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LAND is shot in a documentary film style by director Robin Wright. The ever-flexible Robin Wright also chose to star in the film when scheduling requirements made it difficult to get anyone else. The film follows her character as she gives away her interface to the technical environment and returns to nature.

The viewer gets few clues through much of the film as to what her mission is in this return to an existence of grass, rocks, hills with little more civilization than her diary. We often have no idea how much time is passing as we see hints of her psychological breakdown. At times she appears like a modern Thoreau (though Thoreau was much less isolated than Wright's character, or even than his popular image). But she has no experience of wilderness living, so this leads to disaster (or at least near-disaster).

This is one of many stories of modern adults pitted against nature, whether by choice or accident. In fact, in 2007, Wright's then-husband Sean Penn directed a similar film, INTO THE WILD.

Rating: +2 (-4 to +4)

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