlimited (a.k.a. Tasha's Paperback Book Exchange) (2510 San Mateo 
	NE, 505-884-5491).  "One of the better mystery stores in the state, 
	though their not stocking new hardback releases is irritating.  The 
	owner is there most days and is pretty knowledgeable, having written 
	a book herself which is kind of a catalog of the various mystery 
	sub-genres (like garden, tea-house, tough-guy, etc.) with 
	accompanying discussion and suggested titles." Used paperbacks, 
	discounted new and used mysteries, lending library.  
	Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM.  
Nebula (9132 Central Ave SE, 505-275-7727).  Used.  
Newsland Bookstore (2112 Central SE, 505-242-0694).  New.  Paperbacks, 
	SF, newspapers, magazines.  Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 8AM-9PM.  
Noble Collectibles (2906 Juan Tabo NE, 505-298-2680).  Comics.  
Novel Exchange (5505-B Osuna NE, 505-888-1735).  Used.  Children, cookbooks, 
	books on tape for rent.  
A Novel Idea (2805 San Mateo Blvd NE, 505-883-6217).  
Oasis Books (625 Amherst NE, 505-268-1054).  Used.  General stock, history, 
	travel.  Tu-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Open Mind Metaphysical Booksellers (119 Harvard Dr SE, 505-262-0066).  New 
	and used.  
Page One (Mountain Run Shopping Center, 5850 Eubank Blvd NE, 505-294-2026, 
	800-521-4122,  New and used 
	in all categories.  Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM, Sun 10AM-6PM.  [01/14]
Passages Bookshop (808 Central Ave SW, 505-843-9133).  Used.  
Rachel's Books (532 Washington NE, 505-260-0032).  Used.  General stock.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Read On (Coors and Alameda NW, 505-898-0000).  New and used.  
Rug Rats & Ruffles (309 Romero Rd NW, 505-243-9691).  
Salt of the Earth Bookstore (2128 Central SE, 505-842-1220).  New.  Latin 
	American, Southwest, Spanish, political.  Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM, 
	Sun 10AM-5PM.  
Simmons and Simmons Books (Classic Century Square, 4616 Central Ave SE, 
	87108, 505-260-1620,  General used, rare and 
	out-of-print. Specialties: Southwest, West, military history, general 
	history.  Wide selection in all other areas.  Also deals in prints, 
	photographs, historical and entertainment autographs, entertainment 
	memorabilia, and all manner of ephemera. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, 
	Sun 12n-5pm.  
Sisters and Brothers (4011 Silver SE, 505-2566-7317).  Gay/lesbian/bisexual 
	books, etc.  
Southwest Hobby Co. (1003 San Mateo SE, 505-255-2165).  Comics.  
Stagecoach Books & Gifts (2021 Old Town Rd NW, 505-842-6799).  "The Cowboy 
Sunrise Book Store (7200 Menaul Blvd NE, 505-888-2634).  
Tall Tales Comics & Novelties (1410-D Wyoming NE, 505-296-6178).  Comics.  
	Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 12N-5PM 
Tasha's Paperback Book Exchange (a.k.a. Murder Unlimited) (2510 San Mateo 
	NE, 505-884-5491).  "One of the better mystery stores in the state, 
	though their not stocking new hardback releases is irritating.  The 
	owner is there most days and is pretty knowledgeable, having written 
	a book herself which is kind of a catalog of the various mystery 
	sub-genres (like garden, tea-house, tough-guy, etc.) with 
	accompanying discussion and suggested titles." Used paperbacks, 
	discounted new and used mysteries, lending library.  
	Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM.  
Title Wave Books (1408 Eubank NE, 87110, 505-837-9495).  New and used.  A 
	large selection of children's and homeschooling books.  Mon-Wed 
	9:30AM-6PM, Thu-Sat 9:30AM-8PM.  [05/05]
Tom Davies Bookshop (414 Central SE, 505-247-2072).  Used.  Rare books, 
	Southwest, fine printing and bindings.  Mon-Sat 12:30PM-5PM.  
D. Turpen Books of Mexico & the West (505-268-5323).  Used.  
Tuttle Books (5639 Paradise Blvd NW, 505-897-7744).  Used.  
University of NM Bookstore (2301 Central NE, 505-277-5451).  New.  
	Reportedly increased the stock of UNM basketball paraphenalia and 
	cut back on books.  Also, you must pay for parking.  Mon-Fri 
	8AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-2PM.  [05/03]
Valencia Y Bookstore (2510-F Main, Los Lunas, 505-865-3240).  
Victory Book Store (7201 Central Ave NW, 505-831-8083).  
Women's Bookstore (2205 Silver Ave SE, 505-266-0022).  
The Word Shoppe (4800 Lomas Blvd NE, 505-256-7545).  
Wordz & Wizdom Book Store (9221 Coors Blvd NW, 505-899-9697).  Recovery, 
	self-help, and New Age books.  

"Best of Albuquerque: For new titles, Page One, Corner Book Store, and 
UNM Bookstore.  Page One has the best selection of SF and technical 
titles.  For new and used mysteries, Tasha's (a.k.a. Murder 
Unlimited).  Good selections of used SF can be found at The 
Bookcase and Don's Paperbacks."  

Friends of the Albuquerque Public Library have book sales the second 
Saturday of each month, starting at 10AM, admission $1.  [05/03]

Surburbs and south of Albuquerque (see also El Paso TX and Santa Fe NM): 

Ace Trading Company & Pawn Shop (111 Main St, Clovis, 505-762-4848).  
	Used paperbacks.  
Book Place PB Exchange (373 Rio Communities Blvd, Belen).  Used.  
Bookworm Paperback Exchange (602 N White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, 
Cedar Crest Book Exchange (12129 N Hwy 14 in Cedar Crest Center, Cedar 
	Crest, 505-281-2234).  Used paperbacks.  
Dog-Eared Paperbacks (508-D Mechem Dr, Ruidoso, 505-257-2228).  Used.  
Paperback Book Exchange (Crossroads Center, Edgewood).  
Wally's Paperback Book Exchange (Granada Shopping Center, Alamogordo, 
West 44 Odds & Ends (Hwy 44 between Bernalillo and San Ysidro, Bernalillo).  


El Paso TX (includes southern NM): 

Book Basket (9828 Montana, 915-598-1287).  Paperback exchange.  
Book Gallery (2800 E. Yandell Dr, 915-562-4528).  Used.  General stock, 
	Southwest, Mexico, military.  
The Book Rack (10780 Pebble Hills Blvd, 915-598-2279).  Used.  
Bookworm Exchange (3355 N Yarbrough Dr, 915-598-8123).  Used paperbacks.  
CBS Bookstore (1515 N Lee Trevino Dr, 915-593-4844).  Used.  General stock.  
Clark's Paperback Exchange (5412 Will Ruth, 915-755-6767).  
Hi Books (6509 N Mesa St in Palm Court, 915-581-3900).  Used Western 
	Americana.  Daily 10-6.  
Potter's Paperback Exchange (1207 Wedgewood, 915-593-2635).  Mon-Sat 10-6.  
Rita's Fantasy Shop (36 Sunrise Center, 915-757-1143).  Paperbacks, comics.  
West Side Paperback Exchange (138 S Resier Dr, 915-584-8478).  

Southern NM (see also Albuquerque NM): 

The Book Bin (808 N Bullard, Silver City 505-538-2024).  Used paperbacks.  
The Book Gallery (1109 W 2, Roswell, 505-622-9305).  Used.  
Bowlin's Mesilla Book Center (on the plaza in Old Mesilla, Las Cruces, 
	505-526-6220).  Southwest.  
COAS: My Bookstore (317 N Main, Downtown Mall, Las Cruces, 
	505-524-8471, 800-592-8471,  Used.  
	"General stock, but specialties include anthropology, 
	archaeology, southwest regional & natural history, technical, 
	health & medical, SF, and RP games.  The non-fiction area is 
	nicely organized by topic and subtopic, but not shelved very 
	well by author or title within a subtopic.  The regional 
	collections are surprisingly more extensive than just the 
	Southwest.  Very good SF collection.  The store claims to have 
	over 450,000 books in stock.  A gem in the desert--if you have 
	time to visit only one used bookstore in the El Paso/Las Cruces 
	area, this is the one you want."  Parking is at the rear of the 
	store in lot #6 off Water St.  Mon-Sat 9:30AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.
COAS: My Bookstore (1101 S Salano, Las Cruces, 505-647-4472).  
	"COAS has opened a second, smaller store about a 1-1/2 miles from 
	the main store.  As of Sep 2005 this location was still being 
	stocked with overflow from the main store.  There did not seem to 
	be any distinction in content between the stores, so visiting 
	both should be considered."  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM. 
Dave's Paperback Book Exchange (1105 N Main, Las Cruces, 505-525-0277).  
	Paperbacks, comics, magazines.  Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5.  
Del Norte Paperback Exchange (206 W Sherrill Ln, Roswell, 505-623-4844).  
Evco Books (1625 S Main, Suite 6, Las Cruces, 505-523-4032).  Used.  
	Paperbacks, military history, Southwest.  Mon-Sat 9-6, Sun 11-5.  
Happy Jacks Trading Post & Rental (405 E 2, Roswell, 505-623-1544).  Used.  
Hastings Books Music & Video (2350 Lohman, Las Cruces, 505-525-0022).  
	Another in the Hastings chain.  Open seven days 9AM-11PM.
Mary's Corner Swap Shop (601 S Del Paso, Hobbs, 505-393-9677).  
My Bookstore (317 N Main in the Downtown Mall, parking lot #6 off Water St, 
	Las Cruces, 505-524-8471).  Used.  General stock, paperbacks, 
	Southwest, SF.  Mon-Sat 10-6, Fri until 8, Sun 11-5.  
O'Keefe's Bookshop (102 W Broadway, Silver City 505-388-3313).  Used.  
The Ole Book Shoppe (310 W Main, Artesia, 505-748-2465).  Used.  
T or C Books (306 Main, Truth or Consequences, 505-894-3351).  Used.  
Teapot Dome (106 E Spruce, Deming, 505-546-2828).  Used paperbacks, 
	Southwest, magazines.  Mon-Sat 9-6.  
Woman in White Used Book Store (513 N Halagueno, Carlsbad, 505-887-0176).  
Wooden Spoon West Used Books (306 W Luckey, Carlsbad, 505-887-5313).  Used 
	art, natural history, Americana.  (Editor's note: I used to go to 
	the original Wooden Spoon, in Ann Arbor MI.)  


Tucson AZ: 

Antigone Books (411 N 4th Ave, 520-792-3715).  Women's bookstore, good 
	gay selection.  Mon-Thu 10AM-6PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-9PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.
Barnes & Noble (several).  Superstore.	[02/11]
Bookman's Used Books (3330 E Speedway, also at 6230 E Speedway and 
	3733 W Ina Rd near Thornydale, plus one each in Mesa, 
	Phoenix, and Flagstaff,  The one 
	at Grant and Campbell has been described as "enormous" and 
	"HUGE."  The one on Ina is "huge."  Children's sections are 
	laid out in detail on a map.  Open seven days 9AM-10PM.  
Bookstop (214 N 4th Ave, 520-326-6661, http://www.bookstoptucson. com/).  
	Used and out-of-print.  Open Mon-Thu 10AM-7PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-10PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [10/13]
Clues Unlimited (formerly "Footprints of a Gigantic Hound") 
	(E Fort Lowell & Country Club Rd, 520-326-8533, FAX 
	520-326-9001).  Mystery store, some used.  Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM, 
	Sun 12N-5PM.  [03/09]
Kids Center (1725 N Swan, 520-322-5437).  Kids' books only and toys.
Mad Hatter (Grant a half mile north of Campbell).  Used books.  [May 
	have moved.]
Marco Polo & I (4743 E Sunrise Dr, 520-299-9060).  Small general 
	bookstore.  Good childrens and travel sections.
Whiz Kids (1737 E Prince, 520-795-3729).  Kids' books and toys.

For used books, park your car at the corner of Grant and Campbell and 
visit Bookmans, West-Southwest Books, and the Mad Hatter.  (Though 
someone else says, "The corner of Grant and Campbell is indeed the 
haven for used books, but unfortunately, the Mad Hatter is a bit far 
to walk (a half mile north on Campbell) on a street without 
consistent sidewalks."


Phoenix AZ (and surrounding): 


Barnes & Noble (several).  Superstore.  [03/12]
Book Gallery (3643 E Indian School Rd, 602-468-0400,  Used and rare.  Big selection of 
	children's literature.  Open daily.  [03/12]
Bookman's (8034 N 19th Ave, 85021, 602-433-0255,  
	Branch of the Tucson store.  Open 9AM-10PM daily.  [01/15]
Books (9201 7th Ave, 85021, 602-678-4576,  
	Used books; 200,000 titles.  Small by comparison to Bookman's or 
	Book Vault, but worth a trip.  Heavy emphasis on mystery and 
	paperback romance, but plenty of SF, science, etc.  Open Mon-Fri 
	10AM-6:30PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.  [09/18]
Changing Hands Bookstore (300 W Camelback Rd, 85013, 602-274-0067,  New 
	paperbacks and hardbacks, maps.  General bookstore.  Most of 
	the stock is trade, and they tend to buy heavy in psych/
	self-help/arcana.  Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM, Sun 10AM-8PM.  [01/17]]
Half Price Books (2102 E Camelback Rd, 85016, 602-954-4653; 4322 E Cactus 
	Rd, 85032, 602-482-4100;  
	Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM, Sun 10AM-8PM.  [01/15]
Heard Museum - Museum Shop and Bookstore (2301 N Central Ave, 602-252-8344,  Books related to Native Americans; 
	authentic Native American artwork.  No sales tax charged.  
	Open Mon-Sat 9:30AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  [01/15]
Poisoned Pen: A Mystery Book Store (4014 N Goldwater Blvd, 
	480-947-2974, .  Mysteries.  
	Open Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM, Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [01/15]
Wide World of Maps (2626 W Indian School Rd, 85017, 480-279-2323; 
	1444 W Southern Ave, Mesa, 85202, 480-844-1134,  Maps, travel, and outdoor 
	recreation.  Phoenix store open Mon-Fri 8AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-4PM; 
	Mesa store open Mon-Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.  [01/15]


Book Gallery / Mesa Bookshop (50 W Main, 85201, 480-835-0757,  Used and rare.  Big selection of 
	children's literature.  Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, 
	Sat 10AM-6PM.  [03/12]
Book Vault (6505 E Southern Ave, Superstition Mall, Mesa 85206, 
	480-699-1136,  New and used books, 
	as well as media, etc.  I have not visited this yet, but at 
	43,000 square feet, it is probably larger than any one 
	Bookman's store (their six stores total 114,000 square feet).  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 11AM-6PM.  [10/18]
Bookman's (1056 S Country Club Dr at Southern, 85210, 602-835-0505,  Used books, CD's, 
	DVDs/tapes, and even software.  Biggest used bookstore in 
	town: however, "There's not much depth to the selection 
	either, though what they have is well organized.  It's a 
	well-lit, family-oriented joint.  They sell used videogames, 
	records, magazines, and musical instruments in addition to 
	the items already appearing in their listing."  Probably 
	best described as a similar book selection to a Barnes & 
	Noble, but all used.  No antiquarian or even many older 
	books.  All kinds of fiction and non-fiction, including 
	Japanese manga.  Open 9AM-10PM daily.  [01/15]
Half Price Books (6339 E Southern Ave, 85206, 480-325-8354;  Mon-Sat 9AM-10PM, 
	Sun 10AM-8PM.  [02/12]


Alcuin Books (4242 N Scottsdale Rd, 85251, 480-946-1969, .  Collectible, scholarly, and 
	rare.  In the Antiquarian Book Center.  Mon-Fri 
	10AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM.  [01/15]
Gifts Anon, Inc. (10427 N Scottsdale Rd, 85253, 480-483-6006,  Recovery books.  Mon-Tue 
	10AM-1PM; Tue-Fri 5P-8PM; Sat 10AM-1PM, 5PM-8:30PM.  [12/06]
Guidon Books (7109 E 2nd at Marshall, 85251, 480-945-8811, FAX 480-946-0521,  Western Americana and Civil War.  
	Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.  [01/15]


Changing Hands Bookstore (6428 S McClintock Dr at Guadalupe, 85283, 
	480-730-0205,  New 
	paperbacks and hardbacks, maps.  General bookstore.  Most of 
	the stock is trade, and they tend to buy heavy in psych/
	self-help/arcana.  Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 9AM-9PM, 
	Sun 10AM-6PM.  [01/15]
Old Town Books (518 S Mill Ave, 85281, 480-968-9881).  "Used 
	bookstore, with emphasis on Southwestern history and culture, 
	as well as many novels from 1920s-1960s.  Almost all 
	hardcover.  Good selections of children's books, Westerns, 
	large transportation section.  Prices very reasonable."  
	Someone else says, "Owners know the stock."  Mon-Sat 
	10AM-6PM.  [12/06]

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