Bookstores in the United Kingdom (Scotland)


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23 Feb 2016

Bookstores in other parts of the UK are in separate files: 
Northern Ireland, England, and Wales.  

Just to be perfectly clear, bookstores for the Republic of Ireland/Eire are in 
the Europe file.  

Cities include (listed basically west to east, north to south by region, 
alphabetically within region, counties together if I know them; if anyone 
has a better ordering, let me know): 
Bridge of Allan, Scotland 
Edinburgh, Scotland 
Glasgow, Scotland 
Inverness, Scotland 
Iona, Scotland 
Lochinver, Scotland 
Perth, Scotland 
St Andrews, Scotland 
Wigtown, Scotland 
Miscellaneous UK notes 
other geographic areas 

The UK country code is 44.  To dial from outside the UK, drop the leading 
"0" in the telephone number given and prefix it with "44" (after whatever 
your phone system requires).  The phone numbers here reflect the recent 
change requiring "1" after the "0" and before the city code; update your 
other phone numbers accordingly.  

[Note 1: I collected these comments from a variety of people.  I personally 
have no knowledge of many of these places and take no responsibility if you 
buy a book you don't enjoy. :-)   Phone numbers and precise addresses can be 
gotten by calling directory assistance for the appropriate city.  Call ahead 
for precise hours, as even when I list them they are subject to change.]  

[Note 2: If you can add information for any of these, in particular 
addresses when they are missing, please send it to me.]  

[Note 3: I know they're bookshops in Britain, not bookstores.  In the text 
I try to follow this; the introductory material is used world-wide and 
uses "bookstores" instead.]  

[Note 4: Someone sent this for a particular store, but it applies 
everywhere: "Don't complain about high prices; the people in the shop don't 
make them, we only try to get a wide range of books and help customers as 
well as we can.  Books might look a bit than dearer in your home country but 
the costs, the costs!  We are not, I repeat not, a tourist office--it can be 
very annoying to try to do your job and being interupted a hundred times a 
day for the way to the Rijks-, Van Gogh or any other museum.  (We are 
willing to sell you a map of Amsterdam and then point you in the right 


Bridge of Allan, Scotland: 

Bridge of Allan Books (2 Henderson, 01786-834483).  Antiquarian, secondhand 
	books, and prints, with preference to works about Scotland.  
	Academic material prevails due to the University of Stirling which 
	is in town.  


Edinburgh, Scotland: 

Archways (50 Lochrin Buildings, 0131-228 8182).  Sports books. 
Aria Records (Dundas St).  "The biggest range of second-hand classical 
	recordings I've seen anywhere, as well as second-hand books on 
Armchair Books (72 West Port, 0131-229-5927,  
	Second-hand bookshop, strong on SF.  
Avizandum (56a Candlemaker Row, 0131-220-3373, 
	Specialist law bookshop.
Bargain Books (Princes St).  Very limited selection, but a good place for 
	picking up, say, the complete Shakespeare/Conan Doyle/Brothers 
	Grimm practically free.  Part of a chain; if you've been in 
	one, you've been in them all.  
Bauermeisters (on George IV Bridge).  Strong on arts; biggest ranger of 
	Dover publications in Edinburgh.  Also has a good classical CD 
	section with a separate entrance).  
Peter Bell (68 West Port, 0131-229-0562).  Antiquarian books, much of 
	Scottish interest.
Body and Soul (52 Hamilton Place, EH1 and 166 Bruntsfield Place).  Specialist 
	New Age bookseller.  Open Mon-Sat 1000-1800.
Broughton Books, 2a Broughton Place, EH3. Second-hand books. Strong on 
	Scottish history.
Canongate Jerseys and Crafts (164-166 Canongate, Royal Mile, EH8,  Knotwork 
	everything, books on "Celtic" and Pictish art.
Cooks Bookshop (118 West Bow, EH1 2HH, 0131-226-4445, FAX 0131-226-4449).  
	Cookbooks.  "Owned by Clarissa Dickson-Wright of 'Two Fat Ladies' 
	fame, but is still surprisingly nice to vegetarians and the woman 
	who runs it is always interested to hear about unusual veggie (and 
	other specialist) cookbooks. Tries to have a contantly changing 
	range."  [05/05]
Cornerstone Bookshop (St. John's Church Terr, Princes St, EH2 4BJ, 
	0131-229-3776, FAX 0131-229-0382).  Describes itself as "Books for 
	people who like to think..."  Next door to The One World Shop.  
	Stocks a broad to left-wing range of Christian books.  "Probably the 
	polar opposite theologically of Wesley-Owen."  Open Mon-Sat 0930-1730.  
Crystal Clear (Cockburn St). "Typical New-Agey 'Mind, Body and Spirit' 
	shop.  A few books."
Dead Head Comics (44 Victoria St).  Wide range of US/UK mainstream and 
	independent comics and graphic novels.  Probably superior range to 
	Forbidden Planet, definitely better atmosphere.  
Eddie Fenwick (Thirlestane Lane).  Mainly a mail-order business in 
	mathematics and mountaineering books from his home, but you can 
	drop in to see the stuff for yourself; phone him.  
Enchantment (Cockburn St).  "Pagan and 'Celtic' crafts, tarot cards and a 
	few books."
Donald Ferrier (Teviot Place, 0131-225-5325,  
	Medical, new and secondhand.  
Forbidden Planet (40-41 South Bridge, 0131-558-8226, FAX 0131-556-9907).  
	SF.  "A not-bad selection of translated manga--the best you'll get in 
	Edinburgh.  The Glasgow branch is better for this kind of material."  
Free Church of Scotland Bookshop (15 The Mound, 0131-718 4141).  "As it says 
	- the Free Church is, I think, Presbyterian and/or Calvinist."
Helios Fountain (7 Grassmarket, EH1, 0131-229 7884,  "Arts and craft materials, beads 
	and crystals and lots of New Age and Steiner books."  Open Mon-Sat 
	1000-2000, Sun 1200-1700.  Extended hours during the Festival.
Macnaughtons (Haddington Place, Leith Walk).  The biggest second-hand 
	bookshop in town.  "The stock's large, wide-ranging and 
	well-organised, and ranges from obscure pamphlets and paperbacks 
	costing a few pence to much grander items in glass cases costing 
	hundreds of pounds. The vast majority of the stock's very 
	reasonably priced, though, and contains some real gems I've seen 
	nowhere else.  They're particularly strong on art, literature and 
	Scottish books.  Definitely not to be missed."  
McCall Barbour (28 George IV Bridge, EH1 1ES, 0131-558-5897).  "Christian 
	bookshop at the [fundamentalist] end of the scale.  The UK 
	distributer for Jack Chick Publications, so you can find nearly 
	all of those funny little comics (10p each) as well as more 
	anti-occult literature than your sense of humour can bear, 
	particularly the hard-to-get American stuff."
The Old Children's Bookshelf (175 Canongate).  Second-hand and antiquarian 
	children's books.
McFeeleys (Buccleuch St).  Used.  Irish interest.  
Old Town Bookshop (8 Victoria, 0131-225-9237).  "17th to 20th century books, 
	old maps and prints."
The One World Shop (in the Cornerstone under St John's Church in Lothian 
	Road) is a Christian-pacifist shop with a small but good selection 
	of Third World, environmental and feminist stuff; also Traidfare 
	goods and world music.  
Ottakers (George St).  Used to be James Thin.
Andrew Pringle (39 Dundas, 0131-556-9698).  Antiquarian books, same 
	ownership as Old Town Books. .
Rae MacIntosh (West End).  For sheet music and classical CDs.  
Second Edition (Canonmills).  Used.  Has the highest prices, but is subject 
	to haggling.  
Sheena McNeil (Bruntsfield Links).  Sheet music.  
Southside Books (58 South Bridge, 0131-558-9009).  "Quality remainders and 
	second-hand books, strong on history.  One of my favourite haunts."
The Stationery Office (71-73 Lothian Rd, 0870-606-5666).  UK and European 
	government publications.  Sideline in business books.
James Thin (53-59 South Bridge, 0131-556-6743, FAX 0131-557-8149).  Owned 
	by Blackwells, but keeping the Thin name.
Transreal (the Grassmarket).  SF.  "They have most of the US books shortly 
	after publication."  
unFamiliar (19 Candlemaker Row, 0131-225-4583).  Pagan shop with a few 
	second-hand books.
W H Smiths (Cameron Toll shopping centre on Lady Road, and The Gyle Shopping 
Waterstone's (128 Princes St, 13/14 Princes St, and 83 Georges St).  Large 
	chain.  128 Princes Street is their new flagship branch.  
	"Sandwiched between HMV and Virgin.  This was opened in November 92 
	and I must admit I am impressed.  It is on four floors, and is 
	second only to the main Thins branch for volumes carried.  There are 
	excellent fiction, biography, foreign literature, foreign language, 
	history, Scottish, legal, cooking, gardening, pretty good SF, and 
	the usual range of academic subjects.  It is a very good bookshop."  
	The 83 George Street shop has a large ground floor and smaller 
	basement.  This branch has a bias in favour of fiction and 
	biography.  The SF section is not so good.  It has quite a good 
	section of art books: both textual and coffee table.  Academic areas 
	are rather weak.  Scottish authors have their own section as does 
	Scottish history, etc.  These sections are not bad.  
Wesley Owen (George St).  (Used to be Church of Scotland Bookshop.)  Stocks 
	a wide range of Christian books.  
West Port Books (West Port near Lothian Rd,  Used.  An amazing range of 
	Indian stuff (at least as of around 1995 following the owner's 
	holiday-cum-book-buying-trip to India in 1992); also good for 
	secondhand sheet music, but not for the claustrophobic.  
Wildwood Books (Royal Mile, EH8).  "New Age book and gift shop with an 
	emphasis on 'Celtic' stuff."  
Word Power (43 W Nicholson, EH8, 0131-662-9112.  
	Radical bookshop including books on feminism, ecology and lots of 
	periodicals.  Open Mon-Fri 1000-1800, Sat 1030-1800. 
The Wyrd Shop (154 Canongate, Royal Mile, EH8 8DD, 0131-557-2293,  "A proper occult supplier disguised as an 
	unusual gift shop - tarot cards, second-hand books, oils, incense, 
	jewellery, posters and odd bits of paraphenalia.
? (Spittal St around the corner from Old Grindle's).  Used.  Has 
	second-hand football programmes.  May have moved (in which case 
	this listing is really useless!).  
(foreign language specialist) (West Port)
(a couple of secondhand book shops in Broughton St and at the top 
of Leith Walk and several secondhand and antiquarian book shops in the 
several charity bookshops (Oxfam and Barnardo)

There is branch of Books Etc at the airport, landside.

You can pick up a leaflet with a full list of secondhand book shops from any 
one of them.  The Assembly Rooms in George St. often holds book fairs on 
Saturdays where many of the second-hand booksellers exhibit.  

Waterstones and W H Smiths are huge UK-wide chains that sell magazines 
and airport bestsellers.  "A comment on Waterstones, everywhere: their 
scientific/technical sections are an insulting joke.  They all have less on 
all real science put together than on New Age fads.  This alone is enough 
to put me off ever using them."  

A second opinion on Waterstone's:  "It is easily the best book chain in the 
UK.  The ones in Chester and (especially) Manchester (which are on Bridge 
Street Row and Deansgate respectively if you want to include them) have very 
good scientific and technical sections.  The one in Manchester even stocks a 
fair range of US scientific, computer and SF books (and maybe others, but 
those are the areas I know about).  Waterstone's is owned by WH Smiths, by 
the way, which also sells books in its own right and owns the large Sherratt 
& Hughes chain.  They sell a *lot* of books.  One reason for the variable 
quality of Waterstone's is that those that have always been Waterstone's are 
better than those that were relabelled after Smiths bought the Waterstone's 

A third says: "I don't know what their Scottish shops are like and their 
airport shops are about what you expect but their Cambridge and Norwich 
shops both have reasonable scientific/ technical sections."  

"The Edinburgh International Book Festival ( 
ought to be mentioned.  Lots of literary events and a huge temporary bookshop 
in a tent."  During the Festival.
There is a listing of shops of Pagan interest at


Glasgow, Scotland: 

AKA Books and Comics (Parnie St).  Not many books, but probably *the* place 
	for comics.  
Bargain Books (chain of small shops).  Limited stock but excellent bargain 
	prices.  If you've been in one of the chain, you've been in them 
Caledonia Books (Great Western Road).  Used.  Strong in modern literature 
	and art.  
The Christian Book Centre (Great Western Road, very close to 
	Caledonia Books, Voltaire and Rousseau, and Word of 
	Mouth).  New and second-hand Christian material and the best 
	selection of second-hand classical records and books on 
	classical music in town.  
Centerpeace (Stockwell St).  Pacifist/feminist/Third World/environmental/ 
	liberation theology material (run by radical Christians).  
Clyde Books (Parnie St).  Radical/socialist/feminist/green.  
Comhairle nan Leabhraichean (22 Sraid Achadh a'Mhansa, Glaschu, Alba 
	G11 5QP, 0141-337-6211) (a.k.a. The Gaelic Books Council, 
	22 Mansfield Street, Glasgow, Scotland G11 5QP; note: I'm told 
	Gaelic addresses can be used fine provided the postcode is written.)  
	The Gaelic Books Council stocks every Gaelic book in print including 
	prose, poetry, songs, music, children's material etc.  They have a 
	catalogue.  The Gaelic Books Council ships worldwide, and now takes 
	credit cards.  
Dillons (the Argyle St/Union St corner).  A very large branch.  
	More modern than Smiths and a great place to pick up book 
	bargains.  Close to Smiths and Waterstones.  
Forbidden Planet (168 Buchanan St, G1 2LW, (141)-331-1215).  SF and comics.  
	Crowded, but if you call they'll check if they have a particular book.  
Futureshock (Woodlands Rd).  American imports and *old* paperbacks as well 
	as imports.  They also stock some 20,000 used comics, and several 
	thousand new ones.  The nearest Underground stations are Partick and 
Kollectables (51 Parnie, Trongate, Glasgow G1 5LU, 0141 552 2208).  "The 
	shop is an amalgamation of three people's different collectables 
	interests.  The section run by Fred Rennie (not in on Wednesdays) is 
	a very good collection of SF, fantasy, and horror books (around 1500 
	at a guess)." The shop is next door to Adam's Books.  Open Mon-Sat 
The Little Bookworm (a booth in Decourcy's Arcade).  For the under-five- 
	year-old market with new books in bright colours.  Not so much 
	choice, but they will order for you with quick delivery.  
The Panopticon Shop (49 High St, 0141-552-4467).  "Has two shops side by side, 
	one of which specialises in books and music, the other clothes and 
	bric-a-brac.  Profits go to the upkeep of the Music Hall in Argyll 
	St.  Good chatty staff,  good selection of used books.  Rarely leave 
	without an armful.  Sometimes get discount for quantity.  Books in new 
	condition.  Will come and collect any large donations, useful if you 
	are clearing a house."  [10/08]
John Smith and Sons (University Bookshop, University Avenue, Hillhead) (west 
	of the city centre, and other locations in Glasgow and Scotland,  Mostly academic (though some branches 
	have general stock), they specialise in stocking books on the 
	recommended reading lists for students supplied by Glasgow 
	University (who keep close links with the shop).  There's a 
	student charity bookshop above it which sells secondhand 
	textbooks with the profits going to help South African blacks 
	study at Glasgow: good for medical books and is open 11h-15h 
	in termtime.  Most university courses are in evidence in the 
	shop--medical books particularly so.  Main public transport 
	terminal nearby is Hillhead Underground Station.  They will 
	ship worldwide.  Check their web page for current locations 
	and email for other locations.  
Voltaire and Rousseau (Otago Street Lane).  Used.  Good for cheap grubby 
Waterstones (Sauchiehall St).  "Superstore with couches and coffee centre 
	with posh coffee--think fancy patterns on top of cup of fat crockery 
	and 'death by chocolate' gateaux.  Strangers chat happily.  Stocks 
	British and American import books--lots of good books, but I have 
	already read nearly all of them. They also offer web access."  
Wesley Owen (Buchanan St near the Underground Station).  Near Forbidden 
	Planet.  Christian bookshop.  (Used to be Church of Scotland 
Word of Mouth (?).  Food and cookery; this place is amazing.  They had to 
	move from their Bank Street building because it was falling down; 
	they are now in temporary premises on a mezzanine floor inside 
	"Moon" clothing shop, which in turn is up a short alley off Great 
	Western Road, a block above Caledonia Books.  The stock is much 
	smaller than it used to be.  
charity shops in Byres Rd, all of which sell books, starting with Cancer 
	Research, Oxfam, Dr Barnado's, Save the Children, as well as the 
	back alley secondhand books (next to Oxfam) and occasionally 
	DeCourcy's arcade) 
a booth in Decourcy's Arcade.  "Second-hand academic bookshop with some 
	old books in decorated covers."  

For books and audiocassettes in Hindi and Urdu there are two shops in 
Allison Street, Govanhill.  There is a Chinese bookshop in the Garnethill 
area (Glasgow's Chinatown).  

Regarding Smiths, one reader says: 
"There are other branches of Smiths, but these three should cover all 
your needs wherever you are in Glasgow.  All Smiths shops are tied by a 
computer network allowing the facility for quick look up of stocks 
elsewhere in the city and quick transfer between branches in the case 
where a particular book is not in stock at a certain branch.  They can 
also order ANY book in print as long as they can locate the ISBN, and 
send it to any address you please.  They have British and Overseas Books 
in Print on Microfiche for this purpose."  

See Edinburgh, UK, for further details on Smiths and Waterstone.  


Inverness, Scotland: 

Books etc. (Victorian Market, Western Entrance).  A good selection of the 
	normal range of secondhand books.  
Leakey's Secondhand Bookshop (Greenfriars Hall, Church St, 01463-239947).  
	"A bookshop in a disused church, which allows for a spacious lay-out 
	of the really superb selection of used books.  Plenty of paperbacks 
	and hardcovers in a quite well-ordered arrangement.  I enjoyed the 
	choice on SF and crime."  


Iona, Scotland: 

"There is a small second-hand bookshop (must be one of the most remote 
in the world) on the road between the village and the abbey.  
Reasonable general stock, not as touristy or religious as the location 
might lead you to expect."  


Lochinver, Scotland: 

Books & Teas (some 5km south on the coastal road at the start of the path to 
	the Falls of Kirkaig).  One of the very remote bookshops Scotland 
	has to offer.  A standard choice of new books.  


Perth, Scotland: 

The Perth Bookshop (Abbot St).  Secondhand books.  


St Andrews, Scotland: 

Bouquiniste (31 Market).  "Inexpensive, medium-sized stock (small premises, 
	but full of books), though probably not too much for collectors.  A 
	few more expensive books on local history and topography.  (Not in 
	the main part of Market Street, but in a narrow extension, not much 
	more than a lane, at the east end of the street.)
Innes (corner of Church and South).  Medium-sized new book department on the 
	first floor, but more of a newsagent and stationer's.
John Smith (Market Street).  Another branch of the Glasgow-based firm.  Used 
	to be the main academic bookshop (particularly after the University 
	Booksellers closed), but has more or less given this up since a 
	branch of Blackwell's (based in the Students' Union) opened.  Now a 
	good, though not huge, general bookshop.

"About 10 miles from St Andrews, in Newport-on-Tay (opposite Dundee, on the
south side of the Tay Bridge), is Mair Wilkes Books (3 St Mary's Lane).  
They claim 10,000 books, but it seems more than that, somehow; it certainly 
takes a few hours to do justice to their stock, which consists of a very 
wide range of interesting books (although not much in the way of modern 
firsts).  Scottish (again) is a strength, particularly local books, but 
another specialism is psychology/psychiatry, along with a considerable 
amount of early 20th Century scientific and medical works.  One of the most 
interesting shops in Scotland, I'd say, as long as you're not just looking 
for recent fiction."


Wigtown, Scotland: 

Wigtown is "Scotland's National Booktown."  There seem to be a dozen or so 
"Book Towns," (at least as of 1999) following the lead of Hay-on-Wye in 
Wales.  Wigtown was selected in 1997 as the Scottish town with the best 
prospects of becoming a successful book town and launched in 1998.  
Commercial it may be, but anything that increases the number of bookshops 
is fine by me.  Their website is

Alternatives (27 N Main, DG8 9HJ, 01998-402522,  
	"Alternative nooks."  Seems to include alternative medicine, 
	alternative lifestyles, occult, and SF and fantasy.  Open Mon-Tue, 
	Thu-Sat; also seasonal Wed and Sun.  
Artyfacts (14 N Main, DG8 9HL, 01671-840324 (evening)). Arts and crafts.  
	Open Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat; also seasonal Wed.  
A P & R Limited (Curch Ln, DG8 9HT, 01988-403348, FAX 01988-403443,  Second-hand and antiquarian archaeology, 
	history, art, and early English literature.  By appointment only.  
At The Sign Of The Dragon (St. Ninians, New Road, DG8 9JL, 
	Tel/FAX 01988-403446,  
	Previously located in London.  SF, fantasy & mystery book specialist.  [10/06] 
Book Corner (2 High Street, DG8 9HQ, 01988-402010,  Specializes in natural history 
	and gardening.  Open seven days.  
Books 'n' Looks (15 S Main, DG8 9EH, 01988-402604).  New and second-hand 
	handicrafts and home improvement.  Open Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat.  
The Bookshop (17 N Main DG8 9HL, 01988-402499,  Second-hand general stock; 
	largest second-hand in Scotland.  Open Mon-Sat.  
Box of Frogs (12 N Main, 01988-403231).  New and second-hand children's 
	books, games, and puzzles.  Open Mon-Sat.  
Byre Books (Byre at 24 S Main, 0845-458-3813,  
	Second-hand books on folklore, mythology, Celtic and Scottish 
	culture, and movies and theatre.  Open seven days a week, but 
	closed for holiday in October and a month of Jan-Feb, so call 
	ahead at those times.  
Cauldron (3 High St, DG8 9HH, 01988-402417).  New and second-hand general 
	stock, with emphasis on food and cooking.  Also carries food.  
	Open Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun.  
Eleven High Street (11 High St, DG8 9HH, 01988-402317,  
	New and second-hand general stock with an emphasis on pets and 
	children's books.  Also has pet food and products.  Open Tue-Sat; 
	also Sun-Mon seasonally.  
High Street Number One (1 High St, DG8, 9HH), 01988-402590, FAX 01988-403422,  Carries Dutch and German titles.  Open 
	seven days.  
M. E. McCarty Bookseller (13 N Main, DG8 9HL, 01988-402062).  General new 
	books.  Open seven days.  
Ming Books (Beechwood, Acre Place, DG8 9DU, 01988402653 or 01988-402625, FAX 
	01988-403472, UK 07092-218017, US 617-5981046x8829,  "Largest stock of secondhand 
	crime fiction mysteries and thrillers in UK."  Also modern 
	firsts, espionage fiction and fact, true crime, cookery, 
	natural history, and history.  Open seven days. 
Music Shop (29 S Main, DG8 9HG, 01988-402515, FAX 01988-403208,  Music books, as well as sheet 
	music, instruments, CDs, etc.  Open Mon-Sat.  
Old Bank Bookshop (7 S Main, DG8 9EH, 01988-402688).  Outlet for the 
	Bookshop and A P & R Baker Ltd.  Open seven days.  
Readinglasses Bookshop-Cafe (17 S Main, DG8 9EH, tel/FAX 01988-403266,  New and second-hand 
	women's studies and gay/lesbian/bisexual studies.  The cafe advertises 
	"real coffee."  Open Mon-Sat; also Sun seasonally.  
Textile Book Bazaar (6 S Main, DG8 9EH, 01988-402080).  Books on textiles.  
	Also rugs, hangings, textiles.  Open seven days summer only (?).  
Transformer (26 Bladnoch, DG8 9AB) 01988-403455,  Second-hand general and 
	academic.  Emphasis on science and technology, foreign languages, 
	and SF and fantasy.  Also has crafts.  Open seven days; longer 
	hours in summer.  


Miscellaneous UK notes: 

See Edinburgh, Scotland, for further details on Smiths and Waterstone.  

Government Bookshops:  These are situated in a few of the major urban 
areas.  They used to be exactly what they say they are and sell 
official government publications of all sorts such as Acts of 
Parliament, Government Statistics, Official Reports, Advisory 
Publications and the like.  Now they've been privatized and sell other 
stuff too.  Still a very important source for researchers and students 
as well as for those involved in business, commerce, etc.  

Most of the Oxfam Shops in the UK have some secondhand books--if the town 
doesn't boast of a separate Oxfam Bookshop.  The same is true of many other 
charity shops as well.  

The Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association, as well as holding bookfairs 
at the Hotel Russell in London (see under British Museum above) also hold 
fairs all over the country.  In September 1995, for example, they had fairs 
in Norwich, Exeter, Ulverston, Scarborough, York, Wilton, Swansea, Kew, 
Cambridge, Sherborne and Stamford as well as two in different parts of 
London.  You can get a free annual calendar from them at PBFA, Old Coach 
01763-248921.  Their information line, which gives recorded details of 
forthcoming fairs, is 01763-249212.  And they now have a web site: 

Finally, you might want to look for DRIF'S GUIDE TO THE BOOKSHOPS OF 
ENGLAND.  Drif is an expert on bookshops and spends his time traveling the 
country looking for bargains so he knows his bookshops.  A new edition of 
published at least as recently as in 1995.  It costs #9.95.  Though Drif 
has amazingly visited virtually all the bookshops he mentions--and by 
public transport at that--you should take both his factual comments 
and, in particular, his opinions with a large pinch of salt.  Drif is a 
character, one of those eccentrics like Basil Fawlty of FAWLTY TOWERS 
that Americans like to think are typical of all the English.  The 
opening words of his guide are "They [the secondhand bookshops] are 
dreadful, you are wasting your money buying this guide.  It will only 
tell you how dreadful they are in more detail." He proceeds to 
castigate virtually every secondhand bookshop as well as the media, 
politicians, British Rail and lots of others.  Some of it is very funny 
("If only the owner was as sober as her books" is one comment), much of 
it libelous, some of it obscene, all of it opinionated.  Buy the book 
to find out where the bookshops are, for a good laugh and to confirm 
your views of how eccentric the Brits are, but do not follow his 
recommendations, beware of his directions and ignore his indications of 
when the stores are open.  If you want accuracy, buy the factual but 
ISLES.  The Seventh Edition was published in July 1999.  

There is a directory of Christian bookshops in the UK at   

People interested in books published in Britain may also want to know 
about the following:  THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE MAGAZINE (12 colour review 
magazines a year) offers an ordering service available to subscribers 
only.  Books published in Britain and in stock with the publisher can be 
ordered for a research fee plus shipping and handling (plus the cost of 
the book, of course).  Books reviewed in THE GUIDE are not subject to a 
research fee and are usually available from GBG's own stock. Further 
details can be gotten by contacting them at THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE, 24 
Seward Street, London EC1V 3GB; Telephone Order Line 
0171-490-9905; Telephone Customer Service 0171-490-9900; FAX 0171-490- 
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