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TRUMAN & TENNESSEE is a documentary about/by Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. It consists of readings from letters, diaries, interviews, and articles by the two authors. They were contemporaries and close friends, but most of the documentary focuses on one or the other, with only a few points of intersection when they talk about each other. They both shed a lot of light on their lives, their work, and their reputations. I suspect that director Lisa Immordino Vreeland thought that their connection would provide a way to take two relatively short documentaries and create a feature-length film, possibly with a stronger merging than was actually achieved.

The result is a bit choppy, but for people who want more insight into the work of these two authors, it provides such a view.

Released theatrically 18 June 2021. Rating: +2 (-4 to +4), or 7/10.

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