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FOUND: FOUND is the real-life story of three adopted teenage Chinese-American girls who start out independently trying to find the families who abandoned them in China. The first thing they find is each other, when they use 23andme to begin their searches. Although they have very different lives in the United States--in fact, one is Jewish, one is Protestant, and one is Catholic--they immediately feel a connection and continue their search together, although they are not all as eager to find their biological parents. If this sounds a little like the 2018 documentary THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS, you're not the only one. (I would think that being cousins should be a big clue in helping to narrow down possibilities, but that does not seem to enter into it.) Telling who or what they find would be a spoiler of sorts, but let me just note that the title "Found", could apply to the girls finding their biological parents, or to the fact that the girls themselves were found when they were abandoned as babies.

Released theatrically 10/13/21; available on Netflix streaming. Rating: low +2 (-4 to +4), or 7/10.

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