MT VOID 09/08/00 (Vol. 19, Number 10)

MT VOID 09/08/00 (Vol. 19, Number 10)

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Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society
Club Notice - 09/08/00 -- Vol. 19, No. 10

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Outside events: The Science Fiction Association of Bergen County meets on the second Saturday of every month in Upper Saddle River; call 201-447-3652 for details.

Chair/Librarian: Mark Leeper, 732-817-5619,
Factotum: Evelyn Leeper, 732-332-6218,
Distinguished Heinlein Apologist: Rob Mitchell,
HO Chair Emeritus: John Jetzt,
HO Librarian Emeritus: Nick Sauer,
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You know, for a long time I have had the feeling something was going wrong with this country. I was listening to the radio and I found what is wrong. I was listening to that candidate and I think he has put his finger on what is happening. You know the one, the one who is going to come in and fix all the things that have been souring, the one who knows why things have been going so badly. He was saying that it was the big money interests that were running the government. Suddenly I realized that he was in government and he knew what he was talking about. I realized what was going wrong with... well, everything. You know I have always had the feeling that things were supposed to be better for me. I have wanted gas prices to go back to thirty-five cents a gallon. I want to have a real big SUV. I want to have a lot more money. I want a big house in a fancy neighborhood. Expensive vacations. Maybe even a stretched limousine once in a while. Do I have all that? No. None of it. Life has just gotten more frustrating, not less. And I think I deserve to have it a lot better. Now I realize I have been right all along. I am supposed to have more. But the big money interests have been cheating me out of what is coming to me. But you know, at last we have a chance to do something about it. I want to vote for that guy who was talking on the radio and make things go right again.

You know what he said? He said he was for the little guy. Well, now I never thought much about it. I thought of myself as a pretty big guy, but, you know, to Government I probably AM a little guy. And I think I better vote for a guy who is finally going to look out for the kind of little guy I am. I want someone who is going to take care of me. Yeah, I bet if we all go out and vote for this guy everything is going to change for better. Things will get to be the way they ought to be. Everything will be the way it should be again. "It is time to have honesty in government." That is what he said. And you know, he's right. That says it all. There are a lot of people who are going to vote the other way because honesty is not important to them. But I bet we can get a lot of people voting for my guy. This is going to be a grass roots movement. The people are going to speak, not the big special interest groups. The people want and deserve to have things better.

What else did he say? Something about how it was time to start thinking about the Middle Class? I never really thought about it. The poor have government to look out for them. The rich have those fancy lawyers and special lobbyists. But who have we got? Who looks out for us Middle Class working stiffs? I'll tell ya who. Nobody. Well, till now nobody. Now we got somebody we can vote for who looks after Middle Class folks like us. I tell you this guy sounds better and better. He said he wants honest government. He said he wanted to return government to the people. Hot dog, that's what I want too. And, boy, did you see how he was applauded at the convention when he said that? Boy, I bet he's gonna be the best President ever.

He also said what we need is leadership. That should make all those anti-leadership politicians think twice. They should stand up and take notice. After all isn't leadership what choosing a President is all about? Sure it is.

Then there's integrity. Let's face it. We all know the other party is not REALLY into integrity. They say they are, but we all know different. They say they are, but listen to how much their speeches sound like ours. They want you to think that their guy is the leadership and integrity candidate. But I bet they can't fool us any longer. You just know when our guy talks he really sounds like he means it.

And you know what else I like. Our party's positive thinking. You hear how they are already calling our guy "the next President of the United States?" That's how someone introduced him at the convention. What a clever idea! It gets everybody thinking like it is already done. Like the election is just a formality. Really smart.

And isn't it about time we had really smart government? [-mrl]

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