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SHIVA BABY is a comedy of Jewish manners that looks at what goes on under the surface of a shiva (a "Jewish wake" which takes place after the funeral). Directed and written by Emma Seligman, it focuses on Danielle (played by Rachel Sennott), who is about to graduate from college, and her extended family and friends. Her father is played by Fred Melamed (best known for the Coen Brothers film A SERIOUS MAN); the other actors are relatively unknown but worth watching. Perhaps as one sign of her confusion, Rachel claims to be a vegetarian but eats lox and other non- vegetarian fare. Rachel and the people she interacts with are all hiding secrets from each other. Not surprisingly, many of these come out.

Released 04/02/21; available on Blu-ray. Rating: low +1 (-4 to +4), or 5/10.

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