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THE HOUSE is listed as a three-part series by Netflix, but it is really just a three-part anthology film. It is three stories about a peculiar house, in the past, present, and future, though the stories are not really consistent with each other. For example, the first is populated by humans, but the second is populated by anthropomorphic mice. The film uses stop-motion dolls, similar to Will Vinton ("Closed Mondays", THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN, and the California Raisins commercials), and more recently to Wes Anderson (FANTASTIC MR. FOX and ISLE OF DOGS). The three-dimensional animation provides a lot of opportunity for personality and expressiveness in the characters, and there is an intense tension below the surface of these stories.

Released on Netflix streaming 01/14/22. Rating: high +2, or 8/10.

Film Credits: tt11703050/reference

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