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NO MAN OF GOD: NO MAN OF GOD is basically a two-person film with Luke Kirby playing Theodore Bundy and Elijah Wood playing FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier, and is based on tapes of their interviews. (There is also a good performance by Christian Clemenson as Dr. James Dobson, who is completely taken in by Bundy's "story" of how he became a killer, and then reneges on his promises to Bundy.) Ever since Thomas Harris presented the idea that the police go after psychopaths by putting themselves inside the minds of the psychopaths to think like they do, this concept has shown up in fiction frequently. I wonder if this is really true or is an invention of Harris. It is true, I believe, that the FBI has a department of "profilers", but is it as widespread as we are led to believe in the fictional media?

Released streaming 08/27/21. Rating: high +2 (-4 to +4), or 8/10.

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