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CAPSULE: This is a portrait of what the Alt-Right--the groups in the United States with nationalist far-right ideologies--is and what it is doing to our country especially over the last two years. Inter-cultural bigotry is on the rise. The film takes a (short) look at each of several minorities. It argues for the viewer and all minorities to stand up against bigotry. Ric Osuna wrote, directed and appears in the film. Rating: low +2 (-4 to +4) or 7/10

Through my life, from the 1950s, I have seen in the United States an arc of generally greater acceptance of minority groups by the majority. In general things have gotten better. But over the last two years the trend has reversed. To track this Ric Osuna has written, directed, and appears in a film documenting the breaking up of those inter-group bonds. Osuna makes a case for the extent of the problem and ties it to the right wing in general and to Donald Trump in particular. Osuna's effort is to show the return of bigotry and places the responsibility for the return on the influence of Donald Trump.

Osuna opens with interviewees saying how bigotry is returning, how serious the problem is, and in specific the negative effect of Donald Trump. This part of the film is more or less a scattershot look at incidents of the regression into acceptability of intolerance of minorities.

Osuna goes from one cultural group to another. He tells a little-- very little--of their place in the culture of this country and generally shows the damage that Trump is encouraging. Groups that are feeling the sting of bigoted attacks include immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, black people, women, and transgender people.

Finally the director returns with a message that Trump is not the only person who can influence the behavior of people, even people he has never met. The public needs to stand up and work together to reverse the changes that are happening to our country.

What we face is an ironic problem: we want to get people of all different backgrounds, all different races, all different creeds, all different mind sets, all different philosophies, all different political viewpoints and get them all thinking the same way: that they will accept and embraces everybody's differences. But it is gong to take a real effort to get this country to go back in the right direction.

This film has a rating of 2.1/10 in the IMDB. It has received only eight votes of which seven are the lowest possible rating and one is the highest. It looks like the film is already under attack. For my part I would rate the film a low +2 on the -4 to +4 scale or 7/10.

Release: Available on DVD and streaming on December 19.

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