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In SHARE? a man wakes up in an empty concrete cell. There is apparently a keyboard and monitor with which he can communicate--using a very limited text interface--with whatever is running it. This is outdated, but it is what people expect to see in a film with computers, (Well, either that or a really fancy interface like in MINORITY REPORT, but the budget for SHARE? probably wouldn't pay the catering on MINORITY REPORT.) SHARE? is also shot from a single fixed angle, making the set-ups easy.

One problem is that because the camera angle is from *behind* the computer screen, the viewer needs the ability to read the text backwards, while the text is not quite in focus.

There are no real clues to the mystery of how he got there; his main concern is that he has to feed the dog. So there is a certain irony in his being treated as a dog, rewarded for doing tricks. When he needs supplies such as food or clothing, the room provides him with them, if he has earned credits by amusing... someone (or as it turns out, multiple someones). He can also lose credits for doing anti-social things.

We eventually discover that there are other rooms like this one and each has a different person being watched.

This might have worked as a short film, but even at just 80 minutes, this becomes repetitive and simply goes on too slowly.

Released streaming 10 November 2023. Rating: 0 (-4 to +4), or 4/10.

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