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This week's MT VOID contents :

Free Science Fiction Anthology About the Future of Space Exploration 
     (comments by Evelyn C. Leeper)
Philcon 2014 Convention Report
Mad Men (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
King Kong vs. Godzilla and Why Do We Love Our Childhood Monsters 
     (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
19th Animation Show of Shows (film review by Mark R. Leeper)
THE STONE SKY by N. K. Jemisin (book review by Joe Karpierz)
ME-163 and Hannah Reitsch (letter of comment by Peter Trei)
Sine Wave Length (letter of comment by Andre Kuzniarek)
     (letter of comment by Sam Long)
THE WHEEL OF TIME (letter of comment by Gwendolyn Karpierz)
This Week's Reading (TESTAMENT OF YOUTH) (book comments 
     by Evelyn C. Leeper)
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I have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer twelve times, most recently in 2001.

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