Bookstores in the United Kingdom (England, not London)


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24 Mar 2016

Bookstores in other parts of the UK are in separate files: 
Northern Ireland, Scotland, London, 
and Wales.  

Just to be perfectly clear, bookstores for the Republic of Ireland/Eire are in 
the Europe file.  

Cities include (alphabetically; if anyone has a better ordering, let me 
Abingdon-upon-Thames, England
Birmingham, England 
Brighton, England 
Bristol, England 
Cambridge, England 
Canterbury, England 
Cheltenham, England 
Coventry, England 
Devizes, Wiltshire, England 
Dorking, England 
Evesham, Worchestershire, England 
Greenwich, England (in London file)
Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England 
Horsham, England 
Lancaster, England 
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England 
Liverpool, England 
Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England 
Ludlow, Shropshire, England 
Malvern, Worcestershire, England 
Manchester, England 
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England 
Norwich, England 
Nottingham, England 
Oxford, England 
Pershore, Worcestershire, England 
Ramsgate, England 
Reading, Berkshire, England 
Reigate, England 
Saffron Walden, England 
Southport, Lancashire, England 
Stratford, England 
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England 
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Twyning, Gloucestershire, England 
Warwick, England 
Windlesham, Surrey, England 
Miscellaneous UK notes 
other geographic areas 

The UK country code is 44.  To dial from outside the UK, drop the leading 
"0" in the telephone number given and prefix it with "44" (after whatever 
your phone system requires).  The phone numbers here reflect the recent 
change requiring "1" after the "0" and before the city code; update your 
other phone numbers accordingly.  

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.] 

[Note 3: I know they're bookshops in Britain, not bookstores.  In the text 
I try to follow this; the introductory material is used world-wide and 
uses "bookstores" instead.] 

[Note 4: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies 
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't 
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as 
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but 
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be 
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a 
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are 
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right 


Abingdon-upon-Thames, England: 

Thorton's Bookshop (126-B Milton Park, Abingdon-upon-Thames, 
	OX14 4SA, FAX  00-44-01235-821994,  Academic boosellers.  


Birmingham, England: 

Dillons.  This is a large bookstore in a beautifully restored Victorian (?) 
	building.  The books are arranged on balconies around a huge atrium.  
	Entering this store is a bit like entering a palace!  "Personally I 
	find it easier to locate books here than in Waterstones."  
Nostalgia and Comics.  This is a comic book store, with comic-related books 
WH Smiths.  This store has a reasonable general stock on its second floor, 
	but has it does have an excellent Star Trek section.  
Waterstones.  This is a large general bookstore spread over five floors of a 
	tower block.  "I find its layout somewhat of a mess."  


Brighton, England: 

Africa Centre (36 Robertson Rd, 01273-560-464).  Sells African artifacts 
	and Africa-related books.  [05/08]
Forbidden Planet (29 Sydney St, BN1 4EP, (127)-368-7620).  SF and comics.  


Bristol, England: 

Amnesty International Bookshop (Gloucester Rd).  Secondhand books to raise 
	money for AI.  
Beware The Leopard Bookshop (St. Nicholas Market).  "This is in the 
	touristy bit near the famous Corn Nails in Corn St (where we get 
	the expression "paying on the nail" from).  
Bishopston Books (259 Gloucester Rd, Horfield, Bristol).  "A pretty good 
	secondhand bookshop.  Walking up the Gloucester Road, from 
	Bishopston onwards, you should find it on your right-hand side."  
Bristol Books (Cheltenham Road).  Used.  "They have about the biggest 
	selection I've seen round here."  
Forbidden Planet (30 Penn St, BS1 3AS, (117)-929-8692).  SF and comics.  

"The bookhunter might like to string Bishopston, Amensty & The Bristol 
Bookshop (Cheltenham Rd, i.e., the next bit of Gloucester Rd) together in 
one walk if they're up for it as it's all one long road heading for the 
centre of Bristol."


Cambridge, England: 

Cambridge University Press Bookshop (Market Hill).  Has been a bookshop 
	since before the America was founded!  Mostly CUP only.  
Children's Bookshop (30 Trinity).  
G. David (16 St.Edward's Passage, CB2 3PJ, between the Guildhall & Kings
	College,  near the Market Square, 01223-354619.  FAX 122-332-4663).  
	Antiquarian books and prints, as well as publishers' remainders, 
	and general second-hand books.  Established in 1896, it is the 
	city's oldest bookshop.
Forbidden Planet (60 Burleigh St, CB1 1DJ, 01223-301666).  SF and comics.  
Galloway and Porter (Sidney St).  Used to be good; now mostly remaindered 
	text books and such.  Still a very good place to pick up cheap books 
	on subjects that don't change too much, like anatomy, European 
	history, or botany.  Of course, computer books aren't so hot.  
The Haunted Bookshop (9 St Edwards Passage, near David's,  A small antiquarian shop, 
	specializing in 19th- and 20th-century children's and 
	illustrated books.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1700.  [05/08]
Heffers Booksellers (20 Trinity St, Cambridge CB2 3NG, 01223-568568; 
	FAX 01223-354936,  Used to be Cambridge's 
	answer to Blackwells; now is owned by Blackwell's!  They have 
	foreign-language books, the Heffers+ on St. Andrews Street, and a 
	music shop at number 19 which is the largest classical CD outlet in 
	the UK.  "Heffers issues catalogues in a variety of fields, and 
	they are really outstanding about mail order.  They take major 
	credit cards and will also open accounts for customers and accept 
	payment in dollars."  [05/03]  
Heffers+ Bookshop (31 St. Andrews St).  Paperbacks, videos, DVDs, and 
	writing instruments.  [05/03]  
Heffers (the Grafton Centre).  Includes a childrens section.  [05/03]  
Hobson Books (21 Jesus Lane).  Used literature, history, and art.  Open 
	Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat 1000-1730.  [05/08]
Open Windows (35 Bermuda Terrace, Cambridge CB 3LD, 01223-313273, 
	FAX 01223-461391,  Supplies books covering 
	all aspects of the UNIX and Apple OSs, including Languages such as 
	C.  The people who run it are knowledgeble and friendly.  The 
	catalogue they publish is very good, particularly the subject index.  
	They split their service into two areas publishing two seperate 
	catalogues: the "Unix Book Service" and the "Apple Mac Book 
	Service." This is a mail-order service only (no visitors)."  
	Waterstones (near the Round Church).  A very large shop.  Good SF 
	selection compared to Heffers or Dillions.  
Oxfam (Sidney St).  Quite an interesting place to look.  As they are 
	supplied not by the regular book-trading public only there is always 
	a chance to pick up a long-looked-for book.  
Waterstones (Sidney St).  Large shop.  Used to be Dillons.  
WH Smiths (Lion Yard).  Mostly magazines and stationary but books upstairs.  

There are a lot of second-hand book shops in Cambridge, mostly tucked away 
down alleys.  


Canterbury, England: 

Academic & Old Books (5 North Ln).  Slightly chaotic but extensive selection 
	on two floors on all subjects, hardcover and paperback.  Good chance 
	to pick up the book you have been looking for for ages as nobody 
	seems to know what really is in the shop.  "Due to serious illness 
	of the owner the shop is opened irregularly."  [4/96] 
Albion Bookshop
Canterbury Bookshop (37 Northgate).  An extensive selection of hardcovers 
	and a good choice of paperbacks on a wide range of subjects.  
Chaucer Bookshop (6 Beer Cart Ln).  Good choice of hardcovers and a 
	reasonable choice of paperbacks.  
SPCK Bookshop (7 St. Peters).  A bookshop for things pertaining to religion.  


Cheltenham, England: 

Alan Hancox Fine Books (101 Promenade downstairs ). Good, general secondhand 
At Oasis (30 St George's Place, GL50 3JZ, 01242-582886).  Small store 
	selling used books and used CDs.  
Attic Books (14 St James St, Upper High St, GL52 2SH, 01242-255300).  
	Disappointing used book store, specializing in books for mind, body, 
	 and spirit.  Open Mon-Sat 930-1730.  
Michael Rayner (11 St. Luke's Road [a small street off the Bath Road].  
	Good, general secondhand store.  


Coventry, England: 

Forbidden Planet (31 Cross Cheaping, CV1 1HF, (024) 7622-9672).  SF and 


Devizes, Wiltshire, England: 

D'Arcy (The Chequers, High Street, SN10 1AT, 01380-726922 or 01380-850319).  
	A good mix of general used and rare books in many fields, 
	particularly literature, England, local, cricket, history.  Contrary 
	to Driff, the store does not have a a bathroom open to the public, 
	but that shouldn't stop you from visiting (particularly since Driff 
	notes that no other bookshops do either).  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1730.  

Dorking, England: 

T. S. Hill Books (122 South St).  A good choice of secondhand books.  


Evesham, Worchestershire, England: 

Bookworms of Evesham (81 Port Street, 01386-45509, FAX 01386-750052).  
	On the Evesham-Broadway road, opposite the Swan Inn.  Good quality 
	used book store, good on literature and history.  Open Tue-Sat 


Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England: 

Richard Way books (54 Friday, 01491-576663).  "Rare and secondhand books, 
	certainly worth a visit for people looking for literary 
	curiosities." A member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association.  
	Parking available.  Open 1000-1730.


Horsham, England: 

The Horsham Bookshop (4 Park Pl, 01403-252187).  Two floors full of 
	secondhand books on all subjects.  


Lancaster, England: 

Atticus (King St).  Second-hand.  Good selection of fiction, childrens, and 
	bits and pieces.  
Interstellar Master Traders (33 North Road, Lancaster LA1-1NS, 
	(0)1524-382181,  SF, fantasy, horror, 
	role-playing game specialist shop.  Good but idiosyncratic selection 
	of new and second-hand British and US books.  (Carries all in-print 
	UK fantasy and SF.)  Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
McCormack's (Rosemary Lane).  Second-hand and antiquarian books.  Very 
Remainder Bookshop (Market St).  Sells remaindered British books very 
University Bookshop (Lancaster University Campus, Bailrigg, Lancaster).  
	Good general bookshop.  Also sells CDs and cards.  
Waterstones (King St).  See stuff on other Waterstones elsewhere.  Quite 
	good general bookshop.  


Leeds, West Yorkshire, England: 

The Bookshop (10 Commercial Rd, Kirkstall, LS5 3AQ, 0113-278-0937).  At the 
	intersection of the A65 and B6157, about a mile before (when coming 
	from Leeds) the famous and historic Kirkstall Abbey.  Good general 
	used book store, with good stock of history, literature, local 
	interest, cricket.  Open Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat 1015-1730, Wed 1300-1730.  
Bookside (Off Midland Road, LS6 1BQ, 0113-274-4021).  Not easy to find.  
	Take the A660 Woodhouse Lane out of Leeds (towards the University).  
	Look for the Hyde Park Pub annd make a left onto Hyde Park Road at 
	the pub. Take your first right and then left on Midland Road and 
	then first right onto the unnamed road.  Yes, it is in the middle of 
	a residential area (they are primarily apartments rented out to 
	students).  General used boosktore, aimed at students and therefore 
	students' prices and student material (both academic and leisure).  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
Leeds Book Fair.  Held first Sunday of every month at Pudsey Civil Hall.  
	Contact: J Tunnington 0113-263-2466.  
Oxfam Books (Headingly High St).  [05/03]
Waterstone's (the Headrow, near Austicks).  


Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England: 

The Grove Bookshop (The Grove, 01943-609335).  On the main shopping street, 
	one block along from the railway station.  Upstairs, general new 
	books; downstairs a small second hand stock, specializing in local 
	interest.  Open Mon-Sat 900-1730.  
The Poet's Bookshop (20 Skipton Road).  On the Skipton Road, on the right as 
	you are leaving Ilkley.  Forget the name--I doubt if there was a 
	single poetry book in the store.  It is next door to a charity shop 
	and, frankly, the charity shop had far better quality books.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 1300-1600.  


Liverpool, England: 

Forbidden Planet (92 Bold St, L1 4HY, (151)-707-1491).  SF and comics.  


Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England: 

Cleobury Mortimer is a village on a hill between Kidderminster and Ludlow, 
famous for its crooked spire church.  

M & W Baldwin (24 High Street, DY14 8BY, 01299-270110).  Small used book 
	store.  The general stock is of average quality but they do have a 
	specialty of books in the field of canals and trains which look 
	quite interesting.  Open Wed 1400-1800, Fri-Sat 1000-1800.  


Ludlow, Shropshire, England: 

A lovely little town that looks like English towns are supposed to look.  
In the town center, with few buildings newer than fifty years old and 
several dating from the medieval period, many half-timbered black and 
white.  There is a ruined Norman castle, a Norman church and a market 
that was old when the poet A. E. Housman wrote about it.  It has lots 
of antique shops and, most importantly, lots of bookshops (or did--
several have closed).  It is accessible by British Rail.  

If you enter from Shrewsbury by car you can park at the bottom of 
Corve Street and walk up.  The order of the stores is given as though 
you have done so. If you enter from Hereford and/or park in the car 
park behind the castle, reverse the order.  

Garrard Antiques (139a Corve St).  Primarily antique furniture but they did 
	have a few nice used books upstairs in the rear.  
Red Balloon Book Shop (4 Old St, 01584-872149).  Old Street is the 
	continuation of Corve Street.  General new books.  Open Mon-Sat 
Ross's Books and Music (9 Church St, 01584-878119).  Small street leading 
	into the market from the church.  Remainders and CDs.  Open Mon-Sat 
Castle Bookshop (5 Castle St, 01584-872562).  By the market.  General new 
	books, with good stock of local interest books.  Open Mon-Sat 

The Market operates Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat and may have a couple of stalls 
selling used books (one person claimed it did, but there were none when I was 
there [2000].  

Aardvark Books Ltd (Oxford Barn, Brampton Bryan, Nr Bucknell, 
	Shropshire, SY7 0DH, 0-1547-530888,  
	Warehouse and bookshop with 20,000 new and secondhand titles.  


Malvern, Worcestershire, England: 

Malvern is a pretty little town, nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills 
and famous for being the birthplace and home of the composer, Edward Elgar, 
one of the Three Choirs' Festivals towns (held in the old priory) and 
having several iron-age forts in the Malvern Hills.  It is accessible by 
British Rail (get off at Great Malvern, not Malvern Link.)  Note, if you 
are using Drif for directions, all of his directions are inaccurate.  All 
bookshops carry material relating to the local area and to Elgar.  Several 
antique shops as well.  

Beacon Books (35 Worcester Rd).  Top of Abbey Road and to the right.  
	General new books.  
Gelato (3 Edith Walk).  "I have seen bookstores combined with cafes, food 
	stores and various other shops but this is the first that combines a 
	used book store and an Italian ice cream shop!  Both the ice cream 
	and the books are worth visiting.  The ice cream, as the name 
	implies, is Italian.  The used book stock is small but interesting, 
	covering literature, natural history, local interest and others."  
	Open Mon-Sat 930-1700, Sun 1200-1700.  
Keith Smith Books (32 Belle Vue Terrace, 01684-566169).  Located on the 
	terrace at the top of the hill from Abbey Road (to the left).  Good 
	stock of used books, especially local history.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-1700, Sun 1200-1700.  
Malvern Bookshop (Priory Walk, 7 Abbey Road, 01684-575915).  It's just by 
	the back entrance to the priory.  Very good stock of used books in a 
	variety of fields at reasonable prices.  Open Mon-Sat 0915-1700.  
Priory Books (Church Walk, 01684-560258).  It's on a little street off Abbey 
	Road, the other side from the priory, next to Somerfield 
	Supermarket.  Good stock of used books, especially literature, local 
	history, cricket.  Open Tue-Sun 1000-1245 and 1400-1700.  

Worcester is a pleasant town, known for its cathedral, as a Civil 
War site and for its famous china factories.  Unfortunately, it 
has lost most of its used book stores in recent years.  

Watson's Books (56 Upper Tything, Kidderminster/Droitwich Rd).  Average 
	quality used book store.  Open Mon-Fri 1030-1530, Sat 10-17.  

On the pedestrian High Street, there is a Waterstone's and a remainder 
book store which has been having a closing down sale for as long as 
most people can remember.  Just off the High Street is a Book Ends (see 
London) which has what you and I would call remainders (they call them 
slightly damaged books) on the first floor and used books on the second 
floor. The used books all seemed to be from a public library and were 
therefore only reading copies.  


Manchester, England: 

Odyssey (Oldham Street, off Piccadilly Gardens, between Church and Hilton, 
	0161-839-4777).  "Variously, according to the price labels, 'Space 
	Odyssey' and 'Odyssey Seven'!  Principally a comics store which 
	also sells books, anime videos, t-shirts, etc.  The ground floor 
	sells comics, and tie-in books for TV series (ST, B5, etc).  The 
	basement is twice as large and has a considerable selection of anime 
	videos, t-shirts, lots of comics, and a long wall of mostly 
	paperback books (a decent selection of current US and UK SF books)."  
Waterstones (Deansgate opposite Kendall's with St. Anne's Church behind it).  
	Decent SF section.  


Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England: 

Blackwells (near Haymarket).  "University bookstore.  Decent but not as 
	wide a selection as Waterstones."
Forbidden Planet  (59 Grainger, NE1 5JE, (191)-261-9173).  SF and comics.  
	Not much interesting in books, according to one poster.  
Thornes (Barras Bridge/Haymarket; Haymarket Metro). Not as good as Dillons 
	or Waterstones.  Usually good selection of text books since the 
	University and Schools seem to order through it.  They always 
	hand-write receipts.  
Waterstones (Blackett St; Monument Metro).  Usual wide selection for this
	chain bookshop on four floors.  Used to be Dillon's; slightly 
	more upsacle than Waterstone's.  
Waterstones (Grey St; Monument Metro).  Usual wide selection for this chain 
	bookshop on three floors.  

Yes, that's right--since Dillon's and Waterstone's have merged, there are 
apparently two Waterstone's across the Monument from each other!  

Also in the area (I assume):

Barter Books (train station, Alnwick). "A wide and ever-changing selection 
	of used books.  SF selection is somewhat wider than most used book 
	stores.  Dress warmly."
Waterstones (Durham).  Actually two Waterstones.  "The one closer to the 
	Cathedral serves as the university bookstore and has a nice 
	selection of science and archaeology.  The other is a typical 

[This part contributed primarily by Caroline Shield.] 


Norwich, England: 

Peter Crowe (75 & 77 Upper St. Giles).  Books on three floors, mostly 
	quality stuff (no paperbacks).  Good and quite extensive selection.  
Harwich Old Books (Harwich, Essex, Tel/FAX 01255-551667,  Good stock of used books, 
	especially architecture, modern firsts, gardening.  Was 
	previously Peter J. Hadley in Norwich.  Open Fri-Sat "all day", 
	Sun "afternoon".  (I'm assuming this is still in the same 
	area.)  [02/04]  
J. R. & R. R. Ellis (St. Giles). Mostly paperbacks.  "I was impressed 
	by a good selection of detection stories."  
Harlequin Bookshop (54 St. Benedicts).  A rather smallish bookshop, with 
	good selection of paperbacks.  Quite a large section of women 
	writers, plenty of SF and crime.  
Jarrolds (on the Market Square).  General new stock.  
Ottakars (London St).  General new stock.
The Tombland Bookshop (8 Tombland).  Good selection of hardcovers on two 
	floors, with an amazing range of subjects: e.g., a section on 
	railways.  Very few paperbacks.  Apparently mail orders are also 
Waterstones (not far from the Market Square).  

There are also some bookstalls on Market Square.  

Sheringham, England (30 km north of Norwich on the coast): 

Peter's Bookshop (19 St. Peter's Rd) and 
Peter Pan Bookshop (5 The Courtyard, Station Rd).  "These two belong 
	together (a five-minute walk apart), with Peter's handling pre-1980, 
	Peter Pan later books.  Considering the situation of the place the 
	choice is rather incredible.  Peter's is crammed with paperbacks and 
	a good selection of hardcovers.  Most impressive.  Peter's is the 
	first choice for paperbacks, whilst Peter Pan is the place to look 
	for the not-really-new-anymore hardcover bestseller."  

Holt, England (30 km north-west of Norwich): 

Simon Gough Books (5 Fish Hill, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6BD, 01263-712650, 
	FAX 01263-712276,  A bookshop 
	on three floors in a very small town with a surprising selection of 
	quality hardcovers on a wide range of subjects.  Also a few 
	paperbacks available.  


Nottingham, England: 

Forbidden Planet (129 Middle Walk, Broadmarsh Center, NG1 7LN, 
	(115)-958-4706).  SF and comics.  


Oxford, England: 

Arcadia (4 St. Michaels, OX12DU, 01865-241757.  Small stock.  Open Mon-Sat 
Ars Artis (31 Abberbury Rd, OX4 4ET, 01865-770714).  Second-hand and 
	antiquarian art, architecture, and applied arts.  By appointment only.  
Bennett & Kerr (Millhouse Warehouse, Church RD, Steventon OX13 6SW, 
	01235-820604, FAX 01235-821047,  
	Second-hand and antiuarian medieval and renaissance studies.  By 
	appointment only.  
Bebop (George St near Pizza Hut).  "Overpriced, especially the records, 
	which are a joke.  Interesting stuff, if you are prepared to pay 
	over the odds."  
Blackwell's (48-51 Broad, OX1 3BQ, 01865-792792, FAX 01865-791438,  Not surprisingly it has 
	large and strong departments for all academic specialities.  
	Blackwell's apparently has most of the world's library trade.  Also 
	has second-hand section (separate telephones: 01865-333633, 
	FAX 01865-794143), foreign-language books, and the following special 
	stores, also on Broad Street: Blackwell's Too (children's?) (8 Broad, 
	OX1 3AJ, 01865-333694) Blackwell's Art and Poster Shop (27 Broad, 
	OX1 2AS, 01865-333641), and Blackwell's Music Shop (23-25 Broad, 
	OX1 3SW, 01865-249600).  Often missed is the rare books and special 
	editions that Sir Basil Blackwell collected.  This is now in the main 
	shop (separate telephones: 01865-333555, FAX 01865-794143).  The main 
	shop also has a coffee bar.  Open Mon, Wed-Sat 0900-1800, 
	Tue 0930-1800, Sun 1100-1700.  
Book Bargains (2 St. Ebbe St).  Pretty good academic section for a 
	remaindered bookshop.  
Books on High (in Antiques on High, 85 High Street, OX1 1BG, 01865-251075,  Small general second-hand stock.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1700, Sun 1100-1700.  
Bookshop on the Plain (cross Magdaelen Bridge and start up the Cowley Rd; 
	it's immediately on your left).  Rather slow turnover, and 
	expensive with it.  
Pablo Butcher (8a Longworth Rd, OX2 6RA, 01865-341445).  Second-hand and 
	antiquearian Asia, Latin America, Islamica, ethnology, etc.  By 
	appointment only.  
Church Green Books (46 Market Sq, Whitney, Oxon, OX8 6AL, 01993-700822,  Second-hand and antiquarian books.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1600.  
Robert Clark Antiquarian Books (6a King, OX2 6DF, 01865-552154,  Antiquarian 17th century books.  
	By appointment only.  
The Classics Bookshop (3 Turl, OX1 3DQ, 01865-726466, FAX 01865-241421,  Second-hand and antiquarian 
	Latin and Greek, archaelogy, travel, etc.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1700.  
The Cook's Cat (St. Aldate's).  Cooking.  
David Whittaker Books (6 Rochester Pl, Charlbury, Oxon, OX7 3SF, 
	Second-hand and antiquarian general stock.  By appointment only.  
Toby English (10 St Mary's, Wallingford, Oxon, OX10 0EL, Tel/FAX: 
	01491-836389,  Second-hand and antiquarian 
	general stock, with emphasis on art, architecture, and modern 
	literature.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1700.  
The Inner Bookshop (111 Magdalen Rd [follow Cowley Rd out of Oxford, turn 
	right after Sts Mary and John Church], OX4 1RQ, 01865-245301, FAX 
	01865-245521,  "One of the 
	largest independent mind-body-spirit bookshops in the UK."  
	New, bargain and secondhand "alternative" books.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-1745.  [12/05]
Jericho Books (48 Walton, OX2 6AD, 01865-511992, FAX 08701-315166,  Second-hand and antiquarian literature, 
	humanities, and SF.  Open Mon-Sat 1030-1830, Sun 1100-1800.  
Joe McCann Rare Books (10 White Rd, Cowley, OX4 2JJ, 01865-777642).  
	Second-hand and collectible.  First editions, proof editions, modern 
	Irish literature.  By appointment only.  
Magna Gallery (41 High Street, OX1 4AP, 01865-245805,  Mostly maps and prints, some books.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1730.  
Museum of Modern Art Bookshop.  "Art books and a witty and informed 
	selection of the kinds of fiction, poetry, philosophy, art theory, 
	literary theory, etc., that denizens of the Museum of Modern Art 
	like to buy.  More Baudrillard than Blackwell's.  Tantalizingly 
	close to Sainsburies."  
Oxbow Books (Park End Pl, OX1 1HN, 01865-241249, FAX 01865-794449,  New, second-hand, and remaindered books.  
	Specializes in art, archaeology, ancient history, and literature.  
	Open Mon-Fri 0930-1730, Sat 0930-1300.  
Oxfam Bookshop (56 St. Giles, OX1 3LU, 01865-310145,  Pretty good for a charity shop, 
	and of course very cheap.  Always worth looking, no rubbish.  The main 
	Oxfam occasionally has worthwhile books, too.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1730.  
St. Philip's Books (85 Lock Crescent, Kidlington, Oxon, OX5 1HG, 
	01865-377578, FAX 01865-375439.  Second-hand and antiquarian religion 
	and theology (Christianity, apparently).  By appointment only.  
Sanders (Salutation House, 104 High Street, OX1 4BW, 01865-242590, FAX 
	Primarily prints, but some second-hand literary and history books.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
Steven Tuohy (45 Warwick, OX4 1SZ, 01865-723566, FAX 01865-790096).  
	Second-hand and antiquarian printing and typography.  By appointment 
Unsworths Booksellers (15 Turl, OX1 3DQ, 01865-727928, FAX 01865-727206,  Second-hand, remainders, and some 
	antiquarian (humanities).  Large table for books for a pound.  (The 
	same assortment seem to be 50p at their London shop.)  
Waterfield's (52 High Street, OX1 4AS, 01865-721809, FAX 01865-247937).  Large 
	second-hand bookshop.  Good philosophy section.  The antiques emporium 
	just before it and the Jam Factory over the road by the traffic lights 
	also house minor booksellers.  "Stuffy, overpriced philosophy section, 
	if you ask me!  Very, very overpriced in general.  Sometimes has 
	review copies, which is worthwile.  Probably the only bookshop in the 
	world with the temerity to include Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch as 
	*literary theory*.  They constantly advertise 100,000 books, new 
	stock, discounts, etc., but are always exactly the same.  Mind you, 
	I bought the *proofs* of a book by Derrida there before it came out, 
	so I'm not complaining too much."   (!)  Open Mon-Sat 0945-1745.  
Waterstone's (corner of Broad St).  Large shop.  "Tries to compete with 
	Blackwells and doesn't really carry it off."   Probably more
	docused on the genral public than academic, though I didn't drop in.  
Wightwick Books (Wightwick, Boars Hill, OX1 5DR).  Rare books, foreign 
Woodstock Bookshop (3 Market Pl, Woodstock, Oxon, OX2 1SY, 01993-811005).  
	Academic and collectors' books.  Eniglish literature, medieval 
	studies, mysticism, theology.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1300, 1400-1700; 
	Sun 1100-1700.  

"The little (tiny) bookshop in the Old Jam Factory is extraordinary for 
its size, very cheap and with a surprisingly good philosophy section!" 

Further out there is a Bookshop at Oxford Brookes University in Headington 
and at the John Radcliffe Hospital.  

You can get a leaflet from most of the secondhand stores about the 
antiquarian and secondhand bookstores in Oxford.  [Much of this section
was updated 11/00 from a current leaflet and a personal visit there,
thanks to a business trip.]

Opening hours for all the city centre shops are Monday-Saturday 0900-1800 
(opens 930 Tuesdays). Open several Sundays during the tourist season.  


Pershore, Worcestershire, England: 

Pleasant little town not far from Birmingham , with several antique shops 
as well as bookstores 

Coach House Books (17 Bridge St, WR10 1AJ, 01386-552801).  Specializing in 
	nature, British topography, cricket, literature, history, with the 
	good books and prints downstairs and the cheaper ones upstairs.  
	Open Mon-Sat 0900-1200, 1300-1700.  
Olde Books of Pershore (82 High Street, WR10 1DU, 01386-555657).  Small 
	general stock, claims to lean towards history, art and classics.  
	Open Wed, Fri, Sat 1000-1700.  
Ian K Pugh (40 Bridge St, 01386-552681).  "Claims to be the largest 
	bookstore in Pershore though I am not sure.  General stock, not 
	particularly impressive."  Open Mon-Fri 1030-1700, Sat 0930-1700.  


Ramsgate, England: 

Michael's Bookshop (King St, opposite Plains of Waterloo). Secondhand books.  


Reading, Berkshire, England: 

Books & Bygones (Lane End Farm, Shinfield, Reading, Berkshire RG2 9BT, 
	+44 118 988 4346, FAX +44 118 988 8682,  
	"A huge, rambling, labyrinthine bookshop in an old farmhouse, the 
	kind of place serious browsers love to spend a few hours, with 
	60,000 books covering every subject under the sun (plus furniture, 
	china, bric-a-brac, vinyl records, greeting cards etc.).  Their 
	website also lists 6,000 select rare titles not on display.  An 
	excellent SF section too, though half of it is currently inaccessible 
	in a side storeroom due to re-organisation ('we'll get round to it 
	eventually').  Helpful and knowledgable staff, if a little laid 
	back..."   Open Sat-Sun 1000-1600.
The Friar Street Bookshop (142-143, Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire, 
	RG1 1EX, +44 118 957 3082).  "A strange and interesting place, full 
	of products not found in any other Blackwell's shop.  As the 
	Blackwell chain's science fiction and fantasy specialist, our aim is 
	to hold the most complete range of sci-fi and fantasy novels 
	possible."  Open Mon-Fri 0930-1800; Sat 0900-1730.  
Waterstone's (Broad Steet). "A former church, now a well-stocked shop with 
	knowledgeable and helpful staff."  


Reigate, England: 

Reigate Galleries (46 Bell).  A good choice of secondhand books with plenty 
	of paperbacks.  


Saffron Walden, England: 

Lankester Antiques and Books (Church & Market Hill, 01799-522685).  Plenty 
	of choice of secondhand books on all subjects and price ranges.  
Oxfam Bookshop (George St).  


Southport, Lancashire, England: 

Parkinsons of Southport (between Monsoon & Lakeland, in Parkinsons 
	Ginnel, 359-363 Lord Street, PR8 1NH, 01704-547016,  "Large general book stock on three floors in 
	a characterful building, with a leaning towards the academic--along 
	with tropical shells, minerals, fossils, crystals, coins and 
	prehistoric, ancient & mediaeval antiquities, etc."  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-1700, Sun 1200-1700.  [03/05]


Stratford, England: 

Chaucer Head (Chapel St).  Good literary books, particularly Shakespeare.  
Paper Moon (in the Antiques Arcade at 4 Sheep St).  Small but quite good.  
Robert Vaughan (Chapel St).  Good literary books, particularly Shakespeare.  
Shakespeare Bookshop (39 Henley St, CV37 6QW, 01789-292176, 
	FAX 01789-296083).  Opposite the Shakespeare Center.  As the name 
	implies, new books and stuff related to Shakespeare, drama and the 
	Elizabethan period.  
Stratford Bookshop (45A Rother St, CV37 7LT, 01789-298362).  Good general 
	used book store which doesn't feel it has to concentrate on 
	Shakespeare and his times.  If you are Shakespeared out and want to 
	read something else, shop here.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800, 
	Sun 1400-1600, Apr-Sep.  
National Trust Bookstore.  
W H Smith's.  


Stroud, Gloucestershire, England: 

InPrint (31 High Street, 01453-759731).  Good general used book store in 
	the center of this small, attractive town.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1730.  


Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England: 

Beaumont Aviation Literature (31-33 Vale Road, Turnbridge Wells, Kent, 
	TN1 1 BS).  Specialist store on aviation as you might guess 
	by the name.  Wide stock and also has many second-hand 
	titles.  Very helpful staff either by phone or visit.  Moved 
	in 2004 from London.  Hours there were: Open Mon-Sat 
	0930-1730.  [04/04]  


Twyning, Gloucestershire, England: 

Kenneth Fergusson Books (at the Book Room, the Post Office, Twyning GL20 
6DF).  Puts out "Antiquarian and Secondhand Bookshops in and 
Around the Cotswolds."  


Warwick, England: 

Duncan M Allsop (26 Smith Street, CV34 4HS, 01926-493266).  Old established, 
	largish used book store.  General stock, big on classics, local 
	interest, natural history.  Open Mon-Sat 930-1730.  
Eastgate Books (9 Smith Street).  Used book store, owned by the son of 
	Duncan Allsop above and more popular in taste.  Almost opposite his 
Warwick Bookshop (11 Jury Street, CV34 4EH, TEL/FAX 01926-409200).  Small, 
	pleasant used book store, with nothing special.  

Jury Street is just before East Gate coming from Stratford and going 
towards Leamington while Smith Street is just past the East Gate.  


Windlesham, England: 

Cold Tonnage (22 Kings Lane, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6QJ, 01276-475388).  
"Amazing stock" of SF, according to one poster.


Miscellaneous UK notes: 

Government Bookshops:  These are situated in a few of the major urban 
areas.  They used to be exactly what they say they are and sell 
official government publications of all sorts such as Acts of 
Parliament, Government Statistics, Official Reports, Advisory 
Publications and the like.  Now they've been privatized and sell other 
stuff too.  Still a very important source for researchers and students 
as well as for those involved in business, commerce, etc.  

Most of the Oxfam Shops in the UK have some secondhand books--if the town 
doesn't boast of a separate Oxfam Bookshop.  The same is true of many other 
charity shops as well.  

The Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association, as well as holding bookfairs 
at the Hotel Russell in London (see under British Museum above) also hold 
fairs all over the country.  In September 1995, for example, they had fairs 
in Norwich, Exeter, Ulverston, Scarborough, York, Wilton, Swansea, Kew, 
Cambridge, Sherborne and Stamford as well as two in different parts of 
London.  You can get a free annual calendar from them at PBFA, Old Coach 
01763-248921.  Their information line, which gives recorded details of 
forthcoming fairs, is 01763-249212.  

Finally, you might want to look for DRIF'S GUIDE TO THE BOOKSHOPS OF 
ENGLAND.  Drif is an expert on bookshops and spends his time traveling the 
country looking for bargains so he knows his bookshops.  A new edition of 
published at least as recently as in 1995.  It costs #9.95.  Though Drif 
has amazingly visited virtually all the bookshops he mentions--and by 
public transport at that--you should take both his factual comments 
and, in particular, his opinions with a large pinch of salt.  Drif is a 
character, one of those eccentrics like Basil Fawlty of FAWLTY TOWERS 
that Americans like to think are typical of all the English.  The 
opening words of his guide are "They [the secondhand bookshops] are 
dreadful, you are wasting your money buying this guide.  It will only 
tell you how dreadful they are in more detail." He proceeds to 
castigate virtually every secondhand bookshop as well as the media, 
politicians, British Rail and lots of others.  Some of it is very funny 
("If only the owner was as sober as her books" is one comment), much of 
it libelous, some of it obscene, all of it opinionated.  Buy the book 
to find out where the bookshops are, for a good laugh and to confirm 
your views of how eccentric the Brits are, but do not follow his 
recommendations, beware of his directions and ignore his indications of 
when the stores are open.  If you want accuracy, buy the factual but 
ISLES.  The Seventh Edition was published in July 1999.  

There is a directory of Christian bookshops in the UK at   

People interested in books published in Britain may also want to know 
about the following:  THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE MAGAZINE (12 colour review 
magazines a year) offers an ordering service available to subscribers 
only.  Books published in Britain and in stock with the publisher can be 
ordered for a research fee plus shipping and handling (plus the cost of 
the book, of course).  Books reviewed in THE GUIDE are not subject to a 
research fee and are usually available from GBG's own stock. Further 
details can be gotten by contacting them at THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE, 24 
Seward Street, London EC1V 3GB; Telephone Order Line 
0171-490-9905; Telephone Customer Service 0171-490-9900; FAX 0171-490- 
9908.  [Thanks to Christopher P Salter, 
for this information. He wishes to make clear he has no connection with 

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