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CAPSULE: Seven stories of discovery and loss show us a variety of Irish locals who live in and around a railway lost and found office managed by a clerk in his first day on the job. Someone comments on what strange things get left behind on trains. The stories are based on actual incidents, though perhaps not in so dense and hectic a day. Liam O Mochain stars as the office clerk in addition to writing, directing, and producing. Directed by: Liam O Mochain; written by: Liam O Mochain. Rating: high +1 (-4 to +4) or 6/10

LOST & FOUND is a gentle Irish comedy and drama of seven inter- connected stories that begin at a lost and found office for the Irish Railway. Several of the characters are forced to make life decisions involving losing or finding things. The stories all are about finding or losing something. This is one of those films that show us how quaint and likeable the people are in some place the viewer never expects to visit. Liam O Mochain stars, writes, and directs. The film was obviously shot on a very limited budget, though not as limited as the viewer might guess.

It is Daniel's first day in his new weekday job. He is working at the lost and found department of the local station. The bad part of the job is the long list of officious rules he has to follow or enforce upon the colorful locals who come in looking for strange lost goods. Somewhat better though still often a headache is the remarkable procession of eccentrics locals come trooping in with peculiar needs. Soon the focus of the camera is a wider range of eccentrics. LOST & FOUND was filmed over several years, one of the stories at a time, though some characters show up in multiple stories. The found items include a wedding ring, a prosthetic foot, and a cute baby in desperate need of a changing. Another person, who may or may not be a scammer, spends his day losing everything he carries, one at a time on a find-an-item-lose-another basis. The stories are not really drivingly compelling, but they are pleasant enough that one willingly spends an hour or so in their company.

Mochain seasons his story with a jazz trumpet accompaniment in an Irish style. Not all of the stories tie up the loose ends

I rate LOST & FOUND a high +1 on the -4 to +4 scale or 6/10. Be informed that finding this film on the Internet may be difficult because of so many other films that used the same title.

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