Bookstores in the United Kingdom (London)


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09 Jun 2018

[I think I got all the new telephone numbers right, but I can't promise it.] 

Bookstores in other parts of the UK are in separate files: 
Northern Ireland, Scotland, England [not London], 
and Wales.  Miscellaneous information applicable to all of the United 
Kingdom can be found in the England [not London] file.

Just to be perfectly clear, bookstores for the Republic of Ireland/Eire are in 
the Europe file.  

Cities include (listed basically west to east, north to south by region, 
alphabetically within region, counties together if I know them; if anyone 
has a better ordering, let me know): 
London, England 
   Charing Cross Road 
   Cecil Court 
   British Museum 
   Southampton Row/Holborn 
   Oxford Street 
   Piccadilly Circus 
   North London 
   South London 
   East London 
   Southeast London 
   West London 
   West Hempstead 
Miscellaneous UK notes 
other geographic areas 

The UK country code is 44.  To dial from outside the UK, drop the leading 
"0" in the telephone number given and prefix it with "44" (after whatever 
your phone system requires).  The phone numbers here reflect the recent 
change requiring "1" after the "0" and before the city code; update your 
other phone numbers accordingly.  

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.] 

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.] 

[Note 3: I know they're bookshops in Britain, not bookstores.  In the text 
I try to follow this; the introductory material is used world-wide and 
uses "bookstores" instead.] 

[Note 4: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies 
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't 
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as 
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but 
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be 
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a 
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are 
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right 


London, England: 

In general when people ask about bookshops in London, the only answer they 
get is to take the Underground to the Charing Cross area and walk down the 
street.  Charing Cross Road runs N/S from the junction of Tottenham Court Rd 
to Trafalgar Square.  Tube stations to go to are Tottenham Court Rd 
(Northern Line/Central Line) or Leicester Square (Northern/Piccadilly 
Line).  However, the following may be of more specific help.  

[Enormous thanks to John Alvey for arranging this geographically and 
providing many updates!!  Latest personal trip by me was 07/05.] 

Charing Cross Road 
Cecil Court 
British Museum 
Southampton Row/Holborn 
Oxford Street 
Piccadilly Circus 
North London 
South London 
East London 
Southeast London 
West London 

Charing Cross Road: 

Charing Cross Road runs south from where Oxford Street (to the West), New 
Oxford Street (to the East), Tottenham Court Road (to the North) and 
Charing Cross Road (to the South) meet.  The place is technically called 
St. Giles' Circus and is also where you will find Tottenham Court Road tube 
station (Northern and Central lines), the Dominion Theatre and the hideous 
Centre Point office building.  Charing Cross Road is/was the equivalent of 
New York's Fourth Avenue or Paris' Boulevard St. Michel, the place where 
bookshops of all sorts are to be found.  Charing Cross Road goes South to 
Cambridge Circus (where Shaftesbury Avenue crosses it) and continues South 
to Trafalgar Square (location of the National Gallery, National Portrait 
Gallery, St. Martin-in-the Fields and Nelson's column and, incidentally, 
the place where mileage to/from London is calculated.)  As well as 
Tottenham Court Road, you are within ten minutes' walk of the following 
tube stations:  Oxford Circus (Victoria, Bakerloo, Central); Goodge Street 
(one stop up from Tottentham Court Road on the Northern Line); Leicester 
Square (halfway down Charing Cross Road on the Northern and Piccadilly 
lines); Charing Cross (Jubilee, Bakerloo and Northern); Piccadilly Circus 
(Piccadilly, Victoria and Jubilee) Charing Cross British Rail 

Buses: The following stop at or near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station:  7, 
8, 10, 25, 55, 73, 98, 134.  The following go up and/or down Charing Cross 
Road: 14, 19, 24, 29, 38.  Note that bus stops in key traffic areas such as 
this are lettered.  Each bus stop has a map of the location of the 
different bus stops, which buses stop at these stops and which buses go to 
and from key destinations.  Take the bus - it's more fun than the tube and 
cheaper!  Now if only the capital of the USA could do something 

Carlton House Terrace is one block South of Pall Mall which is the 
ritzy street running from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace.  
Denmark Street is off Charing Cross Road to the left (going South).  
Earlham Street is the second street on the right off that part of 
Shaftesbury Avenue to the left at Cambridge Circus. Newport Place is a 
small street just to the West of Charing Cross Road by Shaftesbury 
Avenue.  St. Martin's Court is to the left just past Leicester Square 
tube station.  Cecil Court is the next one on the left after 
St. Martin's Court. Strand runs East from Trafalgar Square.  

The second-hand bookshops are in the southern part of this road, 
closer to Leicester Square; the new ones are north, closer to 
Tottenham Court.  

Starting from St. Giles' Circus/Tottenham Court Road tube station, 
going South (even numbers on the left, odd on the right): 

Soho Original Books (125 Charing Cross Rd, WC1).  Remainders on 
	ground floor.  Upstairs is Claire de Rouen, which sells art 
	books, primarily photography.  "Basement has a licensed sex 
	shop (which I didn't visit)."  Open Mon-Fri 1000-1830, 
	Sat 1000-1800.  [05/08]
Foyles (107 Charing Cross Rd, after Sutton Row, 020-7437-5660,  In this new location starting 
	June 2014.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1930, Sun 1200-1800.  [04/14]
Blackwell's (100 Charing Cross Rd).  A branch of the large Oxford bookshop.  
	It is the second largest of the chain in the country.  It has 
	excellent medical, social sciences and history sections.  
	Declined somewhat from its former glory.  Open Mon-Sat 
	0930-2000, Sun 1200-1800.  [05/08]
Lovejoys (99B Charing Cross Rd).  Remainders.  
Cambridge Circus 
Forbidden Planet (179 Shaftesbury Ave east of CC, 020-7836-4179, FAX 
	020-7240-7118).  They have some reduced hardbacks, marked-down 
	paperbacks and sell more-than-two-year-old copies of Asimov's, 
	F&SF, etc. at a reasonable price.  Now that New Worlds is gone, 
	this is the only SF specialty store left in central London.  
	Open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 1000-1900, Thu 1000-2000, Sun 1200-1800.  
Mysteries (11 Monmouth Street, WC2, opposite Forbidden Planet,  
	Stocks most Dover books, and similar titles, and specializes 
	in their pictorial archives and Victoriana series.  Open Mon-Wed 
	1000-1800, Thu-Sat 1000-1900, Sun 1300-1700.  [05/08]
Magma (8 Earlham, WC2, 020-7240-8498,  Art 
	books.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1900, Sun 1200-1800.  [05/08]
Francis Edwards/Quinto (72 Charing Cross Rd, 020-7379-7669, FAX 
	020-7836-5977).  Secondhand books.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1830.  
Henry Pordes (58-60 Charing Cross Rd, 020-7836-9031, FAX 020-7240-4232, Remainders and 
	second-hand.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1900.  [05/08]
Any Amount of Books (56 Charing Cross Rd, 020-7836-3697).  Second-hand.  
	Reported to have the faster turnover and good prices.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 1030-2130, Sun 1130-2030.  [05/08]
Guangwha (7 Newport Place, WC2, 020-7437-3737).  New books, primarily 
	in Chinese but also a few in English on China.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1030-1900, Sun 1100-1700.  [05/08]

Cecil Court: 

"Just off Charing Cross Road, just beyond Leicester Square Underground if 
you are going down towards Trafalgar Square, you will find Cecil Court to 
the left.  The street consists entirely of second-hand/antiquarian/obscure 
books stores, including stores specializing in literature, children's 
books, dance, theater, travel, etc. as well as a new Italian bookshop, 
carrying both books in Italian and books in English on things Italian.  

Odd numbers are on the right going from Charing Cross Road towards St.  
Martin's Lane, even on the left.  This looked accurate as of 07/05, but 
there is constant turnover of stores on this street.  (Stores had come, 
gone, and moved since 10/00.)  Number 1 is at the St. Martin's Lane 
end and number 25 at the Charing Cross Road end.  

You can find an up-to-date listing on

Storey (1/3 Cecil Court, 020-7836-3777, FAX 01959-563315).  Prints, 
	engravings, especially military and naval.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-1800.  [05/08]
Storey's (1-3 Cecil Court)
Witch Ball (2 Cecil Court).  Prints.  [07/05]
Tindley and Everett Chapman (4 Cecil Court).  Modern firsts.  [05/08]
Bryars and Bryars (7 Cecil Court, WC2N 4EZ, 044-20-7836-1901, Rare and antiquarian 
	books, prints, illustrated books, maps.  [08/16]
Stephen Poole Rare Books (10 Cecil Court).  [08/16]
David Drummond/Pleasures of Past Times (11 Cecil Court, 020-7836-1142).  
	Books related to older forms of entertainment, also older 
	children's books.  Open Mon-Fri 1100-1715, with lunch break at 
	1430-1530, first Sat in month 1100-1430.  [05/08]
Marchpane (16 Cecil Court, 020-7836-8661, FAX 020-7497-0567).  Used 
	children's books.  Open Mon-Sat 1030-1830.  
Travis and Emery Music Bookshop (17 Cecil Court, 020-7240-2129, 
	FAX 020-7497-0473).  Used music and books on music.  Open 
	Mon-Sat 1015-1845, Sun 1130-1645.  [05/08]
Peter Ellis (18 Cecil Court).  Modern firsts, art, literature, history.  
	Open Mon-Fri 1030-1900,  Sat 1030-1730.  [05/08]
Watkins (19-21 Cecil Court, 020-7836-2182, FAX 020-7836-6700).  A great 
	bookshop if you are into the occult and other New-Age-type 
	subjects.  "Best place to buy books on Far Eastern religions - 
	Buddhism, Hinduism, etc."  Open Mon-Sat 1100-1900.  [05/08]
Goldsboro Books (23-27 Cecil Court, 0207-497-9230,  Modern first editions and 
	new titles, specialising in crime and children's titles, but 
	some general and so forth as well.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  

The public library is further down on the left at 4 Charing Cross Rd.  

Institute of Contemporary Arts (12 Carlton House, Terrace Dillons,  The Grand 
	Buildings, Trafalgar Square, WC2, 020-7839-4411, FAX 020-7839-1797).  
	Has a bookshop (as well as a cinema, a theatre, and a gallery.  (The 
	bookshop does not require a membership to visit.)  "Lots on 
	contemporary art, left-wing, feminist, gay, (mucho alternative), 
	great post cards."  

British Museum: 

Starting from Tottenham Court Road tube station and heading East along 
New Oxford Street. Great Russell Street runs parallel, one block to the 
North and is the street the British Museum is on.  Museum Street is a 
small street between Great Russell Street and New Oxford 
Street/Bloomsbury Way.  Bury Place runs parallel and one block to the 
East of Museum Street.  Galen Place and Pied Bull yard are small 
pedestrian streets off Bury Street.  Bloomsbury Street runs North from 
New Oxford Street, into Bedford Square and subsequently becomes Gower 
Street.  Gower Street is the street running parallel to Tottenham Court 
Road and one block East of Tottentham Court Road.  Malet Street is a 
small street the other side of Waterstone's from Gower Street.  Sicilian 
Avenue is a small pedestrian-only private street between Bloomsbury Way 
and Southampton Row (see section below; map here).  To find it, leave the 
Holborn Tube by the large exit and turn right (or by the small exit 
beside it and go straight).  You are now walking roughly North on 
Southampton Row.  Within a few blocks, just before Bloomsbury Way, the 
tiny Sicilian Avenue will appear on your left at the Sky Television 
shop (you'll need to cross the street).  Once inside, Skoob and PC 
Bookshop will be on your left.  Fitzroy Street is two blocks West of 
Tottenham Court Road (i.e., away from Waterstone's and the British Museum) 
and runs parallel to it.  Whitfield Street is one block West of 
Tottenham Court Road and runs parallel to it.  Goodge Street is off the 
West side of Tottenham Court Road, by the tube station of the same 
name.  Charlotte Place is a small street just off Goodge Street.  Long 
Acre starts one block East of Leicester Square (starting at St.  
Martin's Lane) and runs to King Street.  King Street runs parallel and 
two blocks South of Long Acre and runs into Covent Garden.  

"You should consider adding a link to the excellent little guide 
published by Jarndyce at (follow the 
Bloomsbury Booksellers and By Name links)."

Bookmarks (1 Bloomsbury, 020-8802-6145).  Left-wing interest.  One reader 
	writes, "If you can stomach the owner's politics it is still a 
	pretty good bookshop with a surprisingly wide range of books on 
	economics and history."  Your mileage may vary.  [01/05]
Atlantis Bookshop (49a Museum St, WC1, 020-7405-2120).  The title says it 
	all.  They carry new and second-hand books on esoterica, the occult 
	and the like.  An essential visit.  Open Mon-Sat 1030-1800.  [03/08]
Skoob Books (66, The Brunswick, off Marchmont, WC1N 1AE, 020-7278-8760,  Secondhand books.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1030-2000, Sun 1030-1800.  [03/08]

The following stores are more or less opposite the British Museum.  

Museum Bookshop (36 Great Russell St, WC1, 020-7580-4086, 
	FAX 020-7436-4364).  Books on archeology, the Orient, etc.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 1000-1730, Sat 1100-1730.   
Jarndyce's, The 19th Century Bookshop (46 Great Russell St, 
	020-7631-4220).  "Rather expensive, and you have to ring the 
	bell to be allowed in, but very friendly and helpful.  
	Specialists in 19th Century books of all kinds, plus some 18th 
	Century ones as well."  OPen Mon-Fri 0930-1700, Sat 1000-1430.  
Gosh Comics (39 Great Russell St, 020-7636-1011).  Open Mon-Wed, Sat-Sun 
	1000-1800, Thu-Fri 1000-1900.  [03/08]
Arthur Probsthain (41 Great Russell opposite the British Museum, WC1B 3PH, 
	TEL/FAX 020-7636-1096).  Second-hand on things Oriental.  Mails 
	monthly (approx) short lists of second-hand/antiquarian books for 
	sale (not cheap).  Open Mon-Fri 0900-1730, Sat 1100-1600.
Souvenir Press (43 Great Russell).  Publisher but sells its own books.  
	Open Mon-Fri 0930-1715 (closed for lunch 1230-1430).  [03/08]
The London Review Bookshop (14 Bury Pl, 020-7269-9030,  "Excellently stocked new books 
	independent.  Small, two floors, specialises in history, 
	politics, fiction, philosophy, critical theory, poetry, lit 
	crit and other smaller sections.  Good on imported 
	contemporary American fiction and poetry.  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-1830, Sun 1200-1800.  [03/08]
Gekoski (Pied Bull Yard, WC1, 020-7404-6676, FAX 020-7404-6595,  First editions, manuscripts.  Expensive.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 1000-1730.  [11/04]
Oxfam Bookshop (12 Bloomsbury St).  [07/06]
Waterstone's (82 Gower St, WC1, 020-7636-1577, FAX 020-7580-7680, Goodge 
	Street tube).  Beautiful, general, moderately helpful staff.  
	Smaller than Foyles but it more than makes up for it in 
	efficiency.  Excellent science and medicine depts, and generally 
	strong on textbooks and "recommended reading" in all 
	subjects--this is an academic's bookshop.  (It caters to 
	University College that is a block away, for Birkbeck College, 
	and for the student population of London at large.)  One of 
	the three main technical bookshops in London, and easier to 
	find your way round than Foyles.  Also has a reasonable SF 
	section (all UK, though), and lots of other stuff.  There is a 
	remainder and secondhand department on the first floor, 
	including plenty of US university press books.  Very 
	knowledgeable staff.  "While you're there, visitors should go 
	and look at the outside of Senate House (one of the models for 
	Orwell's ministries) and on Russell Square, which is where 
	T. S. Eliot worked for Faber's."  Also, "the gardens opposite 
	were also the scene of several events in John Wyndham's THE 
	DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS."   (Other branches at 150-152 Kings Rd, 
	SW3; 48-52 Kensington High St, W8; 8 Long Acre, WC2; 
	213 Piccadilly, W1; St Dunstans Rd, W6; St Mary's Rd, W5; 
	Exhibition Rd, SW7; Lambeth Palace Rd, SE1; 37 Upper Berkeley 
	St, W1; Trafalgar Square, WC1.  Most of these are associated 
	with a college, so are likely to be small and have a specialist 
	selection.  For example, the St Dunstan one is at the 
	Westminster Medical School, the St Mary one at the Polytechnic 
	of West London, the Lambeth one at St Thomas' Hospital, and the 
	Exhibition Road one at the Science Museum.  The Waterstone's 
	near Covent Garden has a large selection of art books.  The 
	Waterstone's at 8 Long Acre is next door to Stanford's Map 
	Centre and is a specialist art/architecture/design bookshop.)  
	Waterstone's on Trafalgar Square is large and spacious, but 
	empty of much substance.  "The Piccadilly bookshop covers six 
	of the seven floors, the 7th being an art gallery.  It is 
	massively spacious, has a fantastic biography section and is 
	altogether overwhelming.  I particularly love the travel 
	section."  Someone wrote in April 2004 that the store on Gower 
	"is still worth the visit."  [04/04]
University of London Union (Malet St, opposite Waterstone's).  They hold a book 
	sale every Friday 1100-1800.  Worth a visit.  
Swedenborg Society (920 Bloomsbury Way).  Books in various languages by and 
	about the philosopher Swedenborg.  Open Mon-Fri 0930-1700.  
Building Bookshop (26 Store St between Tottenham Court Road and Gower 
	St, 020-7255-4300).  All sorts of books on remodeling, 
	do-it-yourself, building materials, etc.)  Open Mon-Fri 
	0930-1800, Sat 1100-1700.  [05/08]
Star Books (55 Warren, one block down from Warren Street tube, 020-7380-0622).  
	Books on all topics relating to India.  Open Mon-Fri 1000-1830.  
Oxfam, YMCA, and one other charity shop (Goodge a couple of blocks 
	west of Tottenham Court Road.  Oxfam books are approaching 
	the prices you would pay in a regular used book shop, but it 
	is for a good cause.  The other are cheaper, but the selection 
	is worse.  Near Pollock's Toy Museum.  [08/05]
Countryside Bookshop (39 Goodge, 020-7636-3156, FAX 020-7323-6879).  New 
	books on the environment, nature, gardening and the like.  Open 
	Mon-Fri 1000-1800, Sat 1100-1700.  
Orbital Manga (4c Orion House, Upper St Martin's Lane).  Books, comics, 
	and other stuff relating to manga.  Open Mon-Sat 1030-1900, 
	Sun 1130-1700.  [05/08]
Stanford's (Long Acre at the back of Charing Cross Road off St. Martin's 
	Lane towards Covent Garden, WC2E 9LP, 020-7836-1321, 
	FAX 020-7632-8928).  World-famous for their maps but also 
	selling lots of travel books.  Now has three floors.  Can get 
	its hands on maps of almost anywhere provided they are not 
	security classified.   Has a close working relationship with 
	the British Ordnance Survey.  Open Mon, Wed-Fri 0900-1930; 
	Tue 0930-1930, Sat 1000-1900, Sun 1200-1800.  [03/04]
Waterstone's Art Bookshop (13 Garrick, just behind Long Acre, WC2, 
	020-7836-1359).  New books on art, design, architecture, etc. 
	but also theater, fiction, poetry, music and cinema.  Open 
	Mon-Wed, Fri 1000-2000; Thu, Sat 1000-2100; Sun 1200-1800.  
Treadwells Bookshop (34 Tavistock, Covent Garden, 0207 240 8906,  Second-hand bookshop 
	specializing in magic, witchcraft,and paganism.  Open seven 
	days a week 1200-1900.  [08/05]
Banana Bookshop (in the market at Covent Garden).  Remainders.   
Inner Space (36 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, WC2H 9AB, 020-7836-6688,  Personal growth and 
	spirituality.  Open Mon-Sat 10:30AM-6PM.  [08/06]

Southampton Row/Holborn: 

Southampton Row is the large (for London) street that runs parallel to 
Tottenham Court Road and is about 10 blocks East of it (and about 5 blocks 
East of the British Museum).  It becomes Woburn Place further North, 
and then Tavistock Square and then Upper Woburn Place.  Woburn Walk is a 
small pedestrian street, just off Upper Woburn Place, which leads to Burton 
Street.  Marchmont Street is parallel to Woburn Place and two blocks to the 
East.  Leigh Street is off the Northern end of Marchmont Street and leads 
into Judd Street.  Parker Street runs parallel and to the South of High 
Holborn between Drury Lane and Kingsway.  High Holborn is the Eastern 
continuation of New Oxford Street. Euston Road is the Northern boundary of 
this section and runs East from Great Portland Street tube station to 
King's Cross via Euston and St. Pancras British Rail stations.  Caledonian 
Road is the continuation of Euston Road beyond King's Cross (going East).  
Portugal Street is a small street off Kingsway just North of the Aldwych 
and to the right when you walk from the Aldwych towards Holborn.  Carey 
Street is off Portugal Street to the right.  

PBFA Book Fairs (Hotel Russell, Russell Square, WC1).  Every month the 
	Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association holds a booksale here on 
	Sunday from 1400-1900 and Monday 1030-1900.  It is usually the first 
	or second week of the month.  You can get the latest calendar from 
	the PBFA, Old Coach House, 16 Melbourn St., Royston, Hertfordshire, 
	SG8 7BZ, 01763-248400, FAX 01763-248921.  (See below for more 
Chess and Bridge (369 Euston Rd, 020-7388-2404, FAX 020-7905-5626).  New 
	books and paraphernalia relating to chess and bridge (the card 
	game).  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
Porcupine Bookcellar (5 Caledonian Rd, Kings Cross, N1, 020-7837-4473).  
	Second-hand books of a left-wing nature.  Open Mon-Sat 1100-1800.  
BMJ Booksellers (Burton St).  New medical books (BMJ stands for British 
	Medical Journal).  Now that H K Lewis has gone, the best place for 
	medical books.  The store has no street number (even the clerks said 
	it did not have one) but it is opposite the Maghreb Bookshop at #45, 
	by the top end of Burton Street, where it meets Woburn Walk.  
Maghreb Books/Librairie du Maghreb (45 Burton St, 020-7388-1840).  Small 
	bookshop stocking primarily new books on the Maghreb countries, 
	mainly in English, some in French.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1800.  
Marchmont Bookshop (39 Burton St, WC1, 013-7237-9404,  General second-hand books, with 
	an accent on poetry and literature. Has finally returned [2007] 
	after a long period of inactivity.  Open Mon-Fri 1200-1800.
Collinge and Clark (13 Leigh St, WC1, 020-7387-7105, FAX 020-7833-0335).  
	Used books in the field of literature, history and art.  Fairly 
	upmarket.  "Not really that upmarket, although they do have quite 
	a lot of private press stuff. The basement's worth a rummage."  
	Open Mon-Fri 1100-1830, Sat 1100-1530.  
Judd Books (82 Marchmont St, WC1, 020-7387-5333).  "Mainly high-quality 
	remainders, with a small amount of secondhand.  This shop; 
	Unsworth, Rice and Coe; and Waterstone's Gower Street are the 
	three best remainder shops in London, with a wide range of 
	quality fiction and non-fiction, particularly the latter."  Open 
	Mon-Sat 1100-1900, Sun 1100-1800.  
Gay's the Word (66 Marchmont St, 020-7278-7654).  New and second-hand books 
	and magazines on gay and feminist topics.  Open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 
	1000-1800; Thu 1000-1900; Sun 1400-1800.  
Waterstone's Economist Book Shop (Clare Market, Portugal St next to Houghton 
	St, 020-7405-5531).  Very good history, economy, related subjects.  
	New books in the front, second-hand in the back.  Just one block 
	over on Clement's Street is the shop Dickens used as his model for 
	the Old Curiosity Shop, looking just as you would expect it to, so 
	it's worth a visit here even if you are not an economist.  
	(According to one person the address is pretty useless.  It is 
	attached to the London School of Economics so ask directions to 
	that.)  Open Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri 0930-1800; Wed 1000-1800; 
	Sat 1000-1600.  
Wildy and Sons (Lincoln's Inn Archway, Carey St, WC2, 020-7242-5778, FAX 
	020-7430-0897).  New and second-hand books in the fields of law and 
TSO Bookshop (49 High Holborn, 020-7873-0011, FAX 020-7831-1326).  Halfway 
	along Holborn between Holborn and Chancery Lane Tubes.  Source for 
	all UK government publications, white papers, etc.  Has large stock 
	and can order all that it hasn't got in stock.  Open Mon-Fri 
	0815-1715, Sat 1000-1300.  
Blackwells (244 High Holborn, WC1, 020-7831-9501, FAX 020-7405-9412).  New 
	books on business and professional topics.  Near Holborn tube 
	station.  Open Mon-Fri 0830-1830, Sat 1000-1600.  
Guanghwa (32 Parker St, WC2, 020-7831-0137).  See main entry under Charing 
	Cross Road.  
BBC Shop (Bush House (on the lower side, round the back, opposite the now 
	defunct Aldwich tube station), Strand).  Books, videos, cassettes, 
	and the odd CD.  

Oxford Street: 

Great Marlborough Street is one block South of Oxford Street near Oxford 
Circus tube station, Liberty's and Carnaby Street.  Berkeley Square is in 
Mayfair - go South on Bond Street from Oxford Street and take a right at 
Bruton Street or go along Piccadilly from Piccadilly Circus towards Hyde 
Park and take a right up Berkeley Street.  Of course, if you are visiting 
Maggs, you will probably take a taxi.  Langham Place is at the North end of 
Regent Street (i.e. North of Oxford Circus) and on the right as you are 
going North from Oxford Circus.  

Grant and Cutler (55-57 Great Marlborough St next to Carnaby St and 
	Liberty's, 020-7734-2012, FAX 020-7734-9272,  The place for foreign-language books, 
	including English translations thereof.  Open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 
	0900-1730; Thu 0900-1900.  
Daunts (83 Marylebone High St, W1M 3DE, 020-7224-2295; also Belsize Park and 
	South End Green, Hampstead).  "The most beautiful bookshop in London--
	designed for travellers who like reading" -- Daily Telegraph.  "I 
	could agree--it is very nice: large, lit, and shockingly spacious.  
	And the shelves are arranged geographically, with travel books on some 
	of the shelves and books by people from that area (e.g., Atwood books 
	by the Canada guides) on the other shelves, above or below.  I 
	recommend a visit."  Open Mon-Sat 0900-1930.  [05/03]
Waterstone (19-23 Oxford St, W1, 020-7434-9759).  See main entry under British 
BBC Books (4 Langham Place, W1, 020-7927-4970).  New books relating to BBC 
Boosey and Hawkes (295 Regent St, W1, 020-7580-2060, FAX 020-7436-2850).  
	North end of Regent Street, on the left as you go North from Oxford 
	Circus.  New books on music (mainly classical) and sheet music.  
	Open Mon-Fri 0900-1800, Sat 1000-1600.  
Maggs Bros (50 Berkeley Square).  "The place if you would never buy a book 
	for less than US$1000."  Another poster says this is unfair and that
	"they appear to be slightly more enthusiastic about encouraging the 
	not-stinking-rich collector than their competitors, who aren't 
	listed at all (eg Quaritch, Pickering & Chatto, Simon Finch, etc)."
Biblion (Davies Mews, W1, south of Oxford ST, near the Bond St tube, 
	20-7629-1374, FAX 20-7493-7158,  
	Hosts the stock of about a hundred dealers in a "permanent 
	bookfair."  A chance to browse a variety of selections in one 
	location.  [And without this "shared" space, I suspect most of 
	these dealers would probably be Internet only at this point. -ecl]  
	Mostly modern firsts.
Robert Frew (somewhere in Mayfair).  Antiquarian, especially travel, 
	literature.  Moved in 08/05 from Bloomsbury/British Museum 
	area.  [08/05]

Piccadilly Circus: 

There is a map here.  

Piccadilly is the street to the left of Tower Records when facing Tower 
from Piccadilly Circus.  Warwick Street is a small street parallel to 
Regent Street and one block to the East near Piccadilly Circus.  Brewer 
Street runs parallel to Shaftesbury Avenue, to the East of Regent Street 
by Piccadilly Circus.  Golden Square is a block North of Brewer Street, 
two blocks East of Regent Street.  Royal Opera Arcade is just off 
Haymarket (on the right as you go down from Piccadilly Circus) towards 
Pall Mall/Trafalgar Square.  

Japan Centre (212 Piccadilly, W1, 020-7439-8035, FAX 020-7287-1082).  
	Mainly books in Japanese but there is a small stock of books 
	in English on Japan.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1930, Sun 1000-1800.  
Waterstone (213 Piccadilly, W1, 020-7434-9617, FAX 020-7734-0681).  A 
	smaller version of the one in Gower Street.  Open Mon-Sat 
	0930-2000, Sun 1200-1800.  
Bird and Wildlife Bookshop (Royal Opera Arcade, SW1, 020-7839-1881, 
	FAX 020-7839-8118).  
Golden Square Books (16 The Village, Golden Square, W1, 
	020-7434-3337).  New books in the field of fiction, poetry, 
	philosophy, psychology, New Age.  
European Bookshop (5 Warwick St, 020-7734-5259, FAX 020-7287-1720).  
	New books in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, 
	Portuguese and Swedish and books in English for learning these 
	and other European languages.  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1800.  
[some Japanese bookstore] (70 Brewer St, W1).  "As the name of the shop 
	was given in Japanese I am not sure of the name.  It is open 
	from 12-9 and 12-8 but as the days were given in Japanese, I do 
	not know what days!  New books in Japanese only."  
Vintage Magazine Shop (39-41 Brewer St, W1, 020-7439-8525).  Old 
	magazines, posters, cinema stuff, photos.  Also in Camden Town 
	(see below).  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1900.  [07/05]
Original Soho Bookshop (12 Brewer St, W1; also two branches in Brewer 
	St, Middlesex St, Leatherlane, and Cowcross St).  Remainders 
	upstairs, porn downstairs.  [05/03]

Someone writes, "If it's porn you want, this area is the place as every 
other shop sells porn here."

Central North West (between Marylebone and Edgware Road Station)

Stephen Foster's Bookshop (Bell St, Marylebone, NW1).  "Full of 
	unusual books and good art subjects."  [09/06]
Archive Bookstore (83 Bell St, NW1 6TB).  "A secondhand bookshop 
	with a large 50p and under bargain  stall, a few old 
	interesting books and many diverse categories of books 
	and a music dungeon with a tiny but playable piano and full of 
	printed secondhand music for all instruments and moods from 
	19th century editions to the present--pop songs and classical 
	scores & sheets in great piles.  The accent of this shop is 
	upon the readable and  the affordable and for some people that 
	is enjoyable until it turns into the unfindable  (customers 
	quite often find things, treasures, and then after another 
	half hour or so of browsing, they've misplaced them and lost 
	them in the general all-engulfing undergrowth of the place."  

North London: 

St. John's Wood 

Park Road runs from Baker Street to Lord's Cricket Ground in St. John's 
Wood.  Waterstone is about half way along.  

Waterstone-Business-Bookshop,-72-Park-Road,-NW1.-Tel:-020-7723- 3902.  

Camden Town 

Note that Camden High Street becomes Chalk Farm Road.  Offstage is nearer 
the Camden Town end rather than the Chalk Farm end.  If you are taking the 
tube, make a right out of the tube station and go up, past the food markets 
and trendy clothes shops.  Inverness Street is a small street just off 
Camden High Street, almost opposite the tube station.  Greenland Place is 
just off Camden High Street, just South of the tube station.  

Vintage Magazine Shop (7-8 Greenland Place, NW1).  See main entry under 
	Piccadilly Circus.  
Mega City One Comics (18 Inverness St, 0)71-485-9320).  Near Compendium and 
	Offstage.  Better than Forbidden Planet.  Open on Sundays.   
Offstage (37 Chalk Farm Road between Camden Town and Chalk Farm Undergound, 
	NW1, 020-7485-4996).  Books on the theater.  Open seven days 
Walden Books ("Harmood Street Chalk Farm").
Primrose Hill Books(134 Regent's Park Road, NW1 8XL, 020-7586-2022, 
	FAX 020-7722-9653,  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1830, Sun 1100-1800.  
BlackGull Books (Camden Lock).

Clerkenwell (not quite North London, but nowhere else better to list it)

[no shops?]


[Japanese book store] (located in Oriental City, at the corner of Edgeware 
	Rd and Grove Park).  Japanese books with a a few Japan-related 
	English books.


Centerprise Bookshop (136-138 Kingsland High St, London E8 2NS, British 
	Rail North London Line Dalston Kingsland, 020-7254-9632, FAX 
	020-7923-1951).  Part of long-established multi-purpose arts and 
	community centre.  Specialises in Black writing, childrens books, 
	lesbian and gay writing, local history, modern fiction.  Adjoining 
	cafe/gallery has good value hot and cold food and drinks.  Open 

Finsbury Park

New Beacon Bookshop (76 Stroud Green Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4, 
	Finsbury Park tube, 020-7272-4889, FAX 020-7281-4662).  "They 
	specialise in 	Caribbean, African, African-American, Black 
	British and Black European writings and stock a wide range of 
	materials including novels, poetry, plays, cultural studies, 
	literary criticism, women's studies, history, politics, music and 
	children's books.  The staff are friendly and welcoming--and 
	extremely knowledgeable about their subjects."  Mon-Sat 1030-1800.  

Golders Green 

Bookworm (1177 Finchley Rd, London NW11 0AA, 020-8201-9811).  Children's 
	books specialist.  
Joseph's Bookstore (2 Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Road - Temple Fortune, 
	London NW11 0AD, 020-8731-7575 ).  Independent small shop, more 
	non-fiction than fiction, has particular interest in Judaica (though 
	not religious texts--more things like history).  Holds signings 
	occasionaly (Amos Oz about a year back for example).  
Aisenthal J (11 Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Road - Temple Fortune, London 
	NW11 0AD, 020-8455-0501).  Jewish bookshop; also has other Jewish 
	stuff.  Polite family business.  

Nearest tube: Golders Green - Northern Line 
"I have given you them in the order away from Golders Green station.  A 
good 10 minute walk (my pace == 20 mins? otherwise) - so can get buses 
82, 260 or 102 from outside "The Refectory" pub near the station, under 
the tube bridge (it's no longer actually underground from just before 
Golders Green northwards) to Boots/WHSmiths at top of Temple Fortune 
(a hill) and then carry on walking north, and all shops are on left 
hand side."  


Ripping Yarns (355 Archway Rd, Highgate, N6, 081-341-6111).  Just next to 
	Highgate tube (Northern Line), also 43, 134 (from Tottenham Court 
	Road tube) and 135 (from Oxford Circus) bus lines.  Monty Python 
	fans will recognize the name of the comedy series Michael Palin did 
	immediately after Monty Python.  Palin and fellow-Python Terry Jones 
	were present at the opening of this store but are not owners.  Stock 
	is reasonably-priced, general second-hand, but with a specialty of 
	old British children's books (i.e., ripping yarns).  Open Mon-Fri 
	1030-1730, Sat 1000-1700, Sun 1130-1630.  

Highgate Hill

Highgate Bookshop.  [05/03]

Kentish Town 

Hellenic Bookservice (91 Fortess Rd, NW5, 020-7267-9499). One of the places 
	for books in Greek or about things Greek.    Moved from Charing 
	Cross Road.  
Owl Bookshop (across from Kentish Town branch library, Kentish Town road).  
	Near the tube stop of same name, head south on the road, right side 
	of st.  Good and interesting collection, especially British history.  
	The library's not bad either.  

Muswell Hill 

Childrens Bookshop (29 Fortis Green Rd, Muswell Hill, N10, 020-8444-5500).  
	New childrens' books.  
Muswell Hill Bookshop (opposite The Children's Bookshop on the 
	Broadway).  "Great selection of new books.  Messy, eclectic."  
Prospero's Books (Crouch End).  Brother of Muswell Hill Bookshop.  
	Similar, but Prospero's a bit too cramped for relaxed 
	browsing.  [03/04]

Stamford Hill 

Hebrew Booksellers (82 Dunsmore Rd, N16, 020-8800-5863).  Books of Jewish 


UPG Christian Bookshop (328 High Rd, Tottenham, N5, 020-8365-1788, FAX 

The Discount Islamic Bookstore (30 Eskdale House, Stanhope St, NW1 3SB, 
	020-8903-0819, 020-8903-0820  
	Hundreds of reduced-price new and classic English-language Muslim 

South London: 

Pathfinder Books (47 The Cut, SE1, 020-7401-2409).  Left-wing books.  The 
	Cut is near Waterloo.  One reader reports never being able to find 
	this one.  Open Mon 1600-1800, Tue-Thu 1700-1900, Fri 1600-1900, 
	Sat 1000-1800.  (Yes, only open in the evening during the week.)  
The Design Museum (28 Shad Thames, a nice walk from Tower Bridge).  "Has a 
	wonderful bookshop; not restricted to design (the `build locks out of 
	paper' book was particularly interesting)."  
Horseman's Bookshop (1 Lower Grosvenor Place, SW1, 020-7834-5606).  Near 
	Victoria Station in an area notably devoid of both bookshops and 
Padre Pio (264 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, SW1, 020-7834-5363).  Catholic books.  
	"It sells a wide range of Catholic books and other items.  It also 
	has a loo at the back.  It also has a large dog.  A lot of its books 
	are of a prophetic or millennialist nature.  There are also two 
	Catholic book shops by the cathedral and a very good secondhand shop 
	elswhere."  [02/06]
Gloucester Road Bookshop (123 Gloucester Road near Gloucester Road 
	Undergound).  A good, general second-hand bookshop.  "Deserves a 
	special mention for staying open till 2230 most nights of the week; 
	it's also one of the better secondhand bookshops in London by quite 
	a wide margin, IMHO, although not as cheap as it used to be.  They 
	do mark the stock down in price after a while if it hasn't sold, 
	though, whereas the more pretentious shops will mark it up."   
Al Kashkool (56 Knightsbridge, SW1, 020-7235-4240, FAX 020-7235-9305). New 
	books of Arab interest, many in Arabic.  
Harrington Bros. Antiquarian Booksellers (The Chelsea Antique Market, 253 
	Kings Road, London SW3 5EL, 020-7352-5689/1720, FAX 020-7823-3449).  
	Issues catalogs of travel books.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
Natural History Museum Book Shop (Exhibition Road, South Kensington).
Science Museum (Exhibition Road, South Kensington).  Science books--of 
	course--with a better selection of math books than one usually 
	finds (in the United States, anyway; then again, the Museum 
	has a much better mathematics exhibit than one finds in the 
	United States also).  [08/05]
Bookthrift (22 Thurloe, South Kensington SW7 2LT).  Two blocks south 
	of the Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert, etc., 
	right near the South Kensington Tube.  Remaindered books and 
	discounted new books.  [08/05]
[Bookends in this same area is paper products rather than books.  
Hatchards (2 Brook St, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 2HA, about 12 miles 
	South West of central London, 020-8546-7592, .  An academic bookshop serving 
	Kingston University and other institutions in the Surrey and South 
	West London area.  Part of the Waterstone, Pentos group.  Will post 
	books worldwide and accepts credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Amex).  
	(Hatchard's main branch is at 187 Piccadilly, not far from Piccadilly 
The Open Book (10 King St, Richmond, 020-8940-1802).  Opposite the Lion and 
	Unicorn.  General bookshop.  
Lion and the Unicorn (19 King St, Richmond).  Children's bookshop.  "Not a 
	vast stock, but a good range and very helpful staff.  
Parks (119 London Rd, SE1, 020-7928-5376, FAX 020-7261-9536).  See main 
	entry under British Museum/Holborn.  Near Elephant and Castle tube.  
Tlon Books (Unit 316, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, SE1 6TE, 
	020-7701-0360, http://www.tlon-books.demon.couk/index.htm).  
	General second-hand books.  
Chaldon Books & Records (1 High, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey CR3 5UE, 
	044-1883-348583,  Secondhand 
	bookshop.  Just beyond edge of "south London", and near to 
	Chaldon Church and its wallpainting.  Open Thu-Sat 10AM-5PM.  

East London: 

Freedom (84b Whitechapel High St, E1, 020-7247-9249).  Aldgate East Tube.  
	Anarchist books.  
Genesis (188 Old St, EC1, 020-7250-1868).  New Age and environment books.  
Parks (11 Copthall Ave, EC2, 020-7638-1991, FAX 020-7638-1594).  See main 
	entry under British Museum/Holborn.  Near Bank tube.  
Bankers Books (17 St. Swithins Lane, EC4, 020-7929-4306, FAX 020-7929-4301).  
Waterstone (Barbican Centre, Silk St, EC2, 020-7629-8206).  See main entry 
	under British Museum/Holborn.  
Wisdom Books (402 Hoe St, E17, 020-8520-5588).  Books on Eastern religions.  

Southeast London: 


Kirkdale Bookshop (Kirkdale Rd, Sydenham, near the Crystal Palace).  
	"It contains a large second hand stock in the basement 
	covering archaeology, the sciences, history, sport, art 
	fiction and SF.  It also sells new books on the ground floor.  
	The bookshop has just been painted bright red and is easily 
	found."  Opposite Sydenham Railway station and on many bus 
	routes, particularly the 176.

"There are two other second hand quality book shops at Crystal Palace 
also that are worth visiting.  The stock categories are similar to 
those of the Kirkdale shop.  Crystal Palace town is very small and 
takes little time to walk around."


Halcyon Books (1 Greenwich South St, SE10, 020-8305-2675).  New 
	and secondhand books and magazines.  Open 1000-1800.

There are also an Ottaker's and at least three branches of a bargain 
bookshop selling remaindered new books for two pounds each in the 
block closest to the Cutty Sark/Royal Naval College/National Maritime 

West London: 

Al-Saqi (26 Westbourne Grove, W2, 020-7229-8543).  It's about equidistant 
	between Bayswater tube (on the Circle line) and Royal Oak (on the 
	Metropolitan Line) but ten minutes walk from both.  New books on 
	Arab issues, Islam, about half in Arabic and half in English.  
	Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.  
Dar al Dawa Book Shop (99 Westbourne Grove, W2, 020-7221-6256).  Books on 
	Arab & Islamic matters in English and Arabic.  [03/08]
The Riverside Studios (Crisp Rd, W6, by the River Thames in Hammersmith, 
	just down from the flyover).  Hammersmith tube (Metropolitan, 
	Piccadilly and District.) They have a bookshop as well as a cinema, 
	a theatre and a gallery.  
Iranian Bookshop (2a Kensington Church Walk, W8, 020-7937-5087).  Near High 
	Street Kensington tube.  
Travel Bookshop (13 Blenheim Crescent, W11, Ladbroke Grove tube 
	(Metropolitan), 020-7229-5260).  Carries new and second-hand travel 
	books.  Open Mon-Fri 1000-1800, Sat 1000-1730.  
Cook Book Shop (4 Blenheim Crescent, W11, 020-7584-2840, FAX 020-7823-9259).  
Modern Books (15-21 Praed St, Edgware Road tube (Metropolitan, District 
	and Bakerloo), W2 1NP, 020-7402-9176, FAX 020-7724-5736).  Less 
	than 100 yards from Edgware Road tube.  Excellent technical bookshop 
	with very wide stocks, very easy to get around, helpful staff.  
Book & Comic Exchange (14 Pembridge Rd).  Recommended by Gosh Comics.  [10/05]
Pemberley Natural History Books (18 Bathurst Walk, Iver, SL0 9AZ, 
	01753-631114, FAX 01753-631115,  
	New, used and antiquarian books on entomology (insects) and other 
	natural history.  Open Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM.  [10/05]

West Hempstead: 
Fortune Green Books (74 Fortune Green Rd, NW6 1DS, West Hempstead tube, 
	020-7435-7545).  The shop's specialty is books by and about women, 
	and the co-owner, Jane Bell (I think her name is), seems to be 
	regarded as something of an expert in the field by other London 
	booksellers.  However, they have some 19th and early 20th Century
	literature and art as well.  By appointment only.

Miscellaneous London Comments: 

Probably one of the most useful websites for visitors to London is, whose function you can probably guess.  If you 
enter a UK postcode (or, for London only, a street name) on the opening 
searchpanel, you'll get a map of the area centred on the postcode/street 

Books Etc (various locations)..  
	Good general stock, with emphasis on fiction and modern literature.  
	SF section is also surprisingly good for a non-specialist shop, 
	including some US imports.  Lots of other stuff, including a 
	reasonable technical section.  Staff helpful, often beyond the call 
	of duty.  Takes credit cards, will order books from the US.  
	Sometimes open Sunday afternoon.  Branches include: 30 Broadgate 
	Circus, EC2M 2QS, tel. 020-7628-8944; 60 Fenchurch St, EC3M 4AQ, 
	tel. 020-7481-4425; 176 Fleet St, EC4A 2AB, tel. 020-7353-5939; 
	263 High Holborn, WC1V 7EE, tel. 020-7404-0261; 26 James St, Covent 
	Garden, WC2E 8PA, tel. 020-7379-6947; 54 London Wall, EC2M 5TR, 
	tel. 020-7628-9708; 163 Oxford St, W1R 1TA, tel. 020-7734-8287; 
	66 Victoria St, SW1 5LB, tel. 020-7931-0677; 19 Whiteleys of 
	Bayswater, W2 4YQ, tel.  020-7229-3865).  The Charing Cross Road 
	branch is open Sundays.  

There are also a few bookshops in Oxford Street, near Tottenham Court Road 
tube station.  And don't forget the museum bookshops.  For 
oriental/historical books, try opposite the British Museum (a reasonably 
short walk from Tottenham Court road tube).  "You can have a pleasant day 
out looking round the bookshops and/or the British museum.  There are quite 
a few restaurants and fast food outlets around.  The booksellers in this 
are put out a leaflet called 'Antiquarian and Second-hand Booksellers near 
the British Museum' which you can get, free of charge, from any of the 
bookshops or by writing, with a SASE, to Janet Nassau, Bloomsbury 
Booksellers' Guide, 46 Great Russell St., London, WC1B 3PA."  [I find it 
interesting that the British Museum is the only museum outside of New York 
that I can tell you the name of the street it's on.] 

There are a couple of French bookshops near the South Kensington tube stop, 
on Bute Street, SW7, a small street off Old Brompton Road:

Au fil des mots (19 Bute, SW7 3EY, 020-7589-9400,  Open Mon-Fri 8:20AM-6:30PM, 
	Sat 10AM-6:30PM.  [02/09]
The French Bookshop (28 Bute, SW7, 020-7584-2840).  Open Mon-Fri 
	8:30AM-6:30PM, Sat 10AM-6:30PM.  [02/09]

"To get to Bute Street, take the tube to South Kensington.  When exiting 
the station, turn left into the small arcade and then right at the 
street.  Take Old Brompton  Road which is facing you, veering slightly 
to the left.  There is a conspicuous sign on top of the building 
opposite you.  Bute Street is the second street on the right.  Au fil 
des mots is halfway up on the left and the The French Bookshop at the 
end on the right, though, as the street is small, the two are within 
two minutes of one another.  The stocks of the two are similar--
literature, history, current affairs, language learning and the like, 
nearly all in French (i.e. very few books in English on French 
topics).  However, they do have different books and though similar 
stocks to the other main French language London bookshops--Grant and 
Cutler, the European Bookshop and Waterstone's, Gower Street--all five 
do have different books.  If you have limited time, Grant & Cutler and 
Waterstone's may be best for academic books, the  European Bookshop 
for novels in French (despite its name and the fact that it stocks 
books in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Russian (but 
not Italian), its speciality is French), with the Bute Street ones 
close behind."

There are Chinese bookshops in Chinatown and Soho and some good black 
bookshops in Brixton.  For ethnic categories in general see the 
references in the "Guide to Ethnic London."  

Away from Charing Cross Road, there is a second-hand book market on 
Saturdays just by the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank, under 
Waterloo Bridge.  Someone else adds, "The second-hand bookmarket by 
the Royal Festival Hall is on most days of the week, especially during 
the summer months, although it's certainly bigger at weekends than 
during the week.  The drawback, as with any outdoor bookseller, is 
that the books get wet, dirty and dog-eared through sitting outside 
and being schlepped around in boxes day in day out.  The prices in 
this market are also much higher than you'd pay in a bookshop for 
something in better condition.  Most of the books are very common 
titles, and I can see no reason why anyone would buy anything here 
(although it never stops me looking, I have to say), unless they were 
a tourist who didn't know any better and didn't really like books much 

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