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FALLING FOR FIGARO: At the beginning of FALLING FOR FIGARO, at least one member of the audience has fallen asleep on a performance of an opera. Worse, it is the boyfriend of our main character, Millie Cantwell (played by Danielle Macdonald), who loves opera and dreams of becoming an opera singer. (It is unusual, and a bit refreshing, to see a lead actress in a film who is not thin.) Though the film takes place entirely in Britain, our main character (Millie) is an American. At one time the British would make sure the main character has appeal for Americans. I hope this is not a return to that requirement. Millie decides to go after her dream, quits her job as a London fund manager, and travels to Scotland to study under a tyrannical teacher (played by Joanna Lumley). Millie wants to compete in the "Singer of Renown" contest. (There actually was a "Singers of Renown" contest for many years, but it took place in Australia. Its use may be due to the writer/director Ben Lewin being Australian, and the film being an Australian film.) The film has a nice selection of operatic arias, with the ones "sung" by the two leads actually voiced by Stacey Alleaume and Nathan Lay.

Released theatrically 10/01/21. Rating: low +1 or 5/10.

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