Bookstores in Western United States

Last change:
19 Nov 2017

There are separate files for lists for the Southwest, the Los Angeles area,
the San Diego area, the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco and north),
the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley, Oakland, and East Bay), the San
Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula and south), and the northwestern United States.


Cities (listed geographically north-to-south, east-to-west) include:
MT (Montana)
WY (Wyoming)
ID (Idaho)
Boulder CO
Colorado Springs CO
Denver CO
CO (other) (Colorado)
Salt Lake City UT (and other Utah)
Las Vegas NV
Reno NV
other geographic areas 

[Note 0:  These lists were started thirty years ago, before search engines, 
Yelp, and so on.  Because those are now available, these listings will 
include only places that are noteworthy, or have substantive descriptions, 
or have been visited by me.  Old "minimalist" listings will remain as long 
as the stores are open, but no new "minimalist" entries will be added.]

[Note 1: This list includes cities south of the Canadian border, west of and
including the Rockies, but excluding Washington, Oregon, and California.
Lists for other geographic areas are in separate files.

[Note 2: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]

[Note 3: If you can add information for any of these, in particular
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.  *PLEASE SPECIFY CITY

[Note 4: Area codes change so quickly these days that these may be wrong.] 



Billings MT:

Book Place (2814 First Ave N).  Used and antiquarian.  Specializes in 
	Western Americana.  [07/07]
Book Seller (1120 16th W).  Over 50,000 used books.  [07/07]
Thomas Books (209 N 29th).  New books.  [07/07]

Bozeman MT:

Country Bookshelf (28 W Main, 406-587-0166 or 800-621-7977).  New books, 
	specializing in local history and outdoors.  Open Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM, 
	Sat 9AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.  [06/02]
Vargo's Jazz City & Books (6 W Main, 406-587-5383).  New and used books.  
	Open seven days.  [06/02]

Red Lodge MT:

Red Lodge Books (16 N Broadway, 59068, 406-446-2742,  "New and used books, with a 
	specialty in Western Americana, Native Americans (or American 
	Indians, as they call themselves around here), ranching, 
	farming, horses, and the like."

See also Yellowstone area under Wyoming (below).



Casper WY:

The Book Gallery (235 E 1st, 307-234-4412).  Used and rare books.
Book Nook (536 E Yellowstone, 307-237-2211).  Sell and trade used 
The Book Palace (134 S Center, 307-577-1325).
Book Peddler (4270 S Poplar, 307-266-2921).
The Book Shelf (2121 E 2nd, 307-237-6034).
The Galilean (Eastridge Mall, 307-234-9810).  Bibles and Christian 
Linda's Beehive Books (1125 S Jackson, 307-235-4675).  Christian and 
	LDS books.
Ralph's Books & Cards (Hilltop Shopping Center, Country Club Rd & 3rd, 
The Westerner Newsstand (245 S Center, 307-235-1022).

Cheyenne WY:

Constant Reader Books (1615 Logan Ave, 307-742-9028). Used books.  
Laramie County Library Sale Room (2200 Pioneer Ave, 307-634-3561).  
	Open Mon-Thu 10AM-9PM, Fri-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM.  [08/08]
Phoenix Books & Music (1612 Capitol Ave, 307-632-3476).  Used books 
	and music.  Looked pretty big through the window (I got there 
	too early!).  Open Fri-Wed 10AM-6PM, Thu 10AM-8PM.  [08/08]

Cody WY:

Cody Newstand (1121 13th, 307-587-2843).  New books and magazines.  
	Small but up-to-date selection of books; large selection of 
	magazines.  Open 7 days a week.  [06/02]
Wyoming Well Book Exchange (1902 E Sheridan, 307-587-4249).  
	Paperbacks, mostly used, with some new.  Decent SF section, a 
	lot of romances, and a very large Westerns section.  Charges 
	half cover plus 25 cents per book.  Conveniently shares an 
	office with a UPS shipping agent (not that you're going to 
	find *that* much here).  Open Mon-Sat 8AM-6PM.  [06/02]

Laramie WY:

Chickering Books (203 S 2nd).  New books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.
Night Heron Books (107 Ivinson).  Used books.  Small, but nice 
	selection.  Open Mon-Sat 10:30AM-6PM; buys Mon-Tue.  [08/08]
2nd Story Books (105 Ivinson).  New books.  [08/08]
University of Wyoming Bookstore.  Run by Barnes & Noble.  [08/08]

(The first three are all within a block of each other.)

Yellowstone/Grand Teton Area:

The Book Peddler (106 Canyon, West Yellowstone, MT 9798, 406-646-9358, 
	Better selection of new books than The Bookworm when I was there in 
	2002, though someone now reports that the Bookworm has a much 
	larger selection.  Very small selection of used books, all 
	mass-market, but reasonably priced.  Also has an espresso bar.  
	Open seven days 7AM-11PM.  [09/08]
The Bookworm (14 Canyon, West Yellowstone, MT 59798, 406-646-9736).  
	New and used.  Okay selection of regional new books.  Mediocre 
	SF (mostly series).  Limited selection of used books is priced 
	for the desperate.  Examples: jacketless book club edition of 
	THE FOUNDATION TRILOGY for $15, and several-years-old 
	mass-market edition of "movies on TV" guide for $4.  Open 
	seven days 9AM-11PM.  [06/02]
Two Ocean Books (Dubois).  New regional Western and local writers, natural 
	history.  [06/02]



Bargain Books.  Used.  [06/02]
Boise Books (Rainbow).  Used and antiquarian.  [06/02]
A Novel Adventure (906 W Main, 83702, 208-344-8088). Independent 
	bookstore, with emphasis on travel and travel-related books.  
	Also displays art.  [03/09]
Rediscovered Bookshop (7079 Overland Rd, 83709, 208-376-4229,  Independent bookstore.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [02/09]
? (Broadway).  Used, mostly paperbacks, some vintage fiction.  [06/02]


Read All About It.  New.  Probably a large Hemingway section.  [06/02]

"There are two used bookshops in Hyde Park.  One has nothing old,
just recent stuff, very tidy.  The other store has been there for
years, very untidy and lots of old stuff."


Yesteryear.  Used and antiquarian.  The shop next door has some stuff 
	as well.


Boulder CO:

Abbey Road (1734 Pearl St, three bocks east of the Pearl Street 
	pedestrian mall).  Used.  Medium- to high-quality material.  
	Art/interior design, philosophy, science, nature, novels, CDs, 
	technology.  Nice owner.  Will bargain.  No new arrival shelf.  
	Penny Lane is the coffeehouse at 1783 Pearl.
Aion Bookshop (1235 Pennsylvania Ave, 303-443-5763).  Used.  Large
	house/storefront at the bottom of "the hill" by CU.  Main level 
	is primary quality hardbacks: art and architecture, textbooks,
	technical, classics, philosophy, poetry, history.  Basement is
	primarily paperbacks: SF/military/aviation/autos/business.  
	Recent arrival shelf.  They will bargain on some books. "Nice 
	folks, one of my favorites for higher quality books."  Open
	Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 12N-6PM.
Acoma Books (2488 Baseline Rd, Boulder CO  303-494-3309)  Used.  
	Tucked in the Base-Mar Mall near the corner of Baseline and 
	Broadway.  Primarily high-quality hard and softbacks: art and 
	architecture, lots of technical, classics, philosophy, poetry, 
	history.  Recent arrival shelf.  They won't bargain much.  
	Nice little store run by old Aion partner.  Coffeehouse nearby.  
Art Source International (1237 Pearl St., 303-444-4080).  Antique maps 
	& prints, Americana & geology.  Open Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM, 
	Sat-Sun 11AM-5PM.
Beat Book Shop (1713 Pearl St, three bocks east of the Pearl Street 
	pedestrian mall, 303-444-7111).  Beat Subculture.  The title 
	sez it all.
Book Lode (3060 15th, 303-443-0714).  By appointment and mail order.  
	Call for catalog.  Technical & historical books & publications 
	on geology, mining, milling & mining history on all western 
	states, Alaska, Canada, international, & eastern United States.  
Bookworm (2850 Iris, Diagonal Plaza Mall, SE corner of 28th and Iris,
	303-449-3765).  Very used.  Large selection of mostly low-quality
	paperbacks.  No new arrival shelf.
The Boulder Bookstore (1107 Pearl St, at the very west end of the Pearl
	Street pedestrian mall, 303-447-2074).  "A great independent
	bookstore."  Wide selection of all types.  Nice place with chairs to
	sit and read if you want.  "It has been around for a number of
	years, and sponsors numerous readings and literacy events.  It
	contains three full stories of books, including a children's book
	annex, and in the last six months, has debuted a new wing on the
	third floor.  Also, the Bookend Cafe next door features a wide
	variety of foods for lunch and dinner, as well as the usual
	coffee-shop fare."  On the other hand, one person says, "Personally
	I can't stand The Boulder Bookstore--too much New Age Self Helpa
	Explore The Inner Vegan Lifestyle crap, half the stock is on the
	"Newly Released" shelves, instead of being shelved by category so
	that you can find what you're interested in, and the general level
	of stock in fiction, SF and History (my major interests) is
	poor-to-laughable."  So as they say, YMMV. 
Far Western Frontiers (700 Northstar Ct, 303-444-1040).  Orders by mail or
	telephone exclusively.  Catalogues issued.  Discovery and
	exploration of the Americas (1492-1860); early Colorado history, the
	American West and Southwest, Mexico and the Caribbean.
	English and Spanish voyages.  First editions.
Red Letter Books (1737 Pearl St, three bocks east of the Pearl Street
	pedestrian mall, 303-938-1778).  Used/very used.  Large, but
	somewhat dated, medium-quality, selection.  Will bargain prices
	down.  New arrival shelf tends to be good.
Rue Morgue Mystery Bookshop (946 Pearl, 303-443-8346, 800-356-5586).
	Used/new.  Next to The Trident.  They have a number of regular book
	signings by medium and big-name mystery authors, and also have a
	good selection of first editions and older titles.  They are very
	receptive to mail-orders (60% of their business is via mail); you
	can call and ask for a catalog to be sent to you.  Open Mon-Thu
	10AM-5:30PM, Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-5PM.
Stage House Books (1039 Pearl St, half-block west of the Pearl Street
	pedestrian mall downtown, 303-447-1433).  Used/very used.  Main
	level is primary prints and hardbacks.  Upper level is primarily
	trade paperbacks.  No recent arrival shelf.  This is the oldest of
	Boulder's used book stores.  Large, but somewhat stale selection.
	Will bargain prices down.  Near the Trident Cafe.
The Trident (940 Pearl St, one block west of the Pearl Street pedestrian
	mall downtown, 303-443-3133).  Used/discounted new.  Attached to the
	Trident Cafe, a local writer hangout.  It's a nice place to browse
	and drink capuccino.  New arrival shelf.
Trails West (1032 S. Boulder Rd., Louisville, 303-666-7107).  New, used and
	out-of-print Western Americana, exploration, fur trade, Indians,
	military, overland travel, mining, ranching, outlaws, railroading,
	settlers, women, and local and regional histories.  Catalogs issued
	and mail orders welcomed.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-4PM.

[Much of this part contributed by Glen Cox, who credits a pamphlet 
entitled "1993 Colorado Statewide Guide to Used, Rare and Out-of-Print 
Bookstores" published by the Colorado Antiquarian Booksellers 


Colorado Springs CO:

A Amstar Books (333 N Tejon, 719-520-0696).  Literature, fiction,
	non-fiction, poetry, Western Americana, Colorado authors, 
	children's books, illustrated, leather and fine sets, 
	railroad, maps and prints.  Professional book search service.  
	Open Mon 12N-6PM, Tue-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 10AM-2PM.  
Author, Author! (5975 N Academy Blvd, Suite 206, 719-277-READ).  New 
	and used books specializing in genre fiction and books for 
	writers.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Clausen Books (2131 N Weber, 719-471-5884,  
	General old, rare and out-of-print; appraisals.
Hooked On Books (3918 Maizeland Rd, 719-596-1621).  Literature, 
	western Americana, children's books, large selection of used 
	and out-of-print books in all subjects.  Open Mon-Thu, 
	Sat 10AM-6PM, Fri 10AM-9PM.  
O-U-R Books (3009 El Paso, 719-633-7484).  General, Americana, first 
	edition fiction, broad non-fiction, art, religion, technical, 
	reference, military bios, medical, health.  
Poor Richard's Discount Bookstore (320 N. Tejon, between Platte and 
	Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 719-578-0012) Reasonably 
	good selection of new and used books. Open Sun-Thu 10AM-8PM, 
	Fri-Sat 10AM-9PM, (except Xmas and Thanksgiving).  


Denver CO:

Barnes & Noble (500 16th, 80202, 303-825-9166, FAX 303-825-1082).  
	Within a very easy walk of the convention center in the center 
	of the Pavilion retail complex on the 16th Street pedestrian 
	mall downtown.  [11/07]
Black and Read (7821 Wadsworth Boulevard, Arvada, 80003-2107, 
	303-467-3236,  "It's the size 
	of a small supermarket, and has a sort of head-shop esthetic, 
	with tons of used books, CDs, vinyl albums, DVDs, etc.  I 
	spent a pleasant hour wandering around in it.  Not easy to get 
	to from downtown Denver (significantly west and north, 
	half-hour drive), but worth a visit for sure if you're in the 
	neighborhood."  [11/07]
Book Forum (709 East 6th Ave, 303-837-9069).  Quality used books.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 12N-5PM, Wed 12N-6:30PM.
The Book Garden (2625 E 12th Ave, 303-399-2004, FAX 303-399-6167,  A women's gift and bookstore.  "The owners 
	have worked really hard to provide women with books we can't 
	find anywhere else.  It's small, but has a great, friendly 
	atmosphere."  Open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun 10AM-6PM; Thu 10AM-8PM.
Capitol Hill Books (300 E Colfax Ave, 303-837-0700, across the street (east)
	of the Capitol building,  
	New, used and rare.  Medium-quality, large selection.  "In 
	medium-bad section of town.  Recent arrival shelf.  Won't 
	bargain much."  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sun 11AM-5PM.
Colorado Pioneer Books (4755 S Broadway, Englewood, 303-789-0379).
	Specializing in Western Americana.  Open Tue-Fri 10AM-5PM,
	Sat 10AM-4PM.
Fahrenheit's Books (38 Broadway, 303-744-1043,  Occult, metaphysics, 
	philosophy, art, plus general stock.  Searches, appraisals.  
	Open Mon 11AM-3PM, Tue-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-3PM.
Gallagher Collection Books (1428 S Broadway, 80210, 303-756-5821 or 
	866-425-5225, FAX 303-756-7112,  Rare 
	and antiquarian; also library-related antiques. Specialities: 
	Western, railroad, archaeology, Americana, military, fine 
	bindings, children's, illustrated, art, original World War I & 
	II posters.  Open Mon-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-5PM; Tue 
	Jan-May by appt.  [10/07]
The Hermitage (290 Fillmore, 303-388-6811,  Used.  Good collection of 
	Western Americana.  Also first edition literature all periods, 
	military history, art and illustrated travel, books on books 
	and fine printing.  Open Mon-Wed, Fri 10AM-5:30PM, 
	Thu 10AM-8PM, Sat 10AM-5PM, Sun 11AM-4PM.
Honya (1905 Lawrence Street, second level of Sakura Square, 80202, 
	303-292-4147).  Small Japanese-language bookstore.  Mostly 
	magazines, used books, and videos.  [01/05]  
Hue-Man Bookstore (911 Park Avenue West, 80205, 303-293-2665).  Black 
	and African history and issues.
Linda M. Lebsack Books (32 Broadway, 80203, 303-832-7190).  Colorado 
	and the West, American art and artists, railroading.  Issues 
	catalogues.  Open Mon-Fri 11AM-5PM, Sat 11AM-4PM, and by 
Murder by the Book (1574 S Pearl, 303-871-9401,  Mystery fiction, 
	Holmesiana, mystery games, other mystery related items.  Open 
	Tue-Fri 11AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-5PM.
Neighborhood Book Store (8021 S Broadway and Mineral, Littleton 80122, 
	303-730-3682).  Used books with a good SF selection and two 
The Old Map Gallery (1746 Blake, 303-296-7725,  Antique maps--
	specializing in important early maps of the western U.S. and 
	early maps of the world.  Open Mon-Fri 11AM-5:30PM, Sat 
Paris on the Platte (1553 Platte between I-25 and Union Pacific rail 
	yards, 303-455-2451).  Used and new.  Medium-high-quality 
	selection attached to a bohemian Internet cafe.  Recent arrival 
	shelf.  Will bargain some.
The Tattered Cover (2526 East Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80206, 800-833-9327 
	or 303-322-7727, TT/V 303-320-0536, FAX 303-399-2279,  Over 400,000 books in 
	stock.  Considered to be the best independent bookstore in the U.S.  
	Its new location is an old movie house.  Has an attached parking 
	garage.  Also sells used books.  Open Mon-Thu 9AM-9PM, 
	Fri-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 10AM-6PM.  [11/09]
The Tattered Cover (1628 16th, 80202, 303-436-1070).  Branch of the main 
	store.   Large and spacious, three floors, and many good bargains 
	also to be had.  On the route of the free 16th Street Mall shuttle.  
	Open Mon-Thu 9AM-9PM, Fri-Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 10AM-6PM.  [08/08]

Thanks to John Sloan for helping to update this.  [11/07]


CO (other):

The Book Keeper, LLC  (12860 N Zuni #700, Willow Run Shopping Center, 
	Westminster, 80234, 303-466-3559,  
	New and used books; fiction and non-fiction collectibles.  [10/07]
The Bookcase (601 E Second Ave, Durango, 970-247-3776).  Western Americana
	and general history, new local interest maps and books, general
	stock of quality used and out-of-print books.  Open Mon-Sat
	9:30AM-5:30PM (evenings in summer).
Bookworm Bookstore (211 N Main, Gunnison, 970-641-3693).  New, rare,
	out-of-print Western Americana and natural history.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM.
Dean W. Hand - Books (P.O. Box 628, Sterling, 970-522-5915).  Books 
	and pamphlets on Colorado and the Trans-Mississippi West.  By
	appointment only.
Glenwood Used Books (720 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, 970-945-2966).
	Literature and poetry, Americana, SF, earth studies, quality 
	used and rare books in all categories.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, 
	Sun 11AM-3PM.
Millet & Simpson, Booksellers (224 S Union Ave, Pueblo, 719-542-4462).
	Western Americana, art, music, literature, prints, ephemera, 
	general stock.  Free search service, restoration.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, Sat 11AM-5PM.
Indigo Rose Books & Gifts (216 Linden, Fort Collins).  Used 
	(mostly very, although some quality stuff).  Western 
	Americana, children's books, classics, art books, mysteries, 
	SF.  (Formerly The Old Corner Book Shop; I believe its 
	character has not changed.)  [06/09]
Old Possum Books, LLC (7155 W. 119th Pl, Broomfield, 80020, 
	303-439-2017,  "New and Fine 
	Used Books."  Specializing in mystery, history, and Colorado 
	authors, but also carries all general subjects with over 40,000 
	titles.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM, Sun 12N-4PM.  [04/07]
Stone Lion Bookstore (107 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524,
	970-493-0030, FAX 970-482-8957) The finest store for new books
	in Fort Collins. Good selection, especially for literature and
	fiction. Excellent and friendly service on special orders.
	Open 7 days a week.


Salt Lake City UT:

Barnes & Noble (1250 E 2300 S in a big strip mall multiplex; 
	5900 S State (100 E) Corner location; 1300 E and I-80 corner; 
	1104 E 2100 S, Sugarhouse; and 612 E 400 S).  Best selection 
	of SF and fantasy in town.  
Comics Utah, (258 E 100 S; 801-328-3300).  Comics, SF & fantasy, games.
	There is a second location, but it is not as well stocked.
Deseret Books (downtown area).  It has about half LDS books and 
	materials, and half secular books.  The selection was okay--
	about what would expect from a mall store, but not up to the 
	level of a decent independent or superstore.  However, it has 
	the best selection of foreign-language dictionaries and 
	learning materials I have seen anywhere.  [07/03]
Experienced Books (in Sugarhouse near Granite Furniture).  
	"Experienced Books is what a used book store should be."  
Golden Braid Books (213 E 300 S, 801-322-1162).  Eclectic selection: 
	women's issues, Tarot decks, New Age, self-help, Eastern 
	philosophy, etc.  Two floors of books, good used selection.
Gypsy Moon Emporium (1011 E 900 S, 84105, 801-521-9100,  Mythology, folklore, fantasy.
	Specializes in Celtic, Goddess, lunar lore and olde religions.  
The King's English Bookstore (1511 S 1500 E, 801-484-9100,  A cozy bookstore with a 
	resident cat, armchairs, and free tea and coffee.  New books, 
	strongest in fiction and literature.  Best selection of 
	mysteries in town.  [The owner, Betsy Burton, has written a 
	book about it titled THE KING'S ENGLISH.]  [05/07]  
Storybook Nook (in Gardner Village, 1100 W 7800 S,  "A unique collection of 
	children's books and classic toys."  [07/03]  
The University Bookstore (  Textbooks and 
	such.  [07/03]
Utah Book and Magazine (327 S Main).  Supposedly "notoriously haunted."
Weller Book Works (600 S entrance to Trolley Square, 801-328-2586,  New location and name, same URL.   
	New, used, and rare.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM, Sun 12N-5PM.  [06/12]
A Women's Place (800-582-5739).  "Books by, about, and for women.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM, Sat 10AM-7PM, Sun 12N-5PM.

Sir Francis Burton's comments from 1862: "After vainly ransacking the 
few book-stalls which the city contains, I went to the Public Library, 
and, by sending in a card, at once obtained admission....  The volumes, 
about 1000 in number, are placed in a large room on the north side of 
the 'Mountaineer' office, and the librarian attends every Thursday, 
when books are 'loaned' to numerous applicants."

Other Utah:

National Parks and Monuments almost all have some sort of bookstore, 
but some are fairly Spartan.  The best selection is at Zion; Bryce is 


ABC & Beyond Used Books (59 S Main, Eddie McStiff's Plaza, 
	435-259-3336).  Huge selection of SF (including pre-1970 
	paperbacks) and especially mysteries, as well as all other 
	categories, quite reasonably priced.  Open Sun-Thu 9AM-8PM, 
	Fri-Sat 9AM-9PM.  [05/08]
Arches Book Co (78 N Main, 435-259-0782).  Has a coffee bar.  Open 7 
	says 7:30AM-8PM.  [05/08]
Back of Beyond Book Store (83 N Main, 435-259-5154).  "Has the best 
	selection of books on the area" (i.e., Utah south of Provo).  
	Because it has so much, they sub-divide many topics, which 
	makes finding things tricky.  I didn't see Powell's 
	description of his river trip or Twain's ROUGHING IT with the 
	history.  It turns out Powell is shelved in the "Rivers" (!) 
	section and Twain is in the fiction because that's where people 
	look for him.  For a tourist it's a great bookstore, but it's 
	also true that their selection of non-regional books (fiction 
	and so forth) was fairly minuscule and tended towards the 
	lighter reading people on vacation would prefer.  For general 
	reading, ABC & Beyond Used Books has a better selection.  


Robber's Roost Book Store (185 W Main, Torrey, 435-425-3265).  
	Small selection of local interest books, also some popular 
	fiction, and a couple of dozen used books.  Has a coffee bar 
	and internet cafe.  Open Mon-Sat 8AM-4PM, Sun 1PM-4PM.  


Reno NV (and area):

Barnes & Noble Booksellers (5555 S Virginia, 89502).
Book Gallery (1203 N Rock Blvd, Sparks).  Large store with used 
	hardcovers and paperbacks, good SF section.
Book Nook (4750 Hwy 50 East, Carson City, 702-883-9933).  Used 
	paperbacks.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM.
Capital City Books (1970 Hwy 50 East, Carson City).  Used paperbacks 
	and hardcovers.
Comstock Books (106 N Curry, Carson City).  Looked like used books 
	from outside. [08/11]
Dog-eared Books (361 Fairview, Carson City).  Used paperbacks.
Five Dog Books (906 Holcomb Ave, 702-322-1917).  Used books, mostly 
	hardcover, antiquarian.
Grapevine Books (1450 S Wells Ave, 702-786-4869).  Gay, lesbian, and 
	bisexual bookstore.
Keynote Books (2719 Hwy 50, S Lake Tahoe, CA, 916-541-6967, 
	800-416-6967).  Used books and records.  Open Mon-Sat 11AM-5PM.
Mark Twain Bookstore (111 South C St, Virginia City, 775-847-0454,  New and out of print. Nevada 
	history.  A few doors down from the Mark Museum.  Open summer 
	7 days 10AM-5PM, winter Tue-Sun 11AM-4:30PM.  [08/11]
Paperback Exchange (131 Vesta, 702-322-8822).  Used paperbacks.  Open 
	Tue-Sat 9:30AM-5:30PM.  [08/11]
Subject Matter Books (105 Hubbard Way, 702-826-1225).  One person 
	wrote, "Used paperbacks and hardcovers, good SF section," but 
	everything else I have seen indicates it specializes in 
	motorcycles.  However, when we actually went there in the 
	middle of the day during the week, it seemed to be closed.  
Sundance Bookstore (1155 W 4th #106, 702-786-1188,  New books.
Truckee Books (10009 W River, Truckee, CA 96161, 916-582-8302).  New 
	books and used paperbacks.
Warc (570 Gentry Way).  Thrift store, one of several in the immediate 
	area with cheap paperbacks.
Zephyr Books (1501 S Virgina, 775-655-6657,
	Used books, hardcover and paperback.  In fiction, these are 
	shelved somewhat together, with two or three shelves of each 
	case with paperbacks and the rest with with hardbacks.  
	Advertises "100,000 Books!"  Reasonable but not great prices.  
	Formerly Black & White Books.  Open Mon-Sat 10AM-8:30PM, 
	Sun 1:30PM-6PM.  [08/11]


Las Vegas NV:

Albion (Desert Inn at Eastern).  "Nevada's largest used book store"--
	with 10,000 books.  "A clean, bright, well-organized bookstore 
	with a broad selection of used books. Mysteries are among the 
	owner's specialties. The selection is good, and the owner is 
	eager to make recommendations of new authors in this genre."  
	Open Mon-Sat (?) 10AM-6PM.  [12/04]  
Amber Unicorn.  Used children's books.  A bit pricey at times.
Dead Poets.  Used?  "Slim on math and science."
Michael's Used Books and CDs (3430 E Tropicana Ave at Pecos, NE corner 
	shopping center, 702-434-1699,  Not 
	open when I was there in 2002, so I went back in 2003--when 
	they had shortened their hours and *still* weren't open.  
	Looked fairly large.  Mostly hardbacks that I could see.  No 
	name on the outside other than "Used Books, CDs, and Videos."  
	Open Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM.  
Plaza Books (7380 S Eastern).  High-quality used books (not 
	antiquarian).  A little pricier than other stores, but books 
	(at least hardbacks) are in better condition.  Open Mon-Sat 
	10AM-6PM, Sun 12N-6PM.  [12/03]  
Readmore Books (2250? E Tropicana Ave, 89119).  Books and magazines.  
	Same shopping center as Psychic Eye (above).

There is a brochure of the book dealers in southern Nevada, but I 
couldn't get a copy since the one place I saw it was through the 
window of a closed bookstore.  

There is also a Barnes & Noble somewhere in the northern part of the 
city or North Las Vegas (visible from Route 93 heading north).



There are also Book Hunter Press's USED BOOK LOVER'S GUIDE TO [various 
regions], seven regional guides to over 7,900 used, out-of-print, and 
antiquarian book dealers in the United States and Canada.  The complete 
database is online and can be searched by location, dealer name, specialty, 
and type of dealer. Access to the database is available on a two tier basis: 
partial access is free, full access is by subscription.The web page also 
includes free access to regional and city maps showing locations with used 
bookstores. For more information or a free catalog, check their web page at

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