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THE FEAST (GWLEDD): This could be described as "a game of knives and poisons." We take an instant dislike to the hostess of the dinner party when she infantalizes Cadi (who is helping to prepare a feast for the family) by adjusting Cadi's clothing for her. And the more we see the other family members and (most of) the guests, the more we dislike them. The house is decorated with modern art paintings, and its whole focus is on the modern; the hostess says that she saved a lot of old family items, but they just don't fit into this house they built. Cadi herself is disturbing. Her hair is straggly, and at one point, the tablecloth is dirty, but Cadi's hands are shown to be clean. Then later when she runs them along a wall, dirt appears on the wall. The pacing is very slow and scenes seem to drag on interminably, but we get hints throughout of unease and danger--various people injure themselves, and there is talk of a local legend that may be dangerous. One by one the guests (and family) succumb to what is killing them.

Warning: There are graphic butchering scenes in this film.

Released theatrically and on AppleTV 11/19/21. Rating: +1 (-4 to +4) or 6/10.

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