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Fashion seems to be a new interest to filmmakers: there was Daniel Day Lewis in PHANTOM THREAD, LAST NIGHT IN SOHO is about fashion designing, and now we have Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci in HOUSE OF GUCCI. But this is more than a film about fashion; this film is an Italian family epic in much the same style as THE GODFATHER, but based on a true story. There is conspicuous wealth, scheming, betrayal and yes, even murder. The cast includes Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani (Maurizio's wife), Jeremy Irons as Maurizio's father, Al Pacino as Maurizio's uncle, and Jared Leto as Maurizio's inept cousin (think Fredo from THE GODFATHER).

Released theatrically 11/24/21; available on DVD from Netflix and on various streaming services. Rating: +3 (-4 to +4), or 9/10.

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