(a film review by Mark R. Leeper)

SOME KIND OF HEAVEN: "The Villages" in Florida is the world's largest retirement community and was in the news this year when President Trump visited it and tweeted a video of his visit, only for people to discover that the video included a resident riding by in a golf cart shouting, "White Power!" The Villages is 98.3% white, and overwhelmingly Republican, but this look at life in a retirement community does not deal with the politics, but more with the retirement community lifestyle, with a look at some of the residents' back stories. The film does seem to have a heavy infusion of religion, however. Throughout, people seem to be telling themselves that this is an ideal place to live but the residents are often living in denial. Has played at several (virtual) film festivals, but as yet has no general release. Rating: low +1 (-4 to +4)

					Mark R. Leeper
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