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In MAYDAY, Ana is a member of the hired help in a banquet hall, but she's treated even worse than most of the other help, verbally and physically abused by her employer. After a particularly trying day, she finds a portal to another world through an oven (possibly in an attempt to commit suicide, but also reminiscent of the passage to Narnia). She meets several other women on an uninhabited stretch of beach. This seems to be a land of the lost, but is apparently a parallel universe; several of the people she meets are counterparts of people from the world at the start of the film. The nature of what is going on is kept from the viewer for a while but turns out to be a YA-level action story. There is a war, but the women seem to be waging a war of their own, acting as sirens that lure men from either side to their death.

Released theatrically 10/01/21. Rating: +1 (-4 to +4), or 6/10.

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