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Last updated 19 Mar 2023
[Mark and Evelyn on Their 50th Anniversary]

This week's MT VOID contents :

  • 03/17/23, Vol. 41, No. 38: Comments on synchronicity; film reviews of The Banshees of Inisherin, Raymond & Ray, Vengeance; book review of The Spare Man; list of Nebula Award finalists; and comments on books (What is Art?, An Experiment in Criticism, On Moral Fiction).
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    I have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer twelve times, most recently in 2001.

    I have been reviewing and commenting on books since the 1970's, and an index to about 2500 of these reviews and comments can be found here.

    I have also done a book-length commentary, Annotations and Thoughts on Moby Dick, which can be found here.

    Other writings include:

    If you want to get some idea of my philosophy, check out my .sig quotes. And other sites of interest:

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    A full index (well, mostly full) can be found here.

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