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TROLL is the latest movie featuring this creature from Nordic folklore. In true monster movie style, after a strange monster is found the military is called in to manage the situation and you can tell you are not going to like them, or their solution.

TROLL borrows a couple of ideas and images from JURASSIC PARK. The protagonist is a paleontologist on a dig when she is summarily pulled off it to help in a totally different context. And TROLL uses disturbances in a coffee cup to show the approach of something very large.

The troll itself is attracted by Christian blood, but there are a lot fewer Christians in Norway these days. While the film pays a nod to this, one is reminded of a similar trope in THE WICKER MAN that was shown more clearly.

And there is beautiful Nordic scenery, starting with the limitless beauty of the troll peak. (Of course, it may be just CGI, but it's still beautiful.)

Released on Netflix streaming 1 December 2022. Rating: +2 (-4 to +4) or 7/10

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