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CAPSULE: Just when it seems that no more can go wrong in Sarah's life she inherits Patrick, an extremely neurotic pug. Patrick has an almost supernatural ability to get in Sarah's way. Sarah wanted to bring someone new into her life, not this small wave of destruction. The plot is familiar and reminiscent of Disney films of the 1960s (updated perhaps), but the story is at least a little heartwarming. Rating: low +1 (-4 to +4) or 5/10

PATRICK is one of those pro-relationship films (can I call that a subgenre?) that says that any relationship you have is better than being alone or with a flawed relationship. That is the message of films as memorable as THE ODD COUPLE. But it is also the message of PATRICK. English Sarah (played by Beattie Edmondson) is losing control of her life. She has wanted to graduate law school, but that is not working out for her. She has decided to become a high school teacher (I think they call that "sixth form.")

Now there is a new problem for her. Her grandmother died and left her a hyperactive dog, a pug named Patrick. She has to be in school all day, but somebody has to take care of the dog all day or in the evening there will not be much of a home to come back to. Everything will be chewed, torn, or otherwise destroyed. But just having a pug has attracted the romantic attention of two men (Ed Skrein and Tom Bennett). Odd touch: Sarah has a hard time taking care of a dog, but seems to have no trouble caring for a boat.

All dogs are cute. A pug with its crushed in face is no exception. But pugs are well down on the list, so they rarely show up in films. "Pug ugly" is a commonly used expression. The film is being distributed in part by Disney Studios, and the film has a bit of the feel that Disney films had in the 1960s. It is in spirit more adult than films like THAT DARN CAT, but it has that sort of feel.

I had one problem that the reader may not. Some of the characters have thick British accents that just do not come across. The story is cute and pleasant enough, but the plot is stale material. I rate PATRICK a low +1 on the -4 to +4 scale or 5/10.

Release date: PATRICK is in theaters on February 15th

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