Notes on José Saramago

Notes on José Saramago

Copyright 2016 Evelyn C. Leeper.

Saramago had his own ideas about punctuation, particularly for dialogue. He did not use quotation marks, or even periods. Dialogue is written as one really long sentence--when the speaker changes, he puts in a comma, and capitalizes the first letter of the new speaker's words. It sounds hard, but it is no more difficult than reading a book like Riddley Walker or Feersum Endjinn.

As for themes and even style, the closest English-language science fiction author might be James Morrow.

Early works to which I have no access:

Manual de pintura e caligrafia:1977:Manual of Painting and Calligraphy:1993:

Objecto quase:1978:The Lives of Things:2012:

Levantado do chao:1980:Raised from the Ground:2012:

Viagem a Portugal:1981:Journey to Portugal:2000:

Memorial do convento:1982:Baltasar and Bluminda:1987:

O Ano da morte de Ricardo Reis:1984:The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis:1991:

A Jangada de pedra:1986:The Stone Raft:1994:

História do cerco de Lisboa:1989:The History of the Siege of Lisbon:1996:

O evangelho segun do Jesus Cristo:1991:The Gospel According to Jesus Christ:1993:

Ensaio sobre a cegueira:1995:Blindness:1997:

Todos os nomes:1997:All the Names:1999:

"O conto da ilha desconhecida":1997:"The Tale of the Unknown Island":1999:

A caverna:2000:The Cave:2002:

A maior flor do mundo:2001:::

O homem duplicado:2002:The Double:2004:

Ensaio sobre a lucidez:2004:Seeing:2006:

Don Giovanni ou o dissoluto absolvido:2005:Don Giovanni, or, Dissolute Acquitted::

As intermiténcias da morte:2005:Death with Interruptions:2008:

As pequenas memórias:2006:Small Memories:2010:

A viagem do elefante:2008:The Elephant's Journey:2010:

O caderno:2010:The Notebook:2010



Jose Saramago en sus palabras:2010:::

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