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JERRY AND MARGE GO LARGE is that rare film that makes mathematics look like fun with a seemingly super-powered handling of multiplication. The premise--based on actual events--is that Jerry understands math, especially probabilities, better than the people running various state lotteries, and has detected a way to play the lottery with the odds in his favor. He also understands the law of large numbers, and this is what makes the story--and the film--visually as well as intellectually interesting.

And there is also an unusual attempt to make believable characters; for example, one easily tells the other that he "has to go." James Bond never tells a Bond girl he has to go to the toidy.

In many ways, this is a small film, even though it was produced by a subsidiary of Paramount. One way the film saves money is by not having any really expensive actors, though a lot of the actors you see are familiar from television.

The film is reasonably accurate, although the ending is perhaps more sentimental than real life. A delightful movie for an adult audience.

Released on Paramount+ streaming 17 June 2022. Rating: low +3 (-4 to +4) or 8/10

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