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ADIEU GODARD is an Indian-French co-production in the Odia language (one of the official languages of India, from the state of Odisha). The majority of the film is set in a small village and is filmed in black and white (although there are occasional touches of very faded red); the rest is set in an unspecified city and is filmed in color. (The subtitles are in readable yellow, though fairly small and evidently written by a non-English speaker.) The director is not playing for a large audience with this film. We get views of village life in India as well as clips from Godard's BREATHLESS. There is some philosophy as the men in the village try to decide whether cinema is for edification or entertainment. Also, as a commentary on Indian films, people complain the films have no songs or dancing, and someone claims that is because Godard is trying something new. The film goes from a very traditional Indian village to some very current discussions about sex.

[Coincidentally, Jean-Luc Godard died two days after we saw this film.]

Rating: +1 (-4 to +4) or 6/10

Released on Hoopla and other streaming services: 26 August 2022.

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